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Post questions, forms and that lot here.




Forum Name:


Character Name:






Race: (Human or Werewolf)


Role: (As in with the Police, Newly Bitten or the rank they have as a werewolf.)




Appearance in wolf form: (For werewolves)


Personality: (Can be RP'ed)


History: (Can be RP'ed)




[B]Forum Name:[/B]

[B]Character Name:[/B]



[B]Race:[/B] (Human or Werewolf)

[B]Role:[/B] (As in with the Police, Newly Bitten or the rank they have as a werewolf.)


[B]Appearance in wolf form:[/B] (For werewolves)

[B]Personality:[/B] (Can be RP'ed)

[B]History:[/B] (Can be RP'ed)



Accepted Forms


Forum Name: Shadowwolf6


Character Name: Golten


Age: 236


Gender: Male


Race: Werewolf


Role: Alpha Male


Appearance: Looks like he's 25. His hair is a dark-brown colour and falls over his eyes, which are a deep green and always seem alert. He has broad shoulders and quite dark skin. He's tall, standing around 6"1'. He has a scar passing across his mouth along with numerous scars around the rest of his body from past fights for his position and mate.


Appearance in wolf form: Dark, reddish fur with a scar running across his muzzle. His eyes are a murky green colour. He's big for a werewolf and looks more wolfish then most.


Personality: Rather quiet, observant and likes to see new members of The Pack fitting in well.


History: He was born a werewolf, and went traveling for a few decades after he had turned 21. The rest is unknown to all but him.


Other: N/A




Forum Name: Shadowwolf6


Character Name: Yindol


Age: 143


Gender: Female


Race: Werewolf


Role: Lead Hunter


Appearance: She has a messy head of long, black hair. Her skin is pale and her eyes are a dark brown. She's fairly tall, and looks like she's around 20. She has sharp features, and can look quite intimidating.


Appearance in wolf form: Big, black with dark yellow eyes.


Personality: Rp'ed


History: Rp'ed


Other: N/A




Forum Name: Shadowwolf6


Character Name: Merana


Age: 21


Gender: Female


Race: Human


Role: Policewoman


Appearance: [X] Light brown hair, blue eyes. She's fairly tall, standing around 5"8' She carries a small gun in her coat pocket, never feeling safe traveling without it.


Appearance in wolf form: Isn't a werewolf


Personality: Rp'ed


History: Rp'ed


Other: N/A




Forum Name:Squertle


Character Name:Kat








Role:Newly bitten


Appearance:Kat has fair skin and shoulder length light brown hair.Her eyes are green mixed with grayish blue and always seem to have an adventurous sparkle in them.


Appearance in wolf form:wolf form


Personality:She always tries to be positive in any situation and she is very loyal to her friends.She loves to make jokes and tease everyone and she loves animals.Her curiosity can get the best of her and get her into difficult situations,but she can usually get out of them.




Other: N/A



Forum Name:SL


Character Name:Cerasus "Cherry"






Race: Werewolf


Role: Alpha female




Appearance in wolf form: Cherry is a small pale-blue wolf with an almost fox-like face. She has a white underbelly and white paws. Her eyes are amber but if you look closely, you'll find that the right eye is slightly darker than the left.




History: RP'ed


Other:Cherry is pretty clever and fast. She uses her size to an advantage to weave around people, dodge attacks and tire her opponent out. Also good at planning and working out battle strategies quickly. Her biggest weakness is her unusually small size and strength.




Forum Name:SL


Character Name:Nicknamed 'Raven' Never uses his true name






Race: Werewolf


Role: with police




Appearance in wolf form: A large, but very thin wolf with pitch black fur and unusually long teeth and ice blue eyes.


Personality: RP'ed


History: Has recently come out of hiding.


Other: Called Raven because of his incredible speed and jumping ability. Doesn't yet have a partner, but is pretty good at controlling himself.




Forum Name:SL


Character Name:Iva






Race: Werewolf


Role: Newly bitten




Appearance in wolf form: Here


Personality: RP'd


History: RP'd


Other: N/A




Forum Name: Moonbeam22


Character Name: Anaya


Age: 17


Gender: F


Race: Werewolf


Role: Lead Warrior


Appearance: Tall, fair skin and black hair. Striking green eyes and very pretty. She wears casual, simple clothes.


Appearance in wolf form: Jet black, same striking green eyes but has white ear tips, tail tip, and three white paws


Personality: RP'ed mostly, but she is a VERY fierce warrior despite her sex and beauty.


History: RP'ed


Other: N/A




Forum Name: Shiny Hazard Sign


Character Name: Lilith O'Colley


Age: Appears 24, actual age is around 573.


Gender: Female


Race: Werewolf


Role: Beta Female


Appearance: { x } { x }


Appearance in wolf form: Her body style is similar to this, though her coat color is closer to this. Her eyes are slightly more gold in color when she changes.


Personality: Given everything she has to put up with, Lilith rarely smiles. She can poke fun or crack a sarcastic joke here or there, if the situation calls for it, but otherwise it is difficult to get her to relax and laugh. Most of the time she's a bit hardheaded, stubborn, and slightly pessimistic, since a good portion of her day is heavy with stress and irritation-- she's somewhat of a mother to the other wolves, though she often views it more as "babysitting". However, Lilith does have her golden moments of compassion- but she really only shows that to those that deserve it. Her general first impression of others is usually not that great, so it would take a lot to impress or improve one's value in her eyes.

That being said, Lilith truly does value most of the wolves in the pack greatly, even if she doesn't let on about it. She can get fiercely protective of the younger or more vulnerable ones, and will become savagely angered if something or someone threatens the safety of the Pack itself.


History: Lilith was born nearly 600 years ago in Scotland into the noble class. Shortly after her 24th birthday, she was engaged to be married- arranged permanently after years of avoiding suitors and passing the prime of age to be married in that era. The day before her wedding Lilith packed a small bag and ran away to the forests surrounding the castle of Scotland's rulers, still not keen on the idea of marriage. It was that night that she was attacked and bitten by a werewolf and was found the next morning by worried soldiers. As her condition progressed, she realized it would be dangerous to continue life as a noblewoman. She began faking illnesses and injuries until she was able to successfully pull off her own staged death. Since then, Lilith has moved from village to village before finally settling in England some three hundred years later. She stumbled upon the Pack some time later and proved her worth in a mock fight with one of the Alphas.


Other: Lilith has a thick Scottish accent somewhat blended with an English one, though she is perfectly understandable.




Forum Name: RockinSia


Character Name: Aella


Age: 28


Gender: Female


Race: Werewolf


Role: Hunter


Appearance: Has long (to her waist), wavy, and silky brown hair with natural varying highlights due to her spending much time outside. Possesses deep brown eyes which seem to sparkle when she is amused or happy. Can be considered rather short (5 ft 3''), and is curvy in what some would call all the right places. When masquerading as a human among humans, she prefers to dress professionally with a pair of glasses perched on her nose, a work suit-like skirt, white button-up, and high heels, her hair gathered up in a sophisticated bun on the top of her head. Otherwise her outfits can range from wild, cute, or gothic, depending on her mood.


Appearance in wolf form: Fur is a rich brown with varying highlights as with her human form's hair. Her wolf is small yet extremely fast and inutuitive.


Personality: When her guard is down: easy-going, caring, sensitive, and optimistic. Around beings she doesn't feel she can trust (yet or not at all) she can appear to be cold and somewhat lifeless. She can be very restrained when needed, but finds it hard to unwind at times, even taking a long run doesn't always work. Aella loves children, but is too afraid to attempt getting close enough to anyone to see if she herself can bear children. She cares about all living things very much as a person, can see the good in many people, but isn't above killing someone who has done a deep wrong and doesn't intend to change for the better.


History: Was turned by a lone wolf not too long before she came across the pack, and happened to notice their territory while traveling. In the past she dabbled in the careers of a librarian, secretary, and writer.


Other: N/A




Forum Name: nynaevesilverwind


Character Name: Arianna


Age: Unknown. She has the appearance of being in her early 20s, and knows she is at least 600, but can't remember most of her past.


Gender: Female


Race: Werewolf


Role: Pack Healer


Appearance: Very pale, with long white hair that she often uses to hide behind when something makes her uncomfortable or nervous. She has silver eyes, and faint knife scars in the shapes of runes over most of her body. She is very small physically, only a bit over 4 feet tall. Her clothing is always white, and always with long sleeves and high necks to cover her scars. A picture.


Appearance in wolf form: Solid white with silver eyes, and only slightly bigger than an average puppy. Her scars show silver in her wolf form. A picture.


Personality: Arianna is extremely shy, and rarely speaks much to anyone. She has a very hard time making friends due to her skittishness around other people. She is fascinated by medicine, and is often researching new and better cures for the pack. Other than healing, she loves music, and can often be found in the quiet places of the forest playing flute or singing. Though extremely nonviolent, even in wolf form, Arianna loves her pack fiercely and when her patients and loved ones are threatened she does not hesitate to use her knowledge of medicines and physique to deal astonishing damage in the defence of her home.


History: Nobody is quite sure where Arianna came from or how old she is. She only knows that she escaped from somewhere terrible, and that the police were involved. She has a vague knowledge that she had been locked up well after being bitten, and that she was held for around 50 years. She remembers little about how she escaped, but once she found her way into the forest she began to notice that she recognized plants and remedies, and understood their uses, though she has no idea where this knowledge came from. She managed to heal herself somewhat, and finally made her way to the Pack, where she has been taken in as a healer.


Other: N/A





Forum Name: CoughingCanary


Character Name: Merridew


Age: 15


Gender: Female


Race: Werewolf


Role: Newly bitten/Omega


Appearance: Red hair down to her shoulders, 5 foot 3 inches, green eyes, thin


Appearance in wolf form: Soft dark red fur, 6 foot 5 inches, dark green eyes, sharp teeth, short claws


Personality: RP'ed


History: RP'ed


Other: N/A



Forum Name: Sweet_Wyvern


Character Name: Tony Grafton


Age: Looks 27, is actually 783


Gender: Male


Race: Werewolf


Role: Beta male?

((Do the betas have to be mates/in a relationship? ))




Appearance in wolf form: muscular russet wolf, thick fur and a lighter tan under coloring. Built for fighting, not running.


Personality: RP'ed


History: Since it doesn't make sense for the beta male to have been gone for so long, I figured he could be returning from a trip to find a run away or something and just couldn't find them or found and killed them. Before that, he was bitten and overly enthusiastic to join up with the pack. He actually thought it was pretty cool, and fit right into pack life.


Other: N/A




Forum Name: Packgoater


Character Name: Douglas "Doug" Abbott


Age: Looks like he's in his later thirties, but truly is 96.


Gender: Male


Race: Werewolf


Role: Lead Healer


Appearance: Doug is of average height, standing at 5'10" and has a reasonably well-built physique, which is as such because of his habits from when he was in the military. He has a variety of scars resulting from old wounds in the war, and some newer ones from scrappy fights when he first turned. He looks like a man who would be a fighter in every meaning of the word.


Appearance in wolf form: When in his wolf form, the scars he possess are far harder to make out, for the thick, wiry hair he has mostly lies over them in places where the fur doesn't grow back.


Personality: Because of his scars and the hard edge that remains in his eyes, one might expect him to be one of the warriors of the pack, but instead he is the lead healer. Many a person has asked him why he's not a warrior, especially with the military training that he has, and his answer is always the same: "I suppose it's because I've done it before. I've killed many a man, and I see no reason to have that kind of blood on my hands again. Children destroy things. Adults fix them." Above all, he is a man who has seen his fellow soldiers fall at the fault of a bullet, his friends die, and his pregnant wife be murdered, and the fact that he remains something akin to a normal man is remarkable in and of itself. Of course, how normal could he possibly be after seeing all this happen? Not very, so it's to be expected that he has several issues. Firstly, he has a few trust issues, namely with anyone new or unfamiliar to him. Just getting him to tolerate anyone who is not known to him is a struggle, for he will quickly put up a wall between himself and any newcomer, and it can be expected that he will be curt and anything but friendly. However, he would never be aggressive or outright hostile towards anyone, he'd just keep one eye on them. Secondly, he has problems getting to sleep. Whenever he shuts his eyes, it seems like memories of the war or his wife dying are always right in front of his eyes. Thirdly, interaction with people can be hard for him. The talking isn't so bad, so long as it's not about him, but it's the emotional connection with them that is difficult for him; he's just not able to sit there and interact with anyone on a deep level. Fourthly, he has some problems with being able to stand up and fight, but mostly because he's too afraid that he'd loose control. He's built up so much emotion within himself that he figures that if he were given some method of releasing it, some tiny vent for all the anger, that it would all come spilling out and he wouldn't be able to have a valve on that vent to make sure he didn't cause complete destruction. However, with all these flaws, he does have a few redeeming qualities, namely his intelligence, integrity, and the kindness he does have within him. Even though he's relatively young, at least for a werewolf, he is skilled and trained in the medical field, and the fact that he has access to medications because he's changed a few of his documents, renewed his medical license, and thus has the ability to prescribe medication, doesn't hurt either. He has plenty of medical tools and the knowledge with which to use them properly, and also has the knowledge of how to preform surgical procedures.


History: Doug grew up like a pretty normal kid back in the day. He was adventurous, enjoyed messing about with friends, and liked to romp along with the best of them. He didn't have any violent tendencies, and was a smart kid who would have an undoubtedly bright future ahead of him. Then disaster struck, in the form of WWII, or more specifically, the draft for the war. By this time, Doug had graduated high school and even though he was twenty-three and hadn't gone to college, he had a job and had his own apartment. Unfortunately, he was drafted into the war and taken away from what he loved and what was important to him.

The war was hard. It seemed like there were not periods of time to relax or rest. It was constant contact with the enemy, and it seemed that for every man they shot down, two people he knew fell to the ground with a bullet in their chest. If he slept, it'd be with one eye open. All the men were on high alert, scared out of their minds, and lonely. Even though there were a good number of them, it seemed that they were all alone. The only thing that kept him alive were the letters from home, and these were few and far between. Eventually he stopped waiting for them, and turned to alcohol to solve his problems which, of course, just worsened them. Somewhere along the lines there were a few stagnant periods, so to pass the time he would box and wrestle with the other men, and of course drink.

Somehow he pulled through. Many of his friends were gone, and those that were alive, he cut off. Returning to normal society was hard, so hard. He had seen so many horrible things; he had seen so many people killed, had seen so many bodies fall to the ground. He was supposed to return to normal now, but it wasn't like that. He couldn't do anything. He had killed so many people and couldn't even remember their faces. All he could remember was the sight of the bodies falling to the ground. He knew he'd never forget it as long as he lived.

He couldn't stay around the place he knew and the people he knew, so he moved to England, and to keep himself busy, he went to medical school to become a doctor. While he was in school he met a woman and a few years later, they married. It was only a short while after he graduated medical school that his wife was killed and he was bitten by a werewolf. She had been seven months pregnant, and they had been walking home after a nice evening out when a beast leapt from the darkness and tackled his wife, sending her to the ground. It clawed and bit her, leaving deep gouges in her flesh that he knew she would have been able to survive. Then the beast turned to him, and without even wanting to, he ran. The werewolf caught him, shoved him against a nearby wall, and started to attack him. Doug barely managed to pull out the knife he kept on him and shoved it deep in the werewolf's gut. He stumbled back to his wife, and ended up passing out right beside her.

When he woke up, he was in the hospital and knew that his wife was dead. When he was asked what happened, he merely stared blankly and refused to say anything. In fact, he didn't speak at all after she died. He barely ate, and he barely slept. About a month after the attack, Doug found himself transforming into the same beast that had killed his wife. Horrified with himself, he didn't know what to do, and so sat in his house refusing to answer to door and refusing to go anywhere at all. He slowly became accustomed to it happening, but the fact that he had just lost his wife and unborn child left him to attempt suicide on two different occasions. The first was an attempt at overdosing, but he had foolishly done that inside of a public restroom, and was brought to the hospital shortly afterward. The second time he tried to use a gun, but he put the barrel in his mouth and when he pulled the trigger it ended up missing anything terribly important and he was brought to the hospital a second time. His sister came to England and stayed with him in his apartment for a year, just to make sure he wouldn't try anything like that again. She tried to keep him company, but he'd end up spending huge chunks of his time away from her, hiding himself and what he had become from her. A year seemed to be sufficient enough time, for once she left, he never tried to commit suicide again. Instead he moved toward the west coast to relax for awhile, supplied with money from his family. Buying an place there, he found himself delving into a slightly darker way of life, finding himself getting into fights with other werewolves that he had stumbled upon. They'd set up a small group in the far plains and would box it out there. It gave Doug some money, and was some form of release, but one fight went to far, and he found that he had nearly killed a man. Somehow that shot him back into reality, and he swore to himself that he had to be better than this, and he dropped fighting altogether, though before he did, someone told him there was a group of werewolves that could help him. That's where he went. Because of his medical knowledge and experience, he was a valuable member of the community and he found himself getting someone to edit his documents so that he could once more be accepted as a licensed physician. On his documents his first name is still Douglas, but he changed his name to that of his deceased wife, which was McBrewer, instead of his real surname, Abbott.

Other: N/A




Forum Name: JadeHeartOfFire

Character Name: Anna Yushkevich

Age: She appears to be about 14, though in reality, she just had her 65th birthday.

Gender: female

Race: Werewolf

Role: Werewolf Hunter

Appearance: Anna, having already grown to her full height at the time she was bitten, stands 5 feet 3 inches in bare feet, though as her first transformation was in the middle of her going through puberty, she is thin and curveless. Quite a few scars can be seen on her stomach, chest, and arms, the result of her rather "suspicious activities" as a werewolf.

Appearance in wolf form: She is quite proud of wolf form, despite her rather large disdain for the species in general, mainly because the form makes her scars nearly invisible. The fur on her back and down the outside of her legs is a dull gold color, matching her hair in human form, while her belly and inside of her legs are a dirty white. Her eyes are still the vibrant green that they are as a human.

Personality: Bitter and angry over the fact that her life was ruined by her transformation into a werewolf, Anna has become obsessed with revenge. However, she is naturally a sweet girl and is easily distracted, though the people who know her well sometimes wonder if her personality is just an act.

History: Anna's parents were from the Soviet Union, in the middle of what later became Belarus, though they left and emigrated to Britain in 1941 after the German invasion of the area. It wasn't until six years later, two years after the end of World War II, that Anna was born. She was the first of the three children, later becoming an older sister to a pair of twins named Marina and Julia, who were three years her junior. Anna had a relatively normal childhood, though her family was rather poor, both because of their immigrant status and because of the bad financial situation that swept across northern Europe at the time. She and her sisters became friends with other girls from the Soviet Union, which continued until the Autumn of 1961, when Anna was 14 and her sisters were 11.

One of their best friends, a Polish girl named Serafina, convinced the rest of the group to go into the woods at night, claiming them to be chickens if they wouldn't do it. The girls played in the forest until late into the night, not noticing the eyes staring at them through the brush...until it was too late. Before anyone could react, a few strange, large animals lept out at them, tackling Anna to the ground. The rest of the girls, without even thinking about it, ran off. Being only a girl in her early teens, Anna could do little as the beasts bit into her skin, tearing her clothes and spilling her blood onto the ground. However, as quickly as the attack began, it ended, leaving her barely conscious, lying on the forest floor. Moments later, her father came running, having been told of the attack by her sisters. That night was the end of Anna's normal life...

Weeks later, she had healed enough from the attack so as to be able stand and go on with her daily life. Her parents had reported the attack to the local police, though they had yet to come back with any results as to what had happened that night. While everything seemed normal, one day, Anna began to feel very strange, though it wasn't the sort of feeling that she had been feeling for the past few weeks. She found that she was transforming into the very creatures that had attacked her. On the night where she reached full transformation, she accidentally killed her sister Marina in an attempt to silence her after the girl had started screaming after seeing her form, which alerted her sister Julia, who she also killed to keep her quiet. Horrified by what she had done, she ran away. With her sisters murdered and her missing, she was deemed dead by the police, and the investigation never progressed. Unable to handle what she had done in her werewolf state, Anna lived a lowly life for thirty years, only more tortured by her lack of aging. She watched from a distance as her childhood friends grew up and got married, as her parents dealt with the death of their children and eventually died without any sort of answers. Alone, depressed, and without anywhere to go, Anna realized what she needed to do, what would make her able to go on with her seemingly eternal life. She wanted to kill the werewolves that turned her. However, mere moments after coming to this revelation, she realized the problem with this. She didn't know who had turned her. As such, she became a werewolf hunter, in hopes of one day being able to end the lives of those who had ruined hers.

Other: Werewolves Rule, my dears.




Forum Name:Awsomeamazingam


Character Name:Kaoru


Age:looks about 13 but has little memory about her childhood, about 300 really




Race: Werewolf


Role: Shaman


Appearance: Short and thin with long strawberry blonde hair down to her ankles, bare footed with a braid at the front of her hair, silver purple eyes. wide eyes and lots of freckles


Appearance in wolf form: Snow white wolf with a midnight black star shape on her forehead and dark streaks down her sides silver purple eyes small and slender


Personality: Mysterious but happy, with a sadness in her eyes that belongs to someone far older


History: Found in the street one day, sent to the orphanage, ran away countless times. Rest unknown


Other: Although young she became the shaman when the post is meant for someone far, far older. She is believed to have spiritual powers and ways of communicating with the gods



Ranks and Partners



The Pack


Alpha Male: Golten-Shadowwolf6


Alpha Female: Cerasus "Cherry"-SoiledLove


Beta Male: Tony-Sweet_Wyvern


Beta Female: Lilith-Shiny Hazard Sign


Lead hunter: Yindol-Shadowwolf6




1: Aella-RockinSia


2: *NPC*


3: *NPC*


4: *NPC*


Lead Healer: *NPC*




1: Iva-SoiledLove


2: Arianna-nynaevesilverwind


3: *NPC*


Lead Warrior: Anaya-Moonbeam22



1: *NPC*


2: *NPC*


3: *NPC*


4: *NPC*


5: *NPC*


Shaman: Kaoru-Awsomeamazingam


Shaman's Apprentice: *NPC*


Omega Male: *NPC*


Omega Female: Merridew-CoughingCanary


Rank Code

Alpha - The highest rank in The Pack, these wolves lead, and are the most likely to mate as they are the wolves that spend most time with each together, and are more likely to get to know each other enough. A wolf with this rank attends meetings between the higher ranks of The Pack.

Beta - The second-highest rank. A pair of wolves, male and female, are selected to advise and help the alphas. A wolf with this rank attends meetings between the higher ranks of The Pack.

Omega - The two weakest wolves - one male, one female - are chosen to have this - the lowest - rank. They stay behind when the rest of The Pack is doing something and always eat last.

Lead Hunter - A high-ranking wolf that normally leads hunts, whether searching for food or humans.A wolf with this rank attends meetings between the higher ranks of The Pack.

Hunters - Four wolves trained to hunt and scout.

Lead Healer - A high-ranking wolf that is most the skilled at healing. They treat the worse wounds of The Pack and help train new healers. A wolf with this rank attends meetings between the higher ranks of The Pack.

Healers - Three wolves skilled in the art of healing, often sending hunters out for certain plants.

Lead Warrior - A wolf with this rank leads raids and helps defends The Pack. A wolf with this rank attends meetings between the higher ranks of The Pack.

Warriors - Five wolves who are to defend The Pack and fight other wolves.






Rogues/Newly Bitten





Unique ranks


Werewolf Hunter~Anna-JadeHeartOfFire

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You have the "rank code" listed twice. c:

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