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Bree twitched at Tiramisu's outburst. Landorus didn't seem to know that he was worsening the situation - or, if he did, he didn't particularly care. "Uh, I know Telekinesis," she burst out, not really speaking to anyone in particular. "I could try carrying some of you guys across." She wasn't too sure about the bigger Pokemon, particularly the Lucario - steel-types tended to be heavy - but she had managed fine with the boulders when she was training, hadn't she? "If we need to get out of here, then we should get out of here." She glanced at Landorus's cloud and wondered what he knew about falling off a bridge.

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((Happy numerical Pi Day, fractional Pi day laugh.gif ))


Leo reguarded Landorus' response, going over all the details carefully. Darkrai can hide in shadows, but that wouldn't make him invisible. he reasoned. It's just like looking for a Gengar. I need to watch for shadows that move with no Pokemon to cast them.


Staying alert, Leo turned to the other Pokemon. "It will be best if we cross one at a time." He said. Leo then adressed Bree "Reniculus, since you can float, can you help everyone else across?" He then pointed towards Tiramisu and continued, " I really think she could use some moral support."

As he spoke, Leo made sure to check everyone's shadow, and other shadows around the room.

If only Allen were here, he thought to himself, Having a moving source of light would make it harder for Darkrai to hide, if he's even here.

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((I'M BACK.)) Renaissance sat down. "I'd probably scare the jeebies out of her and send her plummeting to her death. I should probably wait until she's across."

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Faster, faster, faster, faster, fasterfasterfasterarceusdon'tletthemgetmeIDON'TWANTTODIE




He knew that voice. It sounded faint, muffled by the distance and he couldn't quite distinguish the emotion behind it, but he knew the tone and ring. The echoes that were inevitable in the cavern they were in made it difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the source, but Requiem could tell at least the general direction, and he immediately followed.


It didn't take long before he arrived at an intersection, his momentus making him briefly hit the wall as he turned. Some rocks fell, too small to make a real indentation in the wall or to justify the strong noise the Dragon-type made as he collided, but Requiem didn't notice nor cared - he had spotted a hole a little ahead, with the appearance of having been made just a moment ago, a soft blue glow spilling from it. Without a second thought about what he may find (anything was better than what was behind him), he flew towards and crashed through it, back and wings hitting the edge of the hole in his hurry and breaking it further.


The impact made him close his eyes for a second, his three flower-like collars closing around his heads to protect them from the pebbles and dust. He opened them again with barely enough time to see that 1.- he had found the group again and 2.- if he didn't change course, he'd hit and destroy the thin bridge that two Pokemon were crossing.


With a gasp, Requiem quickly added altitude to his flight, narrowly missing the two Pokemon. The tip of his tail had smacked the bridge just behind the Reuniclus, but it hadn't been with enough force to cause damage to the structure, thank Arceus. Main head turning to confirm the other two were fine, he forgot he was still flying, and rather quickly, straight towards the wall.


The results were predictable, and he slammed into it with enough force to make a spiderweb of cracks in the sturdy structure. His vision turned red for a second, pain erupting on his neck and right side of the body - the areas that had hit the wall.


He growled in surprise, left head rising to press the soft collar against the injured shoulder. He barely felt the force of gravity taking hold of him, starting to drag him down the pit, so, with a last effort, he quickly flew up and towards the nearest ledge, crash-landing with a groan the second his feet touched safe ground.


((I'm counting the hit as having made 2 times the amount of damage as a 'hit himself because of confusion' scenario))




Carefully, Zagan went through the newly-opened hole, trying not to trip over the pile of rocks as he descended. He looked around and, sure enough, there was the Smeargle, stuffed in a narrow opening in the wall with his tail hanging out and resting on the floor, a small purple splotch of paint where the tip rested. The good part was that he was still asleep; how, in that crammed-up position that would surely give him a back pain when he woke up, was beyond the Dark-type. Well, if the ruckus hadn't woke him up, he was ether using a sleep-inducing move or was a very heavy sleeper, both of which suited Zagan just fine.


There was no one else there, though. Curious, since the Smeargle was supposed to be with a pair of Meowths and some other Pokemon. And interrogating the Sleeping Not Beauty was out of the question for now.


Making up his mind, and after poking the sleeping one with the tip of one of his claws to confirm that he wouldn't wake up anytime soon, Zagan started to take a look around. His range of movement was limited, since he didn't want to let the other out of his sight, but hey, it was something to do.

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Requiem certainly knew how to make an entrance.

When the hydreigon flew by, the sudden movement was enough to draw Leo's attenion. He tensed when the hydreigon's tail clipped the bridge, but relaxed when he saw that no damage had been done. This was immideately followed by Leo flinching in sympathy when the hydreigon crashed into the far wall.

"That had to hurt," Leo noted with concern, "I'd better see if he's ok."

He quickly dashed over to where Requiem landed, and stood in the Pokemon's line of sight.

"Can you hear me?" he asked, "How many whiskers do I have?"

((standard check for concussions))

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Requiem shook his head and started coughing bits of rock that had found their way into his open mouth when he crashed, leaving a dusty taste on it. His neck and right shoulder and forearm throbbed, but the pain was bearable. Rhapsody wouldn't mind either - he may reside there, but he didn't feel any pain Requiem's right limb received, something he discovered when he got his scars. And his wings were fine, which was the important bit. If he wasn't able to fly he'd be in a heap of trouble - Hydreigons' underdeveloped legs were strong enough to hold their weight, but definitely not to aid in walking.


"Can you hear me? How many whiskers do I have?"


It was the male Meowth. "Six?" Requiem said tentatively, also counting the two 'whiskers' on each side of the gold coin. He then shook his head again as panic started clawing its way in, an urgent tone in his voice. "They're coming," he said, and if the Meowth hadn't been as small as just one of his heads, he'd have grabbed him by the shoulders. "We need to get out before They find us!" he half-roared, leaning on his secondary heads to stand up.

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Cobalt looked up as the Hydreigon crashed into the wall and yelled something about someone finding them. Curious, and only a teensy bit freaked out, she asked, "Who's 'They'?"

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((dfjkghfdskgf this post is sort of terrible I'm sorry))


Bree hovered over Tiramisu, her eyes flicking back and forth between her and the rest of the group. "Um, maybe I should, just-" Just then, the roar echoed through the cavern and something flew in, knocking into the bridge and making it sway wildly. Forgetting about getting permission, Bree telekinetically snatched Tiramisu and tried to balance as the bridge swung to a stop. "Sorry! Uh..." She turned to see that the thing that had flown in was the Hydreigon from earlier. "Oh."

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"I don't know much about Them," Requiem replied truthfully to the Lucario's question, the same he had been asking himself ever since he found out. There was only so much he could be sure about. The others didn't understand either. Naivety, disbelief, denial... he didn't know what, but everyone had some measure of one. They wouldn't just accept. But this group was different. They had all been taken there, so surely, they also had been through what Requiem had lived. "They aren't Pokemon," he softly said, the first thing he had found out, the truer of them all. "I noticed They were following me two years ago, but I know it started before that, before They took most of Rhapsody. I've been running away, but I can't get away, and I felt Them behind me when I was coming, we need to get OUT," he growled at the end, voice getting faster and tone getting stronger and more desperate with the last sentence, as his tail hit strongly the ground in frustration.




Curious. Zagan thought he heard something like a hit somewhere.


Shrugging, the Dark-type peeked around the corner. The hallway was lit, a doorway separating it from a massive staircase that led down into darkness. There was a purple painting near where he was (some sort of plant?), confirming this was the way Sleeping Smeargle came from.


Zagan whistled, and couldn't resist taking in air and shouting "ECHO!!!" as loud as he could. There wasn't much, the hallway being incredibly wide, but it still sounded like a faint chorus of Zagans trying to say the same thing but failing at synchronizing their voices. He chuckled, jumping two or three steps at a time as he descended in all fours, pausing when he was one-third of the way down to take another look around. If he had a tail he'd be wagging it - and thinking about it, he missed his Zorua tail. The fluffy limb could be very useful in keeping balance, though he guessed his mane fulfilled the same role now that he was a Zoroark. But he couldn't move it, which was a step down.


Deciding to wait there for the Smeargle to wake up, at least for the moment, he then proceeded to amuse himself by shouting whatever came to mind and listening to the answering voices. Even lost in a cavern with Pokemon he didn't know and no known way of going out, he could still have some fun.

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Leo nodded at the Hydreigon's answer. That proved he wasn't injured severely.

Leo listened intently to Requem's explination of the mysterious 'them.' Most Pokemon would likely dismiss it as the ramblings of someone delirious with fear, but Leo's expeiriences in dealing with ghost Pokemon had taught him to keep an open mind. Strange things certianly happened around ghost types; sometimes his partner, a Lampent, would stare at something that no one else could see, then suddenly vanish, only to reappear later.

"I'm sorry," Leo said softly, "I shouldn't have let you go off on your own like that."

"Who was Rhapsody? Was he your brother as a Zweilous?" he asked.


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Requiem started flapping his six wings, flying just high enough for his feet to barely touch the ground. He looked at the bridge, where he could see the Reuniclus and the female Meowth floating over it, then at the hole he had flew through, then at the male Meowth again. "Rhapsody was the Dominant," he replied. It took him two seconds and another look at the hole to realize neither the Meowth nor the Lucario or Ninetales would understand that term unless they knew someone of the Deino evolutionary line. "The one who should have evolved," he specified, quickly throwing another glance at the hole. It seemed quiet; he couldn't see anything coming or hear anything approaching. Back when he had used Thunder Wave, he was sure he heard footsteps, but They could move in complete silence too. Did that mean They had been playing with him? Was Requiem safe now that he was in a group again? Or were They using him to find the others?


He discarded that third option as soon as he thought of it. They would know where everyone was, didn't need him for that. Maybe... that meant they had time? Maybe. He didn't want to risk it. Nor did he want to interact with the orange Pokemon that had shouted before. Bridge? Looked safe. It was... the pit was deep, and he didn't want to fall. He felt conscious about his flight, and knew that he'd better do it right over the rocky formation if he didn't want to risk falling. Had happened before. Two were going there. Rights, the others at the beginning. Maybe that was why Requiem could get away.

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Out of the corner of her eye, Tiramisu glimpsed a three-headed (or one-headed, two-armed) figure barreling towards the other side of the chasm. A crash resounded throughout the cave, ringing in her ears (if only because it terrified her) and shaking the thin bridge she was clinging to.


That's the... Hydreigon? What was his name again? Rhapsody's brother...


Her legs shaking so much that it almost seemed as if they weren't, the Meowth pushed herself up from the ground and bolted to the other side of the bridge in somewhere around ten seconds.




Breathing heavily, she glanced back at the bridge for a moment, seeing the huge distance she'd crossed by where the Reuniclus was still hovering. Her ears momentarily angled backwards in surprise; then she turned to the subject that had caused her dash. That other Meowth had gone over to him - Somehow? She quietly wondered how he'd gotten over her without her noticing... - and the two seemed to be chatting. At the very least, she reflected, the Hydreigon seemed to be fine. She padded carefully over to the two, still having a fine shiver about her figure and a fine stutter in voice,


"A-a-are yo-ou OK? Th-at, um..."


Putting a paw to her face and taking a reclaiming gulp, the Meowth continued more strongly,


"That, ha, looked like it hurt?"


Any further attempts of hers to return to normalcy were thwarted by the crushing sound of rocks shooting up through the entrance hole and every hint of the red glow of the lava-filled halls being torn apart. The cavern stayed blue.






Soon! Soon they would bother his mind no more with the innocent-seeming nonchalant activities of even... even just walking into the cavern! The cavern that would be their doom, the cavern that would be his liberation from these wretched fools - the wretched tools of Darkrai, that they surely were? All of this, Landorus knew.


With a righteous Rock Slide, he'd blocked the entrance so they couldn't escape. Now all that was left was to destroy the ledges, yes, then all it would take would be beating the flying Pokemon into submission... and then it was that conniving, disguised Darkrai's turn!


Of course the "Smeargle" was Darkrai! Why else would he "never" sleep? Because he was always asleep! ...Of course. Only Darkrai could create such a terrible plot - and then to rub it in the great Landorus' face!


"I will... I WILL BE RID OF YOU!"


The chamber began to shake with the violent of an enraged earth god. Rocks began to fall from the ceiling, and the ledges, and the walls... The spiderweb the Hydreigon had begun to form spread. The blue light, too, shattered, and was replaced with the darkness of a void.

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Renaissance gasped. "Oh Arceus help us," she hissed to herself, dodging a falling rock.

Cobalt was just about to cross the narrow bridge when a boulder almost killed her. Backpedaling furiously, she growled.

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Leo was silent for a moment before replying. "I think a friend of mine might be able to help you." He told Requiem, "He's a Lampent; Ghost types often are sensitive to this sort of thing."




Leo jerked around to face Landorus once more, to see that the entrance had been blocked by a rock slide. Large stones started to fall from the cieling, one nearly hitting the Lucario.


"WHAT IN GIRATINA'S NAME ARE YOU DOING!!" he yelled out in sudden rage.

Leo had to leap back from another falling stone. Crap, If the floor breaks, we're done for, he thought to himself, Why didn't I realise it sooner, Landorus' nightmare was all Darkrai needed to trick us all into a trap.

Just as he thought of this, the Blue light went out.

oh censorkip.gif


Suddenly, Leo felt like he was no longer in the same cave. He felt the same way as he did all those yers ago, before he met Allen. Firghtened, alone in the Dark. He thought he could hear voices even, the same ones that tormented him as a child.

Scardy cat, cardy cat, run away home, The darkness comes to find you, keep you for it's own.

"But I'm not alone"


Taking a deep breath, Leo shouted across the cavern. "Ninetails, If you have any fire attacks, we need some light now, Darkrai could be anywhere in here!"

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Renaissance nodded. "I'm on it!" She quickly shot a round of blue fireballs into the air from her mouth, lighting the cave briefly. ((Will-O-Wisp.))

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Requiem flinched when the Landorus screamed again, tail trashing as the whole cavern started shaking. Large rocks were falling from the ceiling with a shattering sound, the male Meowth started yelling too, and then the soft blue light that had been illuminating the surroundings disappeared.


It wasn't long until it was replaced by dancing blue flames that came from the Ninetales. But light that came from a fire was very different from the one that came from a stable source. The flickering flames made the shadows move, even though the things casting them were immobile, creating the illusion that everything was on motion, and the falling rocks that were slowly but surely eating away at the foothold only reinforced that idea.


Requiem looked around, terrified, backing away from all the noise. Another rock started falling from the wall, on the point where Requiem had hit it earlier. Just another rock, nothing else; but Requiem saw something behind, something pushing it, a black moving mass of something that resembled jelly with four protuberances, each one covered in thick, short black hair, a crack over them that may have functioned as the mouth on a real Pokemon, dark purple tentacles doubling as teeth.


The rock fell and there was nothing behind it. But Requiem had seen enough. And the voice he heard next was all the confirmation he needed.


"They're here."


He screeched, a sound filled with terror. Behind the walls… They were behind the walls, crawling under the rock, aiding in the destruction of the chamber, and once They were done, They’d-


A rock fell right behind him.


“NO!!!” he screamed, bolting away as electricity started crackling between his wings for the third time that day. The bolts of Thunder Wave unleashed themselves, hitting the rock that had fell before sizzling out of existence with a cracking sound.


((Just to clarify, there’s nothing behind the walls, it’s just Requiem seeing things))

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The brief light from the Will-o-wisp was just that - brief. The deep shadows seemed to close in on the light, as if to claw at it. While the wisp itself was not extinguished, its light gave no comfort beyond the reach of the small group. Landorus' raging figure was but an eerily lit figure in the distance (which seemed remarkably long). Electricity flashed in one part of the darkness, from a terrified Hydreigon, but below a different kind of light was slightly visible. A warm, purple-ish light glowed dimly, rising up from the abyss.




Landorus' mad screeching, though muffled by the visible darkness, still rung in the air. What hung in the air, though, was a glowing purple Lampent.




Tiramisu did not like this. This she did not like at all. It was terrible - it was nightmares - it was that Hydreigon freaking out in the thick - thick?! - darkness, and it was her wondering about "Them" and Metangs and Nasty Plot and death. If the air had been clear, the Meowth wouldn't have been able to see any further than she could now, with her swirling paranoia and the far wall in her way.


For the second time in two minutes, the great traveler Tiramisu has her face pressed against the rock trembling! One half of her mind remarked sarcastically, What a fantastic show - why don't you start crying? Oh. She could imagine laughing, Wait, I already am.


Why? Why this stupid cavern - for Arceus' sake, why would you have a cavern behind a wall, with... with nothing but a pit below it! Stupid, stupid, stupid...! Her claws dug into the wall, and yet still she was silent. Silent about how she never should have trusted that insane, paranoid, Ariados-sting of a Legendary - how he shouldn't have been like this - how she would ****ing kill him - how much she just wanted to be swallowed up by that cloud of darkness and take him with her, but she was too busy becoming the wall to do it.


...How she wanted to see what Landorus looked like without a tail.




A different voice than expected came from the Lampent. To every Pokemon in the room - barring one sheriff - the voice wasn't particularly remarkable aside from the fact that perhaps some of them had not expected to hear a voice at all. It spoke with a clear calm, and to Landorus it said,


"You will come with me."


Though the Lampent's face remained obscured from the Pokemon on the other ledge's view, Landorus could see it clearly. The Lampent's eyes were half-lidded; a dull blue glow emanated from them. It looked surprisingly healthy, despite the eeriness that surrounded it. Nonetheless, Landorus noted only the words it spoke.




With the precision of an ape gone mad (none), the orange monkey king slashed forward. The Lampent hardly needed to move backwards at all.


"Landorus. Don't be difficult. I will allow you to be with your friends if you should come quietly and end this pathetic tantrum."


Landorus laughed with an unsettling quality,


"Tell your master - TELL YOUR MASTER! - I have brought them here - his servants - TELL HIM! - and they will die like he will. I will tear that Smeargle skin off of his body, then RIP HIS WRETCHED FORM APART, shadowy inch by inch. Tell him."


The Lampent appeared confused for a moment, then shook its head.


"Landorus, you've lost it. At this point, I believe taking you... to my master would be a favor." A metallic hand was offered, "Nonetheless, whether you can fathom it in your criminally-insane mind or not, you will come with me, and you will rest."


(( Just a note, if I'm getting too graphic with some Pokemon's anger, please let me know. ^w^; I don't want this getting too unsettling, unless you guys don't mind. ))

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((Well since we casually discussed the implications of pokemon eating eachother in the OoC, I think that we are fine with a little violence.))

((And this is nothing compared to Kyurem using Subzero's fatality in Gates to Infinity))

((pi, The bridge is a natural stone bridge))


The The Will-o-wisp did not last as long as Leo had hoped. The brief light show provided was hardly comforting, but at least it proved that Darkrai wasn't near anyone. Eventually, Leo became aware of another light source, rising from within the pit.

The Lampent's voice was indeed familiar to Leo, as was it's odd coloring. However, this familiarity was drowned out by a growing sense of dread. He looked down, and saw that his shadow was facing towards the Lampent, despite it being a source of light. "Shadow Tag," Leo realised with a noticible amount of concern.

Lampents with violet flames were fairly uncommon, so were members of the Species with the Shadow Tag ability, and Leo had only ever met one Lampent with both traits.

But despite having the same voice, it did not sound like his friend.

"A-Allen? Is that you?" Leo asked, his voice shaking slightly, "What are you doing? Who is this master you are talking about?"

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Though the Lampent did not turn around, an unplaceable look crossed his face. A mix of... fear, anger, both relief and worry, and a thousand different emotions might have been picked out of that expression, but in the moment that it passed none could be taken apart from the others. Still, a calm and collected voice answered the Meowth.


"...Leo. Stay out of this. Landorus needs help, and you need to get your charges out of this cave."


"I need NO HELP from the LIKES OF-"


"In order to get Landorus into more of a calm position, I need to play along with his insanity. He thinks I'm one of Darkrai's slaves. So far, it has stopped him from focusing all of his efforts on destroying your crew. To escape..."




The earth god's rage boiled over for the umpteenth time; he rushed towards the Lampent, who swiftly twirled the large ape's momentum around. Landorus ended up on the ground, seething, while Allen watched.


"I need you to believe me right now. Leo, the escape from this cavern is the abyss below you. I need you and all of your group over there to jump."


A hint of desperation entered the Pokemon's voice as he added,


"You saw me come up from there. It may be a long way... Nonetheless, I can guarantee your safety."

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Leo did trust Allen, they were partners afterall. However, he still couldn't shake a slight feeling that something was wrong. The Lampent in front of him had Allen's voice, but it still didn't sound like him.

Allen's sugested course of action was odd to say the least. Sure, in tight situations, the two of them would split up, with Leo leading whoever they were rescuing to safety, while Allen made sure that they would not be persued. However, Jumping into a pit seemed like an odd escape stratigy, even by Leo's standards. (When you can walk through walls, fighting at all seems trivial by comparison.)


Leo was unsure of what to do. Due to Allen's Shadow tag ability trying to escape by other means was now impossible.

We can only leave if Allen alows us to, Leo reasoned, and he will only let us go through the pit. Leo stepped to the edge to get a better view of the pit. Past what was illuminated by Allen's flame, it was pitch black, and impossible to gauge the depth. Looking down made his head spin, and Leo found himself quickly stepping back and pressing himself against the wall. Landorus had brought us here to get rid of us, he recalled, knocking everybody into the pit would have been easier than fighting everyone at once, but it the pit really is the way out, then wouldn't Landorus have known about it? If this really is an escape path, then why would Landorus lead us here, only to try and kill us?


But that was not the only thing troubling Leo.

"When I woke up in this cavern, you were nowhere to be seen." Leo noted with concern, "what happened to you?"

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Cobalt looked at the Lampent. "Who are you?" She asked. "And who's Allan?"

((I am confuzzled.))

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As Landorus began to drag himself to his feet again, the Lampent began to tremble slightly. That look - fear, anger - came back again. Allen's voice shook audibly.


"L-Leo! I need you to believe me!"


The Lampent floated slowly backwards towards his Meowth partner, standing with his back directly in front of him and his eyes closed. The blue glow was hidden behind what looked like a face contorted in pain.


"...I woke up in a set of limestone caves with quite a few other Pokemon, and we also happened to have a - a Legendary - in our presence. Only... It was Palkia."


His voice fell flat as he continued as quickly as possible,


"I would guess you probably heard the roar as well? We had the unpromising luck of materializing just as Darkrai began his attack on Palkia. A few Pokemon tried defending the giant, however that... Didn't last long. Darkrai won out and caused Palkia to create a portal - I suppose to here, considering I'm here - "


"Do you really intend for me to take from this that you are not one of Darkrai's fools?"


Landorus' voice sounded surprisingly level and - more importantly - surprisingly close. The earth god seemed... calm? However, he had the old prankster glint in his eyes, and had noted the glint in the Lampent's own eyes. Shuffling his feet into a more comfortable position, he asked Allen,


"I will believe you - and set your friend and his company free - if you will turn to face him and open your eyes. Mind you, without any tricks of the fog."


The Lampent sighed, and turned around, his eyes open. They still glowed faintly with blue light - however, this was only slightly noticeable due to Allen's naturally blue eyes. He twiddled one of his hands apologetically, as he said,


"I... It's been getting a bit harder to avoid evolving."


Without any further explanation, he turned back to Landorus. The orange monkey king's eyes had opened wide in furious disbelief, but Allen gave him no time to get a word in.


"I need your help. I was hoping that you could - perhaps - help me take back Palkia. I've been hopping this portal for a bit searching for another Legendary; all of the paths seemed to lead to similar places, where traces of the Legends had been..."


Landorus, still shocked, answered hesitantly,


"...The portals - the portal, I mean, that you say is at the bottom of this pit as a result of Palkia's... capture. It leads to the other Legendaries' dungeons?"




"And how do you intend to break through the nightmare Darkrai has surely put Palkia into?"


"I did not consider that, though from what you are saying I would gather that we must close the portal that Palkia's imprisonment has caused at once."


Landorus chuckled darkly,


"Yes, yes we must close the portal. All but the one to Darkrai's wretched lair..."


Allen suddenly started, flipping around to face his partner,


"I... I need to do this alone, is that fine? I promised another Pokemon I would do this. As I was saying, the portal at the bottom of this pit was made by a nightmare-corrupted Palkia. There's no telling where it leads to... unless you have a certain Pokemon with you. That Pokemon - Wobuffet, it calls itself - I left down at the bottom of the pit. He can keep the portal open without entering it, but if we want to go to a specific place he must accompany us in. So..."


The Lampent stared down the void regretfully,


"Wobuffet will keep the portal open, and your group must go through the portal first. Then Landorus and I will make our way to the cave where I woke up, free Palkia, and then I will attempt to find you. Or, if you still can't find it in yourself to trust me... Landorus and I will unblock this chamber and leave, so that you all will be free to find the exit yourselves."

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((Why would Allen be resisting evolution? Lampents evolve with Dusk Stones *is confused*))


Zagan had reached the point where he was shouting swear words and laughing upon hearing the echo, when there was a sound of rocks and the cavern started trembling slightly. It wasn’t enough to make him lose his balance, but it sure startled him enough to stop mid-shout.


“What the...?” he muttered, looking around. Nothing out of the ordinary, but if the tremor intensified into an earthquake, he may fall down the stairs. With that in mind, he went up again, ears perked up and paying attention to the sounds. Hm, sounded like something was collapsing somewhere… Then he sure was lucky he wasn’t there.


He reached the top and passed the doorway, throwing a puzzled look at the painting there one more time (so he thought it may be a plant, but he wasn’t entirely sure) before leaving it behind and finding the Smeargle again. Still asleep, and still looking like a contortionist. The tremor was still there, and Zagan could swear there was someone shouting, but he couldn’t be sure.


“Oi,” he said, poking the Smeargle on the side with a long claw, his Mienshao illusion doing the same with his paw. “Wake up already, jeez,” he complained, poking harder. The tremor had stopped by now, but he preferred not to return to the stairs for a while yet, so he continued poking the Smeargle.

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Leo was silent for a moment, thinking over the information available to him.

"Since Landorus led us into this first trap, that makes it very unlikely that there is any other way out of here." Leo looked down into the pit once more. "It should not be too difficult to decend safely if everyone works together."

He got up once more. "However, it's not my right to decide for everyone."


Leo started pacing, talking to himself more than anyone in particular. "Even if the portal is safe we will have to be prepared in case Darkrai has set a trap at the other end. There's also another problem, There are still other pokemon trapped in another section of the cavern, and if the portal is a one way trip, then I won't be able to go back for them like I promised."

Leo paused in his pacing, and sighed. "It's times like this that I wish I'd paid more attenion to that book about Entercards and Magnagates."


Leo suddenly turned to look Allen right in the eye.

"But what I'm really curious about is why are you having trouble resisting evolution when this cave does not have any concentrations of Dusk Stones."

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