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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP

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"S'alright. I'm basically okay already!" Atto stomped on the ground, as if to demonstrate. "Hey, I'm a courier. It's my job to get to places really fast. Although I don't know what I can do for Haldor if we do get in trouble," he joked halfheartedly. He'd momentarily forgotten that adventures usually involved battling. Funny - that had always been the highlight of the adventurers' stories back home. He sucked in a breath and let it out slowly. He'd been practicing for this. Everything was going to be fine. "Can't use Agility in a tunnel very effectively, so come on, you're gonna have to walk," he teased, then shouted after Haldor as he stepped down into the tunnel. "If you just shift your course left a bit, I think that'll be fine!"

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Zagan stuck his tongue out. "I don't run away from fights. Bring them all on! We'll be fine as long as we don't encounter a herd of Blazikens," he said, stretching as Haldor disappeared underground again.


He then jumped down the newly formed hole, right behind Atto. Even though he was trotting on all fours, his illusion stayed loyal to a Riolu's bipedal gait, showing his arms crossed behind the head. "Seriously though," he commented, a bit pensive. "We make a pretty good team. The only types we'd have troubles against are Fire because of you two and Fighting because of me and Haldor. But Fire's weak against Ground, so if we fight one I can distract it while Haldor splits the earth under the poor soul," he said, chuckling.


He then turned to Atto, grinning at him in a way that showed all his teeth. "And if we find a Fighting-type that wants to give us trouble, you can take it out! You're super strong resisting Fighting moves," he said, nudging the tall Bug-type.

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"Huh? You say something?" Agatha asked. She hadn't been paying that much attention to what Reed was doing, for she was occupied with her own little project. Using shadow sneak, Agatha had conjured several hands. One pair was weaving a basket from dried grasses and reeds, while the rest were foraging around the path, every once in a while bringing back a berry or two.

"I was just gathering some bait for 'snacks' later, but you can help yourself if you want any."

It wouldn't take a slowpoke long to figure out what she meant by snacks.


"We've got to move farther from the road, something's about to go down. Follow me if you want to make it to your boyfriend alive!"


"Honestly now, you'd think I couldn't handle random passerby on my own?" Agatha replied with a smirk. She could feel the Pokémon ahead of her, An Electrike and Ralts for sure. Hardly a problem for someone of her Profession. But if Reed would rather err on the side of caution, then so be it. She silently drifted after the painter.






"You know, there is an easier way to be sure," Leo said politely. He turned to where Tiramisu had supposedly heard a noise, and called out calmly, "Is there anyone there?" he then waited for a response, if any.

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Atto smiled - a little stiffly, but Zagan was walking behind him in a big dark tunnel and he figured that would be enough to hide it. "Yeah, I suppose." He looked up, even though all there was above him was a ceiling of dirt, with a thin scraping line made by his dragging right horn. "Yeah." It was true, though. They were a team now. He allowed himself a more genuine grin at that thought. "You know a lot about type matchups, huh! I usually just...try to do what I can. Dodge around, get bigger enemies to hit themselves, spitting poison in their faces." He chuckled a bit at that last one, remembering how mad Piper had been the first time he tried that, before realizing he probably sounded like some sort of crazy maniac. "I'm not that great in terms of sheer power. But yeah. I'll do what I can."

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"Of course I know! I may not have been on real adventures before, but there's a pretty famous and big Dojo back home where I kinda work. When you fight that much you learn a thing or two," Zagan said, grinning at Atto. "Not to brag, but me and my friends are the bosses of the Diamond Dungeon. Anyone who wants to go to Emerald must pass through us," he added with a cheerful though slightly cocky grin, blowing on his right claws and buffing them on his chest fur, illusion copying the movement.


He also made sure to pretend to trip a bit before quickly regaining his footing and acting as if nothing had happened, because when you're a quadruped, walking on three legs is hard.


"But, but!" he exclaimed, running ahead and jumping on the last segment of Haldor's golden tail, careful not to lose his footing. "If you're good at spitting poison you need to teach me. I know Toxic, but sometimes I end up poisoning myself, which is kind of embarrassing," he said, a small pause before that last statement. He wasn't looking at Atto, but only because staying on top of a moving and rotating something was difficult enough that he needed to look down at where he was stepping.



((Dungeons are in alphabetical order, with A being the lowest and Z the strongest, in case Haldor or Atto notice))

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Haldor rotated his head, pausing in his movement, to look at his two companions. "Letting larger enemies hit themselves? There aren't many species larger than Scolipede Atto. I am one of them so I hope you're not implying anything," Haldor said, a hint of a smile on his face. His eyes moved down towards the riolu illusion, "Zagan if you're struggling with staying on my body you could walk behind. I am moving at a slower pace then my normal digging speed so that you don't fall." Haldor turned back to the front taking another bite out of the huge soil and continuing forward. "I think I know the dojo you're talking of. When my old team and I were still in our prime we tackled it a fair few times. After my friends got fed up with having to re-do all the early floors I burrowed back down to the Opal floor, which was our previous best. We nearly reached the topaz floor before the authorities pulled us out for vandalism," Haldor sighed happily at the memory.

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"Well..." Atto paused, then scrunched up his face as he tried to think of someone he knew that was taller than him. Besides his relatives and that one Gyarados who passed through town when he was little (the inn had to give him three entire beds), he came up blank. "Huh. I...hmm." He hadn't actually realized that he was quite that tall, somehow. Maybe it was all the time he spent with his sisters - and his mom, who was absolutely gigantic even by Scolipede standards. "I guess I meant, like...bigger, compared to most other Pokemon, not me specifically. But no, of course I'm not trying to imply anything!" He pouted, still looking very much like the little kid he once was.


Then, something that Zagan had said finally clicked in his mind. He whirled around, knocking a lump of dirt on the ceiling loose and sending it flying past the smaller Pokemon. "You know Toxic?" He practically squealed. "Oh man, that's...that's just great! I'm using Venoshock, because I'm kinda bad with physical attacks, and I've been waiting for someone to try that combo with!" He beamed. "I dunno how good I am with tutoring, but I'll definitely try to help. When we get out of here, we can pick a few pecha berries and try it out!"

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((Posting from college --> no autocorrect --> please forgive mistakes >_<))


"No need to slow down, I've totally got this," Zagan answered to Haldor's remark, still on top of the tail. He even risked a smirk at the Steel-type without losing his footing, though he needed to focus again once the metallic snake resumed digging.


"Yup, Dojo Drillard in Kurta Village, that's the one! The system has changed a bit since, now there are dungeons and not floors, and another set of rules," he explained. "Still, I bet ol' Militus gave you a huge scolding for messing with his tunnels," he added, snickering. Inwardly, he wondered how old Haldor was if he knew of the old system.


Then, Atto turned so suddenly his horn sent a bit of the ceiling past Zagan, startling him and making him lose his balance. He fell on his back with a yelp, immediately raising a paw and proclaiming "I'm okay!" before standing up and shaking the earth off his fur. The hit hadn't been enough to break his illusion, and the fake Riolu dusted himself off with his front paws instead of the shaking Zagan did.


"Wait, you know Venoshock!? Awesome! Tremble, oh you poor foes not resistant to Poison!" he said, doing his best impression of a kid trying to make a deep voice, stopping for a second to rub his front paws together. "We need those Pecha Berries. All of the Pecha Berries. Haldooooor, why are you inmune to poison? We could have practiced on you!" he whined a bit, resuming his walking next to Atto.

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The bright sky and crisp wind wasn't doing much for Cas. What was it? A cold, ominous wind, like from inside a crypt; searing light from an eerie furnace. He couldn't stand it. That Meowth - he had to save her. He came on this mission to save her or himself - he couldn't be sure which anymore, now that it felt like he had claws piercing through him on all sides. White hot pain? Burning cold? Cas knew it was just his nerves - they were in a forest similar to what he'd seen in his vision - but as always the knowledge of disaster helped absolutely nothing. The voices of the dead had been trying to comfort him all morning with their, 'Dearest blade, know you not this is simply a glade?' and their 'Dare not ignore us Cassandra - do you wish your own doom?'.


Cas was having a bad day.


Tiramisu's paranoia most certainly didn't help. The Dusknoir had managed to contain his annoyance (bitter, bitter resentment towards absolutely everything in the world that wouldn't let him sleep restfully, wouldn't let him wake restfully, wouldn't let him remember what it was that made him happy before he could see, wouldn't shut up about the forest because he knew, he knew and there was no way - had to be a way - to stop it-!)... He'd managed to contain his annoyance to a sour look and a slightly noticeable aloofness all morning, but there was only so much a ghost could take. Glancing crossly at Tiramisu, Cas muttered to Leo,


"Excuse my bluntness, but she's being delusional. There's absolutely nothing in the forest."


And, in fact, as the moments drew on the only response to Leo's summons was the gentle rustling of trees in the wind. Neither Sentret nor Pachirisu stirred. Cas felt two slitted pupils burning into his back.




Tiramisu forced a smile onto her face. Nothing had answered Leo's call, and in all honesty there was probably nothing dangerous in the forest. The path was worn down, with no stray weeds or overgrowth; Pokemon must have used this path often. Pokemon wouldn't travel a path that was dangerous enough for some mortal terror to rip them limb from limb - and if they would, there would be blood and guts everywhere.




It wasn't like she was deaf. She could hear that wretched little wisp of a Dusknoir just as well as she could hear the nothingness in the trees. Delusional!


She strained her voice to say,


"I-I guess there isn't anything out there, then."


She cursed her stuttering and mumbled,


"Thanks Leo."


With a hasty stumble and a few bounding steps, Tiramisu began walking again. Him, of all people, calling her delusional?


"Oh Tiramisu, Tiramisu, the end is nigh - stop being so angry or someone's going to die!" Well d***, you're really giving me a reason not to claw someone. Gee whiz, I'm just going to grin and pick Leppa berries off of trees singing, "Hooray for crazy, he made me all better!" Delusional!

Paranoid, yes. Imaginative, yes. But honestly? Deriding me in my face but not to it?


Something hard kept bumping against her paws. Actually, quite a few hard somethings; they bent her paw back a bit, and almost clicked against the rockier parts of the road.


Oh. How'd her claws get out? The Meowth grinned and slid them back in. All the venting almost made her feel better. Maybe imaginary murderous rage was bad for your health, but man did it invigorate the soul!


Maybe I'll glare daggers at him whenever he has his back turned? Ah, no, he isn't worth it.


She paused and fell into step next to Bree again, adding,


"I don't think we need to do a psychic search, I was just feeling a little... A little..."


Tiramisu wasn't imagining that.




In the shadows of the overgrown riverbed, Reed pondered something. He poked his head over the bank and surveyed the dark forest. Silence had fallen over it; not a branch moved or a leaf sighed. He had to wonder at it; that pair worked far faster than he would have ever imagined. The stage was set, and if those specks in the distance were who he thought they were (and they definitely were - running quite early, too), then the show was about to begin. He grinned,


"Actually Agatha, I think you're right. Besides, you might want to see this."


The Smeargle scrambled messily over the bank, looking like a giddy, wet dog. Mud dotted his fur from his hasty descent into the damp ditch. He wiped off a few specks as he began to trot briskly towards the Electrike and Kirlia.


"Those two are called Fenris and Pellinore. They're associates of mine."


Reed laughed maliciously,


"Sheriff's about to have an unexpected delay. I figured you might want to avoid the craziness that's about to bust out around here and the off chance that Sheriff might catch us conveniently hanging around here," He glanced sideways at Agatha, "But I forgot what a dangerous lady you are, lady."


The Smeargle nearly took off towards the odd duo up ahead, but turned and added awkwardly,


"I - I wouldn't object to a Chesto Berry if you got any."


He shook his head,


"Later. Come on, these two'll give you a show. Fenris!"




Fenris had never been fond of rehearsals. Where was the uniqueness in an act if you'd done it five million times before? Sparks rolled down his pelt as he prepared to roll unceremoniously into a ditch. Pellinore stared blankly at him, unamused.


"Look, Fenris, we've only got one chance at this. We mess this up and that Leo guy'll have us hooked up to Magnezone so quickly we won't even be able to say - "


"Won't be able t' say 'zap'? 'ou talk too much Pell. I ain't going t' mess up, and I taught you so we'll be fine."




"'n there's the boss. Even got back-up, nothin' to worry about."


Pellinore frowned,


"If you say so."


The Kirlia turned and bowed to the oncoming Smeargle.




Fenris grumbled something about Pellinore's danged manners and gruffly asked,


"What is't?"


Reed glanced around at the forest, then back at the Electrike,


"Is everything ready?"


"If y' came to ask that y' should've stayed at home. Our end's fine, now quit bugging us."


Pellinore chimed in,


"He means you don't need to check on our progress; everything is prepared for the ambush, sir."


"Shut up Pell, he knows what I meant."


Reed grinned, blue eyes shining in the steadily growing darkness of the forest.


"That's good to hear. I brought a friend to watch the chaos."


Fenris eyed Agatha suspiciously, then turned back towards the path and Pellinore. Were those Pokemon down the road?


"Yes; they got hear earlier than usual, Fenris."


The Electrike frowned,


"S'metimes I forget you're psychic. Showtime then?"




A piercing roar and a blinding flash of light filled the area, and it was showtime.




That was most certainly not her imagination.


Oh no nononononononoononooo. No. Nononononono.


Just ahead of them loomed a creature of nightmares. Shrouded in darkness, the one who devoured souls and waited just beyond the mirrors at night. Red eyes cut sharply through the steadily spreading, misty darkness. As the gargantuan tower of a dragon peered down at the group with a scrutinizing gaze, two great wings, dripping black like a fallen angel's, shot up into the air.


Arceus had forsaken him, and if he were here, then Arceus had forsaken them.




Phantasms gathered around; hounds of hell, ghastly balls of spite, trapped unholy spirits, and vengeful gripping banshees.


This was most certainly not her imagination.


[ Let the games begin.

BOSS: Giratina

Ability: Levitate

Usual Moves:


Species Statuses / Traits:

- Wrapped in shadows (evasiveness increased greatly)

Additional Notes:

- Something seems slightly off about this whole situation...

- There are several minions hanging around:

Gastly x 5 - Levitate

- Curse

- Confuse Ray

Houndoom x 2 - Flash Fire

- Embargo

- Thief

Gourgeist x 3 - Frisk

- Will-o-Wisp

- Incinerate

Spiritomb x 1 - Pressure

- Spite

- Ominous Wind


This looks like it might be a hard fight... Never underestimate the helpfulness of the resources around you. Don't forget that Berries are common around here, and that many a careless traveler has unfortunately dropped their Orbs...


Surprise! :3]

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Leo listened to the wind in the trees. After a moments pause, it became clear that there was nobody hiding just off the path. Leo folded his arms behind his back and nodded

"Honestly you two," He said, turning to Tiramisu and Cass, "One would think you were expecting Giratina himself to come jumping out."


However, nobody seemed to be paying attention to him. Everyone was looking at something down the road with looks of absolute horror. Leo slowly turned around to see what had caught their attention, and promptly froze.


"T-t The great Basilisk, Giratina? B-But how?"

I'd say 'speak of the devil,' but that's a little too literal!


Leo felt faint. Trembling, he fell to his knees, his face a mask of shock. Every story he had heard, every legend about the phantom who ruled over the souls of the departed, flashed through his mind. Tales of an unparalleled wrath that befell anyone who dared control the fabric of reality, of the draconian wraith who punished those who would make themselves gods.


Wake up!!


Leo stood up, and as if in a trance, began to slowly walk towards Giratina. "Despite his fearsome appearance, and violent wrath, Giratina too, is one of the three guardians of this realm." he said. the words came freely, as if he were reciting the lines from memory. "His actions are that of judgment, and retribution. If one meets this Guardian, it is never by chance."


Snap out of it!


Leo fell to his knees once more in front of Giratina. The scope lens had fallen in the road somewhere behind him.


Leo tried to speak, to say something to the horror in front of him, to ask what had brought Giratina to meet with them. However, his old fears had been reawakened, Leo was completely petrified.


Damn it, Look around you There's something missing!


Was there?


YES! damn it, LOOK


Leo look around at the collection of phantoms around him. Then it hit him, There was indeed something missing, or more importantly someone.






impressive, Agatha thought to herself, these two have definitely done their research. the waves of pure terror radiating from Leo were simply delightful, like a maelstrom of despair. Agatha siphoned off a sliver for herself, savoring the taste. Utter hopelessness and despair, with just a hint of confusion.


Wait, confusion? Agatha puzzled, why would he be?

Agatha paled with the realization, this whole ruse could fall flat any second.


"Hate to break your concentration," Agatha whispered to the two, "but you missed one bit of research, specifically, the Poet family. They served Giratina in the old days, one member in each generation. And the current head of the family would be with Giratina for any journey to this world. You need a Chandalure with orange flames, or that sleuth's gonna find us out!"


((ooh, a bit of interesting info on Allen's family there for you.))

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"Yeah, see? Everything's cool. Nothing t--" Red's reassurances cut short as, with a flash and a roar, a great immense shadow loomed up above them. By Arceus!! What was that??


Red, actually, wasn't terribly afraid. Mostly just... shocked. She heard Leo say "Giratina" and her curiosity was piqued. She knew little more that its types, Ghost and Dragon, and knew that her Shadow Ball would be most effective in battle, but she'd never battled anything that big or strong so she would probably have to do a lot of dodging and scampering. But that was okay, this was a challenge! And maybe they wouldn't even have to fight, maybe Giratina always looked like this, even when it just wanted to chat! Red trotted forward.


"Oh wow! Giratina! I've never met--" Red bumped right smack into Leo, who she hadn't realized had fallen to his knees. She looked around and saw similar, panicked reactions in the others.


"Uhm? Guys? It's okay. Giratina's just another pokemon, y'know? And maybe it's friendly! We can talk through this!"


The other pokemon circling Giratina certainly didn't seem friendly, though. Actually, they looked ready to attack! Red didn't think she could stand up against all those pokemon by herself. Everyone needed to snap out of it!!


"C'mon guys, get up! Why's everyone so scared??" Man, everyone really was scared! Her sensitive nose couldn't pick up anything past the stink of their raw fear, not even the scents of their adversaries! Wait... was that even possible? That didn't seem right. This many pokemon, especially a legendary, should have some kind of scent, right...?


((I didn't actually realize how stupidly unafraid of everything my character is until now xd.png))

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Alteria gazed at the pokemon. She knew it was Giratina from the stories she heard when traveling, and also that it was ghost dragon type. She had been flying up front, and flew back to the group. Turning to Red, she said "That doesnt seem likely, but it might work. It's not very likely we can fight Giratina and win anway. Want me to fly you closer?" Alteria didn't feel fear, courage, or even anything at all. It was like the enormity and rarity of the situation had shocked everything out of her.

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It’s a nice day,” Requiem thought, the wind ruffling his fur. Up there, it was stronger than on the ground, but it didn’t bother him that much. His wings moved in sync, emulating waves, working to keep him airborne and not decrease the altitude of his flight. The Fly move was useful, but tiring; Requiem had only used it once per day since he left Laos, in periods of two hours each, to not drain his energy. That allowed him to practice Earth Power at dusk, though there hadn’t been much progress yet. The day before it had accidentally hit him too, and he had needed to use Roost after the injury. Plus, he still needed to land before attempting to try it.


As expected from such an idiot.


Requiem ignored Rhapsody and closed his eyes, enjoying the wind. He was going slower than normal, to not miss them, and could afford that small moment of inattentiveness.


You’ll never find them.

“Shut up,” he growled in response. The other was quiet. No danger then. Besides, day was usually safe.


There was movement in the forest ahead. A bit nervous, Requiem descended a few meters, getting nearer and nearer. It was… darkness? At day? An attack, or…

Something there.

Something dark.

Why did it keep getting closer?


His wings. They had stopped moving when he spotted the darkness. Panicking, Requiem struggled to make them move, to keep flying, but he had forgotten how. Did they move at the same time? No, he was sure it was with a delay, but in which direction? How long? He couldn’t-


Next thing he knew, he was falling through the top of a lush tree, the branches breaking under his weight and accompanying him in the fall until he hit the ground with a pained sound.



((Is it just me, or does Requiem just need to crash-land every time he meets with the others?))

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"We can't take on a legendary alone, pretty birdy." Red scampered around to nudge at Leo's face. "C'mon, Leo, snap out of it!"


She was startled out of her task by a series of thumps and crashes in the trees.


"What was that?" She hurried off to check, leaving Alteria to rouse Leo.


Red ducked and weaved through the underbrush, following her nose to the heap of fallen Dragon on the ground.


"Oh hey! It's you! Are you okay??" Red nosed at his cheek like she had done with Leo.


((my internet on my computer was not working when I wrote this, so I had to use my phone. So, not my best post >3>))

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((Random info: Bree makes all sorts of weird glubby noises when she's startled. Her friends tease her about it a lot.))


Bree was no longer in a good mood.


Even though Bree's father was a Chandelure, she had always been a little jumpy around Ghost-types. And now there was a swarm of them in front of her, not to mention Giratina. Bree's thoughts were usually a little too fast for her poor mind to process, and now they were in overdrive. She turned to face Red, her expression somewhere between terror and rage. "How can you...you..." She would have said some very unkind things if she could clear her mind enough to figure out how to say them. As is, she just broadcasted a stream of illegible words, dancing at the edges of the consciousness of anyone listening, then cradled her head in her arms and let out a screech.


We're all going to die.


She couldn't think anymore. Acting purely on instinct, she telekinetically snatched at a Gourgeist and flung him in the general direction of the Spiritomb.


((Also she's murderous when terrified. Not efficiently murderous, but murderous.))




Atto sniffed at the air. "Hey, Haldor. How long have we been digging?" He asked, staring at the ceiling. He usually had no sense of time, and he was getting a little paranoid that when they surfaced they'd be in another country or something. "Maybe we should surface and get some air. You know, like you said, too. We have to save our energy for any possible encounters." He looked down at Zagan. "We could try to fit in a bit of practice too."

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((BTW, I'm counting the hit as having made the same amount of damage as a 'hit himself because of confusion' scenario))


Voices? More of them? He couldn't understand what they were saying...


"Oh hey! It's you! Are you okay??"


"Ow," was all Requiem could mutter, putting weight on his arms so he could at least raise his main head, petals of his flower-like collar drooping. Besides some cuts and a slight pain on his back, he was okay.


At least for now.


A screech brought his attention back to the surroundings. There- the Zigzagoon from before! He had caught up, and now it-


And the looming shadow of a giant, covered in darkness, Ghost-types surrounding it.


"What...!?" he gasped, blue electricity starting to form between his wings. Darkness. Shadows. But, she said... had that been true? Once, but twice? That-that thing, it was, couldn't, no, please, don't let it be one of-


Requiem couldn't help trying to hide behind the Zigzagoon, as ineffective as it was.




Zagan yawned, keeping up his trotting next to Atto. It had gotten a bit hard to see, even for a Dark-type like him. Flamehtrower would help, but in a closed environment with two other Pokemon who were weak to fire, even he could tell it was a bad idea.


He perked up at Atto's suggestion. "Yeah, he's right. 'Sides, we could check where are we and how long do we still have to go. Or get food. Anyone hungry? I'm hungry. Settled. Let's go!" he exclaimed, as he started to jump around Atto. Truth is, he was just saying any excuse to go have the chance to practice a bit, though he wouldn't complain if they found any Chesto berries.

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Red looked down at the Hydreigon who seemed to be... cowering behind her. She wasn't entirely sure what to make of this. Looking back at Giratina, she tried to reassure him. "Hey, it's okay... Giratina's just another pokemon. It'll be okay..."


But this was taking too long. Everyone else was paralyzed by fear, and gentle words were doing nothing; she and Alteria would have to lead by example.


She took a deep breath. "You're a dark type, right? This'll be easy for you. Lookit all those ghosts. C'mon." She turned and scampered back towards their adversaries, readying a Shadow Ball as she ran. If she was lucky, the others would help her soon.


Giratina was the biggest, easiest, most obvious target, but was probably too much for her to even make a dent in. However... maybe she could make it easier for the others by taking out the pokemon around it.


Here goes nothing...


She took aim at the nearest Gourgeist and fired.

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((ahaha I have no idea what a Gourgeist is))


Pokemon. Giratina was... a Pokemon. It was fine. Pokemon was fine. They were, they were there, and powerful, but normal. Normal. Just, not, it was, safe, right? Another Pokemon.


The Zigzagoon ran ahead, Shadow Ball ready, attacking her adversaries. Requiem couldn't let her get hurt. Not by Pokemon. Pokemon he could handle.


"The ones around need to go. They'll hinder against the leader."


He got it.


The electricity in his wings receded and disappeared with a few blue sparks. She had mentioned Dark. He could do that- the shadows weren't real, they were by a Pokemon. Unlike in the cave, there was something causing them, and the light was near. His breathing was shaking, and was faster than normal, but he wouldn't allow himself to panic. Not now. Not when there was an explanation.


An orb of purple light appeared inside his main mouth as his wings finally moved, levitating him a few centimeters over the ground. He opened it with a snarl, and the orb fired the purple and black circles of his Dark Pulse attack towards the nearest Ghastly.

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Alteria noticed them attacking, and decided to help. She readied a Sky Attack, then attacked a group of the side Pokemon, hitting multiple. She then landed for a short rest. After resting up, she used Dragon Pulse at some Houndoom. She flew back to the main group, and said "Start attacking! Don't stand there like idiots!" She continued firing Dragon Pulses after that, stopping occasionally to use Dragon Rush. After taking a few hits and knocking some Pokemon out, she took a rest using Roost and waited for Red to finish up.

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Haldor paused in his motion to look back at the two younger pokemon, momentarily stunned. "Haha, terribly sorry Its been years since I've shared a tunnel with those who could not withstand it," Haldor said apologetically. He curled up his body, then with great force hurled himself up and out of the ground, arching his body in midair he opened his jaw and dug strait back into the earth, leaving two large holes in his wake. He rotated his body and called out to the other two, "It's far too bright up there, you two take your time, I think I'll nap for a while". Haldor closed his eyes and dropped his head in the warm earth, falling asleep instantly.

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((Finally forced myself to write a post))


Ruphus, apparently, didn't have a lucky streak.


He was at that plaza, and he heard Latios's speech about Legendaries. And he decided to help out somehow. He was an explorer, for sands' sake! And he couldn't just ignore the situation and do nothing, but thinking where his friends might be! He decided that he would go looking for Mesprit, a Legendary Pokemon of Emotion. He heard that the secret place where Mesprit lived was in the desert.


But where was the desert?


Definitely not here.


One of the local Pokemons broke his beliefs about Mesprit's whereabouts, when he pointed in the direction, where deserts definitely weren't common. And now Flygon had no idea where to look. He guessed that the Legendary might be und--


And his train of thoughts was interrupted by a sudden emerge of something from the ground.


"WHOOOOAAA!!!" - Ruphus screamed in surprise and moved back as fast as his wings could allow him. Only now he noticed that 'something' was actually a Steelix.


Except it was Shiny.


And it seemed to have two other Pokemon on its back. Ruphus couldn't get a clear look.


((Hope I didn't do anything wrong. Although I doubt that I didn't...))

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((No autocorrect again, sorry for mistakes))


Zagan smirked and jumped after Haldor once the tremors the Steel-type had caused ceased, finally reaching the surface, eyes closed to avoid blinding himself. He hadn't noticed, but compared to the air of outside, what he had been breathing in the tunnel had felt a bit... thick? Was that the word? Yeah, thick.


"Attoooooooooo, come on!" he exclaimed, jumping in place, eyes squinted as they were beginning to adjust to the brightness of the day. His Riolu illusion, instead of the four-legged jump Zagan was actually doing, was jumping from one feet to the other, showing the excitement the Dark-type was feeling, act or not. He did want to learn Toxic and make combos, and it would be a great help against multiple types.


Just then, he noticed a blurry shape to the left. Squinting, he made out a green Pokemon, bigger than him but not as big as Atto, and were those red spots his eyes? He blinked and, when his vision cleared a bit more in response, saw that it was a Vibrava, but a lot bigger and with a long tail and those red things over its eyes. Vibrava's evolution then, though he hadn't met one before so he didn't know the name.


"Hey there!" he greeted, raising a paw and grinning. Cool, someone who didn't even suspect he wasn't a Riolu. Maybe they could even practice on the not-Vibrava.

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"I'm coming!" Atto yelled as he scampered up into the light. He took a deep breath - it had been getting a little stuffy in that tunnel, though he didn't pay much attention to it while he was inside. He looked around. They'd surfaced at a less forested location, but there were still patches of trees and tall grass here and there. There would definitely be berries. He grinned.


Zagan was waving at someone in the air, and Atto squinted up as well. It was a Flygon! "Ah, hello!" Lacking any appendages to wave with, he simply stretched his neck straight up and bobbed his tails. "S'that someone you know?"

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Ruphus noticed that the Steelix burrowed back underground, and then two other Pokemon climbed out from the hole. Now that he could get a clearer look at them, he saw that one Pokemon was a Riolu, and the other one was a Scolipede. He smiled: he already guessed that he wasn't the only one who went to look for Mesprit. Why else they were here? Random walk? He didn't think so. But he wanted to make sure...


"Howdy!" - he called back. - "Y'know, you really surprised me with that Steelix guy! I thought already that I was attacked... but apparently not. Anyway," - he said, changing the subject - "I suppose that you are here for not just a walk, huh?"

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Atto blinked, momentarily perplexed by that question. "Um. Oh! Well, no, we're not. We're actually..." He glanced down at Zagan and the tunnel with Haldor in it. He wasn't sure if telling everyone they met what they were doing was a good idea. Wasn't that always what got heroes into troubles in stories? Then again, Zagan was pretty childish (or was determined to pretend to be) and Haldor was asleep, so he'd have to make that judgement. Besides, what were the chances that a random Flygon would be working for Darkrai? "We're looking for Mesprit. Hey, were you at that plaza meeting? In Laos? Because, yeah, that's why we're here." He grinned and swished his tails in greeting. "But that's not what we're doing this particular second. Actually..." He turned to grin at Zagan before facing the stranger again. "We're practicing some moves, to prepare for any battles or anything! Wanna join us? Oh, name's Atto, by the way!"

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