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"I don't really either," Atto chirped at Red, resting his head on the ground. He contemplated just sitting there for a while and talking to his new friends for a while, but decided against it. "Hey, so!" He lifted his head and looked at Zagan. "I work at the post office in the next town over and I really should be getting back. Where are all of you headed from here on? If you don't have any plans, I could give more rides..." He leaned in close to the disguised Zorua and stage-whispered, "and I know Agility."




Bree eventually lost interest in the exploration team - it seemed that they were too preoccupied with getting attention to do anything interesting. She looked around the crowd. Everyone she knew had left now. Maybe she should have gone with Zagan after all. Still, she didn't have much reason to stay in this town; she wasn't even an official explorer yet and saving the world sounded pretty complicated. Maybe it was time to leave.


"You mean the ones from the cave? Got it. Thanks. So like I was saying..."


Bree swiveled her body around in her gel to face a Dusknoir, towering over two smaller green Pokemon. Were they discussing that male Meowth's speech? It wasn't surprising, really, but other people talking about her always unnerved her a little. She stayed in place and listened quietly, hoping they hadn't noticed her sudden motion.

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Red looked up at Leo.


"That reminds me... did... did you say you were part of a team? Like, a rescue team??"


Her eyes sparkled with excitement. A real rescue team member! She hadn't ever met a team member except that one time when she was little...

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"That's right," Leo verified, "although I am lacking an actual team at the moment."

"We were seperated yesterday when I was sent to that cave. My partner apparently got sent to Palkia's lair of all places, and got caught up in a fight between Palkia and Darkrai."

Leo's face fell, "I havn't heard anything else about where he might be, but I know he's fine. Allen's hard to take out."

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"What? He was facing the legendaries??"


Red wasn't sure whether to be amazed or concerned. Did he really think so highly of his partner that he believed he could stand up against two legendaries??


"Well... do you know where or how you can find him? Any idea at all?"

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Well, he'd have to do something about the tail wag then - but first...


He grabbed the Scope Lens the Meowth was handing out to him and tried them on. It didn't feel different at first, and then he remembered two items didn't work at the same time, so he took out his band while Red spoke and let it fall to the ground. He whistled again; as he looked at the Meowth, the Scope Thingy was signaling the points he guessed he should attack for maximum damage. He looked down at his paws, and saw that the readings were acting up. Hey, at least it hadn't been his acting then, but he was pretty sure his illusions should be able to fool machines too. Hm, maybe it was because the readings were of vitals and he wasn't accounting for that...?


"Hey, so!"


He turned to look at Atto, now reading his weak points too; those Scope thingies were awesome. The Scolipede leaned down to whisper at his ear, and Zagan had to lay down to account for the height difference between a Pichu and himself, not moving the illusion, one of his hind paws on top of his Detect Band so the wind didn't carry it away.


His sparkly eyes returned when Atto mentioned the word Agility. "If next time you don't use that at least six times before the ride, I'm never forgiving you," he half-whispered, ears and fake tail completely perked up. Even without the act, he was totally looking forward to that - he'd have to switch to a Pokemon that had a similar weight to his own to not bother the Bug-type too much, but whatever, that was a small price in exchange for another ride.


"So, so, we're gonna find him and Darkrai, right? Where will we head first?" he immediately asked the Meowth, so he could give Atto his answer. Red had asked if the cat knew where to find his missing partner, but 'where to find' and 'where they were heading first' had different answers.




"Okay," Requiem said, looking at the two cups curiously. He had never seen the Pokemon that was in one of them, one with huge eyes, bug wings and antennas. He took a quick look

(shadows no shadows)

around and slowly lowered himself onto the coach, long tail wrapping around his body like a snake. He wasn't sure what to do now, ask something? What if he bothered the Shuckle? At least her name? But what if she didn't want to say it to just anyone and got angry? He... didn't want to leave the calm. Maybe he should just... wait quietly until the tea was ready? That was the safest bet...




((Don't know if I should put this since Zagan's giving them back in a while, but here we go))



- Detect Band discarded.

- Held Item: Scope Lens. ]

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Leo closed his eyes, deep in thought. "It's an interesting problem all right," he said, "like it or not, my partner and I are pretty much caught up in whatever is going on with the Legendaries. His last known whereabouts was Palkia's domain, but it is verry likely that Palkia has fallen to Darkrai. If we wanted to find Palkia's domain, we'd need the help of the lake trio, like Latios said."

Leo sighed, "That only brings up the question of how we'd find them."

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(Well I had literally no idea where to fit into this, god your character gets seperated and it becomes so hard for someone to get back into the fray, oh well time to see if I can do this biggrin.gif )


Haldor opened his eyes. Something had ended his torturous sleep. He mentally shook himself. He hated that dream, it was the reason why he never slept, and consequentially the reason why he was always tired. He wondered what had awoken him. Looking around Haldor noticed that he was in the tunnel he had carved out earlier, "Interesting I must have gone undercover in my sleep" He said to himself. He then became attuned to the area around him, he wasn't at either end of the tunnel but was closer to the opening. He looked up, he could hear voices through the thin layer of soil that covered his head. Some sounded familiar and others did not. Haldor continued to listen until his memory asserted itself.


"The meowth! The one with the scope lens, I wonder how long I've been asleep it sounds as if the Mismagius isn't there." Haldor continued to listen to the conversation. Talks of ledgendaries and illusions. His metalic brow rose slightly as he listened to the Meowth talk about what happened to his friend. He looked up, ideas forming in his mind. Haldor then arched up his head gently butting the roof of his tunnel, not wanting to startle anyone he spoke loudly, hoping that those above would hear him.


"If you're looking for information, I recommend the underworld, or the more shady pokemon. Information seems to travel faster through thieves than it does in any other conventional way. In my history theives wishing to reform new more top secret information than many high ranking exploration teams and rescue teams," Haldor finished calmly.


(I'll change it if its needed. Do pokemon even have an underworld? (not like hell or anything, like the mafia and such))

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Agatha had been silently following the Haunter for a while now, wondering exactly why he was so adverse to meting up with the authorities. She had hidden herself from view, cloaking herself in shadows with Shadow sneak. Anyone looking right at her would only see a silhouette, barely visible when in the shadows.


A shadowy hand extended, and lightly tapped the Haunter on the back.




Something moved underground, The sudden impact shaking Leo.

"If you're looking for information, I recommend the underworld, or the more shady Pokémon. Information seems to travel faster through thieves than it does in any other conventional way. In my history thieves wishing to reform new more top secret information than many high ranking exploration teams and rescue teams,"

"Oh, hey," Leo Replied, looking to where the voice had come from, "You're the Steelix right? What'cha doing underground?"

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Red jumped back as the ground shuddered with the voice of something big and inside the earth. Leo said it was a Steelix, which made sense, she supposed. It was still pretty disconcerting.


"That... was really weird. Okay. So you need to find the Lake Trio. Can... can I come? Can I help?"

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As he was walking, Fantaasma felt something touching his back. "I hate it when people touch me" he said in a serious tone. He immediately turned around and threw a Shadow Punch behind him, but saw nobody. "What the-?". He squinted his eyes and looked around. But he just felt somebody- no. If somebody touched him, he would have seen them. Fantaasma turned back around and continued on his way.

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Alteria was listening to them talk. "So you're a rescue team? Cool! I always wanted to be in one, but no one acepeted me. Could I join your's or someone else's?" She asked. This was perfect! Well, it would be if he let her join one. She hadn't felt the ground move, she was a flying type ater all.

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Cas turned his head, and found himself face-to-face with a rather shy-looking Reuniclus. He'd felt like someone was watching them, though obviously this Pokemon didn't particularly mean them any harm. In fact, she seemed about as nervous as he was startled.


"I'm sorry, you surprised me. I'd figured all the other Pokemon were busy with whatever they're up to about this whole 'Legendaries' business..."


The Dusknoir's sentence trailed off, and he appeared lost for a moment. He shook his head, then continued,


"It's a bit worrying. With all this witch-hunting, someone's bound to get hurt..."


His companion had gotten into a vehement discussion with Fenris about how it wasn't really okay to stalk other Pokemon, and how he really shouldn't show off in public, especially when on special,under-the-radar business. (The determined showman retorted that for him to get better, it was necessary that he practice, and he ain't got the money or the time to hire an audience.) The conversation reminded Cas of a battle between siblings (which one should never, ever enter into), so he figured that he may as well chat with this new Pokemon, if she would answer him.


"My name is Cas. I... Ah... see how Pokemon die?"


Small talk wasn't his forte. The Dusknoir looked away quickly, embarrassed.


"My apologies, that was, ah, distasteful. What... what's your name?"




"Oh, where are my manners? I must really have wanted tea myself..."


Anareise laughed breezily,


"Although this really is some nice tea. Straight from the southern Hondew fields - my friend helps till the soil there in the summers... There I go again!"


The Shuckle held out a hand/tentacle to shake,


"I'm Anareise, Laos' resident Move Tutor. But the cubs call me 'the lady who cleans up the gym after we wreck it', haha."

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"So, the two of you would like to Join Team Shadow Tag?" Leo asked with a glint in his eye, "All right, show me your skills. If you manage to Impress me, I'll consider the two of you as members of the team."

Leo then turned to Zagan, "I'll need the scope lens back for this, if you'd please." he said.






"Is that any way to treat a lady?" Agatha giggled.

"What's wrong?" she asked mischievously. She then floated to another patch of shadows, staying out of sight. "Can't you see me?"


As Agatha continued talking, she kept moving, so that her voice seemed to come from several places. "You're a sorry excuse for a ghost, Letting a Mankey get the better of you, and getting shown up By that Meowth. If he didn't have bigger problems at the moment, then you'd probably be in the can, the way you were acting."


The shadows began to bend and sway, as Agatha Chortled in amusement. She then withdrew her shadow, appearing right behind the haunter.

She leaned over, and whispered, "I do have to thank you though, you provided a wonderful distraction for my escape."

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Red grinned and spread her paws into a fighting stance, fur bristling with excitement.


"I won't let you down, Leo! Just tell me what to do!"

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Alteria looked at the zigzagoon. She was excited too. "I can show you my moves if you want!" She said. She was hoping to join a rescue team, she had wanted to since forever.

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Atto blinked when Red began discussing joining Leo's team with a passing Altaria. He supposed he could stay for this, at least. He stood up and took a few steps back to give the two enthusiastic girls a bit of space to show off in.




Bree squeaked when the Dusknoir turned around to face her directly. Had she been that obvious? She realized that she was still sitting on the ground and facing backward, and quickly corrected that by floating up and spinning so all of her was facing in the right direction. "U-uh, sorry, I just." She waved an arm in a vaguely circular gesture. "I - I, I mean...my name's Bree." She could feel her voice getting quieter and her name was nearly inaudible by the end, but she couldn't do anything about it. She extended a hand and smiled uncertainly for what felt like the hundredth time of the day. "Nice to meet you."

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Zagan jumped back when the Steelix appeared; that guy sure knew how to move silently. The two girls asked the Meowth to join his Rescue Team, and Atto had given them space, so he guessed the answer could wait. He liked Rescue Teams, but he'd rather not join; if he ever formed a part of one, it'd be with Static and Milo, and only after they reached the high-level dungeons back home. That was their goal, after all.


"Sure!" he answered when told to give back the Lens, but made sure to look at his paws and body again before giving them back to their owner. The Lens were showing him his own vitals and weak points now, adjusted for the small body a Pichu had, making it impossible to distinguish him from what he was pretending to be. Zagan smirked; even though that meant anyone with a Scope Lens could score criticals more easily against him, his illusions always came first. 'Sides, that was what the Lens were supposed to do in the first place, so who was he to try to cheat?


"Here ya go! Better now?" he asked, handing the Lens back and picking up his band again, bright smile directed at the Meowth as he tied it back around his neck. He then backed away to give them their space and sat down next to Atto, curiously looking at the trio - ears and tail perked up in anticipation, and this time he didn't wag the later. Those who ignored critics were doomed to fail, after all.




Requiem looked at the soft limb being offered, then at his right head, and lastly at his left one. Hesitatingly, he lifted his tail and offered its furry tip instead, placing it on top of the yellow limb. It'd be weird if he handshaked with a head, and his right one could bite. "I'm Requiem," he said, a bit louder than his usual tone but still softer that a normal voice should sound like, looking at the point the two extremities met. "...I don't mind when others talk," he added after a small pause. As long as they weren't Rhapsody. He preferred his quiet.




((See, literally the next post xd.png))



- Scope Lens discarded.

- Held Item: Detect Band. ]

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Fantaasma grinned as he felt the Mismagius' presence. "The only reason I hadn't caught that Mankey myself was because if I did, would have gutted him the moment I had a hold of him" he explained while turning around to face Agatha. "And I plan on getting myself some revenge on that son of a b***h for sending me on that wild chase". Fantaasma slowly inched himself closer to the Mismagius until his face was a foot away from hers. "Wow, almost looks like we're kissing and I don't even know your name. I would tell you mine, but you've probably heard it around town already, so there isn't really a point". Fantaasma wink at her and smiled wide, revealing his sharp and jagged teeth. He did look rather scary, even for a Haunter.


"You could say I'm pretty famous around these parts".


((Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes. I'm posting on a tablet))

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Cas shook Bree's hand gently; he didn't need to be a Kirlia to tell that this Pokemon had been just as surprised by him as he'd been surprised by her.


"It's very nice to meet you as well. I don't suppose you're from Laos?"


Now that might sound rude. He quickly added,


"Pardon me if you are. It just doesn't seem like there would be many Reuniclus around here... I myself am just passing through Laos..."


Now the Dusknoir seemed troubled. He stared forward into the crowd, partly embarrassed and partly frightened.


"I came here to..."


I came here to... Ah, what was it? What...?


The fire - the flames burn all and the blood boils with rage at the dead earth! You know what we require, and yet you deny US what is ou-rs!


Consider the suffering it would prevent! A mercy! Souls in anguish never to be - bring them to me!


Quiet - not now! I can't... Ugh... Memory!


"Uxie! I came here because..."


The Dusknoir trailed off as he realized that he'd been breathing heavily, and that (based on how strained his eye felt) he'd been staring wildly at the ground. The green duo beside him had stopped their conversation; Pell had placed his hand on the Dusknoir's arm and was looking up at him worriedly.




"I-I... I'm okay now. Thank you, Pellinore."


The Kirlia hesitantly turned back to his partner, who was staring bug-eyed at Cas. Pellinore prodded Fenris harshly, and went back to speaking quietly with him. (When the Electrike refused to stop making odd comments about the Dusknoir, the Kirlia promptly kicked him in the shin.) Cas hunched over slightly, apologizing to his new chat-mate,


"I'm sorry, Bree - I have odd spells of amnesia and ah... Well Dusknoirs can hear some things other Pokemon can't. I..."


He took a deep breath, straightened up again and asked,


"Do you know anything about the Pokemon Uxie? I.. just remembered that I came here to see where that Pokemon could be found, because - as I told you earlier - I can see how Pokemon... come to their end and I believe that just maybe I could prevent that in one of the cases I've seen..."


His gaze grew a bit shaded as he added,


"And perhaps Uxie's powers would be helpful to me in other ways."


Cas blinked suddenly, and looked at Bree,


"I don't suppose you're one of the Pokemon looking for the Legendaries?"




"Requiem. What a beautiful name... It's a pleasure to meet you, Requiem."


Anareise leaned as far back into the couch as she could with her shell. The word took her to an old temple she'd visited once with her stepfather.


"I can only hope that you still won't mind people talking after you sit with me a bit, Requiem. Do you know what that means in some places? Oh pechas, let me just take care of my tea before I get going..."


The Shuckle begrudgingly got out of her comfortable position to wriggle the strainer out of her cup - the one with the Celebi on it - and drop it ungracefully onto the table. The hot water now took on a mellow, tangerine hue, with a small bit of brown settled at the bottom from where some of the stems had dropped through. Anareise took a long breath of the tea's aroma to calm her mild irritation, then settled back into the sofa again with her tea.


"There. Now then...


Long before the Legendaries had faded into only legends and the weather began to move on its own, I went to visit a temple with my stepfather."


She paused and giggled,


"I'm kidding, of course. I'm not that old. No, but I once visited a temple from that time period with my stepfather. Even when I visited, the 'temple' was little more than rubble overgrown with vines and weeds, but that dull old Rattata guide assured us that standing before us was the temple where the ancients would come to offer up their dead to their Lord, Giratina, in the hopes that he's find them worthy enough to take under his guardianship and whisk their souls to the Reverse World."


Anareise took a long draught of her tea and continued.


"It sounds rather dismal, doesn't it? The lower floor of the temple, however, told the story more colorfully than our guide could... It was filled with mirrors of all shapes and sizes, stained glass of all colors and shapes - broken, of course - and faded murals that of all things showed music! You see, that particular temple was once called 'The House of Requiem'."


The Shuckle smiled,


"And the ritual performed in it was known as 'Requiem' as well. To them the word meant 'a song of rest for the dead.'"


She laughed and took some more tea.


"I suppose that means you've added two homes to your list of homes today? Considering that you're always welcome here."






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Leo Put the scope lens back on, adjusting it back in place.

"All right," he said, turning back to Alteria and Red, "What I want you to do is simple. Since Team Shadow Tag is usually called on for situations that involve Ghost Pokémon, mobility is essential." With that said, Leo vanished with Faint Attack, reappearing in between the two Pokémon.

"All you have to do, is catch me." Leo concluded. With that, he focused on activating his Mobile scarf. Winking, Leo slid through the ground, and into the tunnel that Haldor currently resided in.

"Thanks for the tunnel," Leo called out to the Steelix, before dashing off in the direction of the square.


((High stakes Game of Tag tongue.gif ))




"Let me just say," Agatha snickered, "You're not my Type."

Agatha summoned an Ominous Wind to Blow Fantasma back, while remaining unaffected herself.

"Let me tell it to ya straight." Agatha said, "You're gig in town is through. That Meowth is on to you now. You only got away because he let you go to deal with me, but I gave him the slip like always, and he's gonna take it out on you. Call in Magnizone, pay for Abra Express transportation, uproot your little operation, the whole she-bang."


((this was very calming. -->

Helped me get back in the proper mindset for the RP)) Edited by sailing101

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Bree stared blankly at the Dusknoir throughout his entire spiel. It took a few seconds after he finished for her to realize that he was waiting for a response. "Oh! Sorry, uh, yeah..." She glanced at the Kirlia (Pellinore, was it?). Were all three of them travelling together? They seemed like an odd bunch. "I'm...I was one of the Pokemon in the cave when, that, happened, yes. But, I mean...I don't really know i-if I'm going to..." She looked in the direction Zagan and the Scolipede had went and started wringing her hands. "It kind of seems like a big thing, and I'm not really even an explorer yet." Gah, that definitely could have been worded better. "I don't really know much about, any of the legendaries, really, either. Sorry." Her gaze slid down to the ground and stayed there for a second before jolting back up again. "I mean - ! I know where some, some of the others went, though. They seem to know a lot more about this than me. Than I do."

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Ah! A game of chase! Now this would be fun. Red had her natural Zigzagoon speed on her side - and a whole host of unexpected moves.


She quickly Dug down into the tunnel after Leo, only to discover that it was awfully dark down there, the only light coming from the entrance she had just made. She snuffled about for a moment, found his scent, and scampered off down the tunnel towards her target, finding her way by touch and by smell, unhindered by her periodic bumps into the earthen walls.


((Great to have you back in the game, Sailing! biggrin.gif ))

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"...Same," Requiem said after a bit of a pause. It was the first time someone complimented his name of all things.


... And yours will be Requiem, a march to honor the dead. It occurred to me after what happened with that Vullaby.


He coiled his tail again around him, curiously looking at Anareise taking out what he guessed was the strainer, since there wasn't anything else to take out. How long was 'a bit longer'? Maybe he should wait until she finished speaking, would that be enough?


A temple from the legends' time, a Pokemon named Giratina, the Reverse World, broken mirrors, a music score... Requiem listened to the story intently, for once looking at Anareise directly. It fit with what little his mother had told him between evolving and staying behind in that cave to complete his passage to adulthood. Was that world she mentioned where Rhapsody was taken?


He bent down and used his teeth to take the strainer out of the cup with the resting Minccino, leaving it on top of the one Anareise had taken out, careful not to bite too hard and break it. The water had changed colors, to a mixture of orange and red, so he moved his main head right over the cup and lapped it up. It was bitter, and a bit sweet and spicy - he found he didn't mind it, and was actually better than water.


Home... he didn't have a home. He could have one, if they were still waiting at Fusbe, but he couldn't bring it. Put them in danger, share his fate. Become so little it counted as nothing, and that only if they were lucky. And the realization felt like cold water.


"I can't," he said, suddenly on edge and looking around again, the cold sensation still with him. His wings, relaxed and resting before, were tensed again and slightly up, ready to take off on a moment's notice. "It's dangerous. They're after me; if I stay, They'll come here too," he quickly said, faster at the end, looking worriedly at Anareise, secondary heads pressed against his chest.


((This post gave me more troubles it had any right to Symbolism everywhere))

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(Ahh that song brings back great memories sailing :') I honestly loved the theme for the first Mystery dungeon games, sounded awesome)


Haldor raised his eyebrow as he watched the agile Meowth dart away. He was defiantly a skilled pokemon, one that Haldor would be proud to fight beside. He didn't particularly like his recruitment form though, it may just be his old age but Haldor believed that the pokemon of a team had to have a strong bond and be able to work together and trust each other with their respective skills. Still it would be interesting to see how the zigzagoon handles this, Haldor thought as he watched the small pokemon drop down into the tunnel he had dug. Haldor spun himself around and followed the pokemon keeping a reasonable pace behind the zigzagoon, his smooth body gliding silently over the ground. He grinned, if he were trying to join the Meowth's team he had no worries about his ability to catch the speedy pokemon.


(Just letting you people know im still here. Dum-di-dum back to assignments biggrin.gif *groan*)

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Alteria loved tag. She was good at it too. She noticed the Zigzagoon had already ran off and rushed into the tunnel too. She lit her way with a Dragon Pulse and sped forward to chase him. She soon caught up with the Zigzagoon.

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