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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP

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"Please wait," Leo said, "I know Agatha better than you, and she may have a few tricks planned."

Leo looked back to see if anyone else had come. There was only the Scolipede who had brought the reviver seed.

Leo turned back to Haldor and continued. "Agatha knows Perish song, and she usually has several reviver seeds on her," he explained, "We'll either have to find some way to take them from her, or use them up before she can sing."


Agatha was growing impatient. "Oi, Rusty!" She called down, "I said come out where I can see you."


Leo shook his head. "Remember, do not let her sing." he repeated, "She doesn't seem to know you're not alone, so we may still have an element of surprise."

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Haldor scratched his chin with the tip of his tail. "That will be a problem," He thought for a moment. "I noticed after her hyper voice, she seemed to be talking in a more croaky way, she might not be able to sing her perish song at the moment." Haldor continued to think. "If you know any abilities that will allow you to reach her and cover her mouth without her realising, I can fling you up with my tail, Bree as well. If you can cover her mouth and let Bree get the Pichu to safety, and If we strike with enough surety and swiftness." Haldor paused thinking, he had taken down pokemon before in his career, but never one with perish song.


"Damn, I should have gotten that Scolipede to purchase multiple Reviver seeds," Haldor turned and looked at the Meowth. "My mind is not what it used to be, and im growing tired. Unable to think straight, would you be able to think of some way to rescue that pichu, I don't care if she gets away as long as the pichu is safe," Haldor finished slumping down, his head crashing against the floor.

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Though she was right in the middle of the crowd, Tiramisu felt like she had run off miles away, far into the forest, staring down the deepest pond in the world... And in a way, she felt like she was drowning. Her eyes narrowed at the ground. None of this would've happened if she hadn't been right. The Legendaries should never have existed; she should never have wished on that star like a fool, thrown that coin into the pool, ever dared to play Arceus (who didn't exist, right?) with simple nature.


It was her fault, as always, wasn't it? It always seemed that way. Nothing ever came out right, and the things that did shouldn't have.


This is stupid. I don't have any sort of power to make Legendaries, what am I even going on about?


She growled in frustration. Or, she would have, had she not realized she indeed was still in the square and people would just stare at her - judge her - if she did little more than grumble. And grumble she did. Next to her, a perplexed-looking Dusknoir tilted its head, searching for a sound as if something were being broadcast to him. He suddenly turned and stooped down to the Meowth, alarm visible in his eyes.


"You need to get up, right now."


Tiramisu shuffled slightly, confused and frightened by the odd Pokemon's words.




The Dusknoir pleaded,


"Please, you have to. You're - Just please, please don't make me tell you; it's going to happen, or..."


The Meowth narrowed her eyes again, rolling over and hissing,


"Arceus, I don't need any more problems, okay?"


There were tears in her eyes, but they went unnoticed by both her and the Dusknoir (who seemed on the verge of them himself). The ghostly figure's voice trembled.


"Or you'll make it happen! You could stop it! You don't have to - you... Y-you looked just like that, only angrier and..."


The frantic ghost's entire body seemed to slump.


"You're not going to listen to me."


Though worry crept into the angered feline's mind, saying 'Calm down, you will - you will! - please!', she pushed it roughly aside.


"I don't even know what you're saying, okay? Just, please, leave me alone. I just want to forget that that selfish twig ever said anything - that he and all his friends even exist - and... And leave."


The Dusknoir turned to leave, but felt the sudden need to say something. His quiet voice seemed to carry much better than it should have in a crowd of that size.


"You said that it burned."


The two were silent, and the sound of the kidnapped Pichu finally reached Tiramisu's ears. She shot to her feet, and hastily worked her way through the crowd (away from the Dusknoir). Off in the distance were two silhouettes, it looked like - one yellow, and one purple. Her claws itched for a fight after that confrontation - Which is odd, because I never have actually followed through on that. - and the scene in front of her was begging her to join. Before she knew it, a Shadow Ball had formed in her mouth, singeing her teeth with dark energy. By the time she knew it, she had firmly decided to fling it; after she had known it, she knew that she could only follow it up with a few more. In a furious fervor, a flurry of Shadow Balls rushed towards the Mismagius from the Meowth, and... The figure of a Smeargle appeared from the side of her vision.




"Are you stupid!?"


Reed yelled at the Meowth, pushing her over to her side. (While he felt a twinge of regret towards his abuse, he managed to overcome it given the absolutely idiotic thing Tiramisu had just done. He was right, and even Sheriff would have to agree with him this time.) Holding the Meowth down, he took a deep breath and continued with slightly more control.


"You're going to hurt the Pichu, idiot. That craft little bi- Bidoof - has been throwing hoops around that Steelix there for a long time now, and you think raging in like some Rampardos is going to do it? Calm your tail, kitty."


Tiramisu seemed to be staring into space, somewhat surprised. She meowed breathily,


"Wow. I... I-I actually did it."


The Smeargle stared incredulously at her. She looked at him curiously,


"I've never gotten in a fight before."


A grin spread across Reed's face. He laughed, and released her, something still prodding at him nonetheless. It was nothing to do with the pond, he knew; she'd be acting weirder if it had anything to do with that. He'd deal with it later. He clapped Tiramisu on the back and tugged her to her feet,


"Congrats then, kitty, your first playground fight's a hostage situation! Pretty awesome first fight, I'd say."


With a devilish expression, Reed added,


"Give you three seconds until Sheriff yells at you too. Seeya."


The Smeargle waltzed over to the small group of Pokemon congregating to stop the Mismagius, and loudly asked,


"Where should I fire the Draco Meteor, Sheriff?"


(( Hey Sailing, this is a sincere apology from me to Leo: I'm sorry my characters screw with you so much. ^w^; ))


(( Aaaah, I've got a new minor character to introduce as well, but that will wait for next post. ))

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((I get the post half completed, then it's time for supper. I come back, and I find my cat sitting at my laptop, and the entire post is deleted. The page was not refreshed, the text I had typed was just, deleted.))


Leo was about to reply, when he heard the unmistakable sound of Shadow Ball being used.

"Seems we have some company," He said to Haldor. Leo then leapt up the hole to get a better view of what was going on.




The barrage of Shadow balls caught Agatha off guard. Many of them missed her, but some found their mark. The Pichu, meanwhile, was protected by Agatha's grip.


The ghost drifted to the side, dizzy for a moment. She shook her head, then turned to look at her assailant with a renewed grin.

"Another Meowth?" she cackled, "Listen sister, despite the mutual type disadvantages we share, that rescuer, Leo, also a Meowth, has never caught me. What makes you think you're any better?"


Good listeners might realize that Agatha wasn't rasping anymore. She drifted down to the ground, and pulled a Plain Seed out from within her 'cloak.' "As I always say, travel light, and with a song in your heart," she said, tossing the plain seed behind her. "But I don't feel like singing now, so here's the deal, I'll be on my way, and you can take the runt back to mama."


It was then that Agatha noticed that the hand that had held the Pichu was now empty. She looked around in confusion, He couldn't have disappeared, could he?


Suddenly, Leo's voice drew her attention. "We're over here, Agatha." Leo was standing on the lowest branch of a nearby tree, with the Pichu holding on to his side. "You're not getting away this time,"


Agatha immediately understood what had happened, while she was distracted by Tiramisu's attack, Leo had Slipped through her Shadow Sneak and freed the Pichu.


That settles it then, Agatha thought, "You know what?" Agatha said with a snicker, "I think I'll sing after all."


Agatha took a deep breath, and managed to sing a few haunting notes, before something slammed into her. It was Leo, his Faint Attack giving him the speed to delay Agatha's Perish Song. But only for now.


"You've gotten faster," Agatha noted, "But not fast enough." Agatha took another breath, to sing once more.

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((Hmm this post relies solely on the size of Haldor, and whether you people are willing to let me get away with this.))


Haldor burst up through the ground, his jaws open wide. He had heard what was happening, barley awake, he used this final lunge. His jaws closed over and around the Mismagius, and locked together creating a soundproof wall. Then Haldor fainted, too tired from his work. He slumped over, his jaw still locked, his snores echoing loudly around him.


(Not sure whether Agatha can pass through other pokemon)

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(( Cat magic, what can you do? X'D That's absolutely terrible.))


Tiramisu tilted her head, confused.


"Capture you? What? I just..."


The threat of Perish Song was a particularly strong theme in her nightmares (aside from the Beldum line and a few Hydreigon in particular from some stories she'd read). The idea of a song that could drain the power and - if the legends were correct - the life from you... She shivered at the thought. She pulled herself together,


"I was just angry - just don't sing, please? I'll... I'll, um..."


Her eyes locked with Leo's. All he reminded her of was the cave, and as she'd only moments ago realized, the cave was not a good thing to remind her of. Nothing but that oppressive authority she'd gone out of her way to avoid, that haughtiness, those cringe-inducing circumstances, and that heat... That heat still burned under her skin; maybe it had been causing her recent temper? She shook her head and turned back to the Mismagius, and on an impulse offered,


"I'll help you escape!"




"Sheriff, I can distract her."


Reed had maintained his cool demeanor longer than he thought possible. Of course, he was simply the most fantastic Smeargle to ever live - he momentarily told himself to think that more humbly considering the situation at hand.


"You know I can; if Kitty's Shadow Balls did that, then what would a, hmmm..."


He grinned,


"Surprise meteor shower do?"


(( Reed absolutely love nicknames, and if each of your characters do not have a nickname by the end of this roleplay, you get your money back. ))

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Agatha turned to look at the speaker, a Mienshao. She drifted over, neither caring nor noticing that she passed through several Pokemon on the way.

((So, yah she can, and since that basically was a Dig Attack,))


Haldor's Unorthodox Methods caught Agatha off guard for a moment. However, the Steelix had not succeeded in trapping her. Agatha was in the same position as before, having passed right through the Steelix like any ghost could. "So Rusty finally surfaces," she snickered, "Major dirtbreath on that one,"


"I'll help you escape!"

"This is a solo act, sister," Agatha replied, "And why wouldn't you want to hear my lovely voice anyway?"




Leo turned to Reed, "That may not be the best idea," He answered, "Right now, what's more important is getting the child to safety."

Leo turned to face Agatha once more, then added, "After all, the one who saves him will likely get a hero's welcome."

With that said, Leapt at Agatha with faint attack.


This time, Agatha dodged, gracefully avoiding Leo's attack, and sending a Will-O-wisp after him.


(Leaving it open for someone to try to shield him)

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The Reuniclus in front of Atto had lifted herself up to the edge of the hole and was trying to peek over it. He walked up to her and nudged her lightly. "'Scuse me, miss?"


She whirled around and emitted what sounded like a muffled telepathic gasp. "I'm sorry! Ah, do you need to...?" She floated around Atto and turned to watch him anxiously. He let out an amused chuckle and climbed up to the hole. He'd spotted her in the crowd earlier, near that Mismagius, but they could deal with introductions later when there wasn't a dangerous criminal directly above them.


The situation most certainly did not seem under control. The Meowth and the Mismagius were engaging each other, exchanging no shortage of witty banter as they went, and a pair of other pokemon seemed to have joined the fray. The Mismagius dodged an attack and flew directly over the entrance to the tunnel(Atto ducked back inside for a second, prompting another squeak from the psychic pokemon beside him), then hurled a ghost flame towards the Meowth.


Atto had an incredibly stupid idea and his brain didn't have enough time to dissuade him from following it. He jumped to the edge of the tunnel, hoisting himself up and directly into the path of the attack with his front legs. He let out a screech as the Will-O-Wisp hit him but wasted no more time as the effects of his ability kicked in. Jumping clear out of the tunnel, he snarled and used Venoshock, sending several blobs of poison flying at the ghost pokemon.

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The Venoshock attack stung Agatha, but she was able to shrug it off due to her type advantage. She wheeled around to Look at yet another Pokémon, A Scolopede. "Didn't your mother teach you not to spit?" She hissed.

Agatha was becoming annoyed. More Pokémon were popping out of the ground than Digletts at a family reunion. However, Agatha suddenly started grinning, She finally had someone she could vent her frustration on.


Agatha's shadow shot out in multiple directions. The six different branches wove through the trees, then turned to head directly for the Scolopede, surrounding him. At the same time, Agatha summoned an Ominous Wind that filled the area. Each Shadow Sneak rose from the ground, forming black fists aimed at the Scolopede.




Leo Saw Atto block Agatha's Will-O-Wisp, and attack her. He also realized just how Agatha would most likely respond.

I'll have only one shot at this, Leo thought. I've got to focus.


Leo shut his eyes, and concentrated on a memory.


The dojo master from Leo's hometown, a Weavile, leapt at the training dummy, his claws glowing black and crimson. With a single slash, the dummy was cut in half.

The Weavile then turned to face Leo. "While night slash may be equal in power to an ordinary Slash, it has one key advantage. By channeling dark energy, the user is able to effectively fight against Pokémon who would otherwise be unaffected by an ordinary Slash, such as Psychics, ghosts, and other Dark types. Your line, Leo, is gifted with this power, without the vulnerabilities that come with."

"But I can't ever seem to pull it off on my own!" Leo replied, "Whenever I try, I only manage to summon a few strands of energy before I loose it."

"But you can tap into this power to boost your speed, That's Faint Attack," The Weavile offered, "Perhaps, if you focus on that, you will find that power within yourself."


"The Power within myself," Leo repeated to himself softly. The power I tap into to move faster than the eye can see, I need to find it now.

Leo opened his eyes, and leapt.


He zeroed in on his target. The gems within Agatha were the source of her energy, so a direct hit could take her down. A shadowy energy formed around The claws on his right paw. The shadow flickered, then began to glow crimson. With an almost savage howl, Leo struck with both Faint Attack, and Night Slash.

All this happened in the blink of an eye, All that was visible of Leo's attack was a black and red afterimage, leading from where he had been standing, to Agatha.


There was a flash of light. Agatha's shadow sneak Faded before hitting Atto, along with the ominous wind.

Agatha hit the ground, dazed, with Leo standing next to her. She Picked herself up, then sighed.

"Well crud," she said dejectedly, "That was my last reviver seed," Agatha dropped the now useless plain seed on the ground, then turned to face Leo.

"Are you still going to fight?" He asked.

"No point, I'd only loose again." She replied, "Perish song knocks out the user as well as the victim, I'd just be taken in anyway."


((I flipped two coins, one for a critical hit, and one for night slash working,))

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Atto had decided to try to make a break for it himself when the Meowth plunged in. He hissed, partially in surprise and partially due to his burn. He usually aimed for the eyes with Venoshock, but he had been trying to be quick - a mistake on his part. He took a few steps backwards, trying not to let the burn distract him, as the ghost pokemon airily announced her intention to give up. He flashed an alarmed glance at the Meowth. What was that supposed to mean? Were they just going to stand there and allow a criminal to escape? Still, he stood his ground. The Meowth knew the Mismagius better than he did, and she might have a last resort handy. One stupid move was more than enough for one day.

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"Sheriff, has anyone ever told you that you're no fun? The Pichu'll get home quickly enough; I'm not some Gogoat service."


Reed sniffed, and turned curiously to the Mismagius beside Leo. She hardly looked finished, to his eyes; dejected yes, defeated no. Whether she would fight or not was of course her own choice, and he really expected that she'd run. How else would she have escaped the Sheriff's watchful, annoying claws so far? He could appreciate her risky tactics (for obvious reasons), and felt almost certain that she had at least one more up her sleeve. He made quite sure to say so.


"That's not all you've got, is it my pretty little lady? Come on!"




Tiramisu trembled. What on Arceus's green planet was she doing? Honestly, even trying to help a criminal - how stupid could she get? But what if the Mismagius wasn't really a criminal? What if the other Meowth was a liar - he certainly could have been, she reasoned. Darkrai took Landorus after they'd left the cave, and who seemed to be the closest to (that terrible fake) Landorus? Leo. Who had been the last to leave the cave? She had no idea, but anyone who would side with that homocidal maniac Landorus had to havesomething wrong with them.




As the opposition in her mind began to speak up, Tiramisu edged closer to this "Agatha". To the Meowth's complete and utter relief, she hadn't used Perish Song. Despite an obvious lack of care towards her, the Mismagius hadn't hurt Tiramisu in any way, whereas Leo... She quieted herself before the debates could begin, and settled for the fact that Leo had crushed her opinion of rescue teams in general and annoyed her. And what better way to oppose that than siding with this Mismagius? If she could aid in her escape, that would be fantastic - of course it would. But she would make no hasty decisions this time; the Shadow Balls had been stupid. Any assistance she would give would be based on watching that "Sheriff's" movements carefully and maybe providing cover...


Tiramisu elected to watch and wait with quiet, conflicted eyes.

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"Oh? You think I'm pretty?" Agatha replied with a giggle. She blew a kiss, which turned into a bright pink heart that floated towards Reed. However, before it reached him, the heart deflated and turned black, before falling to the ground and fading away.

"Eh, was worth a shot," Agatha sighed.


"Agatha, how much longer did you think you could keep running for?" Leo asked softly. "You've started to gain a reputation that's only going to attract more teams."

"So what? Why do you care?" Agatha muttered. "I can handle myself just fine."

"Like just now?" Leo replyed. "And what happens if you encounter a team that doesn't care if they bring you in in one piece? There's a bounty on your head, Agatha, and not all bounty hunters are nice. Your mother is worried about you Agatha."

"What do I care what that old hag thinks?" Agatha snapped, "She resigned herself to being a servant to the richest family in town, barely scraping out any profit's for herself. I've always had to scrounge up the money myself whenever I wanted anything, while you, Leo, you always had whatever you wanted, and more, and you couldn't even bother to care!"

Leo was silent for a while. "That's not quite true," he eventually said, "there was one thing I didn't have, and money could never buy."

"A friend."


Agatha was taken aback, she had never thought of it that way.

"And now that friend's gone again," Agatha sighed, "And I was childish enough to take a jab at that."

"Regardless of what you did that day, I still owe you for allowing me to meet Allen." Leo said, "You disappeared the next day. Allen looked everywhere for you, long after everyone else had given up. We promised each other that day that we would bring you home, Agatha."


Agatha's head hung Low, her eyes hidden by her 'hat.' "I'd bet that you could make even Giratina feel guilty just by talking." she said softly.


Leo watched Agatha carefully. This was always the moment where she could do something rash.

Keeping an eye on her, Leo walked over to the Haldor. "Hey, you alright?" he asked. "We should probably head back.

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"Hey, bring that back you thief!" a voice cried. Chasing after a Primape with Calcium and Protein clutched in both gloves, Fantaasma, a Haunter, bobbed and weaved through the allys of a nearby street. "You'll have to be faster than that to catch up with my Ghosty!" The Primape cried. But, little did the Pokemon know, Fantaasma was bred for speed. Fantaasma wasn't far behind when he called out "Aye! You forgot your free gift dirty bag!" As he spoke, Fantaasma created and launched one of his most powerful Shadow Balls ever! As it raced down the ally, it wizzed past its intended target, instead hitting a building close to a group of Pokemon which a shiny Steelix was a part of. The Primape ran off with the 'drugs' and Fantaasma frowned. "greater! First I lose almost $12,000 worth of enhancement drugs, and now I hit a building.. Yay."

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The Primape didn't make it far. An astute observer might have noticed Leo vanish as the thief ran past. Leo landed on the Primape, knocking him to the ground, then vanished once more.

The Primape leapt to his feet. "Hey! Who's the wise guy, sneaking up on me like that?" he yelled out. He wheeled around, looking for his attacker, but froze when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Leo had reappeared behind him.

"You either have to pay for what you want from a shop, or do a job for the owner." he said calmly, "However, since you stole those vitamins, I can guess that you prefer to get things the easy way."


"Why You!" the Primape yelled. He swung at Leo with a karate chop, but Leo was faster.

Before the Primape could blink, Leo was behind him again. Leo then chose this moment for his own attack. Four rapid slashes, one after another, and the Primape collapsed.


Leo took the Vitamins that the Primape had stolen, and turned to the Haunter, "Hese are yours, right?" he said, offering the items to him.




"Wow, he held back with his Furry Swipes that time," Agatha commented, "Still, I probably left him in a bad mood."

Agaha turned to Reed. "You see, 'Sherif's' Faint Attack might be his favorite move, but Furey Swipes is his strongest. For most Pokemon, it's a fairly weak move, but he's smart emough to aim each Swipe for twice the damage it would normally do, and his scope lens helps him pinpoint an enemy's weak spots. And he's almost sure to make a hit with Furey Swipes."


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Fantaasmaa was taken back by the Meowth's kindness. "Yes, those are mine". Fantaasma took back the vitamins then smiled. "My name is Fantaasma, it is nice to meet you. Thank's again for returning my vitamins; they are very expensive and hard to-". Fantaasma was about to regret carrying on that conversation if he kept talking about the drugs. The Meowth didn't need to know anything about those. He took a look around and noticed a few other Pokemon around where the Meowth first was. "What are you guy's? Police or something?!". Fantaasma hated police, and for a good reason.

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Reed shrugged. If Sheriff's worst move was Fury Swipes - no matter how much that made his back itch - then he would never pose much of a threat in the long run. Not when it mattered, at least; the last battle had been personal. What surprised the Smeargle, though, was how Agatha was acting towards the Meowth. Were they actually friends in some way? Now that would end up badly when things came to an end if he couldn't... He pushed thoughts of the lake and what would happen later out of his mind. Whatever he would face, he could handle it. He had said so.


Obviously bored with Sheriff's hero antics, the Smeargle let his head fall backwards a bit, leaning as far backwards as he comfortably could without falling. Reed's mischievous smile gave away none of his mild worries as he nonchalantly asked Agatha,


"What, do you have a thing for Sheriff? You know a lot about him and that little exchange a minute ago..."


He laughed,


"You two could have been a married couple!"


The small, forgotten voice of a nearby Meowth finally piped up again with a, "She could be a stalker, too, though..." and again slowly began its descent into silence with a, "Sorry, sorry - I mean, I..."


Reed burst out in a chorus of snickers at this, much to Tiramisu's embarrassed dismay.


Tiramisu, meanwhile, batted a part of Agatha's "dress" that drooped down almost to the ground. She mumbled,


"Look, I... I could still help you get away if you need it or want it... I know..."


I know no one needs my help and I only cause worse things when I try and it always just serves to make me even worse -


"You're a solo act, but... I'm, um..."


She ceased batting at Agatha's "dress" and folded her paws under herself sheepishly,


"I'm afraid what might happen to me now that I said that, hah..."


(( sorrysorrysorrysorrysorrysorry I have no excuse at all ))

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Atto shot an odd look at the female Meowth before collapsing into a kneeling position, struggling to stay awake. He made a mental note to start carrying more heal seeds with him - he got himself injured way too often. He had no idea what was going on anymore. Outlaws were outlaws and should be arrested, or at least that was his opinion, but it seemed no one else here was going to agree with that and he was in no shape to tell anyone what to do. He made a frustrated growling noise before falling over.


((Bluh sorry, I don't really know what to do right now...))

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The building was hit with a Shadow Ball, and that was when the bad things started to happen. Truth be told, things hadn't been going astoundingly well from the outset. The shy little Buneary girl whose birthday party it was had been thoroughly bullied by the people she'd invited (or rather, that her mother had invited, since the latter was one of those people who think that just because you go to the same primary schol you and the slag who calls you fat are the very best of friends NO I'M NOT PROJECTING DADDY DID LOVE ME HE DID HE DID HE DID I'M TELLING MISS MITCHELL ON YOU) and the arrival of the entertainment had met with something approaching existential dread for her. This was largely because, as the birthday girl, she was dragged up in front of the crowd of youngsters by the aforementioned entertainment and forced practically at gunpoint to pick a card, pretty tricky when you're not too great with your hand-eye co-ordination. She'd needed a few goes before she could pick it, too, what with her tendency to flinch all the time.


The magician had done a few hand gestures - well, technically they were claw gestures, but we can't help the way we're made - and produced with great flourish... several completely different cards. Finally, she threw up her claws and tapped the girl on the head with her magic wand (which flopped around to general laughter - the wand, I must stress, not the child's head, that would be cause for concern). Suddenly, drawing the wand up slowly from the Buneary's head-fur, the assembled children could see the King of Spades hanging from the end of the funny wand.


"No - it can't be - is THIS your card?"


The applause was rapturous. The Buneary was a little terrified. The magician gave her a berry that had magically appeared in her top hat.


"Thank you, thank you! You've been a wonderful assistant, young Jemima, and I have been Mister Buggles, Mistress of Magic!" She bowed and exited the front room while the girl's mother set up some party games. A few minutes later, an Ursaring brought her out a plate of cake with a candle on it, which Mister Buggles cheerfully accepted. It might have been bad form to take it in addition to payment, but when you've eaten nothing but what berries you can find growing wild for the previous four days, pride can take a bit of a back seat.


Then the Shadow Ball hit the window and, well... bad things happened. It blasted a hole in the wall and showered the throng of kids in brick dust and splinters of glass (though the magician doubted very much that it would physically affect some of the guests, what with them being Magnemites and Beldums). Leaping into action, the magician rounded up the children and adults alike, forming an orderly queue and keeping everyone bandaged up and calmed down. There was still quite a lot of screaming, but nobody was very hurt, thank Arceus.


Afterwards, the magician happened to look at her silk top hat. There was an ugly gash about halfway up, showing off the red lining inside. With a guttural hiss of rage, she stepped out through the hole in the wall, shoving her payment of a Vanish Seed in one of her innumerable hidden pockets, and confronted the group of people standing nearby.


"Which one of you vandals," she growled, "owes the nice people who live here a new wall? More importantly, which of you ripped my hat? That's going to take a lot of time to repair, I'll have you know, particularly since I haven't got any blasted thumbs! Look at that! Look at the kids! They're sobbing into their cake! Are you pleased with yourselves? Are you all proud? You've wrecked a little Buneary girl's birthday party, how dare you?"


Exactly what the assembled, slightly ragtag crew of Pokemon thought of being berated by a Scizor in a top hat, suit, and billowing cape was not currently a concern of hers, although she might be forced to care a lot more about it quite soon.

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"Oh, it's fun to mess with Sherriff alright," Agatha replied with a wink, "but my blackened heart belongs to another." Agatha summoned a pair of arms with shadow sneak, the hands clasped tightly together. Her eyes went starry as she continued, "His heart, a violet flame burning with the heat of dying souls. His eyes, as blue and deep as the sea. His presence is such that nobody could possibly ever run from him, as your own shadow would betray you to stay."


Agatha held out her necklace, the dusk stone clearly visible in the pendant.

"This would be my gift to my dear Allen, if he would only be mine," she explained, "But alas, in his youthful naiveté, he does not realize his potential, and chose to travel with rich cat Leo." As she finished, there was a trace of Agatha's usual venom in her voice. "And now look what happened, Leo left my dear Allen behind in some cave, and everyone's rambling on about legendries returning, and Darkrai attacking."


There was the sound of someone hitting the ground. Agatha turned to see the Scolipede from earlier. "What a light weight," she commented, "Passing out after one Will-O-Wisp."




"I'm a rescue team member, Leo," Leo replied. "I had stopped a hostage situation just now, and you happened to be passing by. It's the least I could do to help"



"Which one of you vandals, owes the nice people who live here a new wall? More importantly, which of you ripped my hat? That's going to take a lot of time to repair, I'll have you know, particularly since I haven't got any blasted thumbs! Look at that! Look at the kids! They're sobbing into their cake! Are you pleased with yourselves? Are you all proud? You've wrecked a little Buneary girl's birthday party, how dare you?"


"He did it!" Agatha piped up, pointing at the Haunter. She had an expression of (completely Tarous- censorkip.gif ) innocent glee on her face.

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"Oh, did he now?" Mister Buggles pointed at the Haunter, trembling with barely-suppressed rage. "Did he in-bloody-deed? Well then, my course is clear. You will stay here until the appropriate authorities have been summoned, and what they choose to do to your worthless purple hide is entirely out of my claws. This shouldn't take long, since the chap there appears to be a law enforcement official of some... description... hang on a minute."


She stepped back and did an epic double take. "Are you lot some sort of Rescue Team? If so, I demand to speak to your superiors about this... this insult forthwith! What's more, I shall be accompanying you until you can deliver me and my complaints - of which, I might add, there are legion - to said person or persons! For heaven's sake, at least one of you is a Normal-type! If this Haunter used the technique I think he did, you could have run in front of it and tanked the hit with no difficulty or danger to yourself! This is gross incompetence at best, and outright dereliction of duty at worst! What do you have to say for yourselves, eh? What excuse d'you cretins have for this outrageous cack-handedness?"


She's a bit miffed, dear reader, is what I'm trying to convey here.


"And you can shut up as well!"


It's my party and I'll break the fourth wall if I want to.


"Your party - YOUR PARTY? It's NOBODY's party thanks to these slack-jawed imbeciles!"


And who do you think they think you're talking to?


"I - er. Oh, dear."



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An Alteria that had just happened to fly by, noticed a huge ruckus, and a... Hole in a wall? 'Oh dear, I better go heal anybody whose hurt' she thought and landed. She then noticed a fainted Scolipede and and went over to start healing it. She took some seeds out of her bag and began to search for a particular one. 'No, not that one, that's a sleep seed, where is it?' She thought.

((Eeeh poopy first post))

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Tiramisu shrank beside Agatha. Of course she would regret the Shadow Balls. Every time she did something impulsive she regretted it. Of course.


The Scizor seemed absolutely miffed to say the least, and that rather frightened her. Those huge claws crashing down - or Guillotine - or... She stopped herself right there. The Scizor had been nothing but law-abiding, and the worst that could happen would be being arrested (maybe by a Magnemite or was that Dusknoir maybe forseeing some sort of tragedy - maybe he know he would have to arrest her and burn her at the stake oh Arceus no stop it) and sentenced to life and kept in a dungeon full of rowdy street Raticates and thrown among the less savory kinds of Trubbish.


She absolutely, positively needed to get out of there because she was now a vandal and had attempted to help a wanted outlaw escape. It was obvious that the police would have some very high bounty on her head and she would doubtlessly be killed upon arrest because she was just a terrible Pokemon.


The Meowth tugged feverishly at Agatha, hurriedly meowing in as hushed a voice as her paranoid head could manage,






Reed had mastered the art of ignoring Pokemon, and at the moment Kitty seemed to be the ideal paper for practicing on. He had also mastered the art of small talk, and Agatha was as good a distraction as any other smitten lover (in his mind, a very good one). He idly twirled his tail around,


"Allen? A shiny Lampent, right? Like Sheriff said, we saw some Ditto pretending to be him."


The twirling stopped suddenly, and a look of something like realization dawned across the Smeargle's face. In reality it was noticing a perfect opportunity, but all in all on him it looked like he'd forgotten to turn the stove off. (Had he? Of course not, he's the world's best and least forgetful Smeargle. No way he could've dozed off while cooking Sitrus Berry pie. That pie was far too delicious, and he was far too marvelous to destroy it.) He smiled slightly.


"Now don't tell Sheriff, but I have a way of knowing about where that little lover of yours might be. Call it..." He shrugged, "Call it an intuition, but it's more like being well-informed. I can lead you to him if you can keep a secret and a day's worth of patience."


Reed grinned his usual grin as Agatha called out the Haunter for something he obviously hadn't done.


"Now I wouldn't usually do this, but you seem like such a trustworthy girl, haha!" He rolled his eyes, "No, honestly, I'll do anything to give the Sheriff a bit of a pain. He's had it out for me since I met him."

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Are you quite finished yet?




Yes, Mister Buggles, we've established that.




Technically, you're doing it to yourself. Well done, Mister Buggles. In front of a live audience, you've made your sanity disappear.


"... I don't like you."


Of course you don't. I'm the reason anything happens to you at all, and people remember bad things more than good things. Evolution at work.


"Even so."


They think you're barking mad now.


"And what if I am?"


Well, then someone else would be right, and we couldn't have that, now, could we?


"Less of your sass, invisible creature who lives in the sky and controls everything I do - why did you make me say that?"


I'll grant you it's a little lumpen, but the term god is just so tawdry, don't you think?


"You're like a terrible British Q, you know that?"


I wonder how you do, being a Pokemon. Oh, no, wait, that's me too! Isn't this fun?




Have you considered tinfoil?




Mister Buggles slumped to the ground and clutched at her head, burbling softly to herself about CIA satellites despite the fact that this world contains neither. I'm not a very nice person, dear reader. You might have figured this out by now.

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Fantaasma glared at the Scizor then smirked. "You think I'm just gunna stand here and be taken away by the police? Screw that!" he yelped. He tightened his grip around the vitamins then ran back down the ally he came from. He looked behind him to see if anyone was chasing him, but he didn't see anyone at first.


((Short ;__;))

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Bree, who had been hopelessly confused even before the Scolipede had decided to intervene, had decided to just crawl back down the tunnel and do something that didn't involve watching a bickering group of Pokemon from below. Maybe contact the police - the Meowth did say that Agatha was a wanted criminal, after all. When she poked her head out of the other end, the crowd had grown even more and now included a very angry Scizor (whose, uh, colourful swearing was perfectly audible to every Pokemon that hadn't left the town square yet and also by some who had. Her eyes darted to Zagan, who was still beside the Pichu's worried mother. Hadn't the entire point of going out there been to rescue her son? "Um." She looked back and forth between Zagan and the crowd and, failing to find anything to say, shrugged helplessly.

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