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Breeding, Gifting

Breeding, Gifting!

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Breeding, Gifting
(This topic approved by rubyshoes and ~Z~)
This thread is for individuals who enjoy gifting dragons that they breed themselves. It is also for individuals who are looking for dragons to help complete their scrolls and wishlists.

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Thread creator/Wonderful Person

Topic Mods (They can answer your questions!)
velvet-curse: Message


Quick overview of how this thread works: READ ALL OF THE RULES and the “how to request a gift” section before posting anything! Once you have done that please make a post using the “i want to request a gift” form and fill it out as explained in the example. Once you have done that please wait for someone to breed a gift for you and offer it to you. When you accept the gift please come to the thread ASAP and report that you have accepted it using the reporting form. Request as often as you like! Happy breeding and gifting!

For any questions in general, please always Message a Topic Mod. Do not post in the thread.
For any problems with the lists, please Message the Breeding, Gifting account so it can be updated as soon as we log on.

New Breeds will be requestable only after it is announced by a mod that the new list is open.

We DO NOT allow FFAs (free for all). This is not a 'drop' thread where you openly offer something you have bred previously. This is a thread where we gift people by their requests. If you're looking for a simple drop thread, we recommend this one: DC Community Notice Board


Important Rules

Failure to comply with these rules will result in warnings and bans!


1.   We do not gift CB (Cave Born) eggs! Please do not request them! This includes Dinos, Chickens, Cheese and Paper as they are unbreedable. This is a BREEDING thread only!

2.   YOU CAN ONLY BE ON ONE LIST AT A TIME! When requesting make sure you only ask to be on one list and do not ask for either this or that dragon. Requesting to be on a second list when you are already on one will get you a one month warning.

3.   Gifts MUST stay on the scroll that they were originally gifted to! If the hatchling misgenders, alts, or turns the wrong color you must have the breeder’s permission in order to regift it or freeze it.


4.   You may not kill gifts you receive from BG or take actions that may lead to a gifts death such as earthquake. If you wish to Bite a gift in order to turn it into a vampire you must state in your specific conditions that you intend to do that and you must have the breeder's permission.


 5.   If you are accidentally gifted more than one egg (example: two breeders offer you what you requested at the same time) only accept the first egg that was offered to you on the THREAD, not the first one in your Messages. Mods will read the thread to determine which egg was offered first.
If you do accidentally accept two gifts please offer to return the extra gift to its original owner. Failure to do this, or refusal to return the gift, will result in a warning or worse.

Breeders: Always check all posts since the last update before offering in case a gift has already been offered by another breeder. If you still choose to gift an egg it will count as an out of thread gift and should not be reported/posted in the thread.

6.   Do not complain about wait times or pester breeders or mods to breed for you. All begging, complaining, or rudeness toward mods or breeders is punishable with a warning or worse.

7.   Offtopic posts or chatting in the thread will result in a warning. Please keep all posts thread/request related. Questions and comments should be Messaged to the person they are directed at or the BG account.

8.   Posting FFA's (free for alls/links to eggs anyone can have) will get a warning. If caught a second time you will be banned!

9.   Always check the dragon list you want to be on first before posting a request to make sure there is room on the 10 slot list. If you make a request on a full list you will be issued a month warning.

10.   HATCHIE REQUESTS ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED! They will only be accepted if you require an alt dragon or a specific colour of Nebula or Gemshard. All other hatchling requests will be denied. If you need a certain gender of hatchie, feel free to check out these two handy threads: BSA Gifting Foundation and Influence for Me

11.   Gifts are expected to be reported accepted within 24 hours of them being offered. Do not request a gift unless you will be able to check your Messages frequently and will be able to accept an offered gift as soon as you notice it is offered. Remember that some gifts are bred within minutes.

Breeders: please wait at least 24hours before canceling your offer. If for some reason you cancel your offer before at least 24 hours, no warning will be given. You may wait longer to report not accepted if you wish but we will not expect it of you.

12.   NO MINI-MODDING!! All questions about the thread should be sent to the Breeding, Gifting account or to a mod. Any questions posted on the thread should be answered only by a mod! Messages should not be sent from users to other users explaining the rules to them. That is a mods job and explanations given by non-mods have caused serious problems in the past.

13.   Double/Multiple posting: please note that double and multiple posting is considered spam on this thread. If you have two posts touching one another they should be combined into one post. If you wish to change a request before you are offered to or an update simply use the edit button to change the request.

14.   Do not ever edit a post that has been quoted in a thread update post! We simply do not have the time to reread all previous posts. Therefore, what is quoted in an update stands as fact. Editing posts after an update has caused serious issues in the past and will now be met with an immediate warning when we see it happening.

15.   If a request is sitting on a list for longer than 2 months it is assumed none of our breeders can meet those conditions and the request will be removed to save space.

BREEDERS: if there is a hard request on the thread that you intend to work on please Message the person that requested it to tell them you will work on it and Message the BG account to let us know as well. However, keep in mind it will not be up to us to remember you are working on it. If the request is removed it can simply be requested again.

16.   Please read the section called “How to Request a gift” before requesting!


***If your request is not accepted there is a good reason for it and we will always Message you to explain why. Arguing with mods about the rules or general rudeness may be met with a warning.***

Rules are subject to change as needed

Special Rules for Specific Lists

Shimmers and Tinsels:


  • 1) You may not request anything lower than 4th generation.
    2) Very specific requests may be denied if we are fairly sure the conditions can not be met by any of our breeders.

Mystery Breed:

  • 1) To request a Mystery egg, just put "Mystery breed" where it says "Dragon Breed List to be placed on". This list is for anyone who needs a certain lineage/gen but doesn't care what breed it is or just someone looking for a nice lineage.
    2) To request on this list you MUST including something in the specific conditions. Things like “anything not on my scroll” or “preferably a nice lineage” will not be accepted as those things can easily be grabbed from the AP and that is not the point of this thread.

This list is for if you are looking for a dragon from a Thuwed line. Simply put “Thuwed” where it says “Dragon Breed List to be placed on” in the request form. You do not need to put anything in the conditions if you don’t want to. If you are after a gold or silver you may not use this list.
Keep in mind that these dragons are bred directly from TJ’s own lists and very specific requests may be impossible for our breeders to do.
Alt Black/Vine/Undine:

  1. You may request to be on ONE of these lists while you are also on any other list.
  2. A lot of people have been removing themselves from the alt lists within a week of being put there which is really inconvenient to breeders who are constantly using egg space to breed these. If you put yourself on an alt list you must stay there for one month. If you remove yourself before then you will not receive a warning but you will not be allowed on an alt list again for three months.

Holiday Dragons:
See fourth post for the rules regarding holiday dragon requests.

How to Request a Gift

Step 1: Locate the dragon you wish to request on the lists posts and make sure that there is an open slot for your request. All lists with special rules are in the second posts while all other dragons are in the third. Holiday lists are located in the fourth post and are only open during their respective breeding periods. If you don't see the dragon you are looking for listed at all it may not be requestable on this thread or may not be available yet if it is a new release.

Step 2: Make a new post using the “i want to request a gift” form posted below. Do not request using anything other than this form. Please do not change the form layout. Do not delete anything (just leave them empty if necessary). If your post is hard to understand you may be asked to fix it.

Step 3: If you are looking for something specific please see our LINEAGE PROJECT first. There you will find the different lineages our breeders have to offer. If you see what you were looking for and wish to request a specific breeder you may Message them to see if they would be willing to work on your request. Requests that are hard to breed or take a lot of work for the breeder to make may be denied.

Step 4: Wait! Depending on the dragon you asked for it may be some time before your request can be filled.

The Request Form!


I want to request a gift!
Forum Name: 
Scroll Name: 
Scroll Link: 
Message Link: 
Today's Date: 
Will you accept an inbred dragon?: 
Will you accept a messy lineage?: 
Dragon Breed List to be placed on: 
(Optional) Any specific conditions that must be met?: 


Example of how to fill out the form:
I want to request a gift!
Forum Name: Jane the Doe
Scroll Name: Generic Person
Scroll Link: <---Can be found on your scroll page
Message Link: <--- Must be included in order to be added to a list. see tutorial or Message a mod for help.
Today's Date (for inactivity checks): 9/25
Will you accept an inbred dragon?: No <--- ONLY yes or no here
Will you accept a messy lineage?: No <--- ONLY yes or no here
Dragon Breed List to be placed on: Xenowyrm <--- Look at the lists on the second and third post. ONLY put the name of one of those lists here.
(Optional) Any specific conditions that must be met? 3rd gen gaia checker to silver <--- Any additional details must go here such as color, morph, and lineage information. Please be as specific as needed to get what you actually want.

Please do not use coded links! You may include links to dragons to use as examples but do not code the link. We have had issues with those codes messing up the code for the list post.

How Do I Get My Message Link??

Your Message link:
What is it? This is a link that will send someone to a Message which is already addressed to you.
How to get it
  • 1) At the bottom of any of your posts there is a “Message” button. It is blue and says the word message with a little envelope picture next to it. Click on this button, then in the screen that opens copy the URL address that is in the address bar at the top of your browser. Then simply paste this in the Message LINK line of the request form.

    2) Clink on your name to go to your profile. At the top you will see a blue message button with an envelope picture next to it. Right click this and copy the url in the url bar at the top of the window. Paste this in the Message Link line.

    3) Use your member number at the end of this url: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=
    *your member number can be found under your avatar in any of your posts

How Do I Get My Scroll Link??

To find your scroll link, go onto your scroll page, find the writing 'If you would like to show your scroll to others, give them the following link:' and copy the link written in the white box underneath.
After that simply paste the URL into the Scroll Link line.
Please note that your request form MUST include this link! Simply putting “its in my signature” or “its the same as my forum name” is not acceptable!

Change of Request Form

IF you are already physically on one of the lists on the front page, have not been offered a gift, and would like to be moved to a new list use this form:
I want to change my request!



I want to change my request!

Today's Date (for inactivity checks)

Will you accept an inbred dragon?

Will you accept a messy lineage?

Original Dragon List

New Dragon List

(Optional) Any specific conditions that must be met? 



Please keep in mind that this form is ONLY to be used if you are ALREADY on a list on the front page of the thread and have not been gifted to yet. If you simply want to edit your request BEFORE you have been offered to or added to a list during an update then use the edit button on your post to do so.

How Do I Remove Myself From a List??
If you have not received a gift and simply want to be taken off the list you are already on use this:
Please remove me from ........ list.

If you received a gift you will be removed from the list automatically the next time a mod updates. Make sure to report that you have been given a gift as soon as you accept it.

How Do I Report a Gift??

Breeders: When you send a gift to someone you need to use the below format in order to indicate that you are offering them a gift.
Requesters: Please also use this form to report that you accepted a gift that was offered to you as soon as you accept it.

To report a gift:
Breeder name here --> Requester name here: List name of dragon here (OFFERED/ACCEPTED)

This above form is used to show that you have offered a gift to someone and are waiting for them to take it. After they have taken the egg you may edit the form to say they accepted the gift.
Breeders: you may use this post to report that a gift was accepted if you wish but it is the requesters responsibility to report accepted as they are the ones online at the time they accept the gift.
Also, if an update has occured before the gift is accepted you will need to make a new post to report accepted. Editing a post that was already included in an update will result in the mods not seeing that the egg was accepted as the mods do not look back at posts after they are in an update. This is true for all forms and posts that have already been included in an update.

Keep in mind it is usually a good idea to post this form as soon as you have bred the gift and before doing anything else. Easy to breed things like red dragons with no conditions may have several people trying to breed the egg at the same time. You need to indicate as fast as possible that you have already bred the request as the mods will believe the FIRST POST with an offer in it was the first gift offered.

Please do not quote the request post. Only use the above format for reporting gifts.
Quoting should only ever be done by mods.

How Do I Request a New Gift??

After you have reported accepting a gift you may immediately request another one. All you have to do is post a new “i want to request a gift” form. There is no limit to how many eggs you can receive in one day and there is no cool down time between your requests.

Please keep in mind that you do not need to delete, edit, or scratch out an old request in order to show that you received it. When a mod does an update they need to see this progression of events:
You requested a gift -> a breeder saw your request THEN bred you the egg THEN posted they offered you the egg -> AFTER they have offered to you, you accepted the egg and reported it on the thread -> NOW you are free to post a new request form for a new gift.

Failure to make sure things are posted in the proper order may result in the mods becoming confused on whether a gift was sent to a player or not and if they need to be put on/taken off a list or not.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Q: If I am accidentally sent two eggs and I offer to return one of them but the breeder says I can keep it, am I allowed to keep it?
    A: Yes but it will be counted as an out of thread gift and should not be reported on the thread at all.

    Q: What does it actually mean to get a warning?
    A: Warnings are our way of formally letting you know that you broke a rule and that rule breaking will not be tolerated. Warnings do not prevent you from requesting gifts but if you break another rule while you still have a warning then more serious punishment will be given. It is always a good idea to review the rules before requesting again if you were issued a warning.

    Q: What if I broke the rule by accident?
    A: We understand that accidents happen but that is why we have the warning system. Warnings do not keep you from requesting gifts and if you broke the rule by accident then no further punishment should be necessary. However, it is not fair for us to make exceptions to the rules for individual people because of accidents. This is why warnings have no effect on you requesting gifts and simply stand as a reminder to let us know if further rule breaking continues by the same person.

    Q: Do I need to be a breeder in order to request a gift?
    A: Of course not! Gifting is for everyone. We always appreciate if you give back to the thread by becoming a breeder but you don’t need to in order to ask for something.

    Q: Can I gift to someone without being on the breeder list?
    A: We can not prevent you from doing this but we do prefer that if you are going to send a gift that has been requested you first join as a breeder. Gifting as a non-breeder can sometimes cause confusion.

    Q: What happens if I get a gift from someone who is not a Breeding, Gifting breeder?
    A: It does not need to be reported on the thread by either the breeder or the requester and you will be left on the list unless you specifically ask to be removed.

    Q: Am I forbidden from asking for a gift if I have dead or fogged eggs on my scroll? sad.gif
    A: Not at all. The thread rules do not keep you from asking for gifts in this situation. However, individual breeders may choose not to gift to you if they see these things on your scroll so we ask that your eggs/hatchlings are always visible. Don’t worry, though, there are lots of breeders that will be willing to gift to you regardless.

    Q: May I request a gift on behalf of another thread such as Cave Plumbers, Goldenscale Lottery, Clear the AP, etc where dragons are needed as prizes?
    A: No. It makes no sense for some one to "win" a prize that had to be requested here when they could have just requested it from us themselves without winning anything. Also we've had issues with these gifts not being accepted in the past.

    Q: May I get an egg from a friend in order to gift to someone on this thread?
    A: No. Gifts that you give must be bred by you. This is in order to keep people from competing for gifting points.

    Q: Speaking of, why do we get points for gifting?
    A: Its just our way of advertising what a generous person you are. smile.gif Also you get spiffy badges to put in your signature to show off how cool you are.

    Q: Do breeders have to hold eggs until I can take them?
    A: No! Please see rule 10. If you are unable to take an egg for some reason you can ask the breeder to hold on to it for you for a short time but it is their choice whether they wish to do so or not. Never ask for an egg if you know you will not be able to take it immediately.

    Q: When will I be allowed to request a new breed of dragon that has just been released?
    A: The mods will always announce when a new list is open. Until that time, you may NOT ask for eggs from the new dragon at all. The mods like to make sure the new dragons have been given plenty of time to grow up and that there are not any strange conditions to how the dragons breed before a new list is opened.

    Q: What qualifies a dragon as messy?
    A: This is anything that is not defined by the forum definitions of what a lineage is. So wave, stair, even gen, checkered, arrowhead and all related lineages patterns will qualify. If you are sent a gift that you are not sure if it should qualify as messy or not please Message a mod to ask BEFORE you refuse the gift. Keep in mind that lineages patterns that use more than two breeds of dragon are still considered a lineage pattern. For more information see this post here

    Q: If I want to breed a gift but there are several people on the list for the same dragon (ie: three people requesting a plain silver lunar herald) do I have to gift to the first person on the list?
    A: If the requests are identical such as the example above then yes it is polite to gift to the first person on the list. (they are numbered for a reason). However, usually the specific conditions for the dragons will be different and in that case it is understood that you might not be able to breed #1 but maybe you can breed #2. Also keep in mind that it is always good to check the actual lists to see if you can breed a request there before deciding to breed a request that was only just asked for.

    Q: I filled in a form to become a breeder but was told I could not join yet. Why is that?
    A: We will probably have said why in the update so read that but here is a quick reference for why we might deny you as a breeder. Firstly, remember that you need to have a silver trophy on your scroll and have requested from our thread 5 times before you can join as a breeder. This lets us know that you have a working knowledge of the game and how our thread rules work. Secondly, if you currently have a warning you will not be allowed to join as a breeder until it expires. Likewise if you have been doing a lot of things wrong we may choose to postpone your joining until we feel you understand the rules better.

    Q: Someone gifted me an alt black/vine/undine but I did not accept it. I have a warning now. sad.gif Can I request another alt?
    A: NO. If you are put on the warning list for failing to accept an alt that was gifted to you then you will not be placed on another alt list until your warning has expired. Alts take a lot of time to make and constantly take up scroll space on the breeder’s scrolls. It is extremely rude to not accept one that is offered to you so failing to do so has its own punishment.

    Q: I would really like the names of all the dragons in my lineage to be a specific length. Is it ok for me to specify that in my specific conditions?
    A: Your request will not be denied if you do this, however, we would prefer it if you didn't. The reason for this is that the breeder may change the name of their dragons or even remove their names all-together after they have gifted to you. If you do still wish to put this in your conditions we won't see it as a valid reason to refuse a gift and if you are added to the lists on the main page this part of the condition won't be transferred across. This stands for any condition about naming.

    Q: Are there any restrictions on asking for offspring from holiday dragons?
  • A: As of right now we have decided to decline any requests for 2nd gen dragons from caveborn Holly dragons. To our knowledge we do not have any breeders with caveborn hollies (or ones that are willing to breed them for the thread at least) and we have never seen one of these requests get fulfilled. For other rules regarding breeding during the holiday period please see post four.

    Q: What if a breeder offers me a gift that isn’t what I asked for? Can I reject it?
    A: Yes but make sure that the fault is really with the breeder. For instance don’t reject an egg from crimson x sapphire because the sapphire is the male if you never specified which needed to be male. If a breeder does send you the wrong thing such as breeding a crimson x blue gemshard instead then please use the usual reporting form but also include a link to the egg you were offered, so we can check it, and a brief explanation of what was wrong that caused you to reject it.
Want to Become a Breeder?

Thank you for your generosity! Breeding gifts can be a very rewarding experience! There's just a few rules and guidelines to keep in mind if you're a breeder for us
  • 1) You must have at least a silver trophy on your scroll to be a breeder (200 dragons on your scroll)..

    2) You should have requested gifts from the thread at least 5 times.

    3) You should have read all the rules and have a good understanding of how the thread works. Becoming a breeder is saying you understand the rules and can tell if requesters are following them or not.

    4) Please make a post with the following form filled out in order to join:

    I want to be a breeder!

I want to be a breeder!

Forum Name

Scroll Link: 

Have you requested gifts from breeding gifting at least 5 times?

Have you read ALL the rules and feel like you understand them?

Do you have a Silver Trophy on your scroll?: 

Why would you like to become a breeder?: 


5) If you gift a dragon please let us know using the gift reporting form so that this thread can be updated. Just make a post like this: Example: velvet-curse ---> FireMercury: Gold Egg offered. Do not quote the request post!

6) If you currently have a warning for rule breaking you will not be allowed to join as a breeder until your warning has expired. Being a breeder means you understand the rules and know when a requester has made a request that is against the rules. If you demonstrate that is not the case we will not allow you to join or you may be removed as a breeder temporarily.

7) If you have a nice lineage you wish to show off and that you're willing to gift eggs from, please fill out the form below for each lineage you want to offer. Please, nothing messy and only 3rd Gen or higher.

I am a breeder and want to show off a lineage I can breed!

I have a lineage to offer!

Type of Lineage: Spiral, Stairstep, EG, PB, etc

Dragons Used:

Generation of Offspring:

Lineage Link:

Breeders! Want to change your name that's on the breeder points list?
Plan to change the name you use on the forum? We'll need you to change your name on our breeder list as well so we know who we're giving points to.
Please use this forum to do it:
I want to change my breeder name!!
Previous Breeder name: 
New Breeder name: 


What is the Breeding Project Proboard?

The Breeding Project Proboard is where all our Breeders can go to post lineages they have to offer. If you would like a place were you can list lineages you have created in the hope that people will request them then please follow the link below!
However, the mods of this thread do not maintain this board in any way. This is merely a fun space that our breeders can use to post nice things they have to offer and where requesters can get an idea for nice lineages.

Breeding Gifting Lineage Proboard
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Lists with Special Rules
user posted imageGold Shimmer  Please do not request anything lower than 4th gen. 

user posted imageSilver Shimmer Please do not request anything lower than 4th gen. 

user posted imageBronze Shimmer Please do not request anything lower than 4th gen. 

user posted imageGold Tinsel Please do not request anything lower than 4th gen. 

user posted imageSilver Tinsel Please do not request anything lower than 4th gen.  

user posted imageBronze Tinsel Please do not request lower than anything 4th gen. 

user posted imageGold Dragon
1. GalacticSketch Message (04/01)

---Request: 2G from female Gaia



user posted imageSilver Dragon



user posted imageMystery breed
To request a Mystery egg, just put 'Mystery breed' where it says 'Dragon Breed List to be placed on' and you MUST include conditions. This list is for anyone who needs a certain lineage/gen but doesn't care what breed it turns out to be.



user posted imageThuwed
To request a Thuwed, just put 'Thuwed' where it says 'Dragon Breed List to be placed on'. You don't have to specify a breed unless you want to. (For gold and silver lineages please still request those lists and just say you want a thuwed in your specifics)

Alt Dragons

You may be on ONE of these lists while still being on ONE other non-alt list.

user posted imageAlt Black
1.  Astreya Message (11/23)

---Request: 2G male influenced hatchie from male Black x female Autumn unrelated to HrbfD, tXVBs, 9mm6M, dICnE, jWThT, hRuau


2. Duvessa Message (12/12)

---Request: 2nd gen


3. Dust Message (12/08)

---Request: G Female, from Green Nebula



user posted imageAlt Undine (yellow)
1. Zhiyi1015 Message (12/18)

---Request: Even gen



user posted imageAlt Vine


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Lists in BLUE indicate there is no request currently on that list. You are still allowed to request dragons of that type.

The Dragon Lists

Normal Lists

user posted image Aeon Wyvern



latest?cb=20190521040528 Aeria Gloris





latest?cb=20181001083843 Aether Wyvern


user posted image Albino

1. Aqub Message (04/25)

Request: 2G from M Black Zyumorph x F Albino




user posted image Almerald



user posted image Anagallis





user posted image Antarean

latest?cb=20190310101609 Aqualis

user posted image  Aria

latest?cb=20180827045901 Ash

latest?cb=20190630212602 Avea Pygmy

user posted image Avatar of Change
user posted image Avatar of Creation

user posted image Avatar of Destruction

user posted image Azure Glacewing

Baikala_brown_egg.gifBaikala_blue_egg.gif Baikala

user posted image Balloon

latest?cb=20170930230350  Bauta

user posted image Black






user posted image Black Capped Teimarr

user posted image Black Tea

latest?cb=20180702062340 Black Truffle

user posted image Blacktip

latest?cb=20190310101620 Blancblack

user posted image Bleeding Moon
user posted image Blue-Banded

latest?cb=20120815075436 Blusang Lindwurm

user posted image Bolt

latest?cb=20180827050153 Boreal

user posted image Bright Breasted Wyvern
user posted image Brimstone
user posted image Brute
user posted image Candelabra

user posted image Canopy

user posted image Carmine Wyvern

latest?cb=20170828210236 Carina

user posted image Cassare

user posted image Celestial

user posted image Coastal Waverunner


latest?cb=20130526045553latest?cb=20130526045552latest?cb=20130526045553 Copper





latest?cb=20190901161524 Coral Pygmy

user posted image Crimson Flare Pygmy

latest?cb=20200322040309 Crystalline 
user posted image Dark Myst Pygmy
user posted image Day Glory


user posted image Daydream




user posted image Deep Sea

user posted image Diamondwing

user posted imageuser posted image Dorsal

Dusk_Pygmy_egg.gif Dusk Pygmy
user posted image Duotone

user posted image Electric
user posted image Ember

user posted image Falconiform

user posted image  Fell

user posted image Fever Wyvern


user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image Fire Gem





user posted image Flamingo

latest?cb=20180328001658latest?cb=20180325214241 Floret

latest?cb=20180328001706 Freckled

user posted image Frilled

user posted image Frostbite

latest?cb=20190521040542 Galvanic

latest?cb=20190521040458 Geminae



user posted image Gemshard

1. flower1818 Message (05/15)

Request: Green, 2G PB





user posted image Geode

user posted image Gilded Bloodscale

user posted image Glaucus Drake

latest?cb=20190721045310 Glowback Pygmy

user posted image Golden Wyvern

user posted image Gold-Horned Tangar

user posted image Greater Spotted Drake

user posted image Green

user posted image Guardian

user posted image Harvest



user posted image Hellfire





user posted image Hellhorse

user posted image Honey Drake

user posted image Hooktalon

user posted image Horse

user posted image Howler Drake

user posted image Ice






user posted image Imperial Fleshcrowne

latest?cb=20170828200205 Khusa
user posted image Kingcrowne

latest?cb=20190521040423 Kovos Pygmy

user posted image Kyanite Pygmy

Lacula_egg.gif Lacula

Leodon_egg.gif Leodon

latest?cb=20190521040440 Lihnseyre
user posted imageuser posted image Lumina

latest?cb=20190721045238 Luminox 

user posted image Lunar Herald (golden)

user posted image Lunar Herald (bronze)

user posted image Lunar Herald (blue)

user posted image Lunar Herald (silver)

user posted image Magelight Pygmy
user posted image Magi

user posted image Magma



latest?cb=20190427192442 Mariner Pygmy





Melismor_egg.png Melisor

latest?cb=20180729053613 Mimic Pygmy
user posted image Mint

user posted image Misfit Pygmy


user posted image Monarch





user posted image Moonstone

user posted image Morphodrake



user posted image Nebula




user posted image Neotropical
user posted image Nexus

user posted image Nhiostrife Wyvern

user posted image Night Glory



user posted image Nilia Pygmy





user posted image Nocturne

user posted image Ochredrake

user posted image Olive



user posted image Pillow





user posted image Pink

latest?cb=20180930222118 Pipio Pygmy

user posted image Plated Colossus



user posted image Purple





user posted image Pygmy

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image Pyralspite

latest?cb=20180702062338 Pyrovar

Razorcrest_Wyvern_egg.gif Razorcrest


user posted image Red





user posted image Red-Finned Tidal

latest?cb=20180422064034 Red-Tailed Wyrm Pygmy

user posted imageuser posted image Ridgewing

latest?cb=20190630212532 Rift

Risensong_egg.gif Risensong

user posted image Royal Blue

user posted image Royal Crimson

user posted image Sapphire

user posted image Scimitar-wing Wyvern

Script_egg.gif Script


latest?cb=20100328012039 Seasonal (Spring)

1. Natevaelle Message (04/06)

---Request: 3rd Gen Spring with Winter Parents and Autumn Grandparents; Example: https://dragcave.net/lineage/CMyKb





user posted image Seawyrm Pygmy

user posted image Seragamma Wyvern

Setsong_egg.gif Setsong



user posted image Shallow Water





user posted image Sinii Krai

latest?cb=20180729053741 Siyat

latest?cb=20190427192330 Skysilk

user posted image Skywing

user posted image Soulpeace

user posted image Speckle Throat

latest?cb=20170930230404 Spinel (Violet)

latest?cb=20171002031618 Spinel (Green)

user posted image Spirit Ward

user posted imageSpitfire

user posted image Spotted Greenwing

user posted image Stone

user posted image Storm

user posted image Storm-Rider

latest?cb=20200322040247 Stratos

latest?cb=20100405160707 Stripe

user posted image Striped River

user posted image Sunrise/Sunset

user posted image Sunsong

 user posted image Sunstone

user posted imageSwallowtail

user posted image Tarantula Hawk Drake

latest?cb=20190901161503 Tercorn

user posted image Terrae

user posted image Tetra


user posted imageThunder





user posted image Tri-Horn Wyvern

user posted image Tsunami

user posted image Turpentine

user posted image Two-Finned Bluna

latest?cb=20100327194305 Two-Headed

Two-headed Lindwyrm blue egglatest?cb=20130804081540 Two-headed Lindwurm

user posted image Ultraviolet

user posted image Undine

user posted image Vampire

latest?cb=20200426040653 Venturis

user posted image Vine

latest?cb=20190521040514 Vremya

user posted image Water

user posted image Water Walker

latest?cb=20090826054221 Waterhorse

user posted image Whiptail



user posted image White





user posted image Xenowyrm







latest?cb=20200426040352 Xol

user posted image Yellow Crowned

user posted image Zyumorph (Black)


user posted image Zyumorph (Blue)





user posted image Zyumorph (Pink)





user posted image Zyumorph (Red)





user posted image Zyumorph (White)





user posted image Zyumorph (Yellow)




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Please follow these rules to make sure gifting goes as quickly and smoothly as possible:


1) In order to allow more gifts to be given during the short breeding period there will be 15 slots per list.


2) No specific requests for Holly Dragons will be accepted. Very few people can breed these and we don't want the list clogged with requests that may never be fulfilled. You may, however, still request non messy and non inbred.


3) AP catches will be allowed for the holiday dragons only in order to allow as many people as possible to get what they are looking for.


4) If you have a normal request open you MAY STAY on that list and still request to be on ONE holiday list at the same time so that you do not have to move back and forth for the brief time that these dragons can be bred.


5) With the above rule, please keep in mind that you are still responsible for having the room to accept the dragons you ask for AS SOON AS YOU ASK FOR THEM. Holiday gifts will not be expected to be kept waiting for more than 24 hours as t his breeding period only lasts a week and failure to accept an egg from either of your requests will still result in removal from the list and a warning like usual.


6) You MAY NOT request hatchlings. If you need a certain gender then you must make sure you have enough pinks before hand.


7) DO NOT request holidays before it has been announced that the lists are open. The lists will open the day that holidays are able to be bred again and will be closed when their breeding period is up. Requests that are unfortunately still on the list at this time will be removed and all lists will be closed.


Failure to comply with these rules will result in possible warnings and bans!


Reminder: rules are always subject to change.



The Holiday Dragon Queue





latest?cb=20191031040549 Kohraki

latest?cb=20181031060545 Arcana

Omen_Wyrm_egg.png Omen

user posted image Witchlight

user posted image Caligene

user posted image Desipis

user posted image Grave

user posted image Cavern Lurker

user posted image Shadow Walker

user posted image Black Marrow

user posted image Pumpkin







latest?cb=20191225050109 Wintertide

 latest?cb=20181226075741 Starsinger

latest?cb=20171225071828 Garland

user posted image Snow

user posted image Aegis

user posted image Mistletoe

user posted image Solstice

user posted image Wrapping Wing

user posted image Winter Magi

user posted image Ribbon Dancer

user posted image Snow Angel

user posted image Yulebuck

user posted image Holly 







latest?cb=20200214050129 Erador

latest?cb=20190214082959 Sakuhana

latest?cb=20180214073617 Floral-Crowned

user posted image Soulstone

user posted image Mutamore

user posted image Heartstealing

user posted image Radiant Angel

user posted image Arsani

user posted image Heartseeker

user posted image Rosebud

user posted image Sweetling

user posted image Valentine 09


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The Breeders
Breeders List (300+ Breeders) <--You will be added to this list. CLICKABLE LINK

Breeder Stats
Crystal Breeder (500+)

velvet-curse: 568x (66 metals/tinsels, 39 Shimmer)

Diamond Breeders (250+)

Artius: 254x (86 metals/tinsel, 26 shimmer)

Dirtytabs: 368x (12 metal/tinsel, 7 shimmer)
FireMercury: 283x (18 metals/tinsels, 23 Shimmers)
Iside: 296x (24 metals, 8 shimmer)

Raphy: 263x (40 metals, 39 Shimmer)

Platinum Breeders (100+)

Arella: 216x (17 metals, 10 Shimmer)

attackfish: 106x (6 metal, 10 shimmer)
natli: 146x (22 metal, 1 shimmer)
OutlawQueen: 129x (1 metal, 2 shimmer)
Sunshine_ley: 118x (11 metal/tinsel, 5 shimmer)

Gold Breeders (50+)
Aleoleo: 93x (2 shimmer)
Alisyn: 96x (1 metal, 4 Shimmer)

amamiya_ritsukabi29: 55x (6 metal)

grandmother_cathie: 50x (3 Metal/Tinsel, 1 Shimmer)
nxtashaxt: 61x (4 metal, 1 shimmer)

rinoa26: 57x (5 metal/tinsel)

Terrafreaky: 50x (2 metal)

Silver Breeders (30+)

MaeTM: 37x (1 shimmer)
Predat0rs: 44x (1 metal)

purple3485: 31x (10 shimmer)

Bronze Breeders (15+)
LadyNova: 19x (2 Shimmer)

Natevaelle: 24x (6 metal)

tjenni: 15x
Terces: 26x
Tigerkralle: 28x

Andromen: 5x

Aqub: 5x
Rousalka: 11x

sakana: 1x

Soulsborne: 4x

Inactive breeders can be found here (If you are on this list and gift again you will be moved back to the active breeders.)

Edited by Breeding, Gifting

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Warns and Bans lists

1 Month Warning
People who have not paid attention the rules (i.e CB requests, requesting on a full list, requesting to be on another list while already on a list etc) will be issued a month long warning. You may still make requests though. If you get issued a second warning in this period of time you will get a temporary ban.



Temporary Ban
People who have been issued 2 warnings will be issued a 1 month ban. Posting in the thread before they are off this list will result in longer ban periods or permanent banning from the thread if deemed appropriate.



Permanent Ban
People permanently banned from the thread. If they are seen posting in the thread and/or requesting eggs from the thread, you should report them to a DC forum moderator

Ruby Eyes

Edited by Breeding, Gifting

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Latest news!


News Update 11/08

Holiday request rules have been updated. We have removed the segregated lists and now allow 2nd gen Valentine '09's to be requested. Please reread the new rules to make sure they are understood.



Older News Posts:


Older news posts can be found here at the News Archive

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Fun Breeding, Gifting Banners for your signature!





user posted image ~ Pryanka




user posted image ~ Holocast




user posted image ~ Holocast




user posted image ~ CafeNaRigara




user posted image ~Timbre




user posted image ~ dirtytabs





user posted image ~ Bohem




XGvQZYb.png ~Natevaelle




Pst255Z.png ~Natevaelle




r9DL6Yd.png ~Natevaelle



user posted image   ~Pryanka
guofTbQ.gif  ~Raphy


rH6b3JF.gif  ~Raphy




OM9EO0B.gif  ~Raphy




r7VRNx9.gif  ~Raphy





2xOJocq.gif  ~Raphy




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Removed from list

Not added to new list as you were gifted to



Updated as this was accepted



Not added as this was gifted

Not added as this was gifted



Moved to new list



All the new dragon lists have now been added, request away!




Edited by Breeding, Gifting

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OutlawQueen-->Dirtytabs: Zyumorph (Red) (OFFERED) - Not accepted used Dark green instead of green.


I want to request a gift!
Forum Name: OutlawQueen
Scroll Name: OutlawQueen
Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/OutlawQueen
Message Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=226479
Today's Date: jane 16th
Will you accept an inbred dragon?: no
Will you accept a messy lineage?: no
Dragon Breed List to be placed on: Mystery
(Optional) Any specific conditions that must be met?: 2nd g from magma and thunder, genders don't matter

Edited by OutlawQueen

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tjenni --> OutlawQueen: Mystery (OFFERED/ACCEPTED)

Edited by tjenni

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Artius → AngelsSin ~ Gold :: ACCEPTED

Artius → GalacticSketch ~ Gold :: ACCEPTED


Edited by Artius

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I want to request a gift!
Forum Name: Alisyn
Scroll Name: Alisyn
Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/Alisyn
Message Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=203262
Today's Date: 6/21/19
Will you accept an inbred dragon?: No
Will you accept a messy lineage?: No
Dragon Breed List to be placed on: Thunder
(Optional) Any specific conditions that must be met?: 2G from female Astrapi Xenowyrm, unrelated to https://dragcave.net/lineage/9b1V6

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tjenni --> Alisyn: Thunder (OFFERED/ACCEPTED)

Edited by tjenni

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I want to request a gift!
Forum Name: smartster4
Scroll Name: smartster4
Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/smartster4
Message Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=225633
Today's Date: 6/26/19
Will you accept an inbred dragon?: No
Will you accept a messy lineage?: No
Dragon Breed List to be placed on: Lumina 
(Optional) Any specific conditions that must be met?: 2G Dark Lumina from Guardian of Nature and Dark Lumina, gender doesn't matter, named/name code parents preferred

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Update in Progress

Outlaw Queen

-see you got a mystery from tjenni



-see you gave gold to AngelsSin

-also gold to GalacticSketch


Congrats on reaching Diamond Breeder!



-got a thunder from tjenni


Congrats tjenni on reaching bronze breeder! let us know if u want a badge



-added to lumina list





Edited by Breeding, Gifting

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I want to request a gift!

Forum Name: wheeloftime13

Scroll Name: wheeloftime13

Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/wheeloftime13

PM Link: PM

Today's Date (for inactivity checks): July 4

Will you accept an inbred dragon?: No

Will you accept a messy lineage?: No

Dragon Breed List to be placed on: Silver

(Optional) Any specific conditions that must be met? 2g from female Caligene

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@Breeding, Gifting this thread looks like it's long-overdue for a clean, would you like one? You can let me know from which post onwards to save and I can take care of it. I won't touch it until I hear back from either your account or one of the thread mods, @velvet-curse and @FireMercury.

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Added to the list



Added to the list


Avea Pygmy and Rift Wyrm lists added. Request away!




Edited by Breeding, Gifting

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Dirtytabs --> Smartster4: dark lumina (ACCEPTED)



I want to request a gift!
Forum Name: Dirtytabs
Scroll Name: Dirtytabs
Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/Dirtytabs

Message Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=10892
Today's Date: 2019-07-09
Will you accept an inbred dragon?: no
Will you accept a messy lineage?: no
Dragon Breed List to be placed on: mint
(Optional) Any specific conditions that must be met?: 2g from male silver. (This is a popular lineage pairing, so I prefer parents who have not produced children with each other before.)

Edited by Dirtytabs

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I want to request a gift!
Forum Name: Axl-fox
Scroll Name: Rave the chao
Scroll Link: Here
Message Link: Here
Today's Date: 7/9
Will you accept an inbred dragon?: Yes
Will you accept a messy lineage?: No

Dragon Breed List to be placed on:  Rift

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