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Birdy's Art Thread

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Requests are OPEN!!


1. Ninetail's Female Royal Blue





Hello and welcome to Birdy's Art Thread!! I am CoughingCanary, please feel free to call me Birdy!! I am new to drawing things on my computer so no hate. I am also terribly sorry if I get the sizes for the drawings wrong! Just let me know if it's too big for your siggy. Requests might take up to a week because of school and I usually only use my computer on the weekends. So if you request a dragon on a Saturday I will have it up by Sunday and if your request a dragon on a week day it will most likely be finished on Friday or Saturday. I will only draw dragons that are/have been in the cave. Once I get more comfortable with drawing on my computer I will widen the variety of things that I will draw.



~ Dragon's head and neck..........FREE

~ Dragon's full body..........1-2 Cheese Egg(s) (depending on how hard the dragon is to draw)

~ Anything else..........Free

~...Yes I am a fan of Cheese Dragons...~




~ Please do not be rude in any way

~ Do not remove my name from my artwork

~ For 'other' put down a type of cheese

~ Do not claim my art for your own

~ ENJOY biggrin.gif



Request Form:


[u][b]~Request Form~[/b][/u]
[B]Forum Name:[/B]
[B]Type of Dragon:[/B]
[b]Can Others Use This:[/b]
[B]Payment(if any):[/b]


Finished Work

user posted image<--Purple Dorsal Dragon (FREE TO USE) user posted image<--DamiBoo's Morning Glory Drake (CAN'T USE) user posted image <--Sarkin Amara's Neotropical (CAN'T USE)

Edited by CoughingCanary

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Hi, I would love it if you drew my Neotropical dragon, Emerald Rue. Could you possibly put her name on the picture? Thanks in advance! smile.gif

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~Request Form~

Forum Name: DaniBoo

Type of Dragon: Morning Glory Drake

Can Others Use This: Nope

Other: Havarti

Edited by DaniBoo

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Done! biggrin.gif

Hope you like it!

user posted image



Let me know if you need it to be smaller for you wink.gif



It's pretty! Thank you! biggrin.gif


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Oops, sorry! Okay, here it is submitted properly! smile.gif

Forum Name: Sarkin Amara

Type of Dragon: Neotropical

Can Others Use This: Nope, sorry!

Other: Can you write her name in, it's Emerald Rue.

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~Request Form~

Forum Name:Ninetails

Type of Dragon:[/b Female Royal Blue Head/Neck Thing

Can Others Use This:Sure :3

Other: Could you make it a bit smaller than your other ones that you have drawn? Thanks =)

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