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DC Photography Contest #61

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@ Blackdragon,

I have to say, the last one is my favorite. Was loving the other ones and then I got to that one..no doubt, I like it the best. I love it when pictures like that happen, when you snap the picture at just the right moment, kind of like what you said happened with that one!


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Dunno if entries are no longer being accepted, but I'd like to enter mine, if they are:


Billboards of the Ancients (petroglyphs: ancient writings on rock face about 10 miles south of where I live)


Cicada Bug (this guy was resting on one of Mr. BD71's corn plants last year)


Mr. BD71 Shrouded in Mystery (this was a fortuitous shot taken at Yellowstone Park, when the wind shifted just right and blew the steam from the geysers and hot springs around Mr. BD while he was looking off a bridge)


Oh, and, I can't choose between the three. xd.png

Mr. BD71 Shrouded in Mystery.


It looks so nice and creepy. biggrin.gif

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Bug or Mystery, DD! biggrin.gif






My favourite favourite isn't digital, alas. dry.gif

Snail it is then!

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Last day to get your pics in!


If you hadn't decided which photo to enter, please do that today as well. smile.gif

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The Musical Kitty


My singing teacher's cat, Mr. Kitty, was up on the table, letting me stroke him before my lesson, and I noticed that his eye looked really cool from the side, so I took the picture happy.gif I've fallen in love with it <3


EDIT: It lost quality when stretched. Gimme a minute to upload a smaller, higher quality version...


EDIT AGAIN: Uploaded it smile.gif


ANOTHER EDIT: I sharpened the eye, but I'm unsure if that counts as basic editing, so I'll include a separate link. The Musical Kitty V2.

Edited by PieMaster

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