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Video Game Glitches

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Was platforming in horizon Zero Dawn when

happened. Edited by Fortune86

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I don't know if this was a glitch or not, but if it wasn't it was completely unfair.


So a friend gave me a copy of Watchdogs and I have been quite enjoying it. I was chasing a mugger, he runs into an alley that's a dead end and I'm thinking "Gotcha!"

Next thing I know, he literally WALKS UP THE 3-STOREY BUILDING WHICH HAS NO WAY OF GETTING UP while I'm just stood at the bottom, dumbstruck. Like, what the freak, I didn't know I was chasing PETER censorkip.gif ING PARKER!

Needless to say, he got away :/

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I had some fun glitches and some... hellish ones.

Hearts of Iron IV - The soldiers are dancing around, shooting, dancing, shooting and not reloading. Plus it flashes the 84-56-84-56. Most common bug in the Spanish Civil War.

Left 4 Dead 2 - I managed to make tank stuck. And if you stand on the roof, a witch runs, even though she should incap me. And she incapped someone else (also a glitch, since she wasn't molly'd/aggro'd or bile bombed.

Also, the grenade jump glitch. So much fun for an almost useless weapon, it should be the Grenade Jumper, not Tank Killer, heh.

Spellforce 2 - When you talk with Jared after he was revived, he'll give an error conversation.

On worse glitches:

Spellforce 2 - Camera freeze bug - this is what I got for spamming Right Mouse Clicks on Jared... Also the surroundings bug out if you patch them out by yourself.

Same game, Citadel mission. The screen blacked out when I skipped Shadows dialogue I had two people dead in the party, maybe that's why.

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Most of the game glitches I can remember are from Skyrim.


I could never complete the quest of the Hagraven Melka because she got stuck in some hallway or stairs and refused to move no matter what I did. I should have tried reloading an earlier save instead of killing her there and then, but I only realized hours later that her quest would forever stay in my quest list as she never made it at the quest spot to confirm my kill. Just yeah, sucky for a PS3 player as I couldn't fix it with console commands either.


I also had a random dragon high up on a mountain which started spinning in a circle flying backwards when it reached relatively low HP. After taking some more damage it literally sunk inside the mountain, still spinning uncontrollably. Never got my loot from it but it was quite a sight to see.


Last but not least, I once witnessed a dragon stomping the guards of one of the small towns. I think the guards triumphed at the end, but what stuck with me was the sight of a dead guard's bow slowly rising up to the heavens. Like literally slowly ascending upwards until it vanished so far into the sky I couldn't see it even as a dot anymore.

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I used to play games on a very old, slow laptop and because of the lag I experienced I always managed to break or glitch the game in some way. Even now that I play on a much better computer, that curse seemed to follow me. :unsure: 




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