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Hetalia: War, Peace, or Randomness?

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Some basic rules first off:

No godmodding.

No powerplaying.

No flaming.

No spamming of any kind.

Minimum of one hundred words per post.

Forms should be PMed to me, and I'll put them here on the front page.

If a country dies/gets killed, that country will be free once more for anyone to take.

Character deaths MUST be consensual on the part of the RPer. This goes under powerplaying and godmodding, but it's important to note all the same.

No RPing until I've told you your character has been approved




Hetalia is an anime in which the main characters are named after their representative countries and act like a person from the country. They're a physical manifestation of whatever stereotypes come from that country. They don't personify the countries themselves, but rather the people of the countries, so they are more or less living stereotypes. For example, Italy is a coward who surrenders and runs from any form of combat, America is loud and obnoxious and self-absorbed, Japan is a quiet and conservative well-mannered individual who is perplexed by Western values, etc.


The setting is basically just regular, unchanged planet Earth. The only difference in this is the fact that countries are personified as actual people, but even then, they don't change history in any way. Really, just think of the modern world with a few countries as people thrown in and you've got the setting.


A lot of the plot is derived from historical events being mirrored by their representative characters. Germany paying reparations to France after World War 1 is portrayed by Germany building Cuckoo clocks for France to pay off the debts, Germany annexing Austria is portrayed by him forcing Austria to come live in his home, and so on. Aside from this, there are also a number of jokes that are simply the stereotypes interacting with one another in humorous ways.


As one of these countries, you simply go about having fun and interacting with other countries in the RP. Since your characters are basically the country in question, pretty much anything can happen. Wars, alliances, countries merging, anything really. Of course you need the consent of the other characters involved, but the possibilities are still there.


Every so often, we're going to organize World Meetings in which all the countries gather at one place and discuss what's going on under neutral terms. It's a good chance for everyone to just meet up and talk. Characters could become friends, enemies, or anything in between. On top of this, we'll occasionally have Arcs and AUs which effect the entire RP. We'll discuss these in the OCC in advanced, but for now, here's a quick explanation.


Arcs, short for Story Arcs, are events that span most if not all the countries involved in the RP. World War Three, were something like that to occur, would be a good example. These events will likely have an effect on the countries after they happen. For example, if China were is invaded by Japan and loses territory, for the rest of the RP China would probably be weaker and be resentful of Japan.


AUs by contrast, do not have a lasting effect on the RP. Short for Alternate Universes, what happens in an AU ends with the AU. AUs usually change the setting or introduce some sort of gimmick and generally have little to no bearing on the plot. Perhaps the countries are suddenly on a space colony on Mars. Or they're all set in the Dark Ages rather than modern time. Either way, these are just fun little one-shot events that won't have lasting effect. A character could die during an AU and then continue on in the main story once the AU has ended as it nothing had happened.


A basic explanation of the countries and what makes them inhuman:

- Countries, when they die, are reborn again as children when the country/city is rebuilt a bit. This is representative of the country (as an actual country) carrying on despite massive devastation and destruction. If the country were to be utterly annihilated and destroyed, the country would not be reborn.

- Countries heal much faster from wounds than humans; for example, if a human and a country receive a deep injury, the human's injury will take a week or so to heal, and the country's wound will heal in almost half that time.

- Countries can have children, although this is extremely rare and requires the consent of the RPers of the countries involved, as well as the OP.

- Countries age much more quickly than humans up to a certain point. For example, young countries will only age up to about 17 physically. Should they die, in a matter of days they will be reborn as a child and then age to 17 again. Their 'upper limit' moves up only as they age. Since countries can last hundreds or even thousands of years, a country would only appear to be, say, 37 years old if they had lasted over a thousand years or so. This does no mean that you're forced to make a character older if you don't want to, but you cannot have an older character if you're playing a relatively young country like the United States.

- Countries are "borderline immortal". This means ABSOLUTELY no nation dies from old age. They keep on aging and aging. They can die due to physical injuries or disease. However, a country will typically only contract a disease if its an actual epidemic among it's people.

- Contries are difficult to kill. A mere human cannot just stab/fight them and kill them alone. Countries are around five times stronger than a human. They cannot throw cars or punch holes through buildings, but they can fight stronger and again, are difficult to kill. Their strength is a rough approximation of the fact that they have literal armies under their control. In most cases at least. (I'm looking at you, Iceland.)

- Capitals and cities are only around two to three times stronger than humans. They are easier to kill and thus, cannot go face to face with a country. However, they can still easily crush a normal human being in a one-on-one fight.


Care to join? Firstly, you're going to need to use proper grammar, spelling, syntax, etc. While we don't expect everyone who joins to be on the same level of writing as Edgar Allen Poe or Shakespeare, we do expect those in this RP to at least have a sense of basic literacy. Secondly, when you submit a character sheet, you must include a sample of your RP skills so we can see what you're writing style is like. This should be a minimum of a paragraph, but write as much as you think is necessary to convey what your writing skills are like.


Character Form


Name: (Your name can only be the name of a country)



Appearance: (You may supplement this with pictures, but you MUST have a description. You CANNOT have only pictures.)



Enemies: (Which countries your character doesn't like.)





List of Playable Countries


You can play as cities within the countries you have, and you don't have to create a separate form for them. That's not to say that you can't, you're simply not obligated to do so. Though it may seem obvious, you can only play as a city from a country you are RPing. Cities are usually just siblings of their respective country. but it all really depends on the individual roleplayer. They are usually younger as they were built after the country's formation, bit this isn't always the case. For example, Kiev is the older brother of Ukraine (and by proxy most every Slavic country) as the city was built years before any unified Slavic nation existed. Cities can represent individual stereotypes of the city they are name after, or follow similar stereotypes of the country as a whole. In the case of the United States of America, perhaps New York has a stereotypical accent of a New Yorker and is fully acclimated to urban settings and environments.


Humans are not playable. Humans simply serve as very minor characters that stick to the background to serve as some perspective of a country. A German citizen during World War 2 might regard Germany with a great deal of admiration and respect, bordering on worship. However, since humans DO have natural life spans, playing one is not an option, mostly because anything having to do with the effects of world-spanning events over time likely wouldn't work without killing off human characters.


(Note: If you played in the RP previously before we moved threads, you're going to have to re-submit your forms to me before I can list you as having the character. I apologize for any inconvenience, this is simply a matter of house-keeping. Also, anything that happened to your character in the previous thread, including relationships can be forgotten and ignored. You can keep them, however in the case of relationships, you must have the consent of the other RPer involved):


Southern Italy

Northern Italy


China (Taken by Soiled)







Ireland (Taken by Dark)



Egypt (Taken by Opal)




North Korea (Taken by Opal)

South Korea

Hong Kong







Singapore (Taken by Pudding)











Czechoslovakia (Split into Czech Republic and Slovakia; Taken by Ice)

Vatican City

Sweden (Taken by Blob)

Finland (Taken by Ice)

Denmark (Taken by Chico)






India (Taken by Ice)









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Character Forms:


Username: SL

Name: China (Wang Yi Chen)

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Appearance: China isn't very tall, but isn't very short either. He's about average height, but a bit underweight. He has black, straight, medium-long hair with long bangs and dark brown eyes. His hair is normally kept in a loose ponytail and he wears traditional Chinese clothing all the time.

Personality: China usually very easy going and good natured, but he can't take it when others are rude to him. He is defenseless against cute things, although it's hard to understand what he means by 'cute'. He usually just goes with the flow and is okay with almost anything really. He doesn't work very hard and likes being free. However, he is very proud and doesn't like being bossed around a lot. He's also quite possessive and doesn't like other people coming into his 'territory' that much, despite this, he doesn't hold a grudge for that long and forgives quite easily. If you get him really, really pissed though, he won't stop until one of his plans to bring you down works or he'll probably curse at you. He likes to build Chinatowns everywhere and make spurious versions of other countries' things. He also dislikes always talking in a different language so he sometimes adds a bit of Chinese into his speech. Is also a tad bit narcissistic. When he needs to be though, he'll become very serious and take things seriously and he's also very hard working at those times.

Bio: China is one of the oldest countries in the world. China in Chinese means the middle country. He used to hate outside influence and liked inventing all kinds of new things. He was very clever as well and created gunpowder, paper and credit/flying money. However, there were many civil wars that occurred during those times, the most famous being written into the novel 'The Romance of the Three Kingdoms'. After that, China was conquered by the Mongols. The Mongols helped China's development plenty and continued the dynasty system in China. Later on, China lost to England and others in the Opium War and soon after became communist. He supported the allies during world war two and opened up to the other countries. He is doing very well recently and is developing rapidly.

Enemies: Japan at the moment since they are fighting over an island

Dislikes: Cheating, careless people, being looked down on, being ordered around, people who can't take a hint, being restricted

Likes: Cute things, winning, competitions, animals, equality, development, money, cooking, colorful food, healthy food, food with strong flavor, tea



Username: MissDarkCeltic18

Name: Ireland

Age: 21

Gender: female

Appearance: *made picture on photo shop* IrelandIreland She has short red hair and pale skin. She also has emerald green eyes and typical Irish features. She wears a cream colored blouse and a brown corset. She also wears a golden cross around her neck. She wears a long deep green skirt with brown leather boots.

Personality: She is quiet and shy at first. Once someone gets through her shell she can be a very loyal person. She is very protective over her family and friends. She can be described as motherly at times though. She could also get worried about people very much even if she does not know them that well.

Bio: She gained her independence from England on December, 22 1922. Ireland is a pretty religious area and is known for the two conflicting religions to not get along so easily. She also went through a potato famine at one point and did not really get help from the UK. So many of Ireland's residents went over to America and got a living there.

Enemies: No one as of yet.

Dislikes: Fighting with her family, getting called weak, and getting picked on for no apparent reason.

Likes: She likes having fun. She also likes music, art, and food. She also likes flowers.


Username: opallapo

Name: Egypt

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Egypt is tall, lean, lightly muscular and tanned from the sun. He has green eyes and short straight black hair that at it's longest falls just beneath the bottoms of his earlobes. He usually wears a white Arabian headpiece and traditional white Middle Eastern garbs, though at times he dresses in white tunics and at other times in a military uniform. He is almost always accompanied by the mysterious black jackal that follows him around lovingly called Anubis. The canine has it's ownn golden necklace and a golden earring in one of it's ears. It seems to know a bit to much for a regular animal. Pretty much, this.

Personality: Very very quiet. It is very rare that anyone will hear him speaking, though whenever he does it's usually something very odd. While he seems to be the cold, calm, and quiet type of man,he's actually very odd and quirky. He has a rich history and a great love and respect for it, yet at the same time he attempts to modernize himself with odd results. He's hard working and holds a great love for his family. While he is sinscere and kind, he can get quite pushy when it comes to selling souveneirs. Once he becomes attached to something it becomes very difficult to separate him from it. He often tries looking for a way to look into his past and learn more about his mother.

Bio: After having finally had his first truly free election in decades recently, Egypt is feeling more open minded and spirited than he has been in a very long time. His revolution still leaves him sore and covered in aches and political pains, but he's beginning to heal.

Enemies: No-one really, though his patriotism tends to irk some of his neighbors sometimes. Doesn't particularly get along with Israel or Iraq.

Dislikes: Racists, loud noises, most western governments, nosy people.

Likes: Animals, food, music, religion, history, weddings, parties, cats, fireworks.


Username: opallapo

Name: North Korea/The Democratic People's Republic of North Korea

Age: 15/16/17ish. Somewhere in his mid to late teens.

Gender: Male

Appearance: ThisThis. (the one on the far left)

He's short and morbidly skinny. He's almost always dressed in a military uniform, with long black hair tied back in a braid with a red strip of ribbon. His bangs are messy and choppy, since he cuts it himself, and it frays out across his red eyes. He's really pale as if he never goes outside, and he always has a few guns and explosives hidden on himself at all times, the long rifle strapped to his back and the pistol on his hip being the only two visible ones. There is not a hair out of place on his uniform except for the one long downward curl of his ahoge, and the little face inside is usually grumpy-looking. He has a lot of bruises, cuts, and scars, though most of them are beneath his clothes. Some peek out from his neck though.

Personality: He's really, really childish and super paranoid. He absolutely loves his leader and showers him with adoration, constantly praising him and going on about how wonderful he is. He believes everything that his leader tells him without a doubt, and thus thinks that everyone else is just jealous of him because he is obviously so much richer and better off than everyone else, and sees his land as the best in the entire world. Think the Little Sisters from Bioshock and their inability to tell how gruesome their surroundings really are. He's loud, overly emotional, flashy and cocky. He always almost seems to be annoyed or huffy, though he acts very clingy and whiny around his allies. He has a really bad habit of telling really obvious lies. (i.e. "It was a satellite!")

Bio: After being freed from Japan and finishing the armistice of the Korean War, North Korea has been the most shut in and reclusive country in the world. The last Stalinist regime standing, the country is considered to have some of the worst human rights of any country in the present day. As a strict communist and a global troublemaker, he often survives his many famines and natural disasters by threatening his neighbours until they give him enough food to be satisfied. Lately he's been peeking out a little bit more into the big world, but he's been sending such mixed signals that no-one can tell if he really wants to come out or if he's just trying to prove that his new leader is a force to be reckoned with by sending out more death threats than usual.

Enemies: Pretty much everyone.

Dislikes: Intense weather, thunder, westerners, foreigners, cameras, journalists, capitalism, doctors, Americans, pollution, the internet, religion, power outages, overly complicated electronics, mobile telephones, fleas, the Japanese, South Korea, denim trousers, and Roman or Latin-based language.

Likes: Food, communism, HIS HONOURABLE OH-SO-WONDERFUL LEADER, China, South Korea, Cuba, propaganda, fireworks, ice-cream, cute things, the military, portable heaters, the colour red, bubblegum.


Username: pudding

Name: Singapore

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: Because of the inconvenience of caring for long hair, Singapore has cut hers down to about her shoulders to diminish the time spent washing and brushing it. Because she is not a professional hairdresser, the cutting has resulted in uneven edges at the bottom of her hair that give it a messy look Both her hair and her eyes are dark in color and her skin is olive in color and very smooth. She is fairly small in height but she is stuck between skinny and slightly chubby because of all the food she likes to eat. She wears just about anything but it is more common for her to wear some sort of casual shirt and a tie with the symbol of a lion on it.

Personality: Singapore is a bit of a neat freak, going so far as to ban the selling of chewing gum to help prevent it from being stuck to the bottom of tables and chairs. She is known to be quite strict but doesn’t hold grudges for very long, just as long as some form of punishment is received. Because of her interests in economic growth, she tries to make friends with everyone she can find and is quite outgoing because of it. She can be quite stubborn, especially with punishments and penalties.

Bio: Singapore’s modern history began in the early 20th century. Singapore was a Crown Colony ruled by the British Government directly. During World War II, Japan began conquering Malaysia. Singapore was forced to surrender and lived under a tyrannical rule. Thousands of Singaporeans were executed during Japan’s rule. It wasn’t until Japan surrendered that Britain reoccupied Singapore. However, Singapore began moving towards independence and broke away from Malaysia. A new constitution was introduced and Lee Kuan Yew became the prime minister of Singapore. In 1963, Singapore rejoined with Malaysia but left two years later and became completely independent. Singapore enjoyed a rapid growth in economy but the government was strict. Despite this, Singapore became a prosperous nation and is now a very busy port despite having less people living there than in New York city.

Enemies: Singapore tries to avoid having any long-term enemies because that doesn’t help business.

Dislikes: Vandalism and other ‘dirty’ things, people who aren’t punished for their crimes.

Likes: Lions and other cats, having a good economy, making friends and business partners, shopping and eating food


Username: Icepelt

Name: Czech Republic (Jan Novak)

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: He's very tall with olive skin and bright red eyes. His hair is messy, brown, and cropped short with spiked bangs. He's very thin, but the weight he does have is in fat. When it comes to clothing he dresses bright and with strange patterns. He is mostly always seen wearing round, John Lenon-style red glasses and a necklace with a two-tailed red lion charm.

Personality: Czech is very sweet to people he knows, but to strangers, he is very mean and impolite. When provoked, he can actually be very manipulative and nasty. Though, for the most part, he is quite cowardly. He tends to cry and panic very. Also, since he doesn't like mistreating women, he can be shoved around. Because of that respect though, he tends to be quite the flirt and ladies' man when he gets the chance. He also has the tendency to be very affectionate and embarrassing with his siblings around.

Bio: He was born alone in the remains of his ancestors' country. As he grew he found older siblings and they all ended up moving in with Holy Rome. When Holy Rome died, they lived with Austria, later Hungary when she married Austria. After WWI, Czech moved in with Slovakia. Soon after their independence from Austria though, Germany invaded and made them live with him. After that ended, Czech forced all but a few Germans from his home, creating a rift with Germany. The Russia's invasion followed, and Czech's government became mafia-like, though not nearly as bad as Italy's mafia. After gaining independence yet again, Czech and Slovakia decided to split. His life afterwards was spent giving his people more liberal rights and trying to improve tourism.

Enemies: Russia, Germany

Dislikes: rude tourists, extra work, sad women, waking up early, work, being alone, fighting

Likes: music, singing, playing instruments, dancing, bright colors, puppets, men, women, lions


Username: Icepelt

Name: Slovakia (Samuel Kováč)

Age: 21 (771))

Gender: Male

Appearance: Slovakia stands only a bit shorter than Czech at 5' 10". He has blond hair and bright red eyes. His skin is bronze, only having a few scars to ruin it. His face is unshaved and his hair is unbrushed. His face is slightly square, but with chubby cheeks. He's also much more phyiscally fit than Czech. Clothing wise he dresses very casually with jeans and t-shirts. Though, to meetings and work he wears suits.

Personality: For the most part, Slovakia can be very quiet and nervous. He tends to not speak very loud out of crippling shyness and begins to shake if he gets very upset. While he doesn't ever get to the point of crying, he does come close very often. With people he knows well, he's very casual though he does try to be very polite. He's very prone to having nervous breakdowns or fits of rage, when provoked, which leads to him being considered emotionally unstable. When it comes to his family or close friends, he very over protective, especially of Bratislava. With females he knows very well, he's a little more flirtatious. He has been caught cheating a couple times before because of his wild romantic life. Also, he can be a bit sadistic and disturbingly mean when he actually does get down and fight.

Bio: He was found by Czech at a very young age and moved in with him and Austria. When Austria and Hungary got married, he remained with them. Though, after WWI, he ended up living alone with Czech, Prague, and Bratislava. Soon though, he and his brother were occupied by Germany during WWII. Afterwards, they removed most Germans from their country. Then, Russia attacked them both, turning them and their government into nothing short of thugs. Soon though, after they realized what they were doing, they rebelled and made him leave. This split them into the two respective countries that they are today. Right now, Slovakia is dealing with a slightly still nasty government and he still relies a lot or farming.

Enemies: Hungary and Lichtenstein

Dislikes: loud noises, socializing, animal cruelty, waking up early

Likes: animals, farming, drinking, sleeping, women, spending time with his family


Username: Blobblarg242

Name: Sweden (Ulf Johansson)

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: Sweden is a rather tall man who always dresses for freezing temperatures, even when if the weather is nothing but blazing heat. To that effect, he typically wears a long navy blue coat that reaches down to his black boots. Though rarely seen, the Swede wears a yellow-and-blue striped shirt beneath his coat as well as simple jeans. How he is unaffected by the temperature is a mystery. Sweden keeps his light blond hair very close cropped, not allowing it to grow more than a few inches past his ears in the back and keeping his bangs similarly short. In addition, the Swede refuses to grow a beard, although stubble is frequently featured on his face. Sweden hides his icy colored eyes behind what are supposedly prescription glasses, although the Swede has no need of them to actually see. Sweden’s mouth is permanently twisted into a wolfish grin, as though he were some sort of predator sizing up his prey in spite of how he may actually be feeling at the moment. Melancholic, furious, relaxed, his moods have no correlation with the somewhat imposing smile on his face.

Personality: Sweden likes to keep quiet most often, although he’s perfectly willing to voice his opinions like anyone else when talking to those close to him. Sweden cares for his siblings a great deal, and doesn’t take threats towards his family lightly. This extends to most all Nordic countries in truth, but to a much lesser extent. For many years before the English built their empire, Sweden was a Viking raider, and he enjoyed it. Though there were certainly downsides to the lifestyle, Sweden looks back on his raiding days with acute fondness. Despite being fiercely loyal to those close to him, Sweden isn’t above teasing or annoying his friends (Especially Denmark) for his own pleasure. Towards his enemies however, he can be quite unrelenting and perhaps even sadistic. Most of the time though, Sweden simply sits and grins, remaining quite neutral towards anyone and everyone that he doesn’t know or care about and even towards those that he does care about. It’s this level of uncaring that he applies to all people, regardless of race, religion, or creed. Sweden treats everyone he doesn’t know equally, as they are all equally ignored.

Bio: Sweden, as a nation, was raised and lived as a Viking. True, there were groups and peoples living in the same area in the times of pre-history, but Sweden himself doesn’t remember much of those times, and he merely shrugs when asked of his life before being a raider. For many years Sweden would remain a small European kingdom, usually arguing and warring with Norway and Denmark, even after his time as a Viking drew to a close. However, he was much stronger than most European states and didn’t sit idle. The Swedish Empire as it is now called, lasted from 1561 to 1721 and encompassed a good part of Scandinavia, to the point that Finland was living with Sweden during this time. However, Russia defeated Sweden in a war and in the subsequent treaty, he lost enough of his land to the the Slav that his days as an Empire were no more. More recently, Sweden has become firmly neutral, taking no part in World War 2 and using his military more of a defense force than anything else. Nevertheless, he still squabbles with the other Nordic countries and while they don’t come to blows nearly as often as they once did, Sweden still feels a desire to punch his loud-mouthed ‘friends’ on occasion.

Enemies: Denmark, Norway, and Finland (Sort of friend/enemy situation), Russia.

Dislikes: War, bigots, religious zealots, people he considers to be ‘meddlers’, the other Nordics

Likes: Computers, warmth, heavy metal, the other Nordics


Username: Icepelt

Name: Finland (Elias Korhonen)

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Appearance: Finland has light blond hair and equally light skin, his only prominent feature being his bright blue eyes. His face is almost always twisted in a perpetual frown and is only seen smiling around Christmas time, though it's rare. He is only a bit taller than the other Nordics, his height being a bit of sensitive subject. A simple, white hat is worn on his head, making his hair appear to be lighter than it already is. The white button up shirt is often underneath a brown, furry vest made of some sort of animal hide. Sunglasses are folded over the unbuttoned collar of the shirt. A pitch black, leather belt holds up his ragged jeans, accompanied by a pair of calf high boots with a thin heel. Around the holidays, he can be seen sporting a Santa suit.

Personality: Finland is very quiet and almost never speaks, mostly by choice. She is not very self confident and it is apparent in her body language. Paying attention to details rather than the big picture, she can be very picky at times. When she does speak, she is very blunt and can sound sort of rude, even though she doesn't mean to. It takes a lot to make her upset and can curse up quite a storm whenever she is angered. At times, she can seem very cold and distant almost seeming completely emotionless. Finland can be very nice, when she wants to, but, sadly, she really doesn't want to.

Bio: He lived his early life as a simple farmer, until Sweden launched a crusade against him. Soon after, Denmark followed, attempting to overtake him as well. Eventually, he gave in and moved in with Sweden. His capitol was born a couple hundred years later, followed by Finland becoming a Grand Duchy. He tried to rebel against his government, but was struck by horrible famine, followed by the Plague. Russia, seeing that the country was weak, took advantage of this and became the Finnish nation's occupier. After a few grammar schools were opened in his home his language became official and Finland became independent, but, again, Russia invaded him. As revenge, he joined the German invasion against the Russian nation, but surrendered, even though Russia's army had been beaten rather badly. Finally a peace treaty was made with Russia, ended the bad relations with the two northern countries. Lately, Finland had joined the EU and has started using Euros.

Enemies: None.

Dislikes: loud people, people who talk too much, Sweden, losing sleep, losing, his capitol being messed with, smiling, being nice

Likes: Christmas, beer, knives, women, metal (the musical genre), sleep, shooting things, making Sweden angry, Sweden


Username: Chicogal

Name: Denmark

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Appearance: Denmark is a woman with quite pale skin, due to the fact that she doesn’t get in the sun a lot. Her eyes are a deep blue much like the ocean surrounding most of her home. Slightly curly brown hair reaches mid-back which she leaves loose and flowing for most of the time. She isn’t very tall, about 5,4” in height. Usual clothing consists of a black coat with red lining and her beloved boots. Sometimes, when she is suspicious of attack, the Dane also has her axe which reaches over her head when she holds it next to her. There is a small scar along the side of her nose, a reminder of how easily she gave up during WW2z

Personality: Denmark is quite a happy nation, who tends to grin a lot of the time like her capital, Copenhagen. If someone is rude or mean to her, she tends to get upset more than the average person would be, and reads into things too much sometimes. Home is where her heart is, and she hates being away form her country. Sometimes she can be possessive of her lover and friends. All in all, she is generally quite a likeable person, provided you're not too blunt with words.

Bio: Denmark was first heard of in the years 871-899 (Although the land was first inhabited around 12,500BC.) which was when she came into being. Back then she’d been small, starting out. The country soon grew through the battles fought and became a powerful, big nation with a monarch ruling. During the 8th-11th centuries had been her Viking days. Back then she’d roamed the seas at the front of a ship, her axe clasped in her hand. Then, that era had ended. She’d had a long time of swapping monarchs during that time until the 16th century. Then came the days where Norway, Sweden and herself had been united under one ruler, in the Kalmar. However the Dane broke away to leave them in a personal bond. She then erased everything relating to Catholicism when she became officially Lutheran. Later on in her life, she was involved in WW2. Germany invaded her, and she gave up to him in about two hours. Eventually she refused to co-operated anymore and broke apart from him. From then on, Denmark has been quite a peaceful country. She is often voted the least corrupt and the happiest nation in the world. She also has the highest level of income equality in the world.

Enemies: Denmark doesn’t have many enemies other than during war. However, she doesn’t like Canada due to the fact that they’re always arguing over who should own Greenland.

Dislikes: People who are mean towards her, hot days, being inside for long times, being away from home, people who leave a big carbon footprint, global warming.

Likes: Cold days, dairy products, fish, cycling, sailing, the sea.


Username: Icepelt

Name: India (Alok Agarwal)

Age: 27 (1712)

Gender: Male

Appearance: Despite being one of the older and richer countries, India is very short, being only 5' 3.5". He has very lithe figure, which is embarrassingly womanly. His skin is of about a light to medium tone. His hair is pitch black and very messy though, he more often than not covers his head with a turban. His eyes are a bright golden color, always shining. He prefers to wear loose and more traditional clothing because of the sometimes bright colors. Other times, he will wear more western clothing, such as jeans, but that's usually in the presence of a western country.

Personality: India is very serious most of the time, despite his very bright clothing. He's not unkind, in fact he's very polite, but he takes a lot of jokes and such very literally. There are also times where he could be considered socially inept, as he has a hard time carrying a conversation and speaking to people. India is extremely intelligent, and education is a very important thing to him. While he does have a slightly strict view on the social classes, he hardly ever actually enforces it. India does speak quite a lot, but he has a tendency to ramble. At times, he can be very over dramatic and very loud without meaning too. He's also sort of vain and materialistic, so it can be easy for someone to embarrass him and he has a sort of high opinion of himself. Even if he can seem a little too serious sometimes, he is one to try to stay positive and has a deep love for singing and theater.

Bio: India was born when much of the northern and eastern part of his country unified. Around that time, the "Golden Age of India" started, where Hindu and intellectual importance swelled, bringing his country up to par with others. During this time, much of his culture spread to the rest of Asia. During the 8th century, he came under Muslim rule after what became Pakistan was taken over by Muhammad bin Qasim, his new boss. This led to several successful invasions of other countries made new empires form that soon came under his control. Opposing empires soon took over the northern part of his country, but along with them they brought Central Asian art and new groups of people who each flourished in different parts of India. In later years, as those different civilizations began to fall apart, they left room for others to take control of the land they had previously lived on. Then, of course, Britain took control over most of Southern Asia. During the 18th century, many part of India were annexed by Britain. Angered, many of the people living there stood up against the trading company. Because of this, many of the British provinces of India were directly administered by the crown, leaving them in poverty, but with developing infrastructure. During the late 20th century, India began to struggle for independence. In 1947, he was successful partitioned into the country he is now, as was Pakistan, and the remaining land was split up between the two countries.

Enemies: Pakistan

Dislikes: being forced into a social situation, ignorance, Pakistan, his height being made fun of, people who can't take everything seriously, dumb jokes

Likes: bright colors, Bollywood, theater, ducks, having everything look nice, being complemented


City Forms (Optional)


Username: SL

Name: JiangSu (Qing Xiao Tian)


Gender: Female

Appearance: Jiangsu is a tall woman with long, straight black hair and dark brown eyes like China. She has high cheekbones and her hair is tied in a high ponytail most of the time.

Personality: Jiangsu is bi-polar. Sometimes, she is quite out going and cheerful. However, at these times, she can easily get aggressive and won't hesitate to beat you up if you get on her nerves. She's very direct and isn't afraid to voice what's in her mind, even if it hurts your feelings. She's a bit loud and very stubborn at these times. At other times, she is quiet, reserved and very aloof. She doesn't really say much at these times and doesn't seem to show much emotion. If you get on her nerves, she'll be plotting your downfall secretly and won't be afraid to get back at you for things. She isn't as forgiving as China and looks down on many others for being too free. She's very polite and sophisticated as well as being a bit over confident, but is still quite direct when she does talk. Likes getting everything right. She's always hard working and reads the atmosphere so she knows how to act, is also a bit of a neat freak.

Bio: Jiangsu is the province that contains the most cities used as the capital of China throughout history. Due to this, most of China's intellectuals live in Jiangsu. During the world war two, mass genocide occurred in Jiangsu, Nanjing, but Jiangsu quickly recovered from that and became what it used to be like. Jiangsu might not look as fancy as Shanghai or Beijing, but there are many tourist attractions there like Zhongshang forest and Pipa lake. It is also one of the least polluted areas in China

Enemies: Shanghai, anyone who China doesn't like

Dislikes: Stupidity, silly or childish people, people who don't work hard, people who are rude or snobby, gross things, dirty things, sensitive people, arrogant people, cheaters

Likes: Getting things right, winning, competitions, polite people, sophisticated people, new things, challenges, cleanness.


Username: opallapo

Name: Cairo

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: He's a lot more modern and talkative than his country is. Tall, tan and lean, he has straight black hair that presses to his head and sticks up a bit in the back. He dresses in modern day casual clothes most of the time, though he'll put on traditional clothes on occasion. He has the same grey eyes as his country, and wears the same single golden earring. He doesn't wear tight clothing very often. He has very long eyelashes, which brings his self-esteem down a bit since he feels that it's feminine.

Personality: He has a great love for history and education. An upbeat and good-to-do kind of guy, he's passively emotional and likes animals and places with plenty of people. He's very vocal on politics and his beliefs, though, and can get upset by people easily. Likewise, he acts much too concious of upsetting others and tries to nag people he knows into behaving as politically correct as possible and going out of their ways to apologize for anything that can possibly trigger anyone. He goes on unbelievably long rants about this and usually ends up ignored or yelled at, though it never stops him from speaking.

Bio: Cairo was founded in 969 CE, and has acted as a centre of the nation's politics and culture for almost just as long. Cairo was founded by the Fatimid dynasty in the 10th century AD, but the land composing the present-day city was the site of national capitals whose remnants remain visible in parts of Old Cairo. Cairo is also associated with Ancient Egypt due to its proximity to the ancient cities of Memphis, Giza and Fustat which are nearby to the Great Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza.

Enemies: No-one, really. Individuals who speak too bluntly tent to irk him, since they could mindlessly upset people in his head.

Dislikes: Speaking without warning, bad food, cold weather, anything remotely offensive to anyone ever

Likes: Polite people, sweets, salty food, food in general, dogs, cats, cultural exchange


Username: opallapo

Name: Pyongyang

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: He dresses in a spotless suit almost all the time, if not in a military uniform. There is not a hair out of place on his head apart from the one unruly curl he shares with his brother, cut into a jagged bowl cut with flat bangs. He is tall, fit, healthy, and very physically attractive. He puts a lot of time and care into his appearance and always stands and sits with perfect posture and with as perfect an expression as he can muster.

Personality: Overwhelmingly charming and charismatic. He tries his best to be perfect at everything, and usually doesn't fail in doing so. As the model city of North Korea, his purpose is to be a showcase to the world of perfection, and he certainly does his job quite well. He loves putting on extravagant parties and dinners for any of the few guests he has, and dazzling them with spectacular displays whenever he can. In reality, he's overwhelmingly needy and cold and gives his all to try sweeping everyone he ever meets ever off their feet as quickly as possible to improve his nation's name. There's actually a lot wrong with him, starting with the fact that he is, quite literally, a hollow shell of an actual city. He is an actor of a city trained to overwhelm and tantalise people into thinking that his country is a utopia. It his his sole point of existence. He panics if anyone doesn't love him.

Bio: Pyongyang is North Korea's showcase capital. When visitors arrive from outside, they are only permitted to enter the capital, with two armed minders and a translator. People are hired to walk around the city and drive around to make it appear busy when nothing is in fact going on when no-one is around.

Enemies: America, Japan, South Korea

Dislikes: Capitalism, people that are hard to impress

Likes: Communism, his glorious Dear Leaders, lavish luxury


History of events thus far (Not including AUs):

Blank for now, but as Arcs such as Wars and Alliances occur, this will fill up with what has happened so everyone has access to previous information.

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If you don't mind me jumping in here, I will. I'm not sure why he didn't just copy from the old thread, but anyway, Hetalia is a webcomic about the personification of countries. They don't personify the countries themselves, but rather, the people of the countries, so they are stereotypes. So, for example, Germany is really strict and drinks a lot of beer. Also, right under the playable characters thing, it says that we are allowed to play cities, but only the cities of the countries we roleplay. About the humans, I don't think it would make sense for us to play humans when it's focused on the countries. As for the relation of cities and countries, usually they are just siblings, but it all really depends on the individual roleplayer. Humans are not related to the country, but are nothing more than inhabitants on the actual mass of land. Finally, with the world. It's exactly the same as the real world, save for we have semi-immortal people that represent the people of the country. I was in the old roleplay so...

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Also, Isaac, I would suggest copying and pasting what I just put into the first post just so people know what's going on. Though, I would edit it a bit so it looks like an explination typed for the RP.

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I edited the grammatical errors and added the explanations to make thing clearer to people.


I didn't completely copy and paste for various reasons, one being that I felt certain changes and clarifications needed to be made. That's the simplest explanation, really. One piece of evidence is how I distinguished Arcs from AUs and made them separate entities entirely.

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Okay, looking good! Approved. Have fun roleplaying! smile.gif

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((So, are we going to start off with a World Meeting? If that's the case, then I'll edit this post to make it so.))

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((I don't mind starting it off with a meeting. Feel free to post it.


Kyoko, Please look at the list of available characters.))

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((Wow...O.O *sees very few characters* Did not expect that. *surprised* When does the world conference meeting start? *curious*))

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((So when are we starting, exactly? No-one seems to be doing much of anything, and I'm just waiting for this meeting to begin so we can all play again.))

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((Uh... I thought Ice was going to post. If she's simply unable to post and message us, how about we give her just until the end of tomorrow? I know she said that she would post the opening meeting, but if she can't do so by tomorrow's end, we'll just have to move on. If anyone wants to volunteer for that, then go ahead. But don't actually post until Ice's time is up.))

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((Again, I'm sorry. I've been grounded for the past week, so I haven't been able to use my laptop.))


user posted image

Czech shuffled into the world meeting, rubbing at his eyes. His bright green suit was wrinkly, and his capitol, Prague, was dancing around him trying to straighten it out. His hair was messy, as always, and his red eyes had bags underneath them and he was wearing his usual blue glasses. He had spent his night out with Slovakia, partying, drinking, and the like. He hadn't gotten drunk, but it had kept him up long enough to make him pass out eventually. Unfortunately, the meetings always started early in the morning. Because he had to travel, Czech had to wake up even earlier so he could get there at a reasonable time. He absolutely hated being late, and he hated it even more when others were late. Though, he was just glad that he wasn't the host country of the month. In fact, he really wasn't sure who it was, since he had slept on the plane. Prague probably did, but Czech didn't even have enough energy to speak. So, as soon as he entered the meeting room, he plopped into a chair and put down his head. He wasn't going to fall asleep, but he sure as heck wasn't going to keep his eyes open while he waited for the meeting to start.

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Denmark, hands folded over a red folder, strode into the meeting room with a bounce in her step. Behind her came Copenhagen, grinning away like the idiot he acted like he was. He wasn't quite as dumb as everyone thought, but he didn't show this very much. "Hej!" he greeted the two people who had already entered, giving them a jovial wave before trotting after his country as she called his name. She had sat herself in a chair a couple of spaces down from the man in the green suit. Her legs were crossed, left over right, heel down as she slowly rotated her foot. The red file was on the table, and she patted the space next to herself. "Stop bothering the others and take a seat, Cope," she sighed, giving her head a small shake. He chuckled to himself before sitting down, hands on the back of his head lazily. "You need to loosen up, Den. Why not have a bit of fun in your life?" "I like fun, but meetings are for serious matters. Ja?" "Ja..."

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Ireland went into the meeting room nervously. Dublin followed to make sure that she was not a shy mess in front of other nations. He really did not want her getting shy around everyone already. Ireland was nervous, but kept a hold on her folder. She went over and took he seat and looked in her folder. Dublin went into the meeting room also and went by to stand by Ireland. He looked down and saw that she was trying to make herself appear calm. He rolled his eyes and smirked when she looked back at him. He noticed that she was wearing her nice light brown suit with a silk green ribbon and he smiled a bit knowing that she at least managed to find some nice clothes for the meeting.

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North Korea and Pyongyang entered the meeting room sporting a decorated military uniform and a carefully pressed business suit respectively, their polished Kim Il-Sung badges glinting in the light while they made their way towards the two empty seats closest to the door. Whereas the country fiddled with the cap of his hat in unease and anxiety, Pyongyang instantly took on a perfect posture and offered the room a dazzling smile, trying to quietly make up for his brother's incompetence when it came to public appearance while softly humming No Motherland Without You under his breath. Egypt appeared shortly afterwards, Anubis trotting loyally at his heels while he took a seat next to Denmark. It took a few minutes for Cairo to stroll in, complaining loudly about something in Arabic before unplugging his iPod and shoving it deep into the folds of his pockets. He sighed and sat down next to Egypt, frowning a little as Anubis climbing onto his lap wrinkled his Sphinx shirt. Still, it would be rude of his to complain. He could potentially offend someone that way, probably, so he just dealt with it and slowly ran his fingers down the jackal's back.

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Ah, the awkwardness of being a city-state. Though Singapore tended to forget her lack of a separate entity to serve as a capital when she was at home, it became obvious when she sat down for a meeting that her country and capital were both herself. Other nations showed up with another person they knew very well while she, Monaco, and Vatican City had to show up alone. It was like arriving at prom without a date. She had brought some paperwork with her since the entire meeting was a waste of work time and nearly the entire plane ride had been spent working. She planned on working through the meeting as well until it came her turn to speak. After all, it was taking up precious time and, since she was all alone, she had to keep working. No time to rest during the work week. Five and a half days with eight hours of work per day wasn't that bad either. But anything that took place during those five and a half days, she was going to bring as much paperwork to and would continue working through whatever unimportant thing she had to attend. Though it was the world meeting and could be considered important, she could easily just look up what was going on with the other nations on the internet later on. So she thought it was naturally less important than her work.

Stepping into the meeting room, Singapore glanced around. Ah, so she was on time. Countries were making their way into the room and North Korea had just sat down. Like the others, she was wearing a nice looking outfit, a black suit to be exact. It was originally meant for a male but Singapore had preferred it to the other suits in the store and it had costed less. Plus, it came with a nice looking tie. Anyway, it really didn't matter who she sat next to so she moved over to the empty seat next to North Korea and sat down next to him. She placed her papers on the table and immediately began working on them again, not wanting to miss a moment of working time. Besides, she didn't have any time to spare. Without cities or a capital to help her out, Singapore had to do every ounce of paperwork by herself. Sometimes she would employ humans to help her if she had to go out and get friendly with other nations to make new business partners but it was more cost effective not to. Besides, that would be lazy of her and lazy nations got no where in life.

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user posted image

Czech sighed as he heard someone enter the room. He sighed and curled himself closer to the table, but then Copenhagen's loud, booming voice startled him. He felt Prague reach over and pat his shoulder. "Hej, Copenhagen!" greeted Prague happily. At the tone of Prague's voice, Czech poked a red eye from his arms and smirked at him, "...What?"

"You sound awfully happy now that he's here," Czech teased.

"We're just friends," insisted Prague, huffing and crossing his arms. He lightly shoved his sibling, "Stop being a jerk and sit up. You didn't get to greet Denmark when she walked in. Ugh, such mistreatment of a lady."

"What?!' Czech asked, baffled. Ladies were usually to be greeted by him first. Not because he was trying to flirt or anything, but because it was tradition in his home. A lady was not to go ungreeted. So, he straghtened slightly, and cast a glance at Denmark, "Ah, Miss Denmark, I...didn't see you come in. Are you doing well? I do apologize for my littlest brother not being here yet. I know you two are close friends."

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Dublin snickered a bit and covered his mouth. "Well Miss. Ireland does act more like a man then a girl- Ow!" Dublin said as she stomped on his foot. "Please don't mind him, he's usually like this." Ireland said smiling. She looked through her folder and tried to think. 'How do we get the economy better?' she tried to think. She pushed some of her hair back and sighed a bit. She wondered if anymore nations are showing up today. She looked out the window and noticed birds. She wished that she was back in her garden working on the flowers instead of the meeting.

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Copenhagen chuckled to himself, which was a relief for Denmark. His sudden booming laughter often have her a fright. "We should go get some drinks after this," he suggested, raising his eyebrows slightly in question. Quite suddenly, his hand was slapped by his nation. He looked across at her to meet slightly annoyed blue eyes, lips drawn into a small pout. "Arrange things afterward," she muttered before turning to Czech. Copenhagen made a face at the back of her head before grinning again. Ah, he knew she never really meant to be nasty. "I am doing very well, thank you, Czech," she said lightly, a small smile on her lips instead of the pout. Ah, it was quite endearing, the way the two fussed over women. "I'm sure he won't be too long. Can't wait to see him..." Her words trailed off a bit as she seemed to get lost for a couple of seconds. Then, she shook her head. "Anyway, how are you?"

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user posted image

"I certainly hope he will," said Czech, nodding, "Of course, my brother isn't exactly the most social person. So, I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't come at all. You know how he is. Anyway, I am doing quite well, thank you. My eyesight has recently started to get better after that accident a few months ago," He looked over at Prague who was bouncing slightly in his seat, "Is there something wrong with you, man?"

"Oh," Prague seemed to have his attention on something else. He cleared his throat, straightening slightly, "I was just going to say that I overheard what Copenhagen said about getting drinks. I wouldn't mind going with you. I'm sure my siblings feel the same."

Czech paused for a moment, ready to say yes, but then a sly smile slipped on his face, "Actually, I was planning on working on learning that new piano piece I learned a long time ago. You could just go alone..."

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Denmark nodded, frowning slightly at the possible prediction of Slovakia not coming along. Huh. He really should be here, shy or not. But that was her attitude toward things like this. "Pleased to hear you're seeing better," she murmured before pulling out her phone. "Mind if I quickly message him...?" Without waiting for an answer, she quickly tapped in a message and sent it to Slovakia. Hey, are you coming to the meeting? With that, she looked up from the device, letting it hang loosely in her hand. Hopefully Czech wouldn't think it too rude to do so. He thought a lot of things rude, actually. Things she wouldn't think as so. Copenhagen shook his head wildly, even though it wasn't his conversation. He waved his arms about a bit, whacking Denmark softly on the head. "Ouch! Cope!" "Whoops, sorry- Czech, forget about silly piano. Wouldn't you rather come out and drink?" he asked cheerfully, letting his arms drop back down again.


((Gosh. Bo-Lin (Bolin? Bo Lin? xd.png) really does remind me of Copenhagen. Aww.))

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user posted image

"I doubt he'll answer," said Czech, shrugging. Slovakia wasn't really good with text conversations. He was much better with face to face. It was near impossible to get him to talk on a phone. Czech then shook his head and shot a sly smile at Prague. He got up and bent down next to his capitol, squishing his cheeks with one hand, "No, you know, I have a recital this weekend, so I need to practice. I'm sure Prague would just love to go with you two. I don't need to go, I have alcohol at home that I don't have to limit. Prague, you want to go with Denmark and Copenhagen don't you?"

"Man, stop squishing my face," said Prague, an annoyed tone coming into his voice, "Ugh, I don't even know what you're talking about."

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Ireland smiled and looked around. She wished that the meeting will start soon. "Hey does anyone know if there is supposed to be more nations here today?" she asked nicely. Dublin looked over and smiled. He would have loved to go drinking, but he did not know anyone that well here. He remembered that she did not know anyone to well here either and felt kind of bad for her. He wished that she would get friends, but he wasn't sure if anyone will want talk to her. He whistled an old Celtic tune to keep his self occupied.

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