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The calm bickering between the two made Felic smile faintly, wondering about the relationship that the Fairy and young hatchling would build. His gaze shifted to the remnants of his meal, lightly prodding lettuce leaves and chicken bits with the prongs of his fork. Flares of guilt spiked off of Syasurru a couple of times, but only briefly and not in amounts that would make Felic worry and question. Then there was certainty, surprise even, and excitement.


"You're Cathy's friend from the orphanage aren't you. I remember you now. How is she?"


Cathy... His hands trembled faintly with a mixture of his own surprise and hesitation. So, the Fairy was familiar. That's where the curiosity rose from.


"Come on, Sy-Sy! Fely's a nice person! See?"


A choked sputter escaped Felic's lips, almost as if holding back a sob. "She -" He paused briefly, sniffling and laughing brightly. Oh, Cathy. Sy-Sy never abandoned you. "A couple adopted her some few months after you stopped your regular visits. She never gave up searching and waiting to see you. She promised to continue looking for you even as she was going to a new home. Nice people and I'm sure she's happy with them."


How long had it been since she got adopted? Five years maybe? She had stopped telling Felic about the Fairy friend and unicorn around age nine, shortly before she'd been adopted. That would make her... about fourteen now. Would she still believe in her Fairy and unicorn? The Empath didn't know. "You want to find her. I can feel your desire to do so, Prince Sya. I sort of wish to find her as well. She was like my sister after all. But I don't know where to start looking for her and I don't want to disturb her happiness." Was he getting at the fact that, while the sweet little girl promised to wait and search for "Sy-Sy," she had still been immensely hurt by his supposed "abandonment?" Maybe but mostly unlikely; Felic just wasn't like that.


Sorge began to stir, gently jostled by the boy's shaking laughter. The black and blue hatchling blinked drowsy, blue, eyes. She looked up slowly, becoming aware of the other two with her and her human. Who were they? What were they? Well, she knew what Iris was but, what was the other scaleless creature? Was he a human too? Did some humans have those weird things on their backs?



Siloquy chuckled, shifting her wings as Choru began to inquire about her. "Do not fret too much, young Valravn. My name is Siloquy and, yes, I am a dragon. Half dragon more accurately. Mother was a dragon who could take human form and Father was purely human." She let the canine raven finish his questions before continuing further about her wings. "I'm versed in a few psychic abilities, all self taught and learned from ancient texts. No, my wings won't fall off, staying in the same manner that allows me the ability to fly short distances. However, I can't make them disappear. I rather like them though so I won't bother with learning how to be rid of them."


Smiling, she lightly brushed a claw against her chin. "Dr. Seuss is an odd request but, we do have a few of his works. They'd be under the section for easier reading in case we have students who are at a lower reading level than others. Now, as mentioned, your friend is with Jasmine. They're currently heading for the class subjects material, specifically biology."


[[Hurp x3 Just realized I had named the girl Lilly when Felic mentioned her to Sin but, I like Catherine much better :3 <3 I one day hope to have a daughter named Catherine.]]

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Tatsuke kept his eyes to the ground, a deep redness flushed across his pale face. He then presented her clothes to her as quickly as he could, since he felt detestable just being in possession of her personal clothing. "Me did founded this in room of me so," Tatsuke naturally didn't speak the best English. Make him embarrassed and shameful and you got a big messy splatter of half-coherent words. "But I take not! I say so is very true! I nothing to know why is do come to room! Me so do saying true"


Whatever Tatsuke said, if Devon understood a word of it or not, it was obvious he was very upset and flustered. His face was getting redder by the moment and as his face got redder his words just slurred more. Being gentle was the perfect approach to calm him down, but he could barely notice how calm she was over his own buzzing mind. He could only think of how upset she would be if she thought he was a perverse little imp who took her clothes. He was starting to trick himself into believing she was upset when she really wasn't.




Sin really didn't want to speak to Dain after that. She would realize at some point that he only unintentionally insulted her and he didn't mean what she thought he was implying, but for the moment she was shut off towards him. Sometimes Sin overreacted to simple comments, particularly from people she didn't know well, and she also had a bad habit of getting into intense rivalries for no apparent reason.


She glanced back to see that Dain was coming for her. Oh boy, what did he want now? If he was going to 'apologize', she didn't want to hear it. After he said that... she wanted to really prove it. Not just hear a 'I'm so sorry I didn't mean it.' She would always feel like he was challenging or mocking her until she physically proved herself. She wanted to loose him now. So she wouldn't go to the cafeteria, especially knowing Felic was an Empath and her contempt could possibly make him sick somehow. She was just going to go find that water system herself... find how it worked. She was too curious to let it go. So she took a turn down the hall towards where she would think the castle's 'dungeon' entrances would be. Hopefully she would loose Dain, too...


She quickly pondered what Dain was anyway. He moved pretty fast for a human, but then Linole was pretty fast too... But then, she remembered she didn't know his name either. He was just that kid with the black hair to her.




Choru wanted to know how it was possible for a draconian and a human to conceive, if she was born from an egg and a myriad of other questions, but there were other things to do aside from pester the halfbreed. Like, y'know... save a dying race and teaching a baby dragon how to read. He bobbed his head in acknowledgement to Soliloquy, lest he ever say 'thank you', then made a quick detour down an isle to retrieve an old copy of 'Green Eggs and Spam'. Then he went to the general direction where the Dragonman said Autumn would be. Because he was using his nose, it wasn't too hard to find her. Through tooth closed around the children's book he grumbled, "Hey, I got out of gym. You got those books I asked for?"

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Truce nodded slightly at Jeth's instruction and thought for a moment. His two large claws, which he rarely used, were cumbersome and awkward to him... but he did have an idea. A pose which saved his life more than once, the front claws spread and slammed into the ground, the spikes on the edge digging in and the pinchers open. His front legs bent while the back ones extended, his back arching and sticking his tail out and up, it's stinging spike sticking out and poised to strike. His upper, humanoid, body straightened, his head under the peak of his tail's arc, and his arms out in a "Come get me bro" move. "Chip, I'm not sure how you wanted to pose with me but this is really the only thing I can think of." He said, before his face fell into a scowl. He nodded sharply to Jeth, indicating he was ready.




Austin nodded at Gale. "Thank you sir.I guess I'll... hmm. No six six six in this place is there... I guess I'll take three thirty three..." He muttered, a key appearing out of now where, hooked on one of his horns. He grumbled something about the idiots that preformed the magic around here, bowed slightly, then walked back out the door. His face was in less of a grimace than before, but he was still obviously angry about something. Looking at the clock he noticed that Gym was out, and that the next period wasn't started yet. He didn't know if he was... ready to face Kira yet. He wasn't sure if he had just... spoken oddly and not gotten his point across or if she had just said yes to not make a scene and didn't like him that way... so he was scared. Perfectly and genuinely frightened, an emotion new to him. He headed up, back to where he had slept the night before, Artemis bounding after him. He rose the flight of stairs, and went to go through the door, confused when, as he grabbed it's handle and turned, to find it locked.




Autumn nodded at Jasmine. "It would please me if you would be so kind as to grab that book for me. Thank you." She stepped through the indicated aisles, grabbing books that she had wanted, a couple on herbology, a few on dark magic, a couple on biology, and one she saw on hybrid biology. Something stuck out on the back of her mind like a bad caterpillar... Choru had wanted one more book but she couldn't... what was it. Bah. Never mind she couldn't be bothered with it. Not important to her own needs... She hefted the books and ventured toward the aisle Jasmine had mentioned, looking for the librarian.




Xavier and Dameon looked at Dourdin with soft smiles on their faces. The both opened their mouths to speak, then shut them as they noticed the other, then grumbled at their predicament. Xavier spoke quickly, getting the words out before his brother. "He seems to be having trouble speaking, so I don't think he means 'Ridgels' verbatim. Maybe another word similar in pronunciation, and I right?" He said, directing the question at Dourdrin.

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Syasurru toyed with the food on his plate while he listened to the Felic's news of their mutual friend. Upon hearing the good news, Sya's eyes lit up brightly as he grabbed Iris in a bear hug, causing her to sputter in protest while he gleefully exclaimed, "Oh that's wonderful news! I'm so happy for her.!" Sya grinned slyly at Felic, and set the struggling Iris on the table saying, "You know Kit Cat would want us to try to find her. I'm sure she's happy with her new family, but that doesn't mean she doesn't want to see us. If you know her family's last name.. Wait a minute.... Did you just say you could feel what I feel???"




Iris pretended to not like Sya's manhandling of her as he set her down, and gave a sneeze of distaste. Secretly she liked it, but she wanted affection on her own terms. Never in public. She was happy that Sya finally had news of an oldl friend, Iris could tell this Cathy person had left a permanent mark on him somehow. It made the little hatchling wonder about the human girl. She even found herself eager to hopefully meet the young woman some day. Looking at Sya, Iris realized that even if Felic did know the girl's new last name, it could still take them a long time to find their friend. If they ever did. It could be that they never found her while she was still alive, meaning Sya and herself would end up finding some old tome from this time in the distant future that mentioned her name. Iris knew that was part of the reason why Sya wanted to find the girl so quickly. He didn't want to read about his friend, he wanted to continue the friendship they shared. Cathy was a real friend, something that was likely in short supply for a Prince. Royalty might look nice on the outside, yet all that luxury had a price.



Iris pondered what this meeting meant for Sya. Would he and Felic find their friend? Would she be happy to see them? Iris surmised Cathy would be happy to see them, even if Sya owed her an explanation. Syasurru's last comment made Iris turn her attention back to Felic, her curiosity about the young man flaring once more. As she turned her deep lavender eyes in his direction, Iris noticed Sorge poking her head above the edge of the table. "Hello, Sorge. I'm Iris. This is Syasurru. Felic introduced us, but you were still asleep. It's good to meet you," Iris said politely.












Accepting her belongings from her flustered friend, Devon puzzled through the jumble of words and placed a confused Rory on her shoulder. A dark storm flashed through her deep emerald eyes. It had angered her that her clothing had been stolen in the first place, but involving Tatsuke in this 'prank' pushed her to a white hot rage. Devon would deal with that later. Right now she needed to focus on calming her friend. Calming herself, Devon place her hand on Tatsuke's shoulder and soothed, "It's okay Tatsuke. Thank you for returning my clothing to me. I know you didn't take them. Back home, I hunt for my food. Tracking is a skill needed to find animals, but it has many other applications as well. In this case, I used those skills to find and discovered a long blond hair in the bushes my garments had been laying in front of. Leading toward the school, I found some blue fibers stuck on a broken branch and a foot print bigger than mine."




Devon gave Tatsuke a few moments to let her words sink in, hoping her explanation would calm him. Catching his gaze with hers, Devon continued, "I have looked everywhere except the cafeteria for the culprit, and was on my way there when I saw you. I say we find whoever did this and get some answers. How would you suggest we proceed?"




She had a feeling she already knew what Tatsuke would suggest, but Devon respected him and wanted to hear him say it just in case. Personally, Devon would always try talking first. There had been enough fighting in the war, she'd seen it in the minds of her friends and family. She'd even had to fight the incursions of bandit raiders herself on occasion. And she was sick of it. Though she was angry beyond words with whoever did this, she still didn't wish to harm to come to either side. With Tatsuke being involved, she also didn't want to do anything that would dishonor those involved. If it did come down to a fight, Devon could handle anything physical, but if he used magic then she'd have to depend on Tatsuke to counter it until they could get their quarry under control. She didn't think it would come to that, but Devon was taught from a very early age to be prepared for any situation. Diplomacy was the key issue, she had more than just her own interests to think about here, and she didn't want to ruin the budding friendship she had with her young human friend by doing something that would be offensive to him. They had a long road ahead of them, but Devon was going to fight with all of her being to hold on to the lace like peace that barely held both sides at bay. The only difference was now her weapons would be words rather than daggers.




Rory watched the whole scene unfold quietly, but suddenly he had an idea and sent to both of them, **If you guys open the door a crack, I can slip in so you guys can see what we're dealing with here. I can stay low enough to the ground, I doubt anyone will even notice I'm there.**

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[[x3 Lotus, I'm going to draw Sorge poking her head up over the edge of the table because that it a cute picture that comes to my mind. I thank you much for the idea lol]]


Wow, Syasurru was just like a little kid who found out they were going to have a surprise. Felic's head spun with the excitement, a strong sense of giddiness making him giggle. He was able to catch himself, pressing his hand against his mouth before he could squeal in joy like a small child. "Sy-Sy! Calm down!" Laughing. Now he was starting to sound like little Cathy.


Inhaling deeply, he turned his gaze downward and lightly rubbed the back of his neck for a few moments. Once more composed (and with Sya now calm and puzzled), the Empath looked back up at the other two. "Yes, I can feel everything you and Iris feel emotionally. I'm an Empath and, as far as I know, possibly the only Empath in existence. There might be others but I've yet to find anyone else."


Glancing down at Sorge again, he smiled lightly and gently touched her head. "You awake?" She still felt sleepy, he knew, but she was slowly waking and growing more alert. The female hatchling blinked slowly, watching Iris as the purple dragonling spoke in greeting. She understood words, had heard them daily from within her egg, but had yet to practice using any of them. Was she even able to speak? Maybe. Should she try? "Don't worry, Sorge. You've no need to be afraid."


She looked back and up at him, her big blue eyes staring at his gray-blue ones and trusting him. She needn't be afraid? Well, okay. But, what had she been afraid of? Now she was puzzled, gaze turning back towards Iris and Syasurru. Felic chuckled, softly brushing his hand down part of her back. That felt good. Soothing really and Sorge began to purr because of it. "Just like a cat... How odd..."


Felic never responded to Sya's mention of possibly knowing Cathy's new family name.



Duordin nodded enthusiastically at Xavier's words. Yes! He had a hard time with words and he was trying to mimic that odd word that started with an 'r.' "Ridgels! Ri-d..." How did one say the letter 'L?' Seriously; how was the pronunciation spelled out on paper or a webpage? "Ur! Ridgels ur!" He couldn't figure out how to wrap his tongue around in his mouth, how to pronounce the sounds that properly created the words "riddles" and "hurt." It frustrated him and made his head hurt more.


Soria gently picked him up, rubbing the base of his horn stubs and looking at him with concern. "I don't understand, Duordin. I'm so sorry, I can't figure out what you're trying to say." Like the hatchling, this grew to frustrate her. He butted his head against her hand, a squeal coming from his muzzle. He then nipped at her fingers and she frowned. "Duordin, don't bite. That hur-" Wait a minute. "Are you in pain? What hurts Duordin?"


Again, the hatchling butted his head against her hand, this time rubbing his forehead across her palm. His head was hurting from the words because he couldn't make sense of them at all. "Urs! He-d urs! Ridgels urs! No ridgels..."



Jasmine nodded when Autumn accepted the librarian's offer to grab the book that rested out of reach. While the Phytomorph collected her other materials, the ghostly woman drifted up towards the higher shelves and briefly skimmed a section of the dusty tomes. Finding the one Autumn needed, she carefully pulled it free from between to others and drifted back down to the floor. "Ah! You must be the student helping Autumn?" She addressed Choru, seeing the Valravn as he approached the female Phytomorph. "May I ask, what is it that you two need these books for? Are classes already giving out projects for students to complete?" She couldn't leave the library so her main sources about the happenings at the Academy came from Siloquy and Jubah.



"Back ag - Who the bloody hell are you?" Beady eyes opened and rolled up to take in the new face, blinking quickly once or twice. "You're not the scrawny boy. No. You're the demon who scorched a mark on the rooftop! And don't say you didn't do it! The outside door saw you!" Luch frowned. Could a doorknob make that kind of facial expression? It didn't have any eyebrows to speak of and, beyond what should have been capable, the metal of the lock moved to form each word the grumpy door said.

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((Forceful post of forcefulness!!! If I miss anyone don't hesitate to pinch me.))


Chip nodded at Truce once he showed both her and Jeth the stance he was going to take. She liked it a lot and hopping onto his head came up with a pose of her own. She sat on her haunches and puffed her chest out to brandish her light marble necklace. Chip then wrapped her tail around her legs and eyed down at Jeth in a overall regal pose that produced a queen-bodyguard contrast with Truce's own fierce pose.


Witching the pair with slight amusement Jeth returned Truce's nod before collecting a moderate sized stone and begging his work. "Chip you mustn't move." He stated plainly noticing that chips tail was wiggling slightly. At his words the tail wiggle stopped. Jeth worked the stone in his hands as if it was wet clay and barely had five minutes passed before he was finished with the extremely detailed sculpture. He'd even whitened and darkened the stones to add appropriate colours making the small work a near perfect replica of the two models. He inspected it for a moment before looking up at Truce and Chip with another invisible smile. "It is done." He said to truce and standing up walked over to the Drider and showed him the small model up close. "What do you think?"

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Choru wasn't sure if he should answer Siloquy honestly when she asked him what they needed the tomes for. Since he'd studied biology of the 'animal-kind' for his medical knowledge, the full extent of his knowledge about botany was what plants had that could affect an animal's body negatively or positively. Meaning he had no idea about the reproduction of, care for, or even all that much about plants in general. Would he violate the Hippocratic Oath if he disclosed the fact she couldn't reproduce on her own? Was it normal for plants to be able to reproduce without a plant of the opposite gender? He knew about runners and that whole 'cut off a twig and the twig will grow into a new plant' thing, but did that even apply to all plants? One would think, living in the woods and being part wolf, that Valravn would know a lot about forest care. But truthfully, even the 'guardian' wolves didn't know much about the forests they lived in, the same way humans love their homes but wouldn't know how to fix a wall on their own. Valravn especially cared little for their forests, all having the pressing issues of sacrifices and limited lifespans in their heads. Actually... the end of the war may lead to his home, the Dark Woods, getting weaker as a forest since the Valravn would be focused more on getting their sacrifices and having less time to help maintain their home. His people always put themselves first, because those that didn't never got very far in life.


But the conflict still existed. After a few seconds of bouncing the issue he responded, "No, teachers haven't done anything but twiddle their thumbs. We need the books because we're embarking on an experimental quest that will include a thousand bouts of name-calling, the fate of a race and lots of scientific... Wumbology. It's so complicated that I'm sure you don't even know what language Wumbology is derived from. But I assure you, for a doctor of my class it's first gra- Morke get that out of your mouth!"


From the shock of hearing his name, Morke stopped gumming on the children's book. Part of the corner was all drooled on now, and his egg tooth was stuck in the cover. Choru figured his teeth were fully coming out at this point, but he couldn't be fully sure. Reptiles also weren't his forte. The world would be so much simpler if everyone was at least 60% mammal. "Autumn, or whatever your name is, take the books and go find a well-lit table. I also need to find a book on Dragon care before I get comfy."




Tatsuke had to take a few staggering breaths to calm himself down after that. It was a good thing Devon hadn't raised her voice or done anything rash, it looked like he was minutes away from trembling with worry and embarrassment. In the society he was in, hardened by war and desensitized to emotion, saying he was on the verge of tears was seen as a weak thing, but in truthfulness he was. It had upset him greatly to be in the position where he was in possession of her clothing. Other boys would not be so sensitive, even if they were shamed for being in the same place, but Tatsuke was just a bit too self-conscious about what others would think of him. A bad habit, but there were other habits far worse.


Once he had a hold on his tongue and his brain wasn't buzzing anymore, he tried to apologize. "I am sorry. I am was scared you think of me badly. I not did take the clothing."


He listened to what she said next, asking about the plan of action. He was still a little ruffled from the whole event, and he naturally wasn't confrontational at all. He didn't want to approach the man, and if he did, he knew he would draw a blank. Tatsuke's strategy against antagonizing was to be a pitiful victim who didn't use violence to fight back and was overall so nice to everyone you didn't want to pick on him anyway. The kind of victim that makes a bully look like a jerk and not like a cool kid. It didn't always work, but back home everyone eventually got tired of getting no reaction but still went at him whenever they felt especially nasty.


He was quiet about his reply. "This thief, him not.... upfront man. He stay at sides, do bad thing then leave to watch bad things take place. I not think him be fighter, if him was fighter who wanting make you feel bad then he would show you him face, tease you, make you know it is him doing. He is... Mischeif-er. Tricks-er. Do you understanding?"




(Aaaaand Sin is derping around... still waiting to see if Dain wants to trail her or pop up in front of her or just loose her in the crowd or what.)

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Sya's eyes briefly flickered to the table as his cheeks flushed when Felic called him 'Sy-sy'. It didn't bother him that Felic had called him that. Just the opposite in fact. He'd missed hearing it. The memory of Kit Cat trying desperately to get his name right made him chuckle. She worked so hard to get her mouth to pronounce it properly, which only ended up making it worse. So he became Sy-sy after one of Kit's tries sent him to tears with laughter. To this day he could not figure out where she'd gotten the 'g' sound from, or why she'd put it there though her action had caused great hilarity. It was always going to be a memory that would cheer him up when he needed it. Felic's next revelation sent Syasurru's jaw to the floor. Recovering quickly, Sya shook his head lightly. Leaning forward, Syasurru smiled flirtatiously as he teased, "My you are just a wealth of surprises aren't you. Even among the Fae races it's virtually unheard of. That also means you can tell why I need to find Kit Cat. It bothers me that I wasn't able to go back to your world even long enough to tell little Kit Cat why I couldn't come back. It's something I think she deserves to hear from me before my Father orders the Veil between our worlds to come down entirely." When Sorge sleepily peered over the edge of the table, Sya smiled to her and continued sweetly, "Well hello there little Cutie. Did you sleep well?"



He hoped Felic would get what he'd implied. It wasn't anything weird, she was his best friend. Well one of two at least. Children were always more fun to be around than boring adults who'd lost their sense of adventure. His meeting Kit Cat had changed his life forever, he had to tell her the truth before she heard it from another. Before he'd met her, Sya thought his life was fulfilling. Traveling, playing little tricks on people, not caring if those he tricked appreciated his efforts. Filling his life with as much fun whenever the mood struck him. He had no idea how empty his life had been until he met his little friend. I mean honestly. Who lives in a palace and wishes he was anywhere else other than where they were? Oh sure he had everything his heart desired right at his fingertips. But going on adventures, playing with Kit Cat and Marosia was way more fun than pulling the same old pranks and games on the same people day in and day out. Let's not forget those dreadful lessons and tutors either. Boring! Especially the classes he had to take on ruling a kingdom. He was the youngest of thirteen children and no more chance of becoming King than a goose did of turning into a chicken. What would he possibly need of such classes? After he'd been caught sneaking out of the Fairy realm, his father had tripled his lesson load as well. It made Sya feel as though his father was trying to do everything in his power to punish him. As though being stuck in that guild-ed cage of a castle wasn't bad enough. Sya'd felt very much like he was a prisoner there, still not realizing his father was only trying to protect his youngest son as well as his kingdom.



Iris practically had to bite her tongue in order to keep herself from asking Felic a flood of questions he might not be comfortable answering. She was overly curious about the nature of the dark haired boy's gift. Were humans born with gifts? What did it feel like? Clearly when Sya had practically choked her to death with his exuberant affection, it caused Felic to laugh uncontrollably, but what about other emotions? Could he control the emotions of those around him? Was there some sort of on/off switch, or was it all the time? Her curiosity gained a surge of momentum as she realized he might even be able to divine what she was thinking from her emotions? Sya's revelation was also interesting. The whole mess made her her head spin, begging her to spill them. She wouldn't though. If Felic offered to answer them, then she would. Instead she said in a matter-of-fact, yet humorous manner, "I guess there's no hiding anything from you is there." Turning her attention back to Sorge she, hopefully, soothed, "It's okay if you aren't ready to speak yet. It's alright if you want to try. No need to be shy."



She was a little unsure of how to make friends with another hatchling. Iris hadn't dealt with any dragons her age before now, and knew how she came across to others. She was very scientific in her manner normally. She had no patience for goofing off, wanting to learn as much about medicine as she could cram into her growing mind. Studying why the body works the way it does, how if even just the slightest thing was off in someone could have disastrous effects on ones health. It was just a bonus that she also enjoyed helping people. That's part of why she was so curious about Felic's gift. Dragons lived a long time, this gift was rare, that didn't mean she might not meet another in her long life. There probably wasn't much information around about them either. Having the information could be valuable to have just in case she came across another empath who needed help with their gift. She wasn't at all sure what good she'd be able do for them, she could try though.









Rory's suggestion of scouting ahead for them gave Devon a surge of pride. He may only be a day old, but he showed no fear and soaked up everything she taught him like a sponge. Giving him a mental smile, she rubbed the spot just under his chin and sent to him, **Next time my little one. We don't know who is on the other side of that door so even the slightest movement might get noticed. Better we stick together this time.**



He really wanted to help, so when Devon told him she wanted him to stay with her, Rory let out a deflated sigh. Stretching out his neck, so Devon could get the spot just right, he felt better. Rory knew Devon just wanted him to be safe because she loved him. She'd lost enough people in her life, and though Rory desperately wanted to contribute, he didn't want to disappoint Devon. Turning his attention back to the young human, Rory felt a little bad for him. This thief was going to pay for what he did to his Devon and her friend. Rory had to admit, he was a little excited to see what his brave Devon would do.




Rash was not normally a word that would describe Devon. She always tried to be calm, even when her insides were in knots, or her thoughts buzzing with anger. Under most circumstances, it was easy, but these were not normal circumstances. She wanted to be angry at the person who pulled this trick, and teach them a lesson. That would not be a wise thing for her to do. Oh she'd hold the culprit responsible for his actions, without violence. She had no more desire for bloodshed than Tatsuke did. There had been too much of that already just to get them to this point. Devon was not about to let someone unravel what they've only just begun to build.





Devon could easily see her young friend was still rattled by what had happened. Even as he gave his analysis of their quarry, his posture and tone told her inside he felt like he wished a strong wind would blow through and carry him off. Tatsuke needed confidence. Glancing away for a moment, as she thought before returning her gaze to Tatsuke through her thick, dark lashes Devon wondered what else Tatsuke could have told her if not for the language barrier. An encouraging smile lifted the corners of her lips as she replied, "I do. And I think you're right... Thank you for being brave enough to come to me. You acted with honor, a lesser man would not have. For that, I am grateful to you." Devon paused a moment to take a breath, her eyes and tone still calm she went on to say, "We were both wronged by this person. I know this isn't a comfortable situation for you, but this person needs to see us together. My mind is open to you. That way we'll be able to talk privately if we need to. Take a few deep breaths and gather your thoughts. After this, we can do something fun if you'd like."



She opened her link with Tatsuke, giving him a moment to prepare. Devon admired Tatsuke's gentle nature, it made her hopeful for lasting peace between their peoples. Honestly, Devon would rather skip ahead to the point they could do something fun, but they needed to do this first. Once he was about as ready as he was going to get, Devon gave him one last smile of encouragement before they journeyed to the cafeteria and opened the doors. Her eyes instantly landed on the unfamiliar blonde fairy, causing her anger to flare briefly before she gathered it back beneath the calm veneer. He was talking to the human Devon had seen with the Azazel girl last night at dinner and their dragons. With Tatsuke at her side, Devon practically glided over to the table and set her clothing on the table in front of him.









Sya had nearly forgotten about his little prank of the Siren woman, but as soon as he saw her enter, he remembered. Uh-oh. She did not look happy either. That outer calm didn't fool him one bit. She might even feel calm to his empath friend, but the frail Nihounese boy looked like he'd rather be on the moon than here. Giving Felic an apologetic look, Sya said softly, "You might want to get out of here... I um... Well I am a fairy. I just couldn't help myself on my way in..."



Fairies where natural born pranksters. That Siren's clothing was like sticking a big juicy steak in front of a starving dog and expecting said dog not to gobble it up the moment your back was turned. When the clothing landed on the table in front of him, Sya met the green, stormy gaze and gave the newcomers his most dashing smile. He knew he had to put himself between them and Felic. Hopefully his being between them could some how shield the empath, so before anyone could say anything, he buzzed the short distance across the table. Landing so close to the Siren and her friend, it caused them to have to take a step back. Flashing his pearly whites, he held the Siren's gaze and said pleasantly as he bowed elegantly, "Nee-how, Princess and company. My name is Prince Syasurru Kai-peng Zezchth. Please call me Syasurru. This is Felic, Iris and Sorge" Straightening to his full height he noted the Mark around the woman's eyes as he continued, "I recognize your Mark. You are Siren and Naga yes? Did you enjoy my little adventure?"




Devon was surprised by the fairy jumping in front of her, and gave him a look that could melt a diamond as he casually flirted with them. Calming herself, Devon nodded politely to the others and said calmly, "Please excuse our intrusion. I apologize for any inconvenience we cause you, but we need to speak to your friend for a moment." Allowing the fire to return to her gaze as she shifted her attention back to the Fairy Devon continued icily, "This is Tatsuke Kahnoda, I am Warrior/Bard Devaeliona, not Princess, and this is Rory. And yes I am Naga/Siren. To the last, I think the answer is self evident. You owe us an apology."



To Tatsuke she sent calmly, **I hope I said your name right. I'm sorry if I mispronounced it. Your language is fascinatingly different than mine is.** She hoped he would find some comfort in their mental connection. She could have sent calming thoughts to him as well, but she knew when to back off with her powers. Unless he asked for it, she wouldn't use her gifts in a way he might not appreciate.




Iris rolled her eyes and smacked Sya with her tail, giving him a start and making him jump. Looking up at him she demanded, "Oh for Pete's sake. Is there something wrong with you upstairs, or are you just that thick?" Turning to meet the newcomers eyes she allowed her irritation to show as she continued, "I don't know what this idiot of mine did to you, but I'm sure your right to be angry with him for it."



The lilac colored hatchling didn't know what Sya had done. She didn't care either. He shouldn't have done it, but Iris wasn't going to let Sya's penchant for mischief affect Felic and Sorge either. Iris didn't have any other way of shielding Felic's kind heart other than to stand beside Sya and hope their combined emotions could create some sort of wave break. If it worked the way she hoped it would, Felic might still feel the newcomer's emotions, but with luck they'd be minimized enough to the point Felic wouldn't suffer any ill effects. Sure the Siren/Naga woman seemed calm enough, save the flashes of anger Sya evoked in her. It wasn't her that worried Iris. It was her dragon and the frail young boy who'd accompanied them that gave her cause for alarm. Rory looked like a statue on the statuesque beauty's shoulder, but the poor boy beside them was as white as a sheet.

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Tatsuke smiled weakly at Devon with a polite bow as a thank-you to her comment of calling him honorable. 'Honorable' and 'dishonorable' were some of his keywords, you could reduce him to ashes or build him up to a grand man with the right uses of either one of them. He didn't think any words had to be said. Of course he would love to do anything but this, but it had to be done. He had to be confronted or he would do it again, and Tatsuke wasn't a little boy getting called names by blundering bullies in grade school anymore, and running behind mommy's leg wasn't an option anymore. After this, they could go elsewhere. Draw bunnies or recite poetry or poke themselves in the eyes with spoons, whatever their little hearts desired. But first they had to get this over with, and gosh golly did Tatsuke just want to get this over with.




Tatsuke exerted so much more emotion than his quiet and shy outlook let on, but he would have no idea how badly it may affect Felic.


He almost gravitated to standing behind Devon, but he held back from doing so. Just barely standing on his own next to her. But just standing on his own didn't change the fact that he looked like he was going to fall down when the next strong breeze passed by. The fairy wasn't intimidating in the least, but the Nihounese boy was a cowardly lion in any case that involved standing up for himself. He looked at the legs of the table as Devon spoke.


The Fairy introduced himself as Syassuru. The name sounded like it was from his region of the old continent, and the greeting beforehand was a greater giveaway than any other. This guy came from a land that was just barely separated by a small sea, but a land that like a lot of other things, Nihoun hadn't come to appreciate. Politics between them had been rather sour for the passed few decades. A little devil of impulse inside of Tatsuke scoffed darkly and remarked, 'Of course it would be one of them.' Then that little devil asked what that guy would think if he heard Tatsuke reply in his native Nihounese.


But Tatsuke stomped on that demon. Every person who was intimidated wanted to be the one in power, it was just an instinct. Just as a cornered cobra stands and spreads its black hood to make itself look dangerous. Tatsuke could be dangerous, yet he also couldn't. He was a gentle man and hostility only turned him into a fluffy yellow duckling that hissed and flapped fuzzy little wings. At its best, laughable. At its worst, just a threat that made the opposition angry. Further, he was making assumptions that he was a certain way because of his heritage. A dogmatic, retrogressive mindset that caused the prosecution of his friends and the death of many loved ones. Something he was here to eliminate, yet gnawing at his mind like a termite.


To Felic, Tatsuke may feel like shifting water being poured into an oddly-shaped glass. The water splashed and changed shape because of the momentum, climbing up one wall and being unbalanced on the other side, then sliding back into place and sloshing into another crevice, always changing its consistency and strength as it analyzed its surroundings. Sometimes it looked like it was going to spill and sometimes it looked like it was going to settle, oftentimes its own splashes made it react to itself, but it was only after exploring every inch of its container that it finally settled down. Yet it always flowed, never fully stable.


To Devon, he was silent through both the link and his words. Anything she did hear would be in his native language, even that through murmurs and grumbles. He didn't like to share his first thoughts with anyone, because they spoke the wrong things of him.


Physically, he was simply a weak-kneed Nihounese boy with eyes cast at the ground and a face drained of his lifeblood. Only a stone through away from playing with his shirt and scuffling his shoes like a little boy in trouble.

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"Actually, wumbology would be the study of wumbo, the antonym to "mini." In usage, it's a combination of the words "jumbo" and "waddle." Jumbo itself doesn't have a clear language of origin but it became commonly known best as the name of a circus Elephant owned by P.T. Barnum. However, it's a derivation of the Swahili, jumbe. Similarly, the word "waddle" derives from "wade" which is Middle English. "Wade", itself, comes from the Old English of "wadan" which in turn is akin to the German "watan" and the Latin "vadere," all meaning "to go" and first used in the 13th Century. Additionally, "wumbo" is ultimately used to describe someone who waddles. So, in part, "wumbo" finds it's language roots in a mix of Swahili and Old English; alternatively, German or Latin." Jasmine paused for a second, seeming to think. "Did that answer your question?"


No. She wasn't being any sort of smart aleck nor did her tone hold sarcasm; she was sincere. When Choru ordered Morke to remove a book from his mouth, the ghostly librarian hovered towards the young hatchling and smiled warmly. "Oh, it's quite alright. But thank you for catching him and directing him appropriately. If you'd like, there are a few infant toys in my desk. There's bound to be one suitable for his teething needs."


[[Credit to Urban Dictionary and Webster's Dictionary for all information x3]]




He felt the anger and fear long before the sources entered the cafeteria. As Sya and Iris were awestruck about his Empathic abilities, he smiled tentatively and lightly glanced towards the doors, wondering if the sources would step through them. "You misunderstand... I can't read minds. However, that is true. Emotionally, you cannot hide things from me unless you are out of my range. How far that is, I can't explain very well. I'd have to show you at another time."


Now he turned his gaze to the purple hatchling as she buzzed with anxious curiosity. "Although, I can gather a gist of what may be on your mind pertaining to certain emotions like curiosity. If you've any questions, feel free to ask them. I don't mind answering most." Iris would most likely catch on the "most" factor but, knowing the bit he already did about her, she wouldn't seek an explanation about it.


Sorge looked from Iris to Sya as the male fairy addressed her, head faintly tilted in wonder. Turning back to Felic when he spoke, she watched his lips moved and idly attempted to mimic the shapes they formed. "Words..." Part of a thought that breached into her telepathic ability and streamed to all three around her. Her mental voice was soft, like Felic's, but crisper. If any of them cared to think on it further and analyze it, they would come to realize that it was a mixture of their own voices in place of hers. At least, that may be the case since she and no one else had heard her own voice yet and it made sense that she would use sounds she did know.


At this point, Devon and Tatsuke entered the cafeteria, taking Sya and Iris's attentions away from Felic's ability and Sorge's hesitance to speak. Felic only kept his head down, doing his best to keep his own emotions separated from that of the Naga-Siren and the nervous boy. Thankfully, the fairy and his hatchling had jumped between the Empath and the three newcomers, providing a buffer of (at least their attempt at) calmness that carried from the same direction. It did help diffuse Devon's rage and Tatsuke's fluxing contempt and nervousness. Still, there rose concern and tension from Sya and Iris, most likely about how the newcomers' presence might affect him. Rory, fortunately, was calmer than his caretaker, if only just a little.


Maybe he should leave as Sya instructed. He had no reason to remain their for the basis of food (the last of his appetite was now lost) and the emotional tension was starting to give him a headache in his left temple. However, he remained situated as Sorge was now standing on her hind legs, front paws holding her up on the side of the table so she could see who was confronting the weird human-creature and his hatchling. She paused when Felic's hand touched her left shoulder and glanced over at him. "I need to leave little one..." Too soft for any but Sorge to hear.


His skin was steadily losing its color, almost identical to how Tatsuke's was now. The other human boy was specifically assailing Felic's mind due to the turmoil of his emotions while everyone else's was generally rested on one feeling. That turmoil would settle but the cost was already paid and it still continued to roil rather than lay still.


Finally, the Empath got up - slowly. He gathered Sorge in his arms like before, allowing her to nestle in the crook of his elbow and lay there against his chest. The boy carried away the remains of his previously forgotten lunch and dumped the trash. Before moving to return the tray, he paused near Devon, Tatsuke, and Rory to nod his head as he spoke. "It's good meeting you three... Despite the condition..." And then he was gone, fogged gaze choosing to watch where he was going and hiding shaky hands by fumbling with the doors. Sya and Iris would be able to find him later once things between the fairy and Siren had calmed and if they so wanted to.

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Choru's lower lip puckered out and he squinted his brown eyes. She didn't know the meaning of 'sarcasm' or 'condescension', did she? Not outside of a book, at least. "...Yeah, sure. It answered my question." He would just go with that. Even if she wasn't being condescending, there was something about book smart people he just didn't like. And street smart people, and dumb people, and average people...


The ghostly librarian mentioned toothing toys, so he decided to go get those before he sat down and started going over the books. He wasn't sure if they could withstand a dragon's bite force, but maybe they were specific for dragons. All Choru knew about teething was the habits of humans and Valravn puppies. Dragons and reptiles in general seemed to be born mostly developed. Would Morke's jaw shatter the toys that a Valravn puppy would find insurmountable? Nah. He was just over thinking it.


Once Choru found the desk, he let Morke pick out a nice toy that he could assault with his flabby gums and went to a table. Morke gnawed angrily on a spiky blue ball that felt good on his teeth, Choru opened up a book on Polymorphs and the slimy copy of One Fish, Two Fish with his nose and looked to his dragon. "Morke, look here..." He rested a paw on the first page with the illustration of cute fishes in deep blue water.




Sin realized that the door she was banging on was not going to budge. This would delay her plans significantly. She spent a few minutes playing with the lock on the door, ending with her claw stuck in the keyhole for a full thirty seconds before she managed to pull it out. Any stories she heard about cats picking locks with their claws was a bold faced lie, likewise any Azazels obviously. So she decided to backtrack and go find Felic. That vampire guy must be gone by now, right?




She went where people seemed to gather, the cafeteria. It seemed only natural that her pal would gravitate around there. She just happened to arrive as he was leaving, which at first got a smile out of her. "Heya Fell!" Her hand raised and flicked in greeting. Then she saw how pale his face got. Her sharp ears flicked a little like a cat listening closely to the sound of a person's heart. "...Y'okay? You don't look so good." His hands were shaking bad, and his vision looked a little cloudy. Did he get hit full-force with someone's emotions? Sin still didn't really fully get the idea of feeling emotions. She wasn't thinking of it so much as 'he can feel emotions on such a level it can hurt him and erratically change his behavior' as she did 'getting physically harmed by someone's feelings'. She only knew the concept of 'magic', so anything foreign she couldn't see, touch or hear she put into the same concept. But she would learn eventually, all she had really been able to observe so far was that Felic was often physically affected by emotions. She didn't know him well enough to see the mental impact.


Nevertheless, she was trying to keep her concern calmer, cooler. She figured that 'hot' and 'sharp' feelings could probably do the most damage. She didn't know if concern would be a 'good' feeling or a 'bad' feeling. All relating back to the idea in her mind that emotions were either good or bad and likewise either helped or harmed.

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Still rubbing his arm, Syasurru gave Felic and Sorge another apologetic look as they excused themselves. He hoped the Siren missed it, but the look she gave him said otherwise. Sya feigned hurt over Iris' comment and teased, "Oh such sharp words my little Prickly Pear!" Turning his attention to Devon again, Sya met the perceptive woman's gaze, adding politely, "If it would please you and your companion, I'd like for us to sit, so we might discuss this like the civilized people we are. If not, we can remain just as civilized standing."



It was an olive branch of sorts. Sya could see the stress this was putting on the Nihounese boy, so he offered them a way to be more comfortable without either side loosing face. Sya didn't much care for politics, or anything that interfered with having a good time, but he had to try and repair the damage his actions had caused before it got out of hand. The only time Sya had ever used his natural puckishness in a malicious manner was when some of those kids at that orphanage had picked on sweet little Kitkat, or to get the adults there to wise up and pay more attention to what was going on when they weren't looking. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't, however he had to try to make life easier for his little friend in the only way he could. Sya was glad this stupid war had been put aside long enough to see if this academy would succeed. He hoped it would. Sya hated school, but if it meant this ridiculous war was at an end, then he'd muddle through the torturous social experiment as best he could.







Devon instantly liked Iris as their eyes met, even if her caretaker was a careless idiot. She noticed Felic's growing discomfort to the point he looked as though he was going to be ill. When he excused himself, Devon gave him a look of concern with a polite nod and hoped he'd be alright as she watched Felic carefully as he and his hatchling left. She wished their meeting could have been different, but there was no helping it now. Her sharp eyes returned to Sya just in time to notice the look he gave Felic and Iris' audible sigh. She was about to ask after the dark haired boy, but Sya distracted her. If she wasn't so upset with him, Devon would have to give him props for how he was handling this. It wasn't easy for her to see through the cloud of hatred that threatened to over take her vision, but slowly she began to see what the blonde was trying to do. He was trying to defuse the situation and guide the conversation, though not in a bad way. If he'd sat and then offered them a seat it would have made them look weak if they accepted. If they'd remained standing, it would seem as though they were being rude. This way he was giving the option over to them. There was something very strange about this Fairy. It almost seemed as though he felt bad for what happened. Giving a quick thought to how this looked as though she was out side the situation, Devon saw Sya and Iris jumping between them and Felic almost as though they were trying to protect their friend. Why? She and Tatsuke had no issue with the other human, but the way he paled and practically stumbled out of the cafeteria suggested that something was wrong. Deciding she'd find Felic later, Devon returned her attention to the task ahead of her. Devon took a quick glance at Tatsuke, she could tell he was wrestling with his emotions. Smiling inwardly to him, she sent encouragingly, **Take heart, kind, proud son of Nihoun. The Fairy seems to desire a peaceful solution to our issue with him. You have good instincts about people. Trust them.** Her deep green eyes narrowed as she returned them to Sya and replied, "Fine, but we will not stay long. Do not for one second think that I don't know what you're doing. Insight into people's minds is something of a specialty of mine."


She did not trust, or like the fairy, and was quite tempted to place a signal in his mind that would allow her to know if he lied. Devon discarded the idea quickly in favor of giving the fairy a second chance. A thief he may be, but a liar he was not as far as she could tell. If she'd given into the temptation, she would be giving in to the fear and prejudice that had fueled this war from the start. That was something Devon couldn't allow herself to do. She still held a deep hatred in her heart for those who'd taken her husband and son from her, nor could she say for certain what the outcome would be if she ever came across one of the human men that had escaped her that night. The thought of what she might do if she did frightened her more than she could admit, Devon knew it was unlikely she'd ever see one of those men again. That didn't mean there wasn't still that chance she'd come face to face with one of them again. Devon didn't want to go back to that dark place in her life, so she pushed the thoughts out of her mind for now.









His tricks were never meant to be malicious or hurtful to others. He'd seen the scar on the Siren's side while she was swimming, but he had no idea how she'd received it. If he had know Devon's sad story he'd have found another way to prank her. It struck him.... Wait a moment... Did she just??? Oh goodiegoodiegoodie she did! This must be my lucky day! Sya thought jumping up and down clapping his hands with glee in his head. She'd just hinted at something and he had to figure it out. Yay! Outwardly Sya smiled roguishly, gracefully flying back into the seat he'd been occupying beforehand and said, "Ah... So you're telepathic. Princess, I assure you I never meant to cause either of you harm. Quite the opposite, in fact. If you don't believe me, look into my mind. So tell me. Other than my flat out admission of guilt. How did you know it was me?"




"You may be able to make yourself invisible, but a child of my people could track you with ease," Devon snorted as she took a seat opposite Sya and set Rory on the table. "While I'm tempted to take you up on that, you don't strike me as a liar. A thief... Possibly, but at least your honest... And please stop calling me 'Princess'. There is no such rank in my culture."




Sya winced inwardly as Princess called him a thief. She was likely never going to let him live this down, but at least he had a little more insight into Princess' past. Clearly something had been taken from her she could not forgive. Allowing compassion to show through his features, Sya said, "Ah, make no mistake Princess. I can and do lie when it suits my designs. I just find telling the truth to be far more fun in most cases. As for me being a thief... I always intended on your clothing to be returned to you. A thief would have kept them, or demanded some sort of payment for their return. I did neither, though I can see where one might not make that distinction." Devon's request for Sya to stop calling her Princess went completely ignored. Once he decided on a nickname for someone they were stuck with it forever. Want it or not, Sya couldn't help it. This was just his way of being friendly. Turning to Tatsuke, Sya added casually, "So how are things between Nihoun and the humans of my Mother's people? We have had little contact with either side as per our agreement of neutrality in the early days before we summoned the Veil. After that contact between us and the rest of the world dwindled to the point where most aren't sure Fairies exist."



His reply wasn't exactly an honest one. Sya liked to bend truth to his own will rather than lie. He simply just chose carefully how much of that truth he should tell with care. It keeps people guessing. He could tell the Siren didn't believe him by the look on her face. She was very suspicious of him, but he assumed she was naturally that way. She just didn't exude the attitude of someone who trusted others easily, and likely only had a few people in her life she considered true friends. Ugh he hated politics! Sya didn't let that show though. Outwardly he projected the same casual, witty attitude. He didn't want to be rude and not try to make conversation just because they had a bit of a misunderstanding. Even if he hated the subject. Sya just knew this was a topic right up Tatsuke's ally, so Sya'd suffer through it if it helped break the tension. If they wanted to talk of the latest fashion, gossip, blah blah blah, Sya was the man for the job... Anything he thought was dull... Well that depended on if it was something he considered worth the suffering of boredom or not. In this case, it was








Rory looked up at Iris as Devon set him on the table, and for a moment the two hatchlings stared at each other, unsure of what to say. It was Rory that broke the silence as he broadcast **Um... Hello. Iris right?**



Iris was thankful she'd already heard Sorge's voice in her head, else Rory might have shocked her with his mental voice suddenly in her head. Tilting her head sideways, Iris said, "Yes that's right. You're telepathic too?"



**Yep!** Rory replied with a cheerful chirp before continuing with a slightly more disappointed tone, **But I'm nowhere near Devon's level. I can only use it for communication...**




Devon smiled down to her hatchling as she chided gently, "That may be my little one, but your province is different than mine. You hold mastery over the powerful forces of water. Though small now, your power will grow as you learn. One day, you will be just as strong. No. Stronger than I in your own right. Just as it should be."



Rory beamed at Devon's praise. It was clear they shared a very special bond, and Rory wanted to be just like Devon when he grew up. She was strong, kind and everything a good mother should be in his young mind. He absolutely idolized her, though not in an unhealthy manner. **So what can you do?** he asked Iris politely.





Iris looked up at the Siren-Naga woman, curious about what Rory meant. What made her telepathy so different than Rory's? Hearing his question in her head, Iris blinked a couple times and replied, "Me? Well I can heal with magic. Wanna see?"



Curiosity was still coursing through Iris about the tall woman's power, so she thought cautiously, **Um... Devay... Sorry. Am I doing this right? How do I say your name again?**



Devon heard Iris reach out to her and sent back privately, **You can call me Devon if you wish. Did you have a question?**



**Um... Devon? I don't mean to be rude, but... What did Rory mean about your powers?**



Devon smiled in her mind to the lavender hatchling as she replied softly, **That is a bit of a long story little one. Suffice to say like any gift, there are many different levels. Later I will answer your questions, but now there is another matter I need to focus on.**



Iris couldn't believe her luck! She wondered just what kind of level Devon held in her gift. It was clear that she wasn't an ordinary telepath with the way her hatchling seemed to revere the woman with the strange black hair that shimmered with soft rainbow hues in the light. What a strange an interesting place this was turning out to be. So many people with interesting capabilities! Iris was going to enjoy learning about them and forcing Sya to write everything down for her until she could learn to do so on her own.





{{Sorry I had this all typed up and didn't realize my enter button was stuck xd.png. So I added a bit more and Viola!}}



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"I, uh... I could be better, but I've also been worse." Felic smiled weakly when Sin approached him, happy for the familiar faces. "Just crossed paths with a fairy who had played a prank on the wrong student. How was Gym?" Why should he bother with lying when he knew his own emotions and physical condition - more often than not - were obviously written across his features? There was just no point in it.


Walking away from the cafeteria, the Empath wrapped his other arm around Sorge to give her more support in her position, taking a few moments to just focus on the calmness she gave off and the gentle level of concern that ebbed from Sin. It helped him to relax and it helped to have the negative emotions from Devon and Tatsuke weaken with distance. "I'm sorry. I forgot to see if you were hungry or anything. I just started walking without thinking. If you'd like, we can go back so you can grab something to eat." He had stopped walking now, turned to face Sin and ready to walk towards the cafeteria once more.


Sin's reasoning about "hot" or "sharp" emotions dealing the most damage to Felic was justified and correct to one extrema. Both positive and negative feelings could have an equal amount of impact on the boy if in a large enough force. The positive typically had a kinder impact but could also wield cons in its own way. Similarly, the negative was usually more unfavorable but still held some pros or useful advantages. Still, it would take more than just a couple of students feeling the same thing to have enough impact that it would affect him beyond making him sick. However, that's as bad as Felic would ever want to get. It was possible for him to get worse, to be mentally affected, and it had happened once before when he was younger. He couldn't handle as much as he could now.


"Oh! Before I forget, this is Sorge. She hatched this morning sometime after you went to class." Felic shifted his hands a bit, trying to let Sin and Mitch have a better view of his hatchling. "She's been mostly sleeping since she hatched but she's more awake now."


Realizing that the focus was now on her, Sorge blinked her eyes and looked from Felic to the other two. Again, it was another hatchling with some weird human-creature. This one looked like the other weird human but was still very different. Firstly, this one was female and had odd eyes while having the same kind of ears as the other male. Was this another version of the same human creatures? Or was she an entirely different creature all together? Sorge didn't know and it confused her, blue eyes staring as she tried to solve these weird puzzles that kept presenting themselves.

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He mentally nodded towards Devon at her compliment, but it was a conclusion he could have reached on his own anyway. She wouldn't know too much about what his swirling emotions were and if she thought it was purely from anger and awkward confrontation, then he was very lucky. He took a quick glance at the chair opposite the Fairy, and thought about if he should sit or not. He thought about politics for a moment, before Syassuru even brought it up. He'd been taught that if negotiating with a nation who was hostile or wary of Nihoun to stand. Standing conveyed power, it claimed that you were not afraid of them and were seeking to make progress, not ring around the Rosie. If you were looking to negotiate, really trying to persuade and not look threatening it was better to sit down. Sitting either made you look an equal, or it made you look weak depending on how it was executed.


But he was looking too deeply into it. This was not the war tent he was born thinking he was going to be in. This is after the war has ended, and they're only discussing how careless and offensive it was to steal Devon's clothing. The Nihoun army wasn't going to go to war because a Naga was embarrassed, and likewise Tatsuke should only treat it was an offense taken lightly. A warning, per say.


So, he gently took a seat. Yes, his insides were still swirling and tumbling like melted wax, but at this point they were beginning to firm once more. He was a wise man, damn it, and furthermore he was a civilized gentleman. Being imposing was unnecessary. But he sat up straight, placed his enfolded hands on the table and pulled on his best game face. But it nearly broke when Syassuru asked about the Nihoun-Syno relationship. It was hard to answer. (I made up 'Syno' from 'Sino', which is a fancy name for the Chinese culture. Like how 'Nihoun' comes from 'Nihon', which is what the Japanese call themselves. Just needed a place word, feel free to change it if you don't like it X3)


Honestly, if the new world hadn't been discovered when it was, Syno and Nihoun would have been at war. Awful, land-razing war, and the Nihounese would have obliterated them. They had been at each other's throats almost as long as records had been kept. How long was Syasurru disconnected from their world to not know? How old even was he? "We did fighting together all war, most of humans did." He exuded an air of gruffness and aloofness on the subject. He liked politics, but he thought about it quickly; who could tell someone to their face, without knowing the person, that their peoples barely did anything but fight? How do you look someone square in the eye and tell them that your ancestors had blood feuds going on for centuries? It was so much different when you spoke to your friends about other nations, because it was 'us' verses 'them'. Turn the subject into 'we', and suddenly it wasn't so black and white.

"But relations are not mattering. This is time of now, and it matters nothing what happened between people who we ever have not known. Thief is one who took without asking, and you have not badness in your heart but no one is happy with what you do then. I am seeing you like little trouble, little trouble that makes laughing, yes? I am not laughing, Devon is not are laughing. What you did are is bad in my culture. I am..." Damn, was he going to forget the word now?! "...Officended very badly. Officended is Devon too."




Mitch always looked annoyed and bored. He at first looked at the blue hatchling and figured she wasn't anything special. After meeting a two-headed dragon who spoke in riddles and a hyperactive tornado that could pass for a dragon, everything was pretty pale in comparison. Sorge opened her eyes and looked at him and Sin, sort of like the way a sleepy human toddler acknowledges friends of her caretaker. At least this female was quiet, and not asking obnoxious questions. At least not yet...


Mitch waited for Sin to smile to see Sorge's full reaction. If she didn't notice the claws and ears she was sure to understand that Sin was no human when those shark-teeth glimmered. He waited all of five seconds. "She's adorable. Pretty blue eyes." Blue eyes were incredibly rare in Azazels, being second rarest to purple. Blue eyes to Sin were the equivalent of bright green to a human. Almost unreal, yet so beautiful.


She didn't know if Sorge was the kind of dragon who liked to be touched, so she wouldn't risk trying to pet her. "Gym was okay. It was a big game of capture the flag and we were all supposed to work together, but no one really cared. So no one won. Would have been more fun if we were climbing rope or throwing dodge balls..."


Talking about gym just reminded her how hungry she was. "Can you go back in there for a minute or two? I want to grab some apples. Then we can go off on a new and wild adventure."

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Apples again. Felic almost laughed, a bright smile crossing his face momentarily. "So long as we don't go climbing for them, sure. I think the ground's had enough of us and our rough landings." Most likely a failed joke but, still something right? Before Sin could ask if he was certain about returning to the cafeteria, he started backtracking and paused only to see if Sorge wanted to walk on her own feet now that she was more awake.


The female hatchling was a bit wobbly, hesitating as she stared at her clawed hands. When she looked up, she realized that Felic was some feet away, watching her and waiting patiently. Not wanting to disappoint him, she took a few tentative steps forward before entering an awkward sprint; her claws didn’t agree very well with the floor at first. However, she was able to reach his side without falling or making a large embarrassment out of herself.


Now, she had heard Sin’s compliment but she didn’t know what to make of it, she didn’t understand the words perfectly. She knew, however, that it was something good because of the female’s tone of voice but she didn’t even get the fact that the compliment was directed towards her in the first place. Should she say something, still? ”Something…?” Again, a thought that breached her unrefined telepathy.


”Sorge?” He looked down at her and she looked up at him, tilting her head in confusion. ”Keep trying, little one, but don’t push yourself.” He smiled and she beamed, uncertain about what she did but knowing she did something that he was happy about. Her tail swished slightly in delight, a purr vibrating in her throat.


Felic looked back towards Sin. ”Thanks. I don’t know if it fits for a dragon but Mitch looks…” He paused, trying to find the right word. To emphasize this so as to avoid misunderstanding from Sin’s part, he motioned with his hand, trying to mimic the idea of pulling words towards him. ”I guess charming or attractive is what I want but, I’m not certain. I mean, is there such a thing as ugly and beautiful dragons? I figured they were all amazing creatures with their own attractive points.” He rubbed the back of his head, not sure if he was saying things correctly. He certainly didn’t want to offend anyone.

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To all who still lurk this thread,


The Academy role play has fallen into severe inactivity. The kind of inactivity it would be impossible to break from in this current state of being. I have gotten permission from Nick and Sai, and I'm happy to tell you that Narvix and I are now the leaders of this role play. The good news is that we promise to make a much more active thread and we will promote new plots and twists to encourage staff and student reactions, hopefully getting The Academy to be a leading role play on the DC forums. The bad news is that we'll be submitting a re-boot, which will wipe this topic so we can put it under our name.


We hope to see all of you in the future, in the new and improved version of The Academy.


With love, Luckyclaw.

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Sya never did anything that didn't meant something. Even nothing meant something... No wait... Especially nothing meant something. It just usually wasn't what people would be expecting of him. His relaxed demeanor gave away only what he wished to convey. It was easy for Sya to read what Tatsuke meant. The gruff exterior, the vague answer were all dead giveaways. He was use to his Mother's people who either thought Common was a clunky, anti poetic way of speech, or they simply feigned ignorance for whatever reason. Sya suspected Tatsuke simply hadn't had much reason until now to learn it, it didn't matter to Sya. Very little affected him Sya frowned and muttered sarcastically, "Mother's going to be thrilled her words fell on deaf ears it seems." Sya gave a slight sigh of exasperation before he gave them a lopsided grin and continued, "We Fae stay out of Human affairs as much as possible, however on occasion we are asked for advice. Irritating when we give it and it gets ignored. But you're right. Perhaps we'll speak of this later."



He was loath to talk of politics any more than he absolutely had to, truth be told. But even Sya was curious now. This school was, in essence, a social experiment, so perhaps there was some fun to be had here after all. Picking up his fork, Sya deliberately paused to take a bite of chicken as he pondered his next move. Then thinking better of the action, Sya set the utensil back on his plate and pushed the tray towards the young dragons in case they were hungry. Folding his hands on the table, Sya's sparkling blues eyes met the emerald greens and deep golds of the pair across from him. The young man's words reminded Sya of his Uncle Puck causing Sya to smile to himself and quote, "If we shadows have offended,

Think but this, and all is mended,

That you have but slumber'd here

While these visions did appear.

And this weak and idle theme,

No more yielding but a dream,

Gentles, do not reprehend:

if you pardon, we will mend..." Pausing Sya chuckled to himself, but didn't bother to finish it, knowing they either recognized it or not. Allowing them to see the more serious side of him, Sya added, "Well I guess you have me dead to rights then. I am truly sorry for offending you both. If there is a way I can make it up to you, I shall endeavor to do so. On that you have my word. As long as I am here, I will be on my best behavior. Not an easy feat for a Fairy, I assure you. All I ask is you allow me a second chance. Agreed?"



Iris looked at the plate of food Sya had pushed towards the hatchlings and said to Rory, "Help yourself if you're hungry."



**No thanks. Devon gave me hunting lessons in the river today. Catching something while it's still moving is much more difficult than I though it would be, but it was fun. That's what we were doing when your friend took her clothing. I don't mind if you eat though.** Rory hesitated before he continued, **Can I ask you a question?**



Iris chuckled at Rory's comment and teased, "Well, they wouldn't have survived as long as they have if they hadn't evolved some way of keeping predators away." She smiled when Rory politely chuckled at her bad joke. She knew she wasn't funny, but it was nice of Rory to pretend she was. Remembering he had a question for her, Iris continued, "So what was that question you wanted to ask?"



**I was wondering what kind of dragon you are. I'm a Blusang Lindwurm.**







Devon knew the bulk of her anger and worry were based on things the Fairy could have had no knowledge of, so she forced herself to calm down. How would he know that, even before the war, her people had always had problems with bandits and thieves? It was one of only two crimes that could earn one banishment from Naga/Siren lands. The other was murder. Not that anyone of her peoples would consider such a loathsome thought. Siren and Naga alike considered each other as family, even if they were of no blood relation. Devon also wondered if that was also part of why Naga/Siren did not have family names as the Humans did. After all why would they need them when they already considered each other family? On the rare occasion when there was a challenge issued to settle a dispute, it rarely resulted in permanent injury or death. Devon's anger towards the Fairy stemmed from many long years of helping to protect her people's lands from thieves culminating in one terrible night that had turned her world to dust. Sya's thievery had reminded her of that night. Even if he had seen the scar on her side, Devon knew the young rouge wouldn't know how she got it. That didn't excuse his actions, but she couldn't punish him for it either. A thought did occur to her if the Fairy shared her sword play class. She could get a little revenge if the Professor paired them together. Devon doubted the Fairy had as much training as she did, so it would be fun to drop him on his backside. The idea almost made her smile, but she manged to keep her placid expression and nodded her agreement when Tatsuke stated how the Fairy's actions had affected them.




As for Tatsuke, all Devon knew from him was her friend was upset, and that was all she needed to know to make her want to help him. She knew he'd have figured it out on his own, but she couldn't help it. It was her nature to help those around her when they needed it. Even if it was someone she didn't like personally. It was part of her service after all, however Devon loved it. She enjoyed being a Bard, always learning, always doing what she needed to help others, always an adventure. Bard was one of the most complex services in her culture, requiring much more training than just about any other service. Many Wisdom Keepers came from Bardic background, though not all did. Devon knew her peoples hoped that she would choose that path one day for herself. That decision was a long way off for her though. Devon was still young and desired to see other parts of the world, meet other people and learn their customs so they could put an end to the hatred that had caused so much pain and suffering.



This Fairy is truly something else, Devon thought to herself as Sya spewed poetic verse. No doubt he chose it because of the uncanny similarity to their present situation. That, however, was beside the point. The seriousness of Sya's apology struck Devon as strange. She still saw that glint of mischief in his eyes, but over all his posture and tone conveyed that he meant what he said. At least as much as he could be serious. It seemed to Devon that what little she read about Fairies in the Old Scrolls was true. Meeting the Fairy's gaze she said calmly, "A simple apology would have sufficed, but since you're handing out favors..." Turning to Tatsuke she continued, "What do you say? Do we forgive such thoughtless behavior and accept the terms?"





{{OOC: Again I'm sorry for taking so long. I had a hard time reconciling some things, but I got them figured out smile.gif. Finally I got rid of this writers block!}}

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