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((New students: Get an egg from the hatchery, pick up your schedule, and pick out a room. Just going to make it that simple ._. I need this in bold on the front page


So in your absence and obvious disinterest in updating the front page, we made another Wiki for this rp tongue.gif if you'd plop it on the front page, that would be grand.




Alright looks like we were approved, I will make some minor changes now and then about the describing the school and big events.




War changes everything. In a land inhabited by many different races of creatures. Resources were strained almost as much as relations and war was a constant threat. Small fights began to break out between the races and war was becoming a reality. Things only became worse when a new continent was discovered. Found first by the humans, but soon uncovered by the other races, it became on object of contest. In plentiful amounts roamed animals to hunt, minerals to mine, and space to build; whoever controlled it would gain the upper-hand. It wasn't long before all out war was waged between the races. The war raged on for years, but it could not be sustained. Each and every race, with the exception of the few who never entered it, was devastated. The Dragons and Humans, however, were devastated the most due to their huge presence in the war. With high mortality rates, dwindling resources, and low moral the war ended. The races broke off contact with each other and began to rebuild, but a war like this could not be aloud to happen again. The leaders of each race gathered to a meeting and drafted treaties. One of the causes of the war was that none of the races understood each other. The new generations must learn to cooperate, and to help this an academy, simply called "The Academy", was created on the continent that started the war as a first step towards understanding. Because the war was hugely between Dragons and Humans, extra measures were taken. Upon admittance to the school you would receive a dragon egg to raise, though under the watchful eyes of the school. Though progress has been made racial tensions are still high.





The war has ended and The Academy has just been built. Each race has begun to rebuild and the continent remains largely uninhabited. Creatures of all races have been invited to attend. You will role-play through the day and have your character deal with creatures they have only heard about.



  • No god modding.
  • No power playing.
  • No killing other characters without permission form the person controlling the character you want to kill.
  • Use Third Person
  • no purposely ignoring people
  • No using *action* for actions.
  • Use quotation marks for character speech please.
  • PM me profiles.
  • Put a Ninja somewhere in the PM so I know you read the rules.
  • I reserve the Right to change any rules as I see fit.
  • I reserve the right to remove any rule breakers.
Character Sheets:





Race:(What creature are they?)[[Also give a description of the race and their impact on the war if it is a not so common race or one you wanted to make up]]

Appearance: (Pictures accepted, but detailed descriptions wanted)








Alrighty, Sai forced me to write this. >.>

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Race:Shapeshifter - The shapeshifters are a smaller race with no homeland, but that did not limit their impact in the war. They worked as mercenary for all races, their jobs ranged from fighting in the front lines to spies gathering intel. The war took a heavy toll on their already small numbers.

Appearance: Nick and Rein

Personality:Nick is withdrawn, finding it easier to space out and daydream rather than socialize and talk to others. With his ability to talk to animals his best friend ended up being a nearly stipeless white tigress named Rein

Talents: Shapeshifting, talking to animals, Archery, and close combat.

Likes:  Reading, Sleeping, nature

Dislikes: Socializing, tomatoes, math, people (Mostly)

Other: His dragon's name is Aurora


Username: Sai

Name: Kira

Age: 17

Race: Human – also a werewolf

Appearance: Human: http://imageshack.us/a/img28/4708/pinkhairh.jpg

Long red hair in pigtails. Light milky skin. Purple eyes. White tanktop and black jeans with converse shoes.

Werewolf: http://imageshack.us/a/img840/4286/femalewerewol2.jpg

Light pink to red fur. Purple eyes.

Kira’s Dragon: http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2010/219..._neondragon.png

Personality: Kira is very bold and somewhat reckless. She’ll state her opinions openly without regard to the effect. She may come off as mean upon first meeting, but is quite friendly.

Talents: Turns into a werewolf / Fire magic

Likes: Sparing / playing / warm climates / adventure

Dislikes: coldness / losing / too much attention


Username: Sai

Name: Jaden

Age: 14

Race: Untamed – Made an aggressive front in the war. The race inhabits one large city and doesn’t usually let other races inside. They can shift into a beast form.

Appearance: Normal Appearance

Jaden stands at 5 feet tall. He has brown hair with a gold streak running through his bangs. He has a fluffy tail and cat ears. His eyes are milky caramel and his pupils are in slits, but can round out depending on the lighting- like cat eyes.

Shifted form: Puma Form Appearance

In all basic description, he takes on the form of a puma. This form stands about 4 feet tall.

Dragon: His Dragon Companion

Personality: He can be quite reserved, feeling uptight around others. He is easily startled but will put up a tough front to ward others off. He is very curious to learn about things and the way they work.

Talents: Shape-shifting, enhancement magic

Likes: Exploring, reading, swordplay, meat, animals, beast species, learning

Dislikes: Being intimidated, veggies, short jokes, dead silence


Username: Forsaken Rider of Dreams

Name: Dain

Age: Thought to be around 19-20, but true age is unknown

Race: Vampire - Human

Appearance: Clicky Dain has dark black hair that falls down over his shoulders with his bangs falling past his eyes. Dain also has read eyes and quite long fangs. He tends to wear either a black long coat or his favorite the same coat in red. Dain stands at about 6.2" with a runner's body.

Personality: Dain's personality is an odd one. Although he is a vampire, Dain is very sociable. He enjoys the bars and clubs, and loves to chit chat with those of all races. Because of this, though he prefers the night, Dain will do anything he can to be out in the day since more people are awake at the time.

Talents: Dain has a couple powers, though his strength is based on the amount of souls or life force he has devoured, normally in the form of blood. One of these is the ability to morph into a black demonic dog covered in vampiric eyes. He is also not infected by being staked in the chest.

Likes: Blood; the night; others, mainly people; and the rain

Dislikes: many unknown races, or unpopular ones.


Name: Ten-Jorra (actually her real name is Cler-Ei, but she doesn't want to reveal it for reasons)

Age: 24

Race: Argonian.

Argonians are intelligent reptilian humanoids, who lives in the swamp regions (for the most part). They are known for their immunity to poison, their resistance to disease and their ability to breath underwater. They have an inner dislike for humans, who were drying off their homes. Their language consists of the common one and their own. Most of argonians have a hissing accent.

The war didn't have too much impact on this race, but even one mention of it frightens it to the root. Argonians are hoping that the war won't begin yet again.

Appearance: http://s019.radikal.ru/i622/1211/c9/d0dc718a1b8b.jpg




fc05.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/317/7/1/clean_eye_by_darkythedragoness-d5kwmxx.jpg (this one is made by a friend of mine for a fanfic)

Height: 1.82 meters (sorry if you measure in feet).

Weight: 71 kilograms.

And yes, she has blank eyes. No, she is not blind.

Personality: Ten-Jorra has a calm and insightful nature, sometimes being sarcastic and incredulous. Her hissing accent is barely visible. Like the other argonians, she has an inner dislike of humans, although she is neither hostile, nor friendly to them. Hates racists to the point of open hostility to them. Although it's hard to drive her to anger, she, when ticked off (which is clear by her narrowed eyes and her accent becoming much more clear), becomes more harsh and hostile, than before.

Her favourite things are alchemy, meditation and chess (she is very proficient at it).

Talents: Ten-Jorra is an electromant, meaning that she uses mostly the electric spells. She also knows a couple of healing spells She highly relies on her magical abilities, thus making her a good sorceress. However she is very weak in melee combat, making her pretty vulnerable.

In critical situations (mostly her near-death ones) she can call to inner powers to increase greatly her health regeneration rate. This ability is NOT available at any other time.

During Ten-Jorra's first experience in alchemy, she did a wrong mix, which exploded right in front of her, resulting in partial brain damage and, as the result of a damage, permanent insomnia. Strangely enough, she doesn't suffer from the lack of sleep, neither she seems to have any visual scars from the explosion.

Likes: Meditation, alchemy, chess, a good conversation.

Dislikes: Most humans (but not hostile to them), racists, arrogant people, braggarts.


Username: En'K'Haral

Name: Jeth of the Slate

Age: 1800 ((Maturity of an 18 year old teen.))

Race: Earth Elemental

Earth Elementals are beings of sentiant stone or earth. Many believe earth elementals are immortal but they are not, they do age and eventually die but are so long lived that most other races don't notice this fact until they see one at the end of it's life. Earth elementals are solitary and rarely form communities. The few communities that have formed had long since lost touch with the other races when the war happened. Witnessing the war's tragedy from the sidelines convinced the elders that the Earth elementals needed to become part of the world again to help ensure that such a tragedy never repeats itself.

Appearance: Jeth is a muscular humanoide in appearance, stands at a hulking 7' and is made of slate. He has two bits of milky quartz for eyes the mouth isn't noticable until he starts talking. He has no nose. Although clothing isn't needed by elemetals Jeth has taken a liking to wearing large cloaks, togas, and sashes, although the versions he owns are significantly tougher than their human counterparts. He normally wears a white toga and brown sash inside and wears a black cloak over that when he is out.

Personality: Jeth is by far the most social member of his race that the elders could find, which was his primary qualification for the task of attending the Academy since most other elementals don't talk very often. He is usually ansty when it comes to handling his dragon egg and most other squishy things. This is because to him most other races come off at worst as too fragile or at best somewhat robust.

Talents: Racial strength, earth manipulation, talking, sculpting.

Likes: Sculpting, socializing, talking about his culture.

Dislikes: Handling his dragon egg. Anything made of wood that needs to hold him. As well as balconies, second, third etc floors, boats, and water.


Username: Narvix

Name: Soria Lorn

Age: 18 years old

Gender: Female

Race: Human - Witch; Witches (and wizards) were used in the war mostly for their magic that could effectively be used against Dragons. However, their numbers are naturally small and makes them hard to find.

Appearance: Soria has light purple/pink hair that reaches down in styled layers. Her eyes are a deep red/maple colored and her skin is quite pale. Delicate silver chains hang from her neck, a lock pendent hanging from one. Roughly, she stands at 5 feet and 8 inches, preferring to wear a kind of crop-top with 3/4 length sleeves and comfortable pants. Her frame is rather petite and so she gets cold easily, provoking her to wear a light-weight sweater or winter jacket when needed.

Dragon: Duordin

Personality: Soria is a somewhat hyper girl. She likes to be around one or two people when she's not by herself. She'll get bored as easily as she'll get angry (which isn't all too hard due to her short temper). Often times, she'll say what's on her mind versus keeping the thoughts to herself.

Talents: Good knowledge/control of different spells but prefers to use music magic, decent with a dagger/throwing knives, and a good mathematician.

Likes: Math, reading, music, seclusion

Dislikes: Large crowds, silence, sports


Username: Narvix

Name: Felic Pir

Age: 19 years old

Gender: Male

Race: Human - Empath; Empaths were hardly used in the actual battles of the war as very few knew how to not be overwhelmed by the enormous flood of strong emotions. Like witches, their numbers are small and hard to locate.

Appearance: Felic has dark hair that typically unruly. His skin is paler than most would consider healthy while his frame betrays that he isn't very strong. His eyes are a gentle gray-blue and his facial structure leans a fraction more towards the feminine end. In way of height, he's just shy of 6 feet. For clothing, he prefers to wear white dress shirts with a loose tie (often giving him a faintly disheveled look) and an odd sort of coat. His jeans are usually of a faded dark color and his boots are a plain black with an assortment of buckles and clasps. For reasons unknown to people outside of Felic's mind, he wears bandages from the middle of his hands up to his elbows.

Dragon: Sorge

Personality: He's a very quiet person. Felic, because of his Empath blood, doesn't like to be around others except his companion, Sorge. It's hard for him to keep his empathy ability under check most of the time and so he finds himself losing track of what his own emotions are.

Talents: Mild blood manipulation, empathy (emotion sensing/mild controlling), wood crafting

Likes: Calm emotions, talking to Sorge, being quiet

Dislikes: Overwhelming emotions/chaos, separating from Sorge, conflict/trouble makers.


Username: Narvix

Name: Trevor Linole

Age: 67 years

Race: Human

Dragon Companion: Orion

Appearance: Linole is a good 6’ tall with roughened skin covering a built form. Despite his age, he isn’t hindered by any physical ailments. Atop his head rests white hair in disarray that a comb struggles to fix. From his chin grows a white beard in a bristling bundle, attached to a somewhat thick white mustache. His eyes are a cold black that rest deep under his protruding brow line. For attire, he is most comfortable in a large tank top and baggy shorts. Around his hands, he has fabric wrapped around his palms and knuckles as well as each individual finger.

Personality: Mr. Linole has a short temper but knows how to curb it. He demands respect where it is due and will not tolerate misbehaving students, especially in his classroom. So long as one doesn’t anger him or provoke any punishment from him, the old man is rather grandfatherly-like.

Talents: Mastered pain manipulation, master hand-to-hand fighter,

Likes: Working in the gym, quotes from old and past masters

Dislikes: Insubordination, haughtiness

Username: Narvix

Name: She was not born with a name but those around her tend to favor calling her Mistry

Age: Hazard about a couple thousand years.

Gender: Female [because they are sorely outnumbered]

Race: Gracidona - An extremely rare species, Gracidona currently number at 5 living beings. They are so far spread apart, however, that they each believe themselves to be the only Gracidona in existence. Not a participant in the war, these creatures are viewed as myths, glimpses caught by wandering or lost souls who were detached from their homes. These myths vary from culture to culture and race to race but they generally tell of seeing one as a sign of fortune or good luck. A few other myths tell of immortality or eternal youth and beauty.


Born from a mixing of the elements, each Gracidona embodies two elements, one of which is a primary and the other is a secondary or minor. Similarly, their appearance is dependent upon which two elements they possess. However, all five Gracidona share the common trait of long, swept back, antlers and a sort of glowing essence that flows from their back much like a Bride's wedding dress train blowing in the wind. Typically, their height ranges from five to seven feet and they are more animalistic in appearance.


In way of communication, they don't speak vocally. They communicate telepathically and through images or emotions instead of words. However, they don't associate with other creatures often unless necessary or the creature is connected to the planet in some way as most would wish to hunt or capture a Gracidona. Though, killing a Gracidona is not always easy. A hunter must first locate one of the ever traveling race and somehow manage to stab a rear leg with a blade coated in fine oil. Still, even if someone managed such a feat, Gracidonas are reborn from a different pairing of elements and begin a new life. Outside of that, Gracidonas are generally immortal.

Appearance: Mistry's appearance is mostly based off that of a deer's with slightly longer fur and a faintly thicker hide. Her coloring follows that of light green shades that look luminescent. Sprouting along the ends of her long, thin, antlers are small leaves. Some of her features resemble a sort of feline and/or canine. A thicker tuft of fur covers her neck, throat, and chest while a thin tuft lines the end of her tail. Set back against her skull, Mistry's eyes are a dark blue-green color. Not including her antlers, she stands about five feet at the shoulder.

Dragon: Shooka

Personality: Like the other four of her kind, Mistry very rarely communicates with anyone. Of the five, she is the calmest and the most observant. She may not interact with other races but she does watch them frequently. Very much a pacifist, she won't partake in any conflict nor - despite having little desire to see it - do much to stop it. Instead, she prefers to observe and learn, storing further information away for some unknown use later in her long life.

Talents: Primary element: Wind (control over element); Secondary element: Astral (control over element/plane); can avoid detection (too silent to hear and no scent to actually smell as she smells like fresh air); very knowledgeable.

Likes: Peace

Dislikes: Destruction



Username: Luckyclaw

Name: Sin 'Serenity' Flynn

Age: 16

Race: Azazel, also called 'Azel' or, derogatorily, 'demon' but they have no fell blood.

Azels have been used throughout history as scapegoats and blame has been pinned on them for things well beyond their control. Plagues, famine and fires are the banes of an Azel's existence, as they are the disasters that have been associated with their race. Because of the hostility that others give them, the race itself has become rather hostile and reclusive which drives them to stay in segregated cities and towns or to take lowly jobs trying to fit in with society. The Azel crime rate is through the roof and has been since before the war, but perhaps even more now than ever. That's probably why they're still seen as a problem to this very day. During the war Azels were in many different roles, including farmers, peacebringers, spies and scientists, but the majority of the race was fighting in the war. There were many important Azel figureheads in the war as they were cheap, strong and most of them were violence-hardened off the bat. But like every other race with a hand in this apocalyptic skirmish, the Azels took major beatings and lost almost half of their number. Because of their tactical leader Azels had managed to take out almost three people for every one that they lost, but that's not a good thing in the aftermath. Like they always have, some other species once again scapegoat them and blame them for the more atrocious acts in this war, like the murders of civilians, the enslaving of towns and the razing of crops. Some leaders of other races tried to bar Azels from entering the Academy all together, but thankfully this was avoided by a 2/3 majority.

Azels resemble humans greatly and it's close to impossible to tell a elf-human hybrid from an Azel without seeing their hands or teeth. While there are some with tiny little black horns or short black tails this is rare, but all Azels male and female have sharp fangs in place of flat teeth and black claws that take the place of the last phalanges of the fingers. They also have tipped ears like Elves, and can develop an affinity for animal care if the talent is worked on.

Appearance: Bright red, short hair that can get very messy in the morning. Far from a perfect figure, Sin is chubby because she likes to eat a lot and she doesn't deny that fact. There are bright freckles adorning her skin across her nose and below the eyes, which are about as prominent as Christmas lights in the middle of October. Silver eyes above her freckles and pearly white fangs below, you usually see her claws whens he doesn't have them in her pockets or scratching her head when she has to do an algebra problem.

Personality: Sin is very nasty and defensive towards strangers not of her own kind, and overall tries to avoid those she would get defensive and nasty against. She likes sports, which is the only subject she excels in. Sometimes shooting hoops with her or kicking a ball back and forth is the best way to get her to stay long enough to get a conversation. Once the initial shield has been taken down, however, Sin changes dramatically. She gets snide, cocky and brave, and loves nothing more than to be with her new found friend. Bonds aside, Sin is naturally mischievous and rebellious, a tack in the teacher's chair or an ink-squirting squid  always makes the class turn their heads to a giggling Sin sitting in the back-most seat.

Talents: You'll never meet anyone or anything as good at riding as Sin. She could probably do anything from the back of a horse that she could do while she was doing while sitting down... or maybe from the back of a dragon. She also has pretty good aptitude with archery and anything sports related... just don't ask her to swim.

Likes: Bananas, apples, riding, country music, sports, being with friends, the sound of trumpets.

Dislikes: Water, strangers, classwork, homework, anti-Azel sentiments.


Username: Luckyclaw

Name: Tatsuke Kahnoda (Tat-skay Kahn-oda. Teachers always say his name wrong at roll call and attendance.)

Age: 17, going on 18

Race: Human

Appearance: Almond-shaped dark-yellow eyes with well-combed brown hair, a flat face and pale skin. Tatsuke grew up being meek and frail and to an extent he's still a little gangly in the arms and ribs, but he's finally hitting the age where his body is filling in. But until then he's still slightly awkward and even his walk says that. His hands are just a little too big for his wrists, face slightly too fat for scrawny neck. To hide this, most of the time you'll catch him in the hooded robes and cloaks of gold or purple that cover up his body up from top to bottom, but even that makes him look awkward because his clothes never seem to fit. They're all too big. Perhaps he's a late bloomer?

Personality: Tatsuke is usually just plain quiet. Not because he's a secretive guy, but because he's usually afraid of getting picked on. Tatsuke's second language is the one the Academy speaks and his first language is one of a foreign land in the old world. When he tries to speak to people, he always ends up messing up what he wanted to say and embarrassed, goes back to where ever he last sat. Under that, he's actually very friendly, approachable and incredibly smart. One of Tatsuke's favorite pass times is to play Go, but he always has to preform this alone because he hasn't met anyone else to play with him since he still lived with his parents; who were were killed in the war. It's said he still takes a slot of time every night to write them a letter about his day, and that he keeps the letters under his bed. Those letters aren't the only thing he hides either, not having anyone else to care for it or wanting anyone else to take him, Tatsuke is hiding a domestic fox in his room named Evui that he's had for a few years.

Talents: Very skilled with magic and is masterful in games of wit. His best board games are Go, janggi, sugoroku and shogi, but he's never been taught to play any other games. If you need a strategy for your sports team, or a plan to break into the lunch lady's secret cookie supply, Tatsuke is your man.

Likes: Animal training, studying, getting to play board games with others, being accepted, music, playing his sitar and guitar.

Dislikes: Getting pranked or bullied, embarrassment, sports, being tricked or lied to.


Username: LotusDragon

Name: Devaeliona (Dev-AY-lionah) (Devon or Dev for short)

Age: Looks 20 something

Race:(What creature are they?) Siren/Naga. Naga are a race of snake like humanoids who can shift between a snake form and human form, and generally prefer a more tropical environment. In their human form they can tolerate the cold better, though they generally stick to the rain forest. Naga are normally a peaceful, solitary people, but when crossed they are fierce warriors. During the war, Naga tried to stay out of the fight, but like so many others they found themselves drawn in regardless. Their guerrilla style warfare made them feared by their enemies and earned them a reputation as savages, though in truth they would rather not fight at all. Naga are a tribal people who live with the land in small villages, however there is a small city in a hidden cove that holds the bulk of the rather small Siren population where a few Naga also live.( When you think of the Naga and Siren way of life, think of the Tayladras from Mercedes Lackey mixed with a bit of the Aiel from the Wheel of time saga by Robert Jordan. There are elders, but everyone in the tribes of age has a say.)

Sirens are mermaid/mermen who can shift between human and mer form. They are famous for their looks and the powerful voices they posses. The song of the siren can make the listener feel any way the siren wishes for as long as they are singing. During the war the sirens found they were of the most use as Courtesan spies, or singing to encourage the troops and make their enemies feel fear rather than fighting on the front lines. That does not mean they are incapable of doing so, as there were a few who went and fought along side the Naga and other nature lovers as a naval force, it simply means they prefer a different path than their naga counterparts. Either way, both races are peaceful unless they are crossed.


Naga/ Siren relations: As a whole, they consider each other sort of 'cousin' races. The legend has it that both races were descended from gods who fell out of favor with the pantheon for aiding humans in the very beginning of humanity's existence. Whether or not this is true has been a matter of speculation for thousands of years. True or not, the two races have coexisted since the beginning. Marriage between the two races, though uncommon, is encouraged as it is with any race who seeks to live in peace. Normally they would live in 'sister' cities, but the war has been hard on their already slim numbers, so they have gathered in one place with only a few tribes who decided to keep to their more traditional life.


Appearance: Human form: (This is the best visual representation I could find of Devon, but there are some differences: http://jamietyndall.deviantart.com/art/Won...Finch-321070215 ) Standing at 6' 1", Devon has long black rainbow (color wise it's the same as her scales in her Naga form, which I will show later) hair framing her features. Her thick lashed, emerald eyes shine like jewels set above high cheek bones and ruby red lips that are almost always curved in a slight smile. All Naga are born with markings, Devon's marking looks like Egyptian eyeliner that doesn't wash off. Her skin is fair, though lightly tanned, she has a couple of scars along her left side from her skirmish in the war. Devon dresses in protective leather armor that is customary to her people. The only jewelry she wears is a beaded choker.


Snake form: http://www.smithsonianchannel.com/sc/web/s...a-monster-snake with the colors of this pic (it's the color of her hair as well as the color of her scales in her Siren form): http://www.all-hd-wallpapers.com/wallpaper...mals/434873.jpg


Siren form: http://wall.alphacoders.com/big.php?i=322545


Personality: Devon is reserved (Unless she's performing), and every inch the warrior brad she was trained to be, yet friendly. She is patient, proud, and has a passion for life. For her species, Devon is still considered very young, but the war has taken a heavy toll on her personally at the loss of her husband and their son when they were set upon by outlaws as they were traveling to meet Devon in one of the outlaying tribes. She misses them more than words can express every day, though she's become good at covering up her sorrow with a smile. Devon is curious about what this Academy has the potential to accomplish so that no other has to experience the loss of another loved one, but she also sees the difficult task ahead of them. The whole of the world is watching them to see if they succeed in living in peace together, or if it will fall to dust. She believes in the importance of the success, willing to do whatever it takes to see it through.


Talents: Devon can shift between her three forms, has Siren song, telepathy, telekinesis (limit 500 lbs). For weapons she prefers knives or her bow, however Devon is capable of using spears, swords and hand to hand if need be. Devon plays the piano (they are popular in the Siren city), guitar and violin, as well as dances.


Likes: Swimming, singing, dancing, anything where she is active. Her favorite food is salmon... Raw salmon. She loves to be outside, even at night, and spend the night under the stars.


Dislikes: Being away from water for too long, being alone, the cold, bandits, she isn't too fond of the races that resemble a snake's natural predators, though she will tolerate their presence as best she can, treating them with the respect.


Username:Simca The Swallow


Name:Seika Akishima




Race: my race... umm... im a pyro angel... though im sure you have no idea what that is...


pyro angel-  a divine being that was granted the power of fire by the lord. because they were given this gift, they have a lot more responsibility than a regular angel. they have certain duties that they do that go from guarding a human, to lighting up a room. pyros are best known for being great guardians towards bottom dwellers like humans and other similar beings. despite the usual duties that a pyro angel has, they also are given special missions that only they can do. (look in Fuyu's race area for more information)

distinguishing features- the way one can tell that a pyro is indeed a pyrl angel is from the fire red hair that just about each one has. another more noticable feature is that when a pyro is just a child and dont have their true wings yet, they have wings made of pure fire. when they grow older to the point they earn their wings, those wings catch on fire and allow them to fly faster.

rules that a pyro lives by- since they do have a special gift, they also must follow certain rules in order for them to live by

x- can never say or think the lords name in vain

x- can never kill a human or living thing

x- meat is prohibited since it is killing a living thing

x- only using your power for protecting another, never to harm another intentionally


if these rules are broken, the angel will get a common disease called wing rot. wing rot is where an angels wings slowly rot from evil intentions. and eventually turn into a fallen angel.


Appearance: user posted image

seika is 6 feet  2 inches and weighs around 145 lbs. he is a bit lanky in appearance and has a habit to slouch a lot. he has firey red hair with matching eyes. when he has his wings out, they catch on fire immidiately and reach out about 2 times longer than his arm span. his attire usually consists of a graphic t shirt and blue jeans. one other thing he wears consantly is his smile, he loves to smile and make others do so as well.


their impact on the war- the angel species didnt have a huge impact on the war, but they would go down from heaven and stay by the wounded sides to try to give them strength to survive. higher ranking angels would actually disguse themselves as soliders and nurses so they could aid in the war, and heal some of the fatal wounds so there would be less lives lost. seika and fuyu's father, hiro akishima, is a arc pyro angel and fought along side in the war during the main part of the war. (he was instructed to wound, not kill his enemy)



Very energetic person has a warm way about him and loves to get under Fuyu's nerves. talkative, fun to be around but can be easy to anger. very passionate person. Never strikes a woman.  Acts like an older brother at times to other characters. is always seen with a beaming smile. when he is in a frown, something must be definitely wrong. is slightly nieve but its his special charm.


Talents: "well i've been told that im a good cook, many people have praised me on it. another thing is that im really good with kids if i could i would love to be a elementary teacher... but thats not exactly in my future. maybe someday."


Likes: spicy food, making friends,warm places, summer, the sun, cooking, making others smile


Dislikes:SPIDERS, winter, super sweet sweets, fuyus attitude, fuyu's cooking, being hated by others,  cold places



Username:Simca The Swallow


Name: Fuyu Akishima




Race: my classification is what some call a snow demon, also known as a Yuki oni

snow demons are divine beings that have the power of ice and snow at their disposal.

snow demons are the polar opposite of pyro angels, their personalities are as cold as their element, and their hearts are as frozen as their black  frost bitten fingertips.

snow demons live in freezing temperatures, and have the tendency to live in huge groups. one group in particular formed a clan on top of a snow blanketed montain quite some time ago and is one of the largest snow demon populations in the world. at the center of this clan calling all the shots are descendants of the original clan members that found this mountain, the Akishima's. the akishima family are one of the eldest snow demon lineages around in the world.

what has kept them around so long? it has been the strict ruling of the clans leader Hisui, fuyu and seika's mother. she is one of the oldest snow demons around and is the daughter of the original leader of the Akishima clan.

during the war, the snow demons put themselves out as mercenaries giving aid in battle to the highest bidder. the akishima clan has prided themselves with their powers for 1000's of years, making them one of the highest bid warriors in the world. once when a highest bidder was named, hisui herself went onto the war ground and fought against many on the field. but during one battle, a rival snow demon clan, the shiro clan was fighting on the opposite side of hisui. the leader of the clan Tenma, is a demon that rivals hisui in both strength and age. because of this, the two started a long battle that at the end severely injured both of them. Tenma lost a arm and a leg while Hisiui lost her sight and a huge chunk of her strength.

when the war was finally over, hisui was injured so badly that she was deemed incapable to rule over her clan and resigned.

because of this, the entire clan's stability started to falter. all the stronger demons started to try to take the position of head of family but all ened up either dead or chased off of leadership. with chaos running all over, hisui could not sit and watch this. she then had to make the hardest  decision of her life, to train her 9 year old son fuyu to become the leader of the akishima clan.

fuyu was knowledgeable at the time, a fast learner and a happy kid, so she was not worried about his leader ship skills, but his strength and power is what she was worried about. being so young, he was not at a stong enough level to fight off rivals who wanted the position for themselves. because of this, hisui had decided to have him go through a freezing heart ceremony.

a freezing heart ceremony is when a higher level snow demon freezes the heart of a lower level snow demon in order to make them stronger. usually are done at the age of 16 when they can handle the stress on their heart better.


(side effects- having your heart frozen stops it from growing and makes it harder for the heart to pump blood into the rest of the body causing the skin to turn extremely pale. as the individual grows, the heart will start to try to grow causing the individual great pain. since the heart is forbidden to grow at all, the person's life span is shortened to that of a human especially if it was done before the usual age.

besides the internal damage it does, it changes the snow demon's personality, making them cold hearted, mean, violent and angry.  any bit of happiness is stripped and replaced with negative emotions.)

(cure- frozen hearts can only be healed by a pyro angel. their flames can melt the ice that surrounds the trapped heart. but when the ice is removed, the extra power that the snow demon got from it fades away and all is left is their own strength)


after the ceremony was finished, Fuyu started his leader training and three years later (age 13) he took the position of head of family making him the youngest ever to take a high level position.

during his rule, fuyu had faced many people trying to get his position, but fuyu defeated them all easily without any haste. ever since that entire time, fuyu has been the head of his family for 6 years.


Appearance: user posted image

fuyu is 6 feet 2 inches and weighs 139 lbs. fuyu walks with his head held high and does not falter in what he does/decides. his hair is pure white and has icy blue eyes that shimer in the sunlight. despite him being a demon, he does not bear  horns but has wings that are made of pure ice that stretch out to about 8 feet in length. in appearance he may not look like a demon but do not be fooled, he is just as ruthless as any demon around.

both he and seika are identical twins so they do share certain characteristics involving appearance. both boys are the same height, share the same face, eye shape, and even voice (fuyu speaks a bit lower but they are in the same key)


Personality: he is very cold hearted person. If he doesn't like a person he won’t even bother to acknowledge their existence. he is very critical of others and is not a 'people person'. Hard to get along with. Isn't Afraid to tell someone when their wrong. is always taking things as a threat. very intellectual.


Talents: becides fuyu's great skill with fighting and leadership, he also has a great talent with musical instruments. fuyu's favorite is his violin. when he  finds freetime, he is more than likely spending it playing it till its time to work again.


Likes: cold places, winter, being alone, HOT coffee, and most of all, play the violin


Dislikes: "everything else"



Name: ryuu

Age: 19 (7th life)

Race:fog spirit, fog spirits are near immortal beeings, when killed their body falls appart into a sort of fog that diludes as it spreads out, after a period of minimum several years but most of the times over 60 years the fog reforms around the fog spirits core wich is normaly located in the fog homeland. each time they reform they can take on a new appearance, even resembling other races (this does not give them the powers of that race, besides flight incase of winged races). each death however has an impact and can cost them memories or even magic abilities. the fogspirits were active in the war like in nearly every war, so currently few remain alive, as most are in the process of regorming their body.

Appearance: clicky

ryuu is about 5 feet tall, brown hair, with the centre strand of hair silverlike in color. on his left arm he always wears bandage even though it doesn't cover a wound or scar. on his left lower arm and knee he tends to wear bits of armor, his shirt will always be something light no matter what the weather is, on in the middle of the shirt he'll always wear the relic he once found.

Personality: ryuu is the silent type, but around friends he normaly opens up, he does think through most of the times. though he dislikes violence he will draw his sword to protect people in need, no matter their race.

Talents: non solid illusions](fav illusion attack), can invoke and guide small lightning charges, swordmanship, and low level soothing sound magic

Likes: playing the flute, apple pie, solitude, friedns, learning, collecting trinkets

Dislikes: bloodshed, destruction, strong smells both bad and good



- ryuu, had fought in the early days of the war trying to protect the weak and harmless from attackers, because of his illusion attack he got the nickname ryuu the dragonsoul warrior, that was in his previous life when he looked like a pyro angel.

- during the war ryuu died, but he sacrifised alot.png of his memories and magic abilities to regain a body in only a matter of years, to witness and help the rebuilding after the war




Age: 132 (compares to a human of about 20)

Race: Liangyi, each Liangyi has a double personality, each personality has it's own body as well but only one can excist at the same time. some Liangyi have more then 2 but not many. both personality's can speak with eachother but only the one who's body is real at the moment can be hard by the people around him. The non-excisting personality will know what's happening unless the excisting one foccuses to block him, but he can only do that for a limited time. magic learned by one personality cannot be used by the other unless the other learns it aswell, or the one who learned it helps controle the magic.

Appearance: Erebus, Gilgamesh, both have bright green eyes, both have tatoos but where Gilgamesh only has a green symbol on his right cheeck, Erebus actually has his body covered with magic symbols that actually shimmer in the dark. Erebus doesn't have the wings that are in his picture

Personality:Gilgamesh is a very friendly and nature loving persone. he'll help wherever he can whatever way he can. he can easely lose interest in anything besides the nature around him if there is enough aroudn him.

Erebus is more dark in nature. he doesn't go for fights but does like to tease and taunt people. power has a great atraction to him but he has limits to what he'll do for that power.

Talents: Erebus : life/magic absorbtion through physical contact, soul magic ; Gilgamesh: life nurture magic, decypher magic, great cook

Likes:gilgamesh: nature, life in general, relics, cooking for fun; Erebos: darkness, power, misschief, drinking tea

Dislikes: Gilgamesh:  ninja.gif , destruction, voilence; Erebus: daytime, feelings


other: -Erebus and Gilgamesh made a pact, Gilgamesh shares all his magic and in return Erebus doesn't absorb the life of any living creature unless to ease a dying's pain.

-they have a crystalized dragon in their possesion wich they promised to free one day after they figure out how.


dragon: Aurum, a golden shimerscale dragon like seen in  Gilgameshes picture. it has formed a bond with both personality's and it's scales will become dark gold when Erebus is out.



Username: TotallyDrow

Name: Tyrus Krimsbane,

Age:  Unknown - Human form appearance of a teenager


Race: The Satyr race for a long time have been a diminishing race, their numbers dwindling .Due to the horns on a Satyr, they were often viewed as being servants of the devil and thus for this reason alone were hunted and killed to the brink of extinction as an act of 'purging the evil'. A pocket population managed to thrive deep within the dark forest, however due to the constant attacks they were forced to resort to darker methods in order to defend themselves. The irony now was that through these dark methods they began to resemble demons, more so then before. Their true nature has been lost down the ages. Whilst they took no great part in the war due to their lack of numbers, they would attack any race that would approach their last sanctuary, regardless of whether those races were a threat or not. As a means of protecting themselves, some Satyrs have managed to develop magic to disguise themselves as a member of another race.


Appearance:  Satyr Form As a Satyr he stands at around 7ft 5 inches

Human Form As a human he is only 5 ft 9 inches.


Dragon: Kar'thesh A wingless dragon, Kar'thesh lacks the ability to fly. However he makes up for this with great speed and maneuverability on the ground, easily running at speeds of nearly 90 mph. The scales on his back are harder then most dragons. Not including his tail, he is the size of a large rhino.


Personality: Naturally, due to the suffering of his race Tyrus is wary of non-Satyr's, however his natural curiosity of those that are different to him often overwhelms his concerns. Despite how he may look or act, he is always observing the various traits of the other races. His strongest interest lies within the human race, their simplistic design yet ability to hold such fighting proess scares and excites him at the same time. He simply can't fathom how such a bare and puny race can thrive as much as they do.


Talents: Black/purple lightning, Enhanced senses, night vision.

Likes: Observing the other races, napping in the shade, cinnamon rolls.

Dislikes: Arrogant people, studying, feeling intimidated, conversing about his race's dark history, having to rely on his ability over lightning and being judged by how he looks (as a satyr)

Other: I take no credit for any of the images. All credit belongs to their respective owners.


Username: akiokid


Name: Daphne


Age: 11


Race: A Tree Nymph. She protected the forests that she lived in. During the war, they were burnt down, and they said it destroyed all living beings in the wood. But she and her companion dragon, Howea, survived. She left her dear land behind, following an unwritten story that the was caused.


Appearance: http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn175/b...of-chucky-3.jpg She is the size of a typical child. She has thick curly red hair, peircing green eyes, and pale skin. She wears only very simple dresses like this. http://img1.etsystatic.com/000/0/6498810/i...l.281106721.jpg and a hand woven flower crown


Personality: She is a very secure in her own routines, She is caring and nurturing, And she is curious.


Her Dragon: user posted image This is her growing hatchling, Howea.


Talents: She is a very successful healer and nurse, taking care of anyone who is ill or hurt, She is also great with animals and dragons, And she can weave flower crowns


Likes: All aspects of nature, Calm and quiet music, silence


Dislikes: Noise, Harm to nature, Being treated like a child, Change


Username: DrakeofBones

Name: Truce

Age: 200, but the human part of his body looks to be about 20

Race: Drider, subtype Scorpion. These creatures had little effect on the war. While cruel looking and deadly, they tend to have a softer attitude towards most, and they live mostly underground anyways. The land and it's resources meant little to them, as if they needed more space they just burrowed further into the earth. Most of the participants were spies or mercenaries for other races.

Appearance: Basically this. Instead of long white hair, its a short, spikey orangish-red that comes up into a fauxhawk. His exoskeleton is a deep, dark black, streaked with a ominous blood red that fades into a much more Caucasian torso. Carries a large scythe.

Personality: Witty and smart, he's a little ashamed of what he looks like because he hates being looked at so odd by some of the more... sublime races. Kind and caring, he'll try to protect anyone he deems as a friend and will venomously speak to anyone who disrespects those he cares about.

Talents: Walking on walls, can lift about 3 times his weight (which is substantial), venomous tail, see in the dark, heightened smell, can feel vibrations in the ground

Likes: Food, cooking, fire, hunting, reading

Dislikes: Judging people by their cover, er, skin.


Username: DrakeofBones

Name: Autumn

Age: She prefers not to talk about it... but it's a lot.


Race: Phytomorphs are uniquely rare creatures. They don't fit into any one specific kingdom in the biological world, and they break all of the rules. They breath like humans, with lung type structure, but filter the CO2 like plants. They look like humans, but don't really share any kind of other traits with them. They are, for all intents and purposes, highly intelligent, walking, talking plants. And Autumn is the last of them. Before the war, she had two children, a boy and a girl. The final trio. And then the fire nation attacked... Joking it was a pack of were-humans. The were looking for enemy troops in her cave like hive, and ended up trampling her saplings under foot. She, in turn, ground their bones into fertilizer. Few would have heard of her race, as she lead a secluded life, but now she has a purpose, so she's come to the academy to learn a few things.


Appearance: A GIANT PLANT WOMAN. Realistically I couldn't get anymore detailed than that picture unless I chose Zyra, but I'm sticking with this one.


Personality: She's short, a little sadistic. She looks at most things like their food, because they usually are. She'll put on a smile but will but a stake though your heart while doing it. If you, somehow, get on her good side, you're in for a weird but certainly beneficial friendship.


Talents: SENTIENT PLANTS BWAHAHAHA. Honestly it's just plant manipulation like Poison Ivy or such.

Likes: Water, meat, sunlight, meat

Dislikes: FIRE BAD M'KAY!


Username: IceFyr1928


Name: Sesshomaru


Age: Around 500, although he appears to be in his late teens.


Race: Inu Yōkai

-Inu yōkai, or dog demons, are anthropomorphic demons with characteristics of dogs. All known dog demons are incredibly powerful. Although they spend most of their time in human-like forms, they have the ability to revert to their true forms, those of giant dogs.  These demons often travel alone, or in pairs.  It is not uncommon for two Inu Yōkai to fight if they come in contact with eachother.  Due to this, not many Inu Yōkai fought in the war, and those that did chose varying sides, often joining whatever side they saw fit.


Appearance: Humanoid form

True form

Sesshomaru also wears a jewel neclace, though it is often hidden under his clothing.


Personality: Sesshomaru is a cold, imposing figure to any that don't know him, and does not say much.  He takes pride in his strength, to the point of being slightly arrogant, especially around humans.  However, were you to become Sesshomaru's friend, a long and arduous process, one would find him to be kind at heart, often making small sacrifices for those he has befriended.  Sesshomaru especially respects Dragons, as they are blood relatives of the Inu Yōkai.  When Sesshomaru does get angry, which is not ofte, it is hard to calm him down before he completely devours the one who got him angry in the first place.  His near perfect memory allows him to hold a grudge for an indefinite amount of time, which he does quite often.


Talents: Sesshomaru is an excellent hunter, due to his enhanced senses.  He also is a very adept fighter, and has yet to loose a battle against another.


Likes:  Sesshomaru prefers to be alone, along with quiet, calm places.  His instinct as an Inu Yōkai also has given him an insatiable bloodlust, but he is mainly able to keep this in check.


Dislikes: Sesshomaru dislikes large crowds, along with loud places, which is uncomfortable for his heightened sense of hearing.  Sesshomaru has also come to despise humans, whom he has fought against often.


Username: Ethril Dragon

Name: Sumar Ajeera

Age: 17

Race:Shape Shifter

There are many types of shape shifters in the world. Sumar is known as a Kumrai shape shifter. This type of shape shifter is very submissive and typically can only shape shift into a maximum of ten forms. Because of their strong submissive nature, Kumrai shape shifters were turned into slaves during the war. Unwilling and often times unable to fight, they were used to replace the servants that were conscripted into the war.

Appearance: Physical Appearance

Sumar stands approximately 5'7. His hair is a dark purple that is just long enough to brush his shoulders and his bangs are trimmed to rest just above his eyes. His eyes are a light grey blue color with long feminine eye lashes. His build is thin with soft curves. Sumar has short pointy ears, a dainty nose, and he has a dark tan complexion.

He dislikes wearing pants, so often times he will wear wrap around skirt like bottoms. When he is required to wear a top, he will wear loose tops that allow him to move freely. His collar, wrist and ankle bands, are all light blue with gold rings.

Female form: Sumar's female form varies depending on what his master wants.

Bird form(s): Sumar has 3 bird forms. The first one being a little purple song bird, the second being a mutli shaded purple phoenix type bird, and the third being a purple peacock.

Lynx form: Light purple with darker purple markings.

Wolf form: Dark grey with purple highlights.

Bunny form: Dark purple with lighter purple highlights. 

Personality: Sumar's only goal in life is to make people happy. He's actually very happy to be a slave since it gives him a chance to serve others and find out waht it is that makes them happy. Unfortunately as a side effect of this personality quirk, he is also very fragile. If someone is upset or gets upset around him he blames himself and gets very depressed.

Sumar was bred specifically as a pleasure slave. Up until he turned 10 years old and was sold to his first master, he was trained how to cook, clean, play the lap harp, dance, and various other tasks. He greatly enjoys cooking and will often spend a great deal of time experimenting with recipes.

Sumar has an odd fear of beds. Specifically he does not like to sleep on mattresses. He would rather sleep in a chair or in a bit pile of pillows. When his master asked him why he prefered pillows, Sumar told him that when he slept on a pile of pillows it felt like he was being held. Sumar also has a fear of whips.

Talents: Most kumrai shape shifters can take 5 to 10 shapes. Sumar has a rare ability that allows him to not only shape shift into animals, but also into a female form. He can also make small alterations to his body so that he can add wings, tails, etc. Currently Sumar has 7 shapes total he can transform into. His female form, 3 bird forms, a wolf puppy, a lynx kitten, and a bunny.

Likes: Cooking, dancing, playing music, pleasing people, and decorating

Dislikes: big beds, whips, very large bugs, and mud.

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What are you trying to say here?

I was trying to say that its name is "The Academy" I'll find a better way to communicate that. For now I just added quotation marks around it until I think of something.

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Ah jeez, all that time of standing over Nick with a stick paid off ;P

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Of course. This place is just like Hogwarts, only better. Teaches pretty much anything you can think of.

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    Setting / History

    Character Sheet

    No spelling errors

    Basic grammar (punctuation and capitalization)

Well going by those guidelines it seems to be done. The plot is a little skimpy, but that is to be expected. It would be helpful if an Approver can come and critique the RP. Nick do you want to allow RPers to post and RP on this thread after a weeks time from the OP. Or do you want to wait until it is approved and moved to allow ICC posting?

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Nick looked up at the castle of a school as he emerged out of the forest surrounding it, hardly believing that such a thing could be built so quickly especially after the great war. Holding up the invitation letter from the school he continued, taking a deep breath as he walked the gravel path leading to the main entrance. Rein padded along side him, easily keeping pace with Nick's slow stride.

"So this is it." Rein's voice rang out in a surprising musical tone for a voice of a tiger.

"Yup" was all Nick could say as he looked around, not seeing anyone else. Was he the first one to arrive? Maybe it was for the best as he felt ridiculous all clad up in armor and arm'd to the teeth, but what he wore was all he had, and with no where to keep it, he couldn't just abandon it. By now he had reached the end of the gravel path and was at the stairs leading up to doors. He took pause looking up once more as if thinking of turning around and leaving for good instead of going in.

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"Are you sure we're going the right way?" Kira murmured as she trudged through the forest. Her cream colored ferret, Faze shifted onto her other shoulder. "That's what the lady in town said. Right through there. Yup" they walked in silence for a few minutes. The large school peaked out over the trees. Kira sped up and broke into the clearing. She glanced around, "But... there's no one here" "I smell someone. A shapeshifter by the scent of em'" Faze peered around the clearing. "There" he pointed at Nick, who stood by the entrance. Kira snorted and strode forward, "You there! Boy! Is this the academy?" she called as she drew closer. Her nervousness made her sound demanding, but she was too stubborn to correct herself.

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Rein noticed the newcomers before Nick and let out a low growl. Nick spun around looking for what was bothering her and noticed Kira. He silenced Rein with a quick nudge of his foot before greeting Kira, "I'm assuming so." He called out his tense stance loosing up a bit when he noticed it was a human and not some strange race he had only met whilst in combat. He was used to humans because he fought for them for the last year of the war and lived with them for most of his life. "By the way, I'm Nick and this," Nick said stooping down to Rein's level and ruffling up the fur on the back of her neck, "is Rein"


((I'm assuming she is in human form, if she is not I can change my post))

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((Ah yeah, she's human- she's a bit reclusive about her werewolf-ness xd.png


Fairly active? It's just started. It isn't ANYTHING. So join and MAKE it active.))


Faze zipped over to Kira's other shoulder again, "Faze here" he raised a paw. Kira gave Nick a once over, "Pleasure. I'm Kira. I enchanted my ferret a long time ago to speak human language. Nifty trick. Except he won't shut up now..." she trailed off at the end. Kira moved forward, staring at the large double doors that seemed to carry up forever. "Think we can just go in? I hear they give you a dragon. Now that's somethin" he hands found their way to her hips as she admired the building in silence. Faze looked out at the woods, "Where's all the other kids? Lost? They really made this place secluded" "Probably for the noise, and... accidents" she could imagine spells going wrong in class. Not exactly something a town would want hanging next door.

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Dain frowned as he looked out the window from his darkened room, while wrapped in covers, at the inn. Despite the fact that he has devoured his fair share of human souls, he still hasn't quite made himself immune to sunlight yet. Because of this, Dain had accepted the invitation to the Academy on the condition of him taking night classes. Dain figured a few students to have already reached the Academy, and began to make friends, making him feel left out. It was the knocking on the door that brought him back to his senses. "Uh, yes?" "It is the innkeeper sir... I have your jacket.." At the word jacket, Dain shot out of the covers and to the door. He opened the door at a semi-normal pace, as to not to scare the kind inn-keeper. "Oh good my new jacket! Thank you very much Mr. Inn-keeper. Now I can go to school!" Dain's jacket was black and the collar around the jacket stood up protecting his neck from the sun. He grabbed his hat and and bounded out the door, leaving a bag of change on the table. It didn't take long for him to get to the forest, and make his way through it. Dain stopped at the tree and stood under the shade examining the front door to the school.


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A figure emerged from the forest, clearly being weary from a long travel. Ten-Jorra looked at the castle with curiousity, examining it's architecture and quality. Then she approached closer and there she turned her gaze to people standing before the building. She looked at the boy with the tiger first, taking her time to realise that it was a shapeshifter. She have seen them only twice, the last one being a talk with one. But that was enough for her to remember what makes difference between them and humans.

Next was the dragon, and finally her eyes fixed on a human girl. Finally the argonian said: "I assume you have received the invitation to the academy too." - it wasn't a question, but a statement of fact. Ten-Jorra remembered her receiving a letter, inviting her to study at the recently built academy. With the help of logic she guessed that the other people, who would be the future students, will receive an invitation letter too. So she wasn't surprised to see someone else here, except for a shapeshifter.

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"Interesting, I've never heard of a spell like that." Nick commented smoothing Rein's ruffled fur before standing back up. "Rein here is full of smart remarks, but no fancy spells to translate what she says, so no one but me really has to deal with them." Rein noticed Ten-Jorra before Nick did. Shifting his own gaze he examined the new arrival. In response to Ten-Jorra's question he held up his hand with the invitation in a half showing the invitation half waving. "I'm sure the rest will show up soon" Nick said walking up the the doors grabbing their handles and pulling. Silently they swung open. "Well, the door's are unlocked." Stepping back and holding the door open one of the doors "After you ladies."

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