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The Wishlist

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This thread has been approved *^-^*


Welcome to the wishlist! This is a thread where your gifting to others allows you to wish for more, rarer dragons yourself. smile.gif You get 20 points just for joining, to start you off!


How It Works:


Person 1: Fills out wish form (the first one).

Thread Mod: Adds wish in the "Current Wishes" section of this post, in blue.

Person 2: Catches/breeds desired egg, PMs Person 1 with the teleport link, and posts the second form.

Thread Mod: Changes wish in "Current Wishes" section to green.

Person 1: Accepts the egg within 72 hours of the previous step, or 48 hours of it hatching, if it was gender-specific (unless there's something wrong with it - if so, see below) and uses the final form.

Thread Mod: Deletes wish from "Current Wishes" section and changes point values of Person 1 and 2 appropriately.


Things That Could Go Wrong, and Corrections:


- My granter bred/caught the wrong egg!

Solution: Simply PM them back and post something here letting me know as well. Do NOT accept the egg. Please. I can imagine a case scenario where you accepted the hatchling and it gendered wrong (because apparently the granter didn't influence it), but let's hope that never happens. So granters! Please be sure to gender the egg correctly! O_O


-I wished for something, but didn't have enough points for the dragon!

Solution: Post here, letting me know, if I didn't already notice. If you've already accepted the dragon from someone, please PM me about it and we'll figure something out. (This is my "Cross that bridge when we reach it" approach. Let's hope we never reach it.)


-You didn't add/change the color of my wish in the Current Wishes section!

Solution: This happens pretty often, because I'm busy and can only come on occasionally. Chances are someone will notice it and get the dragon for you anyway, but if I post "Updated!" and it isn't there when it should be, just post and let me know.


-You changed my value wrong!

Solution: Just post to let me know, and I'll fix it.


- Instead of being blue or green in the Current Wishes section, my wish is red!

Solution: Check the recent posts. If I did that purposefully, I'll have told you what's wrong with it. If there is no such notice, just post-poke me. Coding errors happen, heh. ._.




1. Be polite and friendly. Obvious, right?

2. Be calm. Don't stress out. (This is as much for me as it is for you...)

3. Listen to the thread-mods - they know what they're talking about.

4. I am allowed to make any changes to this post as I wish, with or without notice.

5. Once you have accepted a dragon, you may not kill it or trade it. (This rule was made due to popular demand.)

6. I sometimes clean out the member list. However, unless you've done something very, very bad, you can always sign up again.

7. To join, please give me a link to an adult magi you have. If you don't have an unfrozen magi, please PM me and I will find you one. (This goes without saying, but if you have an unfrozen, un-adult magi, just wait for it to grow up before joining. wink.gif)

8. If you want to become a mod or magi donor, or submit a banner, please PM me! I'm always happy to add new helpers to the team, if you can promise that you'll be around if I need you! ^-^

9. If you break rules 1, 3, or 5, you risk losing points or even being permanently banned from the thread. (Warning: Breaking rule 2 often results in a trespass of rule 1.)

10. Please read the entire first post before joining. I can't force you to, but I don't want to have to answer unnecessary questions, especially those concerning "What do I do now?"

11. I'm trying to legally get a separate account for this thread. Until I do, I'll be solely in charge of updating this post, so don't flip if it doesn't get updated for a while. I have school and things.

12. If I do something wrong, or if you have suggestions, please don't hesitate to talk to me! Post here, PM me (click here), send your ideas telepathically, whatever. ^^'





[SIZE=7][font=Impact][color=blue]I Am Wishing[/SIZE][/color][/font][b]
Dragon and Requirements:
Link to lineage:
My Current Total:[/b]


[SIZE=7][font=Impact][color=green]I'm Granting A Wish[/SIZE][/color][/font][b]
Dragon and Requirements:
Link to lineage:
My Current Total:[/b]

~~Wish Granted:

[SIZE=7][font=Impact][color=orange]My Wish Was Granted[/SIZE][/color][/font][b]
Dragon and Requirements:
Link to lineage:
My Current Total:[/b]


Dragon Values:


Cave Blocker: 1 point

Common: 4 points

Uncommon: 8 points

Rare: 20 points

Ultra Rare: 40 points

Holidays, Neglecteds: 80 points (or 60 points, if it's the current holiday)


Gender-Specific: add 1/2 of the original price

Purebred, Special Lineage of Any Sort: add the original price

Special Ability Dragon: add the original price

Specific # Gen: add 1/4 the original price for every gen you want above 9th. (Hint: That means that for a CB, you pay twice the original price.)


Yes, these do stack.

For example: I want a Purebred, 4th Gen, Male Red (Spec. Abil. Dragon) (Uncommon).


8 (base, uncommon) + 8 (PB) + 8 (Spec. Abil) + 6 (3 gens above 7th) + 4 (Male) = 34 points.


Tada! *^u^*



Dragon Rarities:


This is being worked on. For now, use your own judgment. (By "use your own judgment," I do not mean "every dragon is a cave blocker." Be fair, and listen to other's opinions.)




Avalon the Great (35) HEAD MOD ^-^

AvaXRaven (20)

BloodSpell (20)

crzyanimemom (20)

Dragonblaze239 (20)

Emmerz24 (20)

Finz (55)

ƒrozen (33) MOD

Gnoflet (20)

goldwyrm13 (20)

hetshepsit (20)

hiphop1234 (20)

jasmine (20)

Keekeecat (20)

kylanbowden (20)

Lavinia (5)

LegendOfKorraFan (20)

LegolianM (20)

LunarMoonlite (20)

lundfamily3 (20)

Minkee (20)

polaristar (20)

Princess GLG (8)

Red_Rose87 (20)

Rekha (75)

Renren_Ace (10)

Saynna (20)

Shibunari (80)

Shroomlet (20)

skydafox (93)

SpritelyGrotto (20)

Twilight_Pink (20)

VulcanusTrade (40)

wingedcat (20)

Wyvern_Oliza (20)

xeyla (20)

xxBurningxx (20) MOD

x_vio_x (20)

0023567467 (20)


Current Wishes:






Banners, Etc:


Thanks to ƒrozen for the awesome banner! wub.gif

user posted image


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This sounds interesting and I'll join if it's approved, however, would you mind specifying how many points you'd receive per wish grant?


If this is approved I would like to join and here http://dragcave.net/lineage/ljOi 1/12 of my magis.

Edited by mo7

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I wouldn't mind joining, pending moderator approval, however I would like to mention that you might want to add another category for non-tinsel metallics and other exceptionally difficult to breed rares. Assuming this thread is approved, I wouldn't mind helping out with magis, either. I have several breeding pairs with an egg incubating that should make my fourth PB pair. smile.gif

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I was just about to PM you till I saw the temporary rule biggrin.gif

The How Much Cost list is for us to use to spend our points and to calculate how much we recieve for our gifts, correct?


Also,I was thinking maybe we can make a Low-Gen Option for 5 points......


And.....we are only allowed to fulfill wishes and we cant just 'glomp' eggs right?

Edited by SuperCream

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I'll join feeling like gifting to others here's 1/5th of my magi Lineage Heres one because i cant figure out how to show the lineage of a CB dragon

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you do know that a pb metalic is very hard to come by right? in fact, any nice lineage metalic IS hard to come by


i like ur idea but u may 've to work out the pts better than just base on that wiki page. that is a good start but u can't just go by it imo.


edit: also, by "Seasonal Dragons" u mean Holiday not spring/summer/autumn/winter i suppose? if not, they don't worth 100 pts for sure.

Edited by teresadurfin

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I'd like to join. My magi is here.


I agree with teresadurfin. You must divide the rare and the metal.


And isn't the seasonal dragon spring/summer/autumn/winter? They don't cost 100 while the PB trios cost 50. If seasonal dragons mean snow angel, heartseeker, shadow walker, ect you should call them "Holiday dragons".

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I would love to join once this has been approved by a moderator. I think its a good idea for those who like to gift eggs.

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Alright, everyone can join except xeyla, who linked to a shallow water dragon. I understand they look similar, but I'd still like a link to a Magi.

Also, I'm taking everyone's suggestions. Yes, I meant Holiday dragons. I'll change that right away. >.<

Thank you to everyone for helping a newbie with this! happy.gif

Oh yeah, and mo7, you get as many as the other person gives. This way, if hypothetically no more people joined, we would ALWAYS have a certain number of points circling.

Supercream: Correct, correct, and correct.

ebis13: Did I really forget that? blink.gif

Edited by Avalon the Great

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so if i read and understand this right, we all start with 15 pts and since the only way to get more pts is by donating a gift, nobody can request rare until he/she already gives something.


am i correct? just to make sure.


here is a link to my magi: http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZfKbQ



and if i make a request and used up all my pts but then i could not donate anything because all requests are something i can't provide ... then that means i'm done with this wishlist?

just thinking about it just now.

Edited by teresadurfin

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