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Feel free to request art.



1. Shadowwolf6


i'm kinda busy so i will make one at time.


I'm pretty good at pixel art and traditional, and i'm not bad at digital i guess x)

Tho my fave is traditional.


Check out my art: http://melopsittacus.deviantart.com/


I take dragons or eggs as payment. I've been away for a while so new dragons and some old but rare dragons will be welcomed ^^



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Hey thx for requesting!


I will start it probably right now 'cause i need time tomorrow and so on and... yea doesn't make sense.


Would asking for a Hellfire Wyvern would be asking much?



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No, not at all!

Any pair you've got your eye on? xd.png


Looking forward to seeing her <3

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It's by the magis, which have the BSA Teleport.


And what I meant above, was is there any pair you would like me to breed?

(I now have a 2nd gen hellfire, if you're interested I'll send you the lineage link xd.png)

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