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This is not a gifting thread per say. It's a way for DC users to get help with a goal.


For instance, if user A is trying to get a "Red Army" and can't seem to find any reds and can't seem to stop finding Seasonals, and User B is trying to get 100 seasonals but can't seem to find anything but reds. User B would grab the reds and user A would grab the seasonals and switch them.


I've seen a hundred people on Egg Market with just this issue. This is a way for all of us to help each other and not risk having eggs we may not want on our scrolls.


If you guys agree to this issue i will come back and post a rules and more of an explanation of the idea.


i've looked through the trading and gifting and i haven't seen one doing what i'm proposing.


a few rules i will say-

you can not be picky. if you want a tinsel, you'll get a tinsel, don't demand that it can't be inbred or messy, or even a caveborn. if you want a "CB army of reds" SPECIFY it, otherwise, take what is offered please.


no abandoning the eggs-- don't catch something just because you THINK someone would want it. if you are not willing to keep it yourself, or know for a fact that we are looking for that breed please do not catch it.


only one list at a time please. ask for help with the project you want completed first, second and third. When you reach your first goal, your second goal will become priority. and so on. if your goals change, let me know and we will handle it.


keep us up to speed on how the goal is going, post if you've received something and from who and how close you are to acheiving the goal.


BE COURTEOUS - I will watch and have others watching how we behave with each other. no starting fights or begging, or pleading or griping. we're here to help each other, not referee a fighting match on so and so has more reds why did they get the ones from so and so. We will try to keep it so the person in most need of help will get the offer first, however, we can't control what everyone does.

there will be consequences for breaking these rules.



If you are all willing to abide by these few rules and the more to come, and to help fellow users and possibly receive help yourself, let me know. If i get a positive response i will take the thread out there. otherwise i will delete it or have it deleted.

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How is this topic different then some of are existing topics?

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