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Haze Storm ~The Final Frontier~

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Haze Storm

~The Final Frontier~


OoC Thread (lists character sheets & RP diccusions)



*No power playing, EVER!

*No modding, whatsoever. I will say if anything is wrong, or an actual mod will

*Write in third person, besides when a character is speaking

*No OoCc unless you put it in () and you have actually done some RP below your OoCc in the post as well, but please refrain from this most of the time

*I have the right to ban you from the thread if that were needed, but hopefully it won't wink.gif

*Please be nice and respectful to others

*Please use good grammar and spelling to the best of your ability (I would prefer if you're a higher skilled writer, because it just makes everything more exiting and dramatic the better you write! I should be able to tell your level from your character sheet though, which will be very descriptive, right? tongue.gif)

*Humans are simply NPC and everyone can control them as long as they effect your character or will. If you said, for example, one human took another character to the Human Den, that wouldn't be fair because that doesn't even have anything to do with you.

*Creativity is encouraged! The ideas are limitless, it doesn't just have to be straitforward wolf and bear. Any dog-wolf hybrids are allowed and the wolves don't have to all be white, just to mix it up. Or maybe a polar bear could be friends with a wolf, just for some general ideas. Although please keep it real, no magical/elemental powers, telepathy, etc... And also, just so there's no confusion, only predators can understand each other, hence you can't talk to your prey. You don't understand humans either, but you may put in your writing what the human is saying even though your character doesn't understand it.

*Have FUN biggrin.gif!



I thought it might be cool if they had some of their own words and language, so here they are! Please use them when referring to that place or object, rather than the English name. And also, new words will come up as we continue in the thread as our characters discover new things, so just be creative wink.gif!

*Blank sleep: to be tranquilized

*Black snow: ash and smoke

*Black water: oil

*Haze Storm: the name of the disaster with the humans and the oil the animals are facing now

*Great Forest: more of a legend than a place, as it would seem. It is a huge forest that serves as a refuge for wolves

*Icy Sea: more of a legend than a place, as it would seem. It is a vast section of sea that had frozen over and serves as a refuge for the polar bears

*A.A.R.C./Human Den: A.A.R.C. stands for Arctic Animal Rehabilitation Center on human terms, and is the place where captured tundra animals are to recover and are then released in new territory away from the oil spill. Animals call it the Human Den and there are many rumors about what happens to you there. No one really knows because almost none have returned to tell.

Aurora Pack: The western-most pack, and also the smallest, but not by much. This pack lives alongside a small forest with rocky hills and slopes.

Ice Pack: The largest and most northern pack, their territory even venturing on to the ice and deep into white bear territory.

Wind Pack: The eastern-most pack, and the middle-sized pack. They live in a flat area of land, often blasted by blizzards and wind with few breeze-carved rocks for shelter.

Western Polar Bear Territory: The territory in which the polar bears live. There are of course other polar bears in the world, but the ones in this thread live in the Western Territory.


Intro: A blanket of icy chills surrounds you, numbing your veins and slowing your breath. Everything is perfectly still. This is your home, Where the bitter wind and ice live; the crystals and salty sea fill your nose with every breath. Or at least it use to be, before the humans came. They built their giant metal mountains and choked the air with black clouds and haze. The sea turned dark and sticky, burning with harsh chemicals. The lovely white Arctic shining with frost and ice was simply a dream, and now things are different. Where are the fish and seals? The caribou? They all ask, with no answer. Little time is left, and things can only get worse. Or can they get better? That, you see, is up to you...


Plot: The Tundra is hard enough as it is, being one of the most hostile environments in the world, so what are its inhabitants to do when an oil spill is beginning to kill their home? First to be hit is the sea life. Almost nothing lives, and if it does, that's because it left. This sends chaos into the food chain for all of the Arctic creatures. Now the mighty Polar Bears are hungry. With no seals to eat, they must turn their attention to land. Raging with anger at the humans and famished stomachs, wolves are their target. The wolf packs have suffered greatly too, but must defend themselves and what few prey they have left. It's a final attempt for both species to survive, but no side is winning, and rather losing. Blood and fumes scent the land, and little hope is left. The human's acts are only getting worse, taking more animals everyday with the blank sleep. Rumors of the end have leaked out, but one tale suggests something different. Two lands, far apart, but still serving the same purpose for two species: a safe haven. A myth of two untouched places where snow and ice still rule is all the Arctic has left to hang from...

You can either choose to be a wolf in a wolf pack or a polar bear (when you first begin in this thread, you are allowed two characters, and if it seems you can handle that amount, you are allowed unlimited. I can still restrict you again if needed, though, so don't get too crazy!). From there your main goal is to survive and reach the Great Forest (wolves)/Icy Sea (bears), which are safe havens only told in legend. These lands are supposedly free of humans and are still fresh and full of food. Along your journey, friends and bonds will be made, while at the same time enemies will form. Both wolves and bears must strive to survive, or they will perish.


Setting and History: The Arctic is a very cold, icy place. It is practically a desolate desert of snow, but several brave species call it home. The polar bears live along the ice and sea, while the wolf packs make their home on the coastal land. Things have always been hard, and only the toughest end up surviving, but now a new challenge rocks the land: humans. After the explosions several months ago, things have been very different (the explosions are what caused the oil to leak out). Now oil and chemicals are mucking up the whole environment and humans are always scrambling about, capturing animals that are almost never seen again. It is especially dangerous being it's early spring and offspring are just beginning to emerge from their dens. How are they suppose to learn and live with this mess? Not to mention you yourself must either thrive and reach the safe haven, or you won't. And it isn't that simple.


Here's a map, just so everyone knows their whereabouts wink.gif: Click here for map




Ranks: Those who first join the thread will get their pick on ranks, and things will fall in place from there. So, yes, it is first come first serve. Also, just because you have a certain rank doesn't mean it is yours forever. Your wolf must maintain its rank and truly prove itself to keep it. Higher ranked wolves are the ones usually keeping the lower ones in place, but if your wolf wishes to, it may rise up and attempt to steal a higher place by fighting the owner of the rank out by overpowering it or even killing (please keep PG13 though, and no power playing, see rules). All wolves are allowed to mate with any others, no matter their rank. Although, if a higher ranked wolf falls in love with a lower ranked one, it is often looked upon harshly even though this doesn't violate the rules of the pack. And just everyone knows, wolves in the wild Arctic generally live to be eight years old, the oldest being twelve. Usually the harder a wolf's life is, the shorter it will live.

Here is a list of the ranks, going from highest to lowest, including a definition and amount per rank:

*Alpha: two: There is a limit of two, and if there are two Alphas they are usually mates for life. The Alphas are the pack leaders with ultimate decision and most power. Mates or not, this leading pair must be able to communicate and cooperate together, or else the whole pack will suffer.

*Beta: two: The Betas assist the Alphas with decisions and help keep the rest of the pack in place by enforcing the ranks and rules. They're also the leaders when it comes to combat, although this skill was rarely used before the polar bears went on their rampage. These wolves can even be compared to "body-guards" for the Alphas and the pack. If there are two Betas, that does not mean they must be mates or even of different genders (ex. brothers)

*Delta: two-three: Deltas generally lead/organize hunting parties and help the Alpha decide the Hunter's positions (more info in Hunters section), although have the same gender rules as Betas.

*Hunters: three-five: Hunters are the ones who provide food for the pack, following the Delta's orders. They have specialized positions in a hunt, and it is up to the Hunter covering that area to preform it flawlessly. Even if one Hunter fails to do so, the whole hunt will be failed. That is why these wolves must be well skilled and suited for these certain positions (which will be stated later in the thread). Although lately, because of the oil spill and fewer prey numbers to hunt, some Hunters have been assigned to several jobs, as long as they can do it fluently.

*Liners: three-five: Liners are fairly ranked, right in the middle, although their task in the pack is a backbreaking one. They are to head out to the territory edges and refresh the scent marks, watch for any intruders, and observe the movement of prey. All of this information is to be reported to the Alpha only, who will then repeat the information to those who need it (such as the Deltas for movement of prey). Once preforming their trip, they are allowed about a weeks rest before they must do so again.

*Den Guarders: one-three: Den Guarders watch the den place and pups while the rest of the pack is out hunting, even entertaining them. These sitters are usually the pups of older seasons, using it as a temporary rank before they attempt to move up or leave the pack which they usually do around the age of 1 to 2 years.

*Omega: one: Omegas are at the lowest rank and Omegas get little to no respect. The rest of the pack simply use the Omega to blow off steam and to beat around for fun. Omegas don't last very long either. They get very little food, left to eat after the rest of the pack and sleep outside in the wind and snow at night. Sometimes, if a wolf decides to challenge a higher rank and loses, but doesn't die or get banished, they are set at an Omega rank. If there are more than one Omega, one must be killed or banished to result in one again.

*Pups: depending on the litter: Pups don't have a rank in the pack and are simply the pups. They play, eat and often cause chaos, but will eventually become the next generation, becoming official adults when they turn one and a half years old. Their mothers will stay in the den, their jobs in the pack put aside until the pups can eat meat. Then their work will continue as normal, and when not busy, both parents will hopefully have enough time to teach them how to survive and be a wolf. Den Guarders will often fill in for them on teaching once and a while though.

*Outsiders: Outsiders don't own any territory, rank, or even a pack. They're simply on there own. Outsiders are often banished wolves from other packs or young wolves that have just left their birth pack to find another. Life is hard for these wolves, and most don't survive unless they're rather experienced. That is why most pups stay with their birth pack, not wanting to take the risk. It is also very hard for an Outsider to join a pre-existing pack, unless they are accepting members. And just to check, have you been reading all of the thread? If you're reading this, and was skipping, please go back and go from start to finish, or else you'll be missing out on good stuff! Thanks :3


Hunters' Positions: Listed below are the positions the Hunters can have. Only Hunters can have these, and your wolf earns them; you cannot apply or ask (besides suggesting what your wolf would be best at if wanting to be a Hunter).

*Sprinters: These wolves begin the hunt and scatter the prey. They will often chase the prey into a trap or ambush, and once the others can attack, they fall back. Must be quick and agile.

*Chasers: Second to attack, these wolves tier the prey, nipping at their heals and continue throughout the hunt. Must have good endurance.

*Flankers: Flankers follow the Chasers soon after they go in, closing in on the prey at their sides (flank means sides). If the animal attempts to break for it, the Flankers will push them back in. Must be agile and stubborn (to hold ground when prey tries to escape).

*Snatchers: Snatchers are the ones who come out last, and make the final move of bringing the animal down so everyone can finish it, or in other words, "snatch" the meal. They will come up from behind, after the animal is weary and struggling, and slam themselves into it, hopefully knocking it over. Must be massive and strong.


Character Sheet: Please fill it out with good description and specific explanations, then post in OoC Thread (this is still in unapproved section, so for now, just PM me it). Pictures do NOT substitute descriptions! And please, for personality, description, and history, they should all have at least two sentences:


[SIZE=14][color=purple][font=Optima]Character Sheet:[/SIZE][/color][/font]

[COLOR=green][FONT=Geneva][B]Pack & Rank [i]Wanted[/i]:[/B][/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=green][FONT=Geneva][B]Pups & Mates?:[/B][/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=green][FONT=Geneva][B]Image Link (optional):[/B][/FONT][/COLOR]


Polar Bears:


You will start off with a territory, small or large depending on how you describe it, and it will eventually change due to others effecting it.

Polar bears were the rulers of the ice; strong, massive, and most definitely feared by the rest of the Tundra. Nothing would stand in a white bear's way, at least before the humans came. After they dumped all their gases and oil everywhere, the bears could no longer live on the sea ice. Pressured by famine and the threat of humans, they had no choice but to head toward land, where the last of prey could be found, although this came with yet another challenge: wolves. Even though the bears are very powerful, (frustration with the humans also driving them forward with aggression) a well-defended pack of canines isn't exactly easy to overpower. Soon, several younger bears had had it. They were hungry, and realized that the way they were approaching this situation wouldn't work: so they decided to join together. Small groups of two to five bears began to form, working as a team to get what they needed. Normally, polar bears live alone for the majority of their life (besides breeding and parenting), so having to be supported by another to survive was considered weak and low to those of older generations who were well accustom to the traditional method of living. Some white bears simply attacked others living in groups out of sheer anger and stubbornness.The great polar bears haven't had it easy lately, struggling with humans, oil, wolves, and bears alike. They really are in a rough spot.

And again, just so everyone knows, polar bears generally live fourteen to twenty years in the wild, sometimes cut shorter due to hardship, injury and illness. Cubs also live with their mothers for two years, so are considered adults at two years. And just as a cool fact, most litters are just two cubs, or twins.



Now that the Western polar bears are split into two groups (those who team up with others to live, and those who choose to stay living alone), they have evolved names and behaviors for themselves. Those who gather with others in small groups (2-5 members usually) are called the Revolutionaries, or Revs for short. Revs are often of the younger generation, being they don't have as much wisdom as those older might have and don't understand the full concept of living alone. They are only doing so to survive, but the bears who choose to still live alone think they're weak by doing so. Called the Traditionals, they don't like to think in that sense of having to depend on others to survive. They'd much rather be the leaders of themselves and themselves only, not seeing the point of having to drag around others who will simply end up eating the food that could all be yours. Both sides are often fighting and being savage to each other, mocking them and their tack ticks.


Character Sheet: Please fill it out with good description and specific explanations. Pictures do NOT substitute descriptions! And please, for personality, description, and history should all have at least two sentences, then then post in OoC Thread (this is still in unapproved section, so for now, just PM me it):


[SIZE=14][color=purple][font=Optima]Character Sheet:[/SIZE][/color][/font]

[color=green][font=Geneva][b]Territory (please state size and general features):[/b][/color][/font]
[color=green][font=Geneva][b]Group? (Revolutionaries or Traditionals):[/b][/color][/font]
[color=green][font=Geneva][b]Image Link (optional):[/b][/color][/font]

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Ice Pack: Aurora Pack: Wind Pack:


Alpha 1: Alpha 1: Alpha 1:

Alpha 2: Alpha 2: Alpha 2:


Beta 1: Beta 1: Beta 1:

Beta 2: Beta 2: Beta 2:


Delta 1: Delta 1: Delta 1:

Delta 2: Delta 2: Delta 2:

Delta 3: Delta 3: Delta 3:


Hunter 1: Hunter 1: Hunter 1:

Hunter 2: Hunter 2: Hunter 2:

Hunter 3: Hunter 3: Hunter 3:

hunter 4: Hunter 4: Hunter 4:

Hunter 5: Hunter 5: Hunter 5:


Liner 1: Liner 1: Liner 1:

Liner 2: Liner 2: Liner 2:

Liner 3: Liner 3: Liner 3:

Liner 4: Liner 4: Liner 4:

Liner 5: Liner 5: Liner 5:


Den Guarder 1: Den Guarder 1: Den Guarder 1:

Den Guarder 2: Den Guarder 2: Den Guarder 2:

Den Guarder 3: Den Guarder 3: Den Guarder 3:


Omega 1: Omega 1: Omega 1:


Polar Bears:

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Only her exposed left side was numb and cold, the rest of her body safely warmed by her mate and the dent in the snow they had built last night. She would have moved herself to be better protected, but this morning she found herself tired. Very tired. Probably due to the lack of food they had had in the last three weeks or so, or maybe the constant travel they had been up to each day. In fact, as Frost dozed sleepily, finding herself so weary yet unable to fall into deep rest again, she recalled the last meal she had had. A small morsel of a skinny arctic hare, and only getting the skull and back legs at that, the rest to share with her beloved mate, Folan. And that was eight days ago. They had also traveled 134 miles in the past four days through a blinding blizzard that had been blasting the land since five days ago. Her stomach pained hungrily, just the thought of that arctic hare -- which suddenly seemed so much more appetizing than just a few bones and skin -- making her mouth flood with saliva. Frost was so hungry she often found herself munching on snow or tree bark and dead plants, and when nothing else was available; her fur. But right now she found herself too weak to chew on anything, even though she desperately wanted to have the feel of eating something back in her mouth. Her body beginning to shake with cold and the thought of famine, Frost could only curl deeper into herself and the warm, black pelt beside her, whimpering quiet pleads to no one in particular. And although they weren't answered, she got the next best thing: more sleep.





Folan woke to two surprising things that afternoon. One, the sun was out. It blazed brightly in the cloudless, brilliant blue sky, reflecting off the fresh blanket of snow, making his eyes burn. And at this Folan realized a second fact: the blizzard had ceased. That was one of the funny things about the Arctic, especially during spring (which it just happened to be). It could be snowing so hard you couldn't even see your own snout and one second later you might find yourself in a rainy drizzle. Folan always found himself amazed by this ever since he was a little pup, but he didn't have the time to think of his puppyhood at the moment. Standing to his feet and shaking the three feet of snow from his body, he then made to wake his mate, Frost. She was buried under even more snow and once he reached her he could have sworn she was dead. Her body was twisted up in itself, somewhat like a wolf in pain or sickness might do. Her body was as cold as ice too, some of her furs frozen upward on her body from bits of snow. This actually happened on numerous accounts, Folan thinking she might have died. And with a quick lick to her ears he was relieved to find he was wrong. She opened her clouded eyes, looking tireder and weaker then ever.


"Hey Frosty, c'mon, time to get up. Today we're gonna get some food. I promise." Folan chirped lightly. Frost needed food. Now. And just as much as he did, too, even though he had a bit more hope and life than Frost had left to drive him. She sighed, sinking back down into the snow, waiting a moment before she replied.


"Today's the day then, huh? I'm starved, I don't think I'll last much longer Folan. I wish I could help, with the blizzard gone and all. But, the Black Water. The humans..." She trailed away with mumbles and nightmares as she always did when feeling helpless and lost. Her voice always sounded even and silky though, beautiful like she use to be. But who said she had changed? Folan gently hauled her up to her feet, helping her balance. She groaned and tensed with each step.


"This isn't gonna work, sweet. You need to stay and rest, no point in making you hurt if you can't do anything anyway." He paused, seeing the pain in her eyes. "I mean of course you would normally be able to help me, but not now. It's better for you to stay and easier for me so I don't have to worry. Okay? I'll go out and try to catch us some grub, maybe even a moose. How 'bout that?" Folan joked, grinning his signature happy-go-lucky grin. He then turned and trotted off over the hill, away from Frost's view and beyond.

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Folan trotted over the the sloping hills, the snow crisp enough for him to lope across easily without any sink. The brightness of the day gave him a newly found energy as well, feeling a bound of hope and happiness in each step. He was determined, too. Folan wouldn't return to Frost without a meal for her. And he wasn't sure she wouldn't make the night once the temperature plummeted, not unless she had warm food in her. It was now or never.


It took him a couple more miles heading west until he stumbled across an arctic hare scent. It was rather recent; the hare had just passed by a little over 1 or 2 hours ago, so the odds were still promising. Roving around the area, nose to the ground, Folan managed to sniff out the occupied burrow found under a dead shrub of sticks. And even better: someone was home. With the rich sensation of warm meat sliding down his throat in mind, Folan quickly and quietly rose into the air like an arc, smashing all his weight and extra force on the top of the den, caving it in with snow. Pressing his face to the blocked entrance, he could feel the panicked movement of the prey inside. Now for the tricky part. Slowly and effectively he began to dig a hole through the snow with his paw, clawing his way down the filled tunnel. Soon he found himself up to his chest, also at the end of the tunnel which opened into a small chamber, also were the hare hid. Folan felt around a minute, until at last he grazed the furs of the frantic creature inside. It jumped about at his touch, smacking the sides in an effort to escape. This only helped Folan even more though, being able to pierce it with his claws while the hare was blinded by fear. With a number of thrashing, Folan had made his kill.


"Milk? But how could...?" He exclaimed after dragging the prey up to inspect. This hare -- female hare -- had the fresh scent of milk all on her, and after he dug out the burrow to see, his question was answered. 10 baby rabbits, no older than 1 to 3 weeks, were hidden there, bundled together for warmth. Too small to run or flee, they made the easiest meal to get. And little guilt did Folan have for killing 11 lives, only knowing how much better off he and Frost would be as he retraced his dull steps, prey in mouth.

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Namara woke up from her sleep, just to find out she couldn't tell wether or not it was day. Shaking the snow from her coat, Namara took a deep breath and had a good look around.

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