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Shadows: Whisper | Assassin's Creed

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The sixth installation of the Shadows saga has begun!


OCC Thread- http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=S...=0#entry6526281


The sky was blue; as blue as the ocean and blue as the man's eyes as he walked down the street of the Austrian Circle. The year was 1600 A.D. The Holy Roman Empire was as strong as ever during those lovely times. Germanic people mingled on the street corners, gossiping about the... strange people that went around the streets in hoods and armor. Funny, that's how he was dressed as he lurked under the overhangs of the stone buildings. A tuft of blond hair poked from under the hood and into the light, but that was all that it revealed. Callous, pink lips were twisted into a devious and somewhat charming smirk as he relaxed against a wall, tucking his gloved hands behind his back.

Now, where was he? That man he was meeting.

The male hesitantly lowered his hood and glanced around. There were no enemies nearby, and no one even thought of looking toward the shadows of the buildings. The Germanic people spoke idly, softly, happily amongst their own groups. Some pretty women strolled down the street, which the male instinctively followed with his mischievous eyes. Up and down the eyes went, taking in the fluid movements of the women's hips and torso. If only... he thought wistfully. Though, he immediately pushed the thought to the side. This life was better. The life he used to live before this one was a lie, and the Brotherhood found him and showed him the light. And it felt... wonderful to be free from the "happy" thoughts of the idle people.

Now, where was this son of a... Well, he’d rather not even think that word.

"If only you were as observant of your surroundings as you are of women."

Alarmed, the man raised his eyes to see an older man at his left side; while he was maybe thirty, the other man was around forty. "Ebizio!"

"If I were one of them, you would be dead." Ebizio's lips twisted slightly into a snarl, silently scolding his apprentice for lack of attention. Not that it mattered. Casio almost never learnt from his mistakes and was always...flighty.

"You took so long." Casio said softly.

"An assassin must always be on guard." Ebizio cut him off before he could say anything else. "You know that."

"Yes," Casio hung his head. Ebizio looked to the side and leant against the wall with Casio. The mentor and apprentice shared silence for a long time. The birds chirped and occasionally a few wary glances were sent their way. They listened to the chatter of the people again; they were speaking about the day, how it was so sunny and warm.

"I have heard rumors that mysterious cargo ships have appeared in the harbor," Ebizio informed his apprentice. "We will go and investigate."

Casio's eyes lit up from their dulled state. He knew that investigate meant going around and cutting the German guards' throats; he loved that kind of stuff. "When should we go?" he asked immediately.

"As soon as possible," Ebizio smiled roughly down at Casio and, in a moment, he leapt up, clinging to the overhang with a hookblade, and lifted himself up to the building's ceiling. Casio promptly followed, and the two slipped like shadows across the ceilings of the buildings around them. Leaping and clinging, they made their way toward the harbor.




You are a person living in the Holy Roman Empire or Italy. The type of person you will be, however, is all up to you. You can be an assassin, Templar, or a normal citizen. Though, whatever you do will lead to something else- whether it be good or bad.

Though, on top of the everyday struggle against the assassins, the Templars have discovered that Altair, an assassin of legend, had written every single thing about the assassins in a book which he keeps locked up somewhere in the Holy Roman Empire. The assassins have discovered this as well, and now, the two are fighting more than ever-- the Templars for retrieving the book and destroying the Brotherhood using their secrets, and the Brotherhood to keep their secrets safe.

The Book of Altair, or so the book is called, is located somewhere in the empire. It could be under the city in the caverns and tunnels, or up in the city itself. However, both the Brotherhood and Templars know that Altair was unpredictable- and thus he must have hidden his book in an unpredictable and dangerous place.

The Brotherhood and the Templars do not know that the book is being searched for by each other, but soon, they will due to the citizen's gossip of the movement around the city... That or the assassins that are being held captive by the Templars will spill the beans under their harsh torture. The question is... Who will find the book first, the Brotherhood or the Templars?


Now that the Book is found and safe within the heart of Rome's Brotherhood, the assassins are somewhat happy. But after dousing the blaze of a Piece fueled rebellion, the original Brotherhood accept Casio Portabello, Cullen Reid, Joan Slyndenti, the leaders of the New Brotherhood and who had the Pieces in their possession, back home with other assassins with no punishment. Peace is uneasy between those select assassins and the rest, but will the new day last long enough so that the Brotherhood could bathe in the warm rays, and rest from the darkness and death of night?


Generation 2


After the great assassins had fallen, leaving behind some hope for the stability of the Creed, the Brotherhood of Rome crumbled. Each of the children went their own ways, going to visit the world or staying in Rome to work. But Cullen Reid, an old relic that Rome's Creed left behind, came to help rebuild the Creed. At his death the assassins came back together, and made the Brotherhood stable.

But a threat looms in the shadows... A Russian ex-military man, Ruslan Smert, knows of the Brotherhood and plans to take them down, so the Templars could achieve their goals at controlling the world without any resistance. The plan is this: to get the assassins to join his side or kill all of them. 


Generation 3


Years have passed, and the year is 1861- the Civil War is at its peak and the two young countries, the Union States of America and the Confederate States of America, are feuding over slave rights. The Confederates want black slaves and the Union deems it disgraceful and wrong, and they are currently fighting for this reason. The Creed is in an equal state; the Union's Creed and the Confederate's Creed are at war as well, and are secretly battling it out without anyone noticing. The Union's Creed have to be careful... They don't have just one powerful enemy any longer.


Generation 4


The Templars and the Assassins have fought for many, many generations, but it all comes down to this- the present times. The Templars became Abstergo Industries, and the Brotherhood is simply called the Brotherhood. Abstergo agents are looking for the Pieces of Eden, and the Assassins are definitely trying to stop them- but they have a huge head start on it...

The Assassins will have to, not only send some of their own to travel the world, but keep the base clean back at New York, and that will prove difficult, dodging police and Abstergo agents at the same time...


Generation 5


We're going back in time to Ancient Greece. In Thebes, things are calm, collected... But remember, Thebes is Athens's neighbor, and Athens is pissed. They prepare for war, and reap up many, many men to fight. Some of them are looking for something... But what?


Generation 6


A little forward now, mateys! Branching off of the Italian Creed in 1600, a band of assassin pirates are on a search for three Pieces of Eden... but they have no idea where they are, and all they have are many riddles leading to their locations. In their way is starvation and tension, storms, and the main enemy, the Templars.




Most of the oceans and most of Europe, maybe to the new world.


Some Terms


Street-Born: an assassin who was born and raised in the streets. They are respected the most because they learned how to survive on their own.

Creed-Born: an assassin who was born and raised in the Creed. They are least respected because they lived a pampered and protected life until it came time to learn how to fight.

Litter [Litters]: a babe or babes that were born to an assassin.

Dirty Half Blood [Dirty Half Blood Templar/Half Blood]: a Templar or assassin whose mother/father was an assassin and their father/mother was a Templar. Overall the most disrespected people in the Order or Brotherhood. They are treated like garbage.



  • No flaming, god modding, constant vulgar cursing, etc.
  • No Mary Sues or Gary Stus.
  • There will be several scenes in this RP that involves violence, but please do not go into gruesome detail about a kill.
  • Your charrie must age. That means that there's no way to get around the death thing. It's not like the charries can't reproduce and then there are new ones! Magical!
  • Be realistic!
  • There can and will be romance, but please be aware that you must keep it PG-13.
  • You can make as many characters as you want, but please keep them active.
  • Translate any foreign language in your posts, even if it contains curses.
  • No chat speak. You must use proper grammar.
  • All sections of the form must be filled.
  • Two paragraphs [16+ sentences] per character.
  • The password is to be included in the other section of your form. The password is 'OMG, ALTAIR IS SO SEXEH'.
  • New rule: No assassins/apprentices under seventeen years old.






Birthplace: [NOT ASIA]

Side: [Assassin? Templar? Citizen?]

Position: [Assassin Leader/Assassin/Mentor/Apprentice? Templar Captain? N/A?]

Assassin Rank:

Appearance: [Just a pic of the person, does not have to be wearing specific clothing.]

Clothing: [What clothes do they wear?]





  1. , Emilio [grandfather], Steven [father], Kari [mother], etc.]

Abilities: [something they're good at!]

Weaknesses: [At least five.]

Strengths: [At most three.]




Theme Song: [For fun! <3]








Ceto, Female, 19 [TMD]


First Mate


Theresa, Female, 23 [Rain]


Second Mate


Stark, Male, 21 [Koko]


Third Mate




Cullen, Male, 23 [Duss]




Samuel, Male, 46 [Duss]






Castiel, Male, 36 [TMD]




Aero, Male, 20 [Danni]


Master Gunner


Abigail/Abe, Female, 25 [Mouse]




Garrett, Male, 24 [TMD]


Able Seamen


Heidi, Female, 22 [Duss]


Duncan, Male, 29 [Moose]


Ambra, Female, 20 [TMD]


Cabin Boys/Apprentices


Robb, Male, 18 [TMD]


Mary, Female, 19 [Rain]


Bruna, Female, 23 [KoKo]




Velia, Female, 18 [TMD]

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Character Information

Assassins- They are the main focus of the story. Their group is also called the Brotherhood. They are basically the good guys, yet, they pick pocket, and commit unruly actions at times to attract attention. These people revere two assassins named Altair and Ezio. They do not allow dirt to be scraped on those names, no matter what. There are three types of assassins:

1.) Mentor- overall the highest an assassin could go in rank; they are the ultimate leader of a branch, and the country that they're in. Think of the Mentor as the president and the leaders as their advisors. Whatever the Mentor says, goes, no matter what. If all the leaders gather and decide on something between each other, they must go to their Mentor for the approval. They give the final descision on any attacks, executions, or mentor for a specific apprentice.

2.) Assassin Leaders- the leaders of the group of assassins. They give out orders and give others apprentices to teach. They are usually the quickest and smartest of the group, but of course, they have flaws as well. These are the only assassins that have Dual Hidden Blades and there can be three of them.

3.) Assassin- a normal assassin. They go around performing missions and helping the locals.

4.) Assassin Mentor- an assassin who is currently teaching an apprentice. The mentor and the apprentice usually go on missions together and their trust is basically unbreakable. Mentors are usually trustworthy assassins that have proven themselves worthy to teach a younger apprentice.

5.) Assassin Apprentice- a new assassin. They are currently in training.

Assassins usually stay to themselves while on missions. Though, if they do come across Germanic Guards, they use a technique that calls assassins to their aid- a whistle resembling the screech of a bird of aid. This could be heard for at least a mile, and assassins have been taught that this is a sign of distress and they should investigate.

Eagle Sense- a sixth sense in assassins. They have the ability to observe something so well that they find out information about the item or person they are looking at.

Assassin Ranks


1- Recruit (Private)

2- Servant (Private E2)

3- Assistant (Private First Class)

4- Soldier (Sergeant) <-- Where they become actual full assassins.

5- Disciple (Staff Sergeant)

6- Mercenary (Sergeant First Class)

7- Warrior (Master Sergeant)

8- Veteran (Command Master Sergeant)

9- Assassin First Rank (Second Lieutenant)

10- Assassin Second Rank (First Lieutenant)

11- Assassin Third Rank (Major)

12- Assassin Fourth Rank (Lieutenant Colonel)

13- Assassin Fifth Rank (Colonel)

14- Assassin Master (General)


Abstergo- a group of "genetic scientists". They kidnap people with rich, assassin bloodlines and put them in the Animus to find out where the Pieces of Eden are. They also fight against the Brotherhood, and they work with the police, the government, and basically every offical.


Citizens- citizens![/times]





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Username: TMD

Name: Ceto Sylvini

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Birthplace: Lipari, Sicily

Side: Assassin

Position: Captain

Assassin Rank: 12

Appearance: Listen to me.

Clothing: Got a problem? Say it to my face.

Weapons: Double Hidden Blade, Hook Blade, Double Scimitar, Matchlock

Personality: Ceto is usually misliked by a lot of people. Her own crew from her previous ship actually threw her over board because they couldn't stand her... She is loud, obnoxious, and believes that Italy is the best country in the world. Luckily, she can't really communicate with others if her crew, because there's a slight language barrier between the crew members and her. She loves to drink and dance and sing, drunkenly, of course. Other than that, she is vicious and merciless in battle... Despite being young, she can take down a few men without even stopping for a breath.

History: The reason that Ceto is so young and yet has such a high position; she was adopted into a pirate creed when was very young, around the age of six. It was there that she met Castiel, who had grown to become to her best friend. He was eighteen at the time, but he soon became defensive and protective over her. Castiel taught her the ways of the Creed, showing her how things worked. Soon after, Castiel adopted his censorkip.gif*** son into the Creed as well, even taking him under his wing. Ceto however, rose in the ranks, blazing up the levels like wildfire.

Kin: Unknown.

Abilities: Double weapon combat.


- Misliked.

- Loud, usually doesn't listen to anyone.

- A drunkard.

- Very violent, especially toward men.

- Prone to abusing her power.


- Extremely strong.

- Cunning.

- Loyal.

Likes: Alcohol, men, violence, warmth.

Dislikes: Everything else...

Other: "Idiot! I demand you work!"

Theme Song: Sail - AWOLNation


First Mate


Username: RainDash

Name: Theresa "Tessa/Killer Queen" Windhill

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Birthplace: London, England

Side: Assassin

Position: First Mate

Assassin Rank: Master

Appearance: Proper ladies know when the time is right to strike.

Clothing: Her shirt is a bit higher up...

A lady must have something to relax in...

Weapons: Dual Hidden Blades, Cutlass, dagger, flintlock

Personality: Never without a proper cup of tea, Tessa's a proper Englishwoman. Except that she's a ruthless swords woman who doesn't care who is in her way. She uses proper English at all times, often having been mistaken for a baroness or a 'Queen'. However, Tessa has a mean streak she often tries to cover up by breathing deeply and drinking tea. Should both of those fail, whoever irritates her is likely to be at the mercy of her sword. Though she is fairly short, she has been known to take down men a foot taller than her in a fit of rage. A smile is a rarity, and only given to those she is friends with. Anything otherwise and you'll only get a smile behind a hand.

History: Locked in a room and taught only the bare minimum, Tessa knew that her rich parents were ashamed of her. She never learned why until she saw her twin brother, the oaf learning the trade of her family and failing. She pointed this out to her parents and was told to return to her room. When she was ten, she escaped her house and stowed away on a pirate ship. When she explained her situation to the first mate, he smiled and showed her the captain. A woman who had her quarters set in a high class fashion, brewed tea and explained that Tessa would remain on the ship until she paid back all of the supplies she had stolen. Tessa agreed and helped out around the ship. Once they were in battle, Tessa grabbed a sword and started to swing it. Her natural talent helped fend off the attackers and she learned more. Over time, she found the Assassins and decided to join them.

Kin: John Windhill [Father], Maria Windhill [mother], and Thomas Windhill [brother]

Abilities: Swordfighting


-Tends to overthink things.

-Easily angered.

-Her tea, she'll go to any lengths to keep drinking it.

-Her family, which she hates but will protect anyway.

-Avoids doing any sort of heavy lifting if at all possible.




Likes: Dresses, tea, men, and gold

Dislikes: Dirty messes, short jokes, foolish men, and spilled tea


Theme Song: Killer Queen- Queen


Second Mate


Username: Kokay

Name: Stark Dietrich

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Birthplace: Germany

Side: Assassin

Position: Second mate

Assassin Rank: N/A

Appearance: [X]

Clothing: [X] Uses cloak as a sort of mask. When he is seen wearing it, he is probably hiding and he removes it afterwards in order to blend in again. He wears thick cloth boots to keep silent.

Weapons: Throwing knives, Hidden blade, and a stiletto knife, also occasionally scimitars for more dangerous missions

Personality: Stark comes off as a grumpy person. He doesn't seem to notice when he's gone too far, and will often keep pushing a matter that should be dropped. He talks a big game, and is truly more bark than he is bite. But, when he does promise, he keeps his promises. He likes to be considered a man of his word. Stark isn't really a cold person, but he does prefer to be considered unapproachable. In this way, he avoids problems with others who would give him trouble. He has a kind soul and is troubled due to this. He believes that having a caring heart in this line of work makes him weak. Stark has a strong sense of morals, and rarely goes against that which he personally thinks is right. Friendship is important to him, and he tends to go out of his way to help people. His feelings on human life greatly affect him as a person. Stark believes that every human life is sacred and that no one person has a greater right to live than another. Excepting, of course, the younger generation. While, in his eyes, the old still have a chance to change it is the younger who have the chance to do the most good.

History: Stark's family moved to Italy soon after he was born. He never knew the reasons, and knew little of them. As a child, he had been fairly unstable and was known to brawl with those who made him mad. This earned him a negative reputation in the area. Unstable as he was, he often argued with his parents. He was beaten constantly, (maybe it was for his own good, but a child's eyes don't see that) and was often kept from playing with the other kids. Stark hated them, and fled from his home. From then on, he lived alone on the streets. Pickpocketing became second nature to him, as did any form of sneaking. At one point, he was caught and beaten near to death by a store keeper. A Templar Knight took pity on him and nursed him back to health. Though the man offered for Stark to stay until he was old enough to move on, he left. He learned the nature of civilians well and knew how to hide among them. The whisperings of the Brotherhood were strong in his area. Stark was about 19, he witnessed an assassination performed by the Brotherhood. He followed the Assassin closely, sneaking the whole time, and was recruited because he was able to do so. Though it may be noted here, that he wasn't unseen to the Assassin, they were testing his skills. His apprenticeship to Ceto was very plain. He learned well with her, and, though they bickered often, he became very attached to her.

Abilities: Stealth. All forms of it. He can sneak well, climb well, and blend in seamlessly with the crowd.


1. Stark has separation anxiety. Once he's found someone he trusts wholly, he tends to follow them around like a lost dog.

2. His close quarters fighting is pitiful.

3. Stark has an unbelievably hot temper and has been known to act on it.

4. He does not know how to swim.

5. Ranged fighting is weak, but not nearly as bad as close quarters.

6. Paralyzingly terrified of large animals. This includes horses, and any dogs.


1. His stealthiness. It's a learned trait, and he practices it constantly. He's been known to walk in on conversations he wasn't supposed to hear on accident simply due to his quietness.

2. Stark's undying loyalty to humanity. Simply put, he will always do whatever he can to help others. And, he only takes life when required to. This includes when battling with the Templar.

Likes: Kind people, cats, fishing, Templar (secretly), and anything that requires planning (such as a game of chess)

Dislikes: Killing, people who kill, not being able to help those who need it, large animals, and boats in particular



Third Mate




Username: Dusset

Name: Cullen Reid (updated!)

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Birthplace: Ireland

Side: Assassin

Position: Navigator

Assassin Rank: 11

Appearance:5’ 8”, 120 lbs. Short red hair, maybe a half-inch long ad no freckles. Bright green eyes and a scar running from the corner of his right eye to his corresponding temple.

Clothing: Cullen's New Robes

Weapons: Bow and arrows chosen over a crossbow. Hook-blade and standard hidden blade. Short cutlass holstered on his left hip. Throwing knives set on his left shoulder.

Personality: Cullen is a simple man, and is normally calm around others. However, if you irritate him to an extent it’s not hard to get a fight out of him, especially if he’s been drinking.

History: When he was eight his parents immigrated from Ireland to the Holy Roman Empire to the Kingdom of Germany. After three years of living peacefully his parents were brutally murdered by guards over a dispute. He was sent to an orphanarium but escaped. Shortly after, he got into a scuffle with a wandering guard harassing a store-owner. It ended in blood on Cullen’s hands. The event was observed by a passing assassin who recruited him to the order. He was moved to Ireland where he trained, but then transferred to England for personal reasons.

Kin: Jennifer Reid (Mother, deceased), Oliver Reid (Father, deceased), Cyrus of Sparta (Distant ancestor). *Progenitor of Reid family lines.

Abilities: Cullen has always been a fan of the bow and trains in it vigorously. He has developed a style of free-running that allows him to move with his bow drawn, which primarily consists of footwork, bounding off one wall to the other without using hands.

Weaknesses: Like any good Irishman Cullen loves a good ale. Or beer, or anything that has any semblance of alcohol in it, in times when he isn’t in the field he’s brawling. Unlike others he indulges to help cope with line of work. He’ll never be OK with taking lives and struggles to deal with this depression on a daily basis. After every kill, no matter how insignificant he recites a prayer.

Due to his style of acrobatics he isn’t as mobile as his companions, having fallen out of the practice of using his hands. As well he isn’t as capable scaling walls. With a lack of armor to increase his speed on foot he can’t take as many blows as an average assassin, and won’t be on the front lines of a battle.

Strengths: Cullen is a master of the bow and can easily hit a target and greater ranges than most other archers. He, in turn, is great with throwing knives. He’s familiar to a great extent with the wind patterns and how they work, as is needed in long-range archery.

Likes: The concept of a free-world, most people, ales, women.

Dislikes: Killing needlessly, oppression, playing hates Scottish.

Other: Due to his drinking occasionally getting out of hand (A lot more than just brawls) he has been demoted twice. Has a thick accent.

Themesong: Unbelievers – Vampire Weekend






Username: Dusset

Name: Samuel “Dread Pirate” Roberts

Gender: Male

Age: 46

Birthplace: Oslo, Norway

Side: Highest bidder.

Position: Cook

Assassin Rank: N/A

Appearance: Roberts weighs roughly 190lbs and stands at 6’5”. His hair is short and jet black with greying points, and he wears a short beard. His eyes are so dark brown they appear black in most lights, giving him a demonic look about him.

Clothing: Samuel's Clothes

Weapons: Dual Rapiers, three flintlock pistols, Kukri Machete.

Personality: Roberts is a calculating man, but is prone to anger. He’s savage and has no moral issues with killing innocents or ‘allies’. Mostly keeps to himself. Enjoys killing a little more than he should. He has a good sense of dark humor and his sarcasm knows no bounds.

History: Roberts was once one of the best pirate lords on the seas. He had a small fleet of four ships under his command and ravaged others who would challenge his authority, either personally or with cannon. At the height of his career he was known at ports in seas he’d never visited. His fortune was vast and his men loyal. News spread of a treasure fleet, however. Of Roberts’ ships that held as many riches as any man could need for several lifetimes. On the high seas, he encountered many glory-seekers who thought they might slay him for his money. Every single one died. Every one, until he met with his rival, a now, long-dead pirate lord. This man put all his resources into crushing Roberts. He succeeded, to a point. After a battle that spanned at least a week, all ships were sunk and treasure was considered lost. Roberts ended it with running this rival pirate through with a sword, but was left with nothing but a dingy to get to shore. After this, he retired, having achieved more than most men will. He now works as a hired gun; a soldier if needed, a tactician when necessary but a pirate through and through.

Kin: None living, supposedly slain by Roberts at a young age. Probably has several children around the world, though.

Abilities: Roberts can be charming if he needs to be. He’s adept at social nuances and has used this skill to get out of many bad situations.

Weaknesses: Roberts has a drinking problem, he spends more of his free time than he should, drunk. His age reduces his reflexes to a point, to mirror that, his mind isn’t a sharp as it was, but it’s not dull. Over the years, he developed a greed for wealth, which is stronger than most people’s. He’s known to drink while fighting, which generally helps his opposition.

Strengths: Wise in combat and in managing a crew. A witty, dangerous fighter with seemingly no moral barriers. His ambidexterity, making him a dangerous opponent in personal combat, being able to utilize both hands fully.

Likes: Money, fame, respect, alcohol, women and killing.

Dislikes: Laws and governments, younger persons who think they know better, oppression.

Other: Princess Bride reference? Anyone?

Themesong: Back in the Saddle - Aerosmith






Username: TMD

Name: Castiel DuBois

Gender: Male

Age: 36

Birthplace: A small town on the coast of France.

Side: Assassin

Position: Quartermaster Assassin

Assassin Rank: 10

Appearance: Take a moment to truly appreciate the scenery.

Clothing: Sometimes his clothes are more flamboyant, like in his appearance.

Weapons: Hidden Blade, Hook Blade, Two Small Warhammers

Personality: Castiel is a curious Frenchman; like the stereotypic assumption of the French, he is very romantic and knee deep in song. He is friendly and drinks with the other men, and is actually very amiable. Despite this, he has a serious issue of bipolar disorder. He switches between two personalities in a pinch. Castiel will literally be laughing and jesting, and then punching a man's face in, throwing him off the ship when he's done beating the hell out of him. This means that he is feared more than respected, even by his own son. Truthfully, Castiel rather it be that way.

History: Castiel was born in a tiny, nameless village on the outskirts of Paris. His mother and father did not want him, so they gave him to the nearest orphanage. He was mistreated there for a while before assassins came... And not to kill, but to adopt. They were pirates, navymen, seagoers... And they aimed to take some of the poor orphans with them. Castiel was obviously one of them... He was taken in and tended to, such as fed, watered, and treating of his wounds.

After a while, a new recruit came on board... Ceto. Castiel and her became the best of friends, almost distancing themselves from the other crewmembers, even with their broad age difference.

A few months later, Castiel returned to his hometown and found out that a girl he had bedded a while back, when he was sixteen, had a three year old child. The girl gave the small boy to Castiel, and, after being shunned by the girl, took the boy into the Creed and named him Robert, or Robb. Despite the boy having a mentor of his own, Castiel trained him when everyone was asleep, in the dead of night.

Kin: Delilia [Mother], Cesare [Father]

Abilities: Surprise attacks.


- His bipolar disorder.

- His blindness with his son.

- His drinking habits.

- His need for action and violence.

- His friendship with Ceto makes him blind with her as well.


- Marksmanship.

- Surprising someone with an attack.

- Loyalty

Likes: Women, drink [especially wine], brawls, the water, the sun.

Dislikes: Templars, enemy pirates, peace, quiet.

Other: "How 'bout we spice things up, no?"

Theme Song: Elanor Rigby - Beatles




Username: Danni

Name: Aero Octavian

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Birthplace: Rome

Side: Assassin

Position: Assassin Leader

Assassin Rank: Boatswain


Appearance: http://i290.photobucket.com/albums/ll280/i...-anime-guy-.jpg


Clothing: http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h294/RaG...na_carta_13.jpg


Weapons: On his back he carries two dual scimitars which he uses only when he absolutely needs to. Concealed in his belt is a ruby dagger. On his right hip he holds a Light sword; it is crafted out of white steel.


Personality: Aero tends to be fast thinking and willing to throw himself into a fight. He's way confident, almost too confident, which helps sometimes but can also prove to be a burden for him and others. He's stubborn and won't back down; he's willing to let himself die for the thrill of fight. He's pretty trusting and often trusts others too easy, but if he's betrayed he won't let himself forget that he wants revenge.


History: To be revealed (if you knew him from gen 1 you know anyway)


Kin: Arcturus (father), Maya (Mother)


Abilities: Climbing, hand to hand and melee weapon fighting.


Weaknesses: Water, heights, boats, over-confident, ranged fighting


Strengths: Climbing, hand to hand combat, melee weapons


Likes: Fighting, alcohol, women, relaxing, being lazy when he’s not needed


Dislikes: Loud people, annoying people, working too much




Master Gunner


Username: Mousia of Mouseland!

Name: Abigail "Abe" Dunn

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland

Side: Assassin

Position: Master Gunner

Assassin Rank: 10

Appearance: Can't fuss over my hair!

Clothing: Watch your words...

Weapons: Abe carries a flintlock pistol, cutlass, and seven-inch knife. Otherwise, she's manning the cannons aboard the ship and will use those to blow holes in the enemy craft.

Personality: The dreadlocked woman is a fierce fighter and has a sharp tongue that she is not afraid to use. She is a strong believer in mercy, but will often not show it, for she is...intense...to say the least. Abe will publicly shame any gunner or rookie gunner under her command that has not done things the right way, whether it was getting some powder wet or neglecting to properly clean or look after a cannon. Though she is often understanding in the case of a more senior gunner, for she cares more about the cannons than doling out punishment.

History: Abe was brought aboard the ship when she was but a lass, intended to fulfill certain...desires...of the seamen who manned the craft. But, luckily for her, the captain saw the fire in her eyes and willingness to fight anyone as long as she could be an actual crewman rather than a slave. Furthermore, the ship was short a gunner and it was obvious that the cannons made her eyes light up and could transform her day. So after years and years of work, she finally gained enough ground to be the master gunner. In theory, she could have gotten a promotion, but she refuses any sort of attempt at giving her another job. Those guns are her pride and joy and she would viciously kill anyone who tried to harm those cannons. Any new gunners are trained with harsh vigor, but get a dependable boss that will do anything to stay with the guns and often makes friends of people who feel the same, or even just respect her love for them.

Kin: Glen (Father - Estranged); Blair (Mother - Estranged); Malcolm (Younger Brother - Estranged)

Abilities: Anything involving ignition and/or explosions.


-loves the cannons more than anything

-often merciful

-suffers from nightmares easily

-angers easily




-knowledgeable about the functions and mechanics of cannons

-knows a fair amount of knots, surprisingly

Likes: cannons, gunpowder, duty, cannons, gunpowder, explosions, silence, cannons, gunpowder

Dislikes: drinking, the brig, suffering, people, noise, failure

Other: Mew?

Theme Song: Let It Go - The Neighbourhood




Username: TMD

Name: Garrett Hemsworth

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Birthplace: Liverpool, England

Side: Assassin

Position: Carpenter Assassin

Assassin Rank: Just recently became rank 5.

Appearance: I'll do whatever it takes...

Clothing: Is it weird that all pirate clothes on google are costumes?

Weapons: Hidden Blade, Scimitar.

Personality: A natural born follower, Hemsworth is a strange man; he can be quick as a whip with comebacks and yet, he isn't very bright. He dislikes being assigned to missions that he has to lead, since he rather have someone who he can follow. He usually doesn't get the "jabs and jests" that the men say about women. Though he is feeble with his stand on intelligence, he is actually very strong. He can plow his way through a group of men, and take minimal damage. Also, he has a heart of gold. He would do anything for his allies- he would even fight till the death to rescue but one. With women, however, he is as shy as a maid. But then again, he can make peace with almost any crew member and forge new friendships with his happy and hearty personality, especially with his love of drink.

History: Garrett Hemsworth was born to two somewhat high ranking lovers that lived right on the border of the rich and middle district of Liverpool. He lived a fairly normal life, playing in the streets with other children, until the Templars came. His father had a past problem with the armored men, and they thought that they only way to get revenge was to kill him and his wife, and leave Garrett for dead. [OMG BATMAN?!] Garrett learned how to survive by himself, however. He got a job as a smith's apprentice when he was sixteen, and actually became a smith when he was twenty. He then set up shop next to the coast of the country, and that is where he met the Creed- they picked him up when he was literally run out of town for speaking to a noble without their permission. He took the position of carpenter apprentice under the wing of the current carpenter, whose name was Irving. He taught him how to smooth and sculpt wood, and Hemsworth found himself liking carpentry more than smithing. To this day, he serves as a reliable carpenter, along as someone feeds him.

Kin: Tomas [Father], Lila [Mother]

Abilities: Craftsmanship.


- Proudly admits he's a follower. He doesn't know how to lead.

- Isn't the sharpest shed in the tool. [see what I did there?]

- Is somewhat of a complainer, which annoys people.

- Wishes to help everyone he can, even if they say they don't need it.

- His sharp tongue may get him into arguments.


- Great with a sword.

- Loyal to his very last breath.

- Compassionate and kind.

Likes: Food, being useful, drink, having males as friends, women [though he is too shy to make a move], wood, the Creed.

Dislikes: Anything that is unjust.

Other: "Say, I'm hungry..."

Theme Song: Let it Be - Beatles


Able Seamen



Username: Dusset

Name: Heidi ‘Poppy’ Jäger

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Birthplace: Germany

Side: Assassin

Position: Sailor

Assassin Rank: 7

Appearance: Link 5’2”, 110lbs.

Clothing: Link

Weapons: Hidden blade, Sabre, Dual Flintlock Pistols, Small and Large Daggers, Flail.

Personality: Heidi is violent, brutal and sweet. She’s not one you wish to anger, as she’ll likely stab you in the gullet and pour salt in the wound. She can be a lovely, classy and downright polite if she so pleases, but can turn around and have a bar-fight for hours. An enigma for sure, she does so completely conscious, and loves to watch as confusion sets in on observers.

History: Heidi was raised by a wealthy bureaucrat in what is known today, as Germany. She was raised to be a proper woman in every writ, to be fully literate and only speak when spoken to. But since she was raised with two brothers, she learned at an early age to brawl and the importance of strength. Her father, James, was a drunk, prone to beating his family, and by the age of fourteen, Heidi had no desire to deal with him any longer, and killed him in his sleep. Leaving, she took all the valuables she could carry and sold them to anyone who would buy. With a bit of weight in her pocket, she found the source of the stories her mother had told her as a child, a pirate. She demanded that the captain add her to his crew, and he laughed. When she had him bent over a table with his arm in the air and his own knife at his neck, he reconsidered her demands. Two years later, she found the pirate life a bit dull on the ship she had made her home. So she left it. She had a hard time settling until one day she was attacked by an assassin, who had a contract for her. Flattered, she exchanged her loyalty for her life. And so, she joined the Creed. After her training was complete, she went rogue, returning to the pirate life on a new crew, always searching for more adventure at the horizon.

Kin: Benjamin Jäger (brother), Alexander Jäger (brother), James Jäger (father), Bianca Jäger (mother).

Abilities: From years of sailing, she picked up on the finer points of naval combat strategy.

Weaknesses:A hopeless romantic, she becomes quite distracted by attractive men, fantasizing. Even if she might take most in a fight, she can’t do much for her size. Her violent attitude turns away most allies, and even her polite one can’t bring them back. Sometimes gets a bit full of herself and has to be humbled, especially in a fight. Stealth is not her strong suite.

Strengths: Smarter than the average pirate, having had formal education. More skilled in combat than most assassins her rank or even above, from years of necessity. Physically stronger than many women.

Likes: Adventures, plunder, fighting, drinking.

Dislikes: Boredom, snobby people.

Other: Her nickname is derived, uncreatively, from the sound a neck makes with its snapped.

Theme Song: From The Ritz To The Rubble - Arctic Monkeys (link)


Username: Mousie

Name: Duncan Foster

Gender: Male

Age: Over 9000! 29

Birthplace: Bristol, England

Side: Assassin

Position: Sailor

Assassin Rank: 7

Appearance: Hey, wait up!

Clothing: Do you want your head blown off?

Weapons: He carries a flintlock pistol and cutlass.

Personality: Duncan is the kind of person to just stare up at the clouds and think in his free time. While he does his work and whatever needs to get done is accomplished, he is a thinker and often sits by himself to ponder life and all its mysteries.

History: Duncan grew up by the water, running by it daily, smelling the sea breeze and feeling the salt against his skin with the crisp breeze. The water always fascinated him, so he naturally went aboard the ship with his mediocre pirate father and stayed a cabin boy until he was old enough to become a sailor, doing whatever tasks needed doing aboard the ship. His real passion in the water, so he will naturally want to do anything to be with it, even if he's scrubbing the decks and hoisting the masts.

Kin: Ethan (Father - Deceased); Harper (Mother - Estranged); Ian (Brother - Estranged); John (Brother - Estranged); Thomas (Brother - Estranged)

Abilities: Swimming.


-doesn't like to eat fish unless necessary

-sometimes dry skin from being around ocean water so often

-occasionally daydreams instead of working

-has a problem with sinking ships, as it "deforms the ocean"


-strong from swimming

-is relatively smart

Likes: the water, the sky, thinking, the water

Dislikes: many, many things...

Other: Meow meow.

Theme Song: Minimal Beat - Lindsey Stirling



Username: TMD

Name: Ambra Neirum

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Birthplace: Rothenburg, Germany

Side: Assassin

Position: Assassin/Able-Seaman

Assassin Rank: 5

Appearance: With her hair down.

Clothing: My robes are heavy at times...

Weapons: Hidden Hook Blade, Bow, Shortsword.

Personality: Ambra is quite curious. She is very sweet and kind, and a romantic. Her feelings can be easily hurt and she often does not understand dirty or inappropriate jokes. This leads to the assumption that she is slow, but she is really quick as a whip. She knows multiple poisons to use against enemies, which makes her a dangerous opponent in the field of battle. Even if she is a pacifist, she has a very dark side to her. She can be aggressive and humorless when she is bothered. She can very well lash out at someone like an angry cat if severely provoked. Even if this is fact, Ambra always attempts to keep her sweet and kind exterior to strangers and loved ones.

History: Born in Germany, Ambra was not expected to survive a month. She was extremely sickly and her mother could not provide milk for her. Her Irish father lived with his sister's, however, one of which birthed a month before and had milk of her own. Ambra was saved by her aunt, who nursed her and kept her warm and full. When she was two, the family moved to Ireland, finding no future in Rothenburg. Ambra spent most of her life there, and when she turned twelve, her mother passed away. The family went into a state of depression, in which her father attempted suicide several times. Finding it difficult to live in Ireland due to memories of her mother, her father moved to Rome with her and left behind his sisters. The two became extremely poor and Ambra continuously became sick. Under all of the stress, Ambra's father fell into a deeper depression and became sick. At sixteen, Ambra struggled to keep her father alive, only to have him die when she was eighteen. Ambra took to the streets and lived as a hoodlum until she was driven to the Creed in a harsh blizzard.

Kin: Edward [Father- Deceased], Lily [Mother-Deceased], Donnie [Aunt-Deceased], Christian [Cousin]

Abilities: Expert Marksman.


- Very trusting.

- Sometimes knows a little too much for her own good.

- Weak in melee fighting.

- Emotional.

- Stubborn.


- Amazing medic.

- Very smart and cunning.

- Loyal.

Likes: Animals, books, flowers, warm weather, nice people.

Dislikes: Violence, people who bother her.


Theme Song: N/A




Cabin Boys/Apprentices


Username: TMD

Name: Robert "Robb" DuBois.

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Birthplace: [see Castiel]

Side: Assassin

Position: Cabin Boy Apprentice/Wants to be Surgeon.

Assassin Rank: 2

Appearance: With pale brown eyes.

Clothing: I'm just walking here...

Weapons: Hidden Blade, Bow and Arrow.

Personality: Shy and reclusive from the rest of the crew, Robb is shunned except for his own father. The crew doesn't speak to him unless they specifically need him, and even then they don't use his name, just "Cabin Boy" or "Apprentice". This means that he loathes the life on a pirate ship, and plans to dart away when he can.

History: See Castiel.

Kin: Castiel [Father], Lily [Mother]

Abilities: Archery


- Doesn't stand up for himself.

- Doesn't communicate well due to language barriers [speaks mostly French, some Italian, Irish, and English]

- Has low self esteem.

- Has no alliances/friendships on board.

- His relationship with his father is strained.


- Has medical experience.

- Has great marksmanship.

- Good thinker. Can actually lay back and think what he is doing before he decides to continue.

Likes: Flowers, sweets, drink, pretty girls [thats what he calls them].

Dislikes: Templars, his father [somewhat], the crew.

Other: "Just let me do what I have to do."

Theme Song: N/A


]Username: RainDash

Name: Mary Smith

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Birthplace: Sicily (born outside of a city), Italy


Position: Cabin boy/apprentice

Assassin Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: I-I'm not blushing. It's just warm in here.

Her hair in the right light can appear black or blue. Her eyes are a reddish brown and she's rather flat chested. More often than not, she is mistaken for a boy, due to her more stick like build and strength.

Clothing: Yo Ho! Where's my rum?

Weapons: Cutlass, hook blade, hidden blade, and dagger.

Personality: Tomboyish and brave, Mary's more likely to get in fights than to dress up for anything fancy. She's lived her whole life on the streets, working hard to keep up with the boys and won't easily give up the one home she's held for longer than a year. She obeys orders without question, but will only obey the captain's orders and the first mate's orders without a quip. She'll complain and whine, but she'll do the job. She gets along with the other cabin boys pretty well, often making jokes about the higher ups behind their backs.

History: Born to a wealthy Englishman and an Asian concubine, she was abandoned to the streets, only surviving by the help of an old woman who passed after her tenth birthday and scraps. She grew up through her own strength, expecting nothing from anyone, much less kindness. Then she moved to a port city, Naples to be exact. It was serendipity that the Sista Viska was in port, and looking for extra hands to help. She brushed them off at dirst, but caught a glimpse of the crew members and their weapons and fighting style, and decided that she was going to join them.

Kin: Unknown

Abilities: Fighting with anything she can grab.


-no formal training.

-hardheaded and stubborn

-knows almost no one onboard

-rash and impulsive

-has no idea how a ship works


-Can fight with literally almost any weapon

-Knows how to adapt to a situation

-Small enough to fit in small spaces with ease

Likes: Men, Women, fighting, working, booze, and joking around.

Dislikes: People who are too serious, absolute silence, and being told what to do by someone younger than her.

Other: "Aye aye, but I never said I was going to do that right away."

Theme Song: You're Going Down- Sick Puppies


Username: Kokay

Name: Bruna da Silva

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Birthplace: Brazil

Side: Money's

Position: Cabin Boy

Assassin Rank: N/A

Appearance: [X] 5'8"

Clothing: [X]

Weapons: Very skilled in unarmed self defense, and a serrated knife

Personality: Bruna is a very warm, and friendly person. She trusts easily, and she loves easily as well. She loves most people she meets as friends, and that is the extent of her easily won love. She has yet to relinquish romantic love to any man, she sees that as the only thing she has left to keep. Bruna is hard to shake emotionally. She rarely shows any emotion to others aside from happiness or love. She hides behind happiness, using it to hide how emotionally affected she is by her lifestyle.

History: Bruna was born and raised in Brazil. That is, until she was 12 years old. Her tomboyish nature, enchantment with knives, and generally difficult to tame personality was difficult for her parents to deal with. Originally, they had planned to marry her off, but when Bruna severely injured a boy (the two had been engaged in a play knife fight that got a bit too intense) they had to send her away. Bruna was sent to live with her aunt in Portugal. The stay was short. Her aunt didn't have the time, patience, or money to deal with Bruna's shenanigans. Instead, her aunt sent her to live with a family friend in Italy to work as a servant so that she could "learn proper manners". The job was cut short when Bruna was found in bed with the lord of the house by his wife. She was thrown out in the street at 18, and had to find a way to make a living. She had no skill for theft, sneaking, or anything like that. What she did have, however, was exotic looks and a reputation for sleeping around. She settled down eventually in Rome, working at a brothel. She spent most of her free time practicing unarmed combat so that she could fend off any potentially dangerous clients.

Kin: Jéssica Gonçalves (aunt), João da Silva (father), Regina da Silva (mother)

Abilities: Formidable unarmed combatant


-Trusts very easily

-Not skilled in many forms of combat

-Obsessed with comfort

-Easily offended, and takes most things directly to heart

-Unable to recognize lies or any form of deception

-Overly emotional


-Unarmed combat

-Generally a really likable person

Likes: People, being comfortable, beautiful things, beautiful people, beautiful views, good food, music

Dislikes: Rude people, anyone who offends her, expressions of love towards her, being uncomfortable, wearing clothing that is proper of a woman to wear


Theme Song: All My Days by Alexi Murdoch





Username: TMD

Name: Velia Paparano

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Birthplace: Rome, Italy

Side: Templar --> Daughter of a Templar

Position: N/A

Assassin Rank: N/A

Appearance: It's a pretty autumn day, isn't it?

Clothing: This is my favorite dress~

Weapons: None.

Personality: Velia is a sweet girl, but she is completely useless. She is also very shy and quiet, especially around men. She is blind to the world and does not understand what is going on in the world. In other words, she is completely and utterly innocent. The only thing she knows is how babies are made, how to play instruments, how to sow and mend clothing, and how to properly tend to her husband and a bustling home in the future. Other than that, she is really just a plain young woman that is bred for marrying and having children.

History: Velia was born to a Templar man and a noble woman, starting a rich and strong Templar bloodline. As soon as she was able to pick up objects, she was thoroughly trained in the art of music and painting and sketching. Her father and mother forced her to learn how to wash clothes, dishes, her man's feet, and more things when she was only five years old. When she was eight, her father immediately found her a betrothed. She was to marry the man when she turned two decades old, and immediately produce children. When she first blossomed, her parents continuously fed her herbs and potions that would increase her fertility so she would be ready for the wedding night. After the harsh herb and potion treatment, Velia was kept in her room until the day that she would be married. She hardly leaves home to this date.

Kin: Orsino [Father] Meredith [Mother]

Abilities: Baking and music.


- Very weak.

- Blind to the world/Doesn't see bad in people.

- Trust can easily be gained by her.

- Doesn't think for herself.

- Can be stubborn.


- Sweet and kind.

- Very understanding.

Likes: Music, birds, flowers, art, her parents, her betrothed.

Dislikes: Violence, guards.

Other: None.

Theme Song: White Rabbit- Circa Paleo


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(Um...you do guys want to start at the HQ?)


Aelia looked around wearily, dark eyes scanning the streets for Templars of suspicious citizens. Not seeing anything, she strolled out of the shadows, pretending to be a part of the crowd. She was ready to attack at any moment, but tried as hard as she could to blend in to avoid that scenario. Turning a corner, the distinct smell of alcohol and vomit crept into her nose. She was close. Very close. The tavern's smell had always meant it. She would need to turn a few more corners to arrive at HQ.

A rustle and a crash perked her attention, be she had to keep moving. Ever so silently, she went. Her eyes were already adjusted to the shadows of buildings. The shade that had been her parent when her biological ones were out. The shade that had saved her so many times. extending her dual Hidden Blades, Aelia's eyes flitted around as she went. Finally, finally the building came into view. The one that she'd always called home. Looking above her, she cursed herself for forgetting the hookblades. It wasn't like assassins couldn't improvise, though, so she took out two throwing knives and scaled the wall with difficulty. "Casio's never going to let me live this down," she whispered to the wind. After pulling her weapons out of the soft cement, the woman stood on the roof, cloak-dress blowing in the wind. She could still smell the tavern because the wind blew the rancid-smelling air towards the HQ. Crinkling her nose, she looked around. No one could hide on that roof, not even behind the incline of the dome.

Satisfied that no one was hiding on the roof or around the HQ, she jumped down into an old, fabric roof of a long-abandoned fruit stand. After sliding off of it, she made her way around the building to enter properly. Upon entrance, she was bombarded with odd sounds and smells that she wouldn't describe for her life. Thoroughly embarrassed at her group, she sighed in exasperation. Would they ever shape up? Probably not.

She made her way to the other end of the building and went up a primitive set of steps to her bedroom. After entering, she rubbed her temples with worry. Where was that book? Where had Altair hidden it? She needed to make sure that it was safe before the Templars found out about it. That would surely spell trouble. Why do I have to do everything around here?

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The soft puffy clouds always attracted him. The way that the swim across the sea of blue like some giant sea monsters swimming in the deep. The thing that he loved the most was the night sky though. The sound of an owl hooting in the distance, and the sound of the crickets chirping in the shady bushes. The billions of stars dotting the sky, some larger than others. The moon hanging heavy in the sky, filled with ivory that it had gathered over the month. It was such a wonderful view, with the dots of silver and ebony against a purplish background.

Casio sank his teeth into a delicous roll of sweet bread. Twilight was always his favorite time of day; the wonderful hues of yellows and blues and purples blending together...

Sadly, this was also the time when he should have been home.

Sighing, Casio devoured the last of the sweet bread and sat up from his laying down postion on the red roof. He slid down the roof and fell to the ground, spooking some people in the process. He had already gotten in trouble for being late with Aelia, and so, he began to run toward the HQ. unlike other assassins, he didn't mind being out at broad daylight in the middle of the street. Casio sighed as he passed by some people and finally turned the corner to get into the HQ. Ah, home sweet home, he told himself as he stepped in. There were people all around, laughing, drinking, and more. He had to get to his room and pretend that he was sleeping. So, he tried to creep through the crowds without being noticed. And if someone does catch me, they'll tell Aelia, and she'll make me guard the HQ all night again. Casio swiped the remaining pieces of sweet bread off of his teeth with his tongue, snorting.

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Aero sat in the main room of the Assassin's headquarters. He had claimed a seat right by the fire and was reading a book about Altair. He had already read this book a couple times but he was looking through again. He felt that something was amiss within. He always was very observant, especially when it came to books written by the assassins. They sometimes left clues hidden within the text, minor things such as an intentional error in spelling, or an odd symbol meant to look like a writing impediment. Every page, every word he read over very carefully. Once with his eyes, and another with Eagle Vision. He meticulously went over every word of every page, feeling it and looking at it. At times he would even slip out of reality and be confined to himself in this world of examination, he wouldn't acknowledge anyone until he came out. But this time was less so. He was being meticulous but not so much that he wouldn't notice anyone else.


Eventually he closed the book and gave his eyes a break. He stared into the flames held in the fireplace and thought about his master and everything he had been taught. He had a good life, wouldn't change anything about it. He got up and went to put the book away, he needed air; he was going for a run.

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Aelia stood up, determined to find something in a memoir of Altair. There would have to be some clues. Something to tip them off to where the book was hidden. Sure, Aelia knew most of the contents of the Book of Altair by heart, but the Templars didn't Making her way back down the stairs again, she caught a glimpse of blonde hair poking up. "Casio!" Her voice was full or rage. "You stayed out too late again!" Aelia quickened her pace, cutting through the crowd easily due to her rank and, well, anger. "Always, Casio, always! What can you say to defend yourself?" Her eyes were expectant and blazing with fire. His outings had started to become regular occurances and she would not hide it any longer. She would not hold back the lecture or the yelling. She would publicly embarrass him. She'd hurt his ego more than ever before. Suddenly, a devious idea crept into her mind and grin came with it. Oh, he'd be red-cheeked for weeks.


Scipio strolled in shortly after Casio, hiding in the crowd. He knew he'd have less chances of being noticed. He looked more like regular assassins because he was one and was not really a figure to be looked up to. He heard Aelia's yelling and grinned bit before stepping forward on Casio's behalf. "And you have never been out late?" He knew it was risky to challenge Aelia, but he had Casio. Casio had been his friend for a while and they frequently drank together and chased women together. Besides, Aelia would publicly attack them, would she? Would she?


"No, Scipio, I haven't. In case you hadn't an idea about my parents, they raised me to practice and not go out to have fun," Aelia spat. He did not just challenge her, did he? She'd just have to make his life hell, too, then. Ah, apprentices usually were an annoyance. He'd give her an apprentice in due time. But not one that he would enjoy.

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[Oh snap.]


Casio watched his Brotherhood play chess and other games, smiling to himself. That was what he liked the most about his home. Outside, they were killers, beater upers. Thieves. Sneaky little snakes. But in here they were like any other person- they loved to spend time together, and just hang out. Casio actually liked to see the people outside the HQ. Espcially the women. They were so lovely and thin... A sharp bark brought Casio's blue eyes up to a thin figure pushing its way toward him and cutting through the crowd.




It was Aelia.

Before he could start running out of the HQ and hang out later in the night, the woman started yelling at him, fire burning in her brown eyes. Casio hated this crap. Everyone turned their eyes toward him, and Scipio aimed to protect him, but Aelia quickly shot him down. Casio grit his teeth and looked away for a moment before actually speaking. "Aelia, I simply just lost track of time." he answered curtly. He didn't like everyone looking at him. If someone had to speak to him or call him out, he had clearly told everyone that to tell him in private. The thing that he hated the most was to be called out in public. A snicker caught his attention, and embarrassed eyes turned toward the laugh. An Assassin ducked his head sheepishly. "Why do you have to be all loud and screechy and bristly like an angry cat?"

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A girl walked through the streets selling flowers. "A flower sir?" Fiona asked. The man bought some flowers from the young girl. She continued walking around and selling the flowers on the streets. She went back to her florist shop and sold flowers from the shop. She continued to do the same thing over and over again. There was one thing Fiona always did enjoy in her life. That was to put a smile on the orphans faces at the end of her day. She did not understand why most people would avoid the orphans. She always thought the children were considered their future. She went over to see the children playing as usual. "Fiona's here." a small blonde girl said. The children ran over to her and tried to ask her how her day went. "Hold on, hold on. I got something for you children while I was on my way over." Fiona said as she pulled out a loaf of bread. The children smiled as Fiona got the bread into portion sizes for them. "Thank you." a boy said. Fiona just smiled. "It was nothing." Fiona said.

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Nico had drifted off in a park and quickly shot open his eyelids which he noticed the sun had gone down already. He swore to himself as he realized he was late for getting back to the HQ and knew that he would get a mouthful as he was still only an apprentice. He scrambled to his feet before climbing up on a near-by roof which was at the edge of the park and jumped from roof to roof as fast as he could hoping that no one would notice someone in a white robe running along the roof tops. As he dropped into the alleyway which held the entrance to the HQ and looked around for anyone who might notice him before slipping into the door as quietly as he could.


When he entered the room he noticed that bunch of people were still around having a good time and above it all he could hear Aelia laying into someone which made him sigh in relief. She was nice looking but she took her role as master to serious sometimes. He slipped through the crowd of partying assassins and keep his head down as he tried to get to his room and continue his nap that had been interrupted by the on coming night.

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Aelia fought her urge to scream in anger. Instead, she just slapped Casio and then Scipio. They learn soon enough. Turning to face the general group of assassins, she looked at each of them before saying anything. "Does anyone else have something to add?" Her voice was sweet but dangerous. As if she was warning them all not to test her any more. Things had been tough for her, close calls, Templars, stress. She often felt like a single mother who had to raise too many difficult and slippery children. Like she was all alone.

Marching back up the stairs, she paused. "Casio...come here." Her voice was soft, but audible. After that, she continued up, listening to some concerned whispers and giggles.


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Aero walked in after his run. His forehead was beaded with sweat as he saw the situation taking place. Aelia yelling at Casio, again. It wasn't too much of a surprise anymore. He saw Scipio stand up for Casio and smiled. ~The ties of Brotherhood are lasting.~ Aero thought hopefully. He stepped down into the crowd, people moved out of the way, bowing slightly. He managed to make his way to the "front row" before leaning against a post and watching. ~What will she have him do this time?~ He wondered. Though he was guilty of the same crime, staying out late; he just hoped that Aelia wouldn't notice and would think he had been there all along. But the yelling was over, Aelia was walking away. For now he was safe.


He looked towards Aelia as she walked away. ~She seems overly stressed. I should probably go talk to her.~ He thought wiping the sweat from his brow. ~Maybe I can help her with something that will take this weight off.~ He continued as he straightened up and started to approach Aelia when she heard her call Casio. He figured he would wait until she leaves before following her. But he kept his eyes open for any other chance.

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Casio didn't expect the slap that came his way. He clutched at his reddened cheek and hissed loudly. The hell was wrong with her?! She never smacked him, she only warned him that she was going to smack him one of these days. Oh, wow. I guess this day came... And she slapped Scipio too! Poor guy, he looked toward his best friend and frowned softly at him. It was sort of a silent apology. Sure, they were reckless. Sure, they were irresponsible. But they certainly weren't jerks that didn't do anything around the place! Casio was a great leader! At least that he said that to himself. When Aelia turned away, he thought that that was all that she was going to do. Thank God. But when she turned around and told him to follow her, his hair stood on end and he swallowed roughly. Last time, they got in a horrible arguement that involved Aelia throwing one of her throwing knives at him. And it almost hit him, but in the way of dodging he hit his head against the bookshelf in the room. "Merda," he cursed, glancing at Scipio before following the other assassin leader up the stairs. "Ambra needs help translating a book that may hold hints at where the Book of Altair is hidden," he called softly down to the Brotherhood. "Someone should go and help her." with that, he followed Aelia the rest of the way.


[Merda- censorkip.gif in Italian.]

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Aero had heard Casio and smiled a little. His guess was as good as any that anything that helped the guild would help Aelia. He decided he would help Ambra. He pulled down his hood, deciding he wouldn't need it and walked off to find Ambra. He had a little fun with it as he ran through the halls jumping over people and things as he made his way to the library, assuming it was the first logical place that she would be. He stopped dead in front of the large, wooden, library door. He opened it up and quietly stepped inside. "It's always so gloomy in here." He said looking around at the dim lighting of a couple candle sconces, the rest of the light was coming in from the moon which lit the city that night. "Ambra, are you in here?" He called softly looking around, making his way through the rows of bookshelves.

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The place where the libary was located was stuffy and incredibly dark. Candles lingered at each corner but that was how light was in the library. The smell of the books that lined the walls was overwhelming. Everyone knew that little, musty smell whenever someone picked up a new or used book. Rats nibbled on the books that had fallen victim to the shadows and had long been forgotten. The smell of flowers wafted around the room, which was caused by some daisies and roses that had been bought from the flower shop next door. Yet even the flowers were wilted and their color had faded to a depressing hue. It wasn't like the Brotherhood even cared for flowers. They drank, slept, used the pot, and went on missions together.

Ambra could be considered a flower if you thought about it. She was young. Ripe. She was... Pretty? Yeah, that was the word. Or different. Unlike the other people in her home, she had hair the color of flames. Eyes the color of a dull sapphire. The bad thing about her was that she was a shut in- she didn't really want to see anyone around. She could hardly fight in hand to hand combat. But she was pretty. And knew how to read, which was how she was in the library right now. Ambra perked when she heard footsteps, straightening from he slumped postion over some rotting books that she had found in the depths of the library. A candle was on her desk, and was surrounded by globs of hardened wax that had fallen from the candlestick. "Who's there?" she asked in a soft voice, peering through some empty bookshelves to catch a glimpse of the person that had come in to her library. If it was an enemy, she would run. She really didn't fight unless she absolutely needed to, though.


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((Sure can, difficult to at times though, don't want to describe the HQ too much for fear of you having different ideas or plans for it.))


"It's just me, Aero." He said. He wasn't sure how well known his name was known through the place but he hoped that his rank of Master would at least make him known enough. "Casio said you needed some help translating a book?" He asked continuing to step through the dark and dank library. He went down another isle of bookshelves, wiping dust off some books and picking others up and putting them back in their place. He picked up a candle and lit it and continued on, following where he last heard Ambra's voice. He came into view of her and approached her slowly, not showing any signs of hostility, rather he was being quite open and friendly, he had a soft and kind smile on his face as his grayish-blue eyes sparkled in the candle light. "I believe this is the first time I've met you." He said taking a slight bow. "I am Aero Arnoldus. One of the Masters here." He said.


((This one is a little short because I have to go for a few to clean the kitchen. I'll respond to your next post with as much detail as possible when I can take the time to think about it more.))

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Aelia reached the top floor and sighed, taking a right turn. The woman opened the simple wooden door that led into her room and left it open for Casio. She sighed again, willing it to let out the worry that lurked within her. She didn't even knew what she would say to Casio. Would she just tell him? Or would she lead up to it? For once, she didn't know what the best approach was. Aelia put her hands on her lap, making a little slapping noise. "I don't know how to tell you this, but we need to put everything on hold and find the Book of Altair. I want to know if you're with me or against me before I tell Aero." Aero was the youngest Master Assassin, so he didn't have to know until his two elders agreed on something. Aelia had been around his age when she'd reached her rank, but still bubbled with jealousy. He was never a villain in the eyes of others. He was never considered crazy or mean or called a...well...

Her eyes flitted around the room. It was dark and cold and damp. That was the way she liked it, though. It made her feel invisible. Like no one was judging her. No one would ever judge her there...


(Funny how I knew what that swear meant.)

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[Get better, Mousey. ;3

And it's okay, Danni. ]


Casio followed Aelia into her room. His callous hand went up to brush his fingers through his dirty blond hair. The last time that he was in the room with Aelia was when she tried to kill him with that throwing knife! Casio sighed, his eyes going to her plush bed and taking it in. The HQ had barracks where the assassins slept, but the Assassin Masters had their own room. They were small, but not that small. Just the size of a normal room... He sat on the plush bed and immediately felt like laying down. This bed was so soft it was incredible! But his inner pleasure vanished when Aelia spoke. The Book of Altair. Drop everything. Go and find it. With her or not?

The Brotherhood had been looking for that book for ages. It was lost somewhere around the Holy Roman Empire and they had not been getting hints as where to look for it. And that caused everyone great discomfort. The Templars could have dozens of hints on where to find it and they could be sitting ducks! "Aelia! Do you even know where the Book of Altair might be?" he asked casually, leaning back on a hand and relaxing slightly. A frown creased his lips. "I mean, Holy Rome expands many miles and to many countries. How are we going to find it if we don't even know where it is? Or where it might be? We don't even know where to begin looking, Aelia! You can't just rush into something." Casio then shrugged and rolled his shoulders a bit, making them relax and not be all tensed up. "But, I'm with you any how. You always know best. When should we be leaving?"


Ambra relaxed softly at the sound of a male's voice. It was warm, inviting, lovely. At least, from what she thought that the person was. A Templar sneaking in to kill her... A candle, a lit candle, floating toward her. She had to cringe away from such a light flame, but she quickly got used to it. A male, named Aero, with sandy blond hair and blueish gray eyes... This was one of the master assassins?! And she didn't even know about it. She averted her eyes toward the book when he bowed, ashamed with herself. What kind of person didn't even know who was her Assassin Leaders? "Ah, pleased to meet you," she whispered softly. She dipped her head toward him as well, a small smile working its way across her pale, Germanic face. "... About the book... It is in Latin." she opened it and pushed it closer to Aero to show him. "And I found it at the very back of the library. It might hold secrets to where Altair keeps his book but..." she raised her eyes to meet his. "I know Latin. I know German. I know little bits of Italian but..." the eyes returned to the manilla paper that was moth-bitten. "This Latin... It is old... Possibly as old as when the people used to speak it in the Roman Empire. The one who wrote this book must of not wanted normal eyes to understand it..."

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Nico woke up from his nap and looked around his sleepy eyes. He hadn't been asleep for long but it was long enough that some of his fellow assassins had come to the rooms and had fallen asleep. But still he could hear others drinking and talking loudly to each other and he decided that he would go join them and have a few drinks. He got up from his bed and headed to the large room where the assassins were holding drinks and all smiling, he got a mug thrust into his hand and was whipped up into the party-like atmosphere which got rid of the rest of his sleepiness. He was soon smiling like the rest of them and talking in a loud voice as his worries of the outside world slipped away and his concerns of him not having a mentor didn't bother him.




The candlelight gleamed off of the steel armor that the Templar Captain was wearing as he poured over a fresh report on the constant search for that Book of Altair. Only his eyes could be seen from under the high-necked armor but if you knew the captain you could tell that he was frowning as his eyes narrowed. "Soldier, are you sure this report is right?" He demanded the skinny soldier who stood near the door. "Ye-ye yes sir. This was given to us from a scouting group." Otto just growled as the report stated that the Templar still had no clue where to even start looking for the blasted book.


Otto stomped out into the courtyard where his men stood amassed and their armor gleamed in the candlelight as it was dark outside already. His sword and ax hung on either hip while his shield rested on his back as he stood at the front of his thirty troops. "I want you to sweep every part of the city until you find any one of those assassins who we can torture as the ones we have right now are giving us nothing. Anyone who doesn't come back with nothing will spend a week in the dungeons with minimal food and water." He than stormed back into the Captain's quartered which he shared with the rest of the Captains as he was fuming under his armor that they still didn't have any leads.

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"We're not leaving. It's here. I sense it." Aelia stood up and flung open a drawer in a single movement. "It's in our own town. It's right under our noses." The assassin pulled out a small, tattered book with leather covers and parchment pages. And I never noticed the map. It's in here. Deep inside the riddles. Maybe the others can help figure it out... "This book is full of riddles. I figured one out." Aelia flipped through the decaying pages until she found the right one. "In one is two. In two is four. In a library is a page. In a page is a library. Do you know what it means? It means...there are more books with more answers. They're in a library. Then, when all the clues are put together, we'll find the book."



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Okay, Casio can say that he was totally freaking out. Aelia was going all over the place, saying that she could sense that the book was in their city. How? Casio furrowed his brow as he listened to her riddle that she found. Questions were racing through his mind. Who wrote the riddles? What did the riddles mean? Well, he got a sense of it. "... I'm getting vibes that the riddle is saying that not all big things come in big packages, but sometimes in small ones." he stated. "And that there's a page that could tell us all that we need to know, and it is hidden in... A library? So what the riddle is saying is that we should search even the smallest crooks and crannies. Places where we never even thought of searching. And our answers would be there." Casio looked up at Aelia to see if she thought what he thought. He wasn't any good at riddles, but it was kind of easy to figure out. In one there is two. A bigger amount is hidden in a smaller amount, thus a big... Something is hidden in a small package. In a page is a library. The page would tell them everything. In a library is a page. So they were looking for a library that is hidden right underneath their noses. "Anyway, why did you smack Scipio and I? That really hurt!" he said as he rubbed his still red cheek. "I mean, I didn't do anything wrong!"

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"Something like that, I agree. Have you seen or sensed anything weird in town? I hate that you're always out, but maybe you and others who've gone out could pay really close attention. A few of us'll dig through the library here to see if anything tips us off." Aelia paused, she had been speaking too quickly. After catching her breath, she decided to address his second comment. "Just spur of the moment. Do you expect me to have everything all planed out? Oh, and don't tell anyone except for Aero. Not even Scipio. Not even if you're drunk." She spat out the last few statements. He was always drunk. It was a wonder he'd even reached the rank of Master assassin.


Scipio grinned as all of the Masters left. He have to wait until Aelia and Casio were done with their talk to ask if Casio wanted to go to that tavern and maybe drink some wine or ale. But ale was such a Celtic thing... Wine. He got a better buzz on wine, anyways. Pacing the HQ, Scipio wondered what to do. He could go alone, but what fun would that be? None at all. He resorted to sitting down on his lumpy, hard mattress stand-in and thinking. He thought about the Brotherhood and Casio and women and about nothing at all.

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People. Arguing people no less. She just wanted to read her book in peace. Although most recruits seemed to have this 'special sight' that allowed them to glean deeper meaning from books, they seemed to miss the most important part. The very words scrawled upon the pressed pages of each book. Fiction was fun, but memoirs provided deeper understanding of their cause. The ink was faded, but the coppery smell never seemed to vanish with time, and the musty smell of the pages never stopped her from re-reading each book. Ah... the yelling had stopped. Several moments later Lucia finished re-reading the Memoirs of someone in the Auditore family. She quickly stood, noting the screech of the wooden chair against the floor, and placed the book back on the shelf. There were many books, not as many as she would like though, but she still waited on new ones. Deciding that she should wander about and see what the others were doing, she left the library. Going outside was simply not going to be done. Not without a target or a purpose. Hmm... where was her mentor? Probably out, she decided. Perhaps going back to her studies wouldn't be so bad.

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Casio blinked at Aelia's first comment. Had he sensed anything that was out of shape? Or weird? He thought for a moment. Well, he felt like there was something that they weren't looking in. A hidden passageway or whatever. But that was the same thing as saying that he thought they didn't look everywhere. "I haven't felt anything weird." he admitted. Casio wasn't good at sensing thing. He just walked around. Casio listened to her other comment. So she just did that at the spur of the moment. That was kind of mean! She wasn't supposed to smack him, an assassin leader, in front of all of his followers! And the way they looked at him and giggled as e followed Aelia up here... When he was told that he couldn't tell Scipio, he immediately frowned. What? He couldn't tell his best friend even if he was drunk?! That was crazy! But he had to nod his head anyway. "Sure, Aelia. Can I go now? I have to do something." he said, getting up. He was taller than Aelia, and much broader than her, but that was because he was a man and she was a woman. An attractive woman. "And maybe we can schedule something for later on, eh?" he raised an eyebrow and flashed a goofy grin. He constantly flirted with Aelia and tried to get something out of her, but it never worked. So now he flirted with her for fun. Just to see her panicking.

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