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Hello everyone! Has anyone else seen the BBC's series Sherlock yet? As I stated in the War Horse thread, I am extremely Benaddicted, although I don't really like how Cumberbatch looks with blonde hair. But in Sherlock...Oh! He's so damn cute! And smart, too...and a tactful, adorable jerk, if you know what I mean! The series is amazingly close to the canon, too, even though it is set in modern times...

And that cliffhanger has me seriously on my toes. How the hell did Holmes (he'll always be Holmes, not Sherlock, to me, as I am an avid fan of the books and tend to shy away from any deviation from the original stories) survive that!? He was splattered all over the sidewalk! I saw him! Watson saw him, for crying out loud! And yet,...and yet, the man who jumped from Bart's rooftop was not the same man who lay on the pavement, pretending to be dead. As he falls, you can glimpse a white garment under his shirt; yet as Watson reaches him and we get a full view of his bloodied face and staring, glassy eyes, no white is visible under the pull of his tight shirt. And it was so tight, it wouldn't have flapped up as it would have had to do during the fall, in order for us to be able to see the white. What happened there? Were the people, or the trucks, or both hired for the occasion?

And the man on the pavement wasn't dead. The doctor pushed down firmly on his shoulder just as Watson arrived to feel his pulse. I must also add that the man's fingers moved as he was being flipped over. Conclusion? He was using a ball, possibly the ball Holmes had been playing with in the lab, to stop his pulse, long enough to fool Watson; but he had to be pried away quickly, since the trick can't be safely maintained for too long. Also, the body was parallel to the building, when he would have fallen at right angles to it. And that shadow in the booth behind the body! Was it Molly, by any chance? The key lies in what exactly she did to help Holmes, and in who it was whose pulse Watson felt (or didn't). Was Mycroft in on it, too? Did Holmes purposely push Moriarty to suicide?

Steve Moffat has stated that there's a key clue fans have missed-something Holmes did that was very out of character. What was that? Telling Watson it was all a magic trick, mixing that in with his 'confession' as a sort of subliminal message to his friend? Asking Molly for help? Letting Moriarty shoot himself, instead of snatching the gun away from him? Refusing to go to help Mrs. Hudson (or was that arranged by himself, too, to get Watson out of the way?)? What was it!? I can't wait for Season 3!


user posted image

Sherlock Holmes's cuteness in this series is stunning! biggrin.gif

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Wow, so many spoilers. Might want to put a warning in the title or something, haha. But yay! I'm always glad to see fans of the series. I've been a fan of the original stories for a long time as well, and I have been extremely impressed with this series (and when I say "extremely impressed", I mean addicted. And I never care about TV shows). I adore almost all the characters, which is extremely unusual for me as well. We do differ in one respect though, my favorite character happens to be Andrew Scott's, AKA Jim. Don't get me wrong, I love Sherlock too, I just happen to find Moriarty more interesting, haha. (he's also a fantastic actor in some of his other things I've seen, and... another unusual thing is I pretty much never care about celebrity's. Also, Andrew Scott isn't exactly bad looking either.)


ANYWAY, about the ending: Many seem convinced that yes, both the people and the trucks were hired. The people may even be from Sherlock's homeless network. Also, don't forget the biker that could have been used to stall Watson. Sherlock wanted him in a specific place, remember? Molly I think may have been used to get a body that looked close enough to Sherlock's, but the odds for her finding one seem a bit low. However... remember the girl that screamed when he walked into the room? Obviously, she had somehow been convinced that she'd seen Sherlock before; meaning someone had traumatized her who looked like him (How on earth did Moriarty pull that off I wonder?). I also think Mycroft is somehow involved with this, mostly because of all his connections.


I don't think not snatching the gun from Moriarty was out of character. By that point, Sherlock already knew how he was going to fake his suicide, yes? Jim had already shown himself to be insane, and rather dangerous. Even if Sherlock really did enjoy playing "games" with him and such, I kind of doubt he would have any qualms about being rid of him. I can't tell though if Sherlock thought he would shoot himself. He almost seemed to be leading him on when he tried to convince Moriarty they were the same. However, he may have just figured that out from talking to him on the rooftop. I can't quite see how he could have predicted his actions before then. Though... it probably would have been pretty hard for his plan to be successful if Moriarty lived, yes? I would think it would not have taken him terribly long to figure out Sherlock's "magic trick".


You've done a good job too, I've seen many of your points before, but I don't think I've seen anything about his shirt. ^^


One thing I've been wondering though. Even if Jim thought his life was "complete" by defeating Sherlock and being told they were the same, why would he kill himself? Part of his plan was to destroy Sherlock's reputation, and Richard Brook was key to that. If Brook ended up dead on a roof, or flat-out disappeared, wouldn't that make his story much less credible? Yes, Sherlock did appear to kill himself out of guilt; but with him dead what reason could Brook have for disappearing, as he'd have no one to be afraid of? I also don't think the police found his body on the roof either, because:

a: it wasn't mentioned in the newspapers, and they'd be all over it if the man who accused Sherlock was found atop the roof he jumped from.

b: If the police found a man with a gun there, wouldn't they believe Sherlock's suicide possibly wasn't? In that, he might have been coerced?

Did Moriarty plan on killing himself too? Then and there? He'd have to worry about arranging things as well...! If he didn't, then all the above apply which would destroy his entire plan. (I know this is kind of a tangent, but this has really been bothering me)


I'm sorry for the ridiculous amount of writing, I've spent WAY too much time over analyzing this show.

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Ha ha, so have I...There were two Sherlocks. The bone structure and hand of the 'body' are different from Sherlock's--and the 'body' is alive! When it is turned over to show the bloodied face, the hand moves...

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I got into the original books and the BBC series at the same time, more or less, and I love them both.


I think I like the most popular theory, that Sherlock fell and it was the homeless network and the ball trick. No doubt Molly helped with something, I just wonder what. Need to watch that again.


My favorite episode is still SiP though. >>


I think it's confirmed that s3 will have an "Empty House" episode, and I'm really curious if they'll leave the Moran plot in or bring Moriarty back. I'm hoping they leave him dead, tbh. Wonderful villain but he's done and I never liked his character in either incarnation.


If Brook ended up dead on a roof, or flat-out disappeared, wouldn't that make his story much less credible?


It could be that Brook is a real person that Moriarty had kidnapped and masqueraded as, that the sniper aimed at John took care of the body and gun, or it could be that the police see the body and think "Sherlock took Brook, shot him, then offed himself" (as they don't seem to want to give him the botd).

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Well, Moran was certainly talked about a lot in the empty house, so I'm imagining they'll introduce him somehow next season. Though, one of the creators of the show confirmed (made it seem really unlikely at the least?) that Moriarty would not be coming back. -> Link

Even as much as I love the character, I have to say I agree with his decision. I think the way he went out couldn't have fit him better, and bringing him back would mean they'd nullify that and eventually find some new, probably less fitting way to take care of him. My only problem here though is that I think they did it too soon. I mean, he's famous for being Sherlock's arch-enemy (despite how little he's actually in the stories), and they introduce him in the first season and kill him off the second? I know Doyle wrote plenty of stories afterwards, but still. I think maybe they should have mentioned his name once or twice, but waited longer to really introduce him. He's going to be a bit hard to top too, in my opinion (though I'm still curious to see what they do with Moran).


I've seen some say Brook was somehow real, but I can't quite see the writers doing that. In that case, we have not seen nor heard from the actual Moriarty, and Brook was actually just a stand-in? Possible, but seems a little far-fetched. I'd think they'd have to spend too much time properly explaining that. ...Or not, but I don't know. I think this Moriarty made a really good counter-part to Sherlock, and having Brook just be a stand-in may cheapen it a bit.



If his body did disappear, I'm pretty sure that sniper (who is possibly Moran...?) could easily have done something with it. I'm still curious though (doesn't matter too much, I know) if Moriarty had any intention of offing himself eventually, or that was more spur of the moment.


I really like that last explanation too, didn't think about it that way. Though, wouldn't they be able to tell it was a suicide as opposed to a murder by the angle of the wound or something? But, perhaps they would just assume it was murder and not pay too much attention. (still, I think the nature of the wound may be hard to ignore...)

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I'm pretty sure Moriarty is dead. biggrin.gif I can't stand him! xd.png

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What? I'm the ONLY one around here who actually likes his character? (not that I'd actually root for him or anything, I just think he's fun to watch) Oh well, I know I'm not the only one in existence who does, haha. XD

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I like Moriarty! And, after some interesting inside into his character via Tumblr and their crazy theories, I love him more!


Here's the theory if you want to know:

Jm’s little diguises - Rich Brook and Jim from IT - have one thing in common:

They’re both total sweethearts.

They both have a gentle demeanor and seem to care about the women they’re fooling. They’re both anxious around Sherlock. They’re both inoffensive and ****ingadorableohmygod.

They both have a heart.

No one is that good of an actor. The one thing you can’t fake is a heart.

If he was heartless, Molly would be dead. She saw Jim’s face, she was a liability. Why didn’t he kill her? He’d heard all Molly’s stories, he knew she was important to Sherlock, if only a little, so why didn’t he kill her? Why didn’t he threaten her with the gunmen during Reichenbach?

I’ll tell you why. Because Molly is lovely and he cared about her. He purposely excluded her from the threat because he didn’t want to hurt her.

Even during their first meeting at the pool, Jim showed an unusual lack of self restraint “THAT’S WHAT PEOPLE DO!”. His face wasn’t blank, it wasn’t a pokerface like Sherlock’s. He was expressive. He was emotive. He was human. Jim has a heart.

I think that on the roof during Reichenbach, Sherlock realised this. He realised that Jim wasn’t acting.

He realised what Jim really wanted: to not be alone; to find someone just like himself; to find  someone not-ordinary. Most of all, he wanted that person to be Sherlock.

Sherlock saw the level of frustration and disappointment and, let’s be honest, sadness on Jim’s face when he thought Sherlock was stupid and ordinary, and when he thought Sherlock would jump to save his friends.

That’s how he beat Jim.

The way he asserts himself on Jim, moving right up into his personal space. Think about it. He never does that. He’s attacked people, usually in self defence, but never anything quite so personal, quite so intimidating.

He’s risking John’s life by doing this. He’s risking the lives of all his friends and he doesn’t care. In those moments, Jim is his primary focus. 

But then, listen to his voice, listen to the things he is saying.

Ordinary people have hurt Jim, there’s no doubt about that.

Sherlock is telling Jim that he isn’t ‘one of them’. He isn’t ordinary.

Sherlock isn’t being cruel, he’s being gentle.


It's interesting you posted that with the creators saying he wouldn't be back because I read an interview with the creators that hinted he WOULD be back. I don't know what to believe anymore. XD


I really love this series and I can't wait for it to return. I also can't wait to see how different Elementary will be compared to it. Everyone seems to be really down on the new show, but from what i've seen, the two shows are completely different. Arguably, the only reason most people are angry about Elementary is because Watson is a woman and there can't be implied homosexual relations with a woman. *eye roll*

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Huh? Could you please show me where they said he would come back? Because that would just be awesome. <3 I don't know.I don't want his character to be cheapened, but on the other I adore the character and I'd love to see more of him. Maybe, just maybe, the writers could bring him back some seasons down the road and still do something fantastic. I just have no idea what. How though...? Even if he used a blank, at that range it would kill him anyway. The actor even said its hard to come back from shooting yourself in the head. But the same can be said for jumping off a building.


I'm not sure I can see Jim as having a heart honestly. I think he played his characters like that just so they contrast his true nature (his first one is also hilarious). I also don't think he threatened Molly because... he didn't think she mattered to Sherlock. Up until he figured out Moriarty's plan, he basically ignored her and just used her to get access to things. Moriarty probably saw this, and didn't think much of her. Jim seems to have a notable disdain for people he considers "ordinary" as well. Being expressive doesn't necessarily show a heart either. I think it shows more that he's unhinged, as he can go from a sing-songy voice to being downright vicious.


I will say I agree with the rest of it actually. Sherlock I believe was one of the first (only?) people to truly gain Jim's respect. And, we can see what happened to Jim when he began to think Sherlock was just "ordinary". He was tremendously dissappointed.


I've seen the trailer for the new show, and I honestly just wasn't that impressed. My main issue was just Sherlock didn't seem like Sherlock. But, I think you do have a point. I think its kind of funny that many people keep thinking John is gay within the series.(Though, I feel a bit sorry for him and can empathize a bit. Having people think good friend = date can be frustrating). I don't think he's homosexual though. If anyone's actually gay, I'd have to say Jim, as I'm fairly certain that Sherlock is one of the only people he respects and "cares" about, other then maybe Moran somewhat. I think he's "gay", but not homosexual. Wouldn't fit his character. It is possible to "love" someone (using this rather loosely here), and not want to do... that.

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It's interesting you posted that with the creators saying he wouldn't be back because I read an interview with the creators that hinted he WOULD be back. I don't know what to believe anymore. xd.png

One thing you can trust about Moffat: Do NEVER trust Moffat! xd.png


I read that Moriarty is dead for good, as they don't want to always show the same villains. And on April 1st I read, Moriarty is ought to come back. It is very likely just Moffat trolling us, but to be honest.. you never know what the futur brings. ^.~


As for Sherlock.. i could have so punched him in The Fall. >.<

I do not trust his tears at all and the order, that John has to look at him is, in my eyes, only an attempt from Sherlock to make John realize that he is doing a trick. He wants him to figure it out. ^^"


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I am IN LOVE with Sherlock. Yet they totally messed up the Irene Adler situation. They were NEVER in love! They met for FIVE MINUTES before she married another guy! tongue.gif

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I've only watched season one so yeah I'm kind of ignoring spoilers but I like it so far. Pretty cool.

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I am IN LOVE with Sherlock. Yet they totally messed up the Irene Adler situation. They were NEVER in love! They met for FIVE MINUTES before she married another guy! tongue.gif

I still think its an interesting episode, but I will definitely agree with that. And, she didn't really beat Sherlock here did she? At the end he had to save her life!


ALSO, The three teaser words for the next series have been revealed here!

Apparently the words are rat, wedding, and bow.


As for the first one, I have absolutely no idea. I'm willing to bet it means rat, as in someone who is a traitor to someone else (could be interesting in relation to the last episode). But then again, I have no idea as its been a while since I've read some of the stories.


As for wedding, there were a few stories surrounding weddings, and that may simply be referring to one of those. But then of course, it could be that Watson might be getting married. (That could be really interesting. To who in the series I wonder?)


As for bow... Could that be referring to His Final Bow, the last story chronologically in Doyle's stories...? (they did not pronounce the word as in, something that describes a violin bow) Seems far too early though for them to be calling it quits with the series, and I'm pretty sure they have said they'd like to continue it for a long time (they even sort of talk about this in the above video). Maybe they're simply talking about having the rest of the story's plot in there?


I am wondering if/how "The Empty House" can fit into any of this...


Lastly, why on earth is Andrew Scott there discussing the next series?! And when asked whether or not he enjoyed the role of Moriarty, he said "its" been wonderful, and the creators corrected him with "was"...? He even knows the solution to TRF (which he said before I believe, but anyway)! Now, that could be explained merely by his being so heavily involved with the series that they felt they ought to tell him. That still doesn't explain why he's there in the first place though. Or, maybe they only had him there to mess with us fans who over-analyze absolutely everything...?


Anyone else have any thoughts as to the meanings of any of this?

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Empty House is confirmed to be the base of S3E1. Has been for a while. What I'm wondering about this is if they're going to introduce Moran at all. Jim's line in Fall about a live-in one seems to blow off the incredibly popular theory about Moran being close to Jim. Unless he was bluffing, but I don't think so.


I really really don't think they're ending it with His Final Bow in S3.


And I really hope "wedding" isn't shoehorning in Mary for John. There's so many other good cases that involved weddings.

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My nickname for Moriarty was "rat". So I cannot tell you how much of a shock i got when I read the revelation of the 3 words. >.< Please let this not be a revival of the JM. Moffat, I will really bite you!


As for "wedding", I could imagine pretty well that this involves Watsons' marriage. I wouldn't mind it, if they handle it like in the books and he spends most of his time solving crimes with Sherlock. ^.~


"Bow", if it is really related to The final Bow... Fandom will go crazy again xd.png But they also mentioned in interviews, that they want to keep the series special and don't want to wear it out.. so it will not be a long running TV-Show. Also their main actors are very busy with other projects now too... >.<

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Oh, please, pleeeeease keep Sherlock going...for a VERY long time! biggrin.gif Pretty please with a cherry on top?

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I'm not sure I can see Jim as having a heart honestly.

First of all, after doing some reading, I take this back completely (though... I realized I pretty much contradicted myself in my post anyway). I now wholeheartedly believe Jim does have a heart, but only for one person (and not just respect). Much of this on the basis of a couple, seemingly innocuous gestures. Wow, I adore this character, but even I've missed a ton.


On the roof, I believe after the "you're me/I'm you" bit, we see this happen. When I saw that, I just thought, "Oh look, Jim touched his shoulder and is doing his best to make Sherlock uncomfortable (as usual)." Turns out, he didn't actually touch him. Sherlock didn't acknowledge or reciprocate it, so he just put his hand down. Honestly, I don't think I quite have to explain this. If this doesn't show he's human, if only somewhat, than I don't know what does. Can't think of anything more human and sentimental than wanting basic human contact (I STILL don't think this means anything else. Sorry, hardcore shippers, but I really don't think that's what these two are about.) Just wanted to put his hand on his shoulder, nothing more.


On the same note, remember this exchange?

JM: I will burn the heart out of you!

SH: I have been reliably informed that I don't have one.

JM: But we both know that's not quite true.

I think its fascinating that Jim notices this so quickly. I don't even think John sees this yet. On the rooftop, their conversation turns to them finally acknowledging just how similar they actually are to each other. One of the creators described them as "two sides of the same coin". I believe that can be applied here as well, to mean that Jim, in his own strange way, has a heart too. But, unlike Sherlock, only for one person. I also found this unbelievably fascinating. In his last moments, he makes a conscious effort to not only still hold onto Sherlock's hand, but pull it closer. ...Wow


The more I look at these two, the more fascinating I find the dynamics between them. But, now I really don't want JM to come back, because it would completely kill these dynamics. I'm still hoping for flashbacks though.

But they also mentioned in interviews, that they want to keep the series special and don't want to wear it out.. so it will not be a long running TV-Show.

I'd actually like to see where they said this? And, I'd say this wouldn't be such a bad idea. If they keep it running for too long, they're apt to run out of ideas, and may end up cheapening what they have so marvelously built up so far. Besides, even though I think Watson's a cool character, I really don't think they can match the arc between Jim and Sherlock. Watson may be willing to put up with him and be extremely loyal (which is awesome), but he will never understand Sherlock like Jim did. Personally, I'd really like them to explore the idea of the "you're me/I'm you" with Sherlock in the new episodes. [/end probably really unpopular opinion]


(PS, I'm still SO sorry for these long posts, but I don't know how to not do them. This show is too brilliantly written and acted. And, I didn't come up with most of this, just reiterating what others saw.)

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Yeeeahhh! Keep the long analyses coming tongue.gif *is in love with Sherlock even more* I tend to do it too, only I'm supposedly doing homework right now. With Sherlock holding a gun as my wallpaper image? I just know I'm gonna spend all day just staring at his handsome face...xd.png...yes, I know I'm obsessed. No point in telling me that... Edited by Princess Kiara

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I have multiple Sherlock/Moriarty wallpapers, they're on automatic rotation. They can be extremely distracting. XD


Speaking of pictures, here's a few I happen to like (I have a TON though). A couple of Sherlock, a couple of Jim, just 'cause:




[4] One of my favorite scenes.

[5] I don't even have an excuse for this. I just like his psycho/death stares.



Andrew, even though I'm a straight ace you and your suits are still gonna kill me. D:


Also, I NEED these shirts, just sayin'~

Moriarty (Why doesn't this have "Aren't ordinary people adorable?" on it? One of my favorite quotes of his. Oh well.)



And you like my posts? I thought you didn't even like Jim, haha. Also, no one told me when I watched this show that it would become so addicting, darn it. Gah. I seriously need someone as obsessed with this show as I am to discuss it in person. *will try to find/remember more theories later, but must get back to homework*


Lastly, you think you're obsessed with this show? Wanna guess what my ringtone is? :D

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"Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees? wink.gif

Or "Oh my GOD!"

Or "Welcome to London", "Taxi Chase", or "Pursuit"?

I'm betting on the first one though.

I don't like Moriarty, but I enjoy theorizing!

And in the books, Holmes calls Moriarty reptilian ("his head oscillating from side to side in a curious reptilian fashion") which could be a symptom of Parkinson's, as well as his curved back...This could either be Parkinson's disease or a result of Holmes's extreme dislike of snakes. Y'know, "The Adventure of the Speckled Band", "his face white with horror and loathing"?

Check this out: I saw a Google Map somewhere, showing that TWO Sherlocks fell from two different places. And did you hear that (plastic?) *crunch* when "Sherlock" landed?


EDIT: I know you're there, Daciana_Adena...I do also need someone as obsessed as myself to speak to in RL! Maybe we can trade cell phone numbers *lols* JK! tongue.gif

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Got it right the first time. ;D

(though the second one might make a good text message alert, haha.)


I'm not going to be good about finding theories not about Moriarty (partly because I'm a bit biased towards him, if you can't tell). But, most of the one's about Sherlock concern the fall, much of which has already been covered. Though, some of the one's that dissect Jim's behavior dissect Sherlock's responses or whatever as well; but those aren't quite as common. Maybe I need to go through and rewatch the episodes (again) and try to look for odd things myself, but I'm no good at that.


I'll still probably be posting lengthy theories for the benefit of those who actually care about Moriarty anyway, even if I'm one of the only one's that does, haha. I don't know, I think its just easier with him, probably the most dynamic character in my opinion (and I don't think anyone will ever convince me that he isn't the coolest villain ever). I've noticed that even other fans of him seem to miss a lot of things I've found quite good theories on (not insulting them or anything, just think that's interesting).


I seriously need to reread the stories, its been so long for so many of them (though the Speckled Band is probably one of my favorite stories, if not the). I think extending it to Holmes's fear of snakes might be stretching it somewhat, but possible. I've seen people apply the Parkinson's idea to Moriarty in the stories, and that could be true. I don't think BBC's Moriarty really shows any of the other symptoms though. Seems like it was a nod to the books, but I think here we can probably just attribute it to the fact JM is psycho, and therefore just doesn't act normal. And what's this about his curved back? I don't remember that anywhere.


As for those pictures, pretty sure Sherlock had to figure in an actual dead body somewhere... And I completely missed that crunch, but I just re-watched it and its pretty obvious. Uhm... I'm not sure anything that sounds like THAT when you hit the pavement is going to help you much. Unless that wasn't him, though I think it was (at least while John got to look at him). How could two fall at the same time though? I can understand switching the bodies once one was on the ground, but I can't see how both falling would work. But it definitely seems rather off...

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Curved back? Holmes's description of Moriarty in The Final Problem (one of my faves)...I don't think we can really say Holmes is "afraid" of snakes. I think he just hates them. But come on, now, really!?! Holmes, afraid!? The world would end! xd.png

If only I could find that stupid map, I could show you! There were definitely two places. Sherlock didn't jump from where he argued with Moriarty. He jumped from further back, behind the brick building. Maybe the fake Sherlock, who kidnapped the girl, was the one who held a phone and pretended to talk whilst the real Sherlock spoke with John from behind the building, hece his tears?


By the way, you can read all the stories for free at http://sherlock-holmes.classic-literature.co.uk smile.gif

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Whoops... bad wording on my part! I should've paid more attention than that. XD *kicks self*


OH, I remember reading somewhere that they claimed there was only like one sentence where Moriarty was actually physically described, and didn't remember that. Guess whoever I saw was wrong. Yeah, I guess that really does sound like the Moriarty from the stories had that kind of disease then.


Huh. Not sure I could see the fake Sherlock willingly helping the real one with his plan, especially if he's been hired by Moriarty somehow before. Whenever I see someone suggest the fake Sherlock involved with the Fall, its usually after they're already dead. But, that's still a stretch when you consider the body would have to match Sherlock's physique almost exactly to fool Watson. I'm pretty sure Jim must have had some kind of elaborate mask of sorts or a REALLY good plastic surgeon. Doubt a child would notice a height difference or whatever, so that might have done job well enough.


I think the tears might be explained by the fact that Sherlock is known for being a good actor and being able to fool people in his disguises well when he wants to. Didn't he fake tears to get into Irene's house in a Scandal in Belgravia too? Or maybe he just made himself sound upset, didn't pay too much attention there.


I'm still curious about Sherlock being in different places! That could still somehow be important, even if there isn't a fake Sherlock involved here.


And thanks! I believe I have all the stories in hardback, but that's rather handy. I always like having online access to books as well.

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Oh, there were two. The bone structure of the face and shape and color of the hands and fingrnails of the corpse were different from Sherlock`s. Besides, there was the falling Sherlock, wearing a white undershirt, the Sherlock on the roof (with no white undershirt) and the one on the ground (also with no white undershirt). Maybe Sherlock just paid his double more than Moriarty did? And Watson was stunned from the cyclist`s blow, remember? So he might have seen wrong. And the `corpse` was alive. Watch closely-when it`s flipped, it wiggles its fingers. xd.png I dunno why I keep calling it `it`, but oh well, I`m sure that`s not Sherlock anyway....And why would the doctor press down on the body`s shoulder just as Watson tried its pulse, if it were dead? And the paramedics? You don`t just plomp a trauma victim onto a stretcher like that, much less without using a board to brace the back and neck. Watch how they lift the (fake?) Sherlock as if he were a sack of potatoes. No care there...xd.png Proving they were hired, and probably not doctors at all...How come they were there just then, when they were needed?

I am a victim of the Reichenfeels right now xd.png

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I get really busy for a long time with school, and no replies to this? That makes me really sad. D:


Have been still actively reading up on stuff though, just haven't had time to really put together as long a post as I'd like.


Hmm... The more theories/analyses I read, the more convinced I missed pretty much everything of importance that ever happened in this show. (That's okay though, I adore reading all this stuff).


I think you'd really like this Tumblr I found, however. The details on this person's theories, just... WOW. I'm still trying to read through all these posts myself, so I'll just leave this here for now. HOPEFULLY I will eventually have more time to just sit and discuss this show as much as I would like. I'd still like to know what anyone else thinks of this though.

The Final Problem


Also... the more analyses I read, the more I'm a Reichenfeels victim too. But for different reasons. I still can't decide if I love this show for being absolutely perfect or hate it for ruining my life. /thereisnothingwrongwithmeIswear

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