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Fishing For Dragons

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((This roleplay is based on a new anime that came out over the summer. Tsuritama~))


Long ago, a five-headed dragon lived in this ocean. The violent dragon caused much suffering for the people. Eventually, a black cloud covered the sky, bringing a deep, deep darkness with it. Just when everyone had given up and thought the world would end, something happened. A single ray of light shone down from the sky. An unearthly beautiful princess arrived riding on a purple cloud. The woman smiled, and her smile illuminated our dark world.



A hundred years later, history repeated itself in the small island of Enoshima, Japan. Boats were disappearing and people would suddenly starting dancing the Enoshima Dance, a dance, of course, native to the island. A young man by the name of Yuki was chosen to fish the dragon out of the sea by an alien named Haru, and his sister Coco. With help from the fishing prince Natsuki, he learned how to fish. The monster they happened to be looking for turned out to be the same type of alien as Haru, and not a dragon at all. At the same time, an organization by the name of DUCK [Defensive Universal Confidential Keepers] were on the tails of the boys. An Indian man by the name of Akira was assigned especially to look into this certain case. Though, through fishing, he became friends with Yuki, Haru, and Natsuki. Soon, when the dancing epidemic got worse, Yuki discovered that he was in fact a "goddess" of sorts. Only Yuki, along with his friends, could fish the dragon out of the ocean and calm it down. When everything was over and the dragon was captured, they discovered that the name of the dragon was Urara and he was, like Haru said, just another alien. Their job done, Haru and Coco went back home, but soon Haru began to miss his friends. Months later he returned with Urara close in step behind him.

A while after they came back, everything was normal. The boys went back to fishing and they began working for a boat that they had worked for in the past. Enoshima was peaceful. That was, until people started being spirited away form their homes and livestock were disappearing. Again, several sailors began to not return home. DUCK was immediately on the case, blaming Urara and Haru on the chaos on the island. Urara stated that it wasn't their doing. It was, in fact, the doing of the other four "heads" of the "dragon". There were four more aliens exactly like him living in the ocean surrounding Enoshima. To capture them, they would each have to be fished up from the ocean individually. With each waiting moment though, they grew stronger and more people began getting harmed. It was up to everyone this time to save Enoshima, as the goddess's power was not strong enough alone.



Enoshima is a small island just outside of the city Fujisawa, Japan. While it is small, it is difficult to travel around during weekends and in the summer, as there are many visitors. The island is absolutely covered with wonderful plants and trees native to the island nation. The town is modern and surrounded by absolutely beautiful ocean. Many of its residents and guests spend their time fishing or swimming when their hot summers come along. Sea creatures live in the tidal pools surrounding the ocean. There are high mountains, rocks, and ancient caves for people to explore. There are also tens of art museums, shopping centers, and a very large and aquarium with many different kinds of sea life. Enoshima is also well known for their delicious sea food, their most well-known dish being the shirasu-don (small raw fish on a bowl of rice) and their colorful ice cream that is usually not found in the west. In the center of this all, is a shrine dedicated to the goddess that supposedly once lived on their island.


Character Types

Regular Humans (just regular people)

Aliens (They have an alternate for of very colorful betta fish. In their human forms, they have blue eyes and hair the same colors as their scales. They speak in very strange accents. They have a fondness for the color red. Their species speaks through contact with water. They can control humans and animals with water.)

DUCK Agents (Part of the required uniform is a turban. Certain high-ranking agents get a duck as a partner. The higher ups usually wear much brighter and more colorful clothing. They are a large mix of people from different countries. Most agents usually just wear black suits. Its their job to investigate the aliens and keep civilians safe. They will kill an alien if it's dangerous.)

You are free to roleplay a canon character, but only if you can prove to me that you can portray them well. If you read this please put "haino haino" in the other section your form.

Canon Characters: Natsuki Usami, Yuki Sanada, Haru, Akira Agarkar Yamada



-No God Modding

-No Power Playing

-No Mary Sues/Gary Stus

-Please at least one paragraph (five full sentences) in your posts.

-Please, PM me the form.

-No bringing OOC into the IC.

-No arguing, if you really have a problem with someone, including me, talk to a mod.

-While this does take place in a island in Japan, please no using Japanese words. If you want to signify that a character is speaking another language, please put the dialogue in <<>>'s.

-If you read this please put "sky tree" in the other section of the form

-Character forms and posts must have proper grammar and full sentences..

-You will only have three chances to submit your form.

-Type in the third person when in character.

-I am only allowing there to be four alien characters besides the three ones in canon.



Character Form:





Character Type:


Appearance (no pictures please):



Theme Song (Optional):



Approved Characters

Regular People


DUCK Agents

Character Form:

Username: Icepelt

Name: Tereza Nováková

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Character Type: DUCK Agent

Biography: Tereza was born into a very poor family. Her parents, for some strange reason, disappeared after her brother Samuel's birth. Soon after, they became close with an elderly woman who lived next door, Samuel in particular. When she was brutally murdered in front of his eyes though, the young man seemed to go into a permanent state of shock from the beatings the murderers gave him so he wouldn't tell. He became emotionally crippled and mute, clinging to his sister's side constantly. After roaming around lost for a couple years she eventually found an older man willing to raise her, along with other children, all young. Five of the other children she began to refer to as her siblings. Though, after this man died in a very bad fight, his brother took over the household. This forced a lot of the children apart when he started having money troubles. Tereza soon ended up living with a very rich young man named Roderich. Two of her siblings lived with her, while her youngest siblings went off to live with a woman named Elizabeta. The middle child went to live on her own. Soon after, Roderich and Elizabeta, who had actually been friends since childhood, got married. Again they sort of served as her parents. Despite them being this, Tereza and her siblings were pushed around a lot by some of the more powerful and higher class people they often came into contact with. The stress of living in a high class society while trying to raise children was taxing on Roderich and Elizabeta, causing them to break up. Around this time, Tereza began to drink and get involved with drugs, as did her brother. Tereza afterwards moved in with her younger brother and they ended up opening up to the many mafia-related incidents. During a large gang fight in their neighborhood, their house was broken into by a rather strong group of men, and forced the two siblings to spit up. While Samuel seemed to embrace the mafia ideals, Tereza really didn't think much of them. When she saw what they were doing to him, she made all the mafia members leave her neighborhood unless they were married to someone who wasn't involved. Even after the mafia left them, they weren't free. The mafia leader eventually returned for them, forcing them to do work for them. After much work from the mafia's side, Tereza broke down This lasted until Tereza just stopped obeying, when every person in her wing of the mafia rose up against the leader. A few years later, her and her brother separated, which was surprisingly very peaceful. For a few years after that, she lived on until she was a young woman, at which point she was forced to give up her home to make the mafia leaver her alone. She only joined DUCK to protect her self then. Her being alone or drunk all the time also caused her to become a bit loose. On her first trip out, she had an encounter with some very dangerous aliens. They were able to control minds, forcing her to look into the sun and burn out her own irises. Though, with help from DUCK, this alien was put to death Of course, this got her hated by several people who thought it was "wrong". While their words hurt, she eventually apologized for doing what she did and pulling a dirty trick. She then went back to living her semi-regular life, though she did have to go through strict training to get used to her blindness.

Appearance: Tereza is very petite and has nice round hips. Her brown hair is cropped short, just barely reaching her chin. Most of the time, it is styled into two pigtails. Her eyes were almost an alien-like red color, but since she was blinded they are now covered in veins and whited over. While Tereza is thin, most of the weight she has is only flab or fat, not muscle. Her clothing mostly consists of very bright colors and strange patterns. Most of the time, she is wearing a necklace with a charm of a bright read, two-tailed lion, one similar to the head of her white cane. Finally, she is always wearing a pair of blue tinted glasses to cover up her eyes.

Personality: Tereza is a bit boy crazy, loving to flirt and mess around with several guys, sometimes girls. Despite this, she will try her best not to cheat on or mistreat her females partners, but male partners are usually treated poorly. Often times, people are scared to talk to her because of hos bossy and rude she can be. Her respect comes from the belief that woman deserve more respect than men because they work harder. Of course, she expects men to do all the work for her, making her very lazy. Despite this, she really likes to party and often times treats serious situations like they could be transformed into something like that. Sometimes, she can even be a bit too willing to make everything fun, so its hard to see her serious. At times, she can be very blunt, to the point where she has hurt another person's feelings. When she's around someone she's familiar with, she's very friendly and cuddly, talking loudly and a lot. When it comes to someone she is unfamiliar with,s he'll be very rude and cold. If need be, she can be very manipulative and try to turn a situation her direction, especially if it's for revenge Also, she tries to avoid crying because she thinks it makes her look weak.

Skills: very good with sensing others emotions, senses others in the room by scent and sound, very good singer, good with theater, can play several instruments, good with words and logic, very fast

Theme Song (Optional): Cherryboy Rap Riot-Foreverpandering

Other: Tereza is the Czech version of the name Teresa

Edited by Icepelt

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I tried to add a bit more detail, but I have some things to explain. The characters aren't really relevant to the actual in-depth plot of the roleplay. They are just used for the background story. While I am allowing people to roleplay the characters from the actual anime, I'm going to assume that most will create OCs. I don't think its necessary to have to explain how each character is simply because I will determine if I think the person can make the character believable or not. If they portray the character well, then I will let them. Also, since Enoshima, Japan is a real place, I don't think its really necessary for me to explain. The only difference between the fictional Enoshima and the real one is that the fictional one has aliens, as explained in the plot.

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Mostly because they're involved in the actual anime itself and thus they would be relevant to the plot of this story. Without them in the back story, this roleplay wouldn't make sense.

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I'm really leaving them up to people who actually know the series. I would put a description up, but I'm not for my own personal reasons. Those being: I want them to already know the character well enough to be able to portray them well. I know it can seem unfair, but I just want people who chose the characters to actually be in character.

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Hm... sorry for butting in here, but if you're expecting to get only people who have seen the anime, you won't get many players, and not many would go through the trouble of watching the whole thing for research just to participate in the roleplay. It'd definitely benefit everyone, including you, to just explain everything clearly.

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I've clearly stated though that I will only give those parts of playing those characters to people who are familiar with them. Thus, I'm expecting people who've watched it to understand them well. I guess if it's really that bad, I'll just post a wiki article.

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I did it. Is there anything else you think I should add?

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Nope! Approved. Have fun roleplaying.

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