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~Sorry to the original creator of "make your own character" I figured I could do a side one since the great idea is so popular we needed another thread. Please PM me if you don't want this thread up and it'll go down straight away; thanks!


"Liz; look at this"

Ethan murmured into his twin sister's ear. She turned her head around, brown hair flopping over her shoulders. "What?" She murmured. They were two kids, sneaking around in the city of Erich. The twins had recently run away from their two rich foster parents, they hit the children and needed them to always behave. Now they were sneaking in one of the many grey, dark buildings of Erich.


Ethan pointed to a painting on the wall, the faded light shielded the eyes from spotting the lovely painting, but the two could see it.


Elizabeth murmured. It was a beautiful painting of a mermaid, encased in ice with a dragon licking the frozen water. She sighed and tapped his shoulder "Quick, before anyone sees us!"

Ethan followed his twin through the dim light. They needed money, so they needed to 'borrow' things and sell them to Ethan's adult friend who owned a shop nearby. She had an accent and had moved from Africa to here. She owned the shop near the docks, Ethan loved the smell of the ocean as his dad sailed constantly... before he passed.


They reached the kitchen. This was a worker's building, the builders had just brought it and were refurnishing it to their liking. The twins didn't know much about it. Elizabeth searched the fridge, while Ethan checked the draws. She slammed the door shut.

"Damn! Nothing"

She snapped, but Ethan shone something in the light. He muttered something and she crept over. It was a lovely golden mirror encrusted with diamonds and a silver snake was coiled around the handle.

"Nirasa will take-"

"Hey! Hide!"

Elizabeth snapped when she heard the door open. They darted under a table, Ethan stuffed the mirror in his little bag. A man entered the room and switched the light on. Elizabeth heard the draw open, and the man yelled out. "Run!" She hissed. The twins bolted out to the stairs and heard footsteps behind them. "I will kill you!" But the voice dimmed into a whisper, as they approached one of the doors. It was locked, and they moved on through the dark.

Ethan played with the handle of the next door, his sweaty hands slowly pulled it open and the twins bolted out into the night sky.



Fill in this form to put a character in the story:


[b]Character Name (full... unless they have a nickname and only that):[/b]
[b]Role (anything from bad guy to girlfriend):[/b]
[b]Abilites (no shooting rainbows or lazers, no super powers or anything either):[/b]
[b]Possibly come in (any where you want them to come into the story?):[/b]
[b]Can I kill them off if needed, and if so, how long do you want 'till they die? (or a surprise):[/b]
[b]Can I hurt them badly?:[/b]



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Username: rampaging wyvern

Character Name: Kyzaro

Gender: Male

Age: Uncertain, but he's certainly not young.

Role: Maybe he could become a friend/defender?

Abilites: He can fly (tongue.gif) and is a great fighter.

Possibly come in: Whenever you choose.

Can I kill them off if needed, and if so, how long do you want 'till they die? (or a surprise): Nu-uh. x3

Can I hurt them badly?: Yus. I dunno why. But I have a...love as it were...of getting my charries badly hurt...I'm evil. Provided it doesn't make him appear weak x3

Personality: He has a dark history and as such is usually quite serious. He will willingly lay his life on the line for allies.

Appearance: Here

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All right, I'm gonna post the next chapter right now as well. I have a high... writing... mode.



Ethan and Elizabeth walked through the dark streets of Erich, covering their shivering bodies and avoiding any people straying in the dark. They crept through their secret alley to their hideout. They arrived and flopped down on the couch, the house was a little one and abandoned. It looked like it was a little burnt but it still had a fridge and couch.

Ethan took out the mirror and looked into it.

"Oooh! I'm Miss. Celebrity... I'm sooooo pretty. Oh god! Liz... there's like... a spot on my cheek! Wash it now!"

He joked, immitating their foster parent's annoying voices. Liz laughed and pulled out a book from under the couch.


"Want me to read?"

Ethan nodded; he loved her reading. It brang him into another world and the characters stole away into his dreams. He leant against his twin and looked at the grey walls. She read the story out loud to him, the words lifted him into the sky, the characters greeted him with words and she even immitated their voices.

Eventually he fell asleep against her, enchanted by the words that danced in his ears. His twin had a book on her lap when she awoke.



She yawned and stretched. The sun started to rise over the hills and their house's windows flooded with sun.

He awoke and pulled the mirror from his bag. It was still there; good. "Come on, let's go to Nirasa's" That was their friend. She sold many things and was nice to them. He looked at it "It'll be worth a few hundred... maybe thousand"


They skipped through the alleys and dodged the cars, trying to stay away from anyone who looked like they'd just pick them up and carry them home. They reached the docks and Ethan took in the salty smell of the sea, the boats rocked on the sea and the wood creaked under his feet. But he was dragged towards the store by his sister who didn't like the sea as much as him. A sign hung from the door, swinging in the cold air.

It said "Nirasa's Nicks and Knacks" in golden running writing on a wooden sign. Ethan popped in, and Nirasa was shooing away some chinese tourists who rushed out. Nirasa was a black lady with many rings on her fingers, she wasn't fat nor was she skinny, and she was a nice lady who sometimes had an accent. He wandered over to the desk and so did Nirasa, he popped the mirror on the desk and Nirasa whistled through her teeth.


"How 'uch you selling for?"

She asked. Elizabeth just stood, looking at the fancy statues and gold on the shelves. Ethan bit his lip. "Three... thousand" He looked up at her brown eyes. "Two thousand?" She started to haggle. "Three" He said sternly. She chuckled "I've taught you well! Let me 'op into my office and get the money" She said.


Nirasa came back with their three thousand in cash. Ethan checked it was real with Nirasa chuckled. Elizabeth was studying a little frog with gold and diamonds in it. "Thanks! Bye!" He waved and headed off with the money. Elizabeth follow behind. "Lets get a cake to celebrate" And they skipped off to the cake store.



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You ish good writer... look forward to more ~


It makes me want to hurry up and write my story but I still have the plot to clean up and characters to develop x3

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Usually it's best not to plan... just start writing~ I never planned Elizabeth and Ethan to be twins... just came to me <3.



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Hehe, when you're aiming for a full blown novel that will be sold in shops and hopefully made into a movie (seriously - my biggest dream), you want it absolutely perfect.


When is you going to write moar? *o* I needs more stuff to read. At least something more interesting than this boring old biography I'm reading for school.


And just to let you know, Kyzaro's picture has been updated.

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Wow, nice one. Fine. I'll write more.



Elizabeth and Ethan ate at the hideout, sticky frosting stuck to their fingers and lips. They laughed when they played with their food. It was good with no one to tell them not to do this, it was fun and they were kids. They both knew the other hated their foster family.


Liz heard a faint knock at the door. She tapped his shoulder and she bit her lip. What to do? "Hide in the storage" She muttered to him. She always acted like the older sister even though they were born two minutes apart. Technically, she was older, but by a few inches on the clock hands.

She slowly walked over to the door and peered out the peaking hole. Nothing. She carefully opened the door with a shaky hand. The only thing before her was night. The two had stayed inside, resting and eating cake. They both felt like staying on the couch and their butts hadn't left it since they had spent a little of Nirasa's money on cake.


She stared at the sky, little stars twinkled in the night sky. But suddenly something shot by. She screamed as air whooshed by, almost pushing her over. She supported herself and chewed on her lip. She was about to shut the door when she saw something incredible.

A large bird-like animal stood before her. It gave a little caw and looked at her. "E'run cak" It muttered. She stared blankly into it's face and noticed Ethan had run up behind her at the sound of a scream.


"English. Lovely. Kyzaro, that's my name. You-"

But suddenly the bird watched as the door slammed in it's face. It was a mix between a lion and an eagle, otherwise known as a Gryphon. It was a little different, but overall it was one. It was mainly brown with flashes of blue on it's chest and wings. It shook it's head. It needed to protect these things.

With one claw it knocked again; it had the limbs like a human and could do things like a person, just a bit extended. "Hello?" But nothing came to the door. The children were probably sheltering away from him.


"It's cold out here!"

He yelled into the door. "Nothing" He murmured again. "Hey, Pizza delivery! Free Sunday!" He quickly beated himself on the beak; today wasn't even Sunday... and pizza delivery?


Oh well. He needed a new way to get to them.

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xd.png I actually laughed out loud when I read that x3


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Alright... I'm joining... but I'm making two sheets... for different reasons.


Username: Dragonhatchling

Character Name: Layel Sevanfell

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Role: Friend

Abilites: She's good with a bow and sword. She knows her herbs very very well and often makes poisons as well as other potions

Possibly come in: Anytime

Can I kill them off if needed, and if so, how long do you want 'till they die?: Nope

Can I hurt them badly?: I guess


Username: Dragonhatchling

Character Name: Venril

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Role: Evil bad dragon!

Abilites: she can breath both fire and ice, fly very very well, run faster than your average dragon (I'll explain) and has a highly toxic coating that can be coated anywhere, though she mostly uses them on claws and teeth though it is harmless to her species. She will not hesitate to use claws, wings, or tail to defend herself and fight.

Possibly come in: Anytime

Can I kill them off if needed, and if so, how long do you want 'till they die?: well she's evil... so... no. More fun smile.gif

Can I hurt them badly?: Perhaps.

Species: A Se'kal (an OC species of mine). This is a typical style western dragon ranging in size anywhere from 6 inches tall to 4 feet tall. Each dragon has the ability to coat themselves in a highly toxic poison if threatened. Due to their smaller size, they are excellent and very agile fliers as well as faster runners.

Appearance: Venril is 4ft tall, with gold-amber eyes and dark, forest green scales. She has a pair of silver horns that can be found on each side of her eyes that curve out slightly. Silver spikes run down her back, tapering to an arrowhead shaped spade on the end of her tail. Her underbelly scales are a darkish silver, mostly matching her horns and spikes. Her wings also have silver spikes on each section of "finger" for the wings.

Personality: (I would prefer you at least read this...) Venril is crazy. That's a nice way to put it... she's far worse than crazy. She can be found being very nice to someone, only to kill them the next minute. Her ways are highly unpredictable and she is very dangerous because of it.

Other: She is very intelligent for anything really, having spent most of her time secluded and picking up knowledge sneaking around villages. She can speak many different languages and will often switch languages in the middle of sentences.



Sorry if what I added was not alright... just pm me and I'll fix asap.

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