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Exalted:End of an Era

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Exalted: The End of an Era


Some terms are found in the Glossary in the third post. PM me if you want/need something added/clarified.




The setting is the world of Exalted – this world was not made by me, and all credit goes to White Wolf Publishing for making the Exalted universe. The main location is the world of Creation, an encapsulated world with the Wyld, which is pure, unbridled, chaos on its sides, Yu-Shan, the heavenly city above, and the Underworld beneath.


Map of Creation


The level of technology varies by location, but most weapons are of the medieval era. Cannons, as well as guns, exist but are fuelled by Essence instead of gunpowder. A few Warstriders remain from the First Age but are so rare that PCs will have to quest for them if they wish to use them.


A Creation year is slightly different from our year. Creation has 5 seasons of 3 months. Each month has 4 weeks of 7 days. At the end of each year, there is a period of 5 days known as Calibration. During Calibration, the moon is not visible, and any summoning attempt is easier as the boundaries between the Demon Realms and Creation are weaker.





I'm not going to go into too much detail here, just what’s needed for the RP is explained.


Primordial War:

The Gods created the Exalted to fight the Primordials, since the Gods were under a Geas not to raise their hands against them. Exalts are mortals that are granted divine power. The Gods involved and the Exalts created were:


Sol Invictus, the Unconquered Sun: patron of the Solars. Only 300 of these were created.


Luna, the Silver Lady: patron of the Lunars. 300 Lunars were created – one for each Solar.


The Five Maidens: patrons of the Sidereals. Despite there being only five Maidens, a hundred Sidereals exist.


The Terrestrial Exalts were not created by the Gods, but by the Elemental Dragons, who are the children of the Primordial Gaia. Gaia sided with the Gods against her brethren after being seduced by Luna and as such, was spared their fate at the end.


Some Primordials were slain, creating the Underworld with their deaths and disrupting the natural cycle of reincarnation. The rest surrendered and were banished. Their prison became known as Malfeas. The banished Primordials laid a curse on the Exalted, which would become their downfall.


The slain Primordials became known as the Neverborn. Those banished become the Yozi, demon kings.


The First (Golden) Age:


During this time, technology prospered, and many wonders were built. The Solars ruled with the Lunars at their side as consorts/bodyguards/etc. The Sidereals become their advisors, and the Terrestrials served as the bulk of the army. However, the Primordial’s curse started to corrupt the Solars. The Sidereals consulted the Loom of Fate and determined that the best course of action for Creation was to erase the Solars. They provoked the Terrestrials into an uprising, which killed all Solars and some Lunars. The surviving Lunars fled into the Wyld.


To prevent the Exaltations from reincarnating and forming an endless war, the Sidereals created a Jade Prison to contain them. Most were caught, but a few escaped.


This ended the First Age.


Second Age:


The Sidereals formed the Immaculate Faith that taught the Terrestrials that Solars and Lunars were Anathema to Creation and should be hunted down and killed. To oversee these Wyld Hunts, the Sidereals took advantage of a Fair Folk invasion to install a powerful figurehead, the Scarlet Empress. Under their guidance, she was able to reactivate the Defense Grid, an ancient weapon system that had protected Creation in the First Age, and drive the Fair Folk back.


Knowing that they would also be considered Anathema, should their existence be widely known, they wove a powerful Charm that hid them – even the Loom of Fate had difficulty in holding the knowledge of their existence.


The knowledge of how to repair and build some technology was also lost with the absence of the Solars and Lunars, and many of their wonders fell into disrepair and ruin.


Many centuries passed, and the Scarlet Empress became more than a figurehead. She became the absolute ruler of the Realm. Then the Empress disappeared without a trace, with no word to indicate when she’d return. The Realm fell into internal conflict without her guiding hand, the Great Houses vying to put their own candidates on her empty throne.


During this period, the Jade Prison was broken by an undead army, releasing the trapped Exaltations. The idea was to harvest them and corrupt them for another purpose. However, this did not go as well as planned…… only half were caught, and the rest slipped away and reincarnated as Solars.


With the Realm in disarray, the Solars were able to gather more strength than before. The Wyld Hunts used to kill the newly-Exalted before they had a chance to learn to control their powers, but the disappearance of the Empress was a blessing for the so-called Anathema.


This is the Age that Creation is currently in.





The Scarlet Empress has returned from an extended absence and with her return, a wave of change has rushed over the world of Creation. No-one knows where the Scarlet Empress has been, or why she was away for so long. The Terrestrial Exalts have hunted the Chosen of the Sun and Moon as Anathema since the dawn of the Second Age, but never before with such careless regard to those caught in the middle.


By order of the Empress, the city of Lookshy has been destroyed, killing mortals, Terrestrials and Celestial Exalts alike. She claimed Lookshy was a haven for Anathema, and as such, its very existence was a threat that could not be tolerated any longer. This has caused massive unrest within the Celestial Bureaucracy. After all, the Chosen of the Stars were responsible for putting the Empress in power in the first place.


Amidst this chaos, old threats to Creation re-emerge. Pure chaos waits on the borders of Creation, while the undead hordes stir beneath. Demonic plots corrupt the very fabric of the world, and even further from the eyes of Fate, a forgotten being stirs in slumber. His servants are about to re-enter Creation to seek the resources necessary to repair his body.


Our story begins just after the destruction of Lookshy, as the survivors try to piece together a future from the shattered past.


Can the Terrestrials and Celestials manage to put aside the ingrained enmity for the sake of Creation and start a new Golden Age? Or will Creation’s existence be changed beyond recognition and converted into an extension of the Demon Realms? Or possibly, will it cease to exist entirely – dragged into the Endless Void or dissolved back into Primal Chaos?



I reserve the right to add/alter the rules as the need arises.


• No powerplaying or Godmodding (I know Exalts are powerful, but don’t overpower them)


•Characters, especially Solars, are effected by the Primordial's Curse and as such require flaws. (No Mary/Gary- Sue's please)



•Keep swearing to a minimum. Common curses on Creation such as ‘Malfeas blast it!’ can also be used instead of harsher swears.


•Keep everything PG 13.


•Minimum of 4 sentences per post and try to be literate, but a few spelling/grammar mistakes are acceptable. This is a very cinematic RP so try to be descriptive in your posts.


•Character sheets should be PMed to me for approval. Also feel free to ask for some guidance via PM too.


•A limit of 2 characters per player (exceptions/changes to this may occur)

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Types of Exalted:


There are two classes of Exalts: Terrestrial and Celestial. Exaltation generally occurs during puberty for Terrestrial Exalts, and in the mid-20s to 30s for the Celestials, but exceptions are known. All Exalts are associated with a magical material and often wear armour and carry weapons made of the material. All Exalts have an anima, an aura, which surrounds them when a large amount of Essence is spent. All animas provide light strong enough to read by.


Terrestrial Exalts


Commonly known as Dragon-blooded, these Exalts are the most numerous on Creation. Dragon-blood Exaltations run in bloodlines, and as long as there’s one Dragon-blood in the ancestory, anyone can Exalt. Most are related to the Scarlet Empress, a deliberate design by her to ensure she retains complete control, and are loyal to the Empress.


Dragon-bloods tend to live a few centuries but rarely beyond six. If a Dragon-blood looks old, then they have lived a long time: 500 years or so. There are five kinds of Dragon-blood, depending on the patron Elemental Dragon. The elements are:

Fire, Earth, Wood, Water and Air.


Dragon-blooded are able to manipulate their element and are unharmed by natural sources of the element. I.e., a Fire-aspected Dragon-blood would not take damage from a campfire. Dragon-blooded are associated with the magical material of Jade. The anima of Dragon-blood is dependent on their element.


Celestial Exalts


These are more powerful than the Dragon-bloods, though less numerous. Only Celestial Exalts have caste marks. These appear on the forehead of the Exalt when Essence is expended.


Sidereals (100)


The Chosen of the Stars are rather tricky to pin down; not only is Fate confused about whether they exist or not, one is never sure if the person you’re talking to is a Sidereal in disguise.


Most Sidereals pass themselves off as ordinary mortals, even though they do need to move around a lot as their longevity is exceptional. They can live for a few millennia. The oldest known Sidereal (at least to Fate) has lived since the First Age and is nearing the end of his third millennia.


Sidereals are capable of manipulating Fate, reading the future and are often behind every single Event in Creation. The Sidereals are also the Celestial Bureaucracy. The magical material of Sidereals is Starmetal.


Despite the growing threat, Sidereals are still divided. There are those that still think Solars need to be removed: the Bronze Faction. The other main faction is the Gold Faction, those that disagreed with the uprising, who are still a minority compared to the Bronze. There are other points of view among the Sidereals, and that just causes more conflict in the ranks.


Sidereals have 5 castes, dependent on the Maiden that Exalted them:

Battles, Endings, Journeys, Secrets, and Serenity. The caste marks are astrological symbols:


Battles: Mars (the male Genesis symbol), Endings: Saturn (a weird looking h),

Journeys: Mercury (female genesis symbol with horns), Secrets: Jupiter (a stylised no. 4), Serenity: Venus (the female Genesis symbol)


Their anima is just a colour associated with their Maiden: Battles = red, Endings = violet, Journeys = yellow, Secrets = green, and Serenity = blue.


Lunars (just under 300)


Lunars are the shapeshifting Chosen of the Moon. Lunars have a Totem animal that they identify with and can freely shift between that form and their human form. Lunars also possess a midway form called the Warform (think werewolf style things for this). Originally created to be the perfect partner for Solars, Lunars are the most versatile of the Celestials. The exact number of Lunars is unknown as some fell to Chimeraism just after they fled into the Wyld. Chimeraism is a state of being in which a Lunar loses control of their shapeshifting ability and becomes a mindless beast. To avoid this condition, Lunars have Moonsilver Tattoos all over. Moonsilver being a magical material, and the material linked to Lunars, is resistant to the mutagenic effects of the Wyld and helps the Lunar to retain their form.


Lunars can live for no more than two millennia.


There are three castes remaining of Lunars, the Wyld forced the amalgamation of the original five.


The Original five are: Full Moon, No Moon, Waxing Moon, Waning Moon, and Half Moon.


The three remaining castes are: Full Moon, No Moon, and Changing Moon. The caste marks, in order, are: a filled silver circle, an empty silver circle, and a silver crescent.


Lunar animas are silver in colour and often depict the Lunar’s totem animal.


Solars (was 300, now 137)


Solars, Chosen of the Sun, are the leaders of the Celestial Exalt Pack. Their original purpose was to lead the Exalts against the Primordials as generals. After the war, the Gods retreated into Yu-Shan and left the Solars in charge of Creation. Technically the most powerful of all the Exalts, Solars were the main targets of the Realm’s Wyld Hunts until the Empress’s disappearance. No Solar remembers the time spent in the Jade Prison and as such, most find the world has changed drastically. Solars can live for a couple of millennia – unless the Wyld Hunt gets them first.


Solars are linked to the golden magical material of Orichalcum.

Solar Castes are named after different times of day: Dawn, Zenith, Twilight, Night, and Eclipse.


The marks that go with these castes are: a golden rayed sun, a filled golden circle, a half filled golden circle, an empty golden circle, and a golden circle with a dot inside. Solar animas are golden, depict powerful animals, or abstract forms. All can be seen for a long distance and are very impressive.


Abyssals (100) and Infernals (50)


Although these were not among the original set of Exalts, Abyssals and Infernals are classified as Celestials due to their origin as corrupted Solar Exaltations.


Abyssals are the ‘dark mirrors’ of Solars, creator turned destroyer. One hundred Solar Essences were corrupted by the Deathlords and turned into Abyssal Exalts. The primary purpose of Abyssals is to drag Creation into the Void of Oblivion. Abyssal use weapons and armour made of Soulsteel. Abyssals also use titles rather than names, as their name is sacrificed to the void upon Exaltation.


However, some Abyssals have renounced their masters and turned rogue; it is rumoured that some even seek to return to their Solar origin. Abyssals have a similar lifespan to Solars. Rogue Abyssals suffer from the wrath of the Neverborn. This results in their Death Essence erupting in unpleasant ways.


Abyssal castes are: Dusk, Midnight, Daybreak, Day, and Moonshadow. The caste marks are identical to the Solar equivalent, but are black not gold, and as their Anima flares, the caste marks bleed. The animas for Abyssals are tainted versions of anything a Solar can produce.


Infernals are Solars that have been twisted by the Yozis. Their purpose is to find a way to break the prison that holds the Yozis. The Exaltations of Infernals have been twisted beyond recognition of their origin and are completely loyal to their masters. So unlike Abyssals, Infernals cannot turn rogue and start upon the path of redemption.


Due to the changes wrought by the corruption of their Exaltations, Infernals have the shortest lifespan of any Exalt, living for only 150 years after Exalting. They use weapons and armour made of Tainted Orichalcum.


Their castes are: Slayer, Malefactor, Defiler, Scourge, and Fiend.


The marks are: crossed blades, an hourglass, a green flame, a green/red swirling circle, and a dark circle. Their animas are anything demonic or unnatural.


Magical Materials:


All magical materials are stronger than normal materials, and items of magical material can break weapons/armour made of normal material. There are some differences between the magical materials though.


Jade: Exists in 5 different colours: red, blue, green, black, and white. All types of jade makes fast, light weapons and strong, light armour. Elemental effects are added on different colours: red = Fire (burns), blue = Air (knockback), white = Earth (stun), green = Wood (poison) and, black = Water (slow).


Orichalcum: Makes accurate, fast, sharper weapons and armour that can absorb more attacks. A golden metal forged in lava.


Tainted Orichalcum: Does the same as Orichalcum, but is dull in colour and is forged in vitriol.


Moonsilver: Makes very accurate weapons, and Moonsilver armour can shapeshift with its wearer. A silvery metal that has never felt the heat of the sun during its forging process.


Starmetal: A rare metal extracted from meteors. Starmetal has a unique ability to reweave Fate around itself.


Soulsteel: A jet black metal forged from human souls This material drains Essence and deals heavy damage.



Playable Characters: (others may be available on request)




Solars of any caste, here are the stereotypical jobs of each Caste (don’t feel restricted to these though):

Dawn: Soldiers/Generals

Zenith: Preachers

Twilight: Teachers/Sorcerers

Night: Spies/Assassins

Eclipse: Diplomats




Any caste, even one of the Original castes if you want to play an older Exalt. Anything goes here (pretty much). Play a Lunar that stays in animal form if you really want.




Any of the 5 elements, any job. No Realm Dragon-bloods; their loyalty to the Empress may be a little problematic.




Rogue Abyssals only, any caste. Just be aware of the consequences that follow this path. Again stereotypes, but no restriction.


Dusk: Soldiers/Generals

Midnight: Preachers

Daybreak: Teachers/Sorcerers

Day: Spies/Assassins

Moonshadow: Diplomats

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Character Sheets:


Essence (between 3 and 6):
Specialisation (best skills etc):





Anathema: A deregatory term for Celestial Exalts.


Beastmen: Animal-human hybrids.


Deathlords: 13 high essence Solars that were killed alongside the Neverborn. The disrupted cycle trapped these with the Neverborn and eventually corrupted them.


Essence: Magical energy. Also a measure of how powerful an Exalt is.


Exalt: A mortal that has been given divine power.


Exaltation: The part that carries the power of an Exalt. The process of attaining the power of an Exalt.


Fair Folk: Formless beings that live in the Wyld. Any fixed form is an affront to them, so they seek to expand the Wyld over Creation.


Geas: A promise that was sealed by Fate. Considered unbreakable.


Great Houses: Powerful Dragon-blooded families. Founded by the Scarlet Empress. Each Great House is headed by one of her children.


Lookshy: A now ruined city of a military power.


Loom of Fate: An ancient artefact that shows the past, present and future of Creation.


Neverborn: Primordials that were killed in the war. They seek Oblivion to end their existence.


Malfeas: The demon Realm, also one of the Primordials.


Oblivion/Void: The Ultimate end of all existence.


Primordial: The creators of Creation. Death wasn’t meant to apply to them, so when the first fell in battle, it disrupted the workings of Creation and created the Underworld. The slain Primordials are not truly dead, and the existence of Creation is torture to them.


Realm: The majority of Creation that is under the Scarlet Empress's rule.


Warstriders: Large battle mechs


Wyld: Formless primal chaos that surrounds Creation. Weird things happen when in here.

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((Reserved for accepted forms.))


My characters:

Name: Pheonix

Exaltation: Dragon-Blood

Aspect/Caste: Fire

Essence (between 3 and 6): 4

Description: A long red-haired woman with piercing green eyes. Tall, with a distinctive military bearing. Formally a lieutenant in Lookshy's 7th legion.

Personality: Quick to Anger, comes off as arrogant. The worst of the stereotypical Fire Aspect traits seem to be prominant in Pheonix.

Specialisation (best skills etc): Martial Artist, often used as a front line destructive fighter.

Weapon/Armour: Red Jade Tiger Claws. Plain armour bearing the 7th legion insignia, plus her rank insignia.

Other: Bears a scar on her left leg from a previous battle with Beastmen. Holds a grudge against their Lunar leader.


Name: Web of Inevitable Descent (Web)

Exaltation: Abyssal

Aspect/Caste: Moonshadow

Essence (between 3 and 6): 5

Description: Very pale skinned woman with raven hair. Very thin, looks sickly and weak. Tries to stay out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Favours a flowing black dress.

Personality: Rather quiet, keeps to herself. Thoughtful and can often show wisdom thats beyond her apparant age.

Specialisation (best skills etc): More of a Diplomat than a fighter, Web tries to stay out of any conflict and, surprisingly for an Abyssal, hates unnecessary violence.

Weapon/Armour: Doesn't wear armour, as her frame is too weak to carry the extra weight. Keeps a Soulsteel dagger on her belt, but has never been seen to draw it.

Other: Web has gone rogue from her Deathlord, The Shadow of Cities, and is attempting to revert to her Solar form. Her reasons for this are unknown at the start, but will be revealed as the RP progresses. Also her real (former) name is Marissa.


Shur'turgal's form(s)


Name: Aruna Tacita

Exaltation: Solar

Aspect/Caste: Night

Essence (between 3 and 6): 5 (I am not really sure what this means.)

Description:{An idea} Aruna is taller than average, standing at 5'11. She has long legs that give way to a lithe and slender build. Her eyes shine brighter than the greenest jade and are crystal clear. Her red hair, when not in braids, falls to her mid-thigh in gentle waves. Her caste mark rests smack in the middle of her forehead and seems to always give off a slight glow.

Personality: Aruna is an odd woman. She can be one of the most loving and cheerful solars around but she also has a dark side. Normally she is an intelligent, exuberant individual. She is trusting and loyal, as well as friendly. She isn't exactly quick to anger, but is full of wit and can be snappy. Her dark side retains much of the same attributes. She can still be found laughing but is more malicious. In this state she is rather primal and loves to spill blood. She can be reckless in this state and is not exactly friendly toward anyone.

Specialization (best skills etc): Aruna's best skills are what make her the legendary assassin she is. She is agile and quick with impeccable accuracy. She is not weak but is not extraordinarily strong either. She is cunning in her murderous ways and is not to be underestimated.

Weapon/Armour: Aruna has two typical garbs. Her assassin armor and what she wears majority of the time can be found in the picture along with her description. Her battle armor resembles {this}, with a few small changes. Where the armor is grey in colour it is gold, and where it is gold it is white (designs are white), the areas on her thighs and upper arms remain that light grey shade. Aruna carries three weapons at all times. Her {bow}, which is golden in colour with gold arrows, and two identical {short swords}

Other: She hates to be ignored, and though it seems like she wouldn't, she has control of herself in her dark state.


Iza111's character


Name: Arthur Skyslash

Exaltation: Lunar

Aspect/Caste: Full moon, shifts into wolf

Essence (between 3 and 6): 4

Description: A medium build, fairly tall brunette 18-year-old. Sort of a rogue, traveling around... Acts like a Robin Hood. Has piercing blue eyes.

Personality: Good natured, helpful, kind... Scary when angered.

Specialisation (best skills etc): Excellent swordsmanship, has an almost heroic reputation among the people, but is not in the favor of the empress.

Weapon/Armour: Moonsilver armor and short sword, turns into dagger when shape shifted

Other: Single, weapon's name is, ironically, Excaliber.


Emeraldmay's character


Name: Atlas Galloway

Exaltation: Solar

Aspect/Caste: Dawn

Essence (between 3 and 6): 5

Description: Atlas has tawny brown hair, which tumbles down to just below his ears. Just above his forehead, there is a lock of hair which always falls down into his eyes, and he is constantly pushing it back. His brown eyes smile with a friendly warmth, He has tanned skin, which was born paler but has browned after many years training under the sun. He has a strong, muscled body, which he hides under a loose dull chainmail shirt, with armoured leggings. He uses lightweight armour to increase his mobility, and wears a dark full body cloak to hide this.

Personality: Intensely loyal, Atlas will travel to the ends of the earth for people he loves. Always trying to find ‘the one’, Atlas will constantly hit on girls he encounters, although is susceptible to manipulation. Well bred, he has a firm sense of honour, and will not attack somebody whose back is turned etc. Atlas is well aware of his skills, having trained all his life, and will bravely go into any situation he sees, being dying fighting is better than dying in bed. Axis’ goal is to reunite with his family, his mother and his younger sister, both Lunars. His father was killed in a Lookshy, and he feels responsible for them, travelling back to his village. Axis has always admired his father, taking his horse and sword, and constantly tries to live up to what he believes his father would have wanted.

Specialisation (best skills etc): Atlas has trained with both the morning star ever since he was three, in training to become a knight, although he will never achieve that now his father is dead. Atlas is very strong, is quick on his feet, and a skilled horse rider.

Weapon/Armour: A black steel morning star hands from his left leg, and in his right belt he holds a sword. The sword has a dark glass hilt, designed for fighting in cold places, and a light grey blade, which is sharpened regularly. He rarely uses the sword, but it was his fathers, so he is returning it to his mother.

Other: Atlas is travelling with his father’s horse, Nimmo, a dark brown mare with white socks and ‘freckles’ running along its back.




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Edits made:

  • Grammar corrections


Thanks for the aid Dauntingale. And good luck on your approver training.

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Hello! I think it's time to notify an approver. She'll tell me if there're still more things needed to be added/fixed. I'll get back to you soon!

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(If you'd like me to remove all the past critique so that you have more space, just notify me).


EDIT: All critique removed. Have fun!

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((seems interesting enough but whats anima?))

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All Exalts have an anima, an aura, which surrounds them when a large amount of Essence is spent. All animas provide light strong enough to read by.


From the description of Exalts:

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(Anima's vary between individuals, however all Solar anima's are golden, Lunar animas are silver etc. Anima's are not always animals.... for example, Web's anima is an intricate black web, similar to a mandala, but in monochrome.)

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(Considering its Saturday for me - well only just Saturday, time to start)


Pheonix stood at the edge of a crater. She looked around before descending into what once was a great city. She carefully picked her way down the sides, not really wanting to fall or trip. She had heard stories of the Realm's Defense Grid's power, but never really believed them til now.


Hard to believe that only yesterday this was a bustling city, full of life. Pheonix thought, Now all that's left is this..... a great big hole in the ground Lookshy had always been at slight odds with the Realm, but the Realm had left them alone, until yesterday's attack that is. The Empress couldn't even wait til the Calibration festivities were over Pheonix thought darkly, She ought to have known that civilians would have been in the city. The farm workers, everyone treated Calibration as a holiday.... and Lookshy was hosting the biggest party yet.


------flashback ((Extra info for those in Lookshy at the time of the attack))------


It was the last day of the Calibration festivities and Lookshy was playing host to many party-goers. Then the festivities had been halted, the Scarlet Empress had tapped into the First Age communication system to relay a message across Creation. Her 'hologram' had appeared in the skies above the city.


"People of Creation, I have returned from consulting with the Dragon of my Element and his 4 equal peers. This world has need of a new order, its current state cannot continue.


As for the Anethma of Lookshy, your existance is a blight upon Creation and can no longer be tolerated. The Realm's full force has been turned against you and you will be eradicated."


Then her image faded. In the confusion that followed, Pheonix had tried her best to organise the Lookshy Military and evacuate the citizens from the city. This was to no avail. Pheonix had just got out of the city herself when the glow from the Defence Grid's attack appeared in the skies. By then it was too late to help any left behind. The Defence Grid struck the city and all Pheonix could do was watch.


-----------------end flashback-------------------


Pheonix clenched her fists. A new world order? I did respect the Empress, even if I didn't always agree with her. But I want no part of an order that thinks nothing of mass murder.

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Web of Inevitable Descent finally stirred from her hidden camp. I must keep moving, I can't let him find me. She winced as she noticed that the sun was shining brightly. Oh well, perhaps it'll discourage his other servants from looking for a little longer.


Web gathered her few belongings together and tethered them to her 'borrowed' horse. The horse technically belonged to one of her allies, the Lady of Darkness in Bloodstained Robes, but was lent it for the duration of her mission to Thorns. Well make that former ally... She thought, but didn't regret leaving the service of the Deathlord, the Shadow of Cities.


Web knew that her master would hunt her down as soon as he realised that she had no intention of serving him any longer. She could only hope that he thought that she was still in Thorns, negociating a trade with the Mask of Winters. However, she hadn't gone to Thorns, she'd turned north to head for Lookshy instead. It was unlikely that her absence would go unnoticed, so she needed to get to Lookshy as fast as she could... the army there should be able to protect her, at least long enough.

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Looking down, Atlas watched emotionless as the smoke rose from the crater, swirling upwards into the sky. Although there was nothing left, death still haunted the air, and the singed flavor of flesh still hung on the breeze. There was no point going down, no reason, why would he need to? His father was gone. Blowing on the breeze.


How many dead men's last breath did he now inhale? How could he stand here, wrapped in a cloak to keep himself warm, when so many others had burnt, dreading the heat, to their death, only mere hours ago?


The dark cloak that encircled him hid it all, the metal chain mail that lay coldly against his thin brown top, the curly hair still ruffled with the innocence of youth, the eyes dark with sorrow. His brown eyes stared out at the world, taking it in, picturing the moment, while his hand gripped tightly on the handle of an unknown weapon. In his left hand, he held a sword, running his hand up and down the blade, swinging it at the air and wind, then slowly dropping it to his side in defeat. Gone. All gone.


A warm nuzzle on his ear startled him, and turning, he swung the morning star, previously hidden under his cloak, at the beast, stopping when he realised what it was. A horse. Could as well of been a young child he almost killed. There had been enough death to last a lifetime. Nimmo.


"How did you survive then?" he asked, giving a slight chuckle at the ridiculousness situation. His father, a trained and fit fighter, had perished like the rich, the common, the guards alike, while a horse, a mere animal, had survived. Stroking the dark horse, a plan came to him. Pushing the unruly lock out of his eyes, he swung up on the horse, riding around the crater.

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((I'm thinking Atlas might be able to see/hear Pheonix standing the crater as he moves, especially considering her next action, rash though it may be, but she is a Fire aspect.))


Pheonix looked out West towards the Blessed Isle's location, and cursed under her breath.

"Dragon of her element indeed. I doubt that the Elemental Dragons would be so heedless of life as she has proved herself."


Pheonix drew on some of her personal Essence, which was her link to the Elemental Dragon of Fire, Hesiesh and raised her voice in a vow.


"In the name of the Immaculate Dragons, I hearby swear that the Scarlet Empress will pay dearly for the slaughter she engineered on the last day of Calibration. I will not rest until she is held to account for all the deaths of the innocent." Her anima banner flared into life around her, increasing in intensity quickly - going what was known as Totemic, the brightest and most intense form of an anima. "I swear that the Scarlet Empress will burn in endless torment in the fires of Hesiesh."


Pheonix's anima banner was slightly different from other Fire-aspects in that it had a definable shape. In the sky, way above the crater, but still above Pheonix's head, a bird of red and orange flame could be seen, wings outstretched and its beak open in a silent screech, the tail feathers tapering downwards towards and appearing to engulf her.


((Word of warning - Totemic animas are rather painful to get too close to, plus it is Pheonix, she's a little unpredictable at times))

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A stallion of shimmering, midnight black with a mane and tail of blazing ivory, stood upon a hill of lush grass. A slight wind ruffled his majestic appearance as it did the white robes that splay across his back. A fair beauty with locks of red and eyes rivaling the empress' green jade urged the horse into a slow walk. Aruna looked down to the city whence she came. She had just hit the hills when the sky had erupted behind her and the city of Lookshy had been destroyed. She had bought her steed not hours ago, when she had received word from her tight-knit group of spies of what Lookahy's fate would be. Aruna thought herself to have survived to o long to only be killed off now in a petty attempt to kill of the exalts. Her cloud of thought was tainted by the sight of ire burning high in the sky. Upon closer inspection she could see that the image was a massive bird of impeccable majesty, though it was no honest bird. It was something like a being of mist, existing yet not. Allowing her steed to trot she decided to investigate, as the anima, as she recognized it, was rather strong. She found herself looking into the deep hole of despair that was once a grand city. Hiking her scarf up to under her nose she trotted around the crater, trying to see what made the anima. She spotted her then, upon halting her horse, a woman of war, bellowing out to her gods, no doubt in grief. Movement caught her eye and Aruna looked up to see another on a horse, on the other side of the crater, yet coming her way. Backing up her horse she moved into what she hoped would be a more covered area and watched the two. She had not gotten to where she was by being overly rash. For all she knew these two could be cohorts in a plan to capture solars.

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Startled by the giant flare, Nimmo attempted to bolt to the left, charging forward dangerously close to the edge of the cratar. Tanned hands clinging tightly to the reins, Atlas leaned to the left, forceablly pulling the horse away from the steep drop, and to a safe distance away.


"Calm down Nimmo. It's ok boy. It's ok."Rubbing his hand up and down the stallion's neck, Atlas looked down into the hole, as the bird...anima, it had to be, burned. Who would summon one? Who was stupid...stupid enough to draw attention to here? They were endangering all the survivors lives....there had to be survivors. Witnesses.


Jolting, Nimmo jumped backwards, knocking Atlas cleanly off his back, forcing him to grab onto the dark horses neck to stay upright. Looking in the direction of Nimmo's muscle, he saw a shadow slink into the rocky cover. Shrugging it off as an animal, he turned, hearing the desperate shouting coming from lower in the cavern.


Hesitating, he listed the dangers he could be encountering down in the barren, open desert. No cover, possible disease, enemy gets a high ground advantage. Heat from explosion, emotional trauma, the list went on. But....that voice, the note of desperation. Librae. Closing his eyes, he remembered.


She'd climbed the old conker tree at the end of the lane. The tan knurled wood, grooves enlayed into the aged bark, with a flower of split leaves bursting from every branch, every orifice the tree had. Librae had climbed it, questing for the biggest conker, so she could thread and swing it, in the childhood game he had played so many times against his little sister. Of course, she'd got stuck. She'd called for help, many times. With the same note of hidden fear as the voice down in the canyon did.


Spurring Nimmo on, Atlas charged down into the canyon, thankful the experienced horse could easily clear the steep slope, down, towards the fire bird and its summoner. He couldn't leave someone in trouble, no matter the risks.

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Web looked up as the bird of fire rose up into the sky in the direction of Lookshy. A totemic Anima? That could not be good. Urging her horse to a faster pace she headed towards it. Perhaps Lookshy was under attack, perhaps there was something she could do. Web had been in the Underworld during the Empress's speech and was as yet unaware of the fate that had befallen Lookshy.


As an Abyssal she couldn't regain Essance while in the world of the living, so she had to make frequent trips to the Underworld. Of course, it did depend on her own Essence expenditure, so she tried to aviod using too much.

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Spurring Nimmo on, Atlas galloped down the rocky desert that the crater contained, cloak billowing in the breeze, eyes gleaming with the thrill of exertion. It had been a long time since he'd had motivation, the ability to do what he wanted, to do something good. Monotone training frequently bored him.


A surge of guilt bubbled up inside his chest, remembering the man who had trained him, loved him, wanted him to be the best.

"I will be father." he whispered to himself, to the trees, and the words were blown away on the sharp wind from the western mountains. Pulling the rolls of fabric closer around him, Nimmo slowing, keeping a steady foot as he marched over loose bricks, unidentifiable black ichre, and....was that a tooth? Startled, Atlas dismounted, leading Nimmo away, far away from the human remains. It was a small tooth, the owner must have just been a child. Probably too small to remember anything, to know anything, to have any guilt for the destruction of the place.


He was closer to the voice now. The fire emblem hung above a red haired women, shouting at the sky, the...empress? If he would still call her that. But the sight of her, of her breathing, moving, inspired him. There were survivors. Could his father....?


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((This based on a Role Playing game by White Wolf called Exalted - there's no real story per se, but this is based on the source book Return of the Empress. I think the plot summary is all you really need, plus the history, I've summarised about 5/6 Source Books in there.))

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