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Okeanos War

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Mermaid |ˈmərˌmād|


A fictitious or mythical half-human sea creature with the head and trunk of a woman and the tail of a fish, conventionally depicted as beautiful and with long flowing golden hair.





Captain’s Log

September 13, 1835

The ship has departed from port in England on route to America. The cargo is to be delivered to Philadelphia. Several men have reported signs of dolphins smacking the sides of the ship with their tails. Nothing else to report


September 15, 1835

Another uneventful day at sea. The dolphins from the port seem to have followed up along and have been joined by what seem to be sharks. Again, they are smacking the sides of the ship with their tales. Hopefully, they will depart soon as it is hard to sleep at night with the constant banging.


September 21, 1835

The first mate saw what he claimed to be a mermaid in the water today. Several other crewmembers have also reported signs of seeing maidens in the sea. The dolphins and sharks have vanished but dark shapes follow the ship in the water.


September 25, 1835

There are faces in the water. I can see them clearly now. Maidens with strange colored hair and eyes ride in the wake of the ship and call up to the sailors above. One man has jumped overboard already after succumbing to the temptation of the eerie songs the mermaids sing constantly.


September 26, 1835

We have captured one of the creatures today. It took several men to drag it onboard and dump it on the deck, as it was thrashing around like a storm. It seems to be like a shark but it is hard to tell because it keeps snapping and thrashing about.


September 30, 1835

More mermaids have appeared. The entire ship is surrounded now. The captured mermaid died days ago, but the body has been kept below to bring to Philadelphia so a scientist can look at it. The banging has resumed below decks as a hundred tails slap against the ship. It is impossible to sleep.




Two worlds exist on this earth: the world on land and the world in the water. For centuries, these two worlds have touched and but, for the most part, remain separate from each other. From each world came a dominant species that soon changed this. From the land, humans evolved and made use of technology to make up for their soft skin and lack of natural defenses. They crafted themselves jungles of stone and metal that they would live in, away from animals that would like to harm them. Humans rose to the top of the world on the land and became rulers of the dirt and mud.


Under the water, a unique form of fish evolved to become rather humanoid in appearance. Like the humans, they made use of technology but also used their own natural defenses to claw their way up to the top of the food chain. Their technology paled in comparison to what the humans began creating and, soon, their world was invaded ships that set sail for other areas of land. At first, the mermaids tried to ignore these ships since they did not contain any food the mermaids could eat and took too much effort to take down. However, everything changed when Queen Kawthar was kidnapped during a hunting trip following a pod of whales up north. The Queen had been known for being kind, unlike her husband who was as vicious as the Great White Shark tail he possessed. Naturally, the mermaids on the trip sunk the ship that had taken their Queen from them, only to find that Kawthar had died onboard the ship because the foolish sailors had not known what to do with her.


When the hunting party returned, the king reacted violently to the sight of his dead wife. Although the mermaids had known about the humans since the beginning, they had mostly kept to themselves and only observed. But now, the mermaids were furious. Because the humans had unknowingly killed such an important mermaid, the king decided to strike back.


Unbeknownst to the mermaids, a sailor had escaped from the ship that had captured and accidentally killed the mermaid Queen. He was brought to America where he told everyone he could of the mermaids living in the water. At first, he was laughed and mocked for telling such a tale but soon, ships began to sink. Rumors spread of fish people following ships that passed through the Atlantic Ocean. And, finally, mermaids began attacking people who went swimming in the water. It was obvious to the humans now that mermaids did, in fact, exist. And, thanks to the actions of the people on one now sunken ship, they were now at war with these mermaids.




The humans and mermaids have clashed together for the first time in history. The result is a massive cross-species war between the aquatic mermaids and the land-dwelling humans. Although the war is strange since humans cannot survive under the water and mermaids cannot go onto land, battles and fighting still manage to occur in the shallow waters of the coastlines. Mermaids target ships and beachgoers, dragging the humans down into the water to drown them and feed them to sharks as most mermaids and mermen prefer the taste of creatures from the sea, not mammals that roll around in the mud. Humans set sail on large ships and attempt to capture mermaids to violently slaughter or bring back to land and put on display or dissect to find out the mysteries they have. Diving suits are being mass-manufactured instead of armor while mermaids do their best to invent devices that will allow them to attack the people on land. You are either a mermaid or human. Mermaids usually are in support of the war since their Queen was killed violently by humans when they had tried to remain peaceful. Occasionally, a mermaid might question the war, but it is very rare. Humans have mixed feelings about the war, but most of them just want to be able to get back to their normal lives. This usually means killing off all the mermaids or beating them into submission so they can sail across the ocean again. Like the mermaids, humans do question the war but usually are too angered by the killing of innocent beach goers to do anything about it. Besides, communications are nearly impossible between the two species because of the language differences. But details like that aren't that important since the only thing on anyone's mind is the war. Which side are you on?




It is the middle of the nineteenth century. The mermaids live mostly in the Atlantic Ocean, and the war is only being waged by those who rely heavily on water for trade and transportation of goods across the Atlantic Ocean. This means that, for the most part, the English, Western Europeans and Americans will be the ones fighting the mermaids. Take into consideration the technology available at this time when dealing with weapons that humans are using, as well as the placement of nations and the struggles they are going through at the time. The location of the mermaid kingdom is unknown by the humans, just as the mermaids do not know exactly where human ports are.



About Mermaids and Mermen

Mermaid Appearance:

Unlike the definition above, Mermaids have evolved to be mostly fish-based. Their entire body is covered in the skin/scales of whatever fish type tail they posses and they usually have a few small facial features that match characteristics said fish posses, such as small fins protruding from either cheek or sets of small spikes rising up from the cheekbones. For the most part, however, these attributes are small and do not make a big difference in the humanoid appearance of mermaids. The structure of the bone is usually not altered either in the case of fish with strange mouth shapes. It is nearly impossible to tell where the ‘human’ half ends and the ‘fish’ half begins. Eye colors can range from orange to blue with every color in between and, because of the dim lighting in the city, they can see very well in the dark. Teeth are either naturally pointed or filed from a young age to be sharp and shark-like in honor of the King and Queen. Hands closely resemble human hands, save for the fact that their nails are closer to the claws of a lion and webbing can be found between the fingers to help with swimming at accelerated rates. Although clothing is not required since their bodies are covered in scales, many mermen and maidens possess armor crafted out of coral that they use when fighting against dangerous opponents, such as sharks or killer whales. They do possess hair that usually matches the color of their scales and, despite their fish-like appearance, are quite beautiful. Even the peasants and commoners look quite magnificent swimming about. Like sirens, their voices are naturally beautiful and can easily tempt humans into the water. Mermaids can naturally swim very fast, but it all depends on what type of mermaid they are.



The Five Classes of Mermaids:


Selachimorpha (S-Class)

These shark-type mermaids are what make up the royalty of mermaids and men. Only two adults and children can exist at one time legally; one king, one queen, one prince and one princess. If multiple males are born, they will fight it out as children until only one is left alive. The same goes for females. This ensures that the next rulers of the mermaids/men are strong enough or at least smart enough to rule over all of them. However, many shark-types exist outside of Atlantis and will often duke it out with the current king or queen in attempt to take their spot. This ensures that inbreeding does not occur too often. They have five gills on each side of their neck that allow them to breathe and naturally have many rows of teeth they use for fighting and killing.

(Three are permitted [for now. A fourth spot will appear in the form of a rouge female shark who will take the place of the deceased queen]. The King must be a Great White Shark.)


Delphinidae (D-Class)

These whale and dolphin-type mermaids make up the nobility of the mermaids. Social hierarchy is established based on biting, chasing, jaw clapping and smacking their tails together. Ranks are constantly changing and are usually based on stamina and strength. Like whales and dolphins, these mermaids have blowholes on their backs and can NOT, unlike other mermaids, breathe underwater. They must surface for air or will risk drowning.

(Three are permitted)


Osteichthyes (O-Class)

These fish-type mermaids make up the common mermaid usually imagined when the term ‘mermaid’ is used. Out of all the mermaids in the sea, they are the most common type found. In fact, four in every five mermaids are Osteichthyes. Dominance is based on the food chain rather than fighting, despite the fact mermaids do not eat their own kind. They breathe easily under water and tend not to surface because they cannot breathe outside of water for long.

(Seven permitted)


Cnidaria/Cephalopod (C-Class)

The unfortunate mermaids and mermen born into this class are the peasants of the mermaid world. Usually, they are jellyfish-type mermaids but, occasionally, a octopus, squid or cuttlefish type mermaid can be found. The ones based on jellyfish tend to be treated much worse than those of the Cephalopod class, despite the fact that the two are technically in the same group. For the Cnidaria class, heirachy is based on the posion that they possess. Thus, Box jellyfish mermaids are at the top of the list while those like the Cannonball jellyfish mermaids are at the bottom. In the Cephalopod group, squids rank at the top, followed by octopi then cuttlefish.

Cephalopod Type

Cephalopod type and jellyfish-type mermaids are a strange bunch. First of all, they have a mass of tentacles instead of a tail that they propel themselves through the water with. Although Cephalopods are known for having their mouths near their tentacles, Cephalopod-type mermaids still have mouths on their heads like other mermaid types that they use for communication and eating. The mouth that would usually be between the tentacles still exists but usually remains shut and is ignored. Most Cephalopod mermaids can produce ink and posses an ink sac but tend to refrain from doing around the city because of the other mermaids residing there. In the case of jellyfish mermaids, the tentacles are capable of giving stings and, by for similar reasons that ink may not be used around the city, all tentacles capable of injuring other mermaids must be kept close to the body and other mermaids are advised to stay several feet away from jellyfish mermaids, making them one of the loneliest types of mermaids aside from those in the Z-class.

(Five permitted)



This class is composed of the rarities of the mermaid world. Occasionally, a sea turtle-type mermaid or a seal-type mermaid will be found. Basically, anything that does not fit into the four classes above is forced into the Z-Class, including mermaids based off fish that live very deep down in the ocean and are not seen near the surface very often. The fate of these mermaids is usually slavery and they are usually ridiculed for their strange looks, especially the sea-turtle types. There is no hierarchy in this class as not many get to interact together, seeing as it is extremely uncommon for mermaids to have more than one slave since those of the Z-Class are rare and hard to come by. Crustacean-based mermaids are often not used as slaves. Instead, they are used as manual laborers and work with the coral outside of Atlantis.

Sea Turtle Type

Unlike the seal-type mermaids that appear very similar to regular mermaids, sea turtle-type mermaids have a different shape to them. For one, they have feet in place of a powerful tail used for swimming. They do not have an obvious shell but the skin on their backs and stomachs has been hardened to match the protective properties of normal turtle shells (except in the instances where the sea turtle sub-type lacks a hard shell, naturally). This makes them slower swimmers in comparison to many other mermaids, especially since this protective carapace-like skin is rather heavy and tends to affect their breathing since it doesn't shift very much. Like other mermaids, turtle-types have webbed hands (and feet) and are covered in turtle scales. Often times, they also possess a small tail as well that closely resembles ones real turtles have.

(Four permitted)



Mermaid Technology

Mermaids are stuck using very primitive technology, as the water they live in tends to halt the advancement of spears and swords to guns or other such weaponry. Their weapons are made mostly out of the coral and rocks they find on the sea floor or, occasionally, human weapons they find at the bottoms of sunken ships. Spears and swords are the most common weapons as ranged weapons are not very effective under water. Nets used for hunting and dragging back large prey that has been killed.



Mermaid Community

Mermaids have only one city known as Atlantis. While this may seem very odd, the city has constantly been expanding ever since mermaids decided to live in one area. Several species of fish also live in the city but are usually ignored by the mermaids since they are not very large and often poisonous to eat. The city is divided into four zones:

1) The center of the city. This circle is made up of an underground castle where the royal family lives.

2) A small circle surrounding the castle makes up the homes of the nobility. Again, these are based under ground.

3) A much larger circle around the nobility is where the commoners live. Along with houses, this circle contains a kelp forest that the commoners maintain to weave nets out of for hunting.

4) The largest ring of them all is the one belonging to the peasants. Usually, these mermaids do not even have homes but live in the coral reef that surrounds the city. This coral is usually used for weapons and making improvements on the castle.

Despite these rings that have formed around the city and the existence of ranks, mermaids tend to mix rather well when hunting but tend to avoid getting too friendly with any class more than a tier up or down from them. Naturally, the exception is the Z-class who are looked down upon by all other classes.

Despite the fact the city exists, mermaids do not usually dwell in this there at all. Often times, they divide into several groups to chase down different prey on yearly trips and only meet back up in the city at the end of these trips to get new weapons and share stories of their travels. However, this has changed since the outbreak of war. Instead of perusing prey every year, the mermaids have divided themselves into groups and begun prowling the coasts in search of damage they can deal to the humans.


Outside of Atlantis, some mermaids have chosen to live off on their own. The most common example is shark-types that are not part of royalty and Z-Classes that have escaped or were born outside of Atlantis. While the Z-Classes try to avoid Atlantis, the shark-types tend to wait for an opening to attack the current king or queen and take their place. However, they too must keep their distance because their existence within the city is illegal and they shall be killed.



Fun facts:

*Mermaids are closely related to fish rather than humans and often share many behavioral traits with the animals they are related to, such as dolphin-types slapping their tails and breaching. The Classes have been created since mermaids of different classes are unable to breed with each other but, for some reason or another, can breed with those in their distinct class despite the fact the fish themselves they are related to can not, except for those in the Z-Class. It is said that all of these mermaids evolved from fish at different times depending on what class they are from but this is just a rumor since it is nearly impossible to record information under the water.


*Mermaids do not have a written language.


*Other than those of the Delphinidae and a few of the Z-Classes, mermaids are not mammals and cannot survive out of water for very long. Those of the Delphinidae and few mermaids of the Z-Classes can as long as they are given food and water.


*Mermaids are not related to humans in any way, shape or form and cannot breed with them. Some mermaids, however, have fallen in love with humans in the past. When this happens, the mermaids are usually banished or killed by whoever discovers the love.


*Mermaids are all carnivorous, no matter what type of fish they are based off of. Usually, they hunt in pods of friends from their own class. Common fish targeted are whales and seals, along with creatures like crabs and lobsters. Sharks are forbidden from being killed except by the S-Class.


*Mermaids cannot understand or talk to fish. They also cannot understand or talk to humans. Their language is based off a series of clicking and barking noises that usually sound like a mixture of dolphin and seal noises.


*Mermaids have a natural love for music and singing. They are usually drawn to the surface by the sound of humans singing. The rare instances where mermaids fall in love with humans usually occur when a mermaid is charmed by the voice of a human.


*Mermaids can survive in both fresh and salt water.


*Like lionesses, mermaids are usually the ones who do the majority hunting. The men make the weapons, raise the children and dig out houses under the sand. Because of this, it is rare for mermen to go to the surface.


*Mermaids often keep small types of fish as pets like humans keep dogs. Nobility and Royalty are allowed to keep small sharks as pets as well. Trained dolphins are sometimes used to carry things on long journeys.


*Although the concept of love does exist, most pairings in the mermaid kingdom are based on the strength of the males. Within the classes, non-lethal fights break out quite often as mermen try to impress females by beating down other males. This ensures that strength is passed on to the next generation. Marriage also does not exist in the mermaid world, although many mermaids and mermen choose to stay with their partners for life.


*The law regarding four shark-types existing came into existence recently. The previous king was stabbed in the back by a shark-type who managed to get inside the castle and sneak up on him. In order to prevent the same thing from happening, the prince (the current king) waited until that shark merman died then created the law stating that other shark-types must be kept out of the city. In the event of a fight, the shark-type attacking must be clever enough to get to the castle and then have the strength to kill off either the king or queen. This guaranteed that the new ruler would be strong and clever while also protecting rulers from being assassinated over attempts to seize the throne.



• All Dragon Cave Forum rules apply.

• No Modding, Godmodding or Powerplaying is allowed.

• No flaming or bashing in allowed.

• Keep romance to a minimum. Yes, mermaids and humans can fall in love. But this is a bloody war! Come on, people.

• This is a Literate Roleplay. Proper grammar and spelling is a must and each post must contain at least two, full-sized (Seven or so sentences) paragraphs. Anything less than shall not be tolerated.

• Swearing and gore must be kept to a minimum.

• There is no limit on the number of characters.

• No perfect characters. People have flaws. That is what makes us human

• All character sheets must be PMed to me for approval.

• These rules are subject to change

• You will be warned twice for violation of any of these rules. The third time, your characters will die horrible deaths.

• You may not kill another character without the owner’s permission. That being said, this is war. Expect people to die!

• Unlimited humans are allowed. See above for how many mermaids are permitted. Depending on popularity, more may be added to each group.

• Every part of the character sheet must be filled out properly and completely.

• First come first serve for mermaids.



Character Sheets



Mermaid Name: (Mermaids do not have last names)


Age: (Mermaids live 30-40 years. Mermen live 25-30)



Mermaid Type: (Great White Shark, Bottlenose Dolphin, Box Jellyfish, etc.)

Pets/Companions: (If any, should include name, species, gender and age)

Appearance: (Should fit general description of mermaids above. Pictures NOT permitted for mermaids)

Personality: (Should include what they think of the war. Note: Most mermaids will hate the humans. Very few should think otherwise)






Human Name: (First and last)




Country of Origin:


Pets/Companions: (If any, should include name, species, gender and age)

Appearance: (Pictures permitted but not encouraged)







King: Open

Prince: Open

Princess: Lynne (Pudding)


Nobility: Xoriados (serce2)

Nobility: Okanse (KyokoYei2)

Nobility: Proïoxis (Lyxii)


Commoner: lulubelle00

Commoner: Faye (foxfairy34759)

Commoner: satyr76

Commoner: Open

Commoner: Open

Commoner: Open

Commoner: Open

Commoner: Open


Peasant: Fractional Pi Day

Peasant: Open

Peasant: Open

Peasant: Open

Peasant: Open


Rarity: Noelani (Pudding)

Rarity: Foxfairy

Rarity: Maus

Rarity: Pardus (Backup77)

Rarity: Open




Ferdinand Wilhelm Guderian (Maus)

Aras Birute (KyokoYei2)

Màiri Breckenridge (Lyxii)

Merope Galloway (Emeraldmay)


Accepted Characters

Username: Serce2

Mermaid Name: Xoriados

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Class: D-class

Weapon(s): Several coral knives and a human spear that have sunken under the waves.

Mermaid Type: White-sided dolphin if possible; If not, a Common or Bottlenose dolphin will do.

Pets/Companions: Currently none

Appearance: White-sided dolphin if you dont know how it looks like.

Xoriados is dolphin up to the arms, starting from the tail, her eyes are green-yellow, and has gray-black hair. She also has a more dolphin-like face than a human-like one, with a small snout. Her hair is cut short, and her length is 5'4. She has a long gash on her side from hunting.

Personality: Shes really reckless, playful, head-strong, and doesn't care much for anything ranking lower than her, however she will turn lifeless is someone asks her about her life. Also, she is reluctant to talk to people due to her past. She's mad at the humans (Although she has a certain passion for them) for killing the queen, but she wants the war over so she could get back to her regular life.

History: She was born outside of Atlantis, near a quiet island. By the time she was three years old, humans became to come to the island and over-hunted the area. Because of that, she lost her mother to hunger and sickness, and her father was delirious, going to the point where he would take his daughter to hunt for food left by humans.

So far, Xoriados has only seen humans briefly when she surfaced for air, and she has never been on land. As they beached themselves, her father was speared by a human who thought he was a shark. Xoriados was not seen due to her small size at the time, and so she got her first good look at humans. She admired them, to a point, for a few hours until the tide came in and she floated back to the sea.

Hunger was gnawing at her painfully, so she swam to somewhere where there would be plenty of fish. She was half-unconcious by the time she got to Atlantis. After that, she was slowly accepted into Atlantis, and she lived a peaceful life, until the war began.

Other: May she have a mate?


Username: Maus

Human Name: Ferdinand Wilhelm Guderian

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Job: Scientist/Admiral

Country of Origin: Germany

Weapon(s): (On ship/Land) Colt Revolver (In water) Spring-loaded spear.

Pets/Companions: None

Appearance: Ferdinand stands at a grand total of 5 feet, 11 inches. He has light eyes, which could be described as ice blue, and black hair. He is scarred across his shoulder, where a cannon shot pellet ripped through him. The years have been easy on his skin, and so he is not dark or tanned very much. He is missing part of his pinky finger on his left hand due to a training accident in 1853. He is partially blind in one eye, but this is undistinguishable from the common inspection. There are two tattoos on his arms, one on his left forearm, the tattoo of the German Freikorps, and one on his right forearm, the Tattoo of the Luxembourg Navy. He has very deep set eyes and a highly defined and prominent jawline. His nose is pointing more down than up, and his eyebrows are rather bushy. He also has what can be described as a Bismarck mustache.


Ferdinand is a stalwart man; he works hard to reach his goals. When he was younger, he was lighthearted and fanciful, but with the introduction of the First German-Danish War and the horrors of combat, Ferdinand was hardened. Ferdinand is bitter and unwilling to get along with most of his fellow men. He is Antisocial, yet acts appropriately when the need arises. He is highly regarded, and most men note his humbleness, unfortunately most people consider him rather paranoid. Ferdinand doesn’t believe in his own abilities, and is a declared pessimist. When under the influence of drink, Ferdinand becomes slightly more talkative, and the men under his command have normally used this to their advantage, as he retains his logic, but loses his paranoia. Trust from Ferdinand is hard to find, this can be allocated with his early childhood.


Ferdinand was born in 1826 to a fatherless family, he grew up with three brothers and a sister. His eldest brother died at the age of 17, fighting in the Freikorps. At the age of seventeen he left home and joined the German Navy, fighting in the Danish-German War. Ferdinand received a Naval Iron Cross and an assault badge for his ability used in breaking the Danish Blockade of Germany. During heavy exchange fire between the ship he was stationed on, the RMS Deutschland, Ferdinand continue to load and fire a salvo from a group of three cannons, even after his crew mates had died to a powder keg explosion. While fighting in the Schleswig wars, the ship he was stationed on was destroyed by a Danish warship. Ferdinand survived and spent days adrift on a surviving piece of his ship. One day he began singing Knurrhahn, a song his brother had taught him before his death. It attracted the presence of a Mermaid; she followed him for hours before approaching him. By this time, He was in a daze and recalls singing to the Mermaid. Days later he awoke ashore in Jutland with a missing knife. He continued to work his way through the German Navy Ranks. During the time of destabilization in the German Confederation, Ferdinand left the official navy of Germany and bought his ship. The Grand Duke of Luxembourg contacted him and Ferdinand continued to work on the sea under the Grand Duke’s Command. During a five year leave, Ferdinand left his boat to be upgraded and began his study of the myths of Mer-people. His study consisted of earning the title of Dr. from a Berlin College, and he swore to find existence of the people of the sea. For an extra year and a half, travel consumed Ferdinand’s life. He traveled all over the Baltic sea and the North sea, looking for existence of mermaids, this gained him his “paranoid” reputation. After a year and a half of nothing, he returned home, ready to go back to work for the Duke. After he completed his studies, Ferdinand bought two more ships and added them to his collection, one of them including a copy of the submersible Brandtaucher, a ship used in the German-Danish War. When one of the Grand Duke’s trade ships was destroyed on its trade mission to the Americas, Ferdinand was sent to investigate the rumors of ship sinking fish.

Other: Ferdinand commands a Flotilla group of armored steamships. They were designed off of German Frigates. The Flagship of the fleet being the LRS Riechsturmm, A larger ship with almost a hundred rooms on board. The Riechsturmm was designed off a flagship variant of the British Ship of The Line, it has a large carriage load and can support a crew for long distances. It's rumored that the Riechsturmm can support a three hundred man crew for a voyage lasting nine months. The Flotilla crew is large and mostly composed of mercenaries and veterans, this may serve as a launching base for anyone else wanting to play Human.


Username: Lyxii

Mermaid Name: Proïoxis

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Class: Delphinidae (D-Class)

Mermaid Type: Type C Transient Orca (Orcinus orca)


· A barbed whaling spear that is fastened to her back with rope. The tip is often covered in Stone Fish venom.

· A Bowie Knife she had taken from a human years ago. (She has other knives too, but she often misplaces them.)

· The naturally occurring barbs on her body are venomous, similar to a Lionfish.

· Obviously her sharp teeth, claws and powerful tail can be deadly weapons given her size.

Pets/Companions: N/A (May change during RP.)


· [ Image Link ]

Given her specific type, Proïoxis is much larger than most of her species. Being of the D-Class with the shared characteristics of Orcas, her form easily reaches well past 10 feet. However, unlike her shared species, Proïoxis has a very streamlined body with thick skin but not a lot of blubber. Surprisingly, she still does well in cold water, but this is because of her high metabolism and high core body temperature generated by said metabolism.

As mentioned before, she shares many aspects with Orcas. Her body coloration is black and white, with the generic markings of the species as well as the dorsal fin and pectoral fin limbs. The dark gray saddle-patch below her dorsal fin is there, and the white “eye”patches that Orcas have are actually present on her cheeks just below her eyes.

When it comes to her “human” traits, Proïoxis has a very human face except for her nose - which is actually not really existent besides a bump - and upper body, but it is masked by her forms coloration. Her eyes actually don't contain any form of “white”. Instead, her orange irises are the only indication of where her eyes are from a distance without getting too close. Just like her species, Proïoxis has very sharp teeth, which were naturally pointed and didn't need to be filed down to create the sharp points most mermaids seem to want to achieve. Her hair, which is white, is actually useful in a way due to the fact that it can easily be mistaken by small wave breaks and sea foam when a second glance isn't given. It makes it easy for her to do a little bit of spy hopping without being noticed.

However, Proïoxis has some parts and markings on her form that are not of the Orca appearance. But these are strictly for defensive and hunting purposes and don't change the fact that she does have to breathe air.

Personality: Quiet, analytical and independent. Proïoxis is not one to willingly start conversations or hang out around other individuals for long periods of time. Over the years, she has become a loner of sorts with no real goal. Her thoughts come and go quickly, and can become distracting when she is attempting to concentrate. By spending more time thinking and observing, Proïoxis has gained a very neutral look on the world and even on the war. From her own people's side, she can see the reason behind the anger towards humans, but the fact that most mermaids seem to be labeling all humans guilty by association often troubles her.

Yet, despite all these various thoughts and ideas floating around in her head, it is rare Proïoxis speaks of them. This in no way means she is a bad individual to converse with. Being neutral, she is actually a great listener and often gives good advice to people who open up to her. But be aware that she does tell things like they are, don't expect sugar-coating unless it's to save her own skin.

Though she is very much sentient and extremely level headed, Proïoxis is a predator, a creature of the sea. But keeping control over the animalistic behaviors that come with that is no easy task, and there are times when she can be pushed a little over the edge. Like any injured or threatened creature, Proïoxis is capable of switching from a very calm individual to a dangerously violent monster who will not hesitate in taking the lives of both humans and her own species if she has to. When pushed to that point, anything is fair game, and even allies can be attacked if they are not careful.

History: Born to a small family pod in Atlantis, you could say she had a decent childhood for being born into Nobility. When the War broke out, her parents were active in participating in the attacks against humans. Though her parents attempted to share their enthusiasm with their daughter, Proïoxis often felt slightly neglected with the lack of attention from her own parents who seemed to care more about the war. Therefore, she became introverted and a loner among her own people. Eventually, she wandered off when she became of age to handle herself. She started taking trips away from Atlantis as her only way to avoid being forced to participate in the war.

To Proïoxis, she felt that the humans were indeed foolish to kill the queen, but the humans who had killed the her were already punished for their deed. In her similar experiences, she never held a grudge against sharks because one killed her Aunt – let alone go around slaying them for doing so – so why were they going around slaying any human that entered the water because a few had killed the queen?

Of course, a small underlying fear of humans still imbedded itself into Proïoxis's consciousness. Ships were at times avoided, but she would venture close enough to observe them and gain her own point of view and opinion of them. In fact, by doing so she developed her neutral view of the war. The humans didn't seem as bad as they were said to be. Their singing often intrigued her, perking her curiosity into fantasizing about what they may be singing about.. However, an experience also helped sway her opinion on humans.

Within the black abyss of the sea, Proïoxis traveled under the cover of night following a trail of what seemed to be wreckage of a human ship. Though she had failed to find any humans, it was often that useful tools could be recovered amongst wreckage, so she continued on until something strange caught her ears. Breaking the surface, Proïoxis realized she was hearing a song. A human song. One with a different dialect she was not familiar with. And so she followed, charmed by the sound of the voice till she came upon a dying man. Though she was weary at first, it wasn't long till she joined him on the piece of wreckage he clung to. To her surprise, he began to sing to her in his delirium, a song that she still remembers to this day... Taken back by such an action, her heart and mind guided Proïoxis into doing something that she has vowed to take to her grave.

Gently, she pulled the human free of the wreckage and as carefully and quickly as possible, swam him back to shore. The mermaid had spared the human's life, and in turn, she took his knife and left him to his people before vanishing back beneath the surface to never seem him again....for now.

Other: Proïoxis will not take mates right now.


Username: pudding

Mermaid Name: Princess Lynne

Gender: Mermaiden

Age: 22

Class: Selachimorpha (S-Class [Princess])

Weapon(s): A long spear. The shaft is made of rock that was shaved down to resemble a pole-like shape while the head is constructed from a chunk of hard coral cut to resemble the tooth of a shark. Kelp woven into rope holds the head to the shaft and is also wrapped around part of the shaft to prevent Lynne from hurting her hands while holding the spear.

Mermaid Type: Shortfin Mako Shark

Pets/Companions: None

Appearance: Despite the fact Lynne is a Mako Shark Mermaid, she is fairly small and frail. In human measurements, Lynne is 6 feet, 9 inches from the tip of her tail to the top of her head. Her arms are very skinny and her hands are tiny as well. Her face is very round and sort of chubby in the cheeks, providing Lynne with the illusion she is several years younger than her real age. Her nose is button-like and stained black due to a marking that is common on Juvenile Mako Sharks and will eventually fade. Her eyes are almond shaped and dark, metallic blue like the skin on her back running from the crown of her head to her tail where it broadens to engulf both of her tail fins. Her slightly wavy hair, on the other hand, is silvery white like the skin on her face, stomach and the underside of her tail. Her teeth are naturally jagged and are aimed slightly inward, towards her mouth. This makes it so anything caught inside her mouth has a hard time escaping without getting cut up by her pointed teeth. Lynne has five gills on each side of her neck that she uses to regulate her breathing. However, unlike Mako Sharks that require constant movement even while sleeping to breathe, she is able to regulate water through her gills while resting in one place. Situated on the outer part of her lower arms are two large fins to help her steer while swimming. Her hands are naturally webbed as well but these fins make her swimming much faster, allowing Lynne to propel herself out of the water at high speeds or burst forward suddenly. Her dorsal fin is located a bit below her shoulders and juts out of her back quite a bit. Her tail has several smaller fins on it aside from the tailfins but most of them are very small, rather like bumps instead of fins. Her chest and arms are covered in scars that mostly occurred from her encounter with humans.

Personality: Although getting attacked by the humans scarred her, Lynne still holds onto a small piece of the curiosity she experienced in her younger years. She is logical and intelligent as well but has difficulty making friends due to the fact she is the princess and spent quite a bit of time locked up in the Palace without interacting with any mermaids her own age. She doesn’t open up very easily to anyone, not even her father. Lynne is very paranoid about traveling to the surface and even going near the top of the ocean. Despite not opening up to mermaids, Lynne is not very good at hiding her emotions and can easily be read like an open children’s book. She tends to speak very fast and quietly and is constantly on edge, ready to swim for cover or race back to Atlantis as fast as she can. She is a bit of a coward but only when fighting humans and claims she would much rather have to fight off a Great White Shark than have to sink a human ship. Despite her immense fear of humans and the surface, Lynne is still very much attracted to the sound of humans singing and, in the rare instances that she will go towards the surface or stick her head out of the water, it will be to listen to the sounds of a human singing, usually in the cover of the night.

History: Lynne is the only daughter of the current king and his deceased wife. However, since the Queen was often out hunting, her father raised Lynne almost completely both before and after the Queen’s death. He taught her to wield a spear from a very young age and warned her how to defend herself from rouge mermaids. In fact, the only thing Lynne could remember about her mother was a blurry image patting her on the head and bidding her farewell, along with a warm smile made up of pointed teeth. As she grew older, Lynne began to question why they fought the humans. She remembered her mother but she had been little when Kawthar died and didn’t understand the feelings her father felt towards the humans. So, when she was fourteen years old, Lynne ventured out of Atlantis on her own and began trying to follow ships to see why the humans were so bad. She wandered around for a bit own her own before she finally managed to track down a fairly large ship crossing the Atlantic towards Europe. Since she couldn’t exactly see the humans from under the water, Lynne surfaced momentarily. Still, she could not see the people on the ship. She could hear their strange grunting noises but that was about it. So, Lynne dove down under the water and propelled herself up as fast as she could, causing her body to rise up out of the water. She managed to get quite a good glimpse of the humans on board but they managed to get a good look at her as well. Thinking she was trying to sink the ship, the humans onboard gathered their guns and weapons as Lynne dove down and rose up again to get another look. When she shot up this time, she was shot at by guns and nearly pierced by swords. When she landed back in the water, Lynne was bleeding terribly. It was nothing life threatening but it was still terrifying to see her own blood rising up in the water. The young mermaid raced away, bleeding and confused about why they had attacked. After all, she had only been trying to get a good look at the ship and the humans onboard. When she arrived home, she was scolded terribly but she finally agreed with her father that humans were bad. For years, she refused to venture out of Atlantis on her own and became extremely attached to her home and, more specifically, her room. She remained inside for days on end, emerging only to eat food or converse for a short time with her dad or brother. Eventually, Lynne was forced to start going out of her room and she was placed in charge of a group of mermaids in attempt to get her to make a few friends. At first, this small group was ordered to hunt schools of fish that would not be dangerous to any of them. However, as Lynne grew older and the mermaids in her troop became bored with such tasks, they were moved to start sinking ships that were traveling around the Atlantic Ocean near Atlantis.

Other: The party of mermaids she leads numbers only around seven. Since sinking ships is less dangerous than engaging the humans head on at a beach or attacking sharks or whales for food, all of the mermaids are fairly young.


Username: KyokoYei1

Human Name: Aras Birute

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Job: Reporter for a newspaper

Country of Origin: Vilnius, Lithuania

Weapon(s): A pistol, but also a small dagger.


Appearance: Aras is a 5'8 blonde haired man who is quite young for what he's doing. He's also a lot more slender than other men his age. He has hair to about his shoulders pulled back in a lose ponytail, his blonde hair is more of a white blonde that looks a little strange with his grey eyes.

Personality: Aras is a very cheerful person that loves to please people and figure out what makes things tick, even though he's in the wrong job for that. He can be very chatty, but tries to make himself useful in combat.

History: Aras was the youngest of three sisters who often dressed him up in strange clothing. This reflects now on how he dresses strangely. He always studied hard in school and often found himself writing. He was fascinated with mermaids and took the chance to help study the creatures that they found in the ocean. Only because of his wide knowledge of folklore and fantasy.

Other: He is easy to scare and despite popular belief, he's not that bad with a gun and sword.



Username: KyokoYei2

Mermaid Name: Okanse

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Class: D-class

Weapon(s): A long coral spear that was sharpened on both edges. The spear all along the non sharp edges are covered in spikes that only she can handle. Her blubber is resistant to the spikes.

Her tail

Mermaid Type: False Killer Whale

Pets/Companions: A small flounder named Kinose who is about 5 and a male.

Appearance: She has a slender frame but is very sturdy. She has a pale greyish and white tint to her her as her tail gets darker and her tail is two shades darker than her actual skin to make a black color with streaks of white on her tail and arms. Her face is long but slightly rounded with large blue eyes and webbed hands with thick pale black blubber around her body to protect from injury. Her tail is a little slimmer than her body and gets smaller down to the tail but not by much. She has a large white blowhole on her mid back that she takes extensive care to watch out for.

History: She was born in a large pod of dolphins with a brother and a mother and father. Because her brother couldn't keep up, her pod left him behind. Right before the start of the war, her pod moved into the city where she was eventually accepted into the D-class ranking. She took in her pet flounder because he was cute.

Other: She currently finds mermen repulsive.


Username: Lyxii

Human Name: Màiri Breckenridge

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Job: Ship Navigator/Doctor – she watches over the maps and instruments that go into her navigation and also performs her medical duties as needed.

Country of Origin: Scotland


· Officer's Sword (Passed down after the death of her father.)

· Composite bow + Arrows

· Two dueling pistols

· Various hidden knives

Pets/Companions: A male Harris Hawk named “Key”. He acts as a personal communications device and messenger to her contacts in the mainland.

Appearance: Standing at 5' 2”, Màiri is a petite little thing with a rather well built frame and feminine curves. Her hair, a light brown, is kept back in a high ponytail and usually left in a tangled mess until she gets around to combing it. The girl's eyes are a bright green, and stand out in a stark contrast compared to her tan skin and darkish hair with her arched eyebrows accenting their shape. Occasionally, a few strands of hair escape the confines of the band holding up her ponytail, and fall in front of her face.

Having been captivated by stories of pirates and sword fights as a young child, Màiri carried over their concepts into her own life and tends to wear eccentric clothing. Loose shirts, bandanas, boots, tattered jackets and pants tucked into said boots. Honestly, she doesn't care too much what she wears as long as it is comfortable. But for the most part its a mix of men and women's clothing.

The only real strange piece of Màiri's attire would be the doctor's mask she wears a lot. It's the standard bird-like white mask with round tinted lenses for eyes.

Personality: As mentioned before, Màiri is a bit on the eccentric side. Mentally, she would seem rather childish, but there are times when her maturity shines through. Often the life of the party, she has a very up-beat aura around her and tends to not take things too seriously. This also gives her an open mind for the most part, but there are times when she closes herself off to certain ideas that her mind can't comprehend. Like Mermaids. She has never seen one before, yet with all of these people speaking of their presence, she can't help but feel her skepticism lift a little more each day. Now, she keeps an eye out for any kind of strange creature that passes by the boats she stands upon to perhaps help prove her curiosity.

You could honestly say Màiri doesn't have a mean bone in her body. Being a doctor, she values life for all things, but also has a sense of self preservation. So she will kill, but only in self defense and if no other options presents itself. Màiri, despite what has been mentioned before about her, is an extremely hard worker with a loyalty unmatched by any of her fellow shipmates. She has her fun, when when its go-time, she gets her work done quickly and effectively before returning to her play.

History: Màiri grew up in a small town in Scotland with her English father and Scottish mother. After she turned five, the family returned to England and her father joined the military ranks as an Officer. Though he was not home often, Màiri enjoyed his presence when he came to visit on occasion, and grew fascinated with his sword and stories of his travels. Her mother, a falconer, would often shake her head when her husband allowed their daughter to play with his sword. But he believed that if she injured herself, it would just be a hard lesson learned and she would learn to respect the weapon and herself.

Over the years, Màiri became obsessed with adventure books and stories. Pirates became her passion, and she would often spend her days out playing at the docks and on the boats that had come to port with the other children. Pretending to be a pirate, Màiri did get herself in a lot of trouble, but she was quite the escape artist and became notorious for being rather clever despite her young age. And often times she would injure herself during her antics.

So, along with her mother's constant pestering of making her daughter a falconer, Màiri followed her other passions and studied in both the medical field (for her own sake) and in navigation at sea. However, unlike normal people who went to schools and colleges, Màiri got her hands dirty and learned both fields by spending time with the doctors and navigators that came into her home port. Over the years, she gained many friends and allies who shared their skills and techniques with the rather charming little girl. Eventually, she too grew up into a fine young woman who's childish spirit remained bright as ever.

But, no matter how perfect her life seemed to be, a small crack suddenly appeared in the fragile world of Màiri's life when she and her mother had been given the news of her father's death. Though her mother seemed to stay strong, Màiri took it hard. Especially when her father's sword was given to her. By now, she was nineteen, and with that final event to push her onward, Màiri decided to finally find a stable place amongst a crew at sea. So, with her father's sword in hand, she joined the Flotilla under the command of Ferdinand Wilhelm Guderian and has remained at her station for the last two years.

Other: She speaks in a Scottish accent.


Username: pudding

Mermaid Name: Noelani (Lani for short)

Gender: Merman

Age: 15

Class: Z-Class

Weapon(s): He can only use his claws and teeth as weapons due to his master's fear of an uprising.

Mermaid Type: Northern Sea Otter

Pets/Companions: None

Appearance: Lani is a very peculiar looking merman, mostly due to the fact he has legs and feet instead of a tail. These feet are obviously not human, however, since they are much longer and appear more like those of a Sea Otter with webbing between the long toes. He does have a tail as well but it is devoid of any sort of fin and is four feet long. His thin frame is covered in dark brown fur, which changes to a lighter cream color around his very round face. Due to the fact Sea Otters are fairly small and the fact he is malnourished, Lani is extremely skinny and short. If it weren’t for his fur, it would be easy to locate all of his ribs and see his spine. His hands are naturally very furry, more so than the rest of his body. Webbing can be found between the fingers and the palms are covered in black fur and have pads on them, just like his feet. He has dark brown hair but it is hard to see since it is cut short and looks like the dark fur he has on most of his body. His nose looks like a human nose but is black and small. His eyes are very dark and appear almost like black orbs except for a faint brown glow around the outside. His ears are very round, small and stick out of his head slightly in a strange way. Like his nose, his ears are black. Long whiskers poke out of his cheeks.

Personality: Despite his horrible childhood and the fact he is a slave, Lani tries to be as cheerful as possible. The people he meets either love his cheerfulness or find it to be disgusting because he is practically always smiling. It isn't till Lani is alone that he cries since crying anywhere else would result in a beating. He usually keeps or at least an attempt to keep all of his emotions bottled up inside and the happiness he exhibits is forced and fake. He isn't the smartest merman around and is quite naive. He is forced to fight against the humans but he doesn't hate them. However, he won't voice otherwise since it would result in a harsh punishment. He is usually worried about everything he says or does, even if he isn’t around his master and no one is around to beat him up for anything he does wrong.

History: Unlike most mermaids living in Atlantis, Lani was born in the Pacific Ocean. Since mermaids from Atlantis tended not to go to the Pacific, he and his family never realized the dangers of going there. For most of his younger life, he lived on the shore of an uninhabited island until humans began populating it. His parents took him away from the island and they began their journey in search of a new place to stay. He lost his mother along the way to the cold but he and his father managed to make it to the Atlantic Ocean. They stumbled across a group of mermaids hunting a large killer whale and his father was killed in the confusion. Lani was brought back to Atlantis where he was instantly placed into servitude.

Other: His main language is not the one used by mermaids of Atlantis. However, he can speak Atlantean fairly well considering it was beating into his brain. When he is panicking, he tends to revert back to his original language, which sounds like complete gibberish to mermaids and humans.

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Character Sheets Continued


Username: Emeraldmay

Human Name: Merope Galloway

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Job: Travelling Bard/Minstrel.

Country of Origin: England

Weapon(s): Merope has a blow gun, which she loads with a variety of poisonous/sharp darts. It is made of twisted ebony wood, and has been weathered through many years of travelling.

Pets/Companions: Merope travels with Pwlly, a humming bird she found, which had fallen out of a nest. Pwlly has dark blue feathers, coming up to a light blue necklace around her throat. Pea green wings that are slightly too small for her body stick out from her lower back, leaving her attempt at graceful flying looking more like she is caught in a stormy tide. Tiny black eyes peak out from under the feathers, with a long, slender yellow beak.

Appearance: Short grey hair curls around her head, like a baby bird’s down, and bright green eyes innocently gaze out from beneath .She wears a dark brown tunic, with black leggings and worn brown boots. She wraps herself in a bear fur, which she wears most seasons. Despite her travelling, her skin is pale and white, and her hands are dainty, as she has never had to do manual labour.

Personality: Trusting and naive, Merope will believe almost anything anyone says, believing in the good side of people. Ever the optimist, she tries to look on the positive side, and sees beauty in everything, leading her to have a deep appreciation of the world. Though this makes her appear simple to outsiders, she has high intellect, but does not show this as she has no need to use it.

History: Born to a well off family, Merope lived a privileged childhood, never in need. Her father tried to protect his only daughter from distressing news, so she grew up knowing little about the outside world. When she went to school, she discovered how ignorant she was, resolving to travel the world learning and experiencing new things.



Username: Backup77

Mermaid Name: Pardus

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Class: Z

Weapon(s): A long spear carried on her back and several knives carried her belt. The spear once had a steel head, but Pardus replaced it with a stone one she made when the steel head rusted. The knives all still have steel blades, because it is fairly easy for her to get new ones if the blades rust. These where all found in sunken ships.

Mermaid Type: Leopard Seal

Pets/Companions: A bottlenose dolphin named Argentum, who is 35 years old. Argentum was trained to carry things a long time ago by Pardus' mother.

Appearance: Pardus is about ten feet long and covered by thick fur. Her 'seal-half' stops around her ribs. She is a silvery white-ish color on the bottom half, fading to a dark grey on the top, with dark grey spots.

Pardus is fast and streamlined, much like seals. Her 'seal-half' has a thick layer of blubber on it, and even her 'human-half' has a thin layer of blubber. This allows her to easily survive in cooler waters, such as around the Arctic and Antarctic, but makes her more vulnerable to warmer temperatures than other mermaids. She needs to breath air, and can go without air for about an hour.

Her hair, which is the dark grey of her back, is kept short to keep it out of her face, which bulges outwards a bit, making it look a bit like a seal snout. Her teeth are naturally long and pointed, especially her canines. Her eyes are a dark brown, and are made for seeing well both above and below water.

For clothing, all that Pardus wears is a kelp belt used to carry her knives.


Pardus tends to avoid other mermaids, unless they are Z-class mermaids. She is very angry that the Z-class was singled out like that, especially because the C-class looks so much stranger and different that other mermaids than seal-type mermaids do, and the D-class also holds mammal-type mermaids. However, she is angry at the higher classes in general, not all of the individual mermaids in those classes, just the cruel ones, the ones that enforce slavery, etc. Pardus used to be a lot more anit-classes other than Z class, but over the years of her living away from Atlantis and not being teased and yelled at as she swam by, her hatred of the other classes a=has lessened enough for Pardus to at least give them a chance.

While Pardus is angry at all of the higher class mermaids for making the Z-class mermaids their slaves, she was still very angry at the humans for killing the queen. Part of this was because she was scared that if humans would kill the queen, they would also kill Z-class mermaids. Part of it is because the queen was a much kinder ruler than most, but still a good one.

Pardus is, for the most part, for the war, because the humans are killing them, not trying to stop it, and they started the war by killing the queen, even if the king was the one that struck back against the humans. However, she can't help but feel sorry for the humans playing in the shallow water along the beaches. She feels like killing them for entering the water would be like the humans killing her just for resting on land or on the ice. She thinks that the ones in the diving suits and the ones on the ships are the problems, the ones that need to be stopped. And especially the ones that kill mermaids.

When dealing with other mermaids, Pardus is very wary at first, especially if the mermaid isn't from the Z-class. Once she does start to trust a mermaid, she is very happy, because a lack of socialization with other mermaids has made her very glad for any kind of real friendship, the kind that mermaids in the Z-class almost never get.

Pardus sometimes makes up 'games' for herself to help cope with her loneliness, like examining words or counting fish. She has a playful, curious side, but it is almost never seen because of the harshness of living in the ocean and fleeing other mermaids. The reason she is creeping closer to Atlantis is, quite simply, because she is curious and wants friends and other mermaids to actually talk to. At least she could hear other voices often in Atlantis.

History: Pardus was born and raised in captivity. She doesn't know who her father was, but her mother, also a leopard seal mermaid, was called Sigillanda. Sigillanda would often tell Pardus tales of the open ocean, away from Atlantis, where she was once free and hunted whales and fish. She also told Pardus of how she caught and trained Argentum, a long time ago before she got foolish and ventured too near Atlantis. Pardus was sold to a different, very wealthy mermaid when she was young, along with Argentum, because her old owner needed some weapons and didn't need two slaves. Part of Pardus' work was to gather kelp, and she was expected to carry as much as she and Argentum could carry and bring it back for net-weaving. However, Pardus finally decided to escape, slowly wearing through the kelp rope that held her until she was free. After she rope was broken, she tucked the ends into the loop around her arm to make it look like the rope hadn't been broken, and when it was time for her to bring the kelp she had gathered back to her master's house, she fled with Argentum. She was chased, but she eventually got away.

After that, Pardus wandered around the ocean for awhile, never straying too close to Atlantis for fear of getting caught again. Soon, however, news reached her about the war against the humans. This was when Pardus started to carefully get closer to Atlantis, trying to get news without actually getting caught.

Other: Pardus doesn't know it, but her mother has died.


Username: Foxfairy34759

Mermaid Name: Faye

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Class: O-Class

Weapon(s): N/A

Mermaid Type: Blue-head fairy wrasse

Pets/Companions: Leafy Sea Dragon: Name: Ivy, Age: 2, gender: male

Appearance: Multi colored hair and a dark golden eyes. A long slim but yet thick tail with different colors ranging from purple, blue, white, yellow, and even clear. The colorful scales seem to grip all the way to her chest. Her face is rather a pale greenish apricot color, and her lips are flat. To which her mouth is almost hinge in a way, and inside her mouth she has sharp small teeth perfect for eating her favorite foods...

Personality: A rather calm and quiet mermaid she doesn’t really despise humans. She has a very great respect for the law. She is very friendly though despite her calm demeanor, and she is rather scared of humans since her parent’s death. She blames them. She is rather personal on her tail; it’s one of her most prized features.

History: She once lived a rather simple life; her parents were known for their human antiques and coral plants. This simple but yet happy life ended when her parents were caught, and killed for helping a human. Now as the only family survivor she respects the law greatly. After the death of her parents she almost remains alone and tries to avoid any human contact. She once was taken into the noble family to sing for them, after that she has gain little fame where she lives.

Other: She has a very lovely singing voice, but opera seems to be her gift.


Username: Maus

Mermaid Name: Chaar

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Class: Z

Weapon(s): No non-biologically endowed weapons. Pistol-Arm shoots a blast of super heated water. It's effective range is 20 feet, but it will not kill or severely injure past 10. Works like a pistol shrimp claw, but bigger, the closing of the claw cause a temperature hotter than the surface of the sun for a milisecond, it disipates in a straight line towards its target.

Mermaid Type: Pistol Shrimp/Mantis Shrimp Crossbreed

Pets/Companions: None, as of yet.

Appearance: Chaar is a rare case of mutation in the crusatean-based mermen. He has the very rare length of 5 feet, but this is not his mutation, he retained his father's Pistol arm, as well as his mother's armored carapace. Chaar is divided more towards the animal side than the humanistic side, his lower half retains the large mantis-shrip leg sets, and his upper back is also armored with a this carapace, yet to be pierced by coral based weapons. His chest is also armored, but the carapace scheme marks towars the human anatomy. Two ab pieces for instance. Chaar's head is also protected by three spiked armor pieces, and the top of his head as well. His arms are non-human, and are claws. The left claw being the pistol arm. Chaar also has a set of feeling hands that fold into his chest piece. Chaar is scarred along his chest, as he has been the bane of his superior class. His eyes glow green with bioluminescence. Chaar's jaw sides are "flanked" with spines. His carapace has a blue tint.

Personality: Chaar's life has already been filled with conflict with the Mermen, so he doesn't trust any of them, He did at one point, and that mermaid knew ultimate loyalty from him, but most merpeople will only find hostility from this creature. Chaar hates upper classes with a pattern, and if it wasn't for the fact that he retains a pistol-shrimp arm, he would probably be dead. Chaar is quiet and proud, it is hard to find him feeling pity for anything. He has no need to care for humans, he has not been affected by them. In fact, he secretly praises their ability for killing an upper class.

History: Like most of the Shrimp-bases in his brood, Chaar's life began with constant labor, there wasn't a time that he didn't remember working on coral. He never knew his parents, and because he developed quickly (Like most shrimp based merpeople do, because their life span is significantly shorter), he began thinking of ways to freedom. Shrimps are rarely born with pistol-arms, as this gene is literally one-in-a-million chance of becoming dominant. Lucky for Chaar, his arm was indistinguishable from the other at birth, so he was not killed instantly like most retaining this trait are. Crustacean-bases normally are offered the ability to fight each other for their freedom from manual labor, Chaar entered the tournament and killed his way through 99 others to get to the top. This hardened Chaar, causing him to become rather deadly, ever sense his victory he has been on the market for sale as a personal slave, many nobles do not want him, even though he is of rare breed and color.

Other: Chaar will be partnered with Prioxis as a slave.

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(This one is pretty interesting so far. I'm not an approver, but I have a few questions:


-Considering the merpeople don't live as long as humans, does that effect the way they age? If so, how?


-Why is the city divided? The sections don't seem to be at war with each other.)

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Those are the best merpeople oh my gosh. I'm probably not actually going to join though, because I'm really terrible at fight scenes. Still, have some thoughts.


You mentioned that all mermaids have the "tail" of whatever fish they are. How will cephalopod/jellyfish/turtle/etc. mermaids work, then? If anything, the "head end" of a cephalopod would be the tentacles, since their mouths are located between them.


If mermaids are all carnivorous, why do they feed the humans they kill to the sharks?


Do mermaids of different classes interact? If so, in what ways?



Also there are a couple of misused words I can see like "maidens in the see" in the captain's log. I'm fairly sure you didn't actually mean the story's set in the ninetieth (as in 90th) century either. >_>

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*Mermaids have a natural love for music and singing. They are usually drawn to the surface by the sound of humans singing. The rare instances where mermaids fall in love with humans usually occur when a mermaid is charmed by the voice of a human.


One man has jumped overboard already after succumbing to the temptation of the eerie songs the mermaids sing constantly.


I'm pretty sure its Sirens that do the singing to lure sailors into the sea, not Merfolk. Though I could be wrong.


and they usually have facial features that match said fish.

Facial features as in the Pterois' venomous spines? Or as in a Moray eel's second jaw?

Possibly serious features like a Alligator Gar's mouth?


And what Class would a Eel Merfolk go into?

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If there are only four S-class mermaids at any one time and they can't breed with any of the other mermaids...how is it that there are still any of them left? If the king and queen are siblings, they can't exactly have children, can they?


Can all Z-class mermaids breed with each other despite the fact that they're based on radically different animals? Also, in the fun facts section, you mentioned that Z-classes can survive on land. Is this still the case if the mermaid in question is based on an aquatic animal not fitting into any of the other classes?

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Would it be okay to reserve me a peasant spot even if I'm not sure I'll actually end up using it? I have a character idea, but I dunno if I'm really going to join. Ahaha.



You mentioned that the mermaids usually try to ignore the humans' ships, so why were they smacking the sides of that particular ship?


The third sentence under "Mermaid Community" is cut off.


About how much text per post would you consider "literate"? I've seen some pretty different definitions on this site so far, and not everyone might use the same measuring scale as you.

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Yay! Do you want to reserve a mermaid spot?

Teehee. We can?

Can I reserve a D-class if it's open? If not then bring it down a level depending on opening.

Thank you!

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May I reserve a spot?


I plan to make a character for the D-Class.

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May I reserve a commoner spot?


I have one question, although I may have just missed something: Are natural defenses incorporated into the merfolk? For example, would an electric eel mermaid be able to produce electricity, or a stonefish merman poison?

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Derp, one more question: What are mermaid names like? I could imagine they're rather different than human names.


Thanks for reserving the spot! biggrin.gif

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Asdfghjkl sorry I ask too many questions. DX But do mermaids have human hair like conventional mermaids? I don't think it aaid anything about it, although I might be mistaken. xd.png


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Along with houses, this circle contains a kept forest that the commoners maintain to weave nets out of for hunting.

Not sure if you meant kept or kelp.

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I have a few questions:


1) Can my king character have a bull shark for a pet? He likes to give violent punishments to those who fail their missions or break his laws.

2) Does a Z-class slave live with their owner?

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