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Something in the Night (OOC Thread)

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Role Play Thread


Wanted: Freshmen and Sophomores. Juniors, not as necessary.




"Help... someone!" Static fills the air, interfering with the words, covering what is being said. Finally, the sound clears but what is heard next sends chills down your spine, raising the hair on the back of your neck and keeping you frozen in place. It's an inhuman cry, something out of a horror film, and it rumbles through the recording, a bloody scream following it shortly.


Something crashes in the background and a loud pop of electricity is heard. As the recording falls silent, you set the tape down slowly, hand shaking as your breath comes out in short rasps. Just before you set it back on the table, a loud screech comes from it and a low, malicious cackle follows. As you turn on your heel and run, the tape falls from your hands and hits the table with a sharp but muted thud, a voice following you out of the dark room. Run. Run away. You can't hide from me. I am Death, and Death is king...


The same cackle from before echoes in your ears as you flee down the stairs, your footfalls loud in the narrow stairwell. Tripping on a broken step at the bottom, you hiss in pain as you cut your arm on the splintered wood. You don't bother to assess the wound as you scramble to get up and leave the abandoned building. The crooked shutters upstairs slam shut and reopen as if an angry wind blows through them, shouting in their silence as you disappear around the street corner.




Halfway between Traverse City and Bay City in Michigan is South Higgins Lake Town, with long roads and a small population. Houses are spread out in small neighborhoods and there's no real shopping center to speak of. Trees cover nearly every inch of land, lining the roads and surrounding the buildings. Sharps Corner Iga is home to the best bakery in the small town which is located, literally, in the northeast corner of the town.


For the most part, the people are friendly and make their own trades such as sewing clothes and harvesting crops. Certain farmers raise animals such as sheep, cows, and chicken. Kids are home schooled until they're old enough for high school. Higgins High is in the center of town, on Ridgedale Dr., just off of Caduca Dr.


However, the town isn't exactly as peaceful as it might seem. A rumor was started, centering around the abandoned house at the eastern end of Sheffield Dr. Supposedly, a group of teenage friends had dared one boy to enter the old house and wave out one of the second story windows. Thinking nothing of it, the boy had gone inside to do as he was dared.


When he reached the window and began to wave, his friends thought he was fooling around when he suddenly disappeared from sight. Their laughter died when minutes started to pass and their friend didn't come out, sharing confused glances. The downstairs windows shattered and they heard screams. Frightened when another sound accompanied the screams, the group ran and left the boy behind.


It's just a rumor though. Nothing to be worried about. Right? Or is there something dark hiding in South Higgins?




The year is 2103 and the first sign of a cold winter is the snow that's falling in the end of November. People are starting to disappear in this small town, each one last seen by a friend or relative before heading out. Something's disturbing the peace in South Higgins and it's made the residents fearful, yet no one can help themselves and, eventually, they wander off alone. When they do, they never return. The sheriff doesn't even know how to solve what's been happening. Parents fear for their kids and curfew has been set for everyone, banning anyone from being outside once the sun has set.


Unseen by human eyes, creatures rise and hunt, taking helpless victims to an unknown fate. Supposedly, there's no way to end the reign of terror. However, buried deep within the abandoned house is the source of this darkness, the very thing that can stop it. The only problem is getting it. However, you're running out of time...




You were dared to enter the house by friends. Dared to wave out the window and spend five minutes in the same room afterwards. Instead, you found the tape and learned something about the rumors. You learned they were true. When you ran and cut your arm, you ignored the wound. Maybe you shouldn't have.


Didn't someone ever tell you that there was something in the air? Well, there is in the old house. It's not noticeable at first but, after a couple of weeks, you start to feel as if you're coming down sick, having hot flashes and cold spells. Under the bandage wrapped around your arm, the wound becomes a scar and black markings etch themselves along your skin around it.


As quick as your 'illness' had come, you feel a hundred times better. You even notice something that, at first, startles you. You see the mark on your arm, a symbol of sorts, and learn you possess some sort of power. Small at first, you keep it hidden and practice with it for weeks until you're sure you've got it down. However, you never tell anyone about it, certain that they would think you some kind of freak or weirdo.


On an uneventful night, out of boredom, you sneak outside after sunset. That's when you learn of the creatures hunting outside during the dark hours. A lone creature spots you. Panicking when it charges you, you immediately draw back on instinct and start to flee. However, your ability, freed from your control, is activated. You learn that you can fight off these things, using your ability to your advantage and injuring the creature enough to destroy it. Unfortunately, whenever one falls, three more arise in its place.


At some point, you finally manage to get a good look at some of them, realizing that they're different types. Like a herd of different animals gathered in one area. Some look like dogs blended with horses or birds with cats. Others look like lizards that walk on two legs, crossed with different kinds of insects. Some are able to fly while others are earthbound. Most hiss while a few growl or grumble.


Knowing that you're probably the only one with the ability to fight off these things, these... Nightmares, you clench your fists and decide: fight or surrender?




-> Follow DragCave forum rules. Pretty obvious.

-> I encourage romance and violence but, boundaries people. This is a family site after all. Also, relationships must build over time. Do not jump right into something without any notice. It's not exactly respectful.

-> Mild swearing. It's fine to use the little curses like damn or hell but nothing larger without censoring and don't make it every other word you use.

-> This is a Semi-Lit+ RP. I'd like at least a full paragraph for every post. A full paragraph is at least 5 complete sentences with proper spelling and grammar. I do understand writer's block but, please, don't use it as an excuse all the time.

-> I am subject to add information as the RP goes on and so I will keep a post for updates. Pay attention!

-> Nightmares are NPC characters and controlled by anyone. They can look like any creature of earth, a monster that resembles two fused animals and has the appropriate traits of both. Be careful with the extremes though please.

-> You're allowed as many characters as you can handle.

-> Post character forms in the OOC thread.

-> If you should break any rules, I'll give you one fair warning before kicking you out of the RP. Please don't make me.

-> Marks must be on the character's forearm (left or right, top or underside, straight or curled, etc) between their wrist and their elbow.

-> There is a map to South Higgins bellow.

-> Put 'Running out of time...' in Other: so I know you've read everything.


Character Form

Please keep bold tags in your forms.


[b]Age/Grade:[/b] (14-19 years/Freshman-Senior)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (Can be a picture or a very detailed description.)
[b]Personality:[/b] (At least 2-3 sentences so that I may have an idea.)
[b]History:[/b] (At least 2-3 sentences so that I may have an idea.)
[b]Ability:[/b] (Only one ability per person. Each ability has a weakness be it simple or extreme. Also, each ability is unique so, if someone already has it, you can't use it. Be careful not to go 'superman' with your ability choice. Almost any ability is fine but nothing extreme like laser vision or multiple mental powers for one person.)




Search Caduca Drive, Roscommon, MI.

It should be the very corner of Caduca Dr and Ridgedale Dr that's marked (on google maps).

The boundaries are:

-> N- W Higgins Lake Dr/ Co Road 104/ Marl Lake Rd

-> E- Co Road 100/N Markey Rd

-> S- School Rd

-> W- N Flint Rd

-> The lot of cleared land in the East just off Co Road 100/N Markey Rd

South Higgins (You'll need to zoom out once in order to see the whole town.)

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Accepted Characters

Red names are inactive characters.


-> Andrew Alexander (Freshman): ----

-> Jason Arivaly (Senior w/junior credits):

-> Cora Avery (Junior): ----


-> Raven Cole (Senior): ----


-> Rose Cherilynn Goodyere (Junior): Dragged into the past by Leona.

-> Katarina ‘Katja’ Gorbachova (Sophomore): Nearly late for class and mentally moaning over not being able to eat.


-> Konata Egami (Senior): ----


-> Christopher Hiel (Senior): ----


-> Marcos Iles (Senior):


-> Denise Mac tíre (Freshman): ----

-> Lucas Mac tíre (Freshman): ----

-> Sabine Mac tíre (Junior): ----

-> Sebastian Mac tíre (Junior): ----


-> Leona Raldan (Sophomore): Currently stuck in the past with Rose.

-> Samantha 'Sami' Richardson (Senior): ----


-> Aura Tractatio (Senior): ----

-> Dax Triton (Senior): At the assembly and ignoring most of what's being said.




-> Role Play thread approved and started. In character time: Monday, Aug 23rd, 7:15 AM.

-> Thinking of a system for the timeline. Currently experiencing everyone's desire to set their own time pace...

-> First period has started. Anyone arriving to class after the 8:00 AM bell is late.

-> Created a time skip of 12 hours. At this moment, Cora, Carlie, Aura, Dax, Marcos, and Jason are leaving the park to head to Whicket's (NPC) farm for Nightmare 'hunting'. Raven is searching for his sister again and heading towards the farms southward of town.

-> List of characters continues to grow. Spillover list is edited above the date/time/weather info. Updated list of characters, time, and character summaries.

-> Pushed RP onward to Whicket farm to fend off a group of Nightmares consisting of about eight or nine creatures. Updating character summaries as posts continue. Marked which characters are currently inactive.

-> Edited the approved list to mark inactive characters/RPers. Added Mr. Whicket to the NPC list for a description to be created by whomever. Updated RP time to 10:33 PM. Character summaries are updated.

-> Going ahead with another time skip into the next morning (Aug 24th RP day) at 9:30. Adjusted accepted/character lists to reflect new inactive characters. Sub/Main plot developments in the process of making in the OOC thread. Banners to be made and an advertisement was posted in the RP Bulletin thread.

-> 6/2/13: Thread's mostly quiet and, while I'm not bothered by the slow pace, I'm thinking of adding a few posts of extra information and writing to try and get the plot moving forward again. Adjusted the time of day to reflect better what class period/hour the students are in. Also grayed two names from the student list, indicating the characters are in storage.

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By Narvix


user posted image



By ShadowWolf6


user posted image


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It'll be the start of a new school year. Pertaining to your earlier question, Shur, they can be friends.


I'll be making a post in a bit. Ended up getting rear-ended on the way home today four hours ago so I've been dealing with authorities, reports, and then a hospital check up -.- Lovely time...

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I hope me first post is acceptable? If anyone has any suggestions or comments on any of my posts, please speak up, because I love criticisms. Plus, I'm prone to make mistakes now and again.

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This.... is genius. *gets started on a charrie form* Oh, and on the first post on this thread, it should be 'July 23rd', shouldn't it?

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Username: Mousia

Name: Konata Egami

Age/Grade: 19/Senior

Gender: Female

Appearance: Konata has straight dark brown hair and amber eyes. Her skin is fair and is free of blemishes except for a small and dark birthmark on her upper left cheek. She is an exchange student from Japan, so she is not so hard to miss. She usually wears white or pastel colored blouses or fitted T-shirts of the same color. As for bottoms, Konata either wears khaki or jean short or dress pants. She also often sports flip-flops or black boots as shoes. Her bust is of a 'normal' size for girls her age, though her shirts play them down and draw more attention to her face, which she feels more comfortable with.

Konata's mark is one that swirls and wisps, it appears a bit like smoke. It is about 3cm wide and 5cm long. Her mark can be seen on her right wrist, right below her hand, though she lies and says that it's a real tattoo so as not to raise suspicions.

Personality: Konata doesn't get angry too easily except for when she messes up her words while speaking or writing English. Konata will often speak Japanese to herself when distracted, annoyed or just extremely excited. Konata is very passionate, though, and protects her passions. She sometimes makes fun of her friends, but means well with her jokes.

History: Konata will tell her story to others, but likes to keep it personal and monitor who knows.

Ability: Konata can change the appearance of herself and others. in a way, it is shape-shifting, since it also changes the subject's species and physical abilities while her power is in use. However, Konata can only keep track of five shape-shifts at a time and if she is at or near her max she can only keep the subjects in their changed form for about five minutes and the time increases with less people being changed. Also, while her power is being used, it is hard for her to multi-task unless her only subject is herself, since it is easier to change herself for some reason. Konata usually uses her power on herself or others that she deeply trusts for fear that they would think she was weird.

Other: Running out of time...

Edited by Mousia

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Why July? It's the start of the school year in the RP.


Mousia, Konata is accepted. I'll copy her form into the accepted list when I'm on my computer and not my mom's iPod.

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Alright, Narvix. I also deleted my critique posts on the main page.

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Guys, we need to get uniform on the time. Everyone keeps moving at their own pace ahead while others are still trying to get in and keep up.

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Ahem, i will stop posting until everyone is at school and in class. Aura likes to stretch! .... not in a floozy way though.

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Username: Shiny Hazard Sign

Name: Cora Avery

Age/Grade: Seventeen, Junior

Gender: Female

Appearance: {cora} She stands squarely at five feet nine inches, built of a happy medium of toned muscle and flesh. Though her skin is pale and burns easily in the sun, it often carries an even tan from years of exposure. Both eyes are a crisp grey-blue ringed in cobalt; that sharp sliver of brown that slices through her left iris is her birthmark, and is perhaps her most noticeable feature. Her hair is naturally red, perhaps darker than would seem natural, but is hardly ever seen straightened or combed all the way through. For the most part it is held back in a messy ponytail, or let loose in wild waves at her shoulders. Cora is almost never seen without her mischievous grin or scowl.

Personality: All of her life Cora was a handful. She was reckless, fearless, often risking her safety (and others, though she always let them choose to follow her or not) for a thrill. Physical play was an absolute favorite and many times she was caught wrestling with the boys or playing war in the trees, face smeared with "war paint" and mud all over her clothes. She didn't give a hoot about trying to impress others. What everyone else thought about her had no effect on her self esteem whatsoever, because she was damn determined to prove that she liked being who she was and everyone else could stick their opinions up where th' sun don't shine. As she grew older, Cora retained a lot of this bull-headed, hot-blooded recklessness, and it often got her into trouble. Nothing too serious, since she had a fierce grip on her morals, and never anything that would outright endanger someone else. Of course, she was all for putting herself in harm's way as long as it came with a good adventure, but she never exerted peer pressure towards the others. Though Cora is brave- perhaps foolish, in that regard- she can understand other people. She can recognize signs of apprehension or fear and knows not to push anyone's boundaries. When not incensed with excitement, she's capable of being rather pleasant. A bit of a wise-ass and incredibly sarcastic, and perhaps a little too eager for a scuffle, but she knows how to adjust her attitude around different people.

Cora is, however, sensitive. She's hidden this away from everyone else with her tough-guy behavior, but ever since her sexuality was discovered, she had to learn the hard way that some people weren't really friends in the first place. She struggled a lot with accepting people's distance and finally came to terms with the fact that many people were very quick to judge. Because of that incident Cora has become quick to hash out retorts and insults just as quickly as they come, though she hasn't ever really enjoyed putting other people down. Getting defensive is a bit second nature at this point, but she can manage to hide it with some sharp wit.

History: Cora's family moved to South Higgins when she was three years old. She got along fabulously with many of the boys there, since the girls her age were much more interested in tea cups and dresses and frilly girl things. Though Cora was never opposed to being girly, she was quick to get down in the dirt and do what she wanted. Her parents weren't too pleased with this at first, since she was the only girl in the family and they wanted a girl that acted as, well, a girl. Her mother especially had a hard time with the fact that her daughter was "one of the boys", and insisted on 'feminine' activities for Cora to participate in. After many failed attempts at getting Cora integrated in such activities, they finally found that she had a passion for dancing. She was taught by a private instructor for seven years in many different styles, and was offered to preform at a state championship. However, after much thought she declined, and soon after she switched courses (much to her mother's dismay). She started in on combat training, thinking she might have wanted to join the military, but soon found the strict discipline was definitely not her style. Instead she became a practice buddy for those that stayed in the program and learned some effective lessons in sparring.

Toward the end of her freshman year of high school, Cora revealed to some friends that she was in fact, a lesbian. She lost several friends due to this, though her true ones stayed, and even gained a few others out of respect. She encountered a few instances of bullying since that day, but her fiery nature proved useful and she was able to defend herself rather well against any assailants. Though many still like to fling degrading words at her, Cora is strengthened by the support of her close friends and her own will power. Unfortunately, her coming out cost her a great deal of her relationship with her Mom, but Cora doesn't show or reveal to anyone the damage it caused. She's still as spunky and rough as ever.

Ability: She is able to adopt qualities of animals. Though she cannot fully transform, the farthest she is able to change herself is a sort of human-animal hybrid. Depending on the animal, this half-transformation may either be helpful or hurtful. For the most part, she can express certain traits- for example, she can grow a tail, cat claws, cat fangs, and whiskers and have similar agility and abilities to that of a cat. However, her range of animals she can "fuse" with are limited to whatever animal she's seen in person. She also cannot adopt Nightmare qualities, though she has tried.

Other: Her mark is a mixture of leopard and zebra print markings trailing down the side of her left forearm. Most people think it's simply a tattoo, since she has an eerily similar design on her right shoulder, trailing up her neck, from when she went out of town with her older brothers a year or so back. I'm too lazy and lame to put anything witty about running out of time.

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Sorry Silver. I just post at the pace others are posting but I try to keep to a basic order of posters.


Shiny, Cora's accepted. I actually have a friend named Cora with a similar personality from school.


I'm going to take the chance to mention that I don't want anyone to be making large changes in the time. Small changes from a minute to about five or ten is fine but don't be excessive about it. I'll give forewarnings when I'm going to be pushing the time of the day forward. Not everyone runs on the same time schedule as others. I want to avoid leaving people behind and lost on accident because someone else deviated in their post.

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@Shiny Hazard Sign: Mousia explained in her post that it was a free-for-all match. There isn't a dividing line, nor are there teams.

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I agree with you, silver.

Most of the posts came when I was asleep sooo....

Nothing I can really post until English starts...

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That's not how you play dodgeball, at least how I've played it through all my life. Besides, she didn't say anything about dividing lines, only that there weren't teams. Being on one side of the court or another doesn't make you a part of a team.

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I've always played it with teams as well, but I'm just going by what she said and I do know that you can play dodgeball without teams. The court would obviously only be divided into two halves if they were on teams. Therefore it would stand to reason that without teams there would be no dividing lines.

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I've never heard of dodgeball played that way. I can't roleplay what I don't know. The rules would be completely skewed if there were no dividing lines.


So if this is what Mousia had in mind, she should clarify.

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How about this, (as I've never played it without teams and never knew it could be teamless), we could join the two versions. No teams but students are free to make small groups if seen fit and there is a dividing line. It helps cut down clutter in the gym and provides a bit of a boundary line.

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That's exactly what I was trying to incorporate in my post. ^^;

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Well obviously they can make groups, that's how anything works with free-for-all. How can you be stuck on half of the court with people you're against? That doesn't make any sense.

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