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This is just a thread for anime /otaku/ obsessed people like me!

So what is your favourite:



and why!

Please post!!! And have fun!

I'll start:

My favourite shojo of all time would probably be Clannad or Sailor moon. I grew up with Sailor moon and was the 1st anime i ever watched. It really does hold a special place in my heart.

Shounen would be Naruto Shippuden, Fairy Tail or Bleach.

Ja ne1 ninja.gif



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Well, I don't think it counts as shojo or shounen but I really like Lucky Star. xd.png it only had 24 episodes but I thought it was pretty good. Does anyone have any recommendations for another anime for me to watch (I finished watching Lucky Star earlier today)?

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M'kay. Thanks.


Things I've seen off of that list:





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My favourite shojo of all time would probably be Clannad or Sailor moon.

Actually, Clannad is officially seinen (oriented at young men), since it's based on a harem visual novel game. ;D I like it because of the second half of After Story.


That said, I like anime, but I don't really dislike discussing it much, since on most forums people seem to have only watched popular mainstream series, while I think that there are a lot, a lot, A LOT of series out there that aren't as well-known, but are very good. I often feel like I'm in the position where I'm nothing special in my anime knowledge comparing to hardcore otakus but have too much knowledge to find most random forum discussions about anime interesting. It's nothing personal. :T


I don't really have a favourite genre. For me, important factors for liking a series depend on good characters, art and story - to enjoy an anime series, it must be palatable in at least two of those categories. :u


If anyone is interested in what I've seen, am watching and plan to watch, I have an account on MyAnimeList (link is in signature).

Generally I'd really recommend to check out the things which I've rated from 8 and up, although my ratings generally depend on the overall enjoyment. 7 (my mean mark) means that I didn't have many problems with a series/movie, but it's nothing special to write home about. ;p

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I haven't been able to continue watching Bleach... It just bored me half to death.


However, I loved:


Fullmetal Alchemist

Black Butler

Naruto and Naruto Shippuden

Rurouni KEnshin


Fairy Tail

Gode Geass

Dragonball, z, gt.


07 Ghost

Kaichou Wa Maid-sama

Darker than Black

Death Note

Ouran High school Host Club

Soul Eater

Blue Exorcist



Full metal Panic!

Junjou Romantica(yaoi)



AND WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY too many more to name. I'm obsessed.... xd.png

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Haven't watched many other than Katekyo Hitman Reborn so far. But, I do have a list of what I plan to watch and what I've dropped in my siggy. xd.png

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Haven't watched many other than Katekyo Hitman Reborn so far. But, I do have a list of what I plan to watch and what I've dropped in my siggy. xd.png

I have to warn you, despite all the rave it gets, imo Angel Beats! is rather overrated. Sure, it has a decent premise, but the characterization is poor and it's incredibly rushed. If you really want to watch some Key visual novel adaptadions, I'd rather suggest Air or Clannad, those were way more heartfelt than Angel Beats!

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I like Shounen, but usually focus on Fantasy anime (and Manga). I'll sometimes watch anime that isn't fantasy or even action (Nana and Lucky Star). Inuyasha was my first 'Anime' (Though depends on if you count pokemon as Anime or not) and has a place near and dear to my heart. Inuyasha was also my first anime crush xd.png Oh I absolutely LOVE Black Butler, Sebastian is now my main anime crush xd.png

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my favorite is either bleach or maybe soul eater. i was really into naruto but since i started watching bleach, i like it better. i cant say ive watched a lot of anime, though. i got bored with black butler and never got to season two, though sebastian is really cool anyway. X3 i watched sailor moon a lot when i was little and dont remember much because i always watched it in sub but was too young to read it. xd.png

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I've seen


Fullmetal Alchemist

Pokemon {From the first ep to battle front tear. Ash needs to grow the heck up....}

Sonic X

You-gi-oh {First til GX and maybe bits and peaces of the newest one}


Rurouni Kenshin < TY bloody for posting the name or I would have you guys read a whole paragraph to describe him.

Dragonball and DragonballZ

Devil may cry

Black Butler

Some others but I bearly remember them.


Most of those are like action...

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I am a BIG fan of inuyasha. I have waged corspe princess, some of bleach, some of hetalia, ouranhigh host club, spice and wolf, Eocene lied, angel beat, maze no stigma, rosari vampire, and of course inuyasha! biggrin.gif

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I liked yaoi and shounen-ai the most, but I'll watch most genres if the art is nice enough.

MY favorite anime are No. 6, Elfen Lied, Another, Shaman King, Chrno Crusade and Shigofumi: Letters of the Departed.

I <3 No. 6 soooo much.

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I am REALLY stressed out due to the fact that FairyTail episodes are gone and is in making due to the voice actor Lucy quitting so I need some options while I wait for it to come out.



Includes animal from canine to Felines

Over at least 60 episodes so I don't need to look back for more options


Fighting (as long as we don't see blood for more then 10 seconds oozing from the dead person's corpse I dont like those )

Mythical creatures

( as shown above PLEASE no what ever having flesh or whatever oozing creeps me out just thinking of it )

Magic(I know weird for my age but at least it makes things less predictable)

Evened out genders(I don't want to see the place full of 1 gender)


as shown above I do NOT tolerate any violence or anything against this site's rules . No horror or I'm pretty sure I'm going to set my house on fire because I was cooking but worried about Slenderman going to jump at me anytime .

Swearing-I'm fine with the common words such as the a word and d word that sounds like dam but if its the F word and Di word(wondering if kids under 13 are hacking in their older sibling's account like my brother) and other incredibly words that'll send 10 year olds going " *gasp*you said a swear word ! I'm telling "


Ones I watched





One peace

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Err... Inuyasha? Pokemon?


Most of the animes I like are under 60 episodes, sorry.

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Hm...what about Clannad? Angel Beats? Furuba? Fullmetal Alchemist (I'm not sure how much violence is in that).


Here's a link to the top 50 most popular anime, if that helps.


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I mainly use MyAnimeList to keep track of the things I watch and to conveniently find what else I would like to watch.

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I guess Card Captor Sakura fits your criteria as well.


Personally I think the 60 episode minimum is pretty limiting and it makes you miss out on a lot of really great animes. Otherwise I would recommend Excel Saga, which is only 26 episodes but is absolutely hilarious. Just whatever you do, don't watch the 26th episode.

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You could try Katekyo Hitman Reborn! It's kinda weird at first, and focuses more on the boys for the fighting for the first couple eps, but after a while more characters get involved and things get waaaaay better ;] Though the main character never really stops being a loser hahahaha. Though that's kinda the point.


IDK if it's really your style but you could try it? It's really interesting and has awesome characters ;] Plus the anime has over 300 episodes, and the manga continues even further than that.


Then there's always D.Gray Man I guess?

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Um...?? I think there's only one Shojo on the list and a few of these are manga but whatever here is my list along with why I like 'em.


I really enjoyed the Ranma 1/2 manga but I wasn't real big on the anime. (Shonen) With the manga, once you got past the annoying tsundere crap, it could be pretty damn funny. I was so bored with the constant anime violence as a kid, but now that I'm rereading it, all I can think is "Looney Tunes". I keep waiting for a "how many lumps?" gag. I think the tsundere junk just got on my nerves too much for me to handle with the anime, though.


Urusei Yatsura, loved the manga, didn't like the anime. (Shonen) Again, really funny, and I even liked the canon romance. I don't really remember what it was about the anime that I disliked, but it was probably how much it jumped around + the art style.


GeGeGe no Kitarou (1967) will always be one of my favourite shows. (Shonen) I can't even explain why without gushing. It's so cute and it's Japanese Scooby-Doo I mean come on. An adorable show about monstrous and disgusting monsters?? I'm there! I do admit that I liked the manga more in the respect that Kitarou was way more chill in spite of dying horrible ways pretty much every chapter. (getting cooked alive but it's no biggie he forgives you anyway) Also I think the manga included the fact that Kitarou carried his dad around in his eye socket but you never see that in the anime ='(


The original Astro Boy anime was kinda fun. (Shonen) It's a classic and hilariously corny, a deadly combo I can't ignore.


I had a lot of fun watching Hoshi no Kaabii when I was younger. (No clue, but probably shonen) I'm pretty sure I can't explain this beyond Dedede. Just... Dedede.


Trigun was ok, but I never finished it. (Shonen) I loved the setting and the characters were alright. Milly was precious. :3c


Inuyasha was alright. Definitely not a fave, but I can sit through an episode without wanting to kill myself most of the time, so that's a plus. (Shonen) I really liked the manga before Miroku came along, and I'm pretty sure that carried over to the anime as well. The one with the girl who burned to death was great. Rumiko can be so good with comedy and horror I really wish she'd drop the romance at some point =( Or at least make the romance entertaining like she did with Lum and Ataru's horrible relationship.


I remember liking Tokyo Mew Mew when I was a kid, but I don't think I could stand it nowadays. v(6_6)v (Shojo)


An' yeah duh Pokemon is all kinds of nostalgia (willing to bet my arm it's shonen) "It's like a streaker or something."


Princess Jellyfish is fantastic. <3 (Josei) I really wish there were more anime focused on quirky female characters haha;;


Monster was a fun way to spend my summer. (Seinen) Lookin' past the plot holes, Dr. Tenma's constant stupidity, and how pretentious it is, it really can be fun.


Black Jack OAV was all kinds of perfection. I've no clue about the demographic, but I think seinen too?? what would a medical drama even be. Oh well, it's the only visual adaptation that does the manga even the slightest bit of justice, so it's all cool.


Soreike! Anpanman goes without saying. (v(9_6)v kindy-gart'ners, thasswat)


Paranoia Agent was great, I need to rewatch it sooner or later. (no clue what the demographic for this one is) I loved the designs and stories so much, it was just really good.


Honourable mentions:

Big O

Lupin the Third

Cybord 009


Man, I am the queen of foreign-cartoons-that-do-NOT-come-out-of-japan, lookit you guys, yer puttin' me to shame.


Also, apparently I'm a dude. Whodathunkit.

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Princess Jellyfish is fantastic. <3 (Josei) I really wish there were more anime focused on quirky female characters haha;;

Zoooooov. If you like that kind of anime, you should watch Nodame Cantabile and Chihayafuru (both are josei manga adaptations). Nodame is very much an anime about classical music, and Chihayafuru is technically a sports anime (karuta), but man, the main characters are such adorable, eccentric derps, and Nodame is one of my favourite characters in anything ever. <3

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