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250 Book Challenge 2012

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~* The 250 Book Challenge *~

What it says in the title! I challenge you to read 250 books in a year. Think you can do it? Get reading!


The Rules:


1. You have between August 1st 2012 (00:00am GMT), and July 31st 2013 (at 11:59pm GMT) to read 250 books. There are smaller milestones for those of us who can’t/won’t reach the 250 mark, and to help participants feel like they’re getting somewhere.


2. You can join at any time during the year, but you still only have until July 31st 2013 to reach the target! You can start straight away, we'll try and add you as soon as possible, if you've been left off the list or your username is misspelled, feel free to shoot a PM towards this account or one of the thread mods (mods names are in the sig).


3. Books that you've read and finished before your join date do not count, even if you join after August 1st. (E.g. you join on 3rd Sept - you can only count books from 3rd September onwards).


4. Reply to this thread once you've finished a book with the code below. You can, if you like, give a short review and/or a rating, but please don't reveal spoilers as others may not have read it.


5. If you've just started a book, or are half way through one when you begin the challenge, then that will count towards your total.


6. The only books that do not count are textbooks, or books with less than 100 pages. So you can read children books (provided they meet the 100 page mark), young adult, biographies etc. Any genre is accepted. Manga is only accepted if it's 500 pages or more. Online unpublished fiction (not fanfiction) is allowed if it has 20,000 words or more (please post the link to the story and the number of words, however if the story could be considered unsuitable for minors post the link to either this account or freddyness via PM).


7. Re-reads count, though I would prefer it if you label them as such (just for the records). Each time you re-read a book it counts as a point.


8. Participants are listed below, with their current book count next to their usernames.


9. There is no way to prove or disprove you’ve read the books you say you have, so please, I ask that you be honest (^^) I will, however usually check the page length of books - someone's gotta keep an eye on you lot!


10. Get reading and have fun! *shoos you*


11. This is a new rule, we want a summary of the book you read in less than 100 words. but more than 10 words.


[b]Book Number:[/b]
[b]Number Of Pages:[/b]
[b]Book Title:[/b]
[b]Rating:[/b] (optional)
[b]Review:[/b] (optional)




Book Number: 1

Number Of Pages:500

Book Title: Go Dog Go!

Author: P.D. Eastman

Summary: This book entails a story of a dog that runs, the dog is the main character of this story and the author expresses how the dogs feels beautiful. (Never read this book before in my life; but you catch my drift)

Rating: 5/5

Review: --


Here is a banner for the competition, feel free to use it to advertise the challenge.


user posted image Made by nepenthe.catharsis.



Many people got busy over the duration of the challenge, so to help new budding readers when you reach one of our milestones they will be a graphic given to you marking your commitment.





























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~* The 250 Book Challenge *~


Updated up to this post.




Join Date - Name - Books So Far


30/07/23 - Amberfly

28/09/12 - AngelicDemise

09/09/12 - applegirl - 2


07/09/12 - bananawolf


13/06/13 - CandraCat

02/08/12 - catstaff - 250

01/08/12 - Cellogeek

17/12/12 - cerimonster

30/08/12 - clara954 - 74 (of those 18 fanfiction)


05/01/13 - davinhadaway2 - (3)

31/07/12 - DragonGirl10188

12/11/12 - dragonsflame111 - 7

24/03/13 - Dramiome7052


25/03/13 - ele15

03/11/12 - Emmerz24


25/08/12 - Flamemynx

02/08/12 - FlowerOwl - 5

29/04/13 - freezerpup - 4

02/08/12 - funzone - 9


21/09/12 - Hyesu


02/08/12 - icare4u

30/07/12 - IvoryDragon432 - 7


30/08/12 - Joyful


01/08/12 - Kanaye - 4

04/09/12 - klinneah - 14

03/09/12 - KuukiKiller - 17


01/08/12 - Ldyfsh

05/08/12 - Le_Dragon - 37


31/07/12 - mackie0501 - 22

02/08/12 - Mayuhito

04/08/12 - MissVampire13 - 13

31/07/12 - Moonlight Dreams - 2


30/07/12 - Nimrodel - 93

16/04/12 - nynaevesilverwind


18/09/12 - piggygirl859

12/09/12 - psyshock - 1


01/08/12 - QAndais - 161


30/07/12 - Raistlin24 - 51

01/08/12 - Ramica - 105

15/12/12 - ranger lucy

06/09/12 - rukii_bii - 11


03/08/12 - Sister of the Dragon - 10

01/08/12 - sparkle10184

01/08/12 - St. Jimmy - 1


30/07/12 - thesatan666 - 1

11/09/12 - Tiger_Rider - 2


04/12/12 - ValkyrieWarror


28/03/13 - Wolfhearted - 17


02/08/12 - Zaxian - 5

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Might want to change the year in rule 2 :3


And I'm in ^^

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@Nimrodel: Thanks. I read the whole post twice and still missed a year xd.png


To avoid confusion in case one of the other updaters checks joining dates for something: I'm in.

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This may be a dumb question, but if I were to read an "omnibus" book collection, would that count as one book or more than one? For example, would this be one book or three?

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I want to join! Thought this was a cool idea when I investigated the old thread, but I didn't want to join in with only a few weeks left till the end. I'm getting in at the beginning this time.

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I was in the middle of this book when I entered this challenge and decided to get my first book in early. smile.gif


Book Number: 1

Number Of Pages: 472 pages

Book Title: The Diamond Warriors (EA Cycle Book 4)

Author: David Zindell



This book is describes the final leg of Valashu Elehad's journey to save the fantastical world of Ea from the evil tyrant, Morjin, The Lord of Lies, and also known as Red Dragon.

Rating: 5/5

Review: This book series is really good, it describes emotion so well. There are many moments where it moved me to the point of whooping for joy, cry in sadness, or tense up. I definitely recommend it.


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I'm signing up.


I'm going to finish this audiobook I've been listening to tonight and then I'll add it as my first book before going to bed.


EDIT: Done first book!



Book Number:1

Number Of Pages:722

Book Title:The Name of the Wind: Day One

Author:Patrick Rothfuss

Summary:A chronicler comes across a legend running an inn and decides to write down the man's story. This was the first day of the man, the legend, the hero telling his story. This is the story of Kvoth, a boy who slew a dragon, called down lightning and fire and who got thrown out of the University at a younger age then most people are even let in.


Review: I really enjoyed this. I got more out of it by listening this time. I read it about a month ago and had wanted to listen to it for a while but couldn't find it. Last week, quite unexpectedly, I found the audiobook on my library's overdrive. Now to find book 2!

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Please, Sign me up for this years challenge.


The hard part for me will be remembering to put down what books I read - kept forgetting last year! LOL

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@IvoryDragon432: You can count each book inside the omnibus as 1 as long as they have more than 100 pages. I would count your example as 3.


@Mupen64 Man: I can't count your book, because they have to be read starting August 1st. That would belong to last year's challenge.

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Sign me up, please!


I'm actually finishing up a book as I type this:


Book Number: 1

Number Of Pages: 376

Book Title: The Red Necklace

Author: Sally Gardner

Summary: A boy named Yann meets the daughter of an aristocrat one night, and their destinies become intertwined. As the Revolution unfolds in Paris, he must rescue her from her oppressive father and a mysterious man, while learning to control his magic. (And a lot more complicated stuff happens but it would take forever to explain.)


I hope this year I don't forget to do this like the last two. xd.png


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Add me again... maybe I'll do better this time smile.gif

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@Mupen64 Man: I can't count your book, because they have to be read starting August 1st. That would belong to last year's challenge.

Okay, I just thought that it would because of this on the first post:

5. If you've just started a book, or are half way through one when you begin the challenge, then that will count towards your total.


Good thing I started another one immediately! laugh.gif

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My first one.....it was so awesome I finished it in less than two days biggrin.gif


Book Number: 1

Number Of Pages: 304

Book Title: The Pain Merchants

Author: Janice Hardy

Summary: It's about a young teenager, Nya, who lives in a world where certain people can heal others by just touching them. However, Nya can also use the pain she heals and transfer it to someone else, which is a very rare talent. Since there are many wars going on in the time she lives in, she would be a very useful asset to whomever side she's on. But all Nya wants is to protect her sister and her friends, and to live in peace so she will have to fight against those who would hurt her and her friends.

Rating: 5/5

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Sign me up please.


Gonna give this a try this year and see how I do. smile.gif

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