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I write stuff...

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About time I posted some of my stuff here actually.


Enough blathering. Here, have stuff:





At first there is only a tangled pile of twenty-four colorless letters,

But then a pair of callused hands gently disentangles the fibers

And dips the strands in brilliant dyes, leaving them to soak.

With the utmost care, the hands weave the letters together.

The press and the pull of the loom remains ever the same,

But the arrangement and ordering of the thread creates unique designs every time.

The fabric sprouts from the letters in rolling waves

Under the guidance of practiced and confident fingers.

The thread rustles against the skin with news of stories to come.

Sometimes, in its eagerness, it leaves a burning path of pleasant pain.

The fabric always ends with a story, draped how the weaver may.


Warning: Dark themes in the next one, read at your own risk.




Your high school diploma proudly sits

Right next to a garish crown from prom.

An alert alarm clock sentinel completes the décor.

When it shrilly announces incoming danger,

You grace the beautiful morning with an annoyed sigh.

It's too early to get up.


Then you remember and explode from the covers.

Eager feet pad across the linoleum bathroom floor.

Who cares if you wake up the whole house in your haste?

All that matters is that the golden tangle on your head

Looks perfect for today.


The sound of an angels' chorus….

No wait, that's the doorbell.

Rushing down the stairs, your foot catches on the stair

And you almost trip. Almost.


The boy at the door smiles at you delicately.

Now that's a real angels' chorus.

His hands are as rough as dried grass

When you take them in yours

And yet you let yourself be led outside.


The leather seat of the motorcycle crinkles

As you sit and wrap your arms around his chest.

You let out another type of sigh

More suitable for this perfect morning.


The roar of the engine causes you to jump,

But you forget when the wind caresses your face

Like the gentle lover you hope your boy will be.


And soon you are flying, flying, flying, through the air.

Thump. The pavement tears up your skin.

You paint the yellow marks on the road red.

But what do you care? You are free.


The prayers and tears of those you loved

Carry you higher and higher

Until you fly above the air and the sky

And you are finally immortal

Just as you thought you were in life.





My brother-in-arms, I lay thee to rest.

With honor you died on the battlefield.

You gave your life, passed the ultimate test.

To save us, you used yourself as a shield.

But war does not stop, not even for this.

We must march on, leaving you behind us.

Wherever you are, I hope you find bliss.

But I'd rather you were here, I confess.

If I could, I'd bury you like a king.

However, all I can offer is tears.

Your unmarked grave is the only thing

To show that one still cares among your peers.

I know that if you were here, you'd approve

Not stopping, but remaining on the move.



Confessions of a Fangirl


A mass of humanity gathers, expanding.

Each single cell fills her lungs

And spews toxic shouts

Proclaiming her desire to be

Mrs. Such-and-Such.

At the center of it all, a heart,

The target of their attack,

Straining to beat on

Under the crushing weight.


Am I really a disease?

Is my growing passion a farce,

The result of a spontaneous mutation?

If so, save yourself,

But bombard me with radiation

Until I go into remission.

However, I can't deny what I am,

Even if I am a cancer.


There. Stuff. Enjoy.


Dragon Species Name: Arsani Dragon (Plural is Arsanii)


Size: The average is around 15’, but can vary depending on age and other factors.


General Behavior: Arsani Dragons live in hives, the size of which is only limited by the abundance of food and water in their habitat. They’re a hive minded species, which means group identity takes precedence over individual identity. Each Arsani functions as a ‘worker bee’ for the hive, each with different functions and jobs depending on their talent; however, unlike a true bee hive, Arsanii do not have a ‘queen’ of any sort. Each worker has equal status to her sisters.


Since they place such heavy emphasis on group identity, the hurt of another Arsani Dragon is akin to a hurt of their own. Because of this, they go out of their way to ensure the safety and happiness of their hivemates (covered in description). Arsanii in captivity substitute this hive for the dragons and humans they are raised around. In their minds, they will often see their friends and family as extensions of themselves (quite literally). They provide them with the same sort of care and affection as they would hivemates.


Intelligence is relative. The larger the group they are raised in, the higher their IQ becomes. Arsanii from the largest of hives can even be more intelligent than humans (although, not by much). They consult their hivemates in almost everything, and the combined power of their intellect often leads to many creative and interesting solutions and answers. This effect is also mirrored in captive Arsanii; the more they experience at a young age, the higher their IQ tends to be. If raised in the company of loving humans and dragons, their intelligence levels out around that of a toddler (although, this is boosted considerably if another Arsani Dragon resides with them). A neglected Arsanii with little socialization usually does not live long, but if they manage to make it to adulthood their intellect remains at that of a canine.


This same theory also applies to their magical abilities. It’s common practice not to keep more than two Arsanii in a household, because otherwise the spells they cast may be too strong for their keepers to contain (if ever the need should arise). This way no one gets hurt when an Arsanii casts a defensive spell out of fear. However, most of the time, an Arsani Dragon will use their magical abilities for altruistic reasons. They’re enthusiastic to aide in spells, which makes them good company for magicians and white dragons in particular. The most common type of defensive magic they perform is shields to block attacks, but if someone outside their own person is in danger they can (and will) go on the attack.


Mating/Parenting Behavior: Arsanii are extremely open to almost any mate during their breeding season. They only breed their own kind for a narrow window of time near the beginning of spring, so they’ll usually settle for the nearest available and willing male. The species itself has no set mating rituals, but they will often mimic the practices of the male’s species in order to best attract his attention. However, they do have a slight preference towards magically inclined breeds (magis, blacks, whites, etc.) in order to strengthen the next generation’s magical abilities.


The concept of parenthood doesn’t exist in the normal sense in an Arsanii hive. No matter which of the dragons lays an egg, all of her hive mates have an equal responsibility in raising the hatchling, whether it be of their species or not. Some Arsanii hatchlings can’t even pick out their own parent from the rest of the group, but it’s not something they suffer for. Hatchlings are smothered with attention, love, and occasionally discipline from the whole hive. In captivity, an Arsani mother expects the others around her to play a role in raising her young. If the humans or other dragons fail to interact with the hatchling, they’ve even been known to move them from the nest and drop them at the human’s/dragon’s feet.


Because of their love of company and socialization, Arsani Dragons are more than willing to raise and lay eggs of other breeds in the off season.


Habitat: They are adaptable to almost any environment and can live just about anywhere. However, they have a preference for the rainforest because it’s easiest to find their favorite foods (any sort of sweet fruit) there. They are less common in places where the environment doesn’t support large groups of dragons (like the desert or volcano).


Communication: Arsani Dragons communicate almost exclusively through their mental link. If talking with other species, they use that telepathic abilities that almost every dragon species shares. Their vocal chords are underdeveloped because of disuse. Although they can make soft sounds, they are usually completely silent. However, they are extremely expressive in their body language, especially if raised in captivity away from the ease of instantaneous communication.


Death/Mourning: The death of a hivemate hits an Arsani particularly hard, especially since they experience the process of dying (at least emotionally) jointly with them. Arsanii have long periods of mourning, sometimes lasting for years at a time, and many elaborate rituals regarding death. The most common is leaving a daily gift/offering at the deceased individual’s place of rest.


One has to be particularly careful with an Arsani in captivity that has recently lost someone. If left alone, they’ve been known to turn to necromancy (one of the few dark magics they do practice, although only in times of extreme distress) in their grief, and occasionally they will succeed in reviving the corpse as a zombie. This situation can be particularly dangerous if the deceased was also an Arsani Dragon. When the zombie reawakens, they will sometimes retain their mental connection to the Arsani that revived them. This alters the personality of the living Arsani and makes them extremely fierce, to the point they are impossible to control.

Edited by Walker

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Oh. My. God. Walker.

I never knew you could write, and so well <3. I love them so much. As a poet, I really like them all.

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Oh. My. God. Walker.

I never knew you could write, and so well <3. I love them so much. As a poet, I really like them all.

Well thanks~ ^-^


It's decent enough stuff, but I'm still learning.



Random but if anyone wants to try giving me a random theme to write a sonnet about, that'd be great. I'm trying to work on my traditional forms a bit~

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Immortal and Comrade.... amazing! I was surprised... that was very well written. As a fellow writer, keep it up!

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Write about a fairy having tea with a pony.



Imaginary Castle


Once upon a time, a stuffed white horse

Could seem like the regal steed of Prince Charming.

The wire wings from last Halloween could be the source

Of dreams, changing me to a fairy most darling.

It made sense when I gave the Prince a cup of tea

That his trusty steed should sit with us at the table.

Once, I even invited the evil banshee.

My life was from a child’s storybook, the perfect fable.

But I grew up and saw dreams were fragile

And tore down the walls of my imaginary castle.

Edited by Walker

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Thanks cudo. Although I'm sure you got tired of my TF stuff popping up in your notifications XP


Also, a bunch of my friends were requesting I write this so... It's still a rough draft though. Other thoughts are welcome.






How to Characterize Your Original Character (Roleplay Edition)


As any serious roleplayer knows, the idea that roleplay is simply a hobby is misguided. Not only is it for fun, but it’s also an artform. I prefer to think of it as a communal writing project. The ultimate goal is an appealing and dynamic story, just like any solo writing project; however, roleplay is one of the few artforms that allows a complete melding between artist and audience. When you roleplay, you are both at once, which is what makes it stand out from the other artforms.


At the core of any good roleplay is the characters. Without solid characters, there is nothing. To properly supplement and add to your roleplay community, you need to make a well-balanced and believable character. But the question is, how do you go about that? Just like any art, everyone has their own methods and ideas. My way is just one way among many. However, I would like to share my observations and methods in hope they might inspire others. If this doesn’t help you, don’t lose heart. Explore and find others that will. Only you, ultimately, can know what will work for you. Take what I have to say with a pinch of salt and adjust it to suit your needs.


To begin, 1. Know what you’re getting into.


This step seems logical enough, as it should be. However, it’s just as important as anything else. Whatever world you’re making your character for, you need to know the inner workings. Before joining a roleplay, hang around with the others in there and read the plot/rules. There’s no need to rush into making a character. Make sure it suits what you want and need in a roleplay. Ask questions.


2. Explore.


This step is closely tied with the first. Before making a character, you should explore. Now, that’s a pretty broad term I realize, but still necessary. Along with getting to know the roleplay, begin exploring with potential ideas for a character. Brainstorm. One of my favorite ways of testing out characters before I even begin on an application is using them as an NPC in a scene with one of my established OCs in a fanfic or small RP scene with a friend. They don’t even have to be the center of the scene; don’t make a big deal of it. Most of the time when I do this, they don’t even have a name or core personality. You’ll begin to glean these through observation. Watch how they react in the scene, how they talk, etc.


3. Don’t be afraid of failure.


When you’re brainstorming, not everything will stick or flow with other ideas you’ve had. If you use them as an NPC in a scene like I suggested, they may show or say contradictory things. There’s nothing wrong with that. The character is nothing more the beginnings of an idea. Just brush aside what doesn’t work and focus on the ideas that do. Also, this is relevant when you submit your character for acceptance or rejection. You may be asked to change things, but don’t take that as an insult. It’s an opportunity to grow and cultivate your character.


4. Be flexible.


Don’t become so stuck on something it hurts the character; don’t try to force an idea on them. If you find yourself drawn to an idea that doesn’t quite fit the character, be ready to alter other parts of the character. Or you may even have the seeds of a completely separate character.


However, being flexible also encompasses being creative. Just because an idea doesn’t seem to fit at first doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Find creative ways to bridge the gaps. Personally, I take great joy in this part of character creation. The unchangeable facts of the plot you have to mold your character around aren’t obstacles. They’re challenges to meet and overcome. For example:


Let’s pretend some theoretical RP stated that characters aren’t allowed to have supernatural abilities, and yet your character idea involves someone who has a supernatural ability to control fire. Instead of giving up entirely or trying to force the ability in despite the explicit ban, find a middle ground. Perhaps make your character an entertainer who makes a living breathing fire. It’s not a supernatural power, but a learned skill. You will still get a large part of what you want and won’t be breaking any rules.


5. Know yourself and overcome it.


This step is something few people ever consider, but to make a strong character you need to know yourself. Take time to reflect over your habits and patterns. Know what kind of characters you tend to play; be ready to challenge yourself to try something new. Perhaps you tend to play soldiers most of the time. Try a civilian. If it fails, don’t worry about it. However, you never know what will stick until you try it.


Realize what parts of yourself you’re working into your character. A character never should be a mirror of yourself; it doesn’t hurt to work a few of your own personality traits into a character (and it doesn’t hurt not to either). Roleplaying is, much like theatre, about playing a part. A strong character though, in the long run, should feel like a separate entity from yourself. There never can be two of the same people, so don’t try to duplicate yourself and throw it into a roleplay. When you get into a character’s head, their thoughts should be unique to them. Some of them might be familiar or similar to what you have experienced, but if they are the exact same thing then pause and consider what you’re doing.


Why is this a bad thing? Well, if you are making yourself into a character, you’re limiting yourself. You’ll never try to think about experiences beyond your own. By doing it, you’re making roleplay into something highly personal. You have to keep in mind, roleplay is a COMMUNAL activity. Making yourself the center of the plot or your character goes against the very nature of the artform. On the other hand, making your character a separate entity from yourself allows you to see many new perspectives and ways of thinking. It really enhances how you experience the roleplay; once you are able to see beyond yourself, you’ll not only understand your characters but other peoples too.


6. In the beginning, don’t be afraid of generalizations, clichés, and stereotypes.


If you’re constantly worried about the things listed above, you’ll hold yourself back. Some things are okay to repeat. For example, tragic stories have been a part of human reality forever, and will continue to be. There’s nothing wrong with working some tragedy into your character’s past. Don’t let them overwhelm your character though. Perhaps your character did lose their parents, but they don’t need to lose their girlfriend, brother, cat, and everything else in the meantime. A character should be SHAPED by tragedy, not DEFINED by it. Don’t make your character a walking tragedy.


On the flip side, don’t be afraid to make your character completely and utterly ORDINARY. Tragedy is not a necessity for a backstory; don’t try to use it as a spice to make your character seem extra special. Roleplay is about working with others to create a story, not trying to make your character the most stand-out one in existence. Trust me when I say others will be more impressed if you can handle your completely ordinary character in a dynamic way than if your character survived the apocalypse in their past. But don’t feel the need to limit yourself only to ordinary either though. Find what fits the character best: whether that be tragedy or lack of it.


I actually use generalizations as a tool at the beginning of brainstorming to form the base of a character. For example:


If I was going to play a doctor, I might decide to generalize their personality in a few words. I might decide they were grumpy, exhausted, and intelligent.


The thing to keep in mind is this is simply a TOOL. It’s to start the flow of ideas; if you are left with only generalizations when you are coming near the end of designing characters, you really don’t know your character yet. Branch beyond the generalizations. They’re the seed that will eventually develop into the plant.


7. Keep in mind everything ties together.


The thing I really hate about character applications is that they partition everything. Your character is not made up of separate components. The history, personality, appearance, etc. are all part of ONE individual. Part of the reason I encourage people to try character ideas as NPCs before they begin on the application is it helps to develop the complete picture. Don’t go in trying to create components and then mashing them together.


A good character will bleed all over the application. What do I mean by that? Well, you’ll be able to see why they have a personality trait because of something that happened in their past. Show people how their past shaped who they are today. Their appearance will reflect how they view the world. For example, a lazy character might wear the same clothes several days in a row. Note that in their appearance. Show people their personality in the appearance section. Show it in how they react to events in the past. Show it EVERYWHERE. The same goes for history and appearance. Show it in the other sections.


The details really tell more about the characters than generalizations ever will. Sure, you could tell me a character is nice, but that’s not nearly as effective as telling me they volunteer at the animal shelter every weekend. Explore the nooks and crannies of what makes your character who they are. This is where you really begin to characterize. Your character will morph from an idea into an individual.


8. Don’t forget your character after you’re done designing them.


When you finally get to roleplaying your character, don’t forget their past. Our past shapes as much as our futures. A well-rounded character is not worth anything if you never see a hint of their past in the roleplay. Have them think about what they’ve done. Of course, it shouldn’t overwhelm your character, just like tragedy shouldn’t, but it should still be a visible.


In sum, keep the whole of your character in mind when roleplaying just like you did designing them. A character is always ongoing. They change with time. The character you are roleplaying five months after you create their application won’t be the same one you started with. People change and grow with time. Allow the events of the roleplay to change your character too. Allow your character to be an individual.

Edited by Walker

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*shuffles in nervously* So... Can I ask you to write a poem with a specific subject? It's not for anything really, I just wanted to see what you could do with it?

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*shuffles in nervously* So... Can I ask you to write a poem with a specific subject? It's not for anything really, I just wanted to see what you could do with it?

No problem. Hit me with it~

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Never seen you write before!

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Then after the binky bunnies, can I have... oh... something about me? x3.

Sure, no problem.


The bunny poem is on the agenda for tomorrow, heads up Snowytoshi.


I just had to catch up on one my fanfics today and a character application. I've been writing for a few hours already, so I'm burned out today.

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The White Rabbit


My bunny is from Wonderland.

His twists and his flips are so grand.

Tea brings him much glee,

As it does to me.

His binkies mean giving a hand.


I hope it's what you were looking for? It's a little more kiddish than my usual style, but that's an element of limericks, and since I'm practicing traditional styles...


Random, I'm trying this but...


Streaming writing style. I guess if you want to wander in and request something I'll be hanging around in there.


Worth a shot XP That's done for now.


EDIT: Here, have more crap.




When we gather to watch the nightly news

You vomit angry words at the TV

Because of negative coverage of Mitt Romney.


Your reason for distrusting the female Olympic swimmer

Who swam as fast as a man

Is because China is our “enemy.”


If I open my mouth to say give her a chance,

You brush me off and joke I’m “liberal”

While my sister heckles me from the sidelines.


You call it good old fashioned values,

But I say I don’t want your politics.


I want a family.


Edited by Walker

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Unable to Recall


Life is of stories

But my mind is deserted

So my tongue is stilled.




The dead, brown grass takes root in my eyes

And desperately draws out every drop of moisture

Leaving my sight shriveled and blind.


Rain leaks from others' eyes in abundance

But I am a walking drought

In a sea of rainforests.


The only thing as empty as me is the corpse

And even he is watered by the last kisses of loved ones

And the storms in their hearts.


Watching on, the dam in my heart finally breaks

And floods me, not with water,

But with jealousy at what I'll never know: loss.



Even more stuff~


Still taking requests~

Edited by Walker

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Did I get my request, a little poem of me? x3.

... Mother of Primus, I read that post as "something for me."


I was sitting around waiting for you to request a topic this whole time. I'll put that on the agenda xd.png

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Dangerous beasts of scale and flame lurk

Ready to unfurl their wings and take flight,

All hidden within the mind of one

Girl on the outside, but monster within.

Others best beware the might

Nestled deep inside her mind.


Giants wait coiled, ready to pounce

Invisible until they’re unleashed,

Ready to claw and to slash

Leaving only the stink of defeat.



Yes, this took a while. I don't know you well, so I had to find a way to work "you" in without really knowing too much about you. But this is what you end up with; hope it works for you?

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I hope you're not too busy for this, but...could you write one for me? I don't have a preference on the subject or style, I'd just like to have one to treasure forever so that I can try to write as good poetry as you, since you're obviously more experienced than I.

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The Oldest Artform


The day’s toil is done; the sun is retreating to its den.

The time for rest has come, so let me settle your mind with a story.

Push away the phantoms that haunt your mind,

Open yourself to the rhythms of my voice,

And hear a tale close the heart of mankind.


It’s a legend older than the greatest of our grandfathers,

As powerful as the fire that pours from the earth,

As important as the crops in the fields,

As beautiful as the welcoming wail of a newborn babe.


It’s of a man who can shape the minds of his fellow creatures

With only a few whispered words.

It’s of a man who can remember the events of ancient times

As if they happened in his lifetime.


Listen to the Saga of the Storyteller.


Sure, Mousia. I can do that no problem.


In the meantime, have another poem.

Edited by Walker

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That's really good, Walker. Storytime... xd.png



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