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Save the Rares!

What dragon are you saving up for?  

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As a reminder, Breeding, Gifting would love to help with your bred requests. Should I fill out the form on behalf of the thread?


Also should I re-join this new thread?

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Added 4 frozen hatchlings.


5) Z82uq - waterwalker

6) 368R6 - geode

7) dsgLJ - sunsong

8) eJtXF - bright breasted wyvern


to my post here.



Would like to say it is a pity the 4th gen Thuwed spiral was frozen by another, it wouldn't count.


So what qualifies a dragon towards the competition? They MUST NOT be on the Ineligible Breed List(below) and must be Inbred or Messy. "Messy" for this competition is a minimum of five generations and not an even-gen or perfect stairstep/spiral/wave, etc.


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Updated all points.


Added a 'Requests' section to the second post.


Added a form for new frozen hatchlings and adults. Make sure to keep your original post updated as well!


kenderbard, thank you for the offer! If we need any help, we'll be sure to ask, thanks! And yes, it would be great if you could re-post your entry form on the new thread.


Raistlin24, you have been added to the donators list. Thank you for donating! It is greatly appreciated!


BlazingPhoenix, once they hatch and you freeze them, post again to let us know!


Raina1219, you've been accepted!


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Reposting for new thread.


I'd like to join!

Join Date: 5/31/2012

Forum Name: Husker

Scroll Link: Scroll

PM Link: PM

Proof I read the Rules: Pillows!

Eligible Dragons:


1. CJA34 Guardian

2. ml9Ne Mint

3. WhLG8 Neotropical

4. WWCD7 Waterwalker

5. o8JtY Deepsea

6. 8rkK8 Gray

7. aZZTR Vine

8. ijk4A Sunsong

9. U7L3s Purple Dorsal

10. HI1nU Hellfire

11. 0LQ2c Green

12. liLID Balloon

13. X1MOX Magi

14. oi0Ua Horse

15. 9UDOO Purple Dorsal

16. EO3pS Purple Dorsal

17. quPj4 Albino

18. N1nni Horse

19. H8BiC Stone

20. RcAVq Water

21. 6oakc Coastal Waverunner

22. 6Ok8a Balloon

23. TpkeI Vine

24. SprSL Waterhorse

25. iVgO1 Stone

26. NPeOr Horse

27. tbKB7 Mint

28. akSOI Whiptail

29. QsgkL Coastal Waverunner

30. eXVkT Canopy

31. 3Hvv5 Waterwalker

32. RDSR5 Waterhorse

33. FJGiI Moonstone

34. NZiaK Pillow

35. akaJl Water

36. qNi37 Bright Breasted Wyvern

37. vQeHt Spitfire

38. jL1PP Nocturne

39. mgbN0 Waterhorse

40. 77Xaf Albino

41. D4o4c Guardian

42. BAZt4 Canopy

43. 0mX3Q Terra

44. V7jkG Purple Dorsal

45. m5QQE Neotropical

46. aKoFM Green

47. RZjmp Waterhorse

48. bCQsq Neotropical


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Re-posting my join-up post and adding new frozen hatchies xd.png


Including the 2 I had frozen before today smile.gif



http://dragcave.net/lineage/KtjMR xd.png




I'd like to join!

Join Date: 23/6/12

Forum Name: spirited_soul

Scroll Link: my scroll

PM Link: PM me

Proof I read the Rules: T - I don't live in the US


Eligible Dragons:





added 17/7/12




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All points have been updated!


Spirited Soul, you have been re-accepted!


I'm sorry, Spirited Soul, but stripes are an ineligable breed! Your frozen stripe was not counted as a valid point.


Husker, you have been re-accepted!


Thank you all for participating!



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i have a ?, because i was awaay and didn't notice the new thread, then does that mean the hatchies i froze a few days ago won't count now? sad.gif

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I have new Dragons!

Forum name: stagazer_7

New Frozen Hatchlings: Waterhorse, Balloon

New Adult Dragons: /

Link to Sign up Post: here

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Smallguy, at the top of your post, click the word 'Posted', next to the date. That should work.


flynettefoxie, those will still count, don't worry! Just make sure you re-post your signup from the old thread here.


BlackPheonix42, please use the provided 'New Dragons' form.

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Currently Available for Trade!



5th gen Tinsel stairstep from Darkrose x White Lineage

Offering for 10pts, PM Xaesha to take this baby home! She will influence/incubate for an additional 5pts.



(2) CB FEMALE Black Hatchlings. Letting them go for 30pts a piece. Codes are VXBDY & CCNp0

PM Xaesha for the transfer links!

Still available!

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I have new Dragons!

Forum name: Dragon-Firy

New Frozen Hatchlings: bb5lA

New Adult Dragons: None

Link to Sign up Post: Link

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