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Save the Rares!

What dragon are you saving up for?  

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I have new Dragons!

Forum name:Dragon-Firy

New Frozen Hatchlings:kCOlL

New Adult Dragons: None

Link to Sign up Post:Here

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I want to Donate!

Forum name: Shadowdrake

PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=45263

Prize Dragons you can reliably catch: on occasion the 20pts dragons, most CB 5pts dragons.

Are you willing to breed? If yes, what are your limitations? Yes: no silvers or golds, only long-lineaged tinsels; can breed hybrids, stripes, blacks, vines, trios, BSAs and others. You get the egg if you want to try the Alt lottery. Most eggs will be 2nd- or 3rd-gen. Can also breed eggs with holiday parents. Certain dragons I won't breed; they'll be named and have no babies.


Can I be both raiser and donator?

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All points have been updated!


elynne, the link to your sign up post does not work. Your point count may not be accurate until it does.


Ioma, thank you for rejoining!


Lost_Girl, offering an egg for less points is permitted. Your offer has been added to the front page.


Thank you for joining, oilbird! You have been accepted!


Hakatchi, please let your scroll name show on your dragon's pages. Your point count will not be updated until you do.


Thank you for joining, tar.gzip! You have been accepted!


Thank you for donating, Shadowdrake! You have been approved and added! You are allowed to be both donator and collector.


Thank you for joining, Shay-la! You have been approved!


sdc, please add the hatchlings and links to your original post. Your point count may not be accurate until you do.

Edited by SaveTheRares

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I have new Dragons!

Forum name:IsmaielDeath

New Frozen Hatchlings: DGd39 Skywing, 1YUIU Dorsal

New Adult Dragons: -

Link to Sign up Post: here

Edited by IsmaielDeath

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I have new Dragons!

Forum name: stagazer_7

New Frozen Hatchlings:

43. MCTb7 - Waterhorse,

44. AJ740 - Pillow,

45. pM7Ee - Sunset,

46. tOuCJ - Magi,

47. LEphU - Spitfire,

48. j5OfY - Spitfire,

49. jn03T - Waterhorse,

50. UYhnG - Tangar,

51. tbY7p - Sunstone,

52. 0veua - Nocturne,

53. hHi49 - Harvest,

54. GOLaZ - Skywing

New Adult Dragons:

5. censorkip.gif - White

Link to Sign up Post: here


It's been a while, but I believe these are the new hatchies and adults I've added in the last weeks.

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I'd like to join!

Join Date: June 15, 2012

Forum Name: Kimoko_the_Dragon

Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Kimoko_the_Dragon

PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=26984

Proof I read the Rules: There's too many to choose from, but if I had to choose one, it would be Nebulae. (Still have old password, sorry; also a constant traveller, so I live everywhere, basically)

Eligible Dragons(Code Link, Breed, Frozen/Adult):

(Note: all of my STR point dragons are frozen hatchlings, just so you know)

1) Canopy Hatchling

2) Water Hatchling

3) Horse Hatchling

4) Green Hatchling

5) Royal Blue Hatchling

6) Purple Dorsal Hatchling

7) Spitfire Hatchling

8) Water Hatchling

9) Albino Hatchling

10) 2nd Spitfire Hatchling

11) 2nd Canopy Hatchling

12) Guardian Hatchling

13) Skywing Hatchling

14) Female Moonstone Hatchling



(Keeping this on here so I don't completely forget that I applied to be a Donor...)

I want to Donate!

Forum name:Kimoko_The_Dragon

PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...ODE=4&MID=26984

Prize Dragons you can reliably catch: Most of the Commons and Uncommons are easy for me to catch (unless beaten to the punch). I sometimes am able to catch rares, but they are few and far between

Are you willing to breed? If yes, what are your limitations? I am willing to breed almost all dragons on my scroll.

These are the specific dragons and groups that I can't really breed for this thread as prize dragons and the reasons why:

CPA Dragons (they usually have compulsive or variations of the word in their names and are placed before the Backstreet Cuffs; part of a lineage project, therefore not supposed to be bred for other reasons)

Autism Dragons (this includes both the ASR Ouendan and X of the Autistic groups; these dragons belong to the Ribbon lineage and Autism Awareness lineage, respectively)

Silver Dragon GCP Vocaloid MIZKI (belongs to Ghost Of Christmas Past lineage; currently waiting for 3rd gen even-gen Nebula mate)

All other dragons are fair game. However, please don't kill, experiment, or bite bred eggs. If you wish for a Vampire Dragon, please ask and I'll bite either a CB or an AP egg for you.

Edited by Kimoko_the_Dragon

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All points have been updated!


Teufala, unfortunately, your frozen gray hatchling does not count, as it is not fifth generation or more, nor is it inbred. However, this is not seen as malicious, and therefore you will not be warned.


You have been added, Kimiko_the_Dragon! Thank you for rejoining!


You are now a donator, Kimiko_the_Dragon! Thank you for donating!


Thank you all for participating!



(edited by Xae)

Edited by SaveTheRares

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