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The Native American Lineage

The Native American Lineage

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What The Native American Lineage is All About


This lineage uses our dragons to celebrate our Native American heritage, mine and yours! To that end, all participants will help create it. wink.gif Here’s how:


Structure Of Leadership


1.) Each Tribe will have a Chief. A Chief has the duty of creating their clans and assigning Grandparents to oversee them.

2.) Each Clan under a Tribe will have a Grandmother and/or Grandfather. These Grandparents have the duty of deciding which dragons are accepted into each clan.

3.) To apply as Chief of an already established Tribe, you must create at least one starting pair and show proof they have successfully bred.

4.) To apply as Chief of a new tribe, you must create clans and accepted breeds for it, as well as preferred names for each clan. You must also create at least one starting pair and show proof they have successfully bred.


Requirements of the chief of a particular tribe always supersede the following, so contact that Chief FIRST:

5.) (However, in general): To apply as Grandparent of a Clan, you must create at least one starting pair and show proof they have successfully bred (this may include new breeds). You must also create a clan breeding goal.

6.) Any member who is not a Chief, Grandmother or Grandfather will simply be One Of The People

7.) The first egg you adopt determines your Clan/Tribe--however you may collect as many NA eggs as you with from any clan or tribe!


Rules For Your Dragons


1. All offspring should bear a Native American themed name.

2. No inbreeding—BUT cross breeding between clans or tribes is allowed. The egg produced would become of the clan of the mother. (So it must be an accepted breed for that clan or is not allowed.)

3. You must wait for an egg from designated starting pairs for your Clan. (These will be announced as decided and posted in the thread—until this happens you can simply request to join, specify a Tribe/Clan you want to be part of and you will be placed on a request list.)

4. Even gen/staircase breeding is not required but highly encouraged.




A Potlatch is ceremonial feast among certain Native American peoples at which the host distributes gifts according to each guest's rank or status. Between rival groups the potlatch could involve extravagant or competitive giving and destruction by the host of valued items as a display of superior wealth.


Each month we hold a Potlatch where you breed a selection of your NA eggs and swap or gift them among other members of the thread. When you attend your first Potlatch, it is NA custom that you gift an egg to the thread before taking one that is offered at Potlatch. Potlatch will be announced and posted in the thread, and currently takes place on the 15th of each month.


Please direct any questions not answered here in a personal PM to Trekwriter--thanx!




Tribe/Clan List

Member List/Open Tribes and Clans

Other Helpful Links/Banners

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Tribe List:




Bear Clan:

Allowed Breeds – Gold, Stone, Geode, Earth (Pebble), Brimstone, Cavern Lurker

Naming option Include "Bear" or "yo-nv"

Starting Pairs:

Golden Bear Totem x Stone Bear Totem - Trekwriter

Ani-Tsaguhi Bear x Bear in the Forest - DragonkinLauraena


Raccoon Clan:

Allowed Breeds – Waterwalker, Terrae, Seasonals, Water

Naming option for the Terrae: Awi Usdi, others include "Racoon" or "gv-li"

Starting Pairs:

Raccoon Spring x Raccoon Summer - Trekwriter

Goals: 'The Home Range' - produce a fifth even gen. Bonus for inclusion of water walkers


Wind Clan:

Allowed Breeds – Fog, Thunder, Daydream, Ridgewing, Electric, Lumina, White, Shadow Walker, Blacktip.

Naming option include "Wind" or "u-nu-le"

Starting Pairs:

Appalachian Wind x Great Smoky Wind--Trekwriter

Reservation Wind http://dragcave.net/lineage/MXQLi x U-nu-le Of The Cherokee (CB Female Fog)--Trekwriter

Lonan u-nu-le Storm Spirit X Niyol u-nu-le Storm Spirit --contact Saori

Todi Wind Spirit X Drithia Wind Spirit --contact Saori



'Colours of the Wind'- 10th gen Spiral Lineage containing as many different 'wind' dragons as possible!

'Hurricane' - 6+ 2 breed Spiral Lineage!

'Spirit of the Wind' - 4+ Even gen 2 breed checkered lineage!

'Wind Dancer' - 4+ PB Lineage of your choice - must also contain 'Dancer' in the name.

'The Wind's Song' - 5+ gen of any Style Lineage containing 2+ Wind Clan Breeds.


Deer Clan:

Allowed Breeds – Harvest, Whiptail, Dragonhorse, Pygmy

Naming option include "Deer" or "Aniawi"

Starting Pairs:

Turquoise Deer x Deer At Dawn - Trekwriter

Aniawi Adsila x Salali Aniawi - Trekwriter

Goals: “Run with The Herd” – build an arrow (or even gen) lineage to 5th gen


Bird Clan:

Allowed Breeds – Purple, Skywing, Swallowtail, Canopy, Pink, Daydream, Blusang, Tri-Horn Wyverns, Seragamma Wyvern and Blacktip.

Naming option include "Bird" or "Anitsisqua"

Starting Pairs:

Swallow Anitsisqua X Lavender Anitsisqua--contact Trekwriter

Rainbow Phoenix Of Bird Clan X Winter Sky Bird--contact Trekwriter

Chosovi 'Bluebird' Anitsisqua X Sisika 'Bluewing' Anitsisqua--contact Saori_Nightstar

Dream Chief of the Bird Clan X Mother Spirit of the Bird Clan--contact Saori_Nightstar

Ogaki Anitsisqua X Chenoa Anitsisqua--contact Saori_Nightstar



'Leaving the nest'- Spiral lineage to 10th gen!

'Soaring High' - 4+ Even gen containing all 'bird' dragons somewhere in the lineage!

'War Cry' - 4+ Even gen with a bird noise added somewhere in the name; 'screech', 'swark', 'chirp', 'tweet', ect

'Feathers' - Any Lineage to 5th Gen using a max of 2 breeds!

'Flying V' - 4th gen Arrow Lineage.


Blue Holly Clan:

Allowed Breeds – Silvers, Vines, Alt Vines, Stripes, Lumina, and Harvest

Naming option include "Holly","Blue Holly","Anisahoni"

Starting Pairs:

White Panther x The Reed (CB Stripes)--contact Trekwriter

Evergreen Silvan Holly x Ebony Magic Holly (PB Vine)--contact Trekwriter

Blue Girl Holly x Blue Boy Holly (PB Vine)--contact Trekwriter

Anisahoni Ghost Dancer http://dragcave.net/lineage/intMO x Shadow Of The Paiute (CB Male Shadowalker)--contact Trekwriter

White Gold Dragonfire x Blue Holly Dragonfire (CB White Stripes)--contact grammydragon

Luminous Blue Holly x Pearlescent Blue Holly (PB Lumina)--contact grammydragon

and a lesson to errant dragons: when you don't cooperate, you may

meet your replacements...

Blue Moon of Annisahoni x Color of Golden Holly (PB Harvest)--contact grammydragon

Dragonfire Anisahoni Herbalist x Blue Holly Herbalist (PB BBW)--contact grammydragon

Royal Blue Anisahoni x Blue Holly Moonglow PB Royal Blue)--contact grammydragon


Goals of Blue Holly Clan:

'The Herb Garden' – checkerboard even gen to 5th gen,

'Garden Pathways' - alternating gens of Alts in PB Vine even gen to 4th gen,

'Knowledge of the Panther' - Share the knowledge and pass it to the next generation by creating a Stair Step lineage to 6th gen,

'Plant by Moon, Grow by Sun' - 5th gen Lumina and Harvest checkerboard,

"Only in a Blue Moon" - 5th gen Bright Breasted Wyvren and Royal Blue checkerboard.


Red Paint Clan:

Allowed Breeds – White, Albino, Magi, Red, Brimstone, Black, Stripes, Neotropical, Skywing, Water, Nhiostrife (+resulting hybrids)

Naming options include "Red Paint" or "Aniwodi"

Starting Pairs:

White Aniwodi (m-white) x Magic of Red Paint (f-magi) - Trekwriter

Aniwodi Galulati (m-white) x Aniwodi Datsilai (f-magi) - DragonkinLauraena

Aniwodi Nahiyui (m-white) x Tsesgoi Aniwodi (f-magi) - DragonkinLauraena

Adanedi Aniwodi (m-white) x Amayi Aniwodi (f-water) - DragonkinLauraena

Gohiyudi Aniwodi (m-white) x Uwohiyu Aniwodi (f-water) - DragonkinLauraena

Stripe Pair - Aniwodi Light x Aniwodi Purity - DragonkinLauraena

Albino Pair - Pale Aniwodi x Aniwodi Mourning - DragonkinLauraena

Red Pair - Aniwodi Red Paint x Fierce Aniwodi - DragonkinLauraena

Brimstone Pair - Aniwodi Annatto x Bixa Aniwodi - DragonkinLauraena

Nhiostrife Pair - TBA


'Preparing the Paint' - 3+ even gen purebred white, black, red, magi, neotropical, skywing, water, or stripe (white only)

'Shaman of Aniwodi' - 4+ even gen / stair / spiral composed of white and magi

'Healing Balm' - 4+ even gen or stair using any combination of white, albino, magi, skywing, neotropical, water, white stripe, green stripe, or blue stripe

'War Paint' - 4+ even gen 2 breed checkered lineage

'Ceremonial Dance' - 4 even gen gaia-style (using 8 different allowed dragon breeds in the base)

'Day of Mourning' - 4+ even gen purebred albino

'Strength of the Warrior' - 5+ gen stairstep or spiral lineage using 2 breeds (red and/or black as one of the breeds preferred)

'Distinguished Chief' - 5+ even gen male using 2 or more breeds of your own design


Wolf Clan:

Allowed Breeds – Black, Alt Black, Guardians, Hellfires, Spitfires, Royal Crimsons, Tri-horn Wyverns

Naming options include Wolf or "Aniwaya"

Starting Pairs:

Hellfire Pair - Red Wolf of Aniwaya X Blue Fire of Aniwaya - DragonkinLauraena

Guardian Pair - Enapay of Aniwaya X Onawa of Aniwaya - DragonkinLauraena

Spitfire Pair - Yansa Cherokee Wolf x Ahawi Cherokee Wolf - DragonkinLauraena

Royal Crimson Pair - Nahiyui of Aniwaya x Agatiya of Aniwaya - DragonkinLauraena

Tri-Horn Wyvern Pair - TBA


'Leader of the Pack' - 4+ even gen lineage

'Brave Warrior' - 4+ even gen perfect 2 breed checkerboard

'Howl of the Wolf' - 9+ spiral or stairstep lineage, any combination of allowed breeds




Powatomi Clan - Allowed Breeds - Grey, Water, Terrae, Harvest

- Include "Powatomi" or "Croatan" in the name

Starting Pairs:

Croatan Smokefire (Grey) x Croatan's Bounty (Harvest)--contact Xocowolf

Pelagic Voyage to Croatan (Water) x Croatanoake (Storm)


Roanoake Clan - Allowed Breeds - Grey, Water, Waterhorse, Deep Sea

- Give them English names in the first gen, optional in subsequent gens

Starting Pairs:

Virgin Croatan (Water) x Elizabeth Roebuck (Deep Sea)--contact Xocowolf


Moor Clan - Allowed Breeds - Grey, Water, Ember, regular Nebula

- Give them a Moorish, Islam or astronomical-related name in the first gen, optional in subsequent gens

Ahl-i-Baraka (Ember) x Lady Krotona (Grey)--contact Xocowolf

Amaljagh Tagelmust (Nebula) x Croatan's Hand of Fatima (Nebula)

Ishmael of Croatan (Ember) x Wovoka Ghost Dancer (Shadow Walker)*

*see also Ghost Dance Meta-bloodline


Portuguese Clan - Allowed Breeds - Grey, Water, alt Nebula, White Stripe

- Give them a Portuguese name in the first gen, optional in subsequent gens

Isidore Gil Silva d'Andrade (White Stripe) x Isabella d'Andrade (alt Nebula)


Melungeon Clan - Allowed Breeds -Any colour Stripe

- "Melungeon" must be included in the name of any coloured Stripe, wherever they appear in the lineage.


Contact Xocowolf only for starter eggs.


Lenape (Delaware) -

an "even-generation" tribe

General naming preference: Lenape descriptive words or place-names with Lenape origins.


Munsee (or Minsi) Clan - "people of the stony country"

Allowed Breeds: Geode, Green, Gray, Nocturne, Red, Seasonal, Stone, Sun, all Pygmy breeds

Starting Pairs:

Ahsentet x Xinkohsen (Stone/Stone)--contact Evilcostumelady

Shinkae x Haki (Earth/Earth)--contact Evilcostumelady

Sabbeleechen x Munham (2G geodes) -- contact Evilcostumelady

Hopatcong x Kittatinny (Nocturne/Nocturne)-- contact Evilcostumelady

Goal: "Strong Mountain" - produce a 4G even-gen PB Nocturne.


Unami Clan - "people who live downriver"

Allowed Breeds: Daydream, Frill, Magi, Pink, Purple, Terrae, Vine, Whiptail, White, Dark Myst Pygmy

Starting Pairs:

Laschimuin / Pocono (daydream/purple) contact Evilcostumelady

Manatawny / Tulpehocken (frill/magi) -contact Evilcostumelady


Unalachtigo Clan - "people who live by the ocean

Allowed Breeds: Blusang, Coastal Waverunner, Deep Sea, Flamingo, Gray, Magi, Skywing, Water, Seawyrm Pygmy

Starting Pairs:

Gochpiwi x Lippoe (water/magi) --contact Evilcostumelady

Tioga x Parsippany (water/magi) --contact Evilcostumelady

Pymatuning x Kenthu (water/skywing) -- contact Evilcostumelady

Venango x Welashuwil (2G blunas) -- contact Evilcostumelady


Mates of higher generation Lenape dragons may have parents not on the allowed breed list, but themselves should be among the allowed breeds.

Participants may nominate their own starter pairs from among the allowed breeds or request eggs from the starter pairs listed.




Creek Clan - names to include "Osceola"

Allowed Breeds: Dragonhorse, Waterhorse, Magi, Flamingo, Moonstone

Starting Pairs:

Warrior of Osceola x Osceola's Medicine Woman--contact Trekwriter

Goal: ‘Resistance of Osceola’--stairstep to 4th gen including at least 2 breeds


Choctaw Clan - names to include "Cooacoochee" or "Wildcat"

Allowed Breeds: Dragonhorse, Brightbreasted Wyvern, Green (Pebble), Nilia Pygmy, Spitfire

Starting Pairs:

Purple Cooacoochee x Deadly Wildcat--contact Trekwriter

Kats Catclaw of Cooacoochee x Kats Misteress of Cooacoochee--contact Katann

Goal: ‘Warpath of Cooacoochee’--arrow to 4th gen including at least 2 breeds


Chickasaw clan - names to include "Micanopy"

Allowed Breeds: Dragonhorse, Ember, Terrae, Canopy, Sunstone

Starting Pairs:

TBD by Chief Katann




Kachina Clan (Names to include Kachina or Sacred Dancer)

Allowed Breeds: RibbonDancer, Tinsel, Vine, Sunsong, Canopy

Starting Pairs:

Kachina of Shields x Sacred Dancer of Dandelion--contact Trekwriter

PS Kachina of Bitter Root (Vine) x PS Sacred Canopy Dancer (Canopy) -- contact panic_siren

Goal: ‘Dance of Arrows’ (arrow lines to 5th gen)


Red-Ant Clan (Names to include Ant or Hopi)

Allowed Breeds: Red, Sunstone, Crimson Flare Pygmy, Sunset, Red Dorsal

Starting Pairs:

Garnet Ant x Little Red Of The Hopi--contact Trekwriter

Sokukar Red Ant x Red Ant - DragonkinLauraena

Goal: ‘Line Of The Ants’ (spiral lines to 10th gen)


Lizard Clan (Names to include Lizard or Sand)

Allowed Breeds: Spitfire, Ridgewing, Tinsel, Terrae, Lumina

Starting Pairs:

Mountain Sand x Crouching Lizard--contact Trekwriter

Silver Sand Mesa x Cha'Tima of Lizard Clan--contact Trekwriter

PS Hopi Sand Runner (Spitfire) x PS Hopi Lizard Maiden (Terrae) --contact panic_siren

PS Hopi Lizard Warrior (Terrae) x PS Hopi Lizard Dancer (Tan Ridgewing) -- contact panic_siren

Goals: ‘From Pot to Pueblo’ (even gen lines to minimum of 3rd gen)

‘Stairway to The Sun’ (2 breed stairstep to 5th gen)


Spider Clan (Names to include Spider, Skunk, Sorrow, Squash)

Allowed Breeds: Cavern Lurker, Marrow, Pumpkin, Spotted Greenwing, Black, Alt Black, Dark Myst Pygmy

Starting Pairs:

Father's Sorrow x Tree Spider--contact Trekwriter

PS Hopi Spider Warrior (Dark Myst Pygmy) x PS Hopi Sorrow Crone (Dark Myst Pygmy) -- contact panic_siren

Spotted Lover's Sorrow (Spotted Greenwing) x Hopi Black Widow Spider (Black) -- contact Paige201208

Goals: ‘Web of Sorrow’ (even gen lines to 5th gen)

‘Autumn Squash’ (stairstep lines to 3rd gen)


Antelope Clan (Names to include Antelope, Choovio or Hopi)

Allowed Breeds: Tinsel, White, White Striped, Autumn, Whiptail

Starting Pairs:

Pronghorn Of The Hopi x Hopi Rain Dance--contact Trekwriter

PS Hopi Chuchip Warrior (Whiptail) x PS Hopi Deer Maiden (White) -- contact panic_siren

Goal: ‘Race For The Antelope Maiden’ (2 breed stairstep to 7th gen)


Roadrunner Clan (Names to include Roadrunner, Kwatoko or Snow Bunting)

Allowed Breeds: Winter, Stripes (White, Blue, Black), Tsunami, SwallowTail, Blusang Lindwurm, Tri-Horn Wyvern

Starting Pairs: Roadrunner of Mesilla x Roshi's Snow-Bunting--contact Trekwriter

PS Hopi Coast Runner (Tsunami) x PS Hopi Blue Kwatoko (Blusang Lindwurm) -- contact panic_siren

PS Kwatoko Maiden Salacia (Tsunami) x PS Kwatoko Mountain Runner (Tri-Horn) -- contact panic_siren

Goal: ‘Snowshoe Trail’—spiral lines to 5th gen

'Sprint of the Kwatoko' (3rd gen arrow lines)


Butterfly Clan (Names to include Butterfly or Hopi)

Allowed Breeds: Glories, Pink, Tinsel, Moonstone, Turpentine, Daydream

Starting Pairs:

Owakulti Ceremony Of The Hopi x Awatobi Butterfly--contact Trekwriter

Blue Star Of Hopi x Butterfly Dance--contact Trekwriter

Silver Of The Hopi http://dragcave.net/lineage/bHfeZ x Butterfly Woman (CB Female Pink)

PS Hopi Father Pamuya (Night Glory) x PS Hopi Mother Crow (Night Glory) --contact panic_siren

PS Lomahongva of the Butterfly (Day Glory) x PS Kuwanlelenta of the Butterfly (Day Glory) -- contact panic_siren

PS Hopi Night Ljkba (Night Glory) x PS Hopi Night Chosovi (Night Glory) -- contact panic_siren

PS Hopi Nova Hunter (Daydream) x PS Butterfly of Aponivi (Daydream) -- contact panic_siren

PS Hopi Father Aponi (Moonstone) x PS Hopi Mother Willow (Moonstone) -- contact panic_siren

PS Hopi Nova Chaser (Daydream) x PS Faithful Butterfly Maiden (Pink) -- contact panic_siren

Hopi DayDream Butterfly (Daydream) x Hopi Olyanda Butterfly (Turpentine) -- contact Paige201208

Hopi Butterfly Wishes (Moonstone) x Hopi Butterfly Dreams (Pink) -- contact Paige201208

Goals: ‘Path of the Butterfly’ (spiral lines to 12th gen)

‘Native Wings’ (3rd gen arrow lines)


Cactus Clan (Names to include Cactus or Hopi)

Allowed Breeds: Gold-horned Tangar, White Stripe, Green Stripe, Bright-Breasted Wyvern, Vine, Olive

Starting Pairs:

Columnar Of The Hopi x Cactus Flower--contact Trekwriter

Hopi Olivetree (Olive) x Vindelice Cactus (Vine) -- contact Paige201208

Hopi Adrillaber (BBW) x Tangerine Cactus (Gold-Horned Tangar) -- contact Paige201208

Goal: ‘Cactus Labyrinth’ (even gen lines to 5th gen)




Turkey Clan:

Allowed Breed: Ochredrakes

Naming Options: Turkey, Miami, Ohio, Pileewa

Starting Pairs:

Nalaaohki Pileewa x Pileewa Siipiiwi - DragonkinLauraena

Miami Valley http://dragcave.net/lineage/fWOrI x Eastern Wild Turkey http://dragcave.net/lineage/WBmGM - Trekwriter


Turkey Wattle - 4+ even gens

Ancient Gobbler - 7+ spiral or stair


Crane Clan:

Allowed Breeds: White, Moonstone, Silver, Blusang Lindwurm

Naming Options: Crane, Atchatchakangouen, Taregan

Starting Pairs:

Crane of the Miami http://dragcave.net/view/QAGAU x White Atchatchakangouen http://dragcave.net/view/I9FbF - Trekwriter

Silver Taregan http://dragcave.net/view/TUooo x Dances With Cranes http://dragcave.net/view/luq5M - Trekwriter


"Cry of the Crane" - a 5th generation checkerboard of any 2 allowed breeds.

"Guardian Spirit Seeker" - a 6+ gen stairstep of any allowed breeds.


Eagle Clan:

Allowed Breeds: Gold, Winter Magi, Brimstone


Buzzard Clan:

Allowed Breeds: Electric, Marrow, Ember, Olive, Tri-Horn Wyvern

Naming Options: Buzzard, Hawk, Matchitehew

Starting Pair--Matchitehew Of Miami http://dragcave.net/lineage/DMcjR x Hawk of Embers http://dragcave.net/view/VJBm --contact Trekwriter


Panther Clan:

Allowed Breeds: Black, Alt Black, Dark Myst Pygmie, Cavern Lurker

Starting Pair:

Abooksigun of Miami http://dragcave.net/lineage/Ivbr x Catamount http://dragcave.net/view/2fKE - Trekwriter


Snow Clan:

Allowed Breeds: Winter, Ice, White


Sun Clan:

Allowed Breeds: Sunrise, Sunset, Gold, Sunsong, Brimstone


Water Clan:

Allowed Breeds: Water, Waterhorse, Waterwalker, Blusang Lindwurms, Tsunami


Acorn Clan:

Allowed Breeds: Autumn, Harvest, Ridgewing




Clans/Allowed Breeds (contact Trekwriter for breeding if not specified)


Turtle—Pebble, Frill, Mint (names to include: Skutelawe, Of Nepi or Turtle)

Starting pair:

Tenskwatawa Of Nepi (CB Male Frill) x Green Skutelawe (CB Female Mint)


Horse—Dragonhorse, Waterhorse, Yulebuck (Names to include: Horse, Tecumseh Shawnee)

Starting Pairs:

Nektosha of Tecumseh (CB Female Dragonhorse) x Yulecandy (CB Yulebuck)--contact Shovedtbh

Season of Tecumseh http://dragcave.net/lineage/41EO x Ahtahwustiske Of The Shawnee (CB Female Dragonhorse)--contact Trekwriter


Rabbit—All Pygmies (Names to include: Petakine'oi, Gentle or Rabbit)

Starting Pair:

Laughing Petakine'oi (CB Male Misfit Pygmy) x Gentle Star (CB Female Common Pygmy)


Fish—Shallow, Bluna, Seawyrm Pygmy (Names to include: Nameeoa, Catfish, Crawfish)

Starting Pair:

Adventurous Nameeoa http://dragcave.net/lineage/1a64 x Blue Catfish http://dragcave.net/lineage/UvKb


Owl—Harvest, White, Gray (Names to include: Miaoe, Tepeki Kiiso, Owl)

Starting Pair:

Storm Tepeki Kiiso (CB Male Fog x Owl of The Shawnee (CB Female White)--contact Trekwriter

Goal: “Strategy Of The Owl” Spiral line to 4th gen including at least 2 breeds


Elk—Harvest, Gray, Terrae (Names to Include: Psekoi, Catahecassa or Chillicothe)

Starting Pair:

Elk of Chillicothe (CB Female Fog) x Winter Psekoi (CB Male Fog)


Fox—Red/Purple Dorsal (Names to Include: Mskwaawi, Piqua or Fox)

Starting Pair:

Koryu of Piqua (CB Male Red Dorsal) x Mskwaawi Of Tridy http://dragcave.net/lineage/viYgY


Corn—Albino, Pillow, Autumn (Names to include: Cornstalk, Tassel, Shuck)

Starting Pair:

Cornstalk Of The Shawnee (CB Male Pillow) x Hunter's Shuck (CB Female Autumn)




Horn Clan:

Allowed breeds: Heartseeker, Albino, Magma (Names to include: Chaco, Cocoa or Anasazi)

Starting Pair: Chaco Horn (CB Heartseeker) x Mudita Of The Anasazi (CB Female Albino)--contact Trekwriter


Cloud Clan:

Allowed breeds: Royal Blue, Fog, White (Names to include Cirrus, Nimbus or Anasazi)

Starting Pair: Anasazi Storm Cloud (CB Royal Blue) x White Cirrus (CB White)

--contact Trekwriter


Hawk Clan:

Allowed Breeds: Gold Wyvern, Gold, Fog, Male Silver, Black (Names to include Ferruginous, Harrier, Osprey)

Starting Pair-- Goldyn Harrier (CB Gold Wyvern) x Osprey Of Anasazi http://dragcave.net/lineage/tfccF

--contact Trekwriter


Buffalo Clan:

Allowed Breeds: Magma, Albino, Stone (Names to include: Cíbola, Adobe or Clay)

Starter Pair: Grey Adobe x Cibola Stone (CB Stones)

contact Trekwriter


Crow Clan:

Allowed Breeds: Black, Alt Black, Silver Tinsel (Names to include: Skinwalker, Raven or Crow)

Starter Pair: Anasazi Moon Raven http://dragcave.net/lineage/oU3qP x Skinwalker Fury Of Nox (M-CB Black)--contact Trekwriter

Starter Pair: Anasazi Raven x Anasazi Crow (CB Blacks) --contact Trekwriter


Flute Clan:

Allowed Breeds: Purple, Sunsong, Spitfire, Ultraviolet (Names to include Kokopelli, Cedar or Pueblo)

Starting pair: Flute Of Kokopelli (M-CB Purple) x Desert Cedar (F-CB Spitfire)--contact Trekwriter


Parrot Clan:

Allowed Breeds: Neotroptical, Gold Horned Tangar, BBW (Names to include Parrot, Anasazi or Cliffs)

Starting Pair: Anasazi Wyvern x Pueblo Cliffs Wyvern (CB BBWs)

contact Trekwriter


META TRIBE! -- The Ghost Dance (Thanks, Xocowolf)


Open to all tribes and clans. Mate any dragon in the project to a Shadow Walker (the new Hallowe'en dragon) and give the child the surname of "Ghost Dancer." The child's other name will be according to the non-Shadow Walker parent's tribe/clan naming convention.

Edited by The Native American Lineage

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Helpful Links

Cherokee Legends

Seminole Legends

Spotted Wolf's Native American Names

The Ghost Dance

Shawnee Legends


And now...banners!


Many many thanks to Saori_Nightstar for these!




user posted image




user posted image






user posted image




user posted image






user posted image




user posted image





By DragonkinLauraena:

user posted image






user posted image




user posted image




Red Paint:


user posted image






user posted image






user posted image




Blue Holly:

(By Saori_Nightstar):

user posted image




(By DragonkinLauraena):

user posted image





Seminole Creek Clan: (By DragonkinLauraena)


user posted image




Anasazi Flute Clan: (By DragonkinLauraena)


user posted image







By DragonkinLauraena:

user posted image




user posted image




user posted image





By Saori_Nightstar:


user posted image





user posted image




user posted image




user posted image




user posted image




user posted image



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If you are no longer listed as a member it's because you haven't participated in more than 3 months. Comment in the thread to be re-added.













Cherokee Wolf Clan--DragonkinLauraena

Cherokee Raccoon Clan--Faerie_fyre

Lenape Unami Clan--OPEN

Lenape Minsi Clan--Ldyfsh

Cherokee Bird Clan-- Saori_Nightstar

Cherokee Wind Clan--Saori_Nightstar

Cherokee Blue Holly Clan--Grammydragon

Cherokee Red Paint Clan--DragonkinLauraena

Hopi Butterfly Clan--Paige201208





The People


Cherokee Wolf Clan

_Z_ (honorary Warrior)

Rubyshoes (honorary Warrior)


Cherokee Blue Holly Clan


Anna Selka


Cherokee Bird Clan




Anasazi Crow Clan



Hopi Roadrunner Clan






(Link/Clan Name: Goal Name) - (User Name)


Bird Clan: 'Soaring High' - Saori_Nightstar

Deer Clan: 'Run with the Herd' - Saori_Nightstar

Wind Clan: 'Spirit of the Wind' - Saori_Nightstar

Red Paint Clan: 'Shaman of Aniwodi' - Saori_Nightstar

Bird Clan: 'Leaving the Nest' - Saori_Nightstar

Wolf Clan: 'Packleader' - DragonkinLauraena

Wolf Clan: 'Packleader' - DragonkinLauraena


*To have your completed clan goal added to the list:

[b][size=4][color=blue]I completed a clan goal![/color][/size][/b]
[b]Clan Name:[/b]
[b]Goal Name:[/b]
[b]Lineage Link:[/b]
[b]Forum Name:[/b]

Edited by The Native American Lineage

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Congratulations trekwriter!

My hopes to all the members of the Native American Lineage for

continued success in our lineage.


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Lenape announcements:



Unalachtigo Clan - "people who live by the ocean" -- needs a grandparent! PM me to volunteer...


This is an Even-Gen lineage.

Allowed Breeds: Coastal Waverunner, Deep Sea, Flamingo, Gray, Magi, Skywing, Water (hybrid offspring -- bluna & goldfish -- also accepted), Seawyrm Pygmy.


You can designate a CB starting pair (or pairs) of your own from among the listed breeds or you can get a starting egg from one of my Unalachtigo pairs.

Offspring from my CB starting pairs (so far) may be water, skywing, magi or the hybrid breeds produced by these.


Naming is fairly simple; no required word or surname, but Lenape words and/or placenames are preferred and may be combined with naming schemes for other projects.


Bonus: possibility of bluna or goldfish offspring cool.gif




I will be happy to breed any of my Lenape dragons on request.

Don't feel you have to wait for a Potlatch day to ask wink.gif


(edited to correct typing fail)

(edited 8/13 to correct breed list)

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Got all of my Croatan starting pairs up to date. Stay tuned for more to be added in the coming weeks.

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My Soaring High Goal is now completed with grown adult and named biggrin.gif Thought I would include the goal title in the name LOL - Pinon 'Soaring High' Anitsisqua


If anyone would like an offspring please lemme know and I will add you to my list smile.gif Those who have requested one of my NA's I will get them to you as soon as I can biggrin.gif


Also will be updating starting pairs for Cherokee Wind Clan Shortly.

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Congrats Saori_Nightstar on your Soaring High goal! I like the inclusion of the goal title in the name too!


I also wanted to introduce my now full grown dragons that I adopted at the last potlatch...


The first is from the Cherokee Bird Clan:

Azure Sky Bird


And the other is from Hopi Spider!

Charlotte's Sorrow




ps- July 22 potlatch sounds good to me!

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Hi all, I will be updating my tribe with more dragons. I will also have new starting pairs too, some of the pairs I have did not like each other, so I am finding new ones. Thanks laugh.gif

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Pretty pretty!


I could use some cooperative thoughts for a pair of mine. Aniwodi Shaman Facilier and Aniwodi Stealth owe me a female magi. My other three pairs came through, and their eggs have been appropriately influenced, but these two are being obnoxious.


Have they refused, or are they just being persnickety?


Once in a while, a little nudge from a purple dragon actually seems to help.

(though not as often as we hoped from that BSA... unsure.gif )

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They like each other well enough - the mating was successful, but no egg was produced. *poke* I've been getting very few results from Fertility...maybe I need a turtle dragon instead of purple.

Many Plains tribes used turtles to represent and infer fertility.


Maybe they'll be more productive next week.

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Free Hopi Lizard Clan egg!


Get me out of the heat!


(This is a clan Goal egg, qualifying the owner to receive a rare egg bred at the next Potlatch.) wink.gif



Please PM me or comment here if you adopt--thanks!

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Thanks, trekwriter,

The little Hopi Lizard Clan member is mine now!

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Hi all, I am close to finding a new starting pair for the Osceola clan. I am adding the water dragon to the group.

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Just droppig in to show off my new Deer Clan member smile.gif And when i can get my pair to produce the correct gender, i will have a lovely mate for him xd.png


so heres a list of my other Deer Clan Members so far (doing a massive pygmy thing lol):



Chiviohoya 'Stag' Aniawi (Nilia Pygmy) X Ciqala 'Doe' Aniawi (Seawyrm Pygmy)

Nahele Deer (Pygmy) X Dyani Deer (Nilia Pygmy)

Nawkaw Deer of the Forest (Nilia Pygmy) X Quanah Deer of the Meadow (Dark Myst Pygmy)

Hakan Deer of the Mountain (Crimson Flare Pygm) X Awendela Deer of the Valley (Seawyrm Pygmy)

Tatonga 'Large Hoof' Aniawi (Nilia Pygmy) X Mahal of the Deer Clan (Nilia Pygmy)


Takoda 'Shadow' Aniawi (Dark Myst Pygmy) X Kaliska 'Shadow' Aniawi (Dark Myst Pygmy)

Orenda 'Shade' Aniawi (Crimson Flare Pygm)



Igasho Deer of the Plain - 2nd gen (Nilia Pygmy)

Hania Deer of the River Bank – 2nd gen (Seawyrm Pygmy)

Tapco 'Lil' Deer' Aniawi - 2nd gen (Nilia Pygmy) X Skenandoa Deer – 2nd gen (Pygmy)

Dibe Deer – 2nd gen (Pygmy)




Bidziil 'Strong One' Aniawi – 3rd gen (Nilia Pygmy)


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