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Gendered adults without progeny

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I checked to see how many of my adults had progeny using this http://www.coup-detat.info/NDER/Stats.php

I forgot that this was one of the details of the Allure stats, thanks for the hint. I just checked mine, out of curiosity, I have 1,788 breedable adults, of which 981 have children (54%), altogether 1,525 children.

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I'll probably do exactly this. I put out nice lineages, and even attempt to continue my lineages, but I see so many unnamed dragons, and it kills me. I just won't drop for people anymore, at least not with my really nice, simple set of dragons. If that's what it takes, then so be it, but I want my dragons given a name. That all I'll ever ask anymore, because so many users that catch them don't name them. 8<

Hell, naming them is half the fun!

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I like breeding a dragon for the first time and getting an egg. c:


For my prettier dragons that don't have real mates, I do try and make sure they have at least one nice-looking kid. I like looking at my nice dragons and seeing if they have nice kids and other people probably think the same way.


When I breed dragons just so they have children, I dump them to the AP. The risk of my egg getting killed or whatever is worth the small possibility that someone sees my egg and goes "Oh wow, I've never seen a pretty lineage before! I'm going to try making some now!". biggrin.gif

Yeah! I like this. smile.gif

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