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If you could create a three new dragons...

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I think maybe a green and white one called a Sonar Dragon and it would be a dragon with long plates on their back going down and have two flat-ish horns on there heads.


Maybe a red and black one with a bulky body that looks like a regular medieval dragon and it would have large horns that twist and then point forward kinda like a ram. It could be called an..... hmmm not sure on that one.


And last but not least a dragon that was black and white with rings down its tail and it would be slick with long talons and it would have short horns and it would be called a plummet dragon. biggrin.gif

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Acid, Alkali and Neutral Dragon

Breed acid n alkali to get a neutral!

Acid- red because on ph scale acid is red

Alkali - purpley blue for the same reason as above

Neutral - green "" ""



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I had an idea..


The first dragon will be like a cross between a serpentine dragon and a bunny, colored soft yellows and pale colors. It'd be called... hrmm, Lucky Dragon, Luck Dragon? Something like that.


The next one would be a kind of.. hybrid I guess. It'd be a ice dragon base but it would not have any wings and would be on fire, but lives in water.. kinda odd but sounds like a cool idea since the fire would be useful in the water to scare predators off since fire is not naturally down there.


Finally this one would be a personal favorite.. it's a dragon with wings and horns pointing backwards with multiple tails that have a tuff of fur at the end, the dragon having a tuff of fur on it's chest too. It'd be like a crossing between a Kitsune and dragon in a way. The colors for tho one can definitely vary, but i imagine it'd keep to the soft reds and browns and greys and blacks.. like foxes in the wild might have..

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