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Balance: A Homestuck Roleplay

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((If you need anything explained to you, just let me know and I'll give you the gist of it. Homestuck is hard to understand so I get it if you don't get something. Just PM me with any questions you have.))



There are three planets. They do not exist in the same universe, nor do they even exist in the same time span in some cases. Though one cannot exist without the other two. One planet, we are familiar with. It's known as Earth and it is inhabited by creatures known as humans. the second is known as Alternia, home to a race of denizens called trolls. Finally, there is a third planet inhabited by skull-headed people called Cherubs. There are groups of at least 2 children from each planet that decide to play a game called SBURB, SGRUB for the trolls. At first, it seems normal, but then they realize that there's something wrong with it. As each player connects to each other. They find that the single person that is known as a "Server Player" can manipulate the first player's home.

As the game continues, each player finds that meteors rain down on their planet, ending their world. They will die as well if they do not get into the game soon enough. Each player is then sent to their own planet that was created by the game solely for them. They are then to find their quest bed so they can reach god tier, a powerful level that will help them defeat the boss that lies on each planet. Once they have defeated this boss, the each player will move on. Once all of the players' bosses have been defeated, they will then battle the black king. He is from a planet called Derse battling with a planet called Prospit. They are always at war and only the players can defeat the black king and win to go to their new universe.

Though, with these three particular sessions, there is something wrong. A time-traveling, demon-like Cherub known as Lord English has entered their world. He's been there all along, they cannot outrun him. His omniscience gives him the power to destroy any universe he wishes at any time. The players have to find out why Lord English, an indestructible demon, is eating these places. So, not only do these children have to find out why Lord English is doing this, but they must contain him. They must keep him from destroying their universes and their lives. They must also win the game. If they don't, the entirety of space could be completely swallowed by chaos.




Trolls: More can be read about the troll Hemospectrum here, Ancestors




First, we need at least two characters of the same race to begin the roleplay. Reason being there needs to be one Hero of Time and one Hero of Space for each session.



There cannot be two persons with the same title and aspect in the same game. Please put CEASE REPRODUCTION in the other section of your form.



Explained here








Deam Selves


Fetch Modus

More detail here




Totem Lathe


Each session of Sgrub/Sburb needs at least two players and is considered complete with 48 players.

All the players are the same race in each game.



-No God Modding

-No Power Playing

-If you read this please put OBEY in the other section of the form

-No Mary Sues/Gary Stus

-Only one Fuchsia-blooded troll

-There can be a mutant blooded troll or lime-blooded troll. I will not allow both at once though, so it's first come first serve.

-Lusii cannot be the same as canon unless the troll is Fuchsia-blooded

-I ask that everyone has a "theme" that their characters follow

-Please at least one paragraph (five full sentences) in your posts.

-Please, PM me the form.

-No bringing OOC into the IC.

-No arguing, if you really have a problem with someone, including me, talk to a mod.

-I would like everyone to type in their characters eye color (blood color for trolls), please. WITH DIALOGUE ONLY

-If your troll is under 15, please keep their eyes gray.

-Typing quirks will only be used when they are chatting. When speaking face-to-face, they won't have one.

-Character forms must have proper grammar and full sentences.

-You will only have three chances to submit your form.

-Please, if your character is human, keep the typing quirk relatively human-like. So, no R3PL4C1NG L3TT3R5 W1TH NUM83RS or anything similar to that.

-Type in the third person when in character.

-Please, stay active in this roleplay. If you have not posted for two weeks without reason, then I will message you. If you do not respond, you will be kicked from the roleplay.


Character Form (Note: When you create these characters, try to make them have a theme.)



Age (must be 13-19 years old):



Ancestor (This only applies to trolls):

Lusii (Trolls Only):

Guardian (humans only):

Appearance (no pictures please):

Blood Color (both trolls and cherubs):


Current relationship status: (Trolls only read this)


Title and Aspect:

Fetch Modus:

Strife Specibus:

Typing Quirk/Style:

Planets (Prospit and Derse included):



Approved Characters


Username: Blobblarg242

Name: Fercif Plutas

Age: Approximately 16 by human years

Gender: Male

Biography: Fercif grew up fairly far away from other trolls, rarely interacting with others at a young age. His Lusus taught him to take care of himself in the forest area he lives in, and as such he’s become rather good at hunting down whatever he can for food. His hive has become decrepit from lack of use of the sweeps, some rooms becoming little more than storage areas. Only the main room he sleeps in and the ‘living’ room are in hospitable condition. When Fercif grew older and began interacting with other trolls, he came off as ‘different’ due to his upbringing. Few wished to socialize with him, and fewer still developed relationships with him. The handful of them that did so are all dead. Some were genuine accidents that had nothing to do with Fercif. Others… some trolls theorized that he fed them to his Lusus or some other such bizarre ritual. He fervently denies all such accusations, but there is only so much on can do before rumors spread. As a result, Fercif is rarely referred to and most simply know him as ‘that one troll that wanders around in search of working computer parts’ or other vague titles. In truth, he doesn’t mind not being talked to. It means less people accusing him of eating the heads of his matesprits or other such nonsense.

Ancestor: The Assassin. The Assassin was not a well-remembered individual. As a Classassin, he was contracted by Highbloods to eliminate other conspiring Highbloods. It wasn’t a glorious job, or one that earned him respect, but it paid well. And he was quite good at killing. The Assassin was only ever referred to in hushed tones, and nobody liked to admit they had enlisted his services. It was seen as a cheap move by many that played the game of politics. The Lowbloods who heard mention of him only ever saw a dark, hooded figure that spelled death for any who opposed him. Some regarded him as some sort of Death God, who took the souls of the wicked schemers. The Condesce eventually decided that enough was enough, and simply had him executed for all to see. However, The Assassin faced his death not with fear, or even courage. He faced it with simple indifference. Supposedly, these were his last words: “Make it quick. I still have a few more targets.” Unrelated to this, his executioner later went insane and committed suicide.

Lusii: A large Praying Mantis creature that may or may not tell him to devour the heads of those he holds dear.

Appearance: Like most every trolls, Fercif had grey skin and black hair. His hair is about shoulder-length and he prefers to keep it either in a ponytail or simply hung back out of his eyes. Most of the time, he wears a simple black T-shirt with his Symbol printed on it and black jeans to match. He also wears black gloves most of the time, though he simply take them off if they impede his dexterity in any way. Surprisingly, his shoes are of course, black sneakers. He’s rather scrawny, though he doesn’t lack in strength or height despite his apparent lack of body mass.

Blood Color: Dark Green (Think Nepeta’s)

Personality: Fercif is quite anti-social. He doesn’t like to talk much, and he’ll usually just ignores everyone around him in order to focus on the immediate goals he has. He does respect the Hemospectrum however, and if a Highblood give him an order of some kind, he’ll follow it. Fercif treats Lowbloods and Middlebloods with a great deal of indifference. They’re not annoying, they’re not a danger to everyone around them, they’re just… there. They don’t interest him. Highbloods, he will treat with courtesy and respect, even though he secretly loathes every second of it. His Ancestor once wrote ‘The Highbloods may think me a tool for hire, but in fact it is they who are my tools. They are the instruments through which I orchestrate my highly legal symphony of death.’ and whether he means to or not, Fercif thinks of Highbloods as tools as well. It isn’t a conscious thought, and he doesn’t think of them as ‘instruments of death’ at all. They’re just tools. Aliens, such as Humans and Cherubs, are treated more with suspicion than indifference, but he still doesn’t want to talk to them just as much as he doesn’t want to talk to other trolls.

Current relationship status: None. Very anti-social.

Skills: Adept at sneaking, poisoning and basic survival for extended periods of time. He’s fairly average at combat, and tends to over-estimate his abilities, often performing flourishes that don’t serve any real purpose in battle other than to leave him open to attack.

Title and Aspect: Prince of Life

Fetch Modus: Encryption Modus

Strife Specibus: ScytheKind. The art of sneaking while carrying something as cumbersome as a scythe is difficult to master. Somehow, Fercif’s Lusus taught him how to do so with two. (The hilts are about the length of those found on kitchen knives)

Typing Quirk: Fercif doesn’t usually speak quite loudly and he rarely lets emotion into his voice and his typing style reflects that, never capitalizing any letters and always ending his sentences with elipses. Example: “that wasn’t a smart move… i doubt that anyone cares about the end result though… just make sure you don’t kill yourself as well… can you accomplish that much…?"

Planets: Land of Graves and Mist (LOGAM), Prospit. Fercif’s planet is essentially just one massive graveyard, and you can’t walk more than three feet before bumping into a gravestone or mausoleum that you couldn’t see because of the nigh-impenetrable mist that surrounds everything. The consorts are a race of silver ants, that manage to survive only by tunneling underground and making colonies in the dirt. These colonies aren’t free of the mist either, and the ants can only move about because they don’t rely on their sense of sight.



Username: Icepelt

Name: Aeolus {ee'-oh-luhs} Churl

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Biography: Aeoulus was born into a very poor family. His parents, for some strange reason, disappeared after his birth.

After roaming around lost for a couple years he eventually found older Cherubs willing to raise him, along with other Cherubs, all young. Six of the other children he began to refer to as his siblings. The leader of the group was forced to go away to a war, which caused the end of his life. This forced the group of Cherubs apart. Aeouls decided to live with Apollo, a cherub younger than him, but much more powerful. Two of his siblings lived with him, while his youngest siblings went off to live with a Cherub female named Athena. The middle child went to live on his own. Soon after, Apollo and Athena became mates. Again they sort of served as his parents. Despite them being this, Aeolus and his siblings were pushed around a lot by some of the more powerful and higher class Cherubs. Once Apollo and Athena broke apart, he moved in with his younger brother Thanatos, to form some sort of very strong and very rich gathering. They lived in a large home that they opened up to lesser Cherubs. A very large village started to grow. During a war they had on their planet, they were invaded by a group of lime-bloods, and split apart. While Thanatos seemed to embrace the lime-blooded ideals, Aeoulus really didn't think much of them. When the war ended, he made all lime-bloods to leave his home unless they were mates with a red blood. Even after the lime bloods left them, they weren't free. A strict and very powerful king took over soon made the kingdom centered around red bloods being lower. They had started a supporting home, at which point they became almost mafia-like in behavior. This lasted until Aeulus just stopped obeying, when ever citizen in the country rose up against the king. A few years later, he and his brother separated, which was surprisingly very peaceful. For a few years after that, he lived on until he was a teenager, being rich for doing what he did to help take down the king and leave his "state" in a good standing. He became mates with a young Cherub girl, but ended up just cheating on her with another person. The same person he cheated with, also happened to be a spy for the supposedly defeated king. This same king soon got his revenge, taking over the planet yet again, blinding Aeoulus for revenge. Though, with help from a mysterious alien called a troll, he ended up forcing the kind into suicide. Of course, this got him hated by the kings followers. While their words hurt, he eventually apologized for doing what he did and pulling a dirty trick. He then went back to living his semi-regular life, though he did have to go through strict training to get used to his blindness.

Appearance: Next to the former king, Aeoulus is one of the tallest Cherubs he knows, only differing by one inch. Like all Cherubs, he lacks hair and most human facial features. Instead, he has a slightly off-putting green skull for a head. As with his head, the rest of his skin is green and lizard-like. Instead of fingers, he has sharp claws on both his hands and feet. On his cheeks, there a red swirls that give him a slightly-clown like appearance. While he is thin, most of his weight is fat, as he doesn't really do a lot of working out. Though he lacks muscle, he is considered very handsome among Cherubs, with formerly striking red eyes. Since he was blinded though, his eyes have become a vein-covered and milky white mess. Clothing wise, he prefers to wear bright colors and strange patters. Around his neck, there's a necklace with a charm of a red lion, its front paws raised as if attacking someone. He also wears a pair of blue-tinted glasses to cover up what he considers to be his disgusting eyes. Finally, he has three consecutive spots in what would be his left ear that are pierced, if he had ears that it.

Blood Color: Candy Red

Personality: Aeoulus is a bit of a ladies man, loving to flirt and mess around with several Cherub females, sometimes males Despite this, he will try his best not to cheat on or mistreat a lady, not matter how terrible she is to him. Often times, he gets pushed around because of this. His respect comes from the belief that woman should work "traditionally," doing all of the house cleaning and child care, making him very lazy. Despite this, he really likes to party and often times treats serious situations like they could be transformed into something like that. At times, he cane be very blunt, to the point where he has hurt another person's feelings. When he's around someone he's familiar with, he's very friendly and cuddly, talking loudly and a lot. When it comes to someone he is unfamiliar with, he'll be very rude and cold. If need be, he can be very manipulative and try to turn a situation his direction, especially if it's for revenge Also, he cries a lot more than some nations because of his sometimes over sensitivity towards some situations.

Skills: very good with sensing others emotions, senses others in the room by scent and sound, very good singer, good with theater, can play several instruments, good with words and logic, very fast

Title and Aspect: Maid of Time

Fetch Modus: Scratch and Sniff

Strife Specibus: Canekind

Typing Quirk: Uses proper grammar and sanctax, but doesn;t bother fixing ant spelling mistakes.WHWN HE GETS EXCITED , HIS MISSPELLINGS BECOME WHOORSE.

Planets: Land of Skyscrapers and Ice, Derse Dreamer


Username: Blobblarg242

Name: Hyperion Delirv

Age: Approximately 17 human years.

Gender: Male

Biography: Hyperion has a rather odd relationship with the rest of his species, in that, he despises it. While he is willing to co-operate with other Cherubs to some degree, he simply hates everything identified as 'cherub' in terms of culture and design, believing his species to be one of savages and monsters, due to his experiences with other cultures. When Hyperion learned of the Troll Empire (primarily through stories from his friends), vast and expansive as it was, he was fascinated by its efficiency. He didn't agree with how it enforced its policies among its people, but he couldn't help but marvel at how successful the empire as a whole was. Then he encountered humans (again, mostly by accounts told by his friends), whom despite being fractured and relatively primitive, were relatively peaceful. It might have simply been due to the fact that they were little more than hairless apes that weren't smart enough to leave their planet long-term, but they were fairly harmless all the same. And this had Hyperion thinking: What had his race accomplished? What was so great about the Cherub people done in the grand scheme of things? "Nothing" he thought bitterly. His people were fragmented in the extreme, rarely meeting and violent even to one another. Little more than savage beasts incapable of creating a society of any relevance. It made him just a little bitter.

Appearance: Like most every Cherub, Hyperion has dark green skin with swirls the same shade as his blood on his cheeks. As far as clothes go, Hyperion likes to look at least relatively civil, usually dressing himself in a dark green suit and a black tie with green stripes. Many of his 'friends' give him odd looks when the see pictures of him, but Hyperion just scoffs. Clothing makes the difference between savage and sophisticated in his mind.

Blood Color: Lime Green

Personality: Hyperion is unfriendly. To pretty much everyone that he knows. Then again, he doesn't know a lot of people. It's considered Cherub nature to not be anti-social and to rarely interact with others, but Hyperion takes this to his own extreme. For reasons he refuses to explain, he has an intense disliking for other Cherubs. One day, he just sent an angry message to his then-friends saying he'd given up hope for their race and was rarely heard from again. When speaking to his 'compatriots' he will often give the impression that he's very haughty and condescending, thinking himself better than the average 'savage' Cherub. Aliens in contrast, totally fascinate Hyperion. He can't help but try to study them and learn of their culture, of the things they had seen and experienced. He fancies himself a researcher of sorts, although he's really just miffed that his own people aren't as expansive as the trolls and thus let's the matter get to him a little too much, to the point of him occasionally wishing he had been born another time and another place. Since he keeps as secluded as possible, even by Cherub standards, Hyperion is fairly lonely, though he would never admit it. He keeps himself occupied most days by either shooting for fun, solving self-imposed conundrums ranging from simple algebra equations to the resolutions of time paradoxes ( amusing but pointless, since Time Travel is fake.), or simply wondering what life is like for other species.

Skills: Marksmanship (It's one of the few joys he has to himself), relatively intelligent as far as math and science is concerned, and has an above-average understanding of alien culture. This in no way means he actually understands alien cultures, he's just ever-so-slightly less in the dark than the rest of Cherub-kind.

Title and Aspect: Mage of Space

Fetch Modus: Fetch Modus (likes to keep things relatively simple, even if it can lead to... accidents.)

Strife Specibus:] Riflekind/Canekind (He has a "gentleman's cane" which serves as an innocuous double to a slender, single-firing rifle.)

Typing Quirk/Style: Screen-name: HeavenlyEnmity (Formerly RisingHeavens, changed when he decided he should find a way to somehow become even MORE distant from his friends.) "I considEr mysElf a gEntlEman and prEfEr to not bE givE imprEssions that might bE harmful to my rEputation. You undErstand, of coursE."

Planets: Land of Halls and Lanterns (LOHAL), Prospit. Hyperion's planet is more one giant library than an actual planet. While there is an outside, it's incredible barren and essentially nothing more than a wasteland. In fact, even his consorts live inside of the house of dusty tomes, making refuge in the somewhat brighter corners of the vast complex. As the name might suggest, the facility is only lit by lanterns and is thus more than a bit grim-looking and fires starting because a lantern breaks over an especially dry stack of pages isn't totally uncommon. The planet's puzzles are a confusing mess consisting of gathering certain books at certain times, resulting in complex loops that require one to sit down and write it out before it becomes even remotely comprehensible.



Username: Blobblarg242

Name: Dane Richards

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Biography: Dane is blind. He has been for a good majority of his life. After a suitably tragic childhood accident (The memories of such are repressed, of course), Dane lost the use of his eyes and had to relearn how to walk with the use of a cane. Despite this, Dane learned to adapt quickly. Through the use of a Braille keyboard, he's even made a few friends online. On the whole though, he's a massive shut-in, refusing to leave the house for various reasons. Aside form the internet, his sister is the only link to the outside world he really has, and she's not exactly... normal.

Guardian: Otaku Sister. Dane's Big Sis is... odd. Her obsessions with Japanese television are lost on her brother, no doubt his lack of sight factors into this, but this doesn't stop her from making tons of references that he doesn't understand and filling the house with posters that he can't see. She does genuinely care for him, but it can be hard to tell from how aloof she is and how he barely seems to understand her.

Appearance: Dane's a fairly normal boy his age, with close-cropped brown hair and a very average face. The thing that draws attention however, is how he never leaves his eyes uncovered. His eyes had once been a pretty shade of green, but now are scarred over white. He doesn't want anyone, not even his sister, to see them. He usually wears his favorite bandanna around them, which had been a gift from his sister when he was very young and tried to understand the absurd shows she watched. He vaguely remembered asking for a bandanna like one character, and his sister giving him one as a gift. As for clothes, Dane simply where jeans and a black tee-shirt, in his own words being "Black as the Void, or some such nonsense."

Personality: Dane is usually quite serious, but at the same time can be very courteous and CEASE REPRODUCTION amiable. He's quite sensitive about his eyes though. Not the blindness, but his eyes specifically. Other than someone broaching said topic, he's likely to keep a very even temper, if a bit cold.

Skills: Intellect, Strategy, Diplomacy. Basically, matters of mind rather than force. (And less much less useful, some very basic words of Japanese.)

Title and Aspect: Seer of Void

Fetch Modus: HashModus

Strife Specibus: CaneKind

Typing Quirk/Style: Perfect Syntax. "I hope you do not believe that I should believe you outright. Doing such would be folly. If you were to present evidence, perhaps I would be swayed..."

Planets: Land of Twilight and Desolation (LOTAD), Derse. Dane's planet is a essentially just a wide-spreading plain of constant sun-set, the only landmarks being a few ruins that dot the very edges of the horizon. Occassional villages populated by green Bats exist, but they're spread out pretty far and the natives aren't known for intelligence.

Edited by Icepelt

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((Please, when you talk in OOC talk between parenthesis. Also, the setting and history are part of the plot. They should also be included in the articles I posted. I'm not wanting everyone to read the articles, just to skim them and get a basic understanding.))

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(( I know gist has already commented, but I'm going to try my hand at fixing a few mistakes in the plot, if that's alright. smile.gif


They do not exist in the same universe, nor do they even exist in the same time span in some cases Though,


Comma before though, not after. "Though" should also not be capitalized.


Though, with these three particular session, there is something wrong.


"Session" should be plural.

As each player connects to each other. They find that the single person that is known as a "Server Player" can manipulate the first player's universe.


I'd replace the period after other with a comma.


They are always at war and only the players can defeat the black king and win to go to their new universe.


I understand what you mean, but this sentence doesn't make much sense.


Try "They are always at war, and only the players that defeat the black king can go to their new universe." or something along those lines.


A time-traveling demon-like Cherub known as Lord English has entered their world.


Comma after time-traveling


He's been there all along, they cannot outrun him. He destroys universes. Why? They do not know.


Everything is really smooth, and then all of a sudden it's really choppy from here on. Try fixing that a bit.



I have to agree with gist. You really don't give enough information about the history or setting. What year is it? What's the weather like where they're fighting these bosses in the game? Why are their home worlds being destroyed?


Try to provide as much information as possible. smile.gif


Oh, also, this is Approving... There's really no need to use OOC unless this has been here for two weeks without an approver or critique. You can always have the thread wiped when it's transferred to a RP section.))

Edited by Mikki

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You can get the thread wiped of all critique once your RP is ready to go anyway. No point in sticking brackets on everything.


Are you sure it's a good idea to allow cherub characters when we know practically nothing about them yet? Later Hussie might reveal something crazy about them, like that male cherubs host inside female ones until they reach maturity or something and then suddenly everyone who made a cherub character will feel incredibly silly. Hey, he's done it with the trolls several times.


Also you spelled SBURB "sbrurb" in the first paragraph.

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The setting really all depends on the characters and it's explained in the plot and in the articles I posted why their homes are being destroyed. They decide what their house looks like and what their planet looks like. A lot of the stuff that roleplayers will need to know is under those articles. Again, I don't think it will be necessary for people to read everything. They just need to get a basic understanding.


Also, I'm allowing people to be creative with the Cherub characters. I feel that not having a lot of information on them gives more creative freedom. Also, if Hussie does changes something later, we can change it. As long as it's not too drastic that it.

Edited by Icepelt

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-I would like everyone to type in their characters eye color, please. WITH DIALOGUE ONLY

-If your troll is under 15, please keep their eyes gray.


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So, I'm guessing you don't understand this. Andrew Hussie, the author of Homestuck, has stated that all characters type in their eye color, with trolls, it's their blood color. Also, why troll have grey eyes is explained in the articles about the trolls and in the blood caste article.

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I just thought you should state it here, some people might unintentionally miss that. I have read all of Homestuck. All of it. I am also thinking of joining when and if this gets approved.

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People will see it. I've had a word that they'll find if they read all the rules.

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the second is known as Alternia, home to a race of denizens called trolls.


"the" should be capitalized.


They do not exist in the same universe, nor do they even exist in the same time span in some cases. Though one cannot exist without the other two.


This makes more sense if the period is a comma. (Make sure you don't capitalize "Though" in this case.)



You also ignored some of my previous corrections. For instance...


They are always at war and only the players can defeat the black king and win to go to their new universe.


I understand what you mean, but this sentence doesn't make much sense.


Try "They are always at war, and only the players that defeat the black king can go to their new universe." or something along those lines.



He's been there all along, they cannot outrun him. He destroys universes. Why? They do not know.


This is just way too choppy. Everything else is smooth until this point.




I know absolutely nothing about Homestuck, and I don't really have much patience to read all the articles you linked, but all in all this is looking pretty decent, but it's not done.


Also, yes, you included SOME setting in the plot, but it's not enough to RP off of.

What year is it? What's the weather like where they're fighting these bosses in the game? Why are their home worlds being destroyed?


Try to provide as much information as possible.



Keep in mind:

If you ever tire of the approval process, you can stop immediately and have this thread moved to Freeform at anytime. smile.gif


(I'm also writing this at 1 AM, sorry if it doesn't make complete sense.)


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To answer your question about the setting, it takes place in modern times, as in the year 2012. I'm assuming that most will be able to figure that out without me having to say it. Also, the whether depends on the roleplayers. I don't feel that I need to go into so much detail with the setting simply because that is always something that's determined by roleplayers. There's no set weather on Earth, Alternia, or any planets really. The same goes for the houses and such. These are things I feel go without explaining because a lot of it is in the articles. It explains why in the planets section what Derse and Prospit are like, but the feel and such of each players planet really depends all on what the roleplayer wants it to be. This is explained in the articles I posted, as I've already said at least four times. Also, it's explained in the plot why their home is being destroyed and it's also explained in the articles. I would post information all in my own words, but I feel like a wall of text would turn people away. Of course, the articles probably will as well, so either way it will be difficult. I just feel more comfortable with having the articles because I feel that it looks cleaner.


I'm aiming for Other Roleplays. I really don't want this to go in Freeform for personal reasons.



Planets, generally speaking, are celestial bodies orbiting a star. Each Sburb player is assinged their own personal planet once they enter the Medium. It serves as the beginning point of their adventure and is designed to hold many puzzles and challenges to be solved and overcome by the player. It is inhabited by Consorts and a Denizen, who sleeps somewhere on the planet, waiting to be awakened by the player during the final phase of their quest. These player planets are based around different aspects of the player, usually including their mythological role.


All player planets orbit aroud Skaia, which serves as the systems "star". Two other planets orbit Skaia, namely Prospit and Derse. They are the driving forces in the battle of good against evil the players get caught up in.


Skaia, a "dormant crucible of unlimited creative potential". Under its thick atmosphere lies The Battlefield, a planet that changes every time a player enters the medium with a prototyped sprite. It's here that a war between Prospit and Derse takes place, which Prospit must always lose.

    Prospit, a planet that orbits Skaia like a moon. Home to the forces of light, and ruled by the White Queen. Prospit's moon passes through the atmosphere of Skaia, allowing Prospitian dream selves to see the future in the clouds.

    Derse, a planet that orbits beyond The Veil. Home to the forces of darkness, and ruled by the Black Queen. The Noble Circle of Horrorterrors, who reside in the Furthest Ring, whisper advice to Dersite dream selves.

Earth, where humans come from. You should know this already. Reduced to a desert wasteland as a result of Sburb being released.

Alternia, the Trolls' home planet.


This is what is on the articles and it explains each planet in detail in the Derse, Prospit, and Skaia articles.


Sburb is a game that destroys the world. It's able to do this because the players enter The Medium to escape from the meteors it calls down, which it's able to call down because the players entered the Medium.


~ATH program was shown to execute...destroying the Trolls' universe


~ATH being what bring Luser posted imagerd English into a universe, destroying it in the process. The reason why though, hasn't been revealed by the author. But, it's assumed it happens simply because it's what he does for fun.


I also see where you seem to be confused. You said you don't read Homestuck, so all of these might be a little difficult to take in. For example, the planets being the decision of the roleplayers and not by me.

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~ATH is a fictional programming language. It operates mainly on infinite loops. It's what Sollux used to blow up Karkat's computer. One ~ATH program was set to summon Lord English(excuse the lack of a cycling pool ball animation, I feel lazy today) at the end of the trolls' universe. Once this happened, he then immediately traveled back in time to screw with everyone.


I think a wall of links is more than equivalent to a wall of text and is probably more intimidating, honestly. Lots of RPs have more text in the first post than yours. Those articles are pretty long, and people who haven't read Homestuck really won't know which parts of them they'll have to read in order to get the information they need.


Also, there's usually a large amount of planning involved in setting up a SBURB session. Both in canon and in a lot of fansessions I've seen, the server chain goes Prospit dreamer > Derse dreamer > Prospit > etc., there is an equal amount of genders/dreamers on each planet, stuff like that. Do you plan on following some or all of the "rules"? Or will it just be sort of a free-for-all and it doesn't really matter if everyone is a Derse dreamer?


The title test is not a list of all the possible title components. Some of the ones on there(like Ace or Keys) aren't canon, and Hussie has said that most monosyllabic words are fine as long as they aren't totally ridiculous.


Other stuff: How will pesterchum messaging work in a RP style? What does "three chances to submit your form" mean? How many characters can we have? Do we have to explain what our player planets/fetch modii are like in the form? Why is ectobiology listed under humans if it's a part of SBURB?


(Woooow that turned out a lot longer than I planned it to be. I'm sorry.)

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I know what ~ATH is, but I leaving out character names for explanations because I feel that it would confuse people further because then I would have to explain who these people are.


That's what I said. Having those links is the same as having a wall of text. I've also previously stated that I don't want people to read everything. They just have to skim it to get a basic understand. I also find that it's obvious what they're supposed to read. Most wiki articles have a short paragraph at the top explaining what something is.


Yes, and I will go into detail when the time comes. I'm also sure those articles explain it in detail.


I'm fully aware that some of those titles aren't canon, but it does have the rest of the canon ones on there. From what I've seen at least. I'm also not making anyone take this quiz because I feel that it wastes a lot of time.


Pesterchum will work like dialogue, at least in my case. everyone is free to interpret it how they wish. Three chances to submit a form is exactly what it says. Each person will have three chances to submit their form, or I won't let them join. If I haven't stated otherwise, people can have as many characters as possible. one would think that people would assume that they could have as many as they want. Those things will not be explained because there is a list on the page that explains what each one does. Instead of taxing the roleplayer and making them do all the work, everyone can look at the wiki if they don't understand what it does by the name.

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You can leave the example involving character names out of my explanation and it would still make sense and be different from your explanation. I don't really understand what you're trying to say there.


Yes to which question?


My point was that by telling people that "all of the aspects and titles" are there, they'll think that they can only use those and nothing else. Which is not true.


Also I was under the impression that people generally create new fetch modii for their fan characters. I guess that's sort of a MSPAForums thing? And there isn't a list that tells you what the planets will be like because we'll be making our own. So will you have to describe your Land-of-X-and-Y planet and your fetch modus(if non-canon) in your form?


More stuff: Isn't "manipulate the first player's universe" sort of an exaggeration considering that all they can do is build and move things around? Will the sessions contact each other somehow eventually?

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I'm basically changing it so it will make sense to the plot of this roleplay. That program is what bring English to the universe instead of the actual destruction of the universe.


I answered the questions in the order that they were asked on your post.


I'm not allowing people to create fetch modii because I feel that making one ip would be harder than choosing one form a list. Also, the planet will simply be given a title and they can explain it if they wish. They don't have to if they don't want to. plus, I feel that roleplayers will describe their world when they get to it.


They will contact each other eventually. When will be determined by the people in the roleplay.

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((Okay, since no approver or RP mod has looked at this in two weeks, I'll just go ahead and say that people can start posting.))

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((I would join, but i dont understand much.... :/ Ill pm a form

if i work it out...))

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((Like I said, if you don't understand something, I would be happy to explain it.))

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((Whats Homestruck? everything seems to revolve around it....))

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