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In the Shadows

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No more Mane Six characters left! Not accepting any more alicorns!


EchotheWolf and pudding are given permission to accept or deny any sheets if I am MIA.




Doctor Whooves looked at Derpy. "To the TARDIS, then?" Derpy grinned and looked at the Cakes' shop longingly.


"Maybe we can get some muffins for wherever we're going?" she asked


"Of course, Derpy," the earth pony answered.




Colegate was having her first break in months. The station decided to let her go home early due to a "bad attitude." Whatever.


She opened up her cupboard to find that she had run out of the delicious pastries she got from the Cakes. Darn it! I should call Carrot Top... she might want to go with me to get some cake.




"Wow. It looks like almost everyone in Ponyville is in the Cakes' bakery! Are you sure you need those muffins, Derpy?" The Doctor asked.


"Do you really need to ask?" The pegasis replied.


"Nice to see you again, Doctor, Derpy," Colgate said as she entered the shop.


"You as well, Colgate. You're out of the station early."


"Bad attitude. So, we'll probably have to wait a while to get our stuff," Colgate sighed. Where was Carrot Top? While she thought the Doctor was an interesting guy, he could get a little looney sometimes...


"Colgate..." Derpy drifted off.




"Is that a thestral behind you?" Colgate turned around to see a pegasus made of blackened bones standing, staring at her.




Our heroes saved Equestria from the shadow ponies, but payed a dear price from doing so. lightning died when she defeated them. Dawn struggles with depression while Discord kidnaps the filly Sherlock. They must overcome the pain they feel to defeat him and save Equestria again. Will our heroes ever get a break? No, not likely.




1. No Mary-Sue Gary-Stu's or Anti Mary-sue Gary-Stu's.


2. No godmodding or floodposting.


3. No one-liners please. the password is gecko


4. Highlight the rules to find the password.


5. Have fun, or to the moon with you!


Character Sheets:




Pony Name:







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Mane Six:


Twilight Sparkle: TSparkle123


Rainbow Dash: EchotheWolf


Fluttershy: EchotheWolf


Applejack: EchotheWolf


Rarity: Takhesis


Pinkie Pie: sparkle10184



Accepted Character Sheets:



Username: TSparkle123


Pony Name: Doctor Whooves


Personality: He's from another universe entirely. With humans. He misses that reality, but he's gotten past it. Now, he lives in Ponyville, protecting Equestria from the dangers he faced in his universe. He died recently and has changed forms yet again.


Appearance: Pony: 381G004200E5EADA1C00AA021001F00BAUN1B33042020003019E9E9E0014A81O107F3FCC004CB2


Accessory: 3CC0000066CC66066CC66066CC66066CC6604E8FBAFFFF8C5000000066CC66066CC66066CC66


Password: ACCEPTED


Name: Echothewolf


Pony name: Vinyl Scratch


Personality: A party pony, but kind of shy. She is nicknamed DJ PON-3. She is, in fact, a disk jockey.


Appearance: A white pony with a blue mane and tail. She always wears purple tinted sunglasses.


Password: ACCEPTED



Username: pudding


Pony Name: Raggedy Doctor


Personality: Unlike Doctor Whooves, the Raggedy Doctor was born in the Pony-verse on the planet Gallopfrey. He is the last of the Time Ponies and has regenerated into his eleventh form because of his two hearts. He usually leaves the time stuff to Doctor Whooves and instead has started partying in Canterlot. His TARDIS is hidden in the Everfree forest and he usually keeps his sonic screwdriver inside his hat. Overall, the Raggedy Doctor is very childish and often viewed as slightly insane. However, he can compose himself enough to go to parties and act semi-decently.


Appearance: Raggedy Doctor


Password: ACCEPTED




Username: RainDash


Pony Name: Dawn Light


Personality: She seems bitter and cold on the outside, but cares deeply about what is going on in Ponyville. She would give her life for others and thinks of taking action rather than consequences the would follow.


Appearance: user posted image


Password: ACCEPTED



Username: Echothewolf


Name: Octavia


Appearance: Ash colored earth pony. Her Cutie Mark is how she plays her cello so amazingly.


Personality: Very sophisticated. But when she gets lost in the moment, she can be just as wild as her best friend, Vinyl Scratch.





Username: TSparkle123 (Twi)


Pony Name: Chrysalis


Personality: Cold and calculating. Doesn't care about anybody excluding her changelings.


Appearance: Chrysalis (linked for hugeness)





User Echothewolf

Name Wubsy

History ___ Was Chrysalis's best, but she was plotting against her Queen the whole time.

Appearance http://images.google.com/search?hl=en&tbo=...QXz5aNTI4t6PAM: She looks somewhat like the Queen, making her easy to distinguish from other changelings.



Username: pudding


Pony Name: Sherlock Hooves


Personality: Above all else, Sherlock is quite blunt and manipulative. He doesn’t understand pony emotions very much so he can’t see when he hurts people’s feeling and, when he does, he doesn’t often understand why they are upset. However, he does have enough of a grasp on pony emotions to act like a “normal” pony and to manipulate those emotions into getting what he wants by either complementing people or giving them, as others call it, the “kicked puppy” look. Because of this, he doesn’t have many friends and comes across as a cold-hearted intellectual. However, Sherlock is capable of kindness. It is just very rare to get him to show this kindness. He has an active brain that requires mysteries in order to amuse himself. He gets bored very easily and that isn’t a good thing for other ponies when he gets bored.


Appearance: Despite not being a prince (Or so he claims), Sherlock is an Alicorn. Basically, this means he possesses both a unicorn horn and pegasus wings. His body is a dark grey in color and his mane and tail are both black and curly. His eyes are a very light blue and almost appear light grey. He has a cutie mark that is a magnifying glass and usually wears a blue scarf which he hides things in (Like a magnifying glass).


Password: ACCEPTED



Username: Echothewolf


Pony Name: Sunlight


Personality: Sunlight is a very optimistic pegasus. She would never give up on her friends. She has been trying to find Princess Luna for a long time.


Appearance: A white pony with a pink mane. Her wings are rainbow colored, but mysteriously, she has no cutie mark.


Password: ACCEPTED





Pony name:Snowdrift


Personality:Sweet and kind on the outside, she actually has a heart of ice







Username: TSparkle123


Pony name: Dusk Fire


Personality: Lives a hidden life. Even further into the shadows than most background ponies, she has never left the Sisterhood (the rest of the name shall be revealed later). Most ponies wouldn't be able to recognize her if they wanted to. The rest is to be RP'd.


Appearance: Mysterious Hooded Pony.


Password: ACCEPTED



Username: RainDash


Pony Name: Lighting Rush


Personality: Laid back and easy going. Lighting prefers to actually hang back rather than rush anywhere.


Appearance: user posted image


Password: Accepted


Username: pudding

Pony Name: Discord

Personality: Discord is a mischievous trickster that uses powerful magic and illusions for his own gain. His is arrogant and overconfident and, despite his love on anarchy, hates it when things don't go according to his plans. He does enjoy a good challange and is very fond of staring contests.

Appearance: Discord

Password: Accepted


Username: fuzzzzj


Pony Name: Starlight Twinkleberry


Personality: She is quite smart and is quite into her studies. (Not as much as Twilight Sparkle.) Starlight can be outgoing at sometime but as shy as a bunny at others. She loves to read and hang out with friends.



Pony code:


Accessory code:


I couldn't get her cutie mark in but it's a red star.


Password: Accepted



Username: RainDash


Pony Name: Terri


Personality: Bonded to the TARDIS, Terri tries to oversee and communicate with her. She hates people, ironically since she saw the Heart of the TARDIS, and is also to communicate with other ponies and the Doctor only when inside the TARDIS otherwise, it is only the Doctor. SUPER CRAZY. Half the stuff she says makes absolutely no sense. She can only tap into the knowledge of the TARDIS. She cannot make anyone immortal. Or bring them back from the dead. That both creeps her out, and drains her of her life force.


Appearance: 2S2T0000A3590093000D6D03041B7FE00UP1A373380110005100A6D83000AA05107F3FCC004CB2


She isn't blind, but information gets in her way, and often times cannot process it. Meaning she may freak out in huge markets or Ponyville. The her limit for ponies to be in one area of sight is six before panic attacks set in. She, however, was an Earth pony who made mechanical wings and can only marginally fly with them, she cannot land on clouds or fly any faster than an average pony.


Password: Accepted



Username: pudding


Pony Name: Cantus


Personality: Cantus is a shy, easily excitable pony from before the time of Celestia and Luna. When the Raggedy Doctor visited her time in his magical blue box, she followed him around and helped fight off a strange threat in the form of statues of weeping pegasi statues. She enjoyed her time with the Raggedy Doctor immensely and was saddened by the thought of him leaving. So, naturally, she decided to tag along without him noticing. She snuck aboard the TARDIS, not realizing it was a time machine and was taken to the future. She is hopelessly in love with the Raggedy Doctor and quite protective of him.


Appearance: Cantus






Username: cb


Pony name: Shawn Spensaddle


Personality: He is incredibly intelligent but is somewhat embarrassed by the fact and masks it with immaturity and sarcasm. He pretends to be a phsycic and only his father and best friend, Barnton Guster or 'Gus', knows he really isn't. He loves solving crimes and owns his own detective agency called Phsyc with Gus.


Appearance: His mane and tail are light brown and spikey with a white horn sticking out, the rest of him is a cream color. His cutie mark is an eye, that actually stands for him being hyperobservant but can be portrayed a physcic symbol.





Username: Moka_Akashiya


Pony Name: Aura


Personality: Aura is very intelligent, though her appearance masks her great powers of deduction and many question her abilities upon viewing her. Aura tends to second-guess everything she is presented with, and is extremely meticulous and analytical. She is good at deceiving, and willing to take drastic measures to solve something. Some of her tactics are quite bold, while others seem bizarre to those involved. She is also shown to have a dry sense of humor, and isn't above making sarcastic remarks to people. Although she tends to be polite, to some, Aura can seem quite rude and uncaring at times. (A detective! c:)


Appearance: user posted image






Username: Fun2HavRound


Pony Name: Dragon Heart


Personality: Shy, timid, a bit depressed. Sometimes, rarely, she will go insane. She is loving and VERY protective.


Appearance: Pegasus, only with black dragon wings. White, with a black snout, black hooves, and a black mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a dark red heart with black dragon wings. She has bright, aqua-blue eyes. Her mane and tail are similar to Fluttershy's, only shaggier. Link, but not like Zelda.






Username: Fun2HavRound


Pony Name: Artemis Foal


Personality: Sarcastic, greedy, overbearing. A tiny bit soft at heart, but only after you dig through the evil inside. He's a young pony, but the most intelligent pony you'll ever meet. Bar absolutely none.


Appearance: 2Z3F006000FEFEFE000000000002077BAUN183740400000180000000FF7FFF16107F3FCC004CB2

Accessory Code: 066CC66066CC66066CC661000000066CC6604E8FBAFFFF8C066CC66066CC66066CC66066CC66






Character List:







Vinyl Scratch






Rose Scratch





Doctor Whooves




Twilight Sparkle


Dusk Fire


Lightning Scratch





Dawn Light


Lightning Rush






The Master


Sherlock Hooves











Pinkie Pie





Starlight Twinkleberry




Shawn Spensaddle





Dragon Heart


Prince Shadow


Artemis Foal







Nurse Redheart

Edited by TSparkle123

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We're so close to the hundredth page, I figured something special was in order for us! So, I've decided to hold a competition! A writing competition, of course. Parameters are as follows: (If any of these rules are broken, your submission will be void, and your story will not be part of the vote.)


1. Stories submitted must be sent to me via PM.


2. Stories have to be 1000 words, plus.


3. Since this is a pony RP, the story has to be about ponies! From there, it's your choice what to write. It can be ponified characters from your favorite TV show, all the way to fan fiction with MLP:FiM.


4. Stories must be PG13, as DCF rules dictate.


5. You have to have written it yourself and for this contest!


You don't have to submit a story, but it'll be more fun if we all participate! After we're all done submitting stories, we'll have a vote on the best one, and 1st and 2nd place winners will get their pick of something bred off my scroll(linked as the One Ring in my siggie).


Submissions are over! It's time to vote! To vote on your favorite submitted story, post its name on an IC post, or PM it to me.


DO NOT vote for your own story! Your vote will not be counted if you do, and you will be unable to vote.


One last thing, first poster on the hundredth page gets the choice of typing up a speech, or doing whatever else they wanna do to commemorate the occasion of the triple-digits!


Submitted stories:



•The Tragic Tale of Dragon Heart•

By Fun2HavRound


'Twas a bright, sunny day in Drakonia, and all the DragonBacks were going about their business. A young, white-coated, black-maned, and aqua-blue-eyed DragonBack mare named Dragon Heart was sitting upon her favorite hill, looking down upon the small town of Winghamton in which she resided. Beside her sat her mate, a well known dark grey stallion with a black mane and blood red eyes. His name was Shadow Moon, and he was a DragonBack Prince. They two had known each other for a very long time, and had always been close friends. Recently, however, the young DragonBacks had come of age, and when mating season had arrived, Prince Shadow had asked Dragon Heart for her hoof in mateship. She said yes.

Now, the two lay beside each other upon the daisy-covered hill, gazing down at the bustling town and up at the cloudless sky.

"Dragon Heart, my dear?" Prince Shadow asked, turning to face her.

"Yes, my love?"

"Do you remember that time when we sat upon this same hill, and watched the Great Dragon Migration together?"

"Indeed I do. Why?"

"Oh, nothing in particular, dearest." Shadow explained, dismissing it with a wave of his hoof. "I was merely reminiscing on that day is all."

"Ah, I see." Dragon Heart nodded, smiling sweetly at her mate. An idea came to her. "Shadow, my love, do you think that the King and Queen will allow the coronation to be upon this hill? That would be, I believe, simply magnificent."

The Prince smiled, and pressed his muzzle against Dragon Heart's. "Of course they will. My parents love this hill as much as you do, my sweet. Where else would they hold such an honorable event for you?"

Dragon Heart smiled and nuzzled him back, agreeing entirely.

Suddenly, Prince Shadow sat up, his body rigid and his eyes focused intently on something in the distance.

"What is it, dear?" Dragon Heart asked. There was no reply. "Dear? ...Dear?"

Shadow snapped out of it. "Forgive me, love. I...I thought I saw something upon the far hill." He pointed a hoof at the hill in question. "Over there, upon yonder hill. See it?"

"I see it. It appears to be a silhouetted figure. A pony, perhaps?"

"Perhaps...but something's not right here. Don't you feel it?"

"I do." Dragon Heart shifted uncomfortably. Beside her, her mate stood up and stretched his dragon wings. Dragon Heart followed suit, and the pair flew back down together. They touched down in the center of the town, and saw that King Bright Talon and Queen Night Serpent were there as well.

"Mother? Father? What brings you here?" Prince Shadow asked, trotting up to them.

"Well, don't you feel it?" The silver-and-blue Queen questioned.

"We do." Dragon Heart replied. "That's why we came down here."

All around them, the citizens of Winghamton stood about, an air of unease all around. Looking to the far hill, the DragonBacks saw the dark shape of a stallion, standing tall with a cape flowing behind him, and in his mouth he held...

"Is that...a sword?" Dragon Heart asked, suddenly scared. Prince Shadow Moon pressed himself against her, comforting her as best he could.

High upon the hill, a rogue warrior pony stood looking down at Winghamton. Behind him, hundreds of rogue ponies waited eagerly for their leader's signal. The leader in question then took a few steps forward, and bellowed out:

"DRAGONBACKS! Your kind is the scum of all Equestria! You dare to call yourselves ponies, and yet you are so mutated! You breathe fire, and resemble dragons--evil creatures indeed!! We of true ponykind have come to wipe your terrible species from the face of this planet! There is no escape!! ALL SHALL DIE!!!"

And with that, the leader of the rogues reared up on his hind legs, giving the signal. The DragonBacks below cried out in terror as hundreds of rogue ponies galloped over the hill to the town below. Whilst the town DragonBacks scattered in a frightened panic, King Talon and Queen Serpent galloped to the front to meet the rogues.

"With honor we serve..." the red King recited.

"...Our kind to preserve." the Queen finished.

And the next moment, they were consumed in battle. They wouldn't make it out alive, no matter how well they fought.

"NO!!" Prince Shadow cried, but his mournful scream was drowned out by the sounds of rogues shouting, DragonBacks screaming in terror, and the terrible sound of sword on skin and bone. The young alicorn knew then that there was nothing he could do to save his people. He turned to his mate, the love of his life, his precious mare.

"Dragon Heart, you must go!"

Dragon Heart stood in stunned, frightened silence.

"GO!!" Shadow yelled, tears welling in his eyes.

"No! NO!! I'm NOT leaving you, my love! I REFUSE!!" Dragon Heart galloped up to her mate, nuzzling him and crying.

"You don't have a choice, my precious darling. You MUST go! I won't let you get hurt!"

"I'm not leaving you!" Dragon Heart stubbornly cried. Prince Shadow Moon knew he had no other option. Tears streaming from his eyes, he cast a teleportation spell upon Dragon Heart. She became enveloped in an orb of light, and rose into the air.

"No! NO!! NOOOOOO!!!!!" She screamed and screamed, but it was too late.

"Farewell, my love....." Prince Shadow murmured, bowing his head in mourning. "...be safe....." A split second before she disappeared, Dragon Heart saw a rogue running straight at her beloved mate...

...and then she was gone. And she left behind her her mate, her family, her friends, and everything and everypony else she knew and loved. Gone. All gone. And so it was that her little heart shattered into pieces, and the happiness and joy she had lived in faded to nothing.

Her species died.

And her heart died with it.


Lyra Versus Walking



I'm so close. So, so close to perfecting my balance.


Lyra was never the average pony, and she made it her quest to keep being different. Normal ponies who stood in the background would easily be forgotten, but one who made a difference, one who was different from the riff-raff... That was a pony who would be remembered years and years after having passed on to the next big adventure. At some point, she realized that nopony would ever really accept her little oddities, so she began to act normally in public. They all put on a mask, though, didn't they? There wasn't a single pony in Ponyville that was the same character at home and in public. Maybe Pinkie Pie, but nopony else, that was for sure! In school, her teacher always thought it was just some phase, but it wasn't. Lyra was a strange pony, and she was proud of it! Even if she'd learned to tone it down since then, she strived to find out more about humans.


Yes, humans, two-legged, technologically advanced mammals. They were just a myth to other ponies, but Lyra knew they were real. She just knew it. There was no explaining this thing that told her they were more than myths, simply that it was an instinct. Every little thing she could do, though, helped her learn more. Even this little experiment with balance she was working on helped a bit. Really, this one was more for fun and her own enjoyment than her research, but it would still be helpful.


Lost in her thoughts, Lyra found herself falling face first to the ground. She managed to catch herself with her front hooves, but silently cursed herself for allowing her thoughts to wander away from the here and now. She pushed herself up and got back on her hind legs.


Again. As Celestia is my witness, I swear I will get this!


She took a wary step, focusing completely on her balance, and not allowing herself to think about anything else. Quickly, she shifted her weight onto the hoof she stepped forward with and swung the other one in front, placing it in front only a small distance away. Carefully and determinedly, Lyra repeated this process over and over again until she found herself across the room. Now, came the hardest part: turning.


Suddenly, Lyra found herself slipping, her hooves going in opposite directions, and the rest of her getting closer to the ground. She thunked down her front hooves and pushed her hind legs back into their normal positions.




The pony pushed herself back onto her hind legs and began to turn. At the 90 degree mark, her hoof turned wrong and she found herself falling again. This time, it was backwards, and she found there was nothing she could do to stop herself that wouldn't break a bone. THUMP Lyra let herself lay still on the ground for a moment before she forced herself to get back up and try again.


Come on, Lyra, you can do this! Again!


Over and over again, Lyra just kept falling over. She just couldn't get it! Why couldn't she get it? Around the seventh time she fell, she simply allowed herself to lay there, sobbing and pounding at the ground.


"Hey, I'm home, Lyra! Lyra?" Bon Bon said, pushing open the door into the living room, where her best friend was having a mental breakdown. "Um, are you okay? If so, why are you attacking the floor? Did it bite you or something?"


"I can't do it. I just can't! Why can't I do it?!" Lyra moaned, now slamming her face against the floor.


"Hey! Stop that! You're going to give yourself a concussion!"


"Maybe then I'd get some balance!" She protested. Lyra did stop at Bon Bon's request, though.


"What are you talking about?"




"I've seen you do that, Lyra, what's going on?" Bon Bon  asked, somewhere between concern and amusement. Lyra explained the situation, barely holding back tears as she spoke. Bon Bon actually chuckled at her plight. What was funny about this?!


"Sorry, sorry, it's just... Well, I somehow guessed this had to do with your whole 'research' thing," she explained. "Besides, you're not a failure for not being able to turn around on your hind legs. You've perfected the art of going forward, and that's more than I can say for most ponies! Exempting Pinkie Pie, of course."


Lyra made herself get up again. "Heh, I guess you're right. Besides, it's not like I'm one to just give up anyway. Guess I'll just have to go at it again..."



Down to Earth



In Equestria, love is a very grand blessing, with many rewards. With love, hearts are made complete, bonds created that can never be broken... And with love, a family can be started. However, some ponies find love and ease into it slowly. Others rush into it without a second thought. A certain filly, though, will have had no choice in the matter, being thrown into the whirlpool that is love. This is her story.




A young orange Pegasus was laying in her bathroom, a huge lump in her throat. The filly was holding a pregnancy test paper in her hooves, about to open the envelope.

Scootaloo stared down at the papers, fear apparent in her eyes as the results found their way out of the seal and onto the ground. POSITIVE. "No. No, i-it has to be wrong!" She started sweating profusely. She snatched the papers that came in the mail. She read over them rapidly.

100% Perfect results every time!

The company responsible for manufacturing items linked to pregnancy had a reputation for being right every time. Scootaloo curled her body up and started sobbing. There was no room for any doubt.

She was pregnant.

How was she going to face the other ponies?! She was the equivalent of fourteen human years, so she was too young to be going through this. Her friends wouldn't understand. They couldn't! Scootaloo thought back. Somebody she thought she could trust had taken advantage of her. She might be able to go to him! He was the father of the foal growing in her. He could at least check up on her!

She got to her feet, drying her tears. Rainbow Dash was just downstairs. She had adopted the orange filly a few months ago, but she couldn't tell her. The Element of Loyalty would be angry at her for doing something like this. She decided to sneak past to go to Featherweight's house.

She suddenly stopped. It wasn't a good idea. Rumble just used her. He wouldn't care what happened. Right? She sighed.

"What'cha doing, kid?"

Scootaloo froze in her tracks. She turned around, seeing Rainbow. She reflexively hid the papers in her saddlebags, throwing the bags themselves into the room behind her. She turned her head to see Rainbow Dash sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee. Most likely getting ready to go to the Weather Control station. Rainbow left her seat, wandering towards Scootaloo, a curious look on her face.

Scootaloo sighed. It wasn't as though she could hide the truth of her forced pregnancy. Even on the one in a million chance she did that, what about the birthing, and even after that? "J-just open my saddlebags... p-please." She was on the verge of sobbing. Scootaloo laid down on the couch in the living room.

For once, the cyan Pegasus didn't ask questions. She carefully opened the saddlebags, jumping back in surprise when the documents Scootaloo shoved into thebags spilled out onto the floor. She opened the documents, reading through them. "Scootaloo," she began, a look of shock on her face. "you're... pregnant?" Scootaloo started sobbing again. She jumped into Rainbow's arms, crying on her shoulder. The initial shock had passed the mare, and she slowly wrapped her hooves around the young filly. "Don't worry, kid. I'll help you get through this," she whispered into Scootaloo's ear. A tear of her own rolled down her cyan cheek. "I promise."



Scootaloo was laying in the hospital bed, eyes heavy, heart heavier. "How is my baby?!" she demanded. She had almost passed out as she finished giving birth, so she didn't see if her newborn was okay.

The doctor trotted over to her, something wrapped in a blanket. "Don't worry, Scootaloo. They are fine."

It took a while before it sank in. She reached out to take the bundle. As she looked, her heart fluttered. She had given birth to twins!

Rainbow Dash looked over to Scootaloo, bags under her eyes, but a smile on her face. Rainbow had stayed up all night, and when she got home, Scootaloo was writhing on the ground. She had flown the filly to the hospital, knowing that it was time she had stayed with her the whole time.

"You did good, Scootaloo. You did good." She trotted over to her. "What are you going to name them?"

Scootaloo rubbed both of her babies before answering. She put her hoof on the colt with a smile. "This one is going to be Rain Catcher." She let the name slip off of her tongue. It had a nice ring to it. She looked to the filly. "Lightning Dash."

Rainbow Dash felt tears come to her eyes. She carefully put a hoof on the new mother's shoulder. "I never break a promise." As she said this, the doors were thrown open.

"We need to throw a party for them!"

"Scootaloo! Yer okay! Ah was worried sick about ya!"

"Ooh! They look adorable!"

"Now girls, settle down. Scootaloo must be tired after all of this."

Scootaloo cried out of joy as Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Sweetie Belle, and Applebloom came into the room.

Fluttershy smiled. "Your life has just opened a new door. Congratulations, Scootaloo! We couldn't be prouder!"

Scootaloo laughed. "Neither... neither could I..."

Suddenly, there was another form entering the room, albeit slowly. "Hello? Scootaloo? Am I in the right room?" The figure approached the bed. Rumble!

"What do you want?!" Rainbow Dash was in front of the colt, hackles raised.

Rumble shook his head. "I came here to be with Scootaloo-and my son or daughter." He walked past the mare, looking at Scootaloo. "Look... I know that what I did was wrong. This whole time, guilt was eating me up. I wanted to see you... but something was stopping me. I don't know what it was, but it made me feel like a mule. Like I was worthless. I'm not asking for you to forgive me. I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am for all of this. I'm leaving Ponyville. I want to see what I can do right in my life. Raise them well." He bowed his head. He dropped his own saddlebags by her bed, then walked out of the room.

Rainbow Dash turned to Scootaloo. "That was him? I thought I saw regret in his eyes, but did he really just leave? I wouldn't have let him go. If you want, I can go after him."

"No. Just let him go."

The orange filly was exhausted, the ordeal having taken all of her energy. She had another adventure ahead of her, though.

Being a mother.





Forging Harmony

By Takhesis


Everypony knows the story of how the Alicorn sisters defeated Discord with the Elements of Harmony. Though the Elements themselves are a mystery to most – where did they come from? And how were they made? Those questions have never been answered, until now…

This story is the hidden history of the Elements.


Once upon a time, Equestria wasn’t ruled by Alicorns, but by a draconequus named Discord. During his reign, every pony lived in fear and confusion. Discord’s whims were unpredictable and ponies needed consistency to live normal, happy lives.

In one place, guarded by magic wards, three alicorn sisters lived and plotted to restore the needed balance to Equestria.

The oldest, Celestia, a white alicorn with a flowing mane that contained the pastel colours of a dawn sky bearing the mark of a burning sun on her flank. The next was her younger sister, Luna, a dark blue alicorn with stars in her night blue mane with the mark of a crescent moon as her cutie mark.

The youngest of the sisters, Concordia, hadn’t yet gained her cutie mark and both Celestia and Luna doted on her and wished to protect her. As such, the pale blue alicorn with a gold and silver mane was tasked with one thing: keeping her head down and staying out of trouble while the older pair faced Discord.

So Celestia and Luna would go challenge Discord, get their flanks handed to them and return – after various lengths of time, depending on where Discord teleported them to after their defeat – to the warm home that Concordia maintained.

For a while, this arrangement suited Concordia, as she could stay in relative privacy as she practiced her magic. Like all ponies, she wanted to find what she was good at and earn her cutie mark.

As time went on however and her sisters kept facing Discord and failing, Concordia grew restless. She believed that the three of them would stand a better chance than just two; however this wasn’t shared by Celestia or Luna. Both of them would say the same thing to Concordia, more or less,

“Cordy. You can help us best by staying here. We care about you too much to risk it. Besides you’re the reason we can find our way home no matter where Discord sends us.”


Reluctantly Concordia agreed to stay at home out of harms’ way. She still had to earn her cutie mark after all. Perhaps once she gained it, they’d see her as something other than the little sister to be protected. That thought in mind, she doubled her efforts to find what she could do with her magic that no other pony could.


To that end, Concordia spent most of her time reading the many books her sisters had managed to collect over the years. One in particular caught her eye, a book on Advanced Magical Theory called:

Effective counter spelling methods. The author’s name had been worn off over the years, so Concordia had no idea whether the book was reliable or not. But since it was there, she guessed there’d be no harm in reading through it. The worst that could happen was that she’d have no understanding of all the formulations and have to switch to a simpler book.


As she thought, the book did have complex formulations and diagrams. What surprised her was the clarity of the text. Yes, certain parts did have her scratching her head with a hoof while reading, but the basics were easy enough to understand.

The unknown author had the idea that for every spell there was an ideal counter. All the counter caster had to do was find it. For every magic that exists, there exists an exact opposite which is – anathema – to it. She had to pause while reading the longer word – it wasn’t one that she’d come across before and didn’t really know what it meant.

This time Luna was the first back from Discord’s randomised location teleportation spell; Concordia made Luna’s favourite herbal tea and while it brewed, tended the bruises.


While Luna sipped her tea, Concordia wondered how to approach the subject. Now Luna could see into pony’s dreams and, on occasion, thoughts– and while she wouldn’t normally pry, she could tell that something was on Concordia’s mind.

“Something happen, Cordy?” Luna asked, assuming the distraction was due to something big.

“Only that I came across a word while reading that I don’t understand.” Concordia replied, before looking at her sister, “Luna, what does ‘anathema’ mean?” she stumbled over the unfamiliar word a bit.

Luna smiled as she knew Concordia’s preoccupation with getting her cutie mark, and was happy to answer a question other than – ‘can I fight Discord?’

“Anathema means something that is detested. Like when I was your age, maths was anathema to me – it still is.”

Concordia levitated one of her school books, her Maths one to be precise. Due to her sisters’ protectiveness she didn’t attend school as such, but was still expected to study.

“So I guess that means I can’t ask you to help with my homework then?”


Luna’s reaction was rather funny, she threw both her forelegs in front of her, made an exaggerated horrified face and exclaimed,

“Keep that devil-spawn away from me!”


Over the next few days, Concordia kept thinking about that book and what would be the ideal opposite to Discord’s Chaos magic. Opposite to chaos – order and harmony, the answer finally came to her. Since Harmony magic had not been used before – it had been assumed not to exist.

Just after her sisters left to face Discord again, Concordia retrieved the book and consulted the pages again. If the theory here is correct, that all existing magic has an exact opposite. And Chaos magic does exist, that means Harmony magic must exist too.


Finding an empty room, Concordia copied out one of the diagrams onto the floor in chalk. According to the book – this diagram would help focus and crystallise any form of magic in existence. Concordia had to try it out. The book was then placed out of the way in the corner; Concordia closed her eyes, levelled her horn at the diagram and focussed on calling the magic of Harmony.

She succeeded, but the release of such power bypassed the wards that her sisters had set to keep her safe.

Concordia collapsed from partial exhaustion, but was able to see that there were six points of light converging on the diagrams centre.

Both Celestia and Luna paused in their flight as they sensed the leak. Unfortunately Discord had sensed it as well, and being able to teleport got there just ahead of the two alicorns. Discord’s eyes widened at the sight, This is not possible!

In his surprise all he could do was sweep his tail across the floor, erasing some of the chalk in the process. The spell was too far advanced for the destruction of the diagram to stop it. However the six points of light stopped converging and fell to the ground taking on the form of crystal shards.


Celestia and Luna burst into the room, just in time to see the shards. Both could sense the power from them, and acting fast called the shards to them before Discord could touch them. Concordia just managed to pull herself to her hooves, a new shining symbol on her flank.

Luna gasped, “Cordy! You got your cutie mark!”

Concordia looked at it and smiled. Finally. She and her sisters didn’t have long to celebrate it though… Discord was in a foul mood.

“I may not be able to touch the shards now, but you will never see your sister again!” So saying he cast his teleportation spell on Concordia, sending her away.

The rest you know, Discord was defeated, turned to stone.


As for poor Concordia, neither Celestia nor Luna could find her no matter how hard they tried. Time passed, and no other pony remembered her. You see, the protective wards that they’d used had hidden her completely – it was as if she’d never existed. The only proof left that she did, are the Elements of Harmony.



RainDash's Story

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I haven't seen anything like this before... And I'm from another universe... The Doctor thought quietly as he waited for the rest of the group. Then Vinyl Scratch entered the doorway. "Are we it for now? The only ponies willing to stay here?"

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(I will try my best not to slip into first person.) Vinyl nodded, a sad look upon her face. Well, except her hidden eyes, which were tearing up. "They....they took... my turntables! And.... Octavia...went missing..." Octavia, Vinyl's best friend, missing. A slight sob came from the unicorn.

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The Doctor looked down. "They're taking everything close to us... the TARDIS, Derpy, your friend, and the turntables... They will pay."


He stood up and trotted out the door. "Come on."

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Vinyl quickly followed, her vision blurred. "No....not Derpy... why?!?!" (Feel free to interact with Vinyl. Doctor Whooves will need to become close friends with her.) "Where do we go from here? The library and city hall may be good...but what if Changelings attack? We might have to seek out Luna... Celestia was defeated, and she teleported Luna away... If we can meet up with her..." Vinyl starts to sob again, seeing how even Celestia was defeated. She leans against a tree, trying to hide the tears.

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I must stay strong... for Vinyl. For Derpy... ((It feels so weird using Derpy for drama and whatnot...)) "Vinyl, we must stay strong. The changelings want to hurt us, weaken us. If we stay strong, they cannot touch us and we can save Octavia, Derpy, the TARDIS, and your turntables. I know it's hard, but..." he couldn't finish. He didn't know how. Tears fogged his eyes as he walked closer to Vinyl.

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Vinyl looked up, and her glasses fell off her face, revealing her magenta eyes. She looked at him. "Do...do you think so?" Nopony had seen her eyes before. At the Royal Wedding, they didn't pay attention to her. Her face was streaked with tears. She silently scolded herself. Usually, she was stronger. But now.....

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"Yes, Vinyl. I do think so," he said quietly. In all truth, he wasn't sure, but he had to try...

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Vinyl wraps her hooves around his back, putting her head on his shoulder. She stopped crying. "Thank you...She rubbed her head on his neck in something a little more than a friendly hug. She put her hooves back on the ground, and picks up her glasses. She puts them in her saddlebags, not wanting to cover her eyes. She smiles at him, blushing at what she was doing.

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Doctor Whooves closed his eyes and opened them again. "No, thank you. I don't think I'd last long if I were alone again."

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Vinyl blushes more because of his praise. "I think that-" Her eyes widens as a manticore appears, and sticks his face in hers. It roars, showing its teeth. Vinyl makes a 'Squee' noise.

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Where in Equestria is my sonic screwdriver! censorkip.gif! The Doctor twisted around, trying to figure out where he'd dropped it. There it is! He snatched it up with his mouth and squeezed the button.




The manticore roared and curled up, covering its ears. "Get out of here or I presh the button again!" he yelled at the monster between the screwdriver and his teeth.

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(That's it... Slipping into first person. xd.png)The manticore shrieks in pain, and with its massive paw, it tries to deal a very heavy blow to the chestnut pony. I scream, "Doctor! Look out!" I hit him in the side, keeping him away from the paw. The paw connects, knocking me into a tree, and I get knocked out. A cut in my head bleeds, and the beast runs away, leaving me slumped over.

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((I'll join you... I write so much better in 1st person anyhow.))




I made sure that my sonic screwdriver would either make the manticore deaf or scare him away sufficiently. "Vinyl! Please tell me you're okay!"

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I groan in pain. My eyelids flutter open. "Urg... Doctor? You okay? I didn't have time to think... I just saw the manticore about to hurt you, and I just..." I was at a loss for words. I tried to use my magic, but the blow to my head prevented me from casting the simplest spell. "Damn... Stupid manticore..." I muttered, then gasped. I didn't realize that I was speaking aloud. "S-Sorry."

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((Aaaand back to 3rd. Guess I'm only good with characters I own. :/))


"It's fine, Vinyl. In your position, I would be cursing like a sailor." he said. "I'm just grad you're still alive. We should get to the library. It seems the safest place right now."

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I nod, and try to walk, but I cringe, and fall. "Erm... I think I may need some help. The manticore really did a number on me." I wondered if somepony would be at the library.

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((Username: pudding


Pony Name: Raggedy Doctor


Personality: Unlike Doctor Whooves, the Raggedy Doctor was born in the Pony-verse on the planet Gallopfrey. He is the last of the Time Ponies and has regenerated into his eleventh form because of his two hearts. He usually leaves the time stuff to Doctor Whooves and instead has started partying in Canterlot. His TARDIS is hidden in the Everfree forest and he usually keeps his sonic screwdriver inside his hat. Overall, the Raggedy Doctor is very childish and often viewed as slightly insane. However, he can compose himself enough to go to parties and act semi-decently.


Appearance: Raggedy Doctor


Password: Geko))

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((Pudding, accepted! Sorry for the wait! Was busy traveling.))

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(Yay. Okay...when will you be on for a while next, Twi?)

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