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The Fatal Letter OoC

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Link to main RP: Main RP thread


Hi! You have reached the Fatal Letter OoC thread. If you were looking for the actual RP, go on ahead to the RP by clicking the link above or at the bottom of the page; thanks.


If you actually wanted the OoC page, you're in luck, because this is it!


News, public plans, mini plots and misc. RP related stuff will be posted here.


You may post:


-Character Sheets

-Plot Discussion


-Critiques, and questions about action taken in the RP, the setting, or about the RP in general

-Summary of Events

-Comings and Goings (though replies to these are not allowed)


You may not post:


-Small posts with no relevance to the RP (ex. I edited, gtg, your turn, had a great day, etc.)

-Chatting with friends - CPA is available to everyone for that

-Discussing DC events, avatars, or any other irrelevant topic

-OoC roleplay of your character


I got these rules and guidelines from the Extra Rules and Guidelines thread that you can find at the top of the page that lists all the Unapproved Roleplays.


Please comply with these rules and all DC forum rules.




-One (1) team has been made (June 9, 2012)

-OoC has been created (June 9, 2012)

-Two (2) more characters are needed to make a new team (June 10, 2012)



General RP Plots


-The only existing team is being tested by Sirin, who is a mentor (June 10, 2012)



RP Updates


-Dictionary of RP slang has been added (June 10, 2012)



OoC Updates


-Much news has been added (June 10, 2012)




Thank you for reading. Feel free to post character sheets / join forms and anything permitted by the rules.


The Fatal Letter Main RP Page: Click Here

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Wow...no edits...thanks!


Open to the public!


*rushes off to edit OP as the plot thickens*

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