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The Complete Your Scroll, Wish List Thread

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For May only:

Mint_egg.gif   White_egg.gif   Nhiostrife_Wyvern_egg.gif



LunarH-egg-rotator.gif   Ice_egg.gif    Thunder_egg.gif



Antarean_egg.gif   Aria_egg.png   Black_egg.gif   Celestial_egg.png    Dark_Green_egg.gif    Ember_egg.gif


Green_egg.gif    Honey_Drake_egg.gif    latest?cb=20170828200205    Lumina_egg.png    Dark_Lumina_egg.gif    Magi_egg.gif


Moonstone_egg.GIF    Nebula_egg.gif    Pink_egg.gif   Red_egg.gif    Seasonal_egg_variations_rotator.gif  Stone_egg.gif


Striped_egg_variations_rotator.gif    Undine_egg.png    White_egg.gif   Geode_egg.gif



Fire-Gem-egg-rotator.gif   Gemshard_egg.png   output_OOa6e4_zpsstee5hbx.gif    Magma_egg.gif



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Top Wish List:

Blue_Dino_egg.gif Blue Dino

Green_Dino_egg.gif Green Dino

Purple_Dino_egg.gif Purple Dino

Yellow_Dino_egg.gif Yellow Dino

Chicken_Egg.gif Chicken


Would still enjoy:

Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif Aeon Wyvern

Avatar_of_Change_egg.gif Avatar of Change

Copper_Dragon3_egg.png Green Copper

Guardian_of_Nature_egg.gif Guardian of Nature

Honey_Drake_egg.gif Honey Drake

Kyanite_Pygmy_egg.gif Kyanite Pygmy

Neglected_egg.gif Neglected

Soulpeace_egg.gif Soulpeace

Undead_standard_hatchi.png(Zombie in general)

Zyumorph_forest_egg.png White Zyumorph

Zyumorph_jungle_egg.png Yellow Zyumorph



user posted image Grave

Desipis_egg.png Desipis

user posted image Caligene

Witchlight_egg.png Witch Light

latest?cb=20171031053452 Omen



user posted image Aegis

user posted image Snow

latest?cb=20171225071828 Garland



Arsani_egg.gif Arsani

Radiant_Angel_egg.png Radiant Angel

user posted image Heartstealing

user posted image Mutamore

user posted image Soulstone

Floral Crowned


Hatchis for freezing:

Monarch_female_hatchi.gif Monarch_male_hatchi.gif M/F Monarchs

 Geode_hatchi.gif Geode S1


*Please note: Lineages do not matter. Codes do not matter. I work on a (1:1) base. (But offering more than one is always nice :)). Always PM me if you want to talk/have any questions. I'll breed something for you if you ask. Probably will not accept if you offer 4 eggs/hatchies not on this list.

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Please PM me if you have these! STILL A WIP


Scroll Goals


CB : I accept any gender unless noted



Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif Copper_Dragon1_egg.png Copper_Dragon3_egg.png Fire-Gem-egg-rotator.gif Gemshard_egg.png Gold_egg.gif LunarH-egg-rotator.gif Morphodrake_egg.png Red_egg.gif Seasonal_egg_variations_rotator.gif Silver_egg.gif output_OOa6e4_zpsstee5hbx.gif Zyumorph-egg-rotator.gif 



Almerald_hatchi.gif Anagallis_hatchi.gif Antarean_hatchi.gif Aria_hatchi.png Azure_Glacewing_hatchi.gif Baikala_blue_hatchi.png Bauta_hatchi.gif Bolt_hatchi.png Candelabra_hatchi.png Celestial_hatchi_corporeal.gif Diamondwing_hatchi.gif Red_Dorsal_hatchi.gif Fell_hatchi.png Garland_hatchi.png  Frilled_hatchi.png Gilded_Bloodscale_hatchi.gif Glaucus_Drake_hatchi.png Day_Glory_Drake_hatchi.gif Night_Glory_Drake_hatchi.gif Greater_Spotted_Drake_hatchling.gif Honey_Drake_hatchi.gif  Hooktalon_hatchling.gif Howler_Drake_hatchi.gif Kingcrowne_hatchi.gif Kyanite_Pygmy_hatchi.gif Dark_Lumina_hatchi.gif Magelight_Pygmy_Wyvern_hatchling.gif Magi_hatchi.gif Monarch_hatchi.gif Nexus_hatchi.png Pink_hatchi.gif Pyralspite_Almandine_hatchling.gif Pyralspite_Spessartine_hatchling.gif Tan_Ridgewing_hatchi.gif Sapphire_hatchi.png Scimitar-wing_Wyvern_hatchi.gif Script_hatchi.png Sinii_Krai_hatchi.png Spinel_Wyvern_violet_hatchi.png Spinel_Wyvern_green_hatchi.png Spirit_Ward_hatchling.gif Sunrise_hatchi.gif Sunset_hatchi.gif Sunsong_Amphiptere_hatchi.gif Tarantula_Hawk_Drake_hatchi.gif Tetra_hatchi.gif Tsunami_Wyvern_hatchi.gif Two-headed_Lindwurm_green_hatchi.gif Two-headed_Lindwurm_blue_hatchi.gif Undine_hatchi.png Yellow-Crowned_hatchi.gif Nebula_red_female_hatchi.png Nebula_green_male_hatchi.gif




Mystery.gif Any gen Thuwed checker

Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif Any, but lines with bsa or rares will get priority. From male silver is always AA

Silver_egg.gif Second gens from any MALE silver, although most wanted are Almerald, Aria, Azure Glacewing, Bolt, Celestial, Falconiform, Fire Gem (NO RED), Frilled


Second Gen : Note, I do not remove mates needed until they are PROVEN. Please PM before breeding 



Shimmer-scale_egg_variations_rotator.gif Tinsel_egg_variations_rotator.gif 




Carina_hatchi.gif Dusk_Pygmy_hatchi.gif Hellhorse_hatchi.gif Risensong_hatchi.gif Setsong_hatchi.gif Shallow_Water_hatchi.gif Soulpeace_hatchi.png Storm-Rider_hatchi.png Two-Finned_Bluna_hatchi.gif Ultraviolet_hatchi.png Alt_Undine_hatchi.png 



Second generation

Silver_egg.gif from female solace for This

Thunder_egg.gif from ribbon dancer for This

Nebula_green_male_hatchi.gif from ribbon dancer for This

Nhiostrife_Wyvern_egg.gif  from ribbon dancer for This

Skywing_egg.gif from ribbon dancer for This

Silver_egg.gif from ribbon dancer for This and This

Desipis_egg.png from ribbon dancer for This

Gold_egg.gif from ribbon dancer for This

Silver_egg.gif from female falconiform for This

Avatar_of_Destruction_egg.gif from male falconiform for This

Grave_egg.png from male gold for This

Magma_egg.gif from male gold for This

Blusang_Lindwurm_egg.png from female gold for This

Copper_Dragon3_egg.png from female gold for This

Silver_egg.gif from female solace for This

Black_Marrow_egg.gif from female silver for This

Tan_Ridgewing_egg.gif from male silver for This and This

Blusang_Lindwurm_egg.png from female silver for This

Sunset_hatchi.gif from male silver for This

Desipis_egg.png from female silver for This

Dark_Myst_Pygmy_egg.gif from female pumpkin for This

Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif from ice for This

Tan_Ridgewing_egg.gif from male ice for This

Swallowtail_egg.gif from female ice for This

Red_egg.gif from female magma for This

Thunder_egg.gif from female magma for This

Ember_egg.gif from female magma for This

Pink_egg.gif from male mint for This

Nebula_red_female_hatchi.png from green nebula for This

Silver_egg.gif from female aeon for This

Pink_egg.gif from male red for This

Green_egg.gif from male red for This

Red_Striped_egg.gif from male pyrope for This

Magma_egg.gif from female red for This

Moonstone_egg.GIF from female royal blue for This

Gold_egg.gif from demale red for This

Albino_egg.gif from male script for This

Gold_egg.gif from male spitfire for This

Deep_Sea_egg.gif from female skywing for This

Magma_egg.gif from female stripe for This

Sunset_hatchi.gif from male stripe for This

Ice_egg.gif from male magi for This

Ice_egg.gif from female copper for This

Fire_Gem_red_egg.png from male copper for This

Gold_egg.gif from male aeon for This

Purple_Dorsal_egg.gif from female stripe for This

Avatar_of_Creation_egg.png from female sunset for This

Sunrise_hatchi.gif from sunset for This


Third generation

Gold_egg.gif from female copper for This

Shadow_Walker_egg.gif from male gold for This

Nebula_purple_male_hatchi.gif from female gold for This

Nebula_red_female_hatchi.png from male gold for This

Guardian_egg.gif from male gold for This

Golden_Wyvern_egg.gif from female gold for This

Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif from silver for This

Cavern_Lurker_egg.gif from male silver for This

Arsani_egg.gif from male silver for This

Rosebud_egg.gif from male silver for This

Guardian_egg.gif from male silver for This

Summer_egg.gif from male silver for This

Whiptail_egg.gif from male silver for This

Pillow_egg.gif from male silver for This

Albino_egg.gif from male silver for This

Gold_egg.gif from male silver for This

Aria_egg.png from female gold for This

Ribbon_Dancer_egg.gif from gold for This

Silver_egg.gif from female ice for This

Ice_egg.gif from male pink for This

Silver_egg.gif from female bronze tinsel for This HIGH PRIORITY

Magi_egg.gif from male red for This

Green_Striped_egg.gif from male spring for This

Summer_egg.gif from spring parents for This

Silver_eg g.gif from female spring for This

Tri-Horn_Wyvern_egg.png from male silver for This

Black_Capped_Teimarr_egg.png from male silver for This

Skywing_egg.gif from male silver for This

White_Striped_egg.png purebreed from green parents for This

Blue_Striped_egg.gif purebreed from red for This

Red_Striped_egg.gif purebreed from blue for This

Red_Striped_egg.gif purebreed from white for This

Green_Striped_egg.gif purebreed for This

Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif from female gold for This

Celestial_egg.png from male silver for This

Black_Striped_egg.png from black for This and This

Avatar_of_Creation_egg.png from male silver shimmer for This

Green_egg.gif from female bronze shimmer for This

Black_Striped_egg.png from green for This


Fourth generation

Black_Marrow_egg.gif from female gold for This and This MUST be unrelated

Tsunami_Wyvern_egg.gif from female gold for This

Magi_egg.gif from female silver for This

Golden_Wyvern_egg.gif from male silver for This

Dark_Green_hatchi.gif from male silver for This

Moonstone_egg.GIF from female silver for This

Blusang_Lindwurm_egg.png from male silver for This

Red_Dorsal_egg.gif from female silver for This

Royal_Blue_egg.gif from female silver for This

Silver_egg.gif pure for This

Shimmer-scale_egg_variations_rotator.gif or Tinsel_egg_variations_rotator.gif inbred checker from metals or other prize dragons for This

Autumn_egg.gif mirror mate for This

Moonstone_egg.GIF from male silver for This

Thunder_egg.gif from female stripe for This

Blue_Striped_egg.gif pure breed same pattern as This

Spring_egg.gif from male silver for This


Sixth generation

Mystery.gif Even gen with interesting linage, such as prize, spriters alts, dorkface... for This

Gold_Shimmer-scale_egg.png even gen checker INBREED for This

Water_Horse_egg.gif from male spitfire for This


Seventh generation

Mystery.gif Even gen with interesting linage, such as prize, spriters alts, dorkface... for This


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Unrealistic Goals, but Whatever, this is a Wishlist for a reason :D

user posted image CB Golds

user posted image CB Silvers

user posted image CB Neglecteds

user posted image 2G Shimmer-Scales

user posted image 2G Tinsels


Things I Collect

Gemshard_egg.png CB Gemshards - happy to take messy/miscolored hatchies, but they're likely to be frozen

LunarH-egg-rotator.gif CB Lunar Heralds - happy to take messy/miscolored hatchies, but they're likely to be frozen

  user posted image  Papers (CB, obviously :3)

user posted image  Checkers, especially metals and single-color lunar heralds

(2G-3G preferred so I can build them up, non-holiday mates)

(metal preferred for metal checkers)
user posted image Even-gen Altkin/Prizekin/etc.
Zyumorph_alpine_hatchi.png Zyumorph_coast_hatchi.png Zyumorph_desert_hatchi.png Zyumorph_forest_hatchi.png Zyumorph_jungle_hatchi.png Zyumorph_volcano_hatchi.png Zyumorph hatchies (any lineage) - messies will be released after summoning


Specific Pairings/Mates

(Higher priority for higher gens)


Currently Most Desired


Nebula_blue_female_hatchi.gif 4G Blue Nebula from Blue Lunar Heralds unrelated to him

Desipis_egg.png 4G M Desipis from Bronze Shimmer unrelated to her (lol)

Sweetling_egg.gif 6G Sweetling from Pinks with Aria Base unrelated to her


Non-holiday mates


user posted image 2G M Dark Lumina from Copper (Brown)

user posted image 2G M Ridgewing (Tan) from Gold

user posted image 2G Royal Blue from Thunder

user posted image 3G M Gold from Magi unrelated to her

user posted image 3G M Gold from Pink with Aria base unrelated to her

user posted image 3G M Gold from Red unrelated to her

user posted image 3G F Gold from Winter unrelated to him

user posted image 3G M Silver from Pink unrelated to her

user posted image 3G F Silver from Black unrelated to him

user posted image 3G Female Silver from Magi unrelated to him

user posted image 3G F Silver from Purple unrelated to him

user posted image 3G F Deepsea from Chrono Xenowyrm unrelated to him

user posted image 3G "PB" Geode from Green unrelated to him or him

Storm_egg.gif 3G M Storm from Red unrelated to her

user posted image 3G F Vine from Silver unrelated to him

user posted image 4G M Silver from Blusang unrelated to her

user posted image 4G "PB" Geode from Stone unrelated to him


Holiday mates


user posted image 2G Copper (G) from Winter Magi

user posted image 2G Blusang from Winter Magi

user posted image 2G Flamingo from Winter Magi

user posted image 2G Red Nebula from Yulebuck

user posted image 2G Nhiostrife from Winter Magi

user posted image 2G Red-Finned Tidal from Wrapping Wing

user posted image 2G Seasonal (Winter) from Wrapping Wing

user posted image 2G Seasonal (Winter) from Yulebuck

user posted image 2G Sunset from Ribbon Dancer

user posted image 2G Sunsong from Rosebud

user posted image 2G Whiptail from Arsani

user posted image 2G White from Snow Angel (Tricolor)

user posted image 3G Silver from Heartseeker unrelated to him

user posted image 3G Golden Wyvern from Sweetling unrelated to him



Holiday dragons


user posted image 2G Tricolor Snow Angel from Gold

user posted image 2G Ribbon Dancer from Vine

user posted image 2G Ribbon Dancer from Marrow

user posted image 2G Ribbon Dancer from Sweetling

user posted image 2G Yulebuck from Marrow

Sweetling_egg.gif 3G Sweetling from Pink unrelated to her

user posted image 3G Solstice from Radiant Angel unrelated to him



Eventual Goals

user posted image 2G Avatar from all breedable pairs, from M and F Guardian of Nature unless single-gender breed

(not super urgent since I can do most, other than prizes/HM/other specials)


Spriter Alts


Female Holly

CB Hybrids/Alts


Gold Shimmer-scale - M/F

Silver Shimmer-scale - F

Bronze Shimmer-scale - M/F


Snow Angel (Gold-Wing)

Snow Angel (White-Wing)


Generally Uninterested In

Drakes, Pygmies, Two-Headed, Messy Lineages (unless otherwise indicated)

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OutlawQueen's Wishlist:


Hi, I'm always working on lineages and breeding projects and such. I'm willing to breed as well as catch commons/uncommons for these. And I usually have pretty good luck with Fire Gems though now I've probably jinxed myself XD. I can also breed descended from my lines in return, PM me for more info.


Always looking for:

Neglected_egg.gif Neglected Dragons, no matter what the line.

Kingcrowne_egg.gif CB Kingcrownes

Pink_hatchi.gif Pink hatchlings of any lineage.

Purple_hatchi.gif  Purple hatchlings of any lineage.


Mates Needed:

Canopy_egg.gif 3rg gen Canopy checker with Holiday (2010) as a mate for her.

Dusk_Pygmy_egg.gif 3rd gen PB Dust Pygmy as a mate for him.

Fire_Gem_green_egg.png 2nd gen Green Fire Grem from male Purple Floret as a mate for him.

Nexus_egg.png Two 2nd gen Nexus Dragons from female Buatas as mates for her and her.

Monarch_egg.gif 3rd gen Monarch from checker with male Shadow Walker as a mate for him.

Golden_Wyvern_egg.gif 2nd gen Golden Wyvern from male Xenowyrm (Chrono) as a mate for him.

Solstice_egg.gif 3rd gen Holiday (2013) checkered with Alt Blacks as a mate for him.



CBs Needed to complete scroll goals:

- Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif Aeon Wyverns.

Copper_egg_variations_rotator.gif Copper Wyverns of any variant.

14udqig.jpg Any Dino of any variant.

Gold_egg.gif Gold Dragons.

Ice_egg.gif Ice Dragons.

Magma_egg.gif Magma Dragons.

Silver_egg.gif Silver Dragons.

output_OOa6e4_zpsstee5hbx.gif Xenowyrms of any variant.

Zyumorph-egg-rotator.gif Zyumorphs except for Red.

Thunder_egg.gif Thunder Dragons.



Alt_Black_sitting_hatchi.gifAlt_Black_crouching_hatchi.gif Alt Blacks, preferably Eg.

Carina_hatchi.gif Carina Hatchlings of any lineage (some for freezing).

Geode_egg.gif Geodes of any lineage.

- Aeon_Wyvern_hatchi.png Aeon Wyvern hatchlings with any lineage.

Bolt_hatchi.png Bolt hatchlings with any lineage.

Edited by OutlawQueen

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Update : July 2021 : update CB hatchlings




Gold_Tinsel_egg.gif Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif 2G tinsel (all colours and genders), mate for this group : 2G Tinselkin


Gold_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G Gold Tinsel (m) x Arsani for her and unrelated to him 

Gold_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G Gold Tinsel (f) x Radiant Angel unrelated to him and him

Gold_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G Gold Tinsel (m) x Heartstealing for her and unrelated to her

Gold_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G Gold Tinsel (f) x Heartseeker unrelated to her  // or 3G Heartseeker checker

Gold_Tinsel_egg.gif 2G Gold Tinsel (m) x Lumina unrelated to him  // or 3G lumina checker

Gold_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G Gold Tinsel (f) x Black Capped Teimar unrelated to him  // or 3G Gold Tinsel checker

Gold_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G Gold Tinsel (f) x Monarch unrelated to him  // or 3G Gold Tinsel checker

Gold_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G - 5G from these CB gold tinsels (stairs/spiral/checker)  : 
         2012 : (KingP)

         2014 : (d1Uq9) GoldTinselDraco / (Liatt) / (s70cR) 

         2015 : (Ernst) / (NFSso) Sunlight and Steel / (Zorra) 

         and other 2012 - 2015 CB Prizes that never breed for others.


Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G Silver Tinsel (m) x Bolt unrelated to her

Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G Silver Tinsel (m) x Fire Gem (Green) unrelated to him  // or 2G Green Fire Gem

Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G Silver Tinsel (m) x Gemshard (Green) unrelated to him  // or 2G Green Gemshard

Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G Silver Tinsel (m) x Light Lumina unrelated to him

Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G Silver Tinsel (m) x Trihorn Wyvern unrelated to her  // or 2G Trihorn Wyvern

Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G Silver Tinsel (f) x Radiant Angel unrelated to him and him

Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G Silver Tinsel (f) x Bright Breasted Wyvern unrelated to him

Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G Silver Tinsel (f) x Undine unrelated to her  // also looking for unrelated 3G checker

Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G Silver Tinsel (f) x Waterhorse unrelated to him

Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif  3G Silver Tinsel (m) x Snow Angel (Gold Wings) checker for her

Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G - 5G from these CB Silver Tinsels (stairs/spiral/checker)  : 

         2011 : (booo)

         2012 : (Monde)

         2014 : (cream)

         2015 : (DB148) Argentum Draconis / (Elune) Song Of Elune / (j2P7p) Fallen Angels Grace / (PUgwb) The Great and Mighty PugWub

         and other 2012 - 2015 CB Prizes that never breed for others.


Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G Bronze Tinsel (m) x Mint for her and unrelated to her

Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G Bronze Tinsel (f) x Antarean unrelated to him

Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G Bronze Tinsel (f) x Gold Floret unrelated to her

Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G Bronze Tinsel (f) x Xenowyrm - Mageia unrelated to her

Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif  2G - 5G from these CB Bronze Tinsels (stairs/spiral/checker)  : 

         2012 : (Monki) Mondaykiz  C / (xJAHA) Asrai de Espesor

         2014 : (dbwls) / (evLc1) / (ln7i4) / (Prime) Matrix Bearer / (SPARK) / (V4b14)

         2015 : (Agwyn) / (Bronz) Bronzy Flicker / (gizmo) Gizmoth / (GiZmO) / (PECAN) / (Pixel) / (RagaD) Jinkx Dal / (yZAIr) Yazaira

        and other 2012 - 2015 CB Prizes that never breed for others.




Gold_Shimmer-scale_egg.png Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png Bronze_Shimmer-scale_egg.png 2G shimmer (all colours and genders), mate for this group : 2G Shimmerkin


Gold_Shimmer-scale_egg.png  2G - 5G from these CB Gold Shimmers (stairs/spiral/checker)  : 

         2014 : (gld13) / (oR2EQ) Tiawen / (pWfNo)

         2015 : (12421) Glorious Occurrence-K / (1vadb) Golden Fish Scale / (Goldy) mighty golden Draco / (KOREA) / (pFdbo) Monty Prize-Scale


Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png  2G Silver Shimmer (m) x Arcana unrelated to him 

Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png  2G Silver Shimmer (f) x Aegis unrelated to her 

Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png  2G Silver Shimmer (m) x Thunder unrelated to him  // or 2G Thunder

Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png  2G Silver Shimmer (f) x Electric unrelated to him

Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png  2G Silver Shimmer (f) x Moonstone unrelated to her  // also looking for unrelated 3G checker

Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png  2G - 5G from these CB Silver Shimmers (stairs/spiral/checker)  : 

         2014 (sauce) Regent of Creation / (ZzDKB)

         2015 : (Casey) / (Ragna) / (Lunio) / (Sougo)

         and other rare 2012 - 2015 CB Prizes.


Bronze_Shimmer-scale_egg.png  2G bronze shimmer (f) x Coastal Waverunner (not LUFFY and Tengernyi Szerencse)

Bronze_Shimmer-scale_egg.png  2G bronze shimmer (f) x Canopy (not NemmyK and Libby)

Bronze_Shimmer-scale_egg.png  2G bronze shimmer (f) x Blue Zyumorph (not Dodgers and Miss Elizabeth)

Bronze_Shimmer-scale_egg.png  2G - 5G from these CB Bronze Shimmers (stairs/spiral/checker)  : 

         2013 : (k1lGr)

         2014 : (1T8hu) Prize Haemoaurum / (BUTTS) King / (LJzUv) Uroboros Hentopan

         2015 : (iefiN)

         and other rare 2012 - 2015 CB Prizes.




Mystery.gif  2G Prizekin mate for this group : https://dragcave.net/group/109568

Mystery.gif  3G Prizekin mate for this group https://dragcave.net/group/139632




2G PB alt Black - named parents ( m x 2 / f x 3 ) AND 1 x messy curled male to freeze

2G PB alt vine - named parents ( m x 2 / f x 2)

2G PB alt undine - named parents ( m x 4 / f x 4 )




1) Aeria Gloris 1M 2F

2) Alcedine Wyvern (Brown) 1M 2F

3) Aqualis 2M 1F Thank you Varislapsi ❤️ 

4) Aranoa 1F Thank you HeatherMarie ❤️ 

5) Balloon 2M

6) Cantormaris - Blue / Green - any gender

7) Coral Pygmy 3M 4M  Thank you Varislapsi ❤️ 

8 ) Crimson Flare 1F 2F Thank you  HeatherMarie ❤️ 

9) Equinox 2M 1F

10)Galvanic 1M 1F

11)Geminae 1M 1F

12)Gemshard - new colors - any gender

13)Glowback Pygmy 2M 3F

14)Hellfire Wyvern 2M 1F

15)Hooktalon 2M 1F

16)Luminox 2M

17)Mariner Pygmy 2M 1F

18)Morphodrake 2F

19)Nhiostrife 1M 2F

20)Pseudo Wyvern 1M 2F

21)Rift Wyrm 1M 1F  Thank you Aie ❤️ 

22)Sandwaste 1M 3F

23)Skysilk 1M 2F 3F  Thank you Aie ❤️ 

24)Split 1M 2F

25)Sunset 3M 

26)Tetra  2F 1M 2M Thank you Varislapsi ❤️ 


Edited by banban007

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Always looking for Silvers
1 female Gold

Aeon Wyverns

Azure Glacewing - male, if hatchling


Bauta - female



Red Copper

Dark Lumina

Dusk Pygmy



Floret Wyvern


Honey Drake - female

Kyanite Pygmy
Laculas - low priority


Red-Tailed Wyrm - female



Script - males

Spinel Wyvern - greens


Tetra - female
Zyumorph - any color

2nd gen Shimmerscale dragon
2nd gen Alt Vine male - eggs acceptable even if they don't alt.
2nd gen Alt Black x2 - eggs acceptable even if they don't alt.
2nd gen tinsels
2nd gen Snow Angel from Purple Nebula
2nd gen Purple Nebula from Snow Angel and Purple Nebula
2nd gen Purple Neb from Purple Neb and Black
2nd gen Black from Purple Neb and Black
Any bloodswaps for Avatars of ? 2nd gen.
Need mates for 2nd gen holiday dragons on 5th page of my scroll.
Any bloodswaps for Avatars of ? 2nd gen.

Any lineage - hatchlings for freezing

Thunder -  female
Magma - s1
Ice -  male
Alt black - s1 curled, female curled, female sitting, male curled
Deep Sea - male
Spotted Greenwing - female
--Blusang - s1, female
--Green Opal - s1
--Purple Opal - , female, s1
--Gilded Bloodscale - male, female
Black Capped Teimarr -  male, female
Olive - male, female
Bright-breasted Wyvern - female
Canopy - male
Seragamma Wyvern - male, female
Tan Ridgewing - s1, male, female
Day Glory - male
Sunstone - male
Ember - male
White Stripe -  female
Green Stripe - female
Black Stripe - s1, male
Dark Myst Pygmy - male
Misfit Pygmy - female
Gold Tinsel - s1, female
Silver Tinsel - female
Bronze Tinsel - male
Spring - s1, male
Autumn - s1, male
Winter - s1, male
Cavern Lurker - s1, male, female
Shadow Walker - s1, male, female
Royal Crimson - female
Blacktip dragons - s1, male, female
Specklethroat - s1
--Black Tea - s1
--Gemshard - 
----Red - s1, male, female
----Blue - male, female
----Green - male, female

Edited by Emerald01
Added newer releases

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I'm missing a ton but these are the ones I've had a really hard time finding/getting.





Lunar Herald





Blue Dino

Purple Dino

Green Dino

Red Dino

Yellow Dino

Fire Gem



Blusang Lindwyrm



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CB golden lunar herald. Mine died the other day and I'm still kicking myself for it whenever I see it

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OMG, this hasn't been updated in over two years! Time to do that in case anyone ever finds this now in 2020.

Doing a lot more lineage projects, plus expanding my CBs since so many are of one gender. Hatchling or egg is fine. CB Wishlist will change a lot as I am hunting almost all the time that I have slots now for them too. Bred Wishlist will likely change a lot as I start and finish projects or lines. For my armies, lineage holds NO meaning, I take all.



1 female Astaarus

1 male Blancblack

4 female Neglected

1 ungendered Neglected

2 female pink Sapphires

1 male yellow Sapphire

1 female yellow Sapphire



Black Marrows (do during Ween holiday)

Caligenes (do during Ween holiday)

Cavern Lurkers (do during Ween holiday)

Desipis (do during Ween holiday)

Graves (do during Ween holiday, need 1 more female)

Pumpkins (do during Ween holiday, need 1 more male)

Shadow Walkers (do during Ween holiday)

Witchlights (do during Ween holiday)

Omen Wyrms (do during Ween holiday)

Arcanas (do during Ween holiday)

Kohraki Wyverns (do during Ween holiday)

Pitfires (do during Ween holiday, need 1 more female)



offspring from Shimmerscale x Omen Wyrm, either breed, either gender

offspring from Shimmerscale x Garland, either breed, male Shims

offspring from Shimmerscale x Venturis, either breed, either gender

offspring from Staterae Xenowyrm x Guardian of Nature, either breed, either gender

offspring from Staterae Xenowyrm x Omen Wyrm, either breed, either gender

offspring from Falconiforme Wyvern x Sakuhana, either breed, male Falcs

offspring from Falconiforme Wyvern x Kohraki, either breed, either gender

offspring from Kohraki x Sakuhana, either breed, male Kohrakis

offspring from Omen Wyrm x Erador, either breed, female Omens

offspring from Omen Wyrm x Wintertide, either breed, female Omens

offspring from Omen Wyrm x Garland, either breed, male Omens



- Shimmerscales, any color, any gen, any lineage, ANYTHING (so long as it's shim, there are none that will be turned away)

- Baikala, any color

- Pillow

- Aether Wyvern

- Falconiform Wyvern

- Rift Wyrms

- Stratos

- Venturis

- Labradorite

- Umbra Xenowyrms

-Staterae Xenowyrms

- Cantormaris, any color

- Hydrophidius

- Oracle Wyrms

- Temple Wyrms



- holidays (Omen Wyrms, Garlands, Kohrakis, Starsingers, Aegides, Wintertides, Glysteres, Eradors, and Sakuhana Wyverns especially)

- metals

- prizes (Shimmerscales especially)

- Celestials

- BSA dergs (Purples and Pinks especially)

- SAltkins

- wyrms and wyverns

- anything purple

Edited by animatedrose
got those last few Gemshards, nice

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Kaiser's Wishlist

Unrealistic I know, but it's Wishlist so... :D


Most Desired


user posted image 2G Holiday Dragons (New Scroll, don't have any Holiday dragons 😢)

user posted image 2G Shimmer-Scales (preferably NOT from Holiday dragons since I can't continue that lineage, see above)

user posted image 2G Tinsels (preferably NOT from Holiday dragons since I can't continue that lineage, see above)

Staterae_Xenowyrm_egg.gif CB Staterae Xeno

Umbra_Xenowyrm_egg.gif CB Umbra Xeno

user posted image CB Golds

user posted image CB Silvers

user posted image CB Neglecteds

Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif CB Aeon Wyverns

Blusang_Lindwyrm_egg.png CB Blusang Lindwyrm




Magma_egg.gif CB Magma

Ice_egg.gif CB Ice

Thunder_egg.gif CB Thunder

user posted image Shimmer-Scales (not messy lineages, low gens preferred)

user posted image Tinsels (not messy lineages, low gens preferred)

Blusang_Lindwyrm_egg.png CB Blusangs

Copper_egg_variations_rotator.gif CB Coppers

output_OOa6e4_zpsstee5hbx.gif CB Xenowyrms

Zyumorph-egg-rotator.gif CB Zyumorphs

user posted image CB Rares


Always Accepting

(Need them for Breeding and Trading purposes so, any lineage is welcome)


latest?cb=20100326231252  Pinks

latest?cb=20100326232645  Magi

latest?cb=20160822010152  Aeon Wyverns

   Red_egg.gif  Reds


Edited by Kaiserf11

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My wishlist~

(BP = Breeding pair, i.e. one of each gender.)


Super Specials: (Kindof have to do on my own)

2 more Guardians of Nature

2 of each gender of each version of Undead, except Drake (have one M) and Lindwurm (Have one F)


Highly Needed: (Will trade big for)

Neglected – M, M, F, Ungendered

2G Bronze Shim from M Celestial (Have order for)

2G F Bronze Shim from M Silver Shim (Might be getting if they produce bronze over silver)

2G M Bronze Tinsel from F Silver Tinsel

2G F Gold Tinsel from M Silver Tinsel




Pumpkin – CB BP

Black Marrow – CB BP

Shadow Walker – CB BP

Cavern Lurker – CB BP

Desipis – CB BP

Caligene – CB BP

Witchlight – CB BP

Omen Wyrm – CB, F 


Valentine's Day:

Valentine – Mx2 2G

Sweetling – Fx2 2G 

Rosebud – FCBx2, Mx2 2G

Heartseeker – Mx2 2G

Arsani – Mx2 2G

Radiant Angel – Fx2 2G

Heartstealing – Mx2 2G

Mutamore – Fx2 2G

Soulstone – Mx2 2G

Floral-Crowned – Fx2 2G



Aegis – Fx2 2G

Holly – F 2G

Yulebuck – Fx2 2G

Snow Angel – Mx2 2G

Ribbon Dancer – Mx2 2G

Winter Magi – Fx2 2G

Wrapping Wing – Fx2 2G

Solstice – (Day) Blue Wing Mx2 G2

Mistletoe – Mx2 2G

Snow Dragon – Fx2 2G

Garland – Mx2 2G

Edited by pikammd

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My wishlist is pretty small


Spessartine Pyralspite
Silver Dragon

Alt Undine

Alt Dark Green


I'm a fan of messy lineages so I'm not really picky on what's in the dragon's blood, so to speak, so any lineage is perfectly fine with me!

Edited by ThatCoolOfAChick

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my wish list
looking for males and females on this list know some of the holiday dragons might have one gender and also mark some with genders telling you i have the males or females of them please pm me 



Garland Christmas 2017    

Zyumorph (Forest Variant)



Day Glory Drake    
female Glaucus Drake        
Honey Drake
male Morphodrake
male Night Glory Drake


Eastern Dragons
Gemshard (Blue variant)    
Gilded Bloodscale
Heartstealing Valentine 2015
Radiant Angel Valentine 2014   
Gold Shimmer-scale
Silver Shimmer-scale
Bronze Shimmer-scale
Striped River
Zyumorph (Desert Variant)



Blusang Lindwyrm
Red-finned Tidal
Seawyrm Pygmy
Two-headed Lindwyrm (green and blue)
Zyumorph (Jungle Variant)


Dusk Pygmy
Kyanite Pygmy
Red-Tailed Wyrm Pygmy
male Pumpkin Halloween 2009

Sea Serpents

Baikala    (blue and green)
Shallow Water

Two-Headed Dragons
female Duotone
male Nexus


Western Dragons

male Antarean
Arsani Valentine 2013                   
female Black Marrow Halloween 2010        
Caligene Halloween 2015    
male Candelabra    
male Cavern Lurker Halloween 2012
Celestial (Corporeal)        
Desipis Halloween 2014    
Fire Gem Dragon (Blue variant)
Floral-Crowned Valentine 2018
Freckled Dragon    
male Grave Halloween 2013
Guardian of Nature
Heartseeker Valentine 2012    
Holly Christmas 2007        
Lunar Herald Gold Variant
Lunar Herald Bronze Variant
Lunar Herald Silver Variant    
Mistletoe Christmas 2014    
Mutamore Valentine 2016    
Pyralspite (Almandine)
Pyralspite (Spessartine)    
female Seasonal Spring     
female Seasonal Summer     
Seasonal Autumn     
female Shadow Walker Halloween 2011        
Snow Christmas 2016
Solstic  Christmas 2013 
Soulstone Valentine 2017
female Striped (White variant)
female Striped (Blue variant)
male Striped (Green variant)
male Striped (Red variant)
male Striped (Black variant)
female Sunrise
female Thunder    
Tinsel Silver
Undead (Western)
female Undine (Regular)
female Vampire Halloween 2008
Winter Magi Christmas 2011
Witchlight Halloween 2016
Wrapping-Wing Christmas 2012


Wingless Dragons

Aegis Christmas 2015
female Leodon               
Zyumorph (Alpine Variant)


Omen Wyrm Halloween 2017



female Astrapi Xenowyrm
Chrono Xenowyrm
Mageia Xenowyrm 

male Pyro Xenowyrm    



Aeon Wyvern
Copper (red,brown,green)  
Floret Wyvern (Purple variant)    
male blue Nebula
red Nebula 
green Nebula 
female purple Nebula
female Nhiostrife Wyvern
female Razorcrest Wyvern
male Seragamma Wyvern
Spinel Wyvern (Green Ver.)
male Spirit Ward (Day Form)
Spirit Ward (night form)



Valentine Leetle Tree
Spring Leetle Tree
Earth Day Leetle Tree
Summer Leetle Tree
Autumn Leetle Tree
Halloween Leetle Tree
Winter Leetle Tree
Leetle Tree




Blue Dino
Green Dino
Purple Dino
Red Dino
Yellow Dino


other dragons
female Avatars of Destruction
female Lacula
female Sapphire


Alt dragons

Aegis Dragon
Arsani Dragon
Black Dragon
Caligene Dragon
Cavern Lurker Dragon
Dark Green Dragon
Desipis Dragon
Garland Dragon
Grave Dragon
Heartseeker Dragon
Heartstealing Dragon
Mistletoe Dragon
Mutamore Dragon
Pumpkin Dragon
Radiant Angel Dragon
Ribbon Dancer
Rosebud Dragon
Shadow Walker
Shimmer-scale Dragon
Snow Angel
Snow Dragon
Solstice Dragon
Spinel Wyvern
Tinsel Dragon
Undine Dragon
Valentine Dragon
Winter Magi
Witchlight Dragon


Holiday dragons

Holly (Christmas 2007)
Winter Magi (Christmas 2011)
Wrapping Wing (Christmas 2012)
Winter Solstice (Christmas 2013)
Mistletoe (Christmas 2014)
Aegis (Christmas 2015)
Snow (Christmas 2016)
Garland (Christmas 2017)

Edited by queenyuna1

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Currently want lots:


Always want some of:


Kind of like (rough preference order):


As I believe in equal opportunity for dragons regardless of arbitrary criteria like lineage, I don't care about lineage (okay, fine, I like cool-looking ones, but bad lineages won't stand in the way of me trading for dragons I like).

IOUs will be considered on a case-by-case basis, though I don't really have anything to trade for.


Edited by osmarks
Update wishlist

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Rememberdrgns’ wish list

Will update soon


Always Seeking:

non-inbred SA kin (at least half CBs as SA) 2G>3G>7G+>6G>5G...

  • All-alt base: 2G>Highest>lower

pronounceable codes (4+ characters) 

Chicken EggChickens

Aeon Wyvern eggAsh eggCelestial eggLihnseyre eggTwo-Finned Bluna hatchiChrono Xenowyrm eggGilded Bloodscale eggKovos Pygmy eggMagelight Pygmy Wyvern eggShadow Walker eggWitchlight egghttps://dragcave.net/group/83146 

Red hatchiPurple hatchiPink hatchiRed/Purple/Pink Hatchies


Currently Seeking:


Gold eggGolds

Silver eggSilvers

Neglected eggNeglecteds

Mageia Xenowyrm eggMageia Xenowyrms

Floret Wyvern egg goldGolden Florets

Green eggGreens

Stone eggStones

Glaucus Drake eggGlausii

Morphodrake eggMorphodrakes

Blue Dino eggBlue Dino



3EG from 2 Witchlight alts

High Gen PB dragons

Clean HM kin

Aegis eggClean Aegis from Pacified

Radiant Angel eggClean Radiant Angel


Scroll Goals:

• Own a CB breedable pair from each biome, or at least two, of each breed

• Own a frozen hatchling of each sprite available, descended from the CB pairs, excluding unbreedables

• Own a non-inbred high-gen SAkin with all of its CBs being SAlts.

• Own 2G Thuwed(s) and SAkin(s)

• Have a CB Prize pair that breeds

• Make 12G PB EG Celestial and maybe Ash lineage. Then checker these two. PB EG for other hoards as well.

• Get a nice code that is similar to my name or aliases

• Actually make my own Neglected 

Edited by Rememberdrgns

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**currently updating - 

Caveborn Wishlist:

High Priority:

user posted image CB Gold
Copper_Dragon3_egg.pngCB Blue Coppers

user posted image CB Silver

user posted image CB Neglected ( I wish... )

user posted image CB Cool Codes


Medium Priority:

Zyumorph-egg-rotator CB Zyumorph (Any)

Xenowyrm egg variations rotator CB Xenowyrm (Any)

Green Dino egg CB Dinos



Low Priority:


Aeon Wyvern egg CB Aeon

Fell egg CB Fell

Royal Blue egg CB Royal Blue

Script egg CB Script


Misc. Wishlist:


High Priority:

user posted image All Cool Codes - I'm a Code Collector

BSA Hatchies ( Red hatchiPurple hatchiPink hatchiMagi mature hatchiAeon Wyvern mature hatchi )


Medium Priority:

Any Messy Hatchies (for freezing)
Low time Alt Eggs ( Black egg Black, Undine egg Undine, Dark Green egg Dark Green, Red Dorsal egg Dorsal, Tan Ridgewing egg Ridgewing )


Low Priority:

PB Alt Fails ( Black hatchi Black, Undine hatchiUndine,  Dark Green hatchi Dark Green )

2G Soulpeace Hatchies Soulpeace female hatchi


Lineage Wishlist:


High Priority: (trying to get this)

Moonstone egg / user posted image  4G Moonstone(f) / Silver(m) from Moonstone x Silver Bloodswap for this and this eventually

Moonstone egg 5G Moonstone(f) from Waverunner for this

Avatar of Destruction egg 4G AoD(f) from AoChange(m) similar to this

user posted image 5G Silver(m) from Hellfire for this


Medium Priority:

user posted image 2G Gold(m) from Gold Lunar Herald for this

Moonstone egg 2G Moonstone(f) from Waverunner for this

user posted image 3G Silver(m) from Royal Crimson for this


Low Priority:
user posted image 2G from Spriter's Alt (preferably Common or Uncommon) / Help get me in Contact with a Sprite to request
user posted image 3G Prizefail Consistent Stairstep
Shimmer-scale egg variations rotator / Tinsel egg variations rotator 3G-4G Prize Stairstep


Holiday Mates Wishlist:
Magma egg 2G Magma (2x) from Aegis for this
Frilled egg 2G Frilled from Valentine for this
Red egg 4G Red from Valentine for this
Gold egg 2G Gold from Sweetling for this
Copper_Dragon3_egg.png 2G Blue Copper from Arsani for this
Black egg 2G Black from Heartstealing for this
Lunar Heralds silver egg 2G Silver Lunar Herald from Heartstealing for this

Holiday Time Wishlist:
user posted image CB Cool Coded New Releases
Aegis egg 2G Aegis from Aegis x Magma Bloodswap
user posted image 2G from Spriter's Alt (December 2015 -> Onwards only)
Grave egg 2G Grave from Radiant Angel for this

Rosebud egg 4G Rosebud from Albino for this

Edited by Looti

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2nd Gen Prize Dragons



Gold Tinsel with Female Aeon

Gold Tinsel with female Blusang

Gold Tinsel With female White

Gold Tinsel with female Purple Floret

Gold Tinsel with male Antarean

Silver Tinsel with male Celestial 

Silver Tinsel with female Gold Floret

Bronze Tinsel with female Antarean

Bronze Tinsel with female Spirit Ward



Gold Shimmer with Garland

Gold Shimmer with female Sunsong

Silver Shimmer with male Celestial

Silver Shimmer with female Aeon

Silver Shimmer with female Purple Floret

Bronze Shimmer with female Antarean

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Nikki's Wishlist

-x1 Aeon 

-x1 Avatar of Creation 

-x1 Blue Dino

-x1 Copper Dragon of each color

-x1 Lunar Dragon of gold, blue, and silver

-x1 Brown Ridgewing Dragon

-x1 Magma Dragon

-x1 Thunder Dragon

-x1 Vampire Dragon

-x1 Zyumorph of each color

-x1 Xenowyrm of Chrono, Pyro, and Thalassa

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6dn8yJ9.gif I've always really really wanted a paper for years! They are my ultimate dream dragon I'm so bad at paying attention and clicking between biomes so I never got one lol.


v3IrEJx.gif Any female silver dragon, idc about CB or lineages


VgDxOKz.png any blusang dont care about gender or lineage or whatever


6yE6hAu.gif Always wanted one of these as well but it's lower



Edited by offensivetitles

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List of stuff Sazandora likes:





-Rift Wyrms

-Glowback Pygmies


-Aeon Wyverns

-Blusang Lindwurms


-Fire Gems (any color)



-Florets (either color)



-Copper Wyverns



-ANY hybrid

-Alts of any kind

-Avatars (any)

-Holidays (any)


Any lineage:

-Fun codes


Needed for scroll completion:

-Neglected -- male and female adult

Edited by Sazandora

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I don't post very often (I real and lurk a lot).  Everyone's want lists are so great looking.  I will look and see if I can help any of you.


My only wants are Spriter's Alts.  Gender and lineage don't really matter.


Off to look at who I can help!


-Carra McClelland


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I like to have even ratios of males and females on my scroll. Ideally 4 females and 4 males of each dragon, although some dragons I have more than 8 of each. 


The only thing I really need to make my scroll complete is a neglected. I don't need 8, I would be happy with just one female and one male. 


Male and Female of this lovely  user posted image



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Oops wrong thread!



Edited by Ribombee

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Drag cave- Dragons Wanted ( Updated 8, 17, 18)

Aeon Wyvern- Female preferred
Antarean- Male preferred
Azure Glacewing
Baikala ( Brown)- Male
Baikala ( Blue)- Female
Black Capped Teimarr- Male
Black Truffle
Bright Breasted- Female
Brute- Male
Deep Sea
Diamond wing
Duotone- Male
Ember- Male
Falcon form Wyvern- any
Fire Gem Dragon (Blue)- Female and Male
Floret Wyvern ( Any)- Male and Female
Gemshard ( Blue)- Female
Glaucus Drake- Male and Female
Hellfire Wyvern- Female
Honey Drake- Female
Hooktalon- Male and Female
Howler Drake- Female
Lunar Herald
Melismor- Male and Female
Monarch- Male and Female
Pillow- Male
Plated Colossus- Female
Red-finned Tidal- Male
Seragamma Wyvern- Male and Female
Spinel Wyvern ( Violet)- Female
Spirit Ward- Male
Storm- Male
Sunsong Amphitere- Male and Female
Swallowtail- Female
Maybe Done
Terrae- Female
Tri-Horn Wyvern- Male and Female
1/2 Done
Xenowyrm ( Astrapi, Chrono, Thalassa, Pyro Needed)
Zyumorphs ( All)

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