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The Complete Your Scroll, Wish List Thread

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I'm not sure if I posted here before, so here goes...!


Looking for:

CB or BRED Zyumorph (Any type)

Zyumorph_alpine_egg.pngZyumorph_coast_egg.pngZyumorph_desert_egg.pngZyumorph_forest_egg.pngZyumorph_jungle_egg.pnguser posted image



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Wow I didn't have any idea I was this far off... 'Goes looking for alt trading thread...


My wishlist includes 8m 8f of each CB or hybrid (I'll get there eventually lol)


Crazy dreams...

  user posted image  any and all of em

user posted imageGold (have no CB)

user posted imageSilver (have 1 CB female)

2nd gen Gold_Shimmer-scale_egg.png Silver_Shimmer-scale_egg.png Bronze_Shimmer-scale_egg.png (eventually would like  from each 1st gen but for now 1 of each would be nice)

2nd gen Gold_Tinsel_egg.gif Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif (eventually would like  from each 1st gen but for now 1 of each would be nice) Have 1 silver 2G




user posted imageCopper Red 7m 8f   Green 6m 6f   Brown 7m 8f

Firegems Fire_Gem_blue_egg.pngBlue 6m 5f Fire_Gem_green_egg.pngGreen 5m 7f Fire_Gem_red_egg.pngRed 6m 6f

user posted imageGemshard  Blue 7m 7f Green 5m 6f Red 6m 5f

Ice_egg.gifIce 3m 4f

Magma_egg.gifMagma 5m 6f

Sinii_Krai_egg.gifSinii Krai 3f

Thunder_egg.gifThunder 3m 5f

user posted imageXenowyrms

Astrapi_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif Astrapi 7m 7f


Thalassa_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.png Thalassa 6m 7f


Mageia_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif Mageia 6m 6f


Chrono_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif Chrono 7m 6f


Gaia_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif Gaia 7m 7f


Pyro_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif Pyro 6m 7f


Zyumorph-egg-rotator.gif Zyumorphs Need lots of em edit thanks Shroomlet!


Zyumorph_alpine_mature_hatchi.pngAlpine 8m 7f


Zyumorph_coast_mature_hatchi.pngCoast 8m 8f


Zyumorph_desert_mature_hatchi.pngDesert 8m 7f


Zyumorph_forest_mature_hatchi.pngForest 7m 7f


Zyumorph_jungle_mature_hatchi.pngJungle 8m 8f


Zyumorph_volcano_mature_hatchi.pngVolcano 8m 6f


Black_Truffle_egg.pngBlack Truffle 5m 3f

Floral-Crowned_egg.pngFloral Crowned 

Lacula_egg.gifLacula 2f

Leodon_egg.gifLeodon 2m

Mimic_Pygmy_egg.pngMimic 3M 3F

latest?cb=20171031053452Omen 6m 4f

Pipio_Pygmy_egg.gifPipio Pygmy 6m 8f

Pyrovar_egg.gifPyrovar 3m

latest?cb=20180422064034Red Tailed Wyrm 2m 4f

Siyat_egg.pngSiyat Blue 6m 6f

Siyat_egg.pngSiyat Green 7m 6f

Siyat_egg.pngSiyat Purple 7m 7f

latest?cb=20180422064035Tatterdrake 6m 3f




Aeria Gloris 4m 5f

user posted image Aeon 5m 7f

Almerald_egg.gif Almerald  3f

Aqualis 1m 3f

Baikala_brown_egg.gifBaikala Green 5m 4f

latest?cb=20170718093722Baikala Blue 7m 6f

latest?cb=20170930230350Bauta 2m

Black_Tea_egg.pngBlack Tea 2f

user posted imageBlue-banded 2m

Blusang_Lindwurm_egg.pngBlusang 4m 3f

user posted imageCandelabra 3f

Dark_Myst_Pygmy_egg.gifDark Myst 1f

Red_Dorsal_egg.gifDorsal Red 6m 7f

Floret_Wyvern_egg_purple.gifFloret Wyvern Purple  6m 6f

Floret_Wyvern_egg_gold.gifFloret Wyvern Yellow 7m 8f

Freckled_egg.pngFreckled 2m

Frilled_egg.pngFrilled 4m

Glaucus_Drake_egg.pngGlaucus 1m

Glory_Drake_egg.pngGlory Day 3m 3f

Golden_Wyvern_egg.gifGolden Wyvern  1m 6f

Hellfire_Wyvern_egg.gifHellfire Wyvern 1m 2f

Horse_egg.gifHorse 2m 1f

Howler_Drake_egg.pngHowler Drakes 3f

Imperial_Fleshcrowne_egg.gifImperial Fleshcrowne 6m 4f

latest?cb=20170828200205Khusa 1m

Kingcrowne_egg.gifKingcrowne 3m 4f

Lunar_Heralds_gold_egg.gifLunar Herald Gold 4m 3f

Lunar_Heralds_silver_egg.gifLunar Herald Silver 5m 4f

Lunar_Heralds_bronze_egg.gifLunar Herald Bronze 3m 5f

Lunar_Heralds_indigo_egg.gifLunar Herald Blue 4m 4f

user posted imageNebula 2m 1f Alt 3f

Nexus_egg.pngNexus 6m 4f

Nhiostrife_Wyvern_egg.gifNhiostrife 4f

Nocturne_egg.gifNocturne 5m 1f

Ochredrake_egg.pngOchredrake 2m 2f

latest?cb=20100326231236Purple 4f

latest?cb=20100327182554Pygmy 1m 

latest?cb=20150816113034Pyralspite Almandine 4m 6f Spessartine 6m 7f

latest?cb=20151105084303Ridgewing Tan 5m 4f

latest?cb=20130407052417Royal Crimson 2m 

latest?cb=20170428203409Scimitar Winged 5f

Seasonal_egg_variations_rotator.gifSeasonal Winter 3m 4f Spring 2m 2f

White_Striped_egg.pngStripe, White 4m 3f

Striped_River_egg.gifStriped River 5m 1f

user posted imageSunrise (6am – 12pm cave time) 2m Sunset (6pm – 12am cave time) 2f

Sunsong_Amphiptere_egg.gifSunsong Amphiptere 2f

Tetra_egg.gifTetra 4m 1f

Tsunami_Wyvern_egg.gifTsunami Wyvern 3m 4f

Two-headed_Lindwurm_blue_egg.pngTwo-headed Lindwyrm Blue 4m 2f 

Two-headed_Lindwurm_green_egg.pngTwo-headed Lindwyrm Green 5m 3f

user posted imageUndine 1f





latest?cb=20170828210236Carina   PB PT GP GT PP PR TR ...it's complicated...

Dusk_Pygmy_egg.gifDusk Pygmies  CM  3m 1f  CF 7m 6f

Geode_egg.gifGeode S 6m 5f  E 6m 6f

Hellhorse_egg.pngHellhorse HM 4m 7f HF 3m 7f

latest?cb=20170625075014Risensong SM 7m 8f  SF 5m 6f

Setsong_egg.gifSetsong SM 6m 8f  SF 7m 7f

Shallow_Water_egg.gifShallow Water WM 6m 6f  WF 6m 5f

Soulpeace_egg.gifSoulpeace WM 3m 8f WF 6m 5f

latest?cb=20171002031618Spinel Green  SM 3m 8f SF 7m 3f

Storm-Rider_egg.pngStorm-Rider EM 6m 6f EF 1m 6f

Black_Striped_egg.pngStripe Black 7m 6f

Blue_Striped_egg.gifStripe Blue 7m 6f

Green_Striped_egg.gifStripe Green 5m 6f

Red_Striped_egg.gifStripe Red 6m 6f

Two-Finned_Bluna_egg.gifTwo-Finned Bluna DM 7m 8f DF 7m 8f WM 4m 3f WF 7m 4f

Ultraviolet_egg.gifUltraviolet PM 5m 7f PF 5m 7f

user posted imageUndine Alt 7m 5f


Holiday Mates Needed

Mutamore 6m

Soulstone 6f


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update 10/23/18

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Need (for Unique Breed Count Completion): 




Love These (CB):

Fire_Gem_blue_egg.png Fire_Gem_red_egg.png Fire_Gem_green_egg.png


Always Like (CB):









BSAs I Will Always Need (Prefer CB or 2nd gen):






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(••÷[ мαε's ωιsн ℓιsт ]÷••)


2G Mates Needed

Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif 2G Aeon from Khusa, mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/Yvuah

Balloon_egg.gif2G Balloon from Khusa, mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/k2gHX

Black_egg.gif 2G Black from Khusa, mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/Sb8bS

Copper_Dragon1_egg.png 2G Brown Copper from Khusa, mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/sWvXj

Fire_Gem_blue_egg.png 2G Blue Fire Gem from Khusa, mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/Sfaxn

Nocturne_egg.gif 2G Nocturne from Khusa, mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/Bb5NC

Speckle-Throated_egg.gif 2G Speckle Throated from Khusa, mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/zixaa

Tri-Horn_Wyvern_egg.png 2G Tri-Horn Wyvern from Khusa, mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/u0ubF

Turpentine_egg.png 2G Turpentine from Khusa, mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/jKA9f and https://dragcave.net/lineage/3TTT3

Zyumorph_forest_egg.png 2G White Zyumorph from Khusa, mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/CwHj2


3G Mates Needed

Deep_Sea_egg.gif 3G Deep Sea from Mistletoe, mate for https://dragcave.net/lineage/PMsgJ


CBs Needed

I am now collecting 2x each gender of CBs and still missing a lot of them. I've started listing them here but realized the list would be huge so I decided to just post my CB Dragons group for reference >> HERE <<. I will eventually put the whole list here when the size is more... decent.


Still collecting CB Golds and Silvers since they breed so poorly ^^;


Always Hoarding/Accepting

latest?cb=20170828204932 CB Khusa 

Celestial_hatchi_corporeal.gif  CB Celestial

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Will always want these,Cb or bred doesn't matter.


Almerald Dragon;
3 Male,3 Female
Almerald_egg.gif Almerald_hatchi.gif  Almerald_mature_hatchi.png


Avatar of Change;
1 Female, 1 Male


Avatar of Destruction;
1 Male,1 Female
Any Stage,Any Time
Avatar_of_Destruction_egg.gif  Avatar_of_Destruction_hatchling.PNG  Avatar_of_Destruction_mature_hatchling.p

Avatar of Creation;
1 Male,1 Female 
Any Stage or Time Frame
Avatar_of_Creation_egg.png  Avatar_of_Creation_hatchling.PNG  Avatar_of_Creation_mature_hatchling.png.


Bronze, 1F 1M
Green, 1F 1M
Red, 1F 1M
Any stage~


Any colour,Any Gender (1 of each,preferably).


Dusk Plgmy;

Dusk_Pygmy_egg.gif Dusk_Pygmy_hatchi.gif
 Dusk_Pygmy_female_hatchi.gif Dusk_Pygmy_male_hatchi.gif


Any Gender

Fire_Gem_blue_female_hatchi.png  Fire_Gem_blue_male_hatchi.png  Fire_Gem_red_female_hatchi.png  Fire_Gem_red_male_hatchi.png Fire_Gem_green_female_hatchi.png Fire_Gem_green_male_hatchi.png

Blue male Gemshard_blue_mature_hatchling.png  
Green,1 Male and 1 Female Gemshard_green_mature_hatchling.png
Red,1 Male and 1 Female Gemshard_red_mature_hatchling.png


Glided BloodScale;
1 Male and 1 Female 
Gilded_Bloodscale_female_hatchi.png  Gilded_Bloodscale_male_hatchi.png


Will always want these,Any gender.


Indigo, 1 Male and 1 Female 
Lunar_Heralds_indigo_egg.gif Lunar_Heralds_indigo_hatchi.gif  Lunar_Heralds_indigo_mature_hatchi.png


Will need quite lots of this,any gender.


1 Male or 1 Female 
Neglected_egg.gif Neglected_hatchi.gif  Neglected_mature_hatchi.gif


Any Stage,one of each gender.


Risensong Dragon;
Any Gender,atleast 2 of each.
Risensong_egg.gif Risensong_hatchi.gif Risensong_mature_hatchi.gif


Any stage and any gender.


5 Male,5 Female.

Cb or Inbred
Silver_egg.gif Any Stage.


Striped River;
1 Female,1 Male
Any Stage 
Striped_River_egg.gif  Striped_River_hatchling.gif  Striped_River_mature_hatchling.png 


1 Female and 1 Male.
Any stage.


2 Female and 2 Male.
Any Stage.

Zyumorph - Forest;
1 Female and 1 Male.
Any Stage.

Zyumorph - Jungle
1 Female and 1 Male.
Any stage.


Rosebud x 2G White
Heartseeker x Tsunami
Radiatian Angel x Snow Angel.
Mutamone x Mageia Xeno
Soulstone x Horse
Shadow Walker x Walker Stalker.
Aegis x Pink
Grave x Alt Black
Desipis x Brute
Witchlight x Soulpeace.

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CB (eggs OR hatchlings): 

Purple_Dino_egg.gif Gold_egg.gif Silver_egg.gif Zyumorph_jungle_egg.png Shimmer-scale_egg_variations_rotator.gif Pyro_Xenowyrm_egg.gif Gaia_Xenowyrm_egg.gif Thalassa_Xenowyrm_egg.gif  


CB hatchlings: 


Gemshard_red_hatchling.png(any gender) 



2nd gen (purebred) Undine_female_hatchi.png female (or CB any gender)


Dream: a mate for this one (impossible?) and maybe one day  Neglected_hatchi.gif .

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v 4.2

My wishlist is divided into metal lists. Each list indicates what kind of stuff I'm looking for.


The "Gold list" is my top priority list. Any item in this list is welcome at any time:

CB Xenos
CB Zyus

CB Oracle Wyrms

CB Seasonals

CB Cantormaris


Stuff I seek during Holiday events is stated in this "Silver list":


Halloween list:



Immediate Halloween Goals for 2021:

2 CB Female Desipis 

1 CB Female Shadow Walker 

2 CB Male Cavern Lurkers 

1 CB Male Grave 

1 CB Female Pumpkin 

CB Omens 

CB Pitfires 



qyu.png New CB Halloween hatchies

CB Omen Wyrms - CB Black Marrows - CB Desipises

CB Cavern LurkersCB Shadow Walkers



3 CB Male Caligenes
3 CB Female Caligenes
5 CB Male Pitfires
5 CB Female Pitfires
6 Exalted CB Male Pitfires
6 Exalted CB Female Pitfires
2 CB Male Kohrakis
2 CB Female Kohrakis
2 CB Male Arcanas
2 CB Female Arcanas
1 Bred Omen Wyrm no matter the lineage NOT FOR FREEZING

6 Bred Male Graves no matter the lineage NOT FOR FREEZING


Christmas list:


2G PB Holly-Hollies */**


V-day list:


Heartstealings */**



Specific lineages list, aka the "Bronze list":

Shimmer Scale**


2G Silver Tinsel from Male Cavern Lurker

2G Avatar


Other appreciated stuff and stuff I lack, this is my "Copper list":

CB Golds

CB Silvers

CB Aeons

CB Lunar Heralds

CB Coppers







Stuff I lack:

Female CB Neglected

Ungendered CB Neglected


The "real" wish list is the "Lead list". The someday, hopefully, stuff I'd looove to have.

Yeah, this is not a joke >.<

4th summoned GoN - 2G PB GoN



FNYRk3Q.png XaZTof4.png ZvElDL1.png EaZIxXJ.png VAZAn3W.png

DnitMBx.png I7pugh0.png fVRlTu3.png 1p0BufX.png qMT6RjC.png

cxXAl5J.png Y084eJZ.png 29S0HUd.png rUgETq1.png iFYHcJ0.png


*Any Gen (Checker)
**Any Gen (Stair, Spiral)

Edited by Kegluneq

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Dai's Wishlist

Generation type is listed in order of most favored to least favored



Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif ~ CB, purebred (any generation, lower is preferred), neat low generation (may consider others)

Alt_Black_crouching_hatchi.gif ~ Purebred 2nd generation

Copper_egg_variations_rotator.gif ~ CB, purebred 2nd generation

Gold_egg.gif ~ CB, purebred 2nd generation

Neglected_egg.gif ~ CB, any is okay

Shimmer-scale_egg_variations_rotator.gif ~  CB, purebred 2nd generation, neat low generation

Silver_egg.gif ~ CB, purebred 2nd generation

Tinsel_egg_variations_rotator.gif ~ CB, purebred 2nd generation, neat low generation

Chrono_Xenowyrm_egg.gif ~ CB, purebred 2nd generation, neat low generation

CB Zombies of any kind (fodder)



Desipis_egg.png ~ CB, purebred 2nd generation, neat low generation

Omen Wyrms ~ CB, purebred 2nd generation, neat low generation




ALL NEWER HYBRIDS ~ 2nd generation




Edited by Chromatic Daija

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CB Wish List: 


Baikala- Both color morphs. 2x of each gender.





Thunder_egg.gifX2 - Female


2nd Generation Wish List

Alt_Black_sitting_mature_hatchi.gif x 2


Shimmer-scale_egg_variations_rotator.gif- 2nd-5th generation

Tinsel_egg_variations_rotator.gif- 2nd-5th generation



Any Generation


















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Toyo's Wishlist :)


Names wishlist (no spaces, please):
Mr Potter
Mr Malfoy
Mr Black
Miss Brown

Count Olaf

Prizekin wishlist:
- user posted image 2g female green gemshard prizekin from male bronze tinsel (not eqpNe)
- user posted image 2g blue lunar herald prizekin from blue lunar x m gold tinsel (not Snape or Jugdrali)
- user posted image 2g blue lunar herald prizekin from blue lunar x f gold tinsel (not Pretiola)
- user posted image 2g blue lunar herald prizekin from blue lunar herald X f silver shimmer (not Luckiest Catch)
- user posted image 2g blue lunar herald prizekin from blue lunar herald x m bronze tinsel (not Sweet Fawn)
- user posted image 2g mageia prizekin from mageia X f bronze shimmer
- LunarH-egg-rotator.gif 2g prizekin from blue, bronze, or silver lunar herald X f bronze shimmer (with matching lunar parent)

LunarH-egg-rotator.gif 2g prizekin from any lunar herald x any prize
- user posted image 2g prizekin from ______ X f bronze shimmer

Prize Wishlist:
- user posted image user posted image 2g prize from any lunar herald
- user posted image Other 2g prizes from female bronze shimmers

user posted image 2g bronzes shimmer from male gaia, not from Mysha or Metal


Spriter's Alt Kin Wishlist:

user posted image 2g deep sea from any female spriter's alt (but especially desipis)

user posted image 2g speckle-throated from any female spriter's alt (but especially desipis)

user posted image Any, really :) 

CB Wishlist:

Always interested in:

- LunarH-egg-rotator.gif Lunar heralds

- user posted image Xenos

- user posted image Deep seas

- user posted image Specklethroated

- To a lesser degree: sunsongs, sunrise/sunsets, and any cbs that produce 2g hybrids.


Lunar Herald x Holiday Lineages Wishlist:

(PM me if you want to make sure they're not related!)


Lunar_Heralds_silver_egg.gif Silver Lunar Heralds!

      - 3g checker from male caligenes

      - 3g checker from soulstone

      - 4g checker from rosy-winged solstices

      - 5g checker from mistletoes

user posted image Bronze Lunar Heralds!

      - 3g checker from soulstones

user posted image Gold Lunar Heralds

      - 3g checker from soulstones (2)

      - 4g checker from male desipis

      - 4g checker from radiant angels

      - 5g checker from mistletoes

user posted image Blue Lunar Heralds

      - 3g checker from soulstones (2)


Holiday Checker Lineages Wishlist:

(I'm workin' on it! There are many.)


Nonspecific Evengen Lineages Wishlist:

- Prize checkers, any gen, prize or regular egg

- Alt sweetling checkers, any gen, any breed

- Checkers from my favorite breeds: xenos, lunar heralds, deep seas, specklethroats, aeons, autumns, sunsongs, ... lots of others. I just love checkers. 


Hatchlings for freezing:

- Anything gendered or ungendered that isn't in this group: My Frozen Hatchlings

Edited by Toyo

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Silvi's Wishlist


Random comment on progress: *sigh* somehow I'm down today... at least things slowly get further. Wonder if there is a trick to get blue Alcedines... I only get red. ^^'



Needed to fulfill my main goal -> have 2 CB pairs or G2 - in case of Hybrids and Alts - of each breed:

Alcedine Wyvern (blue) mf
Motus Cantormaris mmff
Tutela Cantormaris mmf
Aqua Gemshard (Friday) mmff
Amethyst Gemshard (Thursday) mmff
Citrine Gemshard (Saturday) mmff
Pargulus Pygmy (blue) mmff
Pargulus Pygmy (green) mm
Pargulus Pygmy (red) mm
Sapphire (pink) mmff
Sapphire (yellow) mff
Aquilo Xenowyrm f
Aso Xenowyrm mf
Umbra Xenowyrm mmff
Staterae Xenowyrm mmff


Pennybright Copper mf
Alstroemeria Floret Wyvern (purple) mmff
Alstroemeria Floret Wyvern (yellow) mmff
Iris Floret Wyvern (pink) mmff
Jester mmff
Nilia Pygmy (green) mmff
Nobleshield Dragon mmff
Royal Eminence mmff
Spotted Teal Drake mmff



Just to even out the CB pairs:
Ochredrake f

Royal Blue Dragon mmmm
Tideweaver Lindwyrm m
Striped River m
Ciriax Lindwyrm (Green) m
Pyro Xenowyrm f


Desipis Dragon f
Arcana Dragon m
Kohraki Dragon mf
Pitfire Dragon mf
Iridichi Dragon mf


Hatchlings for freezing:

Aeon f
Alcedine Wyvern (blue) mf
Alcedine Wyvern (red) f
Aranoa mf
Astaarus mf
Avatar Change mf
Avatar Destruction f
Avea Pygmy m
Azure f
Baikala Blue mf     
Black alt sitting? mf
Blancblack m
Blazeback m
Bleeding Moon Dragon mf
Blusang mf
Candelabra mf
Iratus Cantormaris mf
Itus Cantormaris mf
Motus Cantormaris mf
Mundus Cantormaris mf
Sophos Cantormaris mf
Tutela Cantormaris mf
Cloudplume mf
Copper blue mf
Copper brown mf
Copper red mf
Pennybright Copper mf
Coral Pygmy Wyvern mf
Dusk Pygmy m  
Elux Lucis Dragon f
Fell m
Fire Gem green mf
Fire Gem red f   
Alstroemeria Floret Wyvern (pink) mf
Alstroemeria Floret Wyvern (purple) mf
Alstroemeria Floret Wyvern (yellow) mf
Iris Floret Wyvern (pink) mf
Iris Floret Wyvern (purple) f       
Iris Floret Wyvern (yellow) f
Frostbite f
Geminae Dragon f
Aqua Gemshard (Friday) mf
Sapphire Gemshard (Wednesday) f
Jade Gemschard (Monday) mf
Amethyst Gemshard (Thursday) mf
Ruby Gemshard (Tuesday) mf
Citrine Gemshard (Saturday) mf
Glowback Pygmy mf
Gold Wyvern mf
Greater Spotted Drake f       
Guardian of Nature m or f ...hm...
Iridichi Dragon mf    
Honey Drake mf
Hooktalon f    
Howler mf
Hydrophidius mf
Imperial Fleshcrowne m
Jester mf
Labradorite mf
Lacula mf    
Lihnseyre m
Luminox Dragon mf
Lunar Herald bronze m     
Lunar Herald gold mf
Lunar Herald silver mf
Magnesium Amphiptere (Volcano) mf
Mariner Pygmy m
Mirisia Amphiptere mf
Mistra mf
Morphodrake m
Nexus f     
Nilia Pygmy (green) mf
Nobleshield Dragon mf
Oracle Wyrm mf
Pargulus Pygmy (blue) mf
Pargulus Pygmy (green) mf
Pargulus Pygmy (red) mf
Prize - Tinsel Bronze m
Prize - Tinsel silver f
Prize - Shimmer bronze f
Prize - Shimmer silver mf
Pseudo-Wyvern Drake mf
Pyralspite Pyrope mf
Pyralspite Spessartine mf    
Pyropellis Wyvern mf
Red Tailed Wyrm mf
Rift Wyrm mf
Royal Eminence mf
Sabertooth Bull Drake f
Sandwaste m
Sapo mf
Sapphire (pink) mf
Sapphire (yellow) mf
Sawtooth Dragon mf
Scymrian Pygmy mf
Shumoga (pale) mf
Shumoga (wild) mf
Siyat blue m    
Siyat green mf
Siyat purple mf   
Skystrider mf  
Spinel green mf
Spirit Ward m     
Spotted Teal Drake mf
Storm-Rider mf  
Stratos mf           
Suncrowned m
Risensong f      
Setsong f
Temple Wyrm f
Tercorn mf
Tsunami f   
Undine gold mf
Amarignis Dragon f
Venturis mf
Vine alt m
Vremya Drake mf
Aquilo Xenowyrm m
Aso Xenowyrm mf
Kemaro Xenowyrm mf
Obidar Xenowyrm mf
Pharos Xenowyrm mf
Thalassa Xeno f
Umbra Xenowyrm f
Staterae Xenowyrm mf
Glystere Wyrm m
Xol (blue) mf
Xol (red) f
Zombie - all but wingless
Zyu Alpine mf
Zyu Coast mf
Zyu Desert mf
Zyu Forest mf
Zyu Jungle m    
Zyu Volcanic f     
Sinomorph ... hm...



... because I obviously don't have enough ^^' :

Fire Gem (Blue) mmff

Aqua Gemshard (Friday) mmmmmmmmffffffff
Amethyst Gemshard (Thursday) mmmmmmmmffffffff
Citrine Gemshard (Saturday) mmmmmmmmffffffff <- I've 10 pairs of the other colors...

Pyropellis Wyvern mmmmfffff <- two pairs of each variation should be fine


Well... probably I could use some more Aeons.

Maybe I also need some more Blanchblacks, Bautas, Bolts and Ochres. Because I like them. :)


Needed to complete at least one pair of that breed

Neglected mfn  - It's the only 'breed' missing. I do prefer the females.

Did several experiments but until now my best result was a turned broken shell. :( Not sure if I try the wrong things or if I just have bad luck.


and all Zombies apart from wingless Hatchlings and male Drake, male Two-Headed, female Wyrm and male Eastern Adults ... I so don't like to kill dragons...


CB dragons I need to win :D

Tinsel Dragon (Bronze) mf
Tinsel Dragon (Gold) m
Tinsel Dragon (Silver) mf
Shimmerscale (Bronze) mf
Shimmerscale (Gold) mf
Shimmerscale (Silver) mf

One each or having some gen2s of these would be fine as well


Dragons I'd really love to have but are imposible to get:

Sweetling alt

Snow Angel rainbow and silver winged


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Alisyn's Wishlist

(Last updated: August 16, 2019)


Needed for Projects

user posted image CB Blacks

user posted image CB Daydreams (M)

user posted image CB Terrae (F)


Always Happy to Get

user posted image user posted image 2G Prizes

user posted image user posted image CB Gold/Silver

Nebula_egg.gif CB Nebulas

user posted image Gold/Silver Checkers (preferably with non-holiday)

user posted image Nebula Checkers (preferably with non-holiday)


Breeding Partners (unrelated unless otherwise indicated)

2G Prizes/Prizekin (lol)

user posted image 2G F Gold Tinsel from Bronze Tinsel for him

user posted image 2G M Silver Shimmer from Celestial for her

user posted image 2G M Silver Tinsel from Kingcrowne for her

user posted image 2G F Bronze Shimmer from Sunstone for him

user posted image 2G F Bronze Tinsel from Kingcrowne for him

user posted image 2G F Bronze Tinsel from Gaia Xenowyrm for him

user posted image 2G M Bronze Tinsel from Sinumorph for her


user posted image 2G F Winter from Silver Shimmer for him

user posted image 2G Red Nebula from Bronze Tinsel for him


Especially Sought Mates

user posted image 3G Gold from female Hellfire for her

user posted image 3G Silver from female Pink, Aria base for her

user posted image 4G Silver from Blue Nebula for her

user posted image 6G Gold from female Pink, Aria base for her


user posted image 3G Magma from Red Nebula for her

user posted image 3G Blue Nebula from Cavern Lurker for him or him

user posted image 3G Green Nebula from Mistletoe for her

user posted image 3G Terrae from female (green) Spinel for her

user posted image 4G Red Nebula from Cavern Lurker for him

user posted image 4G Red Nebula from Wrapping Wing for him

user posted image 4G Pink from Yulebuck, Aria base for him

user posted image 5G Autumn from Heartseeker for him


user posted image 3G Sweetling from Daydream, alt Sweetling base for her

user posted image3G Shadow Walker from Red Nebula for her

user posted image 5G Cavern Lurker from Purple Nebula for him


Other Needed Mates



Caveborn (Goal: At least 4 pairs of each, bold=priority)

(With regard to trading, will accept bolded as eggs, but unbolded as hatchlings unless stated otherwise.)

user posted image Copper (Red): 2M / 1F

user posted image Copper (Brown): 1M / 1F

user posted image Copper (Green): 1M / 2F

user posted image Gold: 2M / 2F

user posted image Lunar Herald (Bronze): 1M / 1F

user posted image Lunar Herald (Indigo): 1M / 2F

user posted image Silver: 2M / 2F

user posted image Xenowyrm (Chrono): 2M / 1F

user posted image Xenowyrm (Gaia): 3M / 2F

user posted image Xenowyrm (Mageia): 1M / 1F

user posted image Xenowyrm (Pyro): 1M / 1F

user posted image Xenowyrm (Thalassa): 2M / 1F

user posted image Zyumorph (Coast): 2M / 3F

user posted image Zyumorph (Desert): 1M / 1F

user posted image Zyumorph (Forest): 1M / 1F

user posted image Zyumorph (Jungle): 2M / 1F


user posted image Albino: 4M / 4F (low priority)

user posted image Aria: 3M / 2F

user posted image Azure Glacewing: 1M / 1F
user posted image Balloon : 3M / 3F (low priority)

user posted image Black Tea: 1M / 2F

Black_Truffle_egg.png Black Truffle: 1F

user posted image Blacktip: 2M

user posted image Blue Banded: 1M

user posted image Brute: 1F

user posted image Candelabra: 1M / 1F

user posted image Canopy: 1F

user posted image Coastal Waverunner: 1M / 1F

user posted image Diamondwing: 2M / 1F

user posted image Dorsal (Red): 4M / 4F

user posted image Ember: 1M / 1F

user posted image Fell: 1F

user posted image Fire Gem (Red): 1M / 2F

user posted image Flamingo: 1F

Floret_Wyvern_egg_purple.gif Floret (Purple): 1M / 1F

Floret_Wyvern_egg_gold.gif Floret (Gold): 1M / 2F

Freckled_egg.png Freckled: 3M

user posted image Frostbite: 1M / 1F

user posted image Green: 1M

user posted image Guardian: 1M

user posted image Hellfire: 1F

user posted image Imperial Fleshcrowne: 1M / 2F

latest?cb=20170828200205 Khusa: 1F

user posted image Lumina (Light): 1F

user posted image Monarch: 1M / 2F

user posted image Nocturne: 1M / 2F

user posted image Pink: 1M / 1F 

user posted image Plated Colossus: 2M / 2F

user posted image Almandine: 2M / 1F

user posted image Pyrope: 3M / 1F

user posted image Spessartine: 2M / 2F

user posted image Sapphire: 1M / 1F

user posted image Scimitar-Wing: 2M / 1F

user posted image Seasonal (Spring): 1M

user posted image Seasonal (Fall): 2M / 3F

user posted image Seasonal (Winter): 1M / 1F

user posted image Seragamma: 1M / 2F

user posted image Speckle-Thoated: 1M

user posted image Spirit Ward: 2M

user posted image Stone: 2M / 1F

user posted image Striped River: 2M / 2F

user posted image Sunrise: 2M / 2F

user posted image Swallowtail: 1M

user posted image Undine: 1F

user posted image Water: 2M / 1F 

user posted image Waterwalker: 1F

user posted image Waterhorse: 1M / 1F

user posted image Whiptail: 1M / 1F

user posted image White: 1M

user posted image Yellow-Crowned: 2M


(Goal: At least 2 pairs of each) (low priority)

user posted image Glory (Day): 1F

user posted image Morphodrake: 1F


latest?cb=20170718093722 Baikala (Blue): 2M / 1F

latest?cb=20170930230350 Bauta: 1M / 1F

user posted image Nexus: 1M / 2F


user posted image Crimson Flare: 1M

user posted image Dark Myst: 1M

user posted image Nilia: 1F


Holiday/Special CBs

user posted image CB Neglected (lol)

user posted image Paper

user posted image Pumpkin: CB, 1F

user posted image Black Marrow: CB, 2M / 2F

user posted image Shadow Walker: CB, 2M / 3F

user posted image Cavern Lurker: CB, 1M / 1F

user posted image Grave: CB, 1M / 1F

user posted image Desipis: CB, 2M / 3F

user posted image Caligene: CB, 1M / 2F

user posted image Witchlight: CB, 1M / 1F
latest?cb=20171031053452 Omen: CB, 3M / 3F

Arcana: CB, 1M / 1F

Hybrids (low priority)

user posted image 2G Avatar of Change

user posted image 2G Avatar of Destruction

user posted imageuser posted image 2G PB Alt Black

latest?cb=20170828210236 2G Carina

Dusk_Pygmy_egg.gif 2G Dusk Pygmy

user posted image 2G PB Alt Green

user posted image 2G Geode

Risensong_egg.gif 2G Risensong

Setsong_egg.gif 2G Setsong

user posted image 2G Shallow Water

user posted image 2G Soulpeace

latest?cb=20171002031618 2G PB Spinel (Green)

user posted image 2G Two-Finned Bluna

user posted image 2G Ultraviolet

user posted image 2G PB Alt Undine


Any Lineage

user posted image Aeon Hatchies

user posted image Purple Hatchies

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My scroll goal is to have at least one CB of each gender for every species (for hybrids I'll take a 2G instead, duh).  The following is a list of dragons I still need; mostly those released in-cave after I went on hiatus in about 2016.  Sorted by my best guess at scroll breed sort.  I'm pretty much only interested in hatchies for most of these, since I can catch/breed them myself if I had more patience.

  • Azure Glacewing f Azure_Glacewing_hatchi.gifAzure_Glacewing_mature_hatchi.png 
  • Baikala
    • brown f Baikala_brown_hatchi.png Baikala_brown_female_hatchi.png 
    • green m/f Baikala_blue_hatchi.pngBaikala_blue_female_hatchi.pngBaikala_blue_male_hatchi.png
  • Black
    • alt m/f Alt_Black_crouching_hatchi.gifAlt_Black_sitting_hatchi.gifAlt_Black_crouching_mature_hatchi.gifAlt_Black_sitting_mature_hatchi.gif
  • Black Marrow (holiday) m/f
  • Carina (bred-only) m/f Carina_hatchi.gif Carina_female_hatchi.png Carina_male_hatchi.png
  • Cavern Lurker (holiday) m/f
  • Dark Green
    • alt f Dark_Green_alt_hatchi.gifDark_Green_alt_mature_hatchi.gif
  • Desipis (holiday) f
  • Diamondwing f Diamondwing_hatchi.gif Diamondwing_mature_hatchi.gif
  • Dusk Pygmy (bred-only) m Dusk_Pygmy_hatchi.gif Dusk_Pygmy_male_hatchi.gif
  • Fell m/f Fell_hatchi.png Fell_female_hatchi.png Fell_male_hatchi.png
  • Avatars (bred-only)
    • Change m/f Avatar_of_Change_hatchling.PNGAvatar_of_Change_mature_hatchling.png
    • Destruction m/f Avatar_of_Destruction_hatchling.PNGAvatar_of_Destruction_mature_hatchling.p
  • Heartseeker (holiday) m
  • Heartstealing (holiday) f
  • Christmas Dragons (holiday)
    • Holly m/f
    • Yulebuck m
    • Snow Angel f
    • Ribbon Dancer m
    • Winter Magi f
    • Snow m
    • Garland f
  • Honey Drake m/f Honey_Drake_hatchi.gifHoney_Drake_female_hatchi.gifHoney_Drake_male_hatchi.gif
  • Khusa m Khusa_hatchi.pngKhusa_mature_hatchi.png
  • Neglected m/f hahahahahaha
  • Omen Wyrm (holiday) m/f
  • Prize Dragons (special) - just want pretty lineages - not actively looking for these though
    • Gold Shimmer
    • Silver Shimmer (5-gen, from (MtQW6) x f royal blue)
    • Bronze Shimmer (6- and 7-gen, from (brFa8) x f hellfire)
    • Gold Tinsel (3-gen, from (Epic) x m gold)
    • Silver Tinsel (5-gen from Penk x white to m tinsel x f pink, and 9-gen (DMHP) x f blue nebula)
    • Bronze Tinsel (7-gen from (Vein) x f thunder)
  • Pumpkin (holiday)
  • Scimitar-wing Wyvern m Scimitar-wing_Wyvern_hatchi.gif Scimitar-wing_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.png
  • Shadow Walker (holiday) m/f
  • Sinii Krai m Sinii_Krai_hatchi.pngSinii_Krai_male_hatchi.png
  • Soulstone (holiday) f
  • Striped (non-white are bred-only)
    • blue m/f Blue_Striped_hatchi.gifBlue_Striped_mature_hatchi.gif
    • red m/f Red_Striped_hatchi.gifRed_Striped_mature_hatchi.gif
    • black m Black_Striped_hatchi.gifBlack_Striped_mature_hatchi.gif
  • Tarantula Hawk Drake f Tarantula_Hawk_Drake_hatchi.gifTarantula_Hawk_Drake_mature_hatchi.gif
  • Tetra m Tetra_hatchi.gifTetra_mature_hatchi.gif 
  • Valentine (holiday) f
  • Witchlight (holiday) m/f
  • Zombie m/f :(
  • Zyumorph
    • Jungle (yellow) m Zyumorph_jungle_hatchi.pngZyumorph_jungle_mature_hatchi.png
  • Purple Dino Purple_Dino_hatchi.gifPurple_Dino_mature_hatchi.gif


To summon:

  • GoN f
  • Sinomorph m/f


Eventually I also want to have at least one of each frozen hatchling sprite as well, but I'm a lot farther from that.  At some point I'll add a list of the hatchies I don't have...  Probably once I have freeze slots again haha...


PM if you have any questions!  Thanks for looking :) 


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Updated: 5/24/21

(Pardon the images not working hah)



Eventually I'd like to own CBs of as many as I can, with at least 1 of each gender for now (and all breed variants if applicable), but even this list will keep me busy for quite some time lol. Not picky between eggs/hatchlings/adults. In general, anything bred I prefer clean lineages and 2-4g if possible. Bold is priority.


Personal Projects (All CB)

**projects on break

2G Prize lineages: see Prizes section


Always Collecting

Always CB unless they need to be 2G

latest?cb=20101010122918 http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/0/09/Black_egg.giflatest?cb=20170319130600 latest?cb=20170319130600 latest?cb=20170319130600



http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/1/15/Red_egg.gif http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/c/cd/Magi_egg.gif http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/5/5c/Purple_egg.gif

qyu.png CB Zombie Fodder

Valentine egg Sweetling egg Rosebud egg Heartseeker egg Arsani egg Radiant Angel egg Heartstealing egg Mutamore egg Soulstone egg latest?cb=20180214073617

latest?cb=20100401052333 Pumpkin egg latest?cb=20101101062600 latest?cb=20111031040512 latest?cb=20121103040826 latest?cb=20131031041612 latest?cb=20141031040823 latest?cb=20151031040155 latest?cb=20161031042523 latest?cb=20171031053452

latest?cb=20101221163536latest?cb=20090423185228 latest?cb=20101227034458 latest?cb=20101225051954 latest?cb=20111225052022 latest?cb=20121225055209 latest?cb=20131225053132 latest?cb=20141225051053 latest?cb=20151225050241 latest?cb=20161225050715 latest?cb=20171225071828



latest?cb=20091212232632  latest?cb=20140802232708 - Alt Black, Alt Undine: 1M / 1F each 

latest?cb=20091212232906 - Alt Vine: 1M



latest?cb=20100327002132latest?cb=20100327003950Yellow Dino egg Dino: Adult: Blue, Purple, Yellow | S1/S2 Hatchlings - All

latest?cb=20091212221528Neglected mature hatchi Neglected: S1 - 1 total | S2 - 1M

latest?cb=20160522090801 Undead/Zombie: 1 of each morph, gender irrelevant. Eventually will like adults, S1 hatchies, and S2 hatchies. Current list of Zombies here


Metallics & Prizes


latest?cb=20130526045553 latest?cb=20130526045552 latest?cb=20130526045553 Copper: Rainbow - 1M | Liver - 1M | Verdigris - 1M / 1F

latest?cb=20130129092840 latest?cb=20130129093016 latest?cb=20130129095836 Shimmer-scale: CB & 2G - 1M / 1F per color variant

Gold Tinsel egg Gold Tinsel 2G


Hybrid & Breeding

Must be 2G

Amalthean egg Amalthean: 1M / 1F

Avatar of Change eggAvatar of Creation eggAvatar of Destruction egg Avatars: 1M / 1F Change/ Creation ; 1F Destruction. Special lineages tba

Blancblack: 1M / 1F

latest?cb=20170828210236 Carina: 1M / 1F

Copper Alt: 1M / 1F

http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/2/21/Dusk_Pygmy_egg.gif Dusk Pygmy: 1M / 1F

http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/8/83/Geode_egg.gif Geode: 1M / 1F

latest?cb=20130525040908 Hellhorse: 1M / 1F

latest?cb=20170625075014 Risensong: 1M / 1F

latest?cb=20170625075013 Setsong: 1M / 1F

latest?cb=20100526071332 Shallow Water: 1F

Sophrosyne: 1M / 1F

latest?cb=20160710113249 Storm-Rider: 1F

latest?cb=20100116232848 Two-Finned Bluna: 1M / 1F

Ultraviolet egg Ultraviolet: 1M / 1F

15th Anniversary Hybrid: 1M / 1F


Caveborn Adult

latest?cb=20160822010152 Aeon: 1F

Albino: 1M / 1F

Alcedine Wyvern egg Alcedine Wyvern: 1M / 1F Blue | 1M Brown

Almerald: 1F

Anagallis: 1F

Aranoa egg Aranoa: 1M / 1F

Aria: 1F

Ash egg Ash: 1M

Astaarus egg Astaarus: 1F

Azure Glacewing egg Azure Glacewing: 1M / 1F

Baikala: Green - 1M | Blue - 1M / 1F 

latest?cb=20100326224654 Balloon: 1M 

latest?cb=20170930230350 Bauta: 1M

Black Caped Teimarr: 1M / 1F

Black: 1F

Black Tea: 1F

Black Truffle egg Black Truffle: 1F

Blacktip: 1M / 1F

http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/2/23/Bleeding_Moon_egg.gif Bleeding Moon: 1M

Blue-Banded egg Blue-Banded: 1M / 1F

Blusang Lindwyrm: 1M

http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/2/2c/Bolt_egg.gif Bolt: 1F 

Boreal egg Boreal: 1M

Brute: 1M / 1F

Candelabra: 1F

Canopy: 1F

Cantormaris: 1M / 1F each of Sophos, Itus, Iratus and new alts

Carmine: 1F

http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/c/ce/Cassare_egg.gif  Cassare: 1M / 1F

Celestial egg Celestial: 1F

Ciriax: 1M / 1F Blue

Cloudplume egg Cloudplume: 1M

http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/c/c9/Pygmy_egg.gif Common Pgymy: 1M / 1F

Copper: 1M / 1F Rainbow, 1F Verdigris

Coral Pygmy Wyvern egg Coral Pygmy Wyvern: 1M

http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/b/bf/Crimson_Flare_Pygmy_egg.gif Crimson Flare Pgymy: 1F

Crystalline egg Crystalline: 1M

latest?cb=20100326230434 Deep Sea - 1M

Dorsal Purple: 1M

http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/0/0e/Red_Dorsal_egg.gif Dorsal Red: 1M

Diamondwing: 1M

Duotone: 1M

Electric: 1M / 1F

Elux Lucis: 1F

Falconiform Wyvern: 1F

http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/e/e9/Fell_egg.png Fell Dragon: 1M / 1F

Fire Gem: 1M Green

Flamingo: 1M / 1F

Floret Wyvern egg purple Floret Wyvern: 1M Violet

Floret Alts: 1M / 1F each

Frilled: 1M / 1F 

http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/4/41/Frostbite_egg.png Frostbite: 1M / 1F

Galvanic: 1M

Geminae egg Geminae: 1M

http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/4/41/Gemshard_egg.png Gemshard: 1F Blue & Green; All New Alts

http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/9/9e/Gilded_Bloodscale_egg.gif Gilded Bloodscale: 1F

Glowback Pygmy: 1M

Gold-Horned Tangar: 1M / 1F

latest?cb=20120123163245 Golden Wyvern: 1M 

http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/0/07/Greater_Spotted_Drake_egg.png Greater Spotted Drake: 1M / 1F

http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/8/8e/Green_egg.gif Green: 1F

Guardian: 1F

Harvest: 1M

latest?cb=20100401041551 Hellfire Wyvern: 1M

http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/0/06/Honey_Drake_egg.gif Honey Drake: 1F

http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/b/bb/Hooktalon_egg.png Hooktalon: 1M 

latest?cb=20100326232132 Horse: 1F

http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/3/3e/Howler_Drake_egg.png Howler Drake: 1M / 1F

Hydrophidius: 1F

http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/8/81/Imperial_Fleshcrowne_egg.gif Imperial Fleshcrowne: 1M / 1F

http://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/9/97/Khusa_egg.gif/revision/latest?cb=20170828200205 Khusa: 1F

latest?cb=20160821174632 Kingcrowne: 1M / 1F

Kovos Pygmy egg Kovos Pgymy: 1M / 1F

http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/a/a8/Kyanite_Pygmy_egg.gif Kyanite Pygmy: 1M / 1F

Lacula: 1M

Leodon: 1M

Lihnseyre: 1M / 1F

http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/e/ee/Dark_Lumina_egg.gif Lumina Dark: 1M / 1F

Luminox Wyvern egg Luminox Wyvern: 1F

Lunar Herald: Silver 1M | Bronze & Indigo 1F

http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/d/d3/Magelight_Pygmy_Wyvern_egg.gif Magelight Pygmy: 1M / 1F

Magnesium Amphiptere: 1F Desert

Melismor: 1M / 1F

latest?cb=20180729053613 Mimic Pygmy: 1M / 1F

http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/7/73/Misfit_Pygmy_egg.gif Misfit Pygmy: 1M

Mistlet Pgymy: 1M / 1F

Moonglow Drake: 1M

http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/a/aa/Moonstone_egg.GIF Moonstone: 1M / 1F

http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/3/3d/Morphodrake_egg.png Morphodrake: 1M / 1F

latest?cb=20100401041445 Nebula: 1M / 1F per color variant except male purple

http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/e/ef/Neotropical_egg.png Neotropical: 1F

latest?cb=20131130094503 Nhiostrife: 1M / 1F

http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/c/cb/Nilia_Pygmy_egg.gif Nilia Pgymy: 1M / 1F

Nobleshield: 1M / 1F

http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/4/45/Nocturne_egg.gif Nocturne: 1M

http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/3/34/Ochredrake_egg.png Ochredrake: 1M / 1F

http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/b/b8/Olive_egg.gif Olive: 1M / 1F 

Pargulus Pygmy egg Pargulus Pygmy 1M / 1F Each except red

Pipio Pygmy egg Pipio Pygmy: 1M / 1F

http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/9/90/Plated_Colossus_egg.gif Plated Colossus: 1M

Pseudo-wyvern Drake egg Pseudo-wyvern Drake: 1M / 1F

latest?cb=20140920173142 Pyralspite: 1M Pyrope

http://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/d/dc/Razorcrest_Wyvern_egg.gif Razorcrest: 1M / 1F

http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/3/3b/Tan_Ridgewing_egg.gif Ridgewing (Tan): 1F

Rift Wyrm: 1F

Royal Blue: 1M / 1F

http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/f/f0/Royal_Crimson_egg.PNG Royal Crimson: 1M / 1F

Sandwaste egg Sandwaste: 1M / 1F

http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/5/56/Sapphire_egg.gif Sapphire: Regular 1M | 1M / 1F Pink & Yellow

Sawtooth: 1M / 1F

http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/2/27/Scimitar-wing_Wyvern_egg.png Scimitar-Wing Wyvern: 1M / 1F

http://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/d/d8/Script_egg.gif/revision/latest?cb=20170718093724 Script: 1M

latest?cb=20100326231211 latest?cb=20110621092342 latest?cb=20101226043608 latest?cb=20100328012039 Seasonal: Spring - 1F | Summer - 1M | Fall - 1M/1F | Winter - 1F

Seawyrm Pygmy: 1F

Serrati Wyvern: 1M / 1F

http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/7/79/Sinii_Krai_egg.gif Sinii Krai: 1M

Siyat egg Siyat: 1F Blue | 1M / 1F each green & purple

Skystrider: 1M 

latest?cb=20100326232320 Skywing: 1M/ 1F

Speckle-Throated: 1M / 1F

Spinel: 1M

latest?cb=20150726071712 Spirit Ward: 1F

http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/1/19/Spitfire_egg.gif Spitfire: 1F

Split egg Split: 1M / 1F

http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/e/e2/Spotted_Greenwing_egg.gif Spotted Greenwing: 1M / 1F

http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/d/d9/Stone_egg.gif Stone: 1M / 1F

Storm: 1M / 1F

http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/e/e7/Striped_egg_variations_rotator.gif Striped: 1M / 1F each

http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/e/eb/Striped_River_egg.gif Striped River: 1M / 1F

Sunbeam: 1F

Sunrise-Sunset egg Sunrise: 1M / 1F

Sunrise-Sunset egg Sunset: 1F 

Sunsong: 1F

Sunstone: 1M / 1F

http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/6/6f/Swallowtail_egg.gif Swallowtail: 1M

http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/d/dc/Tarantula_Hawk_Drake_egg.png Tarantula Hawk Drake: 1F

http://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/5/59/Tatterdrake_egg.gif/revision/latest?cb=20180422064035 Tatterdrake: 1F

Tercorn: 1F

Terrae: 1F

http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/f/f5/Tetra_egg.gif Tetra: 1M / 1F

Tideweaver: 1M / 1F

http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/5/51/Tri-Horn_Wyvern_egg.png Tri-Horn Wyern: 1M / 1F

http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/a/a9/Tsunami_Wyvern_egg.gif Tsunami: 1F

latest?cb=20200426040653 Venturis: 1F

latest?cb=20100326233452 Water: 1M / 1F

http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/d/d7/Water_Walker_egg.gif Water Walker: 1M / 1F

http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/1/12/Whiptail_egg.gif Whiptail: 1M / 1F

http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/b/b8/White_egg.gif White: 1M / 1F

Xenowyrm Astrapi: 1M

http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/5/59/Chrono_Xenowyrm_egg.gif Xenowyrm Chrono: 1M

http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/c/c5/Gaia_Xenowyrm_egg.gif Xenowyrm Gaia: 1F

Obidar Xenowyrm egg Xenowyrm Obidar: 1F

Xenowyrm Pyro: 1M

http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/8/89/Thalassa_Xenowyrm_egg.gif Xenowyrm Thalassa: 1M / 1F

Xenowyrm Umbra: 1M

Xol blue egg Xol: Both 1M / 1F

http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/0/06/Yellow-Crowned_egg.gif Yellow-Crowned: 1F

http://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/c/ca/Zyumorph-egg-rotator.gif Zyumorph: 1M / 1F yellow, 1M pink, 1M white, 1F Blue, 1F Red


Holiday CB

Valentine egg Sweetling egg Rosebud egg Heartseeker egg Arsani egg Radiant Angel egg Heartstealing egg Mutamore egg Soulstone egg  - 1 all

latest?cb=20100401052333 Vampire: 1M / 1F

Pumpkin egg Pumpkin: 1M

latest?cb=20111031040512 Shadow Walker: 1M 

latest?cb=20121103040826 Cavern Lurker: 1F 

latest?cb=20131031041612 Grave: 1M 

latest?cb=20141031040823 Desipis: 1M 

latest?cb=20151031040155 Caligene: 1F 


Special Lineages: http://images.wikia.com/dragcave/images/d/d4/Mystery.gif

Preferably low-gen, gender irrelevant except for stairs, etc

Dorkface: Any lineage

Thuwed: Lineages not in this group

Spriter's Alt: Lineages not in this group. Priority on 2-3G



Spreadsheet tba



Spreadsheet tba



http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/a/aa/Mint_egg.gif - 2G from 1-2 upside down parents (April Fool's)


Special Codes: http://images.wikia.com/dragcave/images/d/d4/Mystery.gif

  • Z-codes, especially from breeds not in group. CB or Bred, though prefer CB
  • Name Codes
  • Word Codes
  • Naughty Codes
  • Palindromes
  • All caps/all lowercase/all numbers


2G Prizes:

http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/9/94/Gold_Tinsel_egg.gif Gold 

  • Holiday: Heartseeker, Radiant Angel, Soulstone, Black Marrow, Grave, Caligene, Holly, Yulebuck, Snow Angel (all), Ribbon Dancer, Winter Magic, Wrapping Wing, Solstice, Aegis Neutral, Aegis Enraged, Snow, Garland
  • Year Round: Bolt, tba

http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/2/27/Silver_Tinsel_egg.gif Silver

  • Holiday: Valentine, Sweetling, Rosebud, Arsani, Radiant Angel, Heartstealing, Mutamore, Floral-Crowned, Shadow Walker, Grave, Witchlight, Omen Wyrm, Holly, Wrapping Wing, Mistletoe, Aegis Neutral
  • Year Round: Aeon, Aether, Almerald, Aria, Azure Glacewing, Balloon, Black Alt, Black Tea, Black Truffle, Bleeding Moon, Blue-Banded, Blusang, Bolt, Bright-Breasted Wyvern, Brimstone, Brute, Carmine, Copper Rainbow, Copper Verdigris, Dark Green Alt, Daydream, Deep Sea, Diamondwing, Elux, Ember, Falconiform, Fell, Fever, Fire Gem all, Flamingo, Floret Wyvern both, Frilled, Frostbite, Gemshard green, Gold, Gold-Horned Tangar, Golden Wyvern, Green, GoN, Harvest, Horse, Ice, Kingcrowne, Lacula, Leodon, Lunar Herald Indigo & Silver, Magi, Magma, Melismor, Mint, Monarch, Moonstone, Nebula Purple, Neotropical, Nexus, Nhiostrife, Nocturne, Olive, Pillow, Pink, Plated, Purple, Pyrovar, Razorcrest, Red, Royal Blue, Sapphire, Script, Seasonal all, Seragamma, Setsong, Silver, Sinii Krai, Siyat Green, Skywing, Spinel red, Spirit Ward, Spotted Greenwing, Striped River, Sunsong, Terrae, Thunder, Silver Tinsel, Tri-Horn Wyvern, Tsunami,  Urdine yellow, Water, Xeno - priority on Aso/Ke'maro/Umbra,

http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/0/00/Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif Bronze

  • Holiday: Desipis, Aegis Enraged
  • Year Round: Bronze Tinsel



Frozen Hatchlings

Eventually I plan to have all stages, all genders frozen. For now, here are the priorities:


Aeria Gloris mature hatchi Balloon mature hatchiDiamondwing mature hatchiNlcuQhttp://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/6/69/Ember_hatchi.gif http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/5/59/Ember_mature_hatchi.gif   http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/3/34/Glaucus_Drake_hatchi.png http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/5/5c/Glaucus_Drake_mature_hatchi.png Luminox Wyvern hatchi http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/b/b8/Monarch_hatchi.gif http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/5/58/Monarch_female_hatchi.gif http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/d/da/Monarch_male_hatchi.gifNhiostrife Wyvern mature hatchiSpinel Wyvern violet mature hatchihttp://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/c/cb/Morphodrake_mature_hatchi.png http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/9/94/Terrae_female_hatchi.gif http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/1/15/Terrae_male_hatchi.gif Pillow female hatchi Pillow male hatchi Pipio Pygmy female hatchiSapo mature hatchlingWater male hatchi

Vampire female hatchi Vampire male hatchi Black Marrow hatchi Black Marrow mature hatchi Grave mature hatchi Witchlight mature hatchi Arcana hatchi

Chicken hatchi



Carina female hatchi Carina male hatchi Two-Finned Bluna hatchi Two-Finned Bluna mature hatchi

Valentine mature hatchi Sweetling mature hatchi Rosebud mature hatchi Heartseeker mature hatchi Radiant Angel mature hatchi Mutamore mature hatchi

Starsinger hatchiStarsinger mature hatchi

Edited by Kurokosworth

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~~~~~~My Wishlist~~~~~~


Lineages needed:

Bronze_Tinsel_egg.gif 3EG Bronze Tinsel x female Mageia (as a mate for her)

Alt_Undine_male_hatchi.png 2G male PB Alt Undine (as a mate for her)


Scroll goals:

Neglected_egg.gif/Neglected_hatchi.gif/Neglected_mature_hatchi.gif Neglected - any stage/lineage/gender (I can dream, can't I? ^^; )

Shimmer-scale_egg_variations_rotator.gifTinsel_egg_variations_rotator.gif 2G Tinsel/Shimmer x any of these mates:

  • Aria_female.pngAria_male.png
  • Guardian_adult.gif
  • Kingcrowne_adult.png
  • Lumina_female.pngLumina_male.png
  • Lunar_Heralds_indigo_adult.png
  • Nebula_blue_female.gif
  • Undine_female.pngUndine_male.png
  • Sapphire_adult.png


2G - 3G from these alts, if possible:

  • Desipis_Birdzgoboom_alt_male.PNGDesipis_Birdzgoboom_alt_female.PNG
  • Desipis_PieMaster_alt_male.PNGDesipis_PieMaster_alt_female.PNG
  • Birdzgoboom%27s_Alt_Radiant_Angel_adult.
  • Nepherim%27s_Alt_Sweetling_adult.gif
  • Alt_Sweetling_adult.gif
  • Dolphinsong%27s_Alt_Rosebud_adult.png
  • Walker%27s_Alt_Arsani_adult.png
  • Birdzgoboom%27s_Alt_Omen_Wyrm_female.pngBirdzgoboom%27s_Alt_Omen_Wyrm_male.png
  • Process%27_Alt_Omen_Wyrm_female.pngProcess%27_Alt_Omen_Wyrm_male.png
  • Mistletoe_adult_PieMaster.png
  • Mistletoe_adult_Tikigurl91.png
  • Fiona_BlueFire%27s_Alt_Garland_adult.gif
  • Spriter%27s_Alt_Shimmer-scale_adult.png
  • Spriter%27s_Alt_Tinsel_adult.png
  • Spriter%27s_Alt_Ribbon_Dancer_adult.png


For freezing:

Alt_Black_crouching_hatchi.gifAlt_Black_sitting_hatchi.gifAlt_Black_sitting_mature_hatchi.gif Messy/inbred Alt Black hatchies

Gold_Shimmer-scale_hatchi.pngSilver_Shimmer-scale_hatchi.pngBronze_Shimmer-scale_hatchi.png Messy/inbred Shimmer hatchies 

Alt_Undine_hatchi.pngAlt_Undine_female_hatchi.pngAlt_Undine_male_hatchi.png Messy/inbred Alt Undine hatchies

Edited by FluffyPillow

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Mochi's Wishlist (incomplete & editing)

Main Goal: To complete my collection and own 4 CB of each breed for an even ratio of male-female & frozen hatchlings



Halloween Planning


  • current count: 2 males to 2 females
  • exalted count: 2 males to 1 female

Female Shadowalkers

  • current count: 5 male to 2 female

Kohraki hatchies for freezing

Female Arcana (but more CB in general)

More Omen Hatchies

More Mature Graves Hatchies



Current Obsessions:



Current Goals:

Undine: 3/10

Water: 40/100

Anagallis: 44

Blancblack: 32


Lineage Projects (CBs)

http://i103.photobucket.com/albums/m146/Millie_Azure/output_OOa6e4_zpsstee5hbx.gif Xenowyrms

http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/4/4a/Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif Aeon Wyverns

Blusang Lindwyrm egg.png Blusang Lindwurm

Water egg.gif Water



http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/c/c9/Pygmy_egg.gifhttp://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/b/bf/Crimson_Flare_Pygmy_egg.gifhttp://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/c/ca/Dark_Myst_Pygmy_egg.gifhttp://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/a/a8/Kyanite_Pygmy_egg.gifhttp://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/d/d3/Magelight_Pygmy_Wyvern_egg.gifhttp://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/7/73/Misfit_Pygmy_egg.gifhttp://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/c/cb/Nilia_Pygmy_egg.gifhttp://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/c/c0/Seawyrm_Pygmy_egg.gif Pygmies

http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/4/4a/Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif Aeon Wyverns

http://i103.photobucket.com/albums/m146/Millie_Azure/output_OOa6e4_zpsstee5hbx.gif Xenowyrms

http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/d/dc/Tarantula_Hawk_Drake_egg.png Tarantula Hawk Drake

http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/8/8c/Anagallis_egg.png Anagallis

http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/1/1d/Water_egg.gif Water

http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/7/75/Candelabra_egg.gif Candelabra


Always Seeking


http://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/c/ca/Zyumorph-egg-rotator.gif Zyumorphs


Scroll Completion Progress (CBs) - Currently My Lowest Priority, especially the hatchlings

Type - Needed

(update needed)



http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/0/02/Aeon_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.png Aeon Wyvern - Hatchlings*

Aether Wyvern hatchi.gif Aether - Hatchling

Alcedine - Hatchlings

 Albino - 1 Female & Hatchlings

http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/f/f4/Almerald_hatchi.gifhttp://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/c/ca/Almerald_mature_hatchi.png Almerald Dragon - Hatchlings

Amalthean  - 1 Male/2 Female & Hatchling

http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/e/e6/Anagallis_female_hatchi.png Anagallis - Hatchling

http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/5/5d/Antarean_hatchi.gifhttp://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/c/ca/Antarean_mature_hatchi.png Antarean Dragon - Male/Female & Hatchlings

Aranoa egg.png Aranoa - Female

http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/2/27/Aria_mature_hatchi.png Aria - Hatchling

http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/6/6f/Azure_Glacewing_egg.gif Azure Glacewing - Male/Female & Hatchlings

http://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/5/51/Baikala_brown_hatchi.png Baikala - Hatchlings (both colors)

http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/9/99/Balloon_hatchi.gif Balloon - Hatchlings

http://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/e/e3/Bauta_hatchi.gifhttp://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/3/3f/Bauta_mature_hatchi.png Bauta - Hatchlings

http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/0/09/Black_egg.gif Black - Male/Female & Hatchlings

http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/a/a5/Black_Capped_Teimarr_hatchi.gif Black Capped Teimarr - Hatchlings

http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/2/22/Black_Tea_hatchi.gifhttp://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/0/06/Black_Tea_mature_hatchi.gif Black Tea - Hatchlings

Bleeding Moon - Hatchlings

Blue-Banded - Hatchlings

http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/1/15/Blusang_Lindwurm_hatchi.pnghttp://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/9/93/Blusang_Lindwurm_female_hatchi.pnghttp://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/4/4c/Blusang_Lindwurm_male_hatchi.png  Blusang Lindwurm - Hatchlings

Bolt - Hatchlings

Bright-Breasted Wyvern - Hatchlings

http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/7/7e/Brimstone_egg.png Brimstone - Male/Female & Hatchlings

http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/b/b2/Brute_egg.png Brute - Male & Hatchlings

http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/3/33/Candelabra_hatchi.pnghttp://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/1/17/Candelabra_mature_hatchi.png Candelabra - Hatchlings

Canopy - Hatchlings

Carina - Male & Hatchlings

Carmine Wyvern - Hatchlings

Cassare - Hatchlings

http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/e/ed/Celestial_mature_hatchi_corporeal.gif Celestial - Mature Hatchling

http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/4/41/Cheese_hatchi.gif Cheese - Hatchlings

http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/c/c4/Coastal_Waverunner_egg.gifhttp://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/8/89/Coastal_Waverunner_hatchi.gif Coastal Waverunner - Female & Hatchling

http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/c/cb/Crimson_Flare_Pygmy_hatchi.gifhttp://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/3/3e/Crimson_Flare_Pygmy_mature_hatchi.gif Crimson Flare Pygmy - Hatchlings

http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/d/dd/Dark_Green_egg.gifhttp://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/8/89/Dark_Green_hatchi.gif Dark Green & Alt - Male/Female & Hatchlings

Dark Lumina - Hatchlings

http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/b/ba/Dark_Myst_Pygmy_hatchi.gifhttp://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/7/73/Dark_Myst_Pygmy_female_hatchi.gifhttp://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/b/b1/Dark_Myst_Pygmy_male_hatchi.gif Dark Myst Pygmy - Hatchlings

http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/f/fd/Daydream_mature_hatchi.gif Daydream - Hatchlings

http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/1/1c/Deep_Sea_egg.gif Deep Sea - Male/Female & Hatchlings

http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/2/20/Diamondwing_egg.gif Diamondwing - Male & Hatchlings

http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/2/22/Purple_Dorsal_egg.gifhttp://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/0/0e/Red_Dorsal_egg.gif Dorsal (both) - Male/Female & Hatchlings

Duotone - Hatchlings

http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/2/2f/Electric_egg.gif Electric - Male/Female & Hatchlings

http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/6/69/Ember_hatchi.gif Ember - Hatchling

Falconiform Wyvern - Hatchlings

http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/e/e9/Fell_egg.png Fell - Male/Female & Hatchlings

http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/9/93/Fever_Wyvern_egg.png Fever Wyvern - Male/Female & Hatchlings

http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/1/1a/Fire_Gem_blue_hatchi.pnghttp://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/0/0d/Fire_Gem_red_hatchi.pnghttp://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/8/8b/Fire_Gem_green_hatchi.png Fire Gem -  Hatchlings

http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/d/d6/Flamingo_female_hatchi.gif Flamingo Wyvern - Hatchlings

Floret Wyverns Purple - Hatchlings

Floret Wyverns Gold - Hatchlings

Freckled - Hatchlings

http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/2/24/Frilled_egg.pnghttp://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/0/04/Frilled_female_hatchi.gif Frilled - Female & Hatchlings

Frostbite - Hatchlings 

Gemshard (all) - Hatchlings

http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/8/83/Geode_egg.gifhttp://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/9/9e/Geode_female_hatchi.gif Geode - Female & Hatchlings

Gilded Bloodscale - Hatchlings

http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/3/30/Glaucus_Drake_egg.png Glaucus Drake - Male/Female & Hatchlings

http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/c/c7/Day_Glory_Drake_hatchi.gifhttp://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/a/a6/Day_Glory_Drake_mature_hatchi.png Day Glory Drakes - Hatchlings

http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/9/9c/Glory_Drake_egg.png Night Glory Drakes -  Hatchlings

Gold-horned Tangar - Hatchlings

http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/0/07/Greater_Spotted_Drake_egg.png Greater Spotted Drake - Male/Female & Hatchlings

Golden Wyverns - Hatchlings

http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/8/8e/Green_egg.gif Green - Female & Hatchlings

http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/f/f1/Guardian_egg.gif Guardian - Male & Hatchlings

Harvest - Hatchlings

Hellfire Wyvern - Hatchlings

http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/5/59/Hellhorse_egg.png Hellhorse - Male/Female & Hatchlings

Honey Drake - Hatchlings

Hooktalon - FemaleHatchlings

Horse - Hatchlings

http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/3/3e/Howler_Drake_egg.png Howler Drake -  Hatchlings

Ice - Hatchlings

http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/8/81/Imperial_Fleshcrowne_egg.gif Imperial Fleshcrowne - Female & Hatchlings

Khusa - Hatchlings

Kingcrowne Dragon - Hatchlings

Kyanite Pygmy - Hatchlings

Lacula - Mature Hatchling

Leodon - Hatchlings

Lumina Dragon - Hatchlings

Lunar Herald - Silver & Bronze Hatchlings 

Magi - Hatchlings

Magma - Ungendered Hatchling
Melismor - Hatchlings

Mint - Hatchlings

Misfit Pygmy - Hatchlings

Monarch - Hatchlings

Moonstone - Hatchlings

http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/3/3d/Morphodrake_egg.png Morphodrake - FemaleHatchlings

Nebula - Hatchlings (all colors)

http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/e/ef/Neotropical_egg.png Neotropical - Female & Hatchlings

Nexus - Hatchlings

Nhiostrife Wyvern - Hatchlings

Nilia Pygmy - Hatchlings

Nocturne - Ungendered Hatchling

Ochredrake - Hatchlings

Olive - Hatchlings

Pillow - Hatchlings

Pink - Hatchlings

http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/9/90/Plated_Colossus_egg.gif Plated Colossus - Male/Female & Hatchlings

Purple - Hatchlings

Pyralspite - Hatchlings

Razorcrest Wyvern - Hatchlings

 Red-finned Tidal - Hatchlings


http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/7/7c/Summer_egg.gif Seasonal (Summer) - Ungendered Hatchling

Storm - Hatchlings



Metallics (CBs)

http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/a/a1/Copper_Dragon2_hatchling.pnghttp://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/6/60/Copper_Dragon2_female_hatchling.pnghttp://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/8/88/Copper_Dragon2_male_hatchling.png Copper (Rainbow) - Hatchlings

http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/e/e1/Copper_Dragon1_egg.png Copper (Sulfur) - Hatchlings

http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/c/c2/Copper_Dragon3_hatchling.pnghttp://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/2/24/Copper_Dragon3_female_hatchling.pnghttp://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/f/f4/Copper_Dragon3_male_hatchling.png Copper (Verdigris) -  Hatchlings

http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/a/ab/Gold_egg.gif Gold - Male/Female & Hatchlings

http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/c/c5/Silver_hatchi.gifhttp://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/0/09/Silver_female_hatchi.pnghttp://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/d/df/Silver_male_hatchi.gif Silver - Hatchlings

Bronze Tinsels



*Missing hatchlings are a self-note for freezing*




CB Neglected

2G from Alt-Holiday Kin


Alts (not up to date)


Spriter&#039;s Alt Grave female Spriter&#039;s Alt Grave maleGrave



http://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/f/fd/Dolphinsong's_Alt_Rosebud_adult.png Nakase&#039;s Alt Rosebud adult Rosebud

Nepherim&#039;s Alt Sweetling adult Sweetling

Mistletoe adult PieMasterMistletoe adult Tikigurl91 Mistletoe


http://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/9/98/Birdzgoboom's_Alt_Radiant_Angel_adult.png Radiant Angel

Spriter&#039;s Alt Ribbon Dancer adult Ribbon Dancer 

latest?cb=20170813100117latest?cb=20170813100134 Snow

latest?cb=20190129083945latest?cb=20190129083944 Starsinger

latest?cb=20131230144552 Solstice


Hatchie Collector!
For the hatchie army purposes (separate count from above)

latest?cb=20140504051345 latest?cb=20140504035008 Falconiform


latest?cb=20161128054736 Fell

latest?cb=20160320065745latest?cb=20160320100345 Antarean

latest?cb=20190521161512 Kovos

latest?cb=20160822003722 Kyanite

latest?cb=20190521110344latest?cb=20190521163428 Lihnseyre

latest?cb=20091212234433latest?cb=20091212234447 Paper

latest?cb=20091212215203latest?cb=20100327035214latest?cb=20091212215212 Water

latest?cb=20140921074759latest?cb=20140921141034latest?cb=20140921073544 Pyralspite

latest?cb=20100116171626latest?cb=20100116174000 Two-Finned Bluna

latest?cb=20130407160923 Soulpeace










Edited by Mochi

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a work in progress...


A quick thing before I start: all of the dragons I ask for can also be CB, unless specified! And when I say "with *breed name only*", it means any lineage (even, checker, arrowhead - doesn't matter!) that includes only the hatchling's breed and the breed in the sentence.


Ice_mature_hatchi.gif - Female Ice from any lineage type with regular Black only (Liver of Sulfur Copper and Alt Black in the lineage is fine too! But the Black must be there)

Pygmy_female_hatchi.gif - PB Female Common Pygmy

Pyralspite_Almandine_mature_hatchling.gi Pyralspite_Spessartine_mature_hatchling. Pyralspite_Pyrope_mature_hatchling.gif - any Pyralspite Female from a lineage with Verdigris Copper only

Night_Glory_Drake_mature_hatchi.png - PB Night Glory Female

Mutamore_mature_hatchi.gif - Mutamore from a lineage with Gold only

Lunar_Heralds_indigo_mature_hatchi.png - Male Indigo Lunar Herald from a lineage with Silver Herald only

Bright-breasted_Wyvern_male_hatchi.gif - Bright-Breasted Male from a lineage with Magi only

Red_mature_hatchi.gif - Red Male from a lineage with Silver Shimmerscale only

Water_Walker_mature_hatchi.gif - Water-Walker Male from a lineage with Silver Prizes

Mistletoe_mature_hatchling.png - Mistletoe from a lineage with Bronze Tinzels only

Snow_mature_hatchi.png - Snow from a lineage with regular Undines only (alt Undine is okay too! Pacten's descendants are more sought for.)

Magma_mature_hatchi.gif - Magma Female from a lineage with Zyumorphs and/or a Sinomorph in it only.

Edited by TheTrueMilkyBeast

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Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif F Aeon Wyvern
Antarean_egg.gif F Antarean
latest?cb=20170718093722 M Green Baikala
latest?cb=20170718093722 F BlueBaikala
user posted image M Alt Black
Blue_Dino_egg.gif Blue Dino
user posted image Red Dino
user posted image M Blusang Lindwyrm
Bolt_egg.gif F M Bolt
user posted image F M Bright-Breasted Wyvern
Carmine_Wyvern_egg.png F M Carmine Wyvern
user posted image F M Celestial
user posted image M Coastal Waverunner
Copper_Dragon2_egg.png F Rainbow Copper
Copper_Dragon3_egg.png F Verdigris Copper
user posted image F M Crimson Flare Pygmy
Dark_Green_alt_hatchi.gif F M Alt Dark Green
Dark_Lumina_egg.gif F M Dark Lumina
Dark_Myst_Pygmy_egg.gif M Dark Myst Pygmy
Glory_Drake_egg.png F M Day Glory Drake
Glory_Drake_egg.png F M Night Glory Drake
Deep_Sea_egg.gif F Deep Sea
user posted image M Diamondwing
user posted image Alt Dorsal
user posted image F Duotone
user posted image F M Electric
Falconiform_Wyvern_egg.png F M Falconiform Wyvern
Fell_egg.png F Fell
Fire_Gem_green_egg.png M Green Fire Gem
user posted image M Green Gemshard
user posted image M Blue Gemshard
user posted image F M Red Gemshard
user posted image F M Stone
Glaucus_Drake_egg.png F Glaucus Drake
user posted image F M Gold
Green_egg.gif M Green
Hellfire_Wyvern_egg.gif M Hellfire Wyvern
Honey_Drake_egg.gif F M Honey Drake
Hellhorse_egg.png M Horse
Ochredrake_egg.png F M Ochredrake
user posted image F Skywing
user posted image F M Imperial Fleshcrowne
Kingcrowne_egg.gif F M Kingcrowne
user posted image F M Kyanite Pygmy
user posted image F M Lumina
user posted image M Gold Lunar Herald
user posted image F M Bronze Lunar Herald
user posted image F M Indigo Lunar Herald
user posted image M Silver Lunar Herald
user posted image F M Magelight Pygmy Wyvern
Magma_egg.gif F Magma
Mint_egg.gif M Mint
user posted image F M Misfit Pygmy
user posted image F Monarch
user posted image M Moonstone
user posted image F M Sunstone
user posted image M Morphodrake
user posted image F Red Nebula
user posted image M Purple Nebula
user posted image F Blue Nebula
Neglected_egg.gif M U Neglected
user posted image M Nexus
Nhiostrife_Wyvern_egg.gif F Nhiostrife Wyvern
user posted image F M Nilia Pygmy
Olive_egg.gif F M Olive
user posted image M Pink
user posted image F Plated Colossus
user posted image F M Common Pygmy
user posted image F M Almandine Pyralspite
user posted image F Pyrope Pyralspite
user posted image F M Spessartine Pyralspite
Red-finned_Tidal_egg.png M Red-finned Tidal
Purple_Ridgewing_egg.gif M Ridgewing
Tan_Ridgewing_egg.gif F M Tan Ridgewing
user posted image F Royal Blue
user posted image F M Royal Crimson
user posted image F Sapphire
user posted image F M Spring Seasonal
user posted image F M Summer Seasonal
user posted image F M Autumn Seasonal
user posted image F M Winter Seasonal
user posted image F M Seawyrm Pygmy
user posted image F M Gold Shimmer-scale
user posted image F M Silver Shimmer-scale
Bronze_Shimmer-scale_egg.png F M Bronze Shimmer-scale
user posted image F M Gold Tinsel
user posted image F M Silver Tinsel
user posted image F M Bronze Tinsel
user posted image F Silver
user posted image Sinii Krai
user posted image M Speckle-Throated
latest?cb=20171002031618 F M Green Spinel Wyvern
Spotted_Greenwing_egg.gif M Spotted Greenwing
user posted image M Storm
user posted image F M Striped River
user posted image F Sunrise
user posted image F Sunsong Amphiptere
user posted image F Swallowtail
user posted image M Terrae
user posted image F M Tetra
user posted image F Thunder
Tri-Horn_Wyvern_egg.png F M Tri-Horn Wyvern
Tsunami_Wyvern_egg.gif F M Tsunami Wyvern
Two_headed_egg.gif F M Split
user posted image M Purple Two-headed Lindwyrm
Two-headed_Lindwurm_green_egg.png F M Green Two-headed Lindwyrm
Undead Amphiptere (+both hatchies 1&2)
Undead DC Drake (+both hatchies 1&2)
Undead Eastern (+both hatchies 1&2)
Undead Sea Serpent (+both hatchies 1&2)
Undead Lindwurm (+both hatchies 1&2)
Undead Pygmy (+both hatchies 1&2)
Undead Eastern Pygmy (+both hatchies 1&2)
Undead Pygmy Lindwurm (+both hatchies 1&2)
Undead Pygmy Wyvern (+both hatchies 1&2)
Undead Two-Headed (+both hatchies 1&2)
Undead Two-Headed Lindwurm (+both hatchies 1&2)
Undead Two-Headed Sea Serpent (+both hatchies 1&2)
Undead Wingless (+both hatchies 1&2)
Undead Western (+both hatchies 1&2)
Undead Wyrm (+both hatchies 1&2)
Undead Wyvern (+both hatchies 1&2)

Undine_egg.png M Undine
Undine_egg.png F M Alt Undine
M Vampire

Water_egg.gif F Water
Water_Walker_egg.gif F M Water Walker
White_egg.gif F M White
Astrapi_Xenowyrm_egg.gif F M Astrapi Xenowyrm
Chrono_Xenowyrm_egg.gif F M Chrono Xenowyrm
Gaia_Xenowyrm_egg.gif F M Gaia Xenowyrm
Pyro_Xenowyrm_egg.gif F Pyro Xenowyrm
Thalassa_Xenowyrm_egg.gif F M Thalassa Xenowyrm
Yellow-Crowned_egg.gif F M Yellow-Crowned
Zyumorph_alpine_egg.png F Alpine Zyumorph
Zyumorph_coast_egg.png F M Coast Zyumorph
Zyumorph_desert_egg.png F M Desert Zyumorph
Zyumorph_forest_egg.png F Forest Zyumorph
Zyumorph_jungle_egg.png F M Jungle Zyumorph
Zyumorph_volcano_egg.png F M Volcano Zyumorph





Shadow_Walker_egg.gif M Shadow Walker
Cavern_Lurker_egg.gif F Caverm Lurker
Grave_egg.png F Grave
user posted image F Desipis
user posted image M Witchlight







user posted image F M 2G Avatar of Change
user posted image F M 2G Avatar of Creation
user posted image F 2G Avatar of Destruction
latest?cb=20170828210236 M 2G Carina
Dusk_Pygmy_egg.gif F M 2G Dusk Pygmy
user posted image F M 2G Geode

Guardian_of_Nature_egg.gif F M Guardian of Nature
Hellhorse_egg.png  F M 2G Hellhorse
Pink_egg.gif M Pinks
Risensong_egg.gif F M 2G Risensong
Setsong_egg.gif F M 2G Setsong
user posted image F M 2G Shallow Water
user posted image  F M 2G Soulpeace
user posted image F M 2G Storm-Rider
user posted image F M 2G Two-Finned Bluna
user posted image F M 2G Ultraviolet




Hatchies (for freezies)

Aeon Wyvern 1 & 2 Aeon Wyvern hatchi Aeon Wyvern mature hatchi

Albino 2 Albino mature hatchi



Almerald 1 & 2 Almerald hatchi Almerald mature hatchi

Anagallis 2 F M Anagallis female hatchi Anagallis male hatchi
Antarean 1 & 2 Antarean hatchi Antarean mature hatchi
Avatar of Change 1 & 2 Avatar of Change hatchling Avatar of Change mature hatchling
Avatar of Creations 1 & 2 Avatar of Creation hatchling Avatar of Creation mature hatchling
Avatar of Destruction 1 & 2 Avatar of Destruction hatchling Avatar of Destruction mature hatchling
Azure Glacewing 2 Azure Glacewing mature hatchi
Baikala Green 1 & 2 F M Baikala brown hatchi Baikala brown female hatchi Baikala brown male hatchi
Baikala Blue 1 & 2 F M Baikala blue hatchi Baikala blue female hatchi Baikala blue male hatchi
Balloon 2 Balloon mature hatchi
Black F 2  Black female hatchi
Black Alt 1a & 1b & 2a &2b Alt_Black_crouching_hatchi.gif Alt Black sitting hatchi Alt Black crouching mature hatchi Alt Black sitting mature hatchi
Black Capped Teimarr 1 & M 2 Black Capped Teimarr hatchi Black Capped Teimarr male hatchi
Black Tea 2 Black Tea mature hatchi
Blacktip 2 Blacktip mature hatchi
Bleeding Moon 1 & 2 Bleeding Moon hatchi Bleeding Moon mature hatchi
Blue-Banded 1 & 2 Blue-Banded hatchi Blue-Banded mature hatchi
Blue Dino 1 & 2 Blue Dino hatchi Blue Dino mature hatchi
Purple Dino 1 & 2 Purple Dino hatchi Purple Dino mature hatchi
Blusang Lindwyrm 1 & 2  F M user posted image Blusang_Lindwurm_female_hatchi.png user posted image
Bolt 2 Bolt mature hatchi
Bright-Breasted Wyvern 1 & 2 F Bright-breasted Wyvern hatchi Bright-breasted Wyvern female hatchi
Brimstone 1 Brimstone hatchi
Brute 2 F M Brute female hatchi Brute male hatchi
Candelabra 1 & 2 Candelabra hatchi Candelabra mature hatchi
Canopy 1 Canopy hatchi
Carina 1 & 2 F M Carina hatchi Carina female hatchi Carina male hatchi
Carmine Wyvern 1 & 2 Carmine Wyvern hatchi Carmine Wyvern mature hatchi
Cassare 2 Cassare mature hatchi
Celestial 1 & 2 Celestial hatchi corporeal Celestial mature hatchi corporeal
Cheese 1 Cheese_hatchi.gif
Chicken 1 & 2 Chicken hatchi Chicken hatchi
Coastal Waverunner 1 & 2 Coastal Waverunner hatchi  Coastal Waverunner mature hatchi
LoS Copper 1 & 2 F M Copper Dragon1 hatchling Copper Dragon1 female hatchling Copper Dragon1 male hatchling
Rainbow Copper 1 & 2 F M Copper Dragon2 hatchling Copper Dragon2 female hatchling Copper Dragon2 male hatchling
Verdigris 1 & 2 F M Copper Dragon3 hatchling Copper Dragon3 female hatchling Copper Dragon3 male hatchling
Crimson Flare Pygmy 1 & 2 Crimson Flare Pygmy hatchi Crimson Flare Pygmy mature hatchi
Dark Green 2 Dark Green mature hatchi
Alt Dark Green 2 Dark Green alt mature hatchi
Dark Limuna 1 & 2 Dark Lumina hatchi Dark Lumina mature hatchi
Dark Myst Pygmy 1 & 2 F M Dark Myst Pygmy hatchi Dark Myst Pygmy female hatchi Dark Myst Pygmy male hatchi
Daydream 1 & 2 Daydream hatchi Daydream mature hatchi
Day Glory Drake 1 & 2 Day Glory Drake hatchi Day Glory Drake mature hatchi
Night Glory Drake 1 & 2 Night Glory Drake hatchi Night Glory Drake mature hatchi
Deep Sea 1 & 2 Deep Sea hatchi Deep Sea mature hatchi
Shallow Water 1 & 2 F M Shallow Water hatchi Shallow Water female hatchi Shallow Water male hatchi
Diamondwing 1 & 2 Diamondwing hatchi Diamondwing mature hatchi
Dorsal 1 & 2 Purple Dorsal hatchi Purple Dorsal mature hatchi
Red Dorsal 1 & 2 Red Dorsal hatchi Red Dorsal mature hatchi
Duotone 1 & F M Duotone hatchi Duotone female hatchi Duotone male hatchi
Dusk Pygmy 1 & F M Dusk Pygmy hatchi Dusk Pygmy female hatchi Dusk Pygmy male hatchi
Electric 1 & 2 Electric hatchi Electric mature hatchi
Ember 1 & 2 Ember hatchi Ember mature hatchi
Falconiform Wyvern 1 & F M Falconiform Wyvern hatchi Falconiform Wyvern female hatchi Falconiform Wyvern male hatchi
Fell 1 & F M Fell hatchi Fell female hatchi Fell male hatchi
Fever Wyvern 1 & 2 Fever Wyvern hatchi Fever Wyvern mature hatchi
Blue Fire Gem 1 & F M Fire Gem blue hatchi Fire Gem blue female hatchi Fire Gem blue male hatchi
Red Fire Gem 1 & F M Fire Gem red hatchi Fire Gem red female hatchi Fire Gem red male hatchi
Green Fire Gem 1 & F M Fire Gem green hatchi Fire Gem green female hatchi Fire Gem green male hatchi
Flamingo Wyvern 1 Flamingo hatchi
Pink 1 & F M Pink hatchi Pink female hatchi Pink male hatchi
Frostbite 2 Frostbite mature hatchi
Jade Gemshard 1 & 2 Gemshard green hatchling  Gemshard green mature hatchling

Azure Gemshard 1 Gemshard blue hatchling
Ruby Gemshard 1 & 2 Gemshard red hatchling  Gemshard red mature hatchling
Geode 1 & F M Geode hatchi Geode female hatchi Geode male hatchi
Stone 1 & 2 Stone hatchi Stone mature hatchi
Gilded Bloodscale 1 & M Gilded Bloodscale hatchi Gilded Bloodscale male hatchi
Glaucus 2 Glaucus Drake mature hatchi
Gold 1 & F M Gold hatchi Gold female hatchi Gold male hatchi
Gold-Horned Tangar 1 Gold-horned Tangar hatchi
Golden Wyvern 1 & 2 Golden Wyvern hatchi Golden Wyvern mature hatchi
Greater Spotted Drake 1 Greater Spotted Drake hatchling
Green Dino 1 & 2 Green Dino hatchi Green Dino mature hatchi
Green 2 Green mature hatchi
Guardian 2 Guardian mature hatchi

Guardian of Nature 2 Guardian of Nature mature hatchi
Harvest M F Harvest female hatchi Harvest male hatchi
Hellfire Wyvern 1 & F M Hellfire Wyvern hatchi Hellfire Wyvern female hatchi Hellfire Wyvern male hatchi
Hellhorse 1 & F M Hellhorse hatchi Hellhorse female hatchi Hellhorse male hatchi
Honey Drake 1 & F M Honey Drake hatchi Honey Drake female hatchi Honey Drake male hatchi
Hooktalon 2 Hooktalon mature hatchling 
Horse 1 & 2 
Horse hatchi Horse mature hatchi
Frilled 1 Frilled hatchi
Ochredrake 1 Ochredrake hatchi
Skywing 1 & 2 Skywing hatchi Skywing mature hatchi
Howler Drake 1 & 2 Howler Drake hatchi Howler Drake mature hatchi
Ice 1 Ice hatchi
Imperial Fleshcrowne 2 Imperial Fleshcrowne mature hatchi
Khusa 1 & 2 Khusa hatchi Khusa_mature_hatchi.png
Kingcrowne 1 & 2 Kingcrowne hatchi Kingcrowne mature hatchi
Kyanite Pygmy 1 & 2 Kyanite Pygmy hatchi Kyanite Pygmy mature hatchi
Lumina Dragon 1 & 2 Lumina hatchi Lumina mature hatchi
Gold Lunar Herald 1 Lunar Heralds gold hatchi
Bronze Lunar Herald 1 Lunar Heralds bronze hatchi
Indigo Lunar Herald 1 Lunar Heralds indigo hatchi
Silver Lunar Herald 1 Lunar Heralds silver hatchi
Magelight Pygmy Wyvern 1 & 2 Magelight Pygmy Wyvern hatchling Magelight Pygmy Wyvern mature hatchling
Magi 1 Magi hatchi
Magma 1 & 2 Magma hatchi Magma mature hatchi
Mint 1 & 2 Mint hatchi Mint mature hatchi
Misfit Pygmy 2 Misfit Pygmy mature hatchi
Monarch 1 & F M Monarch hatchi Monarch female hatchi Monarch male hatchi
Moonstone 1 & F M Moonstone hatchi Moonstone female hatchi Moonstone male hatchi
Sunstone 1 & 2 Sunstone hatchi Sunstone mature hatchi
Morphodrake 1 & 2 Morphodrake hatchi Morphodrake mature hatchi
Nebula 1 & Blue/Purple/Red/Green Nebula hatchi Nebula blue female hatchi Nebula purple male hatchi Nebula red female hatchi Nebula green male hatchi
Neglected 1 & 2 Neglected_hatchi.gifNeglected mature hatchi

Neotropical 1 & 2  Neotropical hatchi Neotropical mature hatchi

Nexus 1 & F M Nexus hatchi Nexus female hatchi Nexus male hatchi
Nhiostrife Wyvern 1 & 2 Nhiostrife Wyvern hatchi Nhiostrife Wyvern mature hatchi
Nilia Pygmy 1 Nilia Pygmy hatchi
Nocturne 1 & 2 Nocturne hatchi day form Nocturne matured hatchi day form
Olive 1 & 2 Olive hatchi Olive mature hatchi
Paper 1 & 2 Paper_hatchi.gif Paper mature hatchi
Pillow 1 & F M Pillow hatchi Pillow female hatchi Pillow male hatchi
Plated Colossus 1 & F M Plated Colossus hatchling Plated Colossus female hatchling Plated Colossus male hatchling
Purple 1 & M Purple hatchi Purple male hatchi
Common Pygmy 1 & F M Pygmy hatchi Pygmy female hatchi Pygmy male hatchi
Almandine Pyralspite 1 & 2 Pyralspite Almandine hatchling Pyralspite Almandine mature hatchling
Pyrope Pyralspite 1 & 2 Pyralspite Pyrope hatchling Pyralspite Pyrope mature hatchling
Spessartine Pyralspite 1 & 2 Pyralspite Spessartine hatchling Pyralspite Spessartine mature hatchling
Red Dino 1 & 2 Red Dino hatchi Red Dino mature hatchi
Red 2 Red mature hatchi
Red-finned Tidal 1 & F M Red-finned Tidal hatchi Red-finned Tidal female hatchi Red-finned Tidal male hatchi
Ridgewing 1 & F M Purple Ridgewing hatchi Purple Ridgewing female hatchi Purple Ridgewing male hatchi
Tan Ridgewing 1 & F M Tan Ridgewing hatchi Tan Ridgewing female hatchi Tan Ridgewing male hatchi
Risensong 1 &  2 Risensong hatchi Risensong mature hatchi
Royal Blue 2 F Royal Blue female hatchi
Royal Crimson 1 Royal Crimson hatchi
Sapphire 1 & 2 Sapphire hatchi Sapphire mature hatchi
Scimitar-wing Wyvern 2 Scimitar-wing Wyvern mature hatchi
Script 1 & 2 
Script hatchi Script mature hatchi
Spring 1 & F M Spring hatchi Spring female hatchi Spring male hatchi
Summer 1 & F M Summer hatchi Summer female hatchi Summer male hatchi
Autumn 1 & F M Autumn hatchi Autumn female hatchi Autumn male hatchi
Winter 1 & F M Winter hatchi Winter female hatchi Winter male hatchi
Seawyrm Pygmy 1 & 2 Seawyrm Pygmy hatchi Seawyrm Pygmy mature hatchi
Seragamma Wyvern 1 & F M Seragamma Wyvern hatchi Seragamma Wyvern female hatchi Seragamma Wyvern male hatchi
Setsong 1 & 2 Setsong hatchi Setsong mature hatchi
Gold Shimmer-scale 1 & 2 Gold Shimmer-scale hatchi Gold Shimmer-scale mature hatchi
Silver Shimmer-scale 1 & 2 Silver Shimmer-scale hatchi Silver Shimmer-scale mature hatchi
Bronze Shimmer-scale 1 & 2 Bronze Shimmer-scale hatchi Bronze Shimmer-scale mature hatchi
Gold Tinsel 1 & 2 Gold Tinsel hatchi Gold Tinsel mature hatchi
Silver Tinsel 1 & 2 Silver Tinsel hatchi Silver Tinsel mature hatchi
Bronze Tinsel 1 & 2 Bronze Tinsel hatchi Bronze Tinsel mature hatchi
Silver 1 & F M Silver hatchi Silver female hatchi Silver male hatchi
Soulpeace 1 & F M Soulpeace hatchi Soulpeace female hatchi Soulpeace male hatchi
Sinii Krai 1 & F M Sinii Krai hatchi Sinii Krai female hatchi Sinii Krai male hatchi
Speckle-Throated 1 & F M Speckle-Throated hatchi Speckle-Throated female hatchi Speckle-Throated male hatchi
Spinel 1 & 2 Spinel Wyvern violet hatchi Spinel Wyvern violet mature hatchi
Green Spinel 1 & 2 Spinel_Wyvern_green_hatchi.png 
Spinel Wyvern green mature hatchi
Spirit Ward 1 & F M Spirit Ward hatchling Spirit Ward female hatchling (day) Spirit Ward male hatchling (day)
Spitfire 2 Spitfire mature hatchi
Blue Striped 1 & 2 Blue Striped hatchi Blue Striped mature hatchi
Green Striped 1 & 2 Green Striped hatchi Green Striped mature hatchi
Red Striped 1 & 2 Red Striped hatchi Red Striped mature hatchi
Black Striped 1 & 2 Black Striped hatchi Black Striped mature hatchi
Spotted Greenwing 1 & 2 user posted image user posted image
Storm 1 & 2  user posted image user posted image
Storm-Rider 1 & 2 user posted image 
Storm-Rider mature hatchi
Striped River 1 & 2 Striped River hatchling Striped River mature hatchling
Sunrise 1 Sunrise hatchi
Sunset 1 Sunset hatchi
Sunsong Amphiptere 1 & F M Sunsong Amphiptere hatchi Sunsong Amphiptere female hatchi Sunsong Amphiptere male hatchi
Swallowtail 1 & F M Swallowtail hatchi Swallowtail female hatchi Swallowtail male hatchi
Tarantula Hawk Drake 1 & 2 Tarantula Hawk Drake hatchi Tarantula Hawk Drake mature hatchi

Terrae 1 & F Terrae hatchi Terrae female hatchi

Tetra 2 Tetra mature hatchi

Thunder 1 & 2 Thunder hatchi Thunder mature hatchi

Tri-Horn Wyvern 2 Tri-Horn Wyvern mature hatchi

Tsunami Wyvern 1 & F & M Tsunami Wyvern hatchi Tsunami Wyvern female hatchiuser posted image

Turpentine 1 & 2 Turpentine hatchi Turpentine mature hatchi
Two-Finned Bluna 1 & 2 Two-Finned Bluna hatchi Two-Finned Bluna mature hatchi
Split 1 & F Two-Headed hatchi Two-Headed female hatchi
Purple Two-headed Lindwyrm 1 & 2 Two-headed Lindwurm blue hatchi Two-headed Lindwurm blue mature hatchi
Green Two-headed Lindwyrm 1 & 2 Two-headed Lindwurm green hatchi Two-headed Lindwurm green mature hatchi
Ultraviolet F & M Ultraviolet female hatchi Ultraviolet male hatchi
Undine F Undine female hatchi
Alt Undine 1 & F M user posted image Alt Undine female hatchi Alt Undine male hatchi
Vampire 1 & F M Vampire hatchi Vampire female hatchi  Vampire male hatchi
Water 1 & F M Water hatchi Water female hatchi Water male hatchi
Water Walker 1 & 2 Water Walker hatchi Water Walker mature hatchi
Waterhorse 1 & F M Water Horse hatchi Water Horse female hatchi Water Horse male hatchi
Whiptail 2 Whiptail mature hatchi
White 2 White mature hatchi
Astrapi 1 & 2 Astrapi Xenowyrm hatchling Astrapi Xenowyrm mature hatchling
Chrono 1 & 2 Chrono Xenowyrm hatchling Chrono Xenowyrm mature hatchling
Gaia 1 & 2 Gaia Xenowyrm hatchling Gaia Xenowyrm mature hatchling
Mageia 1 & 2 Mageia Xenowyrm hatchling Mageia Xenowyrm mature hatchling
Pyro 1 & 2 Pyro Xenowyrm hatchling Pyro Xenowyrm mature hatchling
Thalassa 1 & 2 Thalassa Xenowyrm hatchling Thalassa Xenowyrm mature hatchling
Yellow Dino 1 & 2 Yellow Dino hatchi Yellow Dino mature hatchi
Yellow-Crowned 2 Yellow-Crowned mature hatchi
Alpine Zyumorph 2 Zyumorph alpine mature hatchi
Coast Zyumorph 2 Zyumorph coast mature hatchi
Desert Zyumorph 1 & 2 Zyumorph desert hatchi Zyumorph desert mature hatchi
Forest Zyumorph 1 & 2 Zyumorph forest hatchi Zyumorph forest mature hatchi
Jungle Zyumorph 2 Zyumorph jungle mature hatchi
Volcano Zyumorph 1 & 2 Zyumorph volcano hatchi Zyumorph volcano mature hatchi





Valentine 2 Valentine mature hatchi

Sweetling 1 & 2  Sweetling mature hatchi Sweetling mature hatchi

Rosebud 1 & 2 Rosebud hatchi Rosebud mature hatchi

Heartseeker 1 Heartseeker hatchi

Arsani 2 Arsani mature hatchi

Radiant Angel 1 Radiant Angel hatchi
Heartstealing 1 Heartstealing hatchi
Soulstone 1 & 2 Soulstone hatchi Soulstone mature hatchi

Floral-Crowned 1 & 2 Floral-Crowned hatchi Floral-Crowned mature hatchi
Pumpkin 1 & 2 Pumpkin hatchi Pumpkin mature hatchi
Black Marrow 1 & 2 Black Marrow hatchi Black Marrow mature hatchi
Shadow Walker 1 & 2 Shadow Walker hatchi Shadow Walker mature hatchi
Cavern Lurker 1 & 2 Cavern Lurker hatchi Cavern Lurker mature hatchi
Grave 1 & 2 Grave hatchi Grave mature hatchi
Desipis 1 & F M Desipis hatchling Desipis female hatchling Desipis male hatchling
Caligene 1 & F M Caligene hatchi Caligene female hatchi Caligene male hatchi
Witchlight 1 & 2 Witchlight hatchi Witchlight mature hatchi
Omen 1 & F M Omen Wyrm hatchi Omen Wyrm female hatchi Omen Wyrm male hatchi
Holly 1 & 2 Holly hatchi Holly mature hatchi
Yulebuck 1 & 2 Yulebuck hatchi Yulebuck mature hatchi
Snow Angel 1 & 2 Snow Angel hatchi Snow Angel mature hatchi
Ribbon Dancer 1 & 2 Ribbon Dancer hatchi Ribbon Dancer mature hatchi
Winter Magi 2 Winter Magi mature hatchi
Wrapping-Wing 1 & 2 Wrapping-Wing hatchi Wrapping-Wing mature hatchi
Solstice 1 & 2 Solstice hatchi Solstice mature hatchi rosy
Day Solstice 2 Solstice mature hatchi blue
Mistletoe 1 & 2 Mistletoe hatchling Mistletoe mature hatchling
Aegis 1 & 2 Aegis hatchi Aegis mature hatchi
Snow 1 & 2 Snow hatchi Snow mature hatchi
Garland 1 & 2 Garland hatchiGarland mature hatchi 







CBs coded olivr, 0livr, variations of such

CBs coded LGBT terminology ie gay, g4y, gey, queer, qweer, lgbt, ace, aro, homo, bisex, pan, etc etc etc (including terms like fruit etc)

CBs coded naughty (nsfw words as well as swears)

CBs coded names

CBs coded words

BSAs (magi, purples, pinks, reds, aeons) lineage doesn't matter

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Josie's Wish List






latest?cb=20100326230434 F Deep Sea "This egg appears to be covered in scales."

latest?cb=20100326231927 M Mint "This egg is hidden behind the others, as if it is shy."

latest?cb=20160522045210 M&F Ochredrake "This egg has strange markings on it." in Forest

latest?cb=20130528040531 F Seragamma Wyvern "This plain-looking egg has faint speckles."

latest?cb=20090310172424 M Stone "This egg is heavy and rough, as if it were made out of rock."

latest?cb=20140809085417 F Terrae "This egg is a lush green hue."





2SG4CJb.gif  M&F Aeon Wyvern + Freeze "It’s almost like time is distorted around this egg."

hBHm4n9.gif F Almerald "This glossy green egg is rather warm."

XB6f4v7.gif F Blue Baikala "This heavy egg has a soft, yielding shell."

02ceh1P.gif F Bolt + Freeze "This egg has a striking pattern."

latest?cb=20160522045209 M Day Glory Drake "This egg displays the colors of both dawn and dusk."

0kz0VNJ.png F Blue Fire Gem "This rough egg has shimmering veins of blue crystal running across its surface."

o0in4eQ.png M Red Fire Gem "This rough egg has shimmering veins of red crystal running across its surface."

Ie3cTtb.png M&F Green Fire Gem "This rough egg has shimmering veins of green crystal running across its surface."

latest?cb=20180325214241 M Gold Floret Wyvern "This shiny egg smells faintly like flowers."

latest?cb=20150329015520 F Blue Gemshard "This egg is encrusted with colorful gemstones."

latest?cb=20150329015520 M Green Gemshard "This egg is encrusted with colorful gemstones."

latest?cb=20150329015520 M Red Gemshard "This egg is encrusted with colorful gemstones."

latest?cb=20161126214544 F Honey Drake "This egg is covered in tiny golden scales."

kxJwWul.gif?1 M Gold Lunar Herald "This metallic egg shows faint iridescence in moonlight."

26nQ2Wj.gif?1 M&F Bronze Lunar Herald "This metallic egg shows faint iridescence in moonlight."

K8dUhRp.gif?1 M&F Indigo Lunar Herald "This metallic egg shows faint iridescence in moonlight."

a0izJdL.gif?1 M&F Silver Lunar Herald "This metallic egg shows faint iridescence in moonlight."

latest?cb=20160521092956 M Nexus "This dense, crystalline egg seems dangerously unstable."

lRZpBkr.gif M&F Summer Seasonal "The markings on this egg match the weather outside."

WoWk0VN.png M&F Winter Seasonal "The markings on this egg match the weather outside."

latest?cb=20100401051513 M&F Green Striped "This egg has brightly colored markings on it." in Forest/Jungle

latest?cb=20100401050540 F Red Striped "This egg has brightly colored markings on it." in Forest/Jungle

latest?cb=20100326235413 M Sunset "This egg is glowing as brightly as the sun."

latest?cb=20100327001427 F Whiptail "This egg shakes from time to time, as if it is eager to hatch."

latest?cb=20170521115306 M&F Alpine Zyumorph "This shiny egg seems to radiate power."

cP42218.png M&F Coast Zyumorph "This shiny egg seems to radiate power."

latest?cb=20170521115308 M&F Desert "This shiny egg seems to radiate power."

latest?cb=20170521115309 M&F Forest "This shiny egg seems to radiate power."

latest?cb=20170521115309 M&F Jungle "This shiny egg seems to radiate power."

latest?cb=20170521115309 M&F Volcano "This shiny egg seems to radiate power."



Breed-able Only Dragons


1bvKYm6.gif F Carina (Ridgewing x Nebula)

OkZIbc1.gif F Dusk Pygmy (Crimson Flare Pygmy x Nilia Pygmy)

latest?cb=20101122013655 M&F Geode (Green x Green, Stone x Stone, Green x Stone)

1T7A6Cp.png M&F Hellhorse (Hellfire x Horse)

latest?cb=20170625075014 M&F Risensong (Sunrise x Sunsong)

nxipo92.gif M Setsong (Sunset x Sunsong)

XQTuz8Y.gif F Shallow Water (Water x Magi)

p2GtzQx.png M Green Spinel Wyvern 

latest?cb=20100116232848 M&F Two-Finned Bluna (Water x Skywing, Deep Sea x Skywing)

latest?cb=20120522051151 F Ultraviolet (Spitfire x Purple)




lYVB1ys.gif?1 Chrono Xenowyrm "Mana courses throughout this glassy egg." in Forest

iQH9VFT.gif?1 Gaia Xenowyrm "Mana courses throughout this glassy egg." in Jungle

TjSVl05.gif?1 Mageia Xenowyrm "Mana courses throughout this glassy egg." in Desert

5mBQDGU.gif Pyro Xenowyrm "Mana courses throughout this glassy egg." in Volcano

DWT73tV.gif Thalassa Xenowyrm "Mana courses throughout this glassy egg." in Coast

Vqtr8RA.png?1 F Pyralspite (Almandine) "This egg feels like polished stone." in Alpine

gr4Op0D.png M Pyralspite (Spessartine) "This egg feels like polished stone." in Coast

LlHpjnt.png?1 M&F Copper (Rainbow) "This egg gleams with a reddish shine." in Alpine/Forest

f5DW7UL.png?1 M&F Copper (Liver of Sulfur) "This egg gleams with a reddish shine." in Desert/Volcano

0eBjjka.png M&F Copper (Verdigris) "This egg gleams with a reddish shine." in Coast/Jungle

y4f6lan.gif?1 M&F Gold "This egg is very reflective, almost metallic-looking." in All

2aPJvvQ.gif M&F Silver "This egg gives off a beautiful glow." in All

latest?cb=20100327002132 Blue Dino "This egg looks like it doesn't belong; it is brightly colored with white spots. It's much lighter than the other eggs." in Jungle

latest?cb=20100326232739 Green Dino "This egg looks like it doesn't belong; it is brightly colored with white spots. It's much lighter than the other eggs." in Jungle

latest?cb=20100327003950 Purple Dino "This egg looks like it doesn't belong; it is brightly colored with white spots. It's much lighter than the other eggs." in Jungle

latest?cb=20100327002521 Red Dino "This egg looks like it doesn't belong; it is brightly colored with white spots. It's much lighter than the other eggs." in Jungle

latest?cb=20100327004023 Yellow Dino "This egg looks like it doesn't belong; it is brightly colored with white spots. It's much lighter than the other eggs." in Jungle


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I just have two things I need to complete my scroll.  One's a CB Gold (I have one, would like a pair) and I think I'd give my right arm for a neglected!

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Please message me if you can help.


Need for Breeding Projects..


CB or PB

Seragamma Wyern egg (2F and 2M)



Always looking for..


CB Red Egg


CB Pink Egg



CB Magi Egg:


CB Mint Egg:


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Misty's Wishlist



Always Seeking

CB Gemshards

CB Xenos

BSAs- Reds, Pinks, Purples, Bolts

Hatchlings to Freeze (the messier the better)




work in progress


work in progress


latest?cb=20100326223523 Black- Male, Female

latest?cb=20100326223523 Alt Black- Male, Female

latest?cb=20100327002132 Blue Dino

latest?cb=20120815075436 Blusang Lindwyrm- Male, Female

latest?cb=20090715194436 Cheese

latest?cb=20100328010108 Chicken

latest?cb=20130526045553 Rainbow Copper- Male, Female

latest?cb=20130526045553 Verdigris Copper- Male, Female

latest?cb=20100326225900 Alt Dark Green- Male, Female

latest?cb=20100327185321 Red Dorsal- Male, Female

latest?cb=20120101081139 Gold- Male, Female

latest?cb=20120123163245 Golden Wyvern- Male, Female

latest?cb=20100326232739 Green Dino

latest?cb=20100326231405 Ice- Male, Female

latest?cb=20091124051821 Magma- Male, Female

latest?cb=20100327043925 Neglected- Male, Female

latest?cb=20130420150616 Paper

latest?cb=20100327003950 Purple Dino

latest?cb=20140920173132 Almandine Pyralspite- Male, Female

latest?cb=20140920173137 Spessartine Pyralspite- Male, Female

latest?cb=20100327002521 Red Dino

latest?cb=20100828163556 Tan Ridgewing- Male, Female

latest?cb=20151203095231 Silver- Male, Female

latest?cb=20100327194233 Thunder- Male, Female

latest?cb=20140802171030 Alt Undine- Male, Female

latest?cb=20150627180046 Astrapi Xeno- Male, Female

latest?cb=20150627180111 Chrono Xeno- Male, Female

latest?cb=20150627180116 Gaia Xeno- Male, Female

latest?cb=20150627180103 Mageia Xeno- Male, Female

latest?cb=20150627180121 Pyro Xeno- Male, Female

latest?cb=20150627180055 Thalassa Xeno- Male, Female

latest?cb=20100327004023 Yellow Dino



work in progress



2G Tinsel- Any 

2G Shimmer- Any

2G Carina

2G Geode

2G Hellhorse

2G Risensong

2G Setsong

2G Storm-Rider

Spriter's Alt Lineages

Interesting Lineages

latest?cb=20100327043925 Neglected





Thank you for any help in completing my scroll! I'm happy to try to breed anything to help someone else out. Please go to my profile to see more about what I can breed. 






Edited by mistywolf77

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[completely overhauling the wish list to catch up with the new dragons]


High Priority





Needed for scroll completion




 Amalthean_egg.gif.183cc355a0c0724fa2db4280559123e1.gif Astaarus_egg.png.20632349e9fcd7c3fe4bf3483f319e64.png  Cantormaris_egg.gif.fa02fec9380a5a6d1dd882cda779cacc.gif Cloudplume_egg.gif.4be198b46f60032d9ebf3b922b4580e1.gif Copper_Pennybright_egg.gif.0c44bd30759918be8db32731959adeca.gif   Electric_egg.png.01b3eebba90844baf136177acc3894fd.png Elux_Lucis_egg.png.173e4037e21b32cba4e302bedbe01216.png  Gemshard_egg.png.b2455f0eb4ad3670b841e030df0cc7ec.png Hydrophidius_egg.png.2d085f5f468345307f1a6cb551a58a25.png Labradorite_egg.png.bfa7e3100045dbb62c85b926717098e7.png Mistra_egg.png.3d9b82b2baf233e5cf91b204b3a87a91.png Neglected_egg.gif.c5b3a517f11aec182bcd224101e8279a.gif Nobleshield_egg.png.6b8409e169abef49904cd3c4790fc337.png  Royal_Eminence_egg.png.4c76ba927b61da0762467a1e147577a1.png Sapphire_pink_egg.gif.b31773209d7d79f62e43ccd09e2e5052.gif Sapphire_yellow_egg.gif.4d615f9a0dabafc391915a1e9dd8bf0a.gif   Stratos_egg.png.223a426bb9a9bce0437367efdb123a5a.png   

⋆ Amalthean ⋆ Astaarus  ⋆ Cantormaris (Mundus/Sophos/Itus/Iratus/Motus/Tutela) ⋆ Cloudplume  ⋆ Copper (Pennybright) ⋆ Electric (Stunned) ⋆ Elux Lucis  ⋆ Gemshard (Amethyst/Aqua/Citrine) ⋆ Hydrophidius  ⋆ Labradorite ⋆ Mistra Dragon ⋆ Neglected ⋆ Nobleshield ⋆ Royal Eminence  ⋆ Sapphire (Pink/Yellow)  ⋆ Stratos ⋆



Alcedine_Wyvern_egg.png.c82ec17f1e71d8e1bd0dfb879331ecf9.png Floret_Iris_pink_egg.gif.7e812cd56698a3fad6100b7ced7225d5.gif Floret_Alstro_purple_egg.gif.b2da91fd5d6e92fa6fb357b2973eaa41.gif Floret_Alstro_gold_egg.gif.b972bb523fa90719d2987fee262c8f91.gif Floret_Alstro_pink_egg.gif.f2a9057d338f943bd5ab0f2dbcc2bc9a.gif
⋆ Alcedine ⋆ Floret (Pink) ⋆ Floret Alstroemeria (Purple/Gold/Pink) ⋆



 Aso_Xenowyrm_egg.gif.a5959be85408d5f2e5842c6e02302d83.gif Aquilo_Xenowyrm_egg.gif.06885187bc401f3503de46f50d2b02e4.gif  Obidar_Xenowyrm_egg.gif.374c735ebff9a6b4f8c902ffa6c5a20a.gif Pharos_Xenowyrm_egg.gif.58d827fc158a388f1ea7dca55614def7.gif Staterae_Xenowyrm_egg.gif.583a73f74ee03772d69b7513ed88d61c.gif Umbra_Xenowyrm_egg.gif.10003a23132bed1bfaf898ea2fb6697d.gif

⋆ Aquilo ⋆ Aso  ⋆ Obidar ⋆ Pharos ⋆ Staterae ⋆ Umbra ⋆ 



Pseudo-wyvern_Drake_egg.gif.a15e7d12677e8555a1d64fbb0ab5f945.gif Sabertooth_Bull_egg.png.43177818f43aa847e19c34bbb8385d0e.png  

⋆ Pseudo-wyvern ⋆ Sabertooth Bull ⋆ 






Nilia_green_egg.gif.3705dc5e3cb08fbc9422f16a4b365af7.gif Pargulus_Pygmy_egg.gif.70941613bb681a07d0b4ba633782cf89.gif 

⋆ Nilla (Green) ⋆ Pargulus (Blue/Green/Red) ⋆



Amarignis_egg.gif.38a121ae6b005af67e117420c64ce291.gif Erador_Lindwyrm_egg.png.f34354e599f980c0c0082c8c91239032.png Glystere_egg.png.5305308ff45a390600fd8e95d12eb7a3.png Pitfire_egg.png.8a8a807a4796484bd55f1a0725f3919c.png  Val19_egg.png.99bf0922ebf46c8c394864187e376cd9.png   

⋆ Amarignis Dragon ⋆ Erador Lindwyrm ⋆ Glystere Wyrm ⋆ Pitfire Dragon (Normal/Reborn) ⋆ Sakuhana Wyvern ⋆




⋆ Dino (Green) ⋆


Wanted for Personal Completion





















Wanted for Personal Projects


Hatchling Freezing



Albino_mature_hatchi.gif.7f1c1ba48196692e5969d72ec31face7.gifAlmerald_mature_hatchi.png.bad525dcb13720503ff6cbeb4dab8f95.png Amalthean_hatchling.gif.6196c430b39faba93c7e92a1590ea88d.gif Amalthean_mature_hatchling.png.9cfc577eafd15adccc81e69103fe1bb2.png Antarean_hatchi.gif.7f18a97efd2ed73209c524792f5120fe.gif Antarean_mature_hatchi.png.311563209ee65f4f779ca122318d3d8e.png Drab_hatchi.png.83273fb8837979790727914828dea98f.png Aranoa_hatchi.gif.73b4467e66f1b77421a6b2f16e135659.gif Aranoa_mature_hatchi.png.eb7370abc86f482b63b722546a31a0ae.png Aria_hatchi.png.0cd9ba51e2e5a5a2832521209d465195.png Aria_mature_hatchi.png.d8374bf33411e728b2a17148bdfccb1d.png Ash_mature_hatchi.gif.bb059dc405cbe3d9b9ef495fca21c5c6.gif Astaarus_hatchi.png.24352c9bac590877707f8ef7297539f0.png Astaarus_male_hatchling.png.068f002b4fe7db1ac454f4eaf696d4d8.png Astaarus_female_hatchling.png.a40db823cd30332c9aa822d707730108.png Azure_Glacewing_hatchi.gif.0a92cc22095ebedfdd492f9be70e690a.gif Azure_Glacewing_mature_hatchi.png.66fff46a3a5fc8c55276837fe2a9b160.png Balloon_hatchi.gif.340aacdae70370319595b75a77350274.gif Balloon_mature_hatchi.gif.e916c997f08fd8f9b1f51191aec3d342.gif Black_Capped_Teimarr_male_hatchi.png.88c82b705280e43869a179296821aef6.png Black_Capped_Teimarr_female_hatchi.png.7d1bf75df7b4ac4c1f83757cc3374171.png Alt_Black_sitting_hatchi.gif.accf3de03416dd888562b31659efb711.gif Alt_Black_sitting_mature_hatchi.gif.12bd692d521ce9f6cc06f6fac47bdd7f.gif Alt_Black_crouching_hatchi.gif.8563bf375f10c12311ad9e562a051a95.gif Alt_Black_crouching_mature_hatchi.gif.3dc7d4c14860a0f45af00d23367002f7.gif Black_Tea_hatchi.gif.444746f4b451e2b1b035eddbf4cc79a8.gif Black_Tea_mature_hatchi.gif.f4ec09f16165dd34e93e745aa80b3906.gif Black_Truffle_hatchi.gif.f823b834a99aee0bfd1e6435696794bd.gif Black_Truffle_mature_hatchi.gif.ce5c57106e3a73c19065428f44bbaca2.gif Blacktip_mature_hatchi.gif.6fb7fbc85806f83d8f247a9afec6f4eb.gif Blazeback_hatchling.gif.2aeb14018403ecb42aeefc24c17d5d00.gif Blazeback_mature_hatchling.gif.cff83ef7c70de86c0f1f3bbfacc9d1a0.gif Bleeding_Moon_hatchi.gif.00446538e7fe852b03280b0ec1ed671e.gif Bleeding_Moon_mature_hatchi.png.b2fa544b4e69ac443e1f44c87cb5fc82.png Blue-Banded_hatchi.gif.d6490b0d6dd4f3b806c79ec75b984c88.gif Blue-Banded_mature_hatchi.gif.8fd8ea58db739476baba1bd9600ecaa2.gif Bolt_mature_hatchi.png.13a397ac30e2b8c4c04c7c8ed6045346.png Boreal_mature_hatchi.gif.96c33bd21cba2778f1069bc69fa10967.gif Brimstone_mature_hatchi.png.4f008de83d1679aa1a192b14ea2e285f.pngBrute_hatchi.png.fefbd65c14f9a458e4a6a35c8ad130b3.png Brute_female_hatchi.png.6f651dfc8617245c00e4290c7ed877fd.png Candelabra_hatchi.png.8abe7c7614a3b69d049d3cac95b25daf.png Candelabra_mature_hatchi.png.d65f9124bd2acf14572e3f78b3373927.png Canopy_mature_hatchi.gif.0ee017bafe87fa7f896acf87fd1a53a9.gifCantormaris_hatchling_Mundus.gif.9385a6649f12336af7f6335c56ed760f.gif Cantormaris_mature_hatchling_Mundus.gif.86c00863fde829b65ee8c0db9e933ba2.gif Cantormaris_hatchling_Sophos.gif.029e3ec767b4747e8ae95eed259919d9.gif Cantormaris_mature_hatchling_Sophos.gif.0f06dbfb67d22717591a46e4f87cd37e.gif Cantormaris_hatchling_Itus.gif.64e4b3fd94beb3f7a3047de2b70fd972.gif Cantormaris_mature_hatchling_Itus.gif.a395a25fc645b6a49ee3b0fcf1edcd61.gif Cantormaris_hatchling_Iratus.gif.fcdf766c402233c3e041308f51eb14fc.gif Cantormaris_mature_hatchling_Iratus.gif.7ec80d11d02f2f4662a530305ef85ddf.gif Cantormaris_hatchling_Motus.gif.d8fb63d5050729801be044c8e69d32ae.gif Cantormaris_mature_hatchling_Motus.gif.ef5a7fb30e3937f40de358219d682206.gif Cantormaris_hatchling_Tutela.png.2fe0fe1d5ae136ed745240e822399a08.png Cantormaris_mature_hatchling_Tutela.png.772a5d7e32def6af88067451cbeaebe1.png Carina_hatchi.gif.5f7426da9e2196bf0dc32f38e75196d7.gif Carina_male_hatchi.png.ab54ad55b5e12595f103270fd9bd826d.png Carina_female_hatchi.png.85b314e7c73bd64b147f0ae9a983d1fb.png Cassare_hatchi.gif.bd384295fb616def7d4da03cd496b1fa.gif Cassare_mature_hatchi.gif.ff6fb01593c267c0fe775d7d76c5dab0.gif Copper_Dragon1_hatchling.png.30ea8cc8d4bbda90ab43a2f9689583ce.png Copper_Dragon1_male_hatchling.png.2a5b8b841b1c0bf3af515d8315efae4e.pngCopper_Dragon1_female_hatchling.png.938b1001dd5511933dbf5828bf0aed81.png Copper_Dragon2_hatchling.png.8163c3447c6b9f554552cb28786084fe.png Copper_Dragon2_female_hatchling.png.1f4e6e900e6f02ef7845c2933797633e.png Copper_Dragon3_hatchling.png.c7339c5f0ece019bc0cf5fd95c3ba436.pngCopper_Dragon3_male_hatchling.png.6695eebe75740bfdb58c8f8a8250a3cb.pngCopper_Dragon3_female_hatchling.png.7d969fe144b101ae7f64449cbc7e1e2d.pngCopper_Pennybright_hatchling.gif.c3df7f29df589bc349f2d0a8b35a37cc.gif Copper_Pennybright_male_hatchling.gif.0ba260a045d1506bc5a632cef417c427.gifCopper_Pennybright_female_hatchling.gif.28757de6c6ea38142c0e2deb96ff9298.gif Dark_Green_hatchi.gif.4e08d21c18e792ed28219025bdc29ce5.gif Dark_Green_mature_hatchi.gif.8aa43db98aaabf10a3c53d2dbe24c3b5.gif Dark_Green_alt_hatchi.gif.d016d2033c4df65b4c4d02e5e22d4609.gif Dark_Green_alt_mature_hatchi.gif.ce83e719e189c1c20c6365ddd9428b15.gif  Daydream_hatchi.gif.76c3b9edb33cc59b77533fca7bf1015e.gif Daydream_mature_hatchi.gif.e2a75d61f7c024ddd5fe37460647de6a.gif Deep_Sea_hatchi.gif.86a20caebbed35c30c91831e92febfa9.gif Deep_Sea_mature_hatchi.gif.385f277b185b52c30b250261ba747c88.gif Diamondwing_mature_hatchi.gif.3adfa352299f2bca21627cab6309f4c5.gif Purple_Dorsal_mature_hatchi.gif.4b7b04dff2365c09a368f05edbf1898e.gif Red_Dorsal_hatchi.gif.3254ce0178d2e60366778c582d5c941c.gif Red_Dorsal_mature_hatchi.gif.e0ca141e93abcbbc3b0acafb46004355.gif Electric_hatchling.gif.543d01db86b68dcd132e2ad7281a1efd.gif Electric_mature_hatchling.png.8b5b89c69937df8a013db8af3777900f.png Electric_hatchling_stunned_alt.gif.582132ea21386c2803145a5c4be24d8e.gif Electric_mature_hatchling_stunned_alt.png.19c8cebe9f490634f72a9d32aff66996.png Elux_Lucis_hatchi.png.5715d318adafcb8c839717381303657f.png Elux_Lucis_mature_hatchling.png.000e631ce99d0debaaa77440334a70a8.png Ember_mature_hatchi.gif.cf4dae584f669a2105c1fe7497b54cf1.gif  Equinox_hatchling.png.30c0f7d55ea368e78cf588eac95a73ac.png Equinox_mature_hatchling.png.56bbe295a2e6d4033075b9f307ac2f2f.png Fell_hatchi.png.1430ae0f1ad962f9f66ffcf3e120e135.png Fell_male_hatchi.png.a2d10b183449c0fecd9ce30129b20ec6.png Fell_female_hatchi.png.64d39a8adffc3fa242316da3fde2b2e8.png Fire_Gem_blue_hatchi.png.62f9c83ceada69f67783cc18efcd9122.png Fire_Gem_blue_male_hatchi.png.2f22a80bb280e30a9d725257e014debc.png Fire_Gem_blue_female_hatchi.png.e00e7c4d4f0a30dae6932b60c1ebf438.png Fire_Gem_red_male_hatchi.png.d836065a0c74f78e3d99ce0b525331e1.png Fire_Gem_red_female_hatchi.png.6803ef1fb46b54d01685c52d84983e4e.png Fire_Gem_green_hatchi.png.4bdd0b0c893cf7e738bb78af56e50ae1.png Fire_Gem_green_male_hatchi.png.0387a7e3b40e8c71fa042b0343b72fd7.png Fire_Gem_green_female_hatchi.png.9a716686612cbfd2ef9d635bfd28fbd5.png Freckled_hatchi.gif.dcf2ce7dee2c55daa292f6a9160aa9f9.gif Freckled_mature_hatchi.png.00f5b128575e17b14e95809ff42cb830.png Frilled_male_hatchi.gif.9911e524ba13fcccbefb37571e4d711c.gif Frostbite_hatchi.gif.1b6d3a2434949a4d8fdc7d4f4f65b96c.gif Frostbite_mature_hatchi.png.3a9a9b9087395fbb9d410797257938e2.pngGemshard_jade_hatchling.png.28d35d5e812395c814b527e2f0d9903b.png Gemshard_jade_mature_hatchling.png.6528adbb51562ff0fe4382914b21b69b.png Gemshard_ruby_hatchling.png.a4bd142f85de768dc67b696f9e323732.png Gemshard_ruby_mature_hatchling.png.4562bc1e5e5c2e4aff7e76128d1106fc.png Gemshard_sapphire_mature_hatchling.png.0f42a6012fa7b406cad0a5157553232d.png Gemshard_amethyst_hatchling.png.11a0b599e7dd88027e3bb3a8144b9211.png Gemshard_amethyst_mature_hatchling.png.487ec2d933dcdbd6518a6488298fdbe2.png Gemshard_aqua_hatchling.png.c7ae72e167dec72abd94a50016d49222.pngGemshard_aqua_mature_hatchling.png.5056d8313941076881e3e55496319fbe.png Gemshard_citrine_hatchling.png.0a091b9362845663aa356aa3da66547d.png Gemshard_citrine_mature_hatchling.png.385aea4af3e0719510f1364821d8342a.png Geode_hatchi.gif.5382cd7041e48de552c09f44785831de.gif Geode_male_hatchi.gif.40d22005cec3eb86d85a14e3583bba88.gif Geode_female_hatchi.gif.ad7972f538fc2d85987b442d18e13fff.gif  Gold-horned_Tangar_mature_hatchi.gif.4872910612fe89096211932ae52f2883.gif Green_hatchi.gif.2c0ea79b0adf1a1f798ee29048d2f323.gif Green_mature_hatchi.gif.29d55e42d3be79cb9f5724bf8323802d.gif Guardian_hatchi.gif.d8c43b8a605828be7cd13a095198ab18.gif Guardian_mature_hatchi.gif.f9408a14601d07abb8852e0c9f06fff3.gif Harvest_male_hatchi.gif.b715032e940c79764b83a8f008c63a46.gif Hellfire_Wyvern_hatchi.gif.1fc3c77e48e85a9c27a9402d4778a5b2.gif Hellfire_Wyvern_male_hatchi.png.1320c24c43a66a46663eddbd8427538d.png Hellhorse_hatchi.gif.fb4ac5107cb8bce55330526114371ba8.gif Hellhorse_male_hatchi.png.b27dc1ca97ca2d7f4a19b5eae209f8fa.pngHellhorse_female_hatchi.png.44ff5b8c3a6ce343b1b8f0d103f324a2.png Horse_hatchi.gif.6ecdadd132842e74837857b62bc34d97.gif Horse_mature_hatchi.gif.72a766168ebd83e99ea6c8211bfa5a41.gif Hydrophidius_hatchling.png.0c096c976538d553e6b5c1fddd6ad813.png Hydrophidius_mature_hatchling.png.fb1d207766f90113b59b9517941b7194.pngIce_hatchi.gifIce_mature_hatchi.gifImperial_Fleshcrowne_hatchi.gif.331c3961e1a6b4094cbc5419e03c53b9.gif Imperial_Fleshcrowne_mature_hatchi.png.9684365efa56e286f0a0134f058ecc25.png Khusa_mature_hatchi.png.037f6ddfe040004244b21df9b500a3e7.png Kingcrowne_mature_hatchi.png.65d2795c66e05a9abb1ee2ac828dc90c.png Labradorite_hatchling.gif.3801744628ef384673848d0cf28b63ee.gif Labradorite_mature_hatchling.png.ab26c8a732fcbe1fbe59bd099d815091.png Lacula_hatchling.gif.19f060832053ed9d9526d1e232746f0a.gif Lacula_mature_hatchling.gif.a59e5c214dc5f4974fe0413594232851.gif Leodon_hatchi.gif.576df14b718bf7daf9edc30e7450d950.gif Leodon_mature_hatchi.png.4374829258f6a12d4654b175dc2687d8.png Lihnseyre_hatchi.png.851427d6319a7b2433f1b49fa50da811.png Lihnseyre_mature_hatchi.png.5ce82a84a315f28c88e19047baec2b85.png Lumina_hatchi.png.3f5b41b579fa8fa522d1a74c56e394c7.png Lumina_mature_hatchi.gif.08e362c68c48113ae6a20e81d2904faf.gif Dark_Lumina_hatchi.gif.26026c7cb63d1c100e08af8a91282b4e.gifDark_Lumina_mature_hatchi.gif.21c302ff12c2908da4b920d1d3f2d6ac.gif Lunar_Heralds_gold_hatchi.gif.692b4c96776e6f07c328a460507200ea.gifLunar_Heralds_gold_mature_hatchi.png.bb1360a70e0569c021fce0d89f28a8f3.pngLunar_Heralds_silver_hatchi.gif.0f330e2f1598eac95ab93bdd2c090fbf.gifLunar_Heralds_silver_mature_hatchi.png.749fb4fc9c58e2726a86ba7dec3170d4.pngLunar_Heralds_bronze_hatchi.gif.76174b0c327b71a12003224ab19cff4d.gifLunar_Heralds_bronze_mature_hatchi.png.7457a3587d08c8802adf1ce15f93d818.pngLunar_Heralds_indigo_hatchi.gif.098a47b292eee009b537b42b8839c6e8.gifLunar_Heralds_indigo_mature_hatchi.png.747e8ae8a74a15790bcf98bfb20fd5f4.png Magi_mature_hatchling.gif.bea239761bac5b65fea2fa7e8cab5e63.gif Magma_hatchi.gif.b0f9fd45073a30dde25b4ed258b29879.gifMagma_mature_hatchi.gif.0b67db23fbec74f8c357e1741a5d3022.gifMelismor_hatchi.gif.5ac1d61cc5f18d665156aafc9623d5e6.gifMelismor_mature_hatchi.png.60a94e7f7fa2574c01b327aadc73018c.png Mint_hatchi.gif.8fd74dfebcf21dbc29a55cea0ef630d8.gifMint_mature_hatchi.gif.fbe7ffa14d71f4cdd9351d4ee2f428e7.gif Mistra_hatchling.gif.5185503924df37b9c59c90a755293464.gifMistra_male_hatchling.png.620c8ef0f458e0fc8a915fbd0231099d.pngMistra_female_hatchling.png.41206b104aee71e706870df592e7982e.png Monarch_hatchi.gif.e915bc7230ac48681aa030034e805f2d.gifMonarch_male_hatchi.gif.87c941b93918e6ed15118f534e008aff.gifMonarch_female_hatchi.gif.f62bd3ef91debc30023a3fee4b5a4d8f.gif Moonstone_hatchi.gif.845055ce5d22fabb6f466744b74a29e0.gifMoonstone_female_hatchi.gif.a8affb8cb5f42991165adf5320a2ebd4.gif Nebula_purple_male_hatchi.gif.878ff5caa166ac49a4e70c0327f87887.gifNebula_blue_female_hatchi.gif.5b06486dcd541464d847a24ee83e0616.gifNeglected_hatchi.gif.d4dbeabf3bb9602e019cd91bb12f2efe.gif Neglected_mature_hatchi.gif.95e3a5ee26c83c9fd6f915d435a185a1.gif Neotropical_mature_hatchi.gif.9c2fedd0719e00151f6672fd4b596262.gif Nobleshield_hatchling.png.8487b8be63179f8313372e741deec8c9.pngNobleshield_male_hatchling.png.997a48632c6d47c28f63c18416b9ae2b.pngNobleshield_female_hatchling.png.45fe751b9a2e568ff27e0713e6a58a19.png Nocturne_mature_hatchie_night_form.png.a72e94b630446a7ee85657cfdd918446.pngOlive_hatchi.gif.4a33b67951682d85b62abe54f6c44fd3.gifOlive_mature_hatchi.gif.9fc0a3dd2acb23294c72701325c0b7f6.gifPillow_hatchi.gif.bf939d1679c302ddab8619c81a52b0b9.gifPillow_male_hatchi.gif.7244a0a6985a9e23081c00b264112a45.gifPillow_female_hatchi.png.5215585c47c64e925072e8e0eed1af28.pngPlated_Colossus_hatchling.gif.53867160cbfbd61c1d10138861ce7df0.gifPlated_Colossus_male_hatchling.png.63f4080605521b2adcac0953ab29225b.pngPlated_Colossus_female_hatchling.png.259ad999a56a7806c3f8c00bf4df31f3.pngPurple_hatchi.gif.57645075612fe135109f6227d7836fa7.gifPurple_male_hatchi.gif.88baa7d9e703dff7d64248d97211ff2c.gifPurple_female_hatchi.gif.cac9fe4d7bb25226a45de8fd2b43821f.gifPyralspite_Almandine_hatchling.gif.9baf56a961232b13e17c6cc488f88e49.gifPyralspite_Almandine_mature_hatchling.gif.c189ea4538a237bd7282fb76ffa6f347.gifPyralspite_Pyrope_mature_hatchling.gif.ea312af5e35b9c110c98a8b6e1f51a3a.gifPyralspite_Spessartine_hatchling.gif.60aea3539031c0a6154dd2c1b182bddc.gifPyralspite_Spessartine_mature_hatchling.gif.113a18e01fd440654c786a9a84b02617.gifPyrovar_hatchi.gif.aedc7a9973e232399644500a3987daf3.gifPyrovar_mature_hatchi.gif.7231c8a4c3a2f587a4593aa00da76033.gifRazorcrest_Wyvern_hatchi.gif.95c8176fd771150d184ee97cbb56104f.gifPurple_Ridgewing_female_hatchi.gif.11fc9a8c1b5eab2fb5a85d834e95580d.gifTan_Ridgewing_hatchi.gif.f8bec4648f593ddb6b0773b398eb0343.gifTan_Ridgewing_male_hatchi.gif.0f9c3fa33ffd54d3dc7ac8654945987b.gifTan_Ridgewing_female_hatchi.gif.758c8aea5c604445cf9e2f2ba2a0faff.gifRift_Wyrm_hatchi.png.19a65c416df43997c78892ffe3390da7.pngRift_Wyrm_mature_hatchi.png.f8c738f4814fb23b3499fc00cf84896e.pngRisensong_hatchi.gif.e1b26b667b920f45d1dbb1f110c9ad04.gifRisensong_mature_hatchi.gif.2eb787b0afbbaff3e73686292e60986d.gifRoyal_Blue_hatchi.gif.8231eaeea19e037a1cf7d59d8195115e.gifRoyal_Blue_male_hatchie.gif.7d8e82656872736e0ea612dfd73e5179.gifRoyal_Blue_female_hatchi.gif.d67db1a6a47bdcf937458746aa0e3be7.gifRoyal_Crimson_mature_hatchi.png.50181bd15020cb7cc1b3dd9522b9b02f.png Royal_Eminence_hatchling.gif.a5cab6821186b3fea4e10adab552c59b.gifRoyal_Eminence_male_hatchling.png.a95732821cd35d7e1b3bbb21ce371f35.pngRoyal_Eminence_female_hatchling.png.ffe2448fdc6da42ddea30e70f357319b.pngSandwaste_hatchi.gif.1fb019ca4e6136f1369e5ff15bbd9d5c.gifSandwaste_male_hatchi.gif.b560d25ae3ad8fa054a8d5fa7e4f41e4.gifSandwaste_female_hatchi.gif.d2c0fbccc732327efc4b74a2dadf33d2.gifSapo_hatchling.gif.e23239e534e08f958788df69d4285c63.gifSapo_mature_hatchling.png.eb99b4b2330ded7a5e2ab2edbf63c7c9.pngSapphire_hatchi.png.172461db3fa2d52ead38b9eb3ccded57.pngSapphire_mature_hatchi.png.d26d38d66e4425d1a9c05fc0830e740f.pngSapphire_pink_hatchling.png.d3697f382b6a66c0ee7e262091d0ee14.pngSapphire_pink_mature_hatchling.png.17c3e076e7ff358343758f7b2af208b7.pngSapphire_yellow_hatchling.png.e3b36312063476965a41d05c93f9d7b3.pngSapphire_yellow_mature_hatchling.png.519a8e86d2d855d1ab696c7e7bc41302.pngSawtooth_hatchling.gif.a193200a72b6d53814befec199961fc8.gifSawtooth_male_hatchling.png.c236952ff766436a6e5d9575e5f4315b.pngSawtooth_female_hatchling.png.44dd9c4d9cd2e345936e06280bd6893c.pngScript_hatchi.png.6a7ee26c6905c533423161fda24e0b43.pngScript_mature_hatchi.png.c62f109498652d76352a3520fc5914c3.pngAutumn_male_hatchi.png.0a00453b5f7a785391536b3a4c3fec36.pngAutumn_female_hatchi.png.b3ed3db9a632c47d0e90f56c0c38e59f.pngSpring_hatchi.gif.f95aedbd7d4001025e5affa792a662e9.gifSpring_male_hatchi.gif.8287e2a3c9fed991f64fe4c8bff6df2b.gifSpring_female_hatchi.gif.e34348ae44af3007f79d2fa385760f3a.gifSummer_hatchi.gif.ee5389149174e7b7455201076bcae28c.gifSummer_male_hatchi.png.22a7275e10f7a3109b9a2d4957255e29.pngSummer_female_hatchi.png.d7ccce7c6b8d779edc1d7480ae8befb6.pngWinter_hatchi.gif.b5b7650ac9cf01dbe3fcde7a6a49e3f6.gifWinter_male_hatchi.gif.8e206689ba08d9de7184ee1533f01cbf.gifWinter_female_hatchi.gif.8b50914b3291fb51d94b05cff7ebd315.gifSetsong_hatchi.gif.85619ee025d89c5680cb7279de0be048.gifSetsong_mature_hatchi.gif.911e8b1cf56c2e2370c90d43680c5b5e.gifShallow_Water_male_hatchi.gif.85123d1548b0b5f0b3018751b58b91c6.gifShallow_Water_female_hatchi.gif.2b07130a52fd5dc4f03ca09623a58b3f.gifSinii_Krai_male_hatchi.png.df8779a53828aca9a1f07bca67c0bf1a.pngSinii_Krai_female_hatchi.png.5aea37ca3629deb45611ee1749ce6ecb.pngSiyat_green_hatchi.gif.5ddf0bc733daea25d961ed700c3ff5fb.gifSiyat_green_mature_hatchi.gif.d80590ef4b7cd316929f926f71cc8b74.gifSiyat_blue_hatchi.gif.a2ce916225667da5e0a23706b0714900.gifSiyat_blue_mature_hatchi.png.f5c719fe7b98f14d149791179afb837e.pngSiyat_purple_hatchi.gif.926b8a7861ff3491af1b6817bf286725.gifSiyat_purple_mature_hatchi.png.5222dfb2255998a18b1cf4edb7af5208.pngSkysilk_hatchi.png.1ca6dadfb97f039981061b34fcada43f.pngSkysilk_mature_hatchi.png.fec70f8279d4ebf180d1723abc60041b.pngSkystrider_hatchi.png.0fc98eb14d072eb91be4bd070e4eb12e.pngSkystrider_male_hatchling.png.8b28bbebddab27993114043351158434.pngSkystrider_female_hatchling.gif.51b1342258f6895573782b82a1865abf.gifSkywing_hatchi.gif.df490b3627dd0d432c8aa1579382a5bc.gifSkywing_mature_hatchi.gif.2e45e74874b6640e19c252596877bb2a.gifSophrosyne_hatchling.png.2c0e47d0f20b506b7c3607ba66c61718.pngSophrosyne_female_hatchling.png.b2eb269a6ba6660c3fdbc5a046e8371a.pngSpeckle-Throated_hatchi.png.b6fc49a0a9c3a9d7147f1310125e50f9.pngSpeckle-Throated_male_hatchi.png.0fd84918b9992218e72abf211c0d93f4.pngSpeckle-Throated_female_hatchi.png.07b66a037df472641cb9e224d935af93.pngSpirit_Ward_hatchling.gif.7f1413c4998c686cd9b2cf010a55da44.gif200299092_Spirit_Ward_male_hatchling_28day29.gif.227376b28c8b21aa44b05b3660e5b1ce.gifSpotted_Greenwing_hatchi.gif.c0045cb89a30742d0f91707da4cf56a2.gifSpotted_Greenwing_mature_hatchi.gif.6dd427c23dd2fb81796c9111021c0dca.gifStone_hatchi.gif.261243e662b9a61fcab31748b0e593de.gifStone_mature_hatchi.gif.91fca5640ad8a3112dd0cf4406c0bb76.gifStorm-Rider_hatchi.png.5447f0e8d44b3e9d5e78443776781431.pngStorm-Rider_mature_hatchi.png.e4975f0e1ddc51a529851bfa932d4da4.pngStratos_hatchi.png.5796b84cfde119fba7ff38db220ebdfa.pngStratos_mature_hatchi.png.8b4d9311cfd920080eddad46d44c722c.pngBlack_Striped_hatchi.gif.73294a13719f4fb3d3e7f9bc68668d24.gifBlack_Striped_mature_hatchi.gif.7d7c5d64f7d828a7661e48a9768dc315.gifBlue_Striped_hatchi.gif.3db23f64b84774190d9ed038ff24be44.gifBlue_Striped_mature_hatchi.gif.38ecef91a6fe1006f37c01896c89cbea.gifGreen_Striped_hatchi.gif.56d637ac7a5c78d6cb24d0bfffc3e83e.gifGreen_Striped_mature_hatchi.gif.99cca02709e65dfee620d57ad4a36829.gifRed_Striped_hatchi.gif.805bee13b56aa84683d89b1359197e85.gifRed_Striped_mature_hatchi.gif.590b3b2c63b0afc0d770c0b2e21e16a4.gifWhite_Striped_mature_hatchi.png.809d9c11b6850fd110c4508fd91b29f7.pngStriped_River_hatchling.gif.58979aee4b30600ac095042ac1ff3f5c.gifStriped_River_mature_hatchling.png.cad8ec2bbe4e5b1556eeb6708eaa665e.pngSunrise_hatchi.gif.99d89d514f9cd7473361d70d22e6c162.gifSunrise_mature_hatchi.gif.6f93433ee0038ea64d29c370b461f0e7.gifSunset_hatchi.gif.e134d3cf3fc37d6040b737fb8c0f8e19.gifSunset_mature_hatchi.gif.42d33395b2d36f9252393ad8a231983b.gifSunsong_Amphiptere_hatchi.gif.f5f5da4ea30a1f8721510abe21016c50.gifSunsong_Amphiptere_male_hatchi.gif.b744f992d80e77733414cc8bf057d631.gifSunsong_Amphiptere_female_hatchi.png.afc85b41dc173b05aebf8ef0630fb02d.pngSunstone_hatchi.gif.4ad466b7a0249b30e8c55fe68b74b81c.gifSunstone_mature_hatchi.gif.eff65d4e6ebb53e84f51d01121a3a9a8.gifSwallowtail_female_hatchi.png.a38822cab038e598f059e6f36e294d3c.pngTercorn_hatchi.png.1a91ba8cd45cedc3d7e6e1a13d709db2.pngTercorn_mature_hatchi.png.5032e5754d99d3813575df6fdb8280f4.pngTerrae_hatchi.gif.25298a468cc420fa899bf3f0c0ee2f22.gifTerrae_male_hatchi.gif.99a59677c5eb2278975e88a9b47a010a.gifTerrae_female_hatchi.gif.99454d899a1d91d0226cfc8a8c407e61.gifTetra_hatchi.gif.a67d108e92514f5d83257fbfc4e1f842.gifTetra_mature_hatchi.gif.d49db2eb93214c58e1a155d19467a0a9.gifThunder_hatchling.gif.b0de2062f4b8bcdb27da9ab54bef6519.gifThunder_mature_hatchling.gif.8362b3019505b726d53c3dc57a13307b.gifTideweaver_female_hatchling.png.06ddbb85e8c8de8257a9e85beddf1543.pngTurpentine_mature_hatchi.gif.c18c4e1d1a09eb596b5f423a68ba4888.gifTwo-Finned_Bluna_hatchi.gif.5fa8995c58d98b50b5494a56e3dbb4a9.gifTwo-Finned_Bluna_mature_hatchi.gif.44200d3ec357f0193c494c682e9aca59.gifUltraviolet_hatchi.png.f14e7594adb0c1080ec99b567acd4578.pngUltraviolet_male_hatchi.png.02dcba1df689a369ef46feca4f8e8df5.pngUltraviolet_female_hatchi.png.18e33046481740aff453cf36b3d09d9b.pngAlt_Undine_hatchi.png.2a91c945a952430c9d3950a6f0cedf5b.pngAlt_Undine_male_hatchi.png.5c92ae3a09c3dfe122036ff9ce11223f.pngAlt_Undine_female_hatchi.png.248783b933fe4695ce713dec80950ff3.pngVenturis_hatchi.gif.b850a6b6bfadf2d74acbb7ba6be851c6.gifVenturis_male_hatchi.png.54e80d9a95e74dfe901f9b6aa29fb29c.pngVenturis_female_hatchi.png.24588c50f396182df4bf54608d5a3fe4.pngWater_hatchi.gif.31ecd6bcde6dbc258bf195a144203732.gifWater_male_hatchi.gif.0a1bfa4e75da9e78274b0ce14b9aeb8a.gifWater_female_hatchi.gif.75e027aada7023a4eedef4365147a00b.gifWater_Walker_hatchi.gif.fc9dd4e5550c18fd3635590eef724925.gifWater_Walker_mature_hatchi.gif.1c7996ef2fb7956b9ec875b9a9053b77.gifWater_Horse_male_hatchi.gif.81cd8b75ebd85c0e7d5c83d1a826231d.gifWater_Horse_female_hatchi.gif.19f95f27eaaedda71c74eda46cfc1818.gifWhiptail_hatchi.gif.1b2d1272298bdee0a795dddcf521223e.gifWhiptail_mature_hatchi.gif.58278500db0579c05e60b317ec1245cc.gifWhite_mature_hatchi.gif.907242e0234024fe487aceee98d30470.gifXol_blue_hatchi.png.7ca9e76dcbfe91c50d9f2d6c6528d1d7.pngXol_blue_mature_hatchi.png.e63a667619f443391be693555703f4b3.pngXol_red_hatchi.png.7080513a025b5f14c2cd6397e09d521f.pngXol_red_mature_hatchi.png.379f6c9d71ca2f815d0c1d6b2a7f2d8d.pngYellow-Crowned_hatchi.gif.c46c9a8d40b35a7df689aca7d5a053b2.gifYellow-Crowned_mature_hatchi.gif.9f1dd9d962b30f585f3a164022e58525.gifZyumorph_alpine_hatchi.png.cc9d3df8d99d85f9213082d190ee7f8a.pngZyumorph_alpine_mature_hatchi.png.cd1766f2dd63181e4329b791285094e6.pngZyumorph_coast_hatchi.png.330182df218a513f69a64776cf60af56.pngZyumorph_coast_mature_hatchi.png.b75466639b867d18755c1284be5d2f11.pngZyumorph_desert_hatchi.png.3f68ff3d7de04b4cb4c0508202301b10.pngZyumorph_desert_mature_hatchi.png.1b14877f1dee68216086ea5022553597.pngZyumorph_forest_hatchi.png.d5f96970ca754e5786e0bb43de32e354.pngZyumorph_forest_mature_hatchi.png.221e3eb9ca32110ed29665b783558a07.pngZyumorph_jungle_hatchi.png.cdc260b942247ba13af8555adbd8e652.pngZyumorph_jungle_mature_hatchi.png.6218ac6b2d8c1d92b0f6833db46fcb99.pngZyumorph_volcano_mature_hatchi.png.398ec592afb25f9d6cbac984c456df58.pngAvatar_of_Change_hatchling.PNG.png.3881b398e3984c30f0e47ff037438732.pngAvatar_of_Change_mature_hatchling.png.132ff7f5344b63d0de9fb0925b5315fe.pngAvatar_of_Creation_hatchling.PNG.png.3d1ea8597460fed74d15060082dfe2df.pngAvatar_of_Creation_mature_hatchling.png.8d7b6ec31c80f94c7794c97e60638f98.pngAvatar_of_Destruction_hatchling.PNG.png.1d45ae418b5c4ee45a52864faaf054f2.pngAvatar_of_Destruction_mature_hatchling.png.79f5bce5b502c44e7c7540705bdc47bb.png

⋆ Albino (F) ⋆ Amerald (M/F) ⋆ Amalthean (U/M/F) ⋆ Antarean (U/M/F) ⋆ Aqualis (U) ⋆ Aranoa (U/M/F) ⋆ Aria (U/F) ⋆ Ash (M/F) ⋆ Astaarus (U/M/F) ⋆ Azure Glacewing (U/M/F) ⋆ Balloon (U/M/F) ⋆ Black Capped Teimarr (M/F) ⋆ Black Alt (sitting U/M/F crouching U/M/F) ⋆ Black Tea (U/M/F) ⋆ Black Truffle (U/M/F) ⋆ Blacktip (M/F) ⋆ Blazeback (U/M/F) ⋆ Bleeding Moon (U/M/F) ⋆ Blue-Banded (U/M/F) ⋆ Bolt M/F) ⋆ Boreal (M/F) ⋆ Brimstone (M/F) ⋆ Brute (U/F) ⋆ Candelabra (U/M/F) ⋆ Canopy (M) ⋆ Cantormaris Mundus (U/M/F) ⋆ Cantormaris Sophos (U/M/F) ⋆ Cantormaris Itus (U/M/F) ⋆ Cantormaris Iratus (U/M/F) ⋆ Cantormaris Motus (U/M/F) ⋆ Cantormaris Tutela (U/M/F) ⋆ Carina (U/M/F) ⋆ Cassare (U/M/F) ⋆ Copper Liver of Sulfur (U/M/F) ⋆ Copper Rainbow (U/F) ⋆ Copper Verdigris (U/M/F) ⋆ Copper Pennybright (U/M/F) ⋆ Crystalline (U/M/F) ⋆ Dark Green (U/F) ⋆ Dark Green Alt (U/M/F) ⋆ Daydream (U/M/F) ⋆ Deep Sea (U/M/F) ⋆ Diamondwing (M/F) ⋆ Dorsal Purple (M/F) ⋆ Dorsal Red (U/M/F) ⋆ Electric (U/M/F) ⋆ Electric Stunned (U/M/F) ⋆ Elux Lucis (U/M/F) ⋆ Ember (F) ⋆ Equinox (U/M/F) ⋆ Fell (U/M/F) ⋆ Fire Gem Blue (U/M/F) ⋆ Fire Gem Red (M/F) ⋆ Fire Gem Green (U/M/F) ⋆ Freckled (U/M/F) ⋆ Frilled (M) ⋆ Frosbite (U/M/F) ⋆ Gemstone Jade (U/M/F) ⋆  Gemstone Ruby (U/M/F) ⋆  Gemstone Sapphire (F) ⋆ Gemstone Amethyst (U/M/F) ⋆ Gemstone Aqua (U/M/F) ⋆ Gemstone Citrine (U/M/F) ⋆ Geode (U/M/F) ⋆ Gold-horned Tangar (M/F) ⋆ Green (U/M/F) ⋆ Guardian (U/M/F) ⋆ Harvest (M) ⋆ Hellfire (U/M) ⋆ Hellhorse (U/M/F) ⋆ Horse (U/M/F) ⋆ Hydrophidius (U/M/F) ⋆ Ice (M/F) ⋆ Imperial Fleshcrowne (U/M/F) ⋆ Khusa (M/F) ⋆ Kingcrowne (U/M) ⋆ Labradorite (U/M/F) ⋆ Lacula (U/M/F) ⋆ Leodon (U/M/F) ⋆ Lihnseyre (U/M/F) ⋆ Lumina (U/M/F) * Lumina Dark (U/M/F) ⋆ Lunar Herald Gold (U/M/F) ⋆ Lunar Herald Silver (U/M/F) ⋆  Lunar Herald Bronze (U/M/F) ⋆ Lunar Herald Indigo (U/M/F) ⋆ Magi (F) ⋆ Magma (U/M/F) ⋆ Melismor (U/M/F) ⋆ Mint (U/M/F) ⋆ Mistra (U/M/F) ⋆ Monarch (U/F/M) ⋆ Moonstone (U/F) ⋆ Nebula Orig (M/F) ⋆ Neglected (U/M/F) ⋆ Neotropical (M/F) ⋆ Nobleshield (U/M/F) ⋆ Nocturne (F) ⋆ Olive (U/M/F) ⋆ Pillow (U/M/F) ⋆ Plated Colossus (U/M/F) ⋆ Purple (U/M/F) ⋆ Pyralspite Almandine (U/M/F) ⋆  Pyralspite Pyrope (M/F) ⋆ Pyralspite Spessartine (U/M/F) ⋆ Pyrovar (U/M/F) ⋆ Ridgewing Purple (F) ⋆ Ridgewing Tan (U/M/F) ⋆ Rift Wyrm (U/M/F) ⋆ Risensong (U/M/F) ⋆ Royal Blue (U/M/F) ⋆ Royal Crimson (F) ⋆ Royal Eminence (U/M/F) ⋆ Sandwaste (U/M/F) ⋆ Sapo (U/M/F) ⋆ Sapphire Blue (U/M/F) ⋆  Sapphire Pink (U/M/F) ⋆ Sapphire Yellow (U/M/F) ⋆ Sawtooth (U/M/F) ⋆ Script (U/M/F) ⋆ Seasonal Autumn (M/F) ⋆ Seasonal Spring (U/M/F) ⋆ Seasonal Summer (U/M/F) ⋆ Seasonal Winter (U/M/F) ⋆ Setsong (U/M/F) ⋆ Shallow Water (M/F) ⋆ Sinii Krai (M/F) ⋆ Siyat Green (U/M/F) ⋆ Siyat Blue (U/M/F) ⋆  Siyat Purple (U/M/F) ⋆ Skysilk (U/M/F) ⋆ Skystrider (U/M/F) ⋆ Skywing (U/M/F) ⋆ Sophrosyne (U/F) ⋆ Speckle-Throated (U/M/F) ⋆ Spirit Ward (U/M) ⋆ Spotted Greenwing (U/M/F) ⋆ Stone (U/M/F) ⋆ Stormrider (U/M/F) ⋆ Stratos (U/M/F) ⋆ Striped Black (U/M/F) ⋆ Striped Blue (U/M/F) ⋆ Striped Green (U/M/F) ⋆ Striped Red (U/M/F) ⋆ Striped White (M/F) ⋆ Striped River (U/M/F) ⋆ Sunrise (U/M/F) ⋆ Sunset (U/F) ⋆ Sunsong Amphiptere (U/M/F) ⋆ Sunstone (U/F) ⋆ Swallowtail (F) ⋆ Tercorn (U/M/F) ⋆ Terrae (U/M/F) ⋆ Tetra (U/M/F) ⋆ Thunder (U/F) ⋆ Tideweaver Lindwyrm (F) ⋆ Turpentine (M/F) ⋆ Two-Finned Bluna (U/M/F) ⋆ Ultraviolet (U/M/F) ⋆ Undine Alt (U/M/F) ⋆ Venturis (U/M/F) ⋆ Water (U/M/F) ⋆ Water Walker (U/M/F) ⋆ Waterhorse (M/F) ⋆ Whiptail (U/M/F) ⋆ White (F) ⋆ Xol Blue (U/M/F) ⋆  Xol Red (U/M/F) ⋆ Yellow Crowned (U/M/F) ⋆ Zyumorph Black (U/M/F) ⋆ Zyumorph Pink (U/M/F) ⋆ Zyumorph Blue (U/M/F) ⋆ Zyumorph White (U/M/F) ⋆ Zyumorph Yellow (U/M/F) ⋆ Zyumorph Red (M/F) ⋆ Avater of Change (U/M/F) ⋆  Avatar of Creation (U/M/F) ⋆ Avatar of Destruction (U/M/F) ⋆



Alcedine_Wyvern_blue_hatchling.gif.8a5c6578bf7715ec1659ea023e934eb8.gif Alcedine_Wyvern_blue_mature_hatchling.gif.93ff1fcabf705061de8b6495b2eb61d0.gif Alcedine_Wyvern_red_hatchling.gif.24ca0a0fac94fbe6deb3d855ec6d77f5.gif Alcedine_Wyvern_red_mature_hatchling.png.3514d42880343e5221ef78303cc71457.png Carmine_Wyvern_hatchi.png.9d152be964483e6d91417556ed84c0e9.png Carmine_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.png.4e8d469b67214afdf82fedce21d28134.png Coastal_Waverunner_mature_hatchi.gif.b49e2b6007fa20f214616ee7b562666b.gif Falconiform_Wyvern_hatchi.gif.fd84e5e25b9740827963d641c1340e71.gif Falconiform_Wyvern_male_hatchi.png.8d25d9752cd20059ee2ac5144a1ee182.png Fever_Wyvern_hatchi.png.4f598a7ffeee5401eaf8d9c3f8268d22.png Fever_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.png.8356b461598cab4ec497163b44021658.png Flamingo_hatchi.gif.e89a6ed1804f873e9cca1db083913c86.gif Flamingo_male_hatchi.gif.ffc584cf77a72bef6e4d6fb4ccb883e3.gif Flamingo_female_hatchi.gif.2a4b3cb7b1895b9392e70ad323a7c99a.gif Floret_Wyvern_hatchi_purple.png.7c335b4addf082105f3cbc0ecb374a40.png Floret_Wyvern_mature_hatchi_purple.png.ee8c828520c578ce58efcbd4714c18d5.pngFloret_Wyvern_hatchi_gold.png.9fc383fa9ad8759696842baa7a10b685.png Floret_Wyvern_mature_hatchi_gold.png.23b62a761be5d3461cabba1f2e3ce6ad.png Floret_Iris_pink_hatchling.png.70b7aa8d49b4ea5c5dd77f1c17aeb634.png Floret_Iris_pink_mature_hatchling.png.a14c20f2f523b4137d355e9bc0ec417c.pngFloret_Alstro_purple_hatchling.png.5b87319acf4fedc65af691d5f7f4dc46.png Floret_Alstro_purple_male_hatchling.png.508f55ac0de479b073723963dc40588b.png Floret_Alstro_purple_female_hatchling.png.a68c7b7362f0ba600df54fb4d8bb9db5.png Floret_Alstro_gold_hatchling.png.08dbd747a6bb4348b072f3a2f165c97a.png Floret_Alstro_gold_male_hatchling.png.d8ef12dd9d7a727d14951b755b362312.pngFloret_Alstro_gold_female_hatchling.png.0712cfdb31f011d591118dc276b7e4ae.png Floret_Alstro_pink_hatchling.png.d07b459cbc6340370ada85cc2e5bae68.png Floret_Alstro_pink_male_hatchling.png.854d4eebe382e78d68de462eae1d4a11.png Floret_Alstro_pink_female_hatchling.png.8f3c9b0e1096fb5b8f676ef73720d6f7.png Galvanic_hatchi.gif.779d38eb11a028a6e15d7c6e77377042.gif Galvanic_mature_hatchi.png.b28dd6bfcbb4222bbb6e62be13c3347b.png Golden_Wyvern_hatchi.png.85c243565a6758f01dfad7b0e7ed31cd.png Luminox_Wyvern_hatchi.gif.d0c8f13b35ea37c3c2165db9da4c6779.gif Luminox_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.gif.8bf35d083a34b383a2731845de7c0c96.gif Nhiostrife_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.gif.dce5ebd7407389913c34d7ce96e59241.gifRazorcrest_Wyvern_hatchi.gif.95c8176fd771150d184ee97cbb56104f.gifRazorcrest_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.png.d56abfb2aac737319d71ba4ad9bfb52c.pngScimitar-wing_Wyvern_hatchi.gif.30bf7649133c7b41d02f1121dcb55ccd.gifScimitar-wing_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.png.8f845902e0e521f5e5cb3d972a32a778.pngSerrati_hatchling.gif.2831c200c845ef0b9da2395758bb04c7.gifSerrati_male_hatchling.png.86a3f25f3ce5b02f366d1c6347ae02ee.pngSpinel_Wyvern_violet_hatchi.png.64a057b1028c7220954d1bd32369bca5.pngSpinel_Wyvern_violet_mature_hatchi.png.9655b3ccdcf8d5d91405a0cde3d0f601.pngSpinel_Wyvern_green_hatchi.png.530766cc522660116f5905b126dcf27b.pngSpinel_Wyvern_green_mature_hatchi.png.f1363861404b609d52d9ecf19f2f2294.pngTri-Horn_Wyvern_hatchi.png.d7dd6e7563b1de73a18e6676e344577a.pngTri-Horn_Wyvern_mature_hatchi.png.ca7f3bdabbccc94fceb2c5d31da33795.pngTsunami_Wyvern_hatchi.gif.9ca3caf59e3da1ae8c36d1a5ba31320e.gifTsunami_Wyvern_male_hatchi.gif.e842002b2c80c1a9d8a579ec7ffab973.gifTsunami_Wyvern_female_hatchi.gif.d69b7353b625dc18d9ef7130357d3616.gif

⋆ Alcedine (Blue U/M/F Red U/M/F) ⋆ Carmine (U/M/F) ⋆ Costal Waverunner (F) ⋆ Falconiform (U/M) ⋆ Fever (U/M/F) ⋆ Flamingo (U/M/F) ⋆ Floret Iris Purple (U/M/F) ⋆ Floret Iris Gold (U/M/F) ⋆ Floret Iris Pink (U/M/F) ⋆ Floret Alstroemeria Purple (U/M/F) ⋆ Floret Alstroemeria (Gold (U/M/F) ⋆ Floret Alstroemeria Pink (U/M/F) ⋆ Galvanic (U/M/F) ⋆ Golden (U) ⋆ Luminox (U/M/F) ⋆ Nhiostrife (M/F) ⋆ Razorcrest (U/F/M) ⋆ Scimitar-wing (U/M/F) ⋆ Serrati (U/M) ⋆ Spinel Voilet (U/M/F) ⋆  Spinel Green (U/M/F) ⋆ Tri-horn (U/M/F) ⋆ Tsunami (U/M/F) ⋆



Aquilo_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gif.8f01db8aaa0a0b1360c9504a48e28c99.gif Aquilo_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif.617b66fdd08323782fac9169fb94b203.gif Aso_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gif.1acee2736357501f0f9d994f99f3c0ce.gif Aso_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif.f616ab918449a82cc9cfffb4407cbc77.gifAstrapi_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gif.9f6444b8fbbc54be3f2f19e8a770c5e6.gifAstrapi_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif.a692288769ab7c1ca816cc74f30c9eda.gifChrono_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gif.4e77a97b081f1f5b2f8410335d5b4bca.gifChrono_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif.c3ddb183ae5892726691b38f617b9d4e.gifGaia_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gif.0d83392282a4097318983c55c41145e8.gifGaia_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif.16267e01fd3de845c391124a262fa85a.gif1770854008_Kemaro_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gif.a882a4c2d643cceb32f8c6553e8b9a3b.gif 1403982705_Kemaro_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif.2f637030123c174c5fbbb3b5b4985798.gif Mageia_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gif.c1eed5c0f87d7e36eb754fc2d258a909.gifMageia_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif.ed24ac11202c13578ab838840be55737.gifObidar_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gif.31b2c75b4dd44a8ba1b4786ccd2e27b7.gifObidar_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif.111709673aaf9cb3bcd48bc43091451c.gif Pharos_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gif.b2942c70353f73024a863dd1936ffb74.gifPharos_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif.ce3e3e109c2d067e58159f593d6b9fcd.gifPyro_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gif.8ae6c081ea805158b08032e601f35a0d.gifPyro_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif.59453ae1210a5d1a8c4abde26d4cc35c.gifStaterae_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gif.1c60025f9c11b7d604cb7ff047088b11.gifStaterae_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif.f029aee7d583ddd849b1980abb36fc7b.gifThalassa_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gif.a8767dba916e01fa995c4ae965c55727.gifUmbra_Xenowyrm_hatchling.gif.05d5b297d755b1727c164efaf9847f5e.gifUmbra_Xenowyrm_mature_hatchling.gif.248ee2ba9a6da85fe20945629dc0774a.gif

⋆ Aquilo (U/M/F) ⋆ Aso (U/M/F) ⋆ Astrapi (U/M)  ⋆ Chrono (U/F) ⋆ Gaia (U/M/F) ⋆  Ke'maro (U/M/F) ⋆ Mageia (U/M/F) ⋆ Obidar (U/M/F) ⋆ Pharos (U/M/F) ⋆ Pyro (U/M) ⋆ Staterae (U/M/F) ⋆ Thalassa (U) ⋆ Umbra (U/M/F) ⋆




⋆ Glaucus (U/M) ⋆ Greater Spotted (U/M/F) ⋆ Honey (U/M/F) ⋆ Howler (U/M/F) ⋆ Moonglow (U/M/F) ⋆ Morphodrake (U/M/F) ⋆ Ochredrake (U/M/F) ⋆ Pseudo-wyvern (U/M/F) ⋆ Sabertooth Bull (U/M/F) ⋆ Spotted Teal (U/M/F) ⋆ Sunbeam (U/F) ⋆ Trantula Hawk (U/M/F) ⋆ Tatterdrake (U/M/F) ⋆ Vremya (U/M/F) ⋆




⋆ Baikala Blue (U/M/F) ⋆ Baikala Brown (U/M/F) ⋆ Bauta (U/M/F) ⋆ Blancback (U/M/F) ⋆ Ciriax Green (U/M/F) ⋆ Duotone (U/F) ⋆ Geminae (U/M/F) ⋆ Gilded Bloodscale (U/M/F) ⋆ Hooktalon (U/M/F) ⋆ Jester (U/M/F) ⋆ Magnsium Amphiptere Bronze (U/M/F) ⋆ Magnsium Amphiptere Grey (U/M/F) ⋆ Nexus (U/F) ⋆ Split (U/F) ⋆




⋆ Avea (U/M/F) ⋆ Common (U/M/F) ⋆ Coral (U/M/F) ⋆ Crimson Flare (U/M/F) ⋆ Dusk (M/F) ⋆ Glowback (U/M/F) ⋆ Kovos (U/M/F) ⋆ Kyanite (U/M/F) ⋆ Magelight (U/M/F) ⋆ Mariner (U/M/F) ⋆ Mimic (U/M/F) ⋆ Misfit (M/F) ⋆ Mislet (U/M/F) ⋆ Nilla Blue (U/M/F) ⋆ Nilla Green (U/M/F) ⋆ Pargulus Red (U/M/F) ⋆ Pargulus Blue (U/M/F) ⋆ Paragulus Green (U/M/F) ⋆ Pipio (U/M/F) ⋆ Red-Tailed Wyrm (U/M/F) ⋆ Seawyrm (U/M) ⋆



Amarignis_hatchling.gif.2f409ae421bdd5880e5a0b2b14b4b941.gif Amarignis_mature_hatchling.gif.daed66ed610280b65a7a3d475f5be739.gif Arcana_mature_hatchi.png.389924753334946d683a2a42a33b5a74.png Arsani_hatchi.gif.280a6a50ae0c0d82e28ce2e4e76637ae.gif Arsani_mature_hatchi.gif.bb379084b74cda8cffa961af0c91eb9c.gif Black_Marrow_mature_hatchi.gif.34baa588cd86e1544eb8c43848432596.gif Caligene_male_hatchi.gif.3c191054606ebd7c6fc01ff0f352f918.gif Desipis_male_hatchling.png.40bc1dd554e5fb11c2d8cd91ac93761f.png Erador_Lindwyrm_hatchi.png.3a9009705469469be96c7214d506268b.png Erador_Lindwyrm_mature_hatchi.png.bbbbbebc5be4c8d327e52b7e891d6c73.png Floral-Crowned_hatchi.gif.d539592b437ce62b493b86b4f94dbbde.gif Floral-Crowned_mature_hatchi.png.2cfb7ea553d0841176fb5936111fdb33.png Glystere_hatchling.gif.59799f6966269bc4342646bd5a202985.gif Glystere_mature_hatchling.png.4563596d952d02717d9b1fca59c29469.png Grave_mature_hatchi.png.48c7e6f06859e3322987b9d8872ecd59.png Heartseeker_hatchi.gif.1b4c0a00b6267220278c5b4dc8eb992b.gif Heartseeker_mature_hatchi.png.3dfb7e025070323e26de8a8a84f1bf34.pngHeartstealing_hatchi.gif.11a9828cab7fd4a5495c77b89129a92f.gif Heartstealing_mature_hatchi.png.495398711ecfc6248377b9b9a29d7f44.png Holly_mature_hatchi.png.13fd2d3aa571405a647e8d1fa9052b7c.png Kohraki_hatchi.gif.73d62ebb1142478fc696c77e33f8d18f.gif Kohraki_mature_hatchi.gif.e42f76c0a0d0e26f7815505046c1e864.gifMutamore_hatchi.gif.7422dbd60a4c3988e3a38d59530281ed.gifMutamore_mature_hatchi.gif.17cd6ddaa4325d6a0e30f4e260512eba.gifOmen_Wyrm_male_hatchi.gif.fddd6662a2b55900f9b0877e78eb7f78.gifOmen_Wyrm_female_hatchi.gif.cec3e5f1c030c684af8b9153410e81aa.gifPitfire_hatchling.png.cc0ad2ede579457bacb2d924da889818.pngPitfire_mature_hatchling.png.6a2a81f24a5ea04edffed33b4ca1a310.pngRadiant_Angel_hatchi.png.5bdbd123f7e59328e2b174ffd5e172b4.pngRadiant_Angel_mature_hatchi.png.095eb787076e054ce96fa1c2195d0b7b.pngRosebud_hatchi.gif.0ace0476249fd1e5670c1b8bdeec85ff.gifRosebud_mature_hatchi.gif.775274cf5b304832e468853ab2856463.gifSakuhana_Wyvern_hatchling.png.0c7c2b7498da4fc2f12c01a302294c9b.pngSakuhana_Wyvern_mature_hatchling.png.eb583a12ae58c22dff2300deacdf7833.pngSoulstone_hatchi.png.8518fa9576c6cbffa02d8f094dbb4bdb.pngSoulstone_mature_hatchi.png.d69158ed004b3a571de7d8b9421df627.pngSweetling_hatchi.gif.cc0e7ce3caab11bc7fc41b539b3b405e.gifValentine_hatchi.gif.7cea7c8221deb3ff62c314273167ac10.gifValentine_mature_hatchi.gif.574f79a3990677c46dff98e285f7accc.gifWintertide_hatchi.gif.3d3983149225a72af4fa72aade204476.gifWintertide_mature_hatchi.gif.258845ecca0cabcbe2168c8ab7b85845.gifWitchlight_mature_hatchi.png.156604e3f5828a705d99bd8f422ca448.pngPumpkin_mature_hatchi.gif.281d522e80ac1bc345d603fc7c4d231c.gifAegis_mature_hatchi.png.9a7e308c454a3eb4e2548d91bd8a5a2c.pngGarland_mature_hatchi.png.2937dedc3c9f1fa95f26f1914cf24c74.pngMistletoe_mature_hatchling.png.e6ca01e48e1b4eb4589c7113a36b86fa.pngSnow_mature_hatchi.png.44636abb1c49573d995592f28d64fe08.pngSolstice_mature_hatchi_rosy.png.e41cbcab627639084e39c543b038d164.png

⋆ Amarignis (U/F)⋆ Arcana (F) ⋆ Arsani (U/F) ⋆ Black Marrow (F) ⋆ Caligene (M) ⋆ Desipis (M) ⋆ Erador Lindwyrm (U/M) ⋆ Floral Crowned (U/M) ⋆ Glystere Wyrm (U/M) ⋆ Grave (M/F) ⋆ Heartseeker (U/M) ⋆ Heartstealing (U/F) ⋆ Holly (F) ⋆ Kohraki (U/M/F) ⋆ Mutamore (U/M) ⋆ Omen Wyrm (M/F) ⋆ Pitfire (U/M/F)  ⋆ Radiant Angel (U/M) ⋆ Rosebud (U/F) ⋆ Sakuhana (U/F) ⋆ Soulstone (U/F) ⋆ Sweetling (U) ⋆ Valentine (U/F) ⋆ Wintertide (U/M) ⋆ Witchlight (M/F) ⋆ Pumpkin (M/F) ⋆ Aegis (M) ⋆ Garland (F) ⋆ Mistletoe (F) ⋆ Snow Dragon (M) ⋆ Solstice Rosy (F) 




Dino Purple (S/L) ⋆ Dino Green (S/L) ⋆ Dino Blue (S/L) ⋆ Dino Yellow (S/L) ⋆ Dino Red (S/L) ⋆ Origami (wingless) ⋆


Zombie Making






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