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The Complete Your Scroll, Wish List Thread

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My incomplete wishlist

@Panther Jaggerjack / @BreRo


High priority 

Normal priority

Low priority



↑↑↑ Neglected (Neglected_egg.gif)
Dinos (0Zio61L.png)*

Chicken (Chicken_Egg.gif)

Paper (Paper_egg.gif)


CB only
Zyumorphs (Zyumorph-egg-rotator.gif)**
Xenos (HNEwi5I.png)***

Metals (zLWPrg8.png)****

Aeon Wyvern (Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif)


↑↑ Holly (2-3g)
↑↑↑ 2g Thuweds
↑↑ 2g SAltkins
= 2g hybrids (9wv90cX.gifw8ZWClv.png)
↓↓ 2g prizeswaps
↑↑ 3-4g Thuweds
↑ 3-4g checkers with SAlts at the base


*Blue Dino x1, Red Dino x2, Purple Dino x2, Green Dino x1

**Red Zyu x1, Black Zyu x2, Yellow Zyu x2, White Zyu x3, Blue Zyu x2, Pink Zyu x3

***Thalassa Xeno x3, Mageia Xeno x1, Chrono Xeno x2, Astrapi Xeno x2, Gaia Xeno x3

****Coppers (Rainbow x3, Sulfur x2, Verdigris x2), each Lunar Herald color x2, Golden Wyvern x1

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They are all mostly of/for holiday dragons I see I see...

Normal Dragons:

Oh... it’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just... I don’t have any need for them.

Maybe some bEWvPIk.gif would be nice...


Normal Dragons (w/ Holiday Checker Mates) (Christmas)

sgYw3fO.gif 3g Brown Lunar Herald mate for Aegis

4yJ2hZo.gif 3g Chrono Mate for Aegis

PNabbes.png 3g Lumina mate for Snow



https://dragcave.net/lineage/1PDRE 5g Solstice mate for Silver Tinsel 


Prize Dragons: (Meh not really interested in prizes honestly, unless to continue some of the checker lineages or are deadlines) 

https://dragcave.net/lineage/jaefC 2g Brown Tinsel mate for Starsinger 


Big Checker Projects:



Will edit with Valentine dragons 

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Neglected Dragon, s1 and s2, any stageNeglected_hatchi.gif Neglected_mature_hatchi.gif(High Priority)

Cheese Cheese_egg.gif

Any type of Dino except Green Blue_Dino_egg.gifPurple_Dino_egg.gifRed_Dino_egg.gifYellow_Dino_egg.gif



Any 2g PB prize (High Priority) Gold_Tinsel_egg.gifSilver_Tinsel_egg.gifBronze_Tinsel_egg.gif Gold_Shimmer-scale_egg.pngSilver_Shimmer-scale_egg.pngBronze_Shimmer-scale_egg.png

2g Gold Tin, any mate (Highest Priority) Gold_Tinsel_egg.gif

Normal Dragons

Alt Black Sitting Female (Highest Priority)Alt_Black_sitting_mature_hatchi.gif

Curled, any gendered ones (Highest Priority)  Alt_Black_crouching_mature_hatchi.gif

Alt Undine Female (Highest Priority) Alt_Undine_female_hatchi.png

Any 2g Metal From Alt Sweet 



Hina (Highest Priority)

Tobi/Tob (Highest Priority)

Asah/Asa (High Priority)

Daich/Dai(High Priority)


Basically any Haikyuu character code, any lineage! 

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Top priority

Dark_Green_alt_hatchi.gif | 2G PB Alt Dark Green // Male

- Any gen non-messy lineage:

Alt_Black_sitting_hatchi.gif | Sitting Black for freezing // Male - Female

Alt_Black_crouching_hatchi.gif | Curled Black for freezing // Male - Female

- | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - 

CB Holiday hunting (personal notes)



Black Marrow // M - F

Caligene // F 

Witchlight // M - F

Omen // F

Arcana // M - F


Garland - 1


- | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - 

CB Undead fodder (personal notes)



 Drake (any)


 Two-Headed Lindwyrm

 Two-Headed Eastern (Blancback)

 Two-Headed Leviathan (Baikala)

 Two-Headed Western (Bauta, Duotone, Geminae, Gilded Bloodscale, Hooktalon, Nexus, Split)


 Pygmy Eastern (Kyanite)

 Pygmy Wyrm (Red-Tailed Wyrm)

 Pygmy Lindwyrm (Kovos, Seawyrm)

 Pygmy Wyvern (Coral, Magelight, Mimic)

 Pygmy Western (Avea, Common, Crimson Flare, Dark Myst, Dusk, Glowback, Misfit, Mariner, Nilia, Pargulus, Pipio)


Wyrm (Riftwyrm, Xenowyrm) (Omen)

Lindwyrm (Elux Lucis, Red-Finned Tidal, Script)

Leviathan/Sea Serpent (Deepsea, Sapo, Stratos, Water)

Amphiptere (Aeria Gloris, Lacula, Skywing, Sunsong Amphiptere)

Eastern (Almerald, Aqualis, Bolt, Cloudplume, Gemshard, Labradorite, Lihnseyre, Melismor, Striped River, Venturis)

Wingless (Aranoa, Ash, Dark Green, Dorsal, Fell, Leodon, Mint, Terrae, Waterhorse, Weater Walker, Xol)

Wyvern (Aether, Alcedine, Bright-Breasted, Carmine, Coastal Waverunner, Falconiform, Fever, Flamingo, Galvanic, Hellfire,  Luminox, Nebula, Nhiostrife,

             Razorcrest, Scmitar-Wing Seragamma, Spinel, Spirit Ward, Tri-Horn, Tsunami)


- | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - | - 

Always looking for any lineage and gender (messy/inbred OK) incuhatchable eggs or hatchlings of these types

Aeon_Wyvern_hatchi.png | Bolt_hatchi.png | Magi_hatchi.gif | Pink_hatchi.gif | Purple_hatchi.gif  | Red_hatchi.gif

Aeon, Bolt, Magi, Pink, Purple, Red

Ice_egg.gif | Magma_egg.gif | Thunder_egg.gif

Ice, Magma, Thunder

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Hello, and welcome to my wishlist!


June 27, 2020: I am having trouble getting the new Xeno eggies, and would really love if someone could help me out ❤


The Top Ten:

  1. CB Silver (I finally caught one! But now I need a mate -.-)
  2. Neglected (any stage)
  3. Dinos Green_Dino_egg.gif Red_Dino_egg.gif Yellow_Dino_egg.gif
  4. 2g SAltkin
  5. 2g Prize (any)
  6. 2g Thuweds
  7. CB Green Copper Copper_Dragon3_egg.png
  8. CB Siyat (purple)
  9. CB/2g PB alts (Black, Undine, red Dorsal, etc)
  10. CB Pargulus Pygmy (green)


CB Army Building

  • Aeons
  • Zyumorph (specifically yellow, but need all of them for more summons ^.^)
  • Fire Gem (green)
  • Floret Wyvern (both colours)
  • Lunar Herald (gold)
  • Tercorn
  • Aqualis
  • Rift Wyrms
  • Red-Tailed Wyrm Pygmy
  • Coral Pygmy
  • Seasonal (any)
  • Stone


Lineage Projects:

  • CB Xenowyrm (all types)
  • CB Script Dragons


Holiday CB Hunting:

🎄 Wintertide
🎃 Pumpkin, Witchlight, Arcana, Kohraki
💝 Valentine, Sweetling, Rosebud, Heartseeker, Arsani, Mutamore, Floral-Crowned, Sakuhana, Erador

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Posted (edited)

Varislapsi's wishlist


About my wishes and breeding and trading possibilities


I haven't set any actual scroll goals but I do feel the need to have at least one caveborn pair (female and male) of each breed that can be caught from the cave, in every variant in case the breed has those, as well as one 2nd gen pair of hybrids and bred-only alts from dragons on my scroll. I already have as many unbreedables as I want and at least at the moment I'm not interested in neglecteds, undeads or more vampires. I don't freeze dragons so I'm not collecting hatchies for that either. I have taken the oath to name all my dragons; on my scroll, they do get a name even if they have a special code and I keep them simple, one word, perhaps two, and hyphen if needed for grammary but nothing more and no family names. It doesn't matter too much, though, if a bred dragon has unnamed ancestors or dragons with long names in it's lineage.


In addition to all that, I just want to have enough caveborns to be able to breed nice lines since most of my dragons have one chosen mate. I'm especially trying to get more breeding pairs of metals, prizes, SAltkins etc. because I'd love to gift their offspring to others and to donate eggs in forum raffles. If you see any pairing on my scroll that you like, or a common dragon that doesn't yet have a mate, or anything that could help you with your lineage projects, just ask. I'd be happy to breed you what you need or desire!


I'm not very good (or good at all...) at catching rares but if you'd be able to trade me something I'm looking for, I could catch you multiple commons or breed hybrids or other 2nd gens and also hatch the eggs. Message me about your possibilities and prices!


I don't have any CB prizes or 2nd gen offspring from special dragons; I only have one Fools' day mint and haven't picked a mate for him yet. I have all CB holidays and my snow angels are the gold-winged variant and sweetlings the regular pink variant. Neither of my CB Aegides have been enraged and I don't plan to do that. I have plenty of CBs of most common breeds, a few of most uncommon breeds and at least one of each gender of breedable rares.


1. Caveborn dragons


The following CB rares I can't catch myself:




Additionally, I'm always interested in these CB rares/uncommons:



all coppers but especially green and red ones


CB codes I might like:


other five-letter Finnish words,

five-letter Italian words


I'm continuously looking for CBs of the breeds mentioned above so whatever trade I post, you're very welcome to offer those. After releases I'm often willing to trade for CB hatchies of the new breeds, though that depends on the trade as I can catch commons myself.


For the codes any caps are fine but no number substitutions are accepted. I could consider other five-letter words in languages I can read (Swedish and North Sami in addition to English) but I'm not interested in name codes and don't like rude codes.


2. Bred dragons


Things that I'm unable to obtain by trading:

2nd gen SAltkin (absolutely any would be a dream coming true!),

2nd gen Thuwed,

2nd gen prizes


Finally, some of my favourite common breeds that I love to see in (checker) lines:







elux lucis,

all Hogwarts breeds but especially razorcrest,


both luminae,


all lunar heralds,


both ridgewings,

all seasonals,



Nebbies are my number one favourites and I'm even collecting caveborns whenever I have scroll space. The list of dragons that I love doesn't finish here, however. I'm such a Scandinavian soul that I'm really fond of all arctic and wintery breeds, including all Christmas dragons. Almost all breeds somehow related to sky, space, time and time of day (you're free to use a bit of imagination here) are also close to my heart.


The 2nd gens mentioned above are always welcome. When it comes to longer lineages, I strongly prefer EGs, most of all checkers until it's a very special line. I love lines with spriter's alts but I already have quite many of those so I'm mostly looking for 3rd gens, again preferably checkers, and even better if both/all holiday dragons in the base are alts. I don't really collect Thuweds but if it's a nice line, I will love it! Instead, I don't like anything messy or inbred (surprise).


3. Mates needed


Prizes and prizekins:

2nd gen gold shimmer from male tercorn (for him)

2nd gen silver shimmer from solstice (for her)

2nd gen bronze shimmer from female anagallis (for her)

2nd gen bronze shimmer from solstice (for her)

2nd gen gold tinsel from female aeria gloris (for her)

2nd gen silver tinsel from male aqualis (for him)

2nd gen silver tinsel from female boreal (for her)

2nd gen silver tinsel from wrapping wing (for him)

2nd gen silver tinsel from female monarch (for her)

2nd gen silver tinsel from male white (for him)

2nd gen bronze tinsel from female freckled (for her)

2nd gen bronze tinsel from male razorcrest (for him)

3rd gen silver shimmer from male gaia (for her)

3rd gen silver tinsel from mistletoe (for her)

3rd gen silver tinsel from female striped river (for him)

2nd gen arsani from gold shimmer (for him)

2nd gen gold floret from female bronze shimmer (for her)

2nd gen heartseeker from silver tinsel (for her)

2nd gen wintertide from bronze tinsel (for her)

3rd gen floral-crowned from gold shimmer (for her)

3rd gen blue gemshard from female gold shimmer (for her)

3rd gen snow from silver shimmer (for her)

3rd gen sakuhana from silver shimmer (for him)

3rd gen arcana from male bronze shimmer (for him)

3rd gen celestial from male bronze shimmer (for him)

3rd gen blue nebula from bronze shimmer (for him)

3rd gen caligene from male gold tinsel (for him)

3rd gen snow from gold tinsel (for her)

3rd gen aethern from female silver tinsel (for her)

3rd gen arcana from male silver tinsel (for him)

3rd gen caligene from male silver tinsel (for him)

3rd gen holly from female silver tinsel (for her)

3rd gen pacified aegis from silver tinsel (for her)

3rd gen gaia from female silver tinsel (for her)

3rd gen witchlight from female bronze tinsel (for her)

4th gen grave from female bronze tinsel (for her)


Metals and metalkins:

3rd gen silver from female caligene (for her)

3th gen silver from female tri-horn (for her, also unrelated to her and him)

2nd gen caligene from male gold (for him)

2nd gen rose-winged solstice from silver (for him)

3rd gen arsani from silver (for him)

3rd gen caligene from female silver (for her)

3rd gen celestial from male silver (for him)

3rd gen brown copper from female silver (for her)

3rd gen green copper from male silver (for him)

3rd gen desipis from male silver (for him)

3rd gen golden wyvern from male silver (for him)

3rd gen yulebuck from silver (for her)

3rd gen mistletoe from silver (for him, also unrelated to her and him)

3rd gen snow from silver (for her)

3rd gen light lumina from female silver (for her)

3rd gen red nebula from silver (for him)

3rd gen radiant angel from silver (for her , also unrelated to her)

3rd gen radiant angel from silver (for her , also unrelated to her)

3rd gen rosebud from silver (for him)

3rd gen shadow walker from male silver (for him)

4th gen radiant angel from silver (for her, also unrelated to her and her)

4th gen tsunami from male silver (for him)


More will be added here. For now I'll focus on rarer lines even if I love common checkers, too. I do take IOUs for holidays and most others, too!


4. Bloodswap needed


Prize lines:

4th gen female silver shimmer & male white striped (unrelated to her and him)


Metal lines:

2nd gen female gold & male skysilk (unrelated to her and him)

4th gen female kingcrowne & male gold (unrelated to her and him)

2nd gen female silver & male blusang (unrelated to her and him)

2nd gen female silver lunar & male silver (unrelated to her and him)

2nd gen blue nebula & silver (unrelated to her and him and also him)

3rd gen female silver & male antarean (unrelated to her and him)

3rd gen female silver & male boreal (unrelated to her and him)


Either breed is fine for these. I'll add more later here as well, starting with the rarer lines, and again I can take IOUs.

Edited by Varislapsi

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 --- Amamiya's Scroll Goal and Wishlist ---


scroll goal; 10 Dragons per unique breed, 5 males and 5 females. Cave born if possible for the breed and 2Gs for hybirds.
Frozen hatchlings goals are one of each stages (ungendered, male, female).

My need count (more like a personal reminder for me on which things to snag and not to snag lol), that I actively update: Adult Dragons Need to complete goals


Mainly collecting cave born dragons for breeding pair, but I also like lineage ones, especially checkers. I prefer low lineages ones such as 2Gs-3Gs, though long lineages with pretty combination are fine too. My scroll slot/space is rotated among cb hunting for scroll goal, lineage project completion and finding mates.




Ultimate wishlist or to really have a complete scroll;

CB Prize dragon, if I ever win in the Monthly Lottery lmao



Currently have zero (0) Adult in scroll | need:

Avea Pygmy egg  Avea Pygmy | Female

Coral Pygmy Wyvern egg Coral Pgmy | Male

Dusk Pygmy egg Dusk Pygmy {Hybird} | Male

Pargulus Pygmy eggPargulus Pygmy red hatchling  Red Pargulus | Female

Risensong egg Risensong | Male and Female

latest?cb=20170625075013 Setsong | Female

Siyat eggSiyat blue mature hatchiSiyat green mature hatchi  Siyat Green and Blue | Female

Tatterdrake egg ╡Tatterdrake | Male

Arcana egg Arcana | Male & Female

Kohraki egg Kohraki | Female


Group Quicklist of things I need more CB/2Gs: CBs for Scroll Goal and Favorites ;; Hyrids


Code Wishlist:

lotus - sauce - kanda - mugen - kingu

koi - key - yuu 


▬▬ ▬▬ ▬▬

[🔴] - high priority, [🟢] - medium priority, [🟤] - low priority


Current Priority or Actively Seeking:

  • CB Stratos 🔴 (5 Male and 5 Female), for lyrical lineage


Always welcome to receive and love to have more (cave born or pretty lineaged ones)



Gold egg Silver egg Copper egg variations rotator Metallics (Silver, Gold, Copper)

Paper egg Paper Dragon

Staterae Xenowyrm egg Gaia Xenowyrm egg Pharos Xenowyrm egg Xenowyrm (esp Gaias, Pharos, Stat)

Zyumorph-egg-rotator.gif Zyumorph

latest?cb=20150329015520 Gemshards

Xol blue eggXol red egg Xols (for my Hoard/Army)

Ice egg Thunder egg Magma egg Legendary Trio (Ice, Magma, Thunder)

Aeon Wyvern eggRed eggPink eggPurple eggMagi egg BSA Dragons (Aeon, Red, Pink, Purple, Magi)



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