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The Complete Your Scroll, Wish List Thread

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(If you trade/gift, hatchies always preferred! I'm egg-locked almost constantly. Check my sig to see if I'm locked or not!)


-This is mostly just a checklist for personal use, but you may refer to this if you'd like to trade or gift!

-I have a preference for dragons that is either CB or has a non-inbred, neat lineage! I.E. Checkerboards, stairs, purebreds, staircases. I will still happily accept anything however, especially for 'Most wanted' dragons; I'd be happy enough seeing my wishlist dragons on my scroll with no regards to his/her origins :) 



latest?cb=20120815075436 // latest?cb=20120815090315 BLUSANG LINDWYRMS (1/∞) *MOST WANTED!!!!!

latest?cb=20160822010152 // latest?cb=20160823041502 AEON WYVERNS (1/∞)

latest?cb=20100401041551 // latest?cb=20100401093945 // latest?cb=20100401162238 latest?cb=20100401162425 HELLFIRE WYVERNS (1/∞)

latest?cb=20100328010108 // latest?cb=20091212234128 CHICKENS (1/∞)


Black Marrow egg // Black Marrow hatchi BLACK MARROW (0/∞) *MOST WANTED!!!

Caligene egg // Caligene hatchi CALIGENE (0/∞) *MOST WANTED!!!

Witchlight egg // Witchlight hatchi WITCHLIGHT (0/∞) *MOST WANTED

Arcana egg // Arcana hatchi ARCANA (0/∞) *MOST WANTED!!!



latest?cb=20130924201446 ANY DRAGONS WITH INTERESTING/WORD-LIKE CODES (E.G. MeoWx, DenG0, SACr1)




latest?cb=20150829075208 latest?cb=20150829075222 // latest?cb=20150829124745 Lunar Heralds indigo hatchi SILVER OR INDIGO LUNER HERALD (0/1 SILVER), (0/1 INDIGO)

latest?cb=20100401135617 // latest?cb=20110401083628 PURPLE OR GREEN NEBULA (0/1 PURPLE, 0/1 GREEN)

latest?cb=20100526143015 // latest?cb=20100526164802 NIGHT GLORY (0/1)

latest?cb=20100326231252 // latest?cb=20091211230455 // latest?cb=20110421134531 PINK DRAGONS FOR INFLUENCING (0/8)

latest?cb=20100326231225 // latest?cb=20180521130926 RED DRAGONS FOR INCUBATING (0/8)


latest?cb=20150627180116 // Gaia Xenowyrm hatchling GAIA XENO (0/1)



Mageia Xenowyrm egg // Mageia Xenowyrm hatchling MAGEIA XENO (0/1)

Pyro Xenowyrm egg // Pyro Xenowyrm hatchling PYRO XENO (0/1)

Thalassa Xenowyrm egg // Thalassa Xenowyrm hatchling THALASSA XENO (0/1)


Zyumorph alpine egg // Zyumorph alpine hatchi ALPINE ZYU (0/1)

Zyumorph coast egg // Zyumorph coast hatchi COASTAL ZYU (0/1)

Zyumorph forest egg // Zyumorph forest hatchi FOREST ZYU (0/1) *MOST WANTED

Zyumorph jungle egg // Zyumorph jungle hatchi JUNGLE ZYU (0/1)

Zyumorph volcano egg // Zyumorph volcano hatchi VOLCANO ZYU (0/1)


Alt Black crouching hatchi // Alt Black sitting hatchi ALT. BLACK (0/1)





Avatar of Destruction egg // Avatar of Destruction hatchling AVATAR OF DESTRUCTION (0/1)

Ice egg // Ice hatchi ICE (0/2)

Magma egg // Magma hatchi MAGMA (0/2)

Thunder egg // Thunder hatchi THUNDER (0/2)

Gold egg // Gold hatchi GOLD (1/1) 

Gold Tinsel egg // Gold Tinsel hatchi GOLD PRIZE TINSEL (0/1)

Undead standard hatchi UNDEAD DRAGON, ANY TYPE (0/?) *MOST WANTED

Purple Dino egg ANY DINO (0/1 PURPLE) (0/1 GREEN) (0/1 YELLOW) (0/1 RED) (0/1 BLUE)


Carina female hatchi FEMALE CARINA (0/1)

Hellhorse egg // Hellhorse hatchi // Hellhorse female hatchiHellhorse male hatchi HELLHORSE (0/1 MALE), (0/1 FEMALE)


Desipis egg // Desipis hatchling DESIPIS (0/1)

Omen Wyrm egg // Omen Wyrm hatchi OMEN WYRM (0/1) *MOST WANTED

Radiant Angel egg // Radiant Angel hatchi RADIANT ANGEL (0/2) *MOST WANTED!!!

Rosebud egg // Rosebud hatchi ROSEBUD (0/1)

Aegis egg // Aegis hatchi AEGIS (0/2)



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Of course always looking for more Cheese



Wanted CB

Chicken_Egg.gifChicken_hatchi.gif Chicken

Blue_Dino_egg.gifPurple_Dino_egg.gifRed_Dino_egg.gifYellow_Dino_egg.gif All Dino except Green

Floret_Wyvern_egg_gold.gifFloret_Wyvern_hatchi_gold.pngFloret_Wyvern_mature_hatchi_gold.png Male Gold Floret Wyvern

Floret_Wyvern_egg_purple.gifFloret_Wyvern_hatchi_purple.pngFloret_Wyvern_mature_hatchi_purple.png Female Purple Floret Wyvern


Wanted Hatchlings

Pillow_female_hatchi.pngPillow_male_hatchi.gif CB/PB Pillow Hatchling

Fire_Gem_blue_hatchi.pngFire_Gem_red_hatchi.pngFire_Gem_green_hatchi.png Any lineage S1 Fire Gem Hatchling to freeze



Breeding Projects

Gold_Shimmer-scale_egg.pngGold_Shimmer-scale_hatchi.pngGold_Shimmer-scale_mature_hatchi.png 2G Gold Shimmer from Male Red and Female Gold Shimmer

Edited by I Want Cheese Dragon

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chandelotic's wishlist

last updated 06/02/2019




Sunsong Amphiptere egg Sunsong Amphiptere hatchi Sunsong Amphiptere
Water Horse eggWater Horse male hatchi Waterhorse
Floret Wyvern egg purple Floret_Wyvern_hatchi_purple.png  purple Floret Wyvern
Blusang Lindwurm egg Blusang Lindwurm hatchi Blusang Lidwyrm
Undine eggUndine hatchi Undine
Nebula eggNebula hatchi Nebula
Mint eggMint hatchi Mint
Xenowyrm egg variations rotator Xenowyrm
Zyumorph-egg-rotator Zyumorph
Seasonal egg variations rotator Seasonal
Fire-Gem-egg-rotator Fire Gem

BSA Hatchies or Low-Time Eggs:
(lineage doesn't matter)

Red hatchi Red mature hatchi Red

Pink hatchi Pink female hatchi Pink female hatchi Pink
Magi hatchi Magi mature hatchi Magi
Aeon Wyvern hatchi Aeon Wyvern mature hatchi Aeon Wyvern
Purple female hatchi Purple male hatchi Purple
Looking for Mates:
listed in no particular order

bee, julia, astro (astrs), bmac, cfm, brian, mccnn (mccan)

Edited by chandelotic

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Pretty much anything missing from this list but specifically:

Specific Gender:

Alt_Undine_male_hatchi.png 2g Alternate Undine Hatchling with two Undine parents (Male)

Alt_Black_crouching_mature_hatchi.gif 2g Alternate Black Hatchling with two Black parents (Male)



latest?cb=20120101081139 CB Gold

Alt_Black_sitting_mature_hatchi.gif 2g Alternate Black Hatchling with two Black parents

I do like EG 2-5g lineages of 50%+ SAlts & PB Thuweds as well.

Edited by KenKazaki2

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I haven't really made a Wishlist before, so...why not. Bold is most desired. Others are...I want them, but not as bad.




ND (male or ungendered for scroll completion)

CB Silver (any gender, always looking for em)

CB Script males

CB Black Tea (as many as possible)

CB Red Nebulas

4G Black Tea from Monarch female checker


3G Falconiform from White male checker

3G Striped River from Sunsong female checker

3G Sunsong from Striped River male checker

Cheese (will never have too many)

Paper (same as Cheese)

2G Gold tinsel from any pairing, any Gold tinsel (unless you try to give me back a 2G Gold tinsel from my own CB Gold tinsel...haha)

2G Silver tinsel from Striped River

2G Gold shimmer (any mate)

Black Tea hatchies of any type and lineage (I will give your inbred black tea babies a home!)


And...uh...that's it for now. At least until I find a new lineage I love. 

Edited by Suzumiya
Added Script dragons!

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CB Silver

CB Alt Undines

CB Alt Ridewgings

CB Magma

CB Blusang



Any Holidays

CB Aeons

Alt Aeons


Any Tinsels

Any Shimmers

And plenty more, I'm sure.

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- moonflovver's list -

I'll breed pretty much anything on my scroll! I have a few Thuweds (granted some are messy lineaged), lots of CBs, and some nice lineages; feel free to take a look if you're interested :)


- Lineages -

Short gen Thuweds! Basically anything under 6 generations with an okay lineage is what I'm looking for.


- Breeding Projects -

latest?cb=20100401041445 CB male purple Nebula. I would prefer them to be gendered hatchies but if you have CB eggs to offer that's fine too.

latest?cb=20100828155817 CB female purple Ridgewing. For my project I need them to be female but eggs are fine because I can influence them.


- Favorites I'm hoarding :3 -

latest?cb=20181001083843 Aether Wyvern 3/

 latest?cb=20120815075555 Brimstone 2/

latest?cb=20180328001706 Freckled 4/

latest?cb=20100326231927 Mint 36/

latest?cb=20110718053551 Female Moonstone 4/

latest?cb=20110316055144 Male Pillow 3/

 latest?cb=20180930222118   Pipio Pygmy 1/

latest?cb=20130129093016 Silver Shimmer 1/

latest?cb=20140802171030 Undine 21/


- Scroll completion -

Can be CB or any gen, as long as it isn't messy or inbred. Some are these are just hopes and dreams and others are just uncommon that I'm looking for, or missed while I was on hiatus.

latest?cb=20140521053209 Avatar of Change 0/1

latest?cb=20170718093722 Green Baikala 0/1

latest?cb=20170718093722 Blue Baikala 0/1

latest?cb=20100327002132 Blue Dino 0/3

latest?cb=20100327003950 Purple Dino 0/3

latest?cb=20100326232739 Green Dino 0/3

latest?cb=20100327002521 Red Dino 0/3

latest?cb=20100327004023 Yellow Dino 0/3

latest?cb=20090715194436 Cheese 0/3

 latest?cb=20100328010108   Chicken 0/3

latest?cb=20130526045553 Rainbow Copper 0/1

latest?cb=20130526045553 Verdigris Copper 0/1

latest?cb=20170319130600 Blue Fire Gem 0/1

latest?cb=20170319130600 Red Fire Gem 0/1

latest?cb=20170319130600 Green Fire Gem 0/1

latest?cb=20120101081139 Gold 0/1

latest?cb=20091124051821 Magma 0/1

latest?cb=20100327043925 Neglected 0/1

latest?cb=20130420150616 Paper 0/3

latest?cb=20100327194233 Thunder 0/1

Edited by moonflovver

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Solaries' Wishlist ⤛ OP Date: 7/25/2019 | Updated: 8/18/2021 | Goal: Collect 2 CB of each possible dragon (M/F), 3 each of unbreedables & 2 each of hybrids


Please PM me first before gifting or trading with me to see if I have room on my scroll. If you see that I have an open spot, double-check with me to see if it's truly open or reserved for an incoming egg and/or hatchling. I accept any messy lineages, but will freeze the hatchlings. I also accept inbred eggs / hatchlings; if they have a pretty lineage, I'll let them grow up as an adult on my scroll, but will not continue the lineage.


All gifted dragons will be placed in the "Gifted From Others" group. Frozen Daydream hatchlings will state the gifters’ names above their gifts.


All lineage wishes (2g+) are with nicely named ancestors (i.e. no CB, numbers, breeder's names/tags, etc.) unless they have a special code.


CB Breeding Pairs (M/F) - Will update once current list is filled

  • Will update at a later time (last updated: 8-18-2021)


CB Codes (Format: Xxxxx, xxxxx, XXXXX)

  • Solar
  • Aries
  • Kirby
  • Yoshi
  • Oreos
  • Bunny
  • 77777
  • Goons
  • Lover
  • prefer all letters in code (last updated: 08/26/2020)


2g Hybrids (Breeding Pairs; must be nicely named)

  • looking for all hybrids (last updated: 03/25/2020)



  • Neglected (0/3 - 1 adult and 1 S1 & 1 S2 hatchlings to freeze)


Always Accepting (CB/PB/Checkers/Stair - Egg or Hatchlings)

  • Aeon
  • Blusang
  • Bolt
  • Fell
  • Kingcrowne
  • Lacula
  • Magi
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Vampire bitten from "Cave" Vampire (original); CB preferred


Currently Hoarding (CB)

  • Red
  • Cantormaris
  • Sapphire
  • New & Old Xenos


Wishful Thinking (CB, 2g-3g lineages)

  • Shimmer-scale
  • Tinsel
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • 2g Prize from CB Name-code (Format: Xxxxx)
  • CB Staterae; at least 2 (male/female) & 2g PB Staterae from nicely named parents


Holiday Dreams

  • 2g Pink Sapphire/Amarignis from Pink Sapphire x Amarignis
  • 2g Pink Sapphire/Rosebud from Pink Sapphire x Rosebud
  • 2g Pink Sapphire/Sakuhana from Pink Sapphire x Sakuhana
  • Any nicely named holiday low-gen (2g or 3g) are all welcomed.



  • Checkers and other pretty lineages are always welcomed. This, also, includes SAltkins.
  • 2g-3g Black Sweetlings & Black Heartstealings (stairs or checkers)!


SAltkin Pairings (2g nicely named, excluding Name/Word Codes unless otherwise stated)

SA x Common

  • Brown Sweetling x Tercorn
  • Brown Sweetling x Pink Sapphire
  • Black Sweetling x Tercorn
  • Black Sweetling x Pink Sapphire
  • Rainbow Sweetling x Tercorn
  • Rainbow Sweetling x Pink Sapphire
  • Rainbow Sweetling x Yellow Sapphire
  • Mundus Cantormaris x Blue Arsani
  • Pink Sapphire x Blue Arsani
  • Iratus Cantormaris x Black Arsani
  • Blue Kohraki x Elux Lucis / Astaarus / Nhiostrife Wyvern (Gender order doesn't matter)
  • Blue Radiant Angel x White
  • Purple Heartseeker x Pillow
  • Blue Xol / White x Blue Rosebud
  • Mistra / White x Blue/Pink Rosebud
  • White x White Valentine '09
  • Green Erador x Mistra
  • Green Erador x Green Cantormaris
  • Blue Erador x Mistra
  • Blue Erador x White Cantormaris
  • Pink Pumpkin x Coral Pygmy Wyvern
  • Purple Grave x Rift Wyrm (Gender order doesn't matter)
  • Blue Pitfire x Blue Sapphire (Gender order doesn't matter)
  • Green Pitfire x Stratos (Gender order doesn't matter)
  • Blue Exalted Pitfire x Stratos
  • Blue Wintertide x Bleeding Moon
  • Nhiostrife Wyvern x Blue Shimmer


SA x Uncommon

  • Black Heartstealing x Silver Lunar Herald
  • White Caligene x Black Truffle (Gender order doesn't matter)
  • Pink Exalted Pitfire x Kingcrowne (Gender order doesn't matter)
  • Undine x Pink Tinsel


SA x Rare

  • Ke'maro x Black/Red Cavern Lurker (female only)
  • Black/Red Witchlight x Umbra / Ke'maro (Gender order doesn't matter)
  • Black Arcana x Pharos / Chrono (Gender order doesn't matter)
  • Blue Arcana x Aso (Gender order doesn't matter / Nicely named only; no codes)


SA x Prize

  • Silver Shimmer x Black Heartstealing
  • Black Radiant Angel x Gold Shimmer
  • Gold Snow x Gold/Bronze Tinsel
  • Black Heartstealing x Silver Lunar Herald
  • Blue Starsinger x Silver Shimmer
  • Red Starsinger x Bronze Tinsel



  • 2g Thuweds would be amazing! I would be over the moon to have a pretty checkered, clean 100% Thuwed lineage.
  • Zombie checker line with 4g as a ND (0/1)
  • Zombie checker line with 4g as a Vampire (0/1 bitten from nicely named ancestors)
  • 2g ND from Thuwed parents
  • 100g Clean Rainbow lineage (perfect checker, mirror, or PB of each color); would be epic if all dragons in lineage were nicely named!
  • 2g Pennybright from nicely named parents
  • 2g Pink Sapphire from Yellow Sapphire parents
    • 2g Yellow Sapphire from Pink Sapphire parents
    • 2g Pink Sapphire from Blue Sapphire parents
    • 2g Pink Sapphire from Yellow x Blue Sapphire parents
    • 2g Yellow Sapphire from Pink x Blue Sapphire parents
    • 2g Pink Sapphire from Pink Sapphire parents
    • 2g Yellow Sapphire from Yellow Sapphire parents
Edited by Solaries

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==DLS Wishlist==


Darkladyselenity on Forums and Discord.


I love Xenos. Send me all your unwanted Xenos. Lineage not important.


Current Xeno count: 96/500





Gold (3) - 1 male, 2 female √

Silver (3) - 2 male, 1 female √

Golden Wyvern (2) - male, female

Zyumorph (4) - One of each except black & white.

Copper (6) - Male and female of each √



Caveborn Christmas 2018 (2)



Dino - 3 of each √

Paper (2) √

Chicken (3) √

Cheese (2) √

Neglected (unlimited) √



2 Gen Carina (unlimited)

2 Gen Hellhorse (unlimited)

2 Gen Storm-Rider (unlimited)

2 Gen Amalthean (unlimited)

2 Gen Soulpeace (unlimited)

2 Gen Shimmer (6) - male and female of each

2 Gen Tinsel (6) - male and female of each

2 Gen Alt Black (4) - male and female of each variant

2 Gen Alt Vine (2) - male and female


Always accepting unwanted inbreds and breedfails, just message me. 


I am willing to trade anything you want (that I have) to obtain the priorities. 


I'm almost always egg-locked (trying to get my platinum trophy), so if you have something for me, please message me in advance so I can make room.

Edited by darkladyselenity
Edited numbers.

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-KittyZozo Wishlist-


Breeding Projects/Need the Mate

2nd Gen Male Aria-Arsani Checker as a mate for her

3rd Gen Male Albino-Solstice Checker as a mate for her

3rd Gen Male Golden Wyvern-Arsani Checker as a mate for her

3rd Gen Female Radiant Angel-Gold Lunar Herald Checker as a mate for him

4th Gen Male Daydream-Rosebud Checker as a mate for her

4th Gen Male (green) Nebula-Arsani Checker as a mate for her

4th Gen Male Silver-Snow Angel...whatever! as a mate for her

4th Gen Male White-Rosebud Checker as a mate for her

4th Gen Male...whatever! with Arsani as a mate for her (open to requests)

5th Gen Female Winter Seasonal-Wrapping Wing Checker as a mate for him




Dark Green alt

Gold Dragon

Neglected Dragon


Flamingo Wyvern

Floret Wyvern

Galvanic Wyvern

Geminae Dragon

Ice Dragon

Kovos Pygmy


Nilia Pygmy


Red-Tailed Wyrm

Royal Crimson

Script Dragon

Vremya Drake

Copper Dragon (any color)

Red Dino


Undead Dragons

Aeon Wyvern

White Zyumorph



Black Dragon alt (either type)


Dusk Pygmy

Flamingo Wyvern

Hellhorse Dragon

(Green) Spinel Wyvern

Two-Finned Bluna

Ultraviolet Dragon

Avatar of Destruction

Avatar of Creation



Black Marrow

Shadow Walker

Cavern Lurker






Snow Angel (any color)

Edited by KittyZozo

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I accidentally Double posted somehow HELP

Edited by NoodleSloot
I accidentally Double posted somehow HELP

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~Wishlist To Complete Goals~

(Special Thanks to LadyLyzar for a Caveborn Gold :D)

Caveborns -

Aeon Wyvern - Male ~ Female

Aether Wyveryn - Male

Aeria Gloris - Male ~ Female

Aether Wyvern - Male ~ Female

Albino - Male ~ Female

Almerald Dragon - Male ~ Female

Anagallis - Male

Antarean - Male ~ Female

Aria - Male ~ Female

Aranoas - Female

Ash - Female

Avea Pygmy - Male ~ Female

Azure Glacewing - Male ~ Female

Baikala Brown - Male ~ Female

Baikala Blue - Male ~ Female

Balloon - Male ~ Female

Bauta - Male ~ Female

Black - Male

Black Capped Teimarr ~ Male

Black Truffle - Male ~ Female

Blacktip - Male ~ Female

Blancblack - Male ~ Female

Bleeding Moon - Male ~ Female

Blue-Banded - Male ~ Female

Blusange Lindwurm - Male ~ Female

Bolt Dragon - Male ~ Female

Boreal - Male ~ Female

Bright-Breasted Wyvern - Male

Brute - Female

Candelabra - Male ~ Female

Canopy - Male ~ Female

Carmine Wyvern - Male ~ Female

Cassare - Male ~ Female

Celestial - Male ~ Female



Coastal Waverunner - Male

Copper Rainbow - Male ~ Female

Copper Liver of Sulfur - Male ~ Female

Copper Verdigris - Male ~ Female

Crimson Flare Pygmy - Male ~ Female

Dark Green - Male ~ Female

Dark Myst Pygmy - Female

Day Glory Drake - Male ~ Female

Deep Sea - Male ~ Female

Diamondwing Dragon - Male ~ Female

Dino Blue

Dino Green

Dino Red

Dino Yellow

Dino Purple

Dorsal Purple - Female

Dorsal Red - Male ~ Female

Duotone - Male ~ Female

Electric - Female

Ember - Female

Falconiform Wyvern - Female

Fell Dragon - Male ~ Female

Fever Wyvern - Female

Fire Gem Blue - Male ~ Female

Fire Gem Red - Male ~ Female

Fire Gem Green - Male ~ Female

Flamingo Wyvern - Female

Floret Wyvern Gold - Male ~ Female

Floret Wyvern Purple - Male ~ Female

Freckled - Male ~ Female

Frilled - Male ~ Female

Frostbite - Male ~ Female

Gemshard Blue - Male

Gemshard Green - Male ~ Female

Gemshard Red - Male ~ Female

Galvantic Wyvern - Male

Geminae - Male ~ Female

Gilded Bloodscale - Male ~ male

Glaucus Drake - Male ~ Female

Glowback Pygmy - Male ~ Female

Glory Drake - Male ~ Female

Gold - Female

Golden Wyvern - Male ~ Female

Gold-Horned Tangar - Male ~ Female

Greater Spotted Drake - Male ~ Female

Guardian - Male ~ Female

Harvest - Male ~ Female

Honey Drake - Male ~ Female

Hooktalon - Male ~ Female

Horse - Female

Howler Drake - Male ~ Female

Ice - Male ~ Female

Imperial Fleshcrown - Male ~ Female

Khusa - Female

Kingcrowne Dragon - Male ~ Female

Kovos Pygmy - Male ~ Female

Kyanite Pygmy - Male ~ Female

Lacula - Male

Leodon - Male ~ Female

Lumina Dragon - Male ~ Female

Luminox Wyvern - Male ~ Female

Lunar Herald Gold - Male ~ Female

Lunar Herald Silver - Male ~ Female

Lunar Herald Bronze - Male ~ Female

Lunar Herald Indigo - Male ~ Female

Magelight Pygmy Wyvern - Male ~ Female

Magi -  Male x2 ~ Female x2

Mariner Pygmy - Male ~ Female

Melismor - Female

Magma - Male ~ Female

Melismor - Male ~ Female

Mimic Pygmy - Female

Mint - Female

Misfit Pygmy - Male ~ Female

Monarch Dragon - Male ~ Female

Moonstone - Male ~ Female

Morphdrakes - Male ~ Female

Nebula Cool - Male ~ Female

Nebula Hot - Male ~ Female

Neglected - Male ~ Female ~ Ungendered

Nexus Dragon - Male ~ Female

Nhiostrife Wyvern - Male ~ Female

Nilia Pygmy - Male ~ Female

Night Glory Drake - Female

Nocturn - Male ~ Female

Ochredrake - Male ~ Female


Pillow - Female

Pink - Male x 7 ~ Female x 8

Plated Colossus - Male ~ Female

Purple - Male x 5 ~ Female x 3

Pygmy - Male ~ Female

Pyralspite Almandine - Male ~ Female

Pyralspite Pyrope - Male ~ Female

Pyralspite Spessartine - Male ~ Female

Pyrovar - Male

Razorcrest - Male ~ Female

Red - Male x 7 ~ Female x 6

Red Finned Tidal - Male ~ Female

Red-Tailed Wyrm - Male

Ridgewing Purple - Male ~ Female

Ridgewing Tan - Male ~ Female

Rift Wyrm - Male

Royal Blue - Male ~ Female

Sapphire - Male ~ Female

Script - Male ~ Female

Seasonal Fall - Male ~ Female

Seasonal Winter - Male ~ Female

Seasonal Spring - Male ~ Female

Seasonal Summer - Male ~ Female

Seawyrm Pygmy - Male ~ Female

Seragamma Wyvern - Male ~ Female

Silver - Male ~ Female

Sinii Krai - Male ~ Female

Skywing - Male

Speckle-Throated - Male ~ Female

Spinel Violet - Male ~ Female

Spinel Green - Male ~ Female

Spirit Ward - Male ~ Female

Spitfire - Male ~ Female

Spotted Greenwing - Male ~ Female

Stone - Male ~ Female

Striped White - Male ~ Female

Striped River - Male ~ Female

Sunrise - Male ~ Female

Sunset - Male ~ Female

Sunsong Amphiptere - Male

Sunstone - Male ~ Female

Swallowtail - Male

Tarantula Hawk Drake - Male ~ Female

Tatter Drake - Male ~ Female

Tercorn - Male ~ Female

Tarrae - Male ~ Female

Tetra - Female

Thunder - Male ~ Female

Tri-Horn Wyvern - Male ~ Female

Tsunami Wyvern - Male ~ Female

Turpentine - Female

Two-Headed Split - Male

Two-Headed Lindwurm - Female

Undine - Female

Water - Female

Waterhorse - Male

Whiptail - Male ~ Female

White - Male

Xenowyrm Alpine - Male ~ Female

Xenowyrm Coast - Male ~ Female

Xenowyrm Desert - Male ~ Female

Xenowyrm Forest - Male ~ Female

Xenowyrm Jungle - Male ~ Female

Xenowyrm Volcano - Male ~ Female

Yellow-Crowned - Male ~ Female

Zyumorph Alpine - Male ~ Female

Zyumorph Coast - Male ~ Female

Zyumorph Desert - Male ~ Female

Zyumorph Forest - Male ~ Female

Zyumorph Jungle - Male ~ Female

Zyumorph Volcano - Male ~ Female

Leetle Tree


Summons -

Guardian of Nature - Male ~ Female

Sinomorph - Male ~ Female


Hybrids -

Avatar of Change - Male ~ Female

Avatar of Creation - Male ~ Female

Avatar of Destruction - Male ~ Female

Carina - Male ~ Female

Dusk Pygmy - Male ~ Female

Geode - Male ~ Female

Hellhorse - Male ~ Female

Risensong - Male ~ Female

Setsong - Male ~ Female

Soulpeace - Male ~ Female

Storm Rider - Male ~ Female

Two-Finned Bluna - Male ~ Female

Ultraviolet - Male ~ Female


Alternates -

Black - Male ~ Female

Dark Green - Male ~ Female

Spinel Wyvern Green - Male ~ Female

Undine - Male ~ Female

Lumina Dragon Dark - Male ~ Female

Striped Blue - Male ~ Female

Striped Green - Male ~ Female

Striped Red - Male ~ Female

Striped Black - Male ~ Female



Prizes -

Shimmer Scale Gold - Male ~ Female

Shimmer Scale Silver - Male ~ Female

Shimmer Scale Bronze - Male ~ Female

Tinsel Gold - Male ~ Female

Tinsel Silver - Male ~ Female

Tinsel Bronze - Male ~ Female


Undeads -


DC Drake


Sea Serpent



Eastern Pygmy

Pygmy Lindwurm

Pygmy Wyrm

Pygmy Wyvern


Two-Headed Eastern

Two-Headed Lindwurm

Two-Headed Sea Serpent






Holiday -

Valentine's Day -






Radiant Angel






Halloween -

Vampire - Male

Shadow Walker - Male

Cavern Lurker - Female 

Grave - Male

Desipis - Female

Witchlight - Male

Omen - Male

Arcana Wyrm - Female


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New Adults

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✧・゚: *✧・゚:* welcome to my wishlist *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

hello! i really like caveborn dragons but i also love pretty lineages! this is really just for my own collecting reference, but you can also use it if you are looking to send me a gift!

my favorites:

user posted imageGemshard_blue_hatchling.pngGemshard_blue_mature_hatchling.pnguser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

✧gemshard dragons (especially green) ✧

LunarH-egg-rotator.gifuser posted imageLunar_Heralds_gold_mature_hatchi.pnguser posted imageLunar_Heralds_silver_mature_hatchi.pnguser posted imageLunar_Heralds_bronze_mature_hatchi.pnguser posted imageLunar_Heralds_indigo_mature_hatchi.png

✧ lunar herald dragons (especially gold) ✧

Lihnseyre egglatest?cb=20190521110344latest?cb=20190521163428
✧ lihnseyre dragons ✧

Tercorn egglatest?cb=20190901202718latest?cb=20190902025541

✧ tercorn dragons ✧

Vremya egglatest?cb=20190521110543latest?cb=20190521163723

✧ vremya drakes ✧

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

✧ shimmer-scale dragons ✧

Nebula eggNebula hatchiNebula blue female hatchiNebula purple male hatchiNebula red female hatchiNebula green male hatchi

✧ nebula dragons ✧

Silver eggSilver hatchiSilver female hatchiSilver male hatchi

✧ silver dragons ✧

Tinsel egg variations rotatorGold Tinsel hatchiGold Tinsel mature hatchiSilver Tinsel hatchiSilver Tinsel mature hatchiBronze Tinsel hatchiBronze Tinsel mature hatchi

✧ tinsel dragons ✧

lineages i plan on doing:

✧ m vremya drake x f honey drake ✧

✧ m tercorn x f moonstone ✧

✧ m green gemshard x f lihnseyre ✧

✧ m arcana x f lihnseyre ✧

always wanted:

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

✧ red dragons ✧

Pink eggPink hatchiPink female hatchiPink male hatchi

✧ pink dragons ✧

Magi eggMagi hatchiMagi mature hatchi

✧ magi dragons ✧

Aeon Wyvern eggAeon Wyvern hatchiAeon Wyvern mature hatchi

✧ aeon wyverns ✧

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2g Bronze Lunar Herald from Indigo Lunar Herald and the following:

  • Dark Sweetling
  • Sakuhana Wyvern x2
  • Yulebuck
  • female Omen Wyrm
  • Snow
  • Arsani
  • Mistletoe
  • Heart-stealing
  • Floral-crowned
  • Wrapping Wing
  • Rosebud



  • Blue Alcedine - male
  • Pargulus Pygmies
    • Blue 0/2
    • Green 0/2
    • Red 0/2
  • Pink Zyu female
  • Tatterdrake Male and female


Sinomorph female




  • Need mates for 2nd gen holiday dragons on my scroll.
  • 2nd gen Boreals from Shadowwalkers - for lineage project
  • 2nd gen Embers from Grave - for lineage
  • 2nd gen PB Alt Vine male 0/1
  • 2nd gen PB Alt Black 0/2
  • 2nd gen Alts from Black bred with Vines



Any lineage - hatchlings for freezing

  • Thunder -  female
  • Magma - s1
  • Ice -  male
  • Alt black - s1 curled, female curled, female sitting, male curled
  • Deep Sea - male
  • Spotted Greenwing - female
  • Blusang - s1, female
  • Green Opal - s1
  • Purple Opal - , female, s1
  • Gilded Bloodscale - male, female
  • Black Capped Teimarr -  male, female
  • Olive - male, female
  • Bright-breasted Wyvern - female
  • Canopy - male
  • Seragamma Wyvern - male, female
  • Tan Ridgewing - s1, male, female
  • Day Glory - male
  • Sunstone - male
  • Ember - male
  • White Stripe -  female
  • Green Stripe - female
  • Black Stripe - s1, male
  • Dark Myst Pygmy - male
  • Misfit Pygmy - female
  • Gold Tinsel - s1, female
  • Silver Tinsel - female
  • Bronze Tinsel - male
  • Spring - s1, male
  • Autumn - s1, male
  • Winter - s1, male
  • Cavern Lurker - s1, male, female
  • Shadow Walker - s1, male, female
  • Royal Crimson - female
  • Blacktip dragons - s1, male, female
  • Specklethroat - s1
  • Black Tea - s1
  • Gemshard -
    • Red - s1, male, female
    • Blue - male, female
    • Green - male, female
  • Coppers
    • ---Red
    • ---Green
    • ---Brown
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Updated 6/7/2020

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Neglected.  (any gender, don't have any).

Lihnseyre - My faves, so I would accept any 😃



Edited by DarkellaLord
Managed to grab alot, so I need to change it

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Tg's Wishlist 

CB Scroll's Goals
CB 10 of each breed, 5 male 5 female for each color/sprite of the breed  and 3 hatchie (2 gendered, 1 ungenedered) for each color/sprite (alt black, nebulas, etc)
For Breed-only - 2G 10 adults and 3 hatchies, same rules as above 
Unbreedables - 10 adults and 2 hatchies 
This is the most editing section so i created my own wishlists for this, for tracking progress. 

I puted it in my signature, if you interesting 
!!! I create this tables mostly for me so i editing it very often !!!

"Collecting's politic" 
I'm CB and 2G collector. I'm really love Caverborn stuff and beautiful pairs for 2G and i'm not interested in checkers (3G and higher) 

Except unusual lines, like SAlts, Thuweds, Zombie-lines and same! 

Also i love special things, like hearts, rainbows, lyrical, etc. Usual i don't like things that higher than 5G, but i do exception for something real!  
Don't really like messy and inbreeding, anyway i have some unusual but still nice lines. 
Someday i'll get a REALLY inbreed EG line but not today. 


Things, that i'm always looking for

High priority:

  • Spirit_Ward_egg.png  Spirit Wards Dragon
    I'm collect the Army, so i'm always want them more!! More Spirit Wards! >3
  • Antarean_egg.gif  Antarean Draogn
    I just love this breed

  • user posted image  Aeon Wyvern 
    My thirds favorite breed 

Halloween's breeds:

  • user posted image  Witchlight Dragon

  • user posted imageShadow Walker 

  • user posted image  Black Marrow 

  • Arcana egg  Arcana Dragon 

Just love them:

  • Terrae_egg_variations_rotator.gif  Terrae Dragon

  • Nebula_egg.gif  Nebula Dragon
    Especially  Nebula_green_male_hatchi.gif and Nebula_red_female_hatchi.png

  • user posted image Celestial Dragon

  • user posted image  Pink Dragon

  • user posted image White Dragon

  • Tercorn egg Tercorn Dragon

  • Copper_egg_variations_rotator.gif Copper Dragons

  • user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image Xenowyrm



High priority:

  • user posted imageuser posted image  Alt blacks
  • 9wv90cX.gif Avatars!
  • user posted image  Aegis Dragon

Just love them:

  •  All 2G Hybrids, always want them ^^

About Neglected (i can dream!)
My Goals is CB 5 of all gender, 15 in total. 
Also CB 4 hatchies - 3 for genders, 1 without.

About 2G SAlt (also can dream!)
My plans is have 2G With Female Spirit Wards and Green Nebula from Male and Female Alts respectively.


Thank you for reading this!

Edited by Dust
i'm sorry for my bad fingers, please don't delete it ><

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My Wishlist!

Status: created list, more or less current


Please help me build my army of dangerous, powerful beasts and fabulous creatures to make the world shake in fear and cute 😇

In all seriousness, I love these, so feel free to make an offer. No preference here, just send me your unwanted ones 💖

Names in bold are all time favorites and most likely to be accepted in a fair offer


- Arcana Dragons

- Aeon Wyverns

- Bluesang Lindwyrms

- Carina Dragons

- Daydream Dragons

- Ember Dragons

- Falconiform Wyverns

- Gemshard Dragons

- Golden Wyverns

- Avatars

- Hellhorse Dragons

- Aegis Dragons

- The Legendary Trio

- Nexus Dragons

- Pillow Dragons

- Pink Dragons

- Seasonal Dragons

- Shadow Walkers

- Shallow Water Dragons

- Silver Dragons

- Spirit Ward Dragons

- Vampire Dragons

- White Dragons

- Witchlight Dragons

- Xenowyrms

- might also take other Halloween Dragons


Currently looking for:

Not doing a breeding project currently, so the list is rather small.

- all Valentine's Day Dragon (in all those years I've never participated in a Valentine's Day event before)

- Dinos

- Chicken

- Cheese Dragons

- Paper Dragons

- Copper Dragons (Red)



This also includes the ones I already listed in the Hoarding sections. I just don't want to repeat myself.

- Purple Dragons (Eggs & female hatchlings prefered)

- Magi Dragons

- Red Dragons


The list can change every time, so before making an offer, make sure to look at wishlist first.

That's all for now, bye!


- Ghost 👻

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-pinks, magis, purples, whites... more is always better!

-ice, no matter from where

-breed prizekins and 2g shimmers

-enter this monthly raffle

-bronze trophy

-trade things





-maybe a carina prizekin?


-reconsiderate if all of this will be done in april

-actualizate with next month list

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LumosSeeker148's Wishlist


My Absolute Faves:

latest?cb=20120522161915 - Lumina

latest?cb=20160821180014 - Dark Lumina

Though I'd prefer clean lineages of these two, I'll be glad to give ANY kind of lumina (messy, inbred, etc) a good home :)



latest?cb=20120101081139 - Gold

latest?cb=20160409092534 - Copper (Red/Green/Brown)

latest?cb=20100401041445 - Nebula

latest?cb=20130420150616 - Paper

latest?cb=20131130094503 - Nhiostrife

latest?cb=20140503170353 - Falconiform

latest?cb=20120522161915 - Lumina

latest?cb=20160821180014 - Dark Lumina




latest?cb=20170828210236 - Carina



Would ABSOLUTELY LOVE these (I can dream, right?)

latest?cb=20100327043925 - Neglected (3, 1 of each gender)

Edited by LumosSeeker148
Yearly Update

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Seeking purple & yellow dinosaurs 

A neglected 

Thanks for looking my scroll link is in my signature 

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Help with anything here is super appreciated! I'd be glad to help breed things for you in return or arrange trades for some of the rarer things, just let me know. :) I am fairly good at catching anything below the rarity of CB Coppers, and I have a female bronze shimmer for prize/prizekin swaps.

(All pairings are written Male x Female)


For current projects:

CB Electrics/CB Bolts

CB Serrati Wyverns



2G Prizes:

2G Silver Shimmer from M Purple x F Silver Shimmer

2G Prizekins:

2G Green Copper from F Gold Tinsel

2G Sunrise from M Silver Tinsel

2G Waterhorse, 2G Kingcrowne from F Silver Tinsel

2G Purple from F Silver Shimmer

2G Gold Floret from M Bronze Shimmer



3G SAltkin:

I do not have lineages from these SAlts yet, so I am searching for 3Gs from:

Purple Val 09

Brown Sweetling

Light Pink Sweetling

Pink Heartseeker

Black Arsani

Blue Radiant Angel

Yellow Floral Crowned

Green Erador

Pink Pumpkin

Black Witchlight

Blue Omen

Blue normal Pitfire

Pink exalted Pitfire

Purple-ish? exalted Pitfire

Gold Snow Angel

Silver Ribbon Dancer

Gold Winter Magi

Light blue and pink Garland

Green pacified Aegis

Green enraged Aegis

Orange pacified Aegis

Red enraged Aegis

Red and blue Wintertide

Penk (Pink Tinsel)



Normal stuff:

4G Skywing from Skywing x Thalassa, or a lower gen of the same pattern (Mate for this)

2G Risensong from Sunsong x Sunrise (Mate for this)


Holdaykin mates for these groups:






Hard to get or very specific things:

3G Silver Shimmer from Purple x Silver Shimmer (Mate for this

3G PB Thuwed, preferably with a red or black color theme (Mate for this)

I want to make a mate for this that follows the Silver x Moonstone pattern, but with Silver Tinsels along the bottom. Anything that would help me do this would be awesome!



Edited by Aqub

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Euripus's Wishlist


  • Copper
  • Dino
  • Paper
  • Cheese
  • Balloon
  • Kingcrowne
  • Crystalline
  • Nebula
  • Lunar Herald (Any color)
  • Xenowyrms
  • Pink, Red, Purple
  • Dragons that can breed hybrids (Magi, Daydream, etc.)

And I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE these:

  • Legendary Trio
  • Gold/Silver Dragons
  • Holiday Dragons
  • Neglected Dragons(just dreaming :3)

Any help is much appreciated!!!

My scroll: https://dragcave.net/user/Euripus

Edited by Euripus

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I need at least 1 of the following breeds




Red-Tailed Wyrm

Purple Floret

Pink Pyralspite

Purple Siyat

Green Siyat

Green Spinel

Alt Dark Green



Please and thank you? 

Edited by redwolf

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kdawson36's Wishlist


High Priority - CB

Pink_egg.gif - Pink Dragon, Essential BSA, also just super cute!

Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif - Aeon Wyvern, Essential BSA


Breeding Projects -

Gaia_Xenowyrm_egg.gif - Xenowyrm Gaia, CB or 2G as part of a desired Venturi/XenoG lineage

Spirit_Ward_egg.png - Spirit Ward, For my Wish For a Cure Lineage! I love 'em

  latest?cb=20200521040354  - All Pargulus Pygmy Colours (Pref Blue) - CBs 

  latest?cb=20190721045310  - Glowback Pygmy - CB


Complete The Collection -

Thalassa_Xenowyrm_egg.gif - Zenowyrm Thalassa, CB or 2G to complete my Xeno Collection.

Zyumorph_coast_egg.png - Zyumorph Coast, CB or Clean Lineage to complete my Zyu Collection.

Zyumorph_desert_egg.png - Zyumorph Desert, CB or Clean Lineage to complete my Zyu Collection.

Zyumorph_forest_egg.png - Zyumorph Forest CB or Clean Lineage to complete my Zyu Collection.

Zyumorph_jungle_egg.png - Zyumorph Jungle CB or Clean Lineage to complete my Zyu Collection.

Nebula_egg.gif Nebula_purple_male_hatchi.gif - Nebula Dragon, Will accept any purple who needs a home


Just Love Them -

Sunsong_Amphiptere_egg.gif - Sunsong Amphitere, Will accept any who need a home

Purple_egg.gif - Purple Dragon, CB or Clean Lineage or just needs a home

Lunar_Heralds_gold_egg.gif - Lunar Herald, CB Pref / Clean Lineage / 2G

Golden_Wyvern_egg.gif - Gold Wyvern, They're just beautiful! Would like to create a lineage of Gold Wyverns and Gold Lunars

Fire_Gem_blue_egg.png - Fire Gem Dragon Blue, CB or Clean Lineage

Fire_Gem_green_egg.png - Fire Gem Dragon Green, CB or Clean Lineage

latest?cb=20120815075436 - Blusang Lindwurm - CB or 2G

  latest?cb=20110521085127  - Dark Myst Pygmy - CB or Clean Lineage

  latest?cb=20110521085052  - Crimson Flare Pygmy - CB or Clean Lineage

  latest?cb=20180930222118  - Pipio Pygmy - CB or Clean Lineage



If anyone needs any breed of dragon I have, let me know and I will happily breed if I have space!




Edited by kdawson36
New Eggs

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I don't really care about linages, so just give me your unwanted ones! Note, I prefere hatchies, since I'm lowley bronze, but honestly if I get any of these I will be super happy egg or not. 


Normal priority

High Priority 


For Linage project  :

user posted image - CB Nebula 

user posted image - CB Ridgewing 



Normal Dragons I want :


user posted image -  Aeon Wyvern (CB Prefered) 

latest?cb=20170930230350 - Bauta (only male)

latest?cb=20170828210236 Carina_male_hatchi.png - Carina (prefer male)

user posted image user posted image - Yellow Dino (those long neck babies) 

user posted image user posted image - Glory Drake (Only night!)

user posted image user posted image - Hellhorse (prefer female)

user posted image - Lunar Herald - Bronze


user posted image - Upside down Mint (couldn't find sprite)

user posted image user posted image user posted image- Nebula Orange and Purple Only (I have too many Blues and Greens)

user posted image - Neglected (Impossible dream, I know)

user posted image - Paper

user posted image - Tan Ridgewing

user posted image - Summer Seasonal


user posted image - All Colors of Striped 

Red 0/1 | White 0/1 | Black 0/1 | Blue 0/1 | Green 0/1 | (I like collecting complete sets)

user posted image - Thunder

user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted imageuser posted image  - All Types of Zombies!


user posted image user posted image - Undine (Alt Yellow)

Zyumorph-egg-rotator.gif - Zyumorph (All colors except red)

user posted image - All Avatars 

user posted image user posted image  - Alt Black

user posted image - Blue Copper

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image - All Dinos

user posted image - Chicken

user posted image - Cheese 

latest?cb=20180424231846 - Floret Wyvern

user posted image - Shimmer Scales (Only want CB)

Waterhorse_egg.gif - Waterhorse




Holiday Dragons (another impossible dream but still) :

Valentines Day:

user posted image - Sweetling

user posted image - Rosebud

user posted image - Radiant Angel

user posted image - Heartstealing

user posted image - Mutamore

user posted image - Soulstone



latest?cb=20171031053452  Omen_Wyrm_female_hatchi.gif- Omen (female prefered)



user posted image - Holly

user posted image - Yulebuck

user posted image - Snow Angel

user posted image - Ribbon Dancer

user posted image - Winter Magi

user posted image - Wrapping-Wing

user posted image - Solstice

user posted image - Mistletoe

user posted image - Aegis

user posted image - Snow

latest?cb=20171225071828 - Garland

latest?cb=20181226075741 - Starsinger



New releases

 - All colors of this one (don't know what its called)

https://dragcave.net/images/QcXD.png - Jester (checkered) 








Edited by Viperidae

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