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Stairstep & Spiral Lineage Gifting and Trading HQ

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Welcome to the Stairstep and Spiral Lineage - Gifting and Trading Headquarters!!!


approved by rubyshoes


This is a place where people can now trade and gift Stairstep and Spiral Lineages exclusively.


As a regular visitor of the Even Generations Trading and Gifting Centre I thought that people who enjoyed breeding staircase and spiral lineages would enjoy having a place of their own to trade and gift these lineages exclusively.


Stairstep Lineage: When all the caveborn dragons after the first generation are one gender and the bred dragons are the opposite gender it creates a stairstep lineage. Also the breeds of the individual dragon do not matter in so the stairstep can be made up of single or multiple dragon breeds.


Example of a two breed stairstep lineage


Spiral Lineage: When the caveborns dragons alternate genders around the bred dragon it creates a spiral lineage. As in the stairstep lineage the breeds of the dragon do not matter but more than two breeds in a spiral lineage can make it difficult to keep track of the spiral pattern.


Example of a two breed spiral lineage


Edit: This does include the 2nd gen which can be used as a starter pair for either a spiral or a stairstep lineage but it does exclude Caveborn dragons.



At the HQ you can: Gift, List, Request, and Trade



If you wish to randomly gift to any lucky poster who visits this topics you can post a teleport link for the egg/hatchling that you wish to gift away with a small description of the lineage or the lineage link.



If you have a dragon couple that you want to make a breeding list for, post their lineage and set up a numbered list for how many applicants that you will take for that list. You can fill up the list on the thread but when you have eggs ready for that lineage please PM the recipients don't update or announce the listers on the thread.



You can ask for lineage advice or ask if anyone can help you with a lineage. DO NOT BEG. It will be considered spam.



Finally if you have have a trade you can post an egg/hatchling that you already have.


Topic Moderators

None right now



Obey the TOS and the forum rules.

NO Begging or Spamming

Like all the other trade threads you can only bump once per day

Only Stairstep and Spiral Lineage should be posted

Be Polite and Be Respectful.

Most importantly Have Fun!!!

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4G Double Stairstep (arrow) from Spriter's Alt with nicely named parents. Red_egg.gif View Lineage


Want for Red Egg:  


* Best offer CB hatchling(s)? I like Black Truffles, Melismor, Striped River, Candelabra, Fell, Aether Wyvern, Floret Wyvern, Kingcrowne, Purple, Razorcrest, Spirit Ward, Spinel Wyvern, Monarch, Khusa, Lunar Herald, Fire Gem, Gemshard, etc.qyu.png




* A CB Red Dorsal egg Red_Dorsal_egg.gif




* A CB Tan Ridgewing egg  Tan_Ridgewing_egg.gif




* A CB or nicely lineaged Aeon egg Aeon_Wyvern_egg.gif (CB is AUTO)



* Pretty checker? Mystery.gif


* Or interesting offers? I like pretty or unusual lineages. 



Make an offer on my Red egg!:nyan:

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Posted (edited)


user posted image user posted image  2 x stairstep (SS) 4G gold shimmerscale eggs, both precog'd to gender properly



Any 2G prize; or 3G SS of any of these: silver shimmerscale, bronze male shimmerscale, gold male tinsel, silver female tinsel; or of course any neglected


Make an offer we both will enjoy!  :)

Edited by Awdz Bodkins
Canceled for new release

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Horse_egg.gif 4g Spriter's Alt kin (stairstep)


Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!



Spriter's Alt kin swap

2g Prizekin

2g Red Dorsal from female Silver Tinsel (mate for this)

2g Blusang from female bronze Tinsel (mate for this)

2g Black from Alt Sweetling Mate for my Alt black

BSA hatchling (Pink/Red/Aeon/White/Purple)

Nice offers? PM! (look at my sig!)


I will accept the best offers in 2 hours.



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