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The Hatcherie OPEN!

Should we add an option where people can donate low time eggs?  

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Here you can get points for hatching eggs for people, and trade those points in for prizes. You get the points by incuhatching (1 pt), and influhatching (2 pts). The incu-hatchers will be rated on a scale of 1 to 10 on their trustworthiness.



Always fill out a form when someone is incuhatching for you.

Be kind and supportive.

No flaming, and don't be mad if no one volunteers to hatch for you.

Put "incu" somewhere in your sign-up form so we know that you read the rules.

You must have signed up in order to incuhatch for someone else.

You must have a 10 trustworthiness rating to become a mod.

PM the person whom you'd like to hatch for.




Sign-up form

Scroll Name- (Link the scroll to your name/make sure to unhide your scroll)
Forum Name- (Link your profile to your name)
Dead dragons? Give a reason-
Throphy Level- 
PM Link-
Other Info- (more stuff you put here the better your trustworthiness grade)[/B]

Need a Hatch Form

Which- (Incuhatch or Influhatch)
Trustworthiness- (minimum hatcher trustworthiness level)
PM Link-

Incu/Influhatching in Progress form

Egg that hatcher is hatching: 

Successful Hatch Form

Who incuhatched for you?:
Influhatch or Incuhatch:
Rate their work: (1-10, give a reason)

Redeeming a prize

Scroll name- 
Forum Name-
Points you have-
Points you have left after redeeming-[/B]

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~Point Values~

(CB commons are free, but when you ask for cb for anything else, you have to add 5 points)

5 points- Commom Eggs

10 points- Common Hatchlings

15 points- Uncommon Eggs (nebs, new releases, holidays, stripes, tan ridgewings, seasonals, and all unbreedables except ND's and zombies)

20 points- Uncommon Hatchlings

25 points- Trio Eggs

30 points- Trio Hatchlings

35 points- Tinsels (2nd gens cost 20 more, 3rd gens cost 15 more)

40 points- Tinsel hatchie

45 points- regular gold or silver (cb's cost 25 more points)

50 points- regular gold or silver hatchie

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This is such a great idea!! I would LOVE to help, but I only have 5(one is a hatchie still) reds and they're on cooldown for a while. Is there any other way to help out?

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I'd be interested in doing this biggrin.gif

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Erica: I only have seven. xd.png That how I thought of this idea. ^^ You can sign up, and do great stuff and contribute, then bring your trustworthiness rating up to 10, then you may ask to be a mod!


Mo: You can signup from the form on the first post!



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How do I do that? By incuhatching people's eggs?

Oh, and I also have a suggestion: maybe people can also donate low-time eggs(say 4 days and 12 hours and under)

It's just a suggestion smile.gif

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Scroll Name- ThyMaster

Forum Name- SPQR

Dead dragons? Give a reason- Nope!

Throphy Level- Silver

PM Link- PM

Other Info- Hm... what to put here? Well, I'm an active trader/breeder, go on the Cave and Forums several times almost every day, and I've completed quite a lot of IOUs (including very hard ones like 2G Silvers, NDs, 5G Dorkfaces etc.

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Closing until we discuss this topic.

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