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Help with Untitled Novel

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Hi! I am TMD. I am going to write a book, hopefully one that everyone would like.


The Untitled Book takes place in Lipari, Sicily, in the year 1430. There is a nineteen year old woman named Crow (not really her real name). The reason she is named Crow is because she begs and steals, much like a scavenging crow.

Crow and her big brother, Andres, were born in Florence. They lived peacefully with their parents until a pirate raid struck their hometown and killed her parents.

Crow and Andres fled and became traveling stowaways in trade merchant ships.

Crow and Andres are found and kicked off the ship, near Lipari.

Andres becomes a blacksmith's apprentice in Lipari, though doesn't get paid much.

Crow becomes a beggar/thief.

Crow wants to become a harlot to get more money, but Andres says no. In the end, she becomes a harlot behind his back.

Crow gets decent money. Andres thinks she is working as a librarian.

Through her work, Crow meets the thirty year old man named Casio. Casio wonders why Crow is working like she is and offers her a 'job'.

Casio introduces her to a group of 'friends'. They are a group of 'assassins' that get paid very well.

Crow becomes an assassin.



This is NOT an Assassin's Creed fanfic. I don't even have a name for the book. And this is all I got so... I want this to be a Thriller, but have tinges of romance.

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Title Ideas?:


Mysteries of Crow


Renaissance Thief/Assassin/Crow (or some other word that describes Crow)

Order/Brotherhood/Guild of (the) Assassins



Or any combination of words from above, ex: Renaissance Codex, Thieves Guild, etc.


I would say "Darker than Black," but that's already a manga/anime. D:<


P.S. I like the story.


Extra P.S. I suck at titles.


~ Posted so you dun forget ~

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My mum reads a lot of books and they have all sorts of names that don't really match the story. But names like that helps make the story more mysterious. I like the name "The Crow's Knife". Like it?

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Suggestion: Don't worry about the title until you finish writing the book, unless you have a random epiphany halfway through.


Maybe try snatching a cool quote from the book afterwards; those usually make pretty cool titles. Some people name the book after the main character. A book called 'Crow' would catch my attention. Short and sweet.

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I often like simple names. As Crow seems to be the the main character, you could simply title your book Crow.


These titles also come to mind:


A Murder of Assassin's (since a group of crows is a murder)

Crow's Renaissance (since she does rather go through a rebirth)

Taking Flight (perhaps she "finds her wings" as an assassin, something of that nature)

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