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Hmm, so i'm rubbish at art, stories, and pretty much everything, but i guess i could have a thread to keep adding to for you guys to see what i get up to in my spare time?


So, if you really want you can ask me to make a poem or try and get a picture or something, but bare in mind i'm 11 and can't go out on meh own to get snaps... tongue.gif



So, i guess i should start uploading? xd.png


I guess any crit's on my work is cool, it's always good to know where mistakes lie, and how to correct them smile.gif



Please no steal my works ;c

Please no make meanly directed crits ;c






The Deep Dark...

This was taken at our local lake/wood's thing, whilst i was on a walk with my parent's smile.gif



Also in the woods. What girl never takes a photo of their shoes? wink.gif


Altogether Now!

Again, in the lake. My Dad pointed this out to me, and i was like, NO! I can't get that! There's a huge bloomin' bush in the way! But i managed, somehow tongue.gif


The Rays Of Life

Mum's sunglasses were on the kitchen counter... >.>


Feathery Dreams!

This was in the wood's too, but obviously the colours have been tweaked, we don't have radio-active leaves here >.<



Ok so most of my poem's are depressive.. soo.... If it's in RED i'll class it as depressiveee, in GREEN, i've classed it as, not depressive? tongue.gif


Clawing The Pain RED

So, i was having a moment of thinking how tense and angry i can feel, yet how vulnerable i make myself when i do this, i purely just scribbled this out as it came to me within 10 minutes on my wall. Most of my poems are like this; no though at all.



.... None in my document's yet...




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