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[Closed]Voting: DC Photography Contest #53

Who should win?  

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Here are all the party-related pictures!

Who should win, do you think? You can vote now biggrin.gif


SickThing - Wedding party decoration

DragonSpirit009 - Birthday Show

shric debar - Lots of drinks

Lagie - Flaming Christmas Pudding

Nimrodel - Cupcake

St. Jimmy - Glowsticks

Chiaki - Very Merrt Christmas

yuumei - Ice cream cake


Voting ends: Saturday May 26 (as I am not around next friday tongue.gif )

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That's what you get when working on a laptop in the livingroom while the boys (thats boyfriend and guest) claimed the room with the desktop to play games tongue.gif

Poor me tongue.gif

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I have to say, it was a hard choice. There are two I really liked.

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I think the results are pretty clear, SickThing has won this round biggrin.gif Congratulations!

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Oh wow! biggrin.gif Thank you for all the votes! Will think of a new theme and get the new contest started soon (tomorrow I guess since I have to leave for work now).

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