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Here's where I'll post most of my stories (the only exceptions are the ones that are direct continuities/have chapters or parts/are "books") for you guys to look at. Comments, Constructive Criticism, input, and any other feedback is accepted. Do note, however, quite a few of these stories were written within the span of my 8th grade and junior years as writing prompts (some that I wrote is one I can't really remember when it was done).


Valenthian Stories (cannon and non-cannon)

The Demyx Factor: The Forest Encounter

(Note beforehand: This story was originally going to have a series on its own, but, sadly, I forgotten about it and probably won't get around to working on this series again... And, yes, it is a Valenth - Kingdom Hearts crossover (and this was before Shakira existed, so it's from my point of view as Kimoko_Tiger))

One day, while I was exploring a wild forest with my companion Claws, a ferocious black Smilodon jumped out of the dense foliage and emitted a loud, ground-shattering roar. Before either Claws or I could react, another creature darted past us and attacked the Smilodon. A half of a second later, both creatures vanished into the forest followed by a series of growls, yowls, and snarls.

"What was that about?" I asked Claws, who was preoccupied watching some birds.

"Probably just another tribal dispute between a few Smilodon clans," said Claws, "It seems to happen quite a lot." Suddenly, without warning, the ground began to shake. I shouted at Claws to get out of the way. Within a fraction of a second, a powerful blast of water erupted from the ground, narrowly hitting Claws and I, and vanished a few seconds later.

"That was close," said Claws as he was scanning the area to find what caused the eruption to occur. A short time afterwards, the sound of a Sitar playing echoes throughout the entire forest, catching out attention. We were able to recognize the tune that was playing, and decided to follow it. It wasn't until two hours later that we came upon a clearing and decided to rest. After a while, we decided to listen to some music on my computer, and, soon afterwards, were watching a hilarious video (A/N: for those of you who remember DNA's drunken flying Zeppelen: it's that video). Unbeknownst of us, a mysterious figure appeared behind us. Suddenly, Claws began to do some voice acting along with the video, causing the three of us to go into a laughter fit. After we calmed down was when we noticed the clocked figure, whom I was able to identify as Demyx of Organization XIII. Before Claws and I could even talk to him, he vanished without a trace. A short time later, we went back on our way, exploring the forest as if nothing had happened.


A Meeting in the Dark

(Note beforehand: Here's the first story that actually has Shakira in it. This takes place right after Valdren's attack on Aqk's Peak. Also, the Flarion, Seto, was named after the same one that appeared in some odd dreams of mine (before I made Chaos the blue and white shiny, of course). This one was done during my Junior year in High School.)

It was a dark night in Jetersborough, and all was peaceful and quiet. Almost everyone that resided within the ports-town were either visiting other or were asleep except for a lone person, who was walking around the empty streets and docks during this time. The nightly traverser was a part-time Elysian and part-time worker at various businesses within the busy port during the daylight hours, but at night, she was an entirely different person.

Hearing a loud roar, the person stopped and looked to the sky overlooking the ocean. The roar belonged to a silver and blue feathered Flarion which had piercing blue eyes, claws as sharp as knives, dagger-like teeth, and wings that resembled a phoenix's. The girl notioned for the dragon to land close by, and, of course, the dragon landed not too far off, disturbing the wind and water while doing so.

"I am glad to see you again, Seto," said the girl, who seemed to be a friend to the dragon, who we now know as Seto, "how have things been in Aensdoun?"

"Not too good, I am afraid, Shakira," replied Seto, "ever since the eagle beast-god Aqk fell at the hands of the Renatus Purifico, things are starting to turn for the worse."

"I see," said Shakira in a slightly worried tone, "can you see to it that the others get to a safer place within the norther part of Dreamsong?"

"I'll make sure of it," said Seto reassuringly as he took to the skies once again and flew off into the distance. Soon afterward, Shakira quickly scrambled to the Court's HQ for an important meeting was due in only a short time.

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Misc. Stories (will add and update categories as needed)

Terror in the Streets

(Note beforehand: This is a very detailed story involving characters from Jet Set Radio and Ace Attorney. This story is really lengthy and was a detailed story prompt, the first sentence in this story is what the free-writing prompt had to include.)

I knew I shouldn't have opened the door when the doorbell rang at midnight. That particular night was one that would end up haunting me for all eternity.

Earlier that day, which was the 10th of October, I was meeting my friends at the local arcade, which was called the Soul of the Streets Arcade, in downtown Shibuya, and I didn't get back to my house on Kibogaouka Hill until 7:30 in the evening. The moment I stepped into the house, I was greeted by 3 sets of meows and the sound of 3 sets of paws as my cats Sakura - who is a grey American Shorthair with various orange and white markings on her body -, Powder - my Seal-Point Siamese/Ocelot mix and the youngest of the trio -, and Takahiro - my black Japanese Bobtail, which had a silver mark on his back resembling a tiger and a white crescent shape on his chest, who I rescued from a pound and is the only male cat of the trio - came to the door. I petted them, gave them some more food and water, and went upstairs to log on my computer for a few hours.

I practically lost track of time while I was tending to all of my virtual pets and the armies of pets that belonging to other people until I looked at the timer on my computer and realized it was 11:45, so I shut down my computer and put it away. When I was going back downstairs to check on the cats, my doorbell rang suddenly. I had a feeling that something terrible would happen directly after I opened that door, but I shook it off and answered the door, not realizing the impending doom that lurks on the other side.

The door swung open and I saw that the person on the other side was a mischievous, fiery-read haired boy who wore a vibrant yellow shirt, coal-black pants, and yellow skated with orange flames on them and had a pair of lime-green glasses and a pair of odd headphones on his head - Beat, the leader of the heroic gang of rudies called the GGs. He seemed to be frightened for some odd reason, so I tried to ask him about what happened. Before I was able to speak, though, five shots from a gun rang out, startling the rudie and forcing him to bolt into the safety of the dark night. I turned my head to try to locate where the shots were fired, when, all of a sudden, I felt someone - or something - grabbing me from behind. Before I had any time to react, everything went black.

Silence, that was all I could hear in the dark void. I took a few steps forward, and then, suddenly, I was engulfed by a blinding light and a ton of noise came flooding back to me.

When everything came into focus, I found myself lying on the sidewalk close to a garage at the bottom of Kibogaouka Hill. Quickly, I got myself to stand up again, but at the exact moment I stood up, a spark of pain rippled through my left side. I ignored the pain to my best abilities and looked up to the sky to see that it was still nighttime. With a sigh of relief, I began the long trek uphill to my house. I was less than a few blocks away from my home when, suddenly, the familiar sound of a pair of skates echoed through the streets. Feeling at ease, I continued to walk to my house, stopping only once to chat with another one of the local rudies - the snow-white haired Jazz -, and went back indoors. This time, though, I was greeted by a barrage of concerned mews from the trio of cats that I take care of, so I headed - more like limped - upstairs to the bathroom to see what the damage was - with the cats following me upstairs. When I finally got to see the extent of the damage, I saw that I only suffered from a gash on my left side, a few cuts on my arms, and a sprained ankle, so I fixed up the major wounds - the gash and the sprain -, bandaged all of the wounds, and went back downstairs to watch some TV.

About three hours later, while Sakura, Powder, Takahiro, and I were watching the Singing Bee, my doorbell rang again. I became very cautious at that point, remembering what happened earlier when I answered the door, until I heard Beat shouting "Yo, Kimoko, let me in. It's me, Beat. I came here to check up on you." Laughing, I went to open the door, letting Beat in. Of course, Beat asked me about what happened, so I told him what I could remember. After a few minutes - while Beat, the trio of cats, and I were just hanging out - my doorbell rang again (A/N: lol, my story self can't get a break, huh?), but this time, it was Hayashi - the old, crazy leader of the district's police force -, who told us about a vicious tiger-like person who escaped from a jail in the Ace Attorney world - Don "Furio" Tigre - and asked if we saw him. That was when I remembered when I was attacked and came to the conclusion that old tiger-boy must have ambushed me, so I told Hayashi that I saw him but couldn't tell which way he went. Before I could finish my sentence, though, Beat interrupted me and told Hayashi that he saw Tigre heading north towards Rokaku Dai Heights - and actually heard him mention something about 99th Street -, but before Beat could finish, Hayashi and his men quickly headed to Rokaku Dai Heights. That day was the weirdest day I ever encountered.


(Will add the other 3 misc. stories when I can, but, otherwise, do feel free to post any comments, constructive criticism, and other feedback.)

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