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Favorite Game Quotes

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"Even in the darkest of times, there is always hope. But sometimes fear clouds our vision. Sometimes our strength gives out. And yet sometimes, when all seems lost, a light shines through the darkness. And we are reminded that even the smallest amount of courage can turn the tides of war."


- The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the dragon. wub.gif

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"When I joined the Corps, we didn't have any fancy-schmanzy tanks. We had sticks! Two sticks, and a rock for the whole platoon—and we had to share the rock!" - Sgt. Johnson


"I need a weapon" -Master Chief


"Hiding I was, but you did me found in no time. OK. Tell you mine secret Will I. Machine part steal by me. Hide it I did in the Gym of the Cerulean. Near inflatable tube put it I did. Look for Gym at. But you forget me not! Beat you for sure will Team Rocket! Come from Johto, will they, mine allies, yes. Will revenge they are." - Team Rocket Grunt

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Geometry Dash: "Fake spikes are FAKE."

That always makes me laugh.

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In terms of funny quotes, I remember a good number of things from TWEWY's Another Day:


"No no no, I call Pink. Pink is love, and a humanitarian like me loves people."

"Actually, I should be gold. The color of wisdom."

"Dibs on the rainbow."

"Shut up and walk, dear."

- Joshua


"Blue and Pink?! I mean, they go together but I didn't think they went like THAT."

"... I'm coming too. If anything happens I wanna be there to see- I mean stop it."

- Shiki



Aside from those, there's also MOTHER 3:


"Your fly's open! XYZ!" *zips* "You feel much manlier now!" - after reading a sign some guy is holding (I think)


"Lucas opened the present. An indescribable smell lingers in the air. Ah." - opening certain present boxes


"The Barrier Trio strikes one final Barrier Pose! —- It was spectacular." - when defeating said Barrier Trio

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-Typhlosion, Pokemon Crystal



Typhlosion my favourite pokemon



Mass Effect 3:


'So… how are you getting drunk, anyway?'


'Very carefully. Turian brandy… tripled filtered and introduced into the suit through this… emergency induction port.'





'That’s a straw, Tali.'

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" OH MY GOD! STOP PETTING THE ENEMY!" --- Undyne from Undertale


"What the heckie?! Totsusa kingdooom!!!" --- Memoca from WATGBS

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"I'm the architect of my own destruction." - Dastan, Prince of Persia


I want to tattoo it some time in the future ☻

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Nearly everything in Bard's Tale. But especially:


That's a nice shirt you're wearing. Did your sister shave her back and knit you a sweater? - Ketill Swart, Bard's Tale

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I like quite a few game quotes, but this is currently the only one I remember. It's from Everlong, an RPG Maker game.


Prophecy does not exist to deny the notion of free will. It is meant as warning so we might prevent the otherwise inevitable.

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"7 minutes. 7 mintues is all i have time to play for." ~ Albert Wesker


"where's the fun in playing fair" ~Sombra


"the right man in the wrong place  will make all the diffrence" ~ 


"its a beautiful day out today the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, on days like this and people like you. SHOULD BE BURNING IN h**l." ~sans


"you ya'll stupid" GUZMA



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