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Cool Codes

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Does anyone here still collect all number codes? 


Free to good home but please no experimenting.  Would appreciate knowing who takes it.  Thanks.


Claim my eggs/hatchlings!




ohmy.gif OMG how could I have missed this... (see siggy...)

I need 6 more CBs to make it to an even 8th Gen.

Thanks for thinking of me if you people find some more smile.gif

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I was offered this very ER CB Brimstone female hatchling with a fake number code.

I can't use it and the person offering said to do with it what I like.

So here it is, still on her transfer.



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Im looking for ANY CB egg with a TIFA code.. or anything that resembles TIFA (ie. T1FA,0T1FA, XTifA, T1FfA) Willing to trade good stuff for it. Or anything Final Fantasy character related i.e. rinoa, squall, etc... PM me please.


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Pie and Pye had an owl. I was humming and hawing about keeping it until I remembered I had this. A step cool codes could be fun especially if I could match each generation's codes.

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Last night I caught a pretty cool Duotone~ If anyone would like it please PM me and I'll set up a teleport.


Gone~ Enjoy, Xeyla!

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