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I just picked up this little Stone eggie: 1momV


Just in time for mom's day!!

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Anyone want a Tinselkin that is MAD it wasn't a Tinsel?



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Remember Alf?


Here he is!! user posted image amAlf


It's free, so take good care of him!!!


Love me!

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Just picked up a fluid albino on the coast:

user posted image

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Forum Name:XxdragicexX

How To Contact Me:PM

Neat Codes I'm Willing To Breed:"UAJEW" "Cpt0" "BUsYR" "FacEd" "OkYbi" "poOEr"

CB (Male)


CB (Female)



Not CB:




Named Dragons:All of these dragons have their codes as their names. Scroll down a little at my scroll and you should see them all grouped up

Special Requirements:Nothing :3 Enjoy!

Lineage Project:None.

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