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D: not only did L0CO0 not gender correctly T.T


but L0CO0 Refused 57ine....


HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE... they were prefect for each other...........................



*sigh*........ >.>


I guess I'll gift these away here to cheer me up...



BAM more free hatchies


and I also have a CB eggie... errr not sure if it's just me but it's code seems a bit dirty. since I know a lot of you guys like more crude codes... PM me if your interested... If no one's interested I'll probably put out a one way teleport for tomorrow here.


EDIT: xd.png thanks for letting me know.


still some free soup

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BAM, snagged! XD


I'm interested in flappy over there too, but it's almost one here and I'm too tired to PM you. x_x Hopefully I'll have a chance at it tomorrow. o:

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I've got her Flappy grey egg, if anyone is interested in a certain pairing of mine or anything! I have to update my list with a couple codes, but the link is in the op's posts on page 1! smile.gif I'll probably gender it female unless otherwise asked, because I have more male Codes than female.




EDIT: Also! I'm removing the names on all of my coded dragons (Except some special ones and possibly lots of Cavern lurkers will keep their names) as my lineage project seems better without their names.

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cb olive w code cudog (messed) See you, dog?


you're welcome! biggrin.gif

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Can I just tell you a funny code, but not give it to you? My adult male vampire has the code "PUkKN", so I called him "puking" when he was still an eggie. laugh.gif

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Can I just tell you a funny code, but not give it to you? My adult male vampire has the code "PUkKN", so I called him "puking" when he was still an eggie.  laugh.gif

Lol, yeah, of course. xd.png


My brother has the code ovmIt - he named it I Almost Puked. xd.png I didn't get it at first (was thinking "ovum it"?) but I thought it was hilarious.



(deleted and then reposted w/my additions to bump c:)


I traded for hikES today! I was helping in out in Jaemeia's, saw the word-code and I sent the owner a PM just in case there was something I could offer for it. We worked out a trade, and now I just have to wait to see how it genders!

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After trying several carefully selected breedings with no results I just wanted SOME cooperation so tried a couple random breedings. I ended up with a horrible lineage but the code sounds like a blue ribbon brew to me.

PAb5T biggrin.gif

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GIFTING! A Misfit pygmy that likes a drink - grab a keg here! Was going to keep it but I need the room for a gift egg for one of my lineage projects.

Aww, it's too bad I didn't see this one. :c I have MKegj, KeGTF, and B33RB -- all pygmies.


I found KBask the original Pygmy sitting in the AP that I plan to keep, though I don't have a mate for it... yet.


If anyone is collecting drake codes, I found an Ochredrake who thinks you're fun here and will be happy to give it away once it comes off cooldown. PM me if you'd like it. ^^

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I have a Red egg with a religious code, free, if anyone would like it. It's code means Pope in German laugh.gif I have also offered it in the Oddball Code thread.


Papst (caps messed) is a 3rd gen SS with Magmas, Reds, and a Nocturne (I hit the wrong mate *rollseyes*)


Gone to a new home, thank you!

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Gift for the thread!

A neotropical egg from a naughty pair. The father is the New Xmas dragon biggrin.gif


Your welcome Saloiq! My other Xmas dragon has the code N0CKs

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Forum Name: Doll_81

How To Contact Me: In thread or send me a message

Neat Codes I'm Willing To Breed:

CB (Male)

CB (Female)

Not CB:

http://dragcave.net/lineage/IRhoe (Faithful IRhoe Ribbon of Captcha)

Named Dragons:

Special Requirements: Yes, please name any offspring you get from me "____ of Captcha".

If the code starts with a Z then Z' (insert name) of Captcha

Lineage Project:

Captcha Linage and Z' Linage




Finished the spread sheet:



0To0D (Oh! Tod)

1HLK (Hulk)

1Knb (1 knob)

21TO (21 or To)


4BeaN (bean)

4ymY (4 my)

5MOsH (mosh)

5NoiR (noir)

amC43 (as in the theater)

amYjn (Amy)

artr5 (art)

be4En (be for the end)

bfARY (Bary)


cDoRZ (see doors)

CDZY (cozy)

dMrE (Dr. Me)

DoIs (Do I's?)

F0ud (found)

falpc (fall PC)

fiJAN (Jan)

fiME (me)

FLWR (Flower)

GA5SG (gas)

GeRYf (Gery)

givYt (give it)

Gre0Y (grey)


hotsG (hots)

hUmB (hum or humble)

HZad (had)


ITtUs (it or us)

j0urR (journey)

JAKUM (Jack Um)

lCUdr (I see you Dr.)

Leq03 (Leg)

LiYRr (liar)

lpugL (pug)


MSas (mass)

MSiN (missing)

NOtc9 (not)

OAasK (Oh! Ask?)

ohOU (Oh! You)

oMmug (mug)

panc (Panic)


PMe48 (PM or Me)

POPM (pop)

Pppsi (Pepsi)

qYGAY (Gay)




SUBqI (sub)

sWSh (swish)

tddMe (Me)

tGOeq (go)

toYjv (toy)

TRmUs (Trim Us)

tUch4 (touch)

tvWi (TV or Wii)

upee (up-ee)

UpsLe (up)

uUME (Ume or You or Me)

vankR (Van)

WaGGR (Wagger or Wager)

XBiGt (X-Bigot)

Xms3 (3rd Christmas)

zisa (sounds like a name)





Nocturne - Male - Parents have profanity in their codes...


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