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The Overlord Test

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((Edited for grammar and spelling by BloodyKisses123. Thank you my friend! Also, thank you soupnazi and LoveLost for being the critics for this RP and helping me sort it into shape.


Also, this is based off of the Overlord games.





As your eyes slowly, wearily open, you take a look around. At first your heart starts to race and your blood starts to pump as fear comes to you. You're blind; you can't see anything around yourself at all. But the fear of blindness is erased when you hear a scrape and a tiny beam of light coming from somewhere in front of you. As you watch closely, the sounds of struggle are more audible and you frown. 'Who dares imprison me?' you ask yourself through your thoughts as you stand. You feel the weight of your clothes still there and step toward the light. After two steps, the light gets wider as a heavy wooden door opens, effectively blinding you. You cover your face with your hands and when you look back you can see an outline of something short and thick. You frown as the thing moves toward you in awkward steps like those of an old man. As you watch, the outline becomes some sort of brown imp covered with a purplish cloak with a bright glowing crystal above it. You watch the thing and it watches you. Suddenly the thing says, "I am Gnarl, Minion Master and devoted Servant of Darkness." You're taken aback by its words so you remain silent as you watch this unusual fellow. Thoughts and questions run through your head, 'minion? Servant of Darkness?' You need answers and listening seems the best bet to get them. Password: Password. Put in Other part of application


"I am Gnarl, Minion Master and devoted Servant of Darkness," the thing repeats and eyes you up and down. "I am looking for an Overlord for myself and my minions... and you just might be it. But for the first time since I came out of my pit, there's more then one candidate." It wobbles toward you until it's practically on your feet. "You and the others need to compete. You and the others will be tested on who can get the most of the world," he says and smiles, waddling back toward the door. "One last thing, Sire. Killing innocents, and I use the term loosely, increases your Corruption level," he says and the door stays open as the minion walks out of sight. You have no choice other than stay in the room or go out to see the world. It's not a choice really. You head toward the door and step out. You are awestruck by what you see. You love to be evil, but this, this place just reeks of it. You see the gray and brown walls seemingly cut out of stone and you can't help but notice the streams of blood running from hole to hole in the walls. Spikes adorned with torches bear heads of humans and beasts alike. You see old weapons along with newer ones. You can't help but admire how some weapons look used ... very used. More of those brown guys are here, each armed and armored. You watch them and they watch you. You see Gnarl turning another corner and you follow him down the blood scented hallways. As he stops in a rather large room you see an ornate throne with lava flowing around it and have the urge to sit in it. Something in the back of your mind stirs and begs you to claim the throne and with it, the world.


Gnarl stays there watching you and the other contestants whom you just now noticed. You don't know what to make of them. They all seem evil, some more so than you, some less. Then, Gnarl speaks again; "You all were chosen by the tower and myself. But only one can be chosen by the Tower Heart, and it's not yet ready to choose a person to embody itself in. With its blessing you would be unstoppable. Magic unlike anything before would be yours. But be warned, if you can't control it it'll cause another Great Disaster like it did all those years ago. Whichever one of you that is chosen shall be the Overlord, or a Dark Mistress." Gnarl smiles. "You shall be tested by how well you dominate a world and keep control. Each of you has one hundred minions at your control; you can choose what types. The rest shall remain here and guard the tower and the Nether World from intrusions." he says and watches you and the other competitors. Then, something moves under you, and when you look down you see you're standing over a solid pool. It moves under you like water, but it feels as solid as stone... until that one moment. When you look up you're in another tower. This one's broken and crumbling. You look at the throne surrounded by statues of Hell Hounds and sit down and think of what to do.


Plot: You became an Overlord or a Dark Mistress. You have one hundred minions under your control and for every soul you take you can get more. The idea is to compete against other Overlords or Dark Mistresses for the true throne. Evil is the name of the game. You can do virtually anything to your land once you conquer it. Enslave people, make them fear you, make them love you or any other thing you want. The minions will follow you with a blind passion, having no hesitation in dying for you nor in killing.

The world just went through a change. The world is in turbulence, and times are worse than when the fourth Overlord had been around. Humanity's hate of magic has led them on an ever increasing rampage of destruction of the magical lands. All of magic is weak and humanity grows stronger and stronger. You shall need to bring the world in under your shadow, and to dominate whatever is left. Magic is your friend as are the loyal minions. But remember, the threat of Humanity grows ever stronger, and your weak and naive state shall allow them to best you. So be careful that you don't enlist their attention for too long.


The races:


Humans: Humanity has reached a point in their development where they lost a lot of what had been learned. These times in our world were named The Dark Ages, but here it's different; instead of flocking toward religion they do the opposite. Everything that's not based in things they can see and prove is hated. Humanity hates the unknown as it always had. Magic is something few can do, and fewer can do well. Magic is a thing of power that humanity knows little of, so they try to eradicate it.


Elves: The once noble race has fallen. They are few in number due to many wars with Humanity, and now mainly reside in sanctuaries which posses a large amount of magical creatures all working together for survival. The elves resemble hippies in our world, always going for peace and what-not.


Dwarfs: This great and powerful race are neutral in the wars against magic as they themselves have less magic then humans. Dwarfs spend their time in underground tunnels doing dwarf knows what, or they can be found in the numerous brewery's. The dwarfs are in the age we called the Industrial Age. They have weak guns, electricity and so on,but they still rely on the basic axe and bow when it comes to a tough situation. Some dwarfs have gone beyond that time and made suits which harvest the magic around them and use it to destroy magical beings.


Other races: The other races of the world are mythological creatures. Ranging from dragons to sea servants to massive worms. There are some not strictly mythological creatures allowed, but they have to be cleared through me before being allowed in the fun of things.



Minion tribes: ((More info: http://overlord.wikia.com/wiki/Minion))


The Browns: Browns are toughest of all the Minions. They're never ones to shy away from a fight. In fact it's quite difficult to get them to stop! Such is their dedication to the fight that Browns can also use many different objects as weapons. Browns can hold their own against tough enemies. They are the only ones without tails. Browns are unable to swim, go through poisonous gasses, nor through fire.


The Reds: Reds aren't particularly hardy, so you mustn't let enemies get too close to them, Sire. But use them in a horde, and that's a different story — a story full of flames and burning and screaming! Ahhh, it's good to have them back, maybe I can get a hot meal now! Reds are the most demonic in appearance. They are the fire starters of the tribes, quiet literally. They are able to throw fire balls at enemies to burn them before they can reach the Master. They can control fires, so that means put them out or start them, but they can't swim nor go through poison gasses.


The Greens: Greens can do a great deal of damage if you attach them to an enemy's back. They aren't terribly hygienic, I'm afraid, but they are good at sneaking up on things. Use them to guard an area, and they're practically invisible as long as the enemies don't notice the smell! They are the assassins of the four tribes, dealing in poisons and stealth. They tend to not fight in open combat like the Browns, but jump onto an opponent's back and stab stab stab. Greens are stronger then reds and blues, but weaker then browns. They cannot swim nor control fires, but poison gasses do not affect them. They just breath it in deeply and clear the air for your lordship to pass through.


The Blues: The Blue Minions' minds appear to be on a different plane of existence half the time. When they do decide to join us on this one, their healing and magical-damage skills can be most useful. They can resurrect fallen Minions during battle, but Blues are quite fragile, so position them carefully. Blues are the magic magical creatures. While they can't send our blasts of energy they can bring the dead minions back to life, and are the only minions able to kill ghosts. Blues are also the only ones able to swim.


The governments: Humanity is broken apart into large cities which control small villages around them. Each city is ruled by a king or a group of lords. The leadership is chosen by their achievements. Once a king or lord dies a person with the greatest achievements gets nominated to take the place. Once nominated the person has to pass tests made by the people of the city to see if he's worthy. Society is mostly male dominated though there are scattered regions of female domination. The elves all work together with a high priestess as their leader. She teleports from sanctuary to sanctuary to help in political and spiritual matters. Each sanctuary has a smaller caliber priestess as its head. The elves still believe in their goddess of life. The dwarfs have a High King who rules all the other kings. Once a high king dies the other kings battle to decide who the next one will be. The dwarfs mainly reside in mountainous or hilly areas where as the other races mainly reside wherever.


Background Information:

The planet is Pangea like, meaning all the continents are interconnected. This means there are no safe spots other then some scattered islands near shores. But safety from what? Well, safety from other rulers, from Humanity as well as the other races.


Magic is one of the most controversial things in this world. There is great controversy over magic due to the immense things that it can do. So, should magic users be allowed to exist? Even if they can pottentially kill all others? There is no true perspective for it other then you being able to do extraordinary things with a thought or a movement of your body. As you grow stronger in the arcane arts, your hold of magic grows ever stronger as you learn more and more. Magic is not something you can choose to have. You either have it or not. Magic allows the person to do so much, everything from healing to poisoning. One can control the elements or summon the dead. But a person is best if they are born into a certain power: If they are born into it then they have greater potential with it then if they tried something else.




The rules are simple. Obey them and we will all have fun; disobey, and punishment shall be dealt either by me or someone else in power.


1) Be polite to other role players in OOC chat.

2) For OOC chat use '((' to start a statement and '))' to end it.

3) Don't use '*' to show an action your character does, it just gets confusing and annoying.

4) Must have decent grammar and spelling. Hey, we need to know what your typing.

5) Highlight to find the password.

6) Must read all posts by all RPers before answering so there won't be too many plot holes.

7) Must PM the forms to me.

8) Must have fun.

9) Must read the rules.

10) No power modding.

11) No perfect characters; keep some flaws in mind.

12) I have the final say in disputes, unless they involve me in which case it would be a neutral member of the role play.

11) No killing of characters without permission.

12) You can kill your own character and have another, but taking power from your old one would be tiresome. This means that if your new character killed your old one stealing his power to bolster the new one shouldn't be some easy task like swinging a sword.

13) Must put as much as you can in your posts. Short posts aren't any fun to type nor to read. Plus there is no way to answer them with a long post, so don't start the chain.


The Character Sheet:



Character Name:

Nickname (Optional):


Spells (Basic stuff and no more then two):

Weapon of choice:

Species (Nothing extravagant, must be humanoid):


History (Optional):

Location of tower:

Tower appearance:



Approved Forms:



Username: FlowerOwl

Character Name: Luithark

Nickname (Optional): Lithia or Luna

Appearance: A young Dark Mistress with brown, long, tangled hair and usually has a black hat resting on her head. With ocean blue eyes and a small mouth. No freckles, deattached eye lopes, usually non-painted nails, naturally long nails, pale like teeth that look unrealistic, small hands for her age,dark chocolate scented, not too pale but pale face, wide eyes, little in length for her age but wide lavendar tail, tall for her age, always carries around a book, etc.

Spells (Basic stuff and no more then two): The spell to be albe to project any kind of sound (metal clink, a certain human or other being's voice, etc) for an hour a day. Also the natural ability to transform into a Tyto alba barn owl (Also referee to as the common barn owl).

Weapon of choice: Silver bow and arrow with orange tips on the arrows.

Species (Nothing extravagant, must be humanoid): Mermaid

Personality: Shy but smart. With a book in her hand always she loves to study and read. With a developed sense of reason. Talks politely but firmly as if knows what she's doing. With the tendency to think to much and dwell on little facts for long periods of time. Also has the erdge to be pityful of the young (due to bad experience).

History (Optional): Might have one later.

Location of tower: (Do I name the place? If so, I'd like it to be Unote,) (PS, you scepter Unote) A place with vast streams, lakes, ponds, and a medium sized forest,

Tower appearance: Silver and made sure to be the talllest in Unote, crumbling in dire need to be a little bit repared. And repairing has begun, and Tapestries hang around and confrotable chairs for Luna (Or whatever you want to call her) have been put into place along with a small um, place for death/dungeon underground.

Other: Do we decide what minions we get? If so, if we can have different kinds, I'd take 27 of my 100 to be The Blues , 43 The Browns , 17 The Reds , and 13 The Greens . If I can only have one of a kind, then all of my 100 would be The Blues . Their positions: Blue-> 5 of them around me and the rest near me or mending the other minions in a room to be designed in a later date. Browns-> 13 near me, a tiny bit closer than the blues that would be near me, 15 guarding the entrances outside and in, 10 in the death room thingy... Sorta like a dungeon, and 5 patrolling everywhere. The Reds-> 10 in the highest reaches of the tower, 3 patrolling the hallways that aren't near water, 2 helping the blues and browns guard me, and the last two helping to cook. The Greens-> 4 patrolling about thirty feet away from the entrance to see anyone coming, 2 helping to cook, 2 patrolling the hallways, and the rest (5) in the dungeon room thing.


Username: Takhesis

Character Name: Lilith SaDiablo

Nickname (Optional): SaDi

Appearance: A red-haired female with emerald green eyes. Usually seen wearing biker-style leather clothing. Has a permenant scowl on her face, unless she's being evil - in which case the scowl gets replaced by a large grin. Those that get close to her can see small horns on her head and two lumps under her jacket. (The lumps are rudimentary wings - not strong enough to allow her to fly, possibly able to glide for short distances assuming she starts on a high point and has no jacket on.) If Lilith has her arms bare, she has a tattoo on her left arm of a cobra.

Spells (Basic stuff and no more then two): Pain (physical pain with no apparant cause), Poison (only if she's able to bite/claw her target (teeth/nails))

Weapon of choice: Whip

Species (Nothing extravagant, must be humanoid): Teifling (half demon/half human). The demon blood shows through in her horns and small wings.

Personality: Lilith enjoys being evil more than anything. Often cold-hearted and gets angry over any little slight.

History (Optional): Being half demon, Lilith never seemed to fit in anywhere. The target of taunts as a child made Lilith who she is today - a coldhearted woman, who found the best defence is offence.

Location of tower: In the middle of an old ruined city.

Tower appearance: Rather run down, the tower has no roof and is full of holes, gets rather cold and drafty in winter.



Username: Mdlier

Character Name: Alexander

Nickname (Optional): Alex

Appearance: Here

Spells (Basic stuff and no more then two): Wound: Any damage caused by him personally cannot be healed for some time. Shade: can blend into shadows for a short time; becoming virtually invisible.

Weapon of choice: a magically enhanced sword

Species (Nothing extravagant, must be humanoid): human, though cursed with demonic abilities.

Personality: A some-what cruel, bloodthirsty, hateful man. Can be very aggressive, And has little care at all about murdering others. Can be quite disrespectful to those he dislikes, and has a severe lack of care in his actions. Is, however, quite cold and calculating; often planning the greater of his kills. Despite his cold and evil demeanor, he has a rare sense of honor. He will not kill a worthy opponent if it is not in a fair fight.

History (Optional): cursed as a young boy; he was quickly abandoned to live alone. He learned to control his dark gifts, and gained a cold and evil disposition. He grew up on the streets and learned how to survive in a world in which he did not belong; knowing only hate.

Location of tower: In the midst of a mountain range.

Tower appearance: made of obsidian. It towers high amongst the peaks, though it fairly plain on the inside: having more room then required.




Username: shadow2345

Character Name: Unknown

Nickname (Optional): Apocalypse

Appearance: Apocalypse

Spells (Basic stuff and no more then two): Control over gravity, control over fire

Weapon of choice: A massive sword fit for his oversized body.

Species (Nothing extravagant, must be humanoid): Demon

Personality: Apocalypse is the perfect example of somebody fitting their nickname. Unlike some demon’s he doesn’t have a massive hold of energy at his fingertips, but instead he fights with weapon and armor. He loves destruction, but he values honor, and in that sense he’s a contradiction to the demon world. He will kill with ease, but he doesn’t like to fight one person with his minions, he’d rather fight the opponent himself, granted his opponent has any form of chance. He would easily send minions at an opponent if they appear weak to him and lets his followers have the body all to themselves. He loves his pets, all his pets. But there is one he loves above all others.

History (Optional): His history is much like any demons; he was raised in Hell and there he came out fighting other demons until he reached the top. His combat skills are impressive, even though he was a demon and they were already good in anything that involved killing. He had to fend for himself and had to force other demons to respect him due to how he had little power, but of the two powers he did have, one was rare, the other was stereotypical for a demon to have. At a young age he crafted his own weapons and armor with his control of gravity and flames he molded the armor to his liking. Whenever he found a better, stronger metal he used that to replace the weaker metal, this way his weapons and armor always grew stronger. He always wears his armor, some could call it paranoia, but in the demon world it would be considered weak defenses since most demons with magic could best him. Around the time that he reached two hundred human years he found a rare metal, and a lot of it and added it to his armor and weapon, making it replace most of his armor and weapon due to how much there was. This particular metal allowed him to partially resist magic due to how the spells were absorbed and added to his own abilities (Basically mana gain). Soon after that he started to rise in the rankings. Once he reached a high order of command he was given a test, this test would either break or make him, this test was to conquer the human realm without any demon help. So he accepted and was teleported to the Human world via a Hell Gate. After that, well, when he slept he had been abducted by something that called itself Gnarl…

Location of tower: The tower is far different from those that are already standing and ruined, his tower isn’t in some ruined city, or up in a mountain, his tower is underground… far underground. His tower stands in a massive cavern which he uses to its full potential. His tower is surrounded by plains, each being tended by his minions which Gnarl provided, as well as Livestock so he would have meat as well as souls to call for more minions. The plains would provide food for himself and his minions. One might ask ‘how do the plants grown underground?’ well, he has four hell gates open on top his tower, each leading to four other Hell Gates in the cavern so the minions, and himself could easily get around, and the Hell Gates provide light and energy. His link to Hell has been cut, but he can still call upon these magical gates to move around and to move his minions.

Tower appearance: His tower appearance has been touched upon in the ‘Location of tower’ part. His tower has spikes coming off of the pure black tower, the spikes have corpses on each tip, depending on the size of the spike it would have from just a skull to five bodies impales upon it. Flames ran through certain chambers in the tower to provide heating in the otherwise cold cavern. The interior was lined with paintings of people being tortured and or killed. These were just some of the things inside. The main room was a throne room with a throne made of gold and silver. The throne was large enough to fit him, but small enough to be still comfortable for him. There are various rooms in the massive tower, most of which are unused. The rooms that are used include, but are not exclusive to, an armory, a food storage room, a barracks, training room, alchemy room, and master querters.

Other: His minions are pretty even, 25 of each type at his start, so far he has no other souls so he can not summon more, but the breeders have started breeding cows, sheep, and pigs. The greens are looking for more animals to add while the blues tend the fields. The Browns are split between tending the animals and guarding, the reds are the cooks and guards.



Username: shadow2345

Character Name: Shadow

Nickname (Optional): Shadow

Appearance: Buttom Left

Spells (Basic stuff and no more then two): None

Weapon of choice: Its body

Species (Nothing extravagant, must be humanoid): Xenomorph

Personality: Kills, killing, killer. Serves Apocalypse loyaly

History (Optional): Apocalypse found it when the rest of its hive was killed, he tamed it and made it fight for him and not change as it should have.

Location of tower: In Apocalypse’s tower

Tower appearance: Same as Apocalypse

Other: He’s Apocalypse’s pet. Also, everything about the species, some will be used http://aliens.wikia.com/wiki/Xenomorph


Username: Bloodykisses123

Character Name: Ashamun Kotehut

Nickname (Optional): Ash

Appearance: Hither

Spells (Basic stuff and no more then two): Focal Point- whatever she focuses on with her eyes she can force to contract and expand. Double vision- She can see what other people see, or see into a room she's been in before.

Weapon of choice: sais

Species (Nothing extravagant, must be humanoid): Elven

Personality: Other than... really flippin twisted? Um, slightly diabolical, sadistic, cruel, heartless, witty, humorous, etc...

History (Optional): Shall be Role Played out.

Location of tower: Deep Forest

Tower appearance: No one is really sure what it looks like as it is shrouded by shadows and trees that overhang and leave only the entrance visible.

Other: She has a voodoo doll fetish.


Username: Durppie

Character Name: Netielrin Matze

Nickname (Optional): Matze

Appearance: Matze is dark-skinned, has red eyes, and short ice-blue hair. She likes to wear a white and blue dress with white and gold slip-on shoes. Due to the fact that she's a fairy, she has pale silver-blue butterfly wings extending from her back that are fully functional. Smiles often.

Spells (Basic stuff and no more then two): Naptime-Makes an opponent fall asleep. Healing-Self-explanatory. Will heal wounds.

Weapon of choice: A blood red sword with crimson bat wings as the hilt. It was stolen from its last owner. Matze will also use a large steel needle in combat.

Species (Nothing extravagant, must be humanoid): Fairy(Is this okay?)

Personality: Matze is perpetually smiling, and speaks in a childish tone and voice. To many, she's a jovial, simple-minded idiot whose idea of evil is stealing pastries for her own consumption. The fairy is however a master at deception, and intentionally looks and acts like a kid to fool would-be heroes and other Overlords. Also, she likes to play games. Especially mind games. Those are fun.

History (Optional): Matze had always been in a love-hate relationship with her kind. She loved them because they were her species, and that they were able to fly and use magic. But Matze hated them because they were so stupid. They could really go so far, yet fairies everywhere were complacent, pathetic jokes. To distract herself from the idiocy of her kind, Matze tended to plants,played games and baked sweets, and shared them with other fairies. This did nothing. Then one day, the many fairies that had eaten her baked goods died from the poison laced food. Matze used their corpses for various things, fertilizer for her plants, their skins as canvases for paintings, etc. Soon after that, she was abducted by Gnarl and given the chance to become a Dark Mistress.

Location of tower: It's on the side of a mountain. The surroundings are almost always sunny and there are a ridiculous amount of flowers surrounding it. Nearby are some woods.

Tower appearance: It's gray and made of thick stone on the outside. On the inside, it is a pristine white, with occasional blood-splattered paintings of meadows and huge chunks of quartz carved into statues. There is only one door, which is fairly wide that leads to the outside. It isn't used much since there's an underground tunnel that also goes outside. The exit to the secret tunnel is hidden in the woods. And of course there is also an underground dungeon for the torture of innocents.




Character Name:Been dead for so long no one remembers it

Nickname (Optional):Lokie

Appearance : Lich

Spells (Basic stuff and no more then two):Raising the dead and basic black magic (frost and darkness)

Weapon of choice: scythe and Orb

Species (Nothing extravagant, must be humanoid):Lich

Personality:(do i really have to right one?)

History (Optional): He was once a talented student at an academy of magic but

Location of tower: The tower is in a cemetery near the ocean in the northern part of the continent.

Tower appearance:an old stone tower with a broader base


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((ok, so who wants to start can start, as I said in PM, I still need to finish my own character))

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((Guess I'll start xd.png ))


Lilith Sadiablo looked around after her second teleport of the day. She found herself in a rundown tower. This tower appeared to have no roof and was rather drafty due to all the holes in its walls. A glance through one of the holes revealed a city in the same state as the tower, the ruins spoke of an old conflict long forgotten.

Perhaps its time to remind the land of that conflict Lilith thought as she turned back into the tower.


Settling into the bloodstone (bloodstone being a red marble-like substance) throne, Lilith considered her options. She reached out to stroke one of the flanking statues as she mused.

First, I'll need minions. Lilith remembered that Gnarl had promised 100 minions of choice, so she considered what she knew of the minion clans. When she made up her mind, she spoke to the air around her - assuming that Gnarl would hear her.

"I would like 60 members of the Brown clan, 20 of the Red, and 10 of both the Green and Blue."


Then she settled to wait on their arrival - contemplating how best to start her evil rule.

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(FINALLY!!! biggrin.gif This is finally appproved!)


Luithark- I glanced about the tower. Having already recieved my minions just moments ago, I was sorting them and remodeling my tower. Writing down what needed to be done I was grinning widely. This is gonna be fun, I thought.


"Begin working on making some springs," I said to a Blue minion,"I would like my throne to be surrouned by water before the day is done." And with those words I took place on my throne.

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Apocalypse growled, his two horns sticking up through his tattered cloak hood. He growled, his fangs barred under his helmet laid in shadow. His mouth was open, but due to the structured of his jaws it appeared like the mouth peace was there, but those were his fangs with bloody lips, lips that kept being cut by the said fangs. His bloody lips moved as he spoke first in the demonic language, then the same thing in English so that the minions gathered around him could hear him. "You obey and we will be on good relations, disobey me and you shall be killed" He said matter of factly. He moved through the tower watching his minions work at getting the tower ready. 'what a stroke of luck, this way my job is so much easier' He thought and laughed, his strong voice radiating through the halls, but to the ears of mortals it would sound like a dragons chuckle. He would have to await for his pet's arrival though, his pet was away, it was out looking at the world to see if it could find any easy kills on the other lords and ladies.


He went to his throne of gold and silver and sat down on it, his heart raced with anticipation, if he could get the world, he'd be declared its ruler, and he would be moved into the outer Demon Council to help rule Hell itself. It was an honor, few with little magic could say they were even invited to it. And now, with these little beings he could get the world he was sent to conquer without breaking the rules, without calling on any other demons.



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Alexander sat upon his throne and watched his little troll minions work. They were a rather efficient bunch despite their horrid appearance. The Blues and Greens he had requested were busying themselves fixing up the tower and preparing ranges for livestock. As it turnned out, a lucky Brown had found a massive amount of wild sheep an ram in the Mountains. That same minion was now proudly strutting about wearing a ram skull as a hat. The Reds, while quite nasty in combat, had made rather impressive chefs and were readying the kitchen; while others tried to provide enough light and heat in the tower. The Browns, despite their brutish demeanor, we're setting up deffences and readying a Barracks in the lower floor of the tower. He had ordered an even 25 of every minion. He liked to keep things even.


As for Alexander himself, he was planning. He was thinking of his plans for the future. What overlords were the weakest. Which ones had put the least planning into their armies and designs. What nations would be the best to conquer now instead of later. Questions questions questions. All questions for later. Right now, he amused himself by watching the minions bumble about as he absentmindedly twirled his sword.

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Luithark- Playing with my hair I put my mind on something. Turning my head to a Brown nearby, I told it,"Bring the Generals. Now." I had chosen one minion from each kind to be a general of thier kind. Basically, they were my rigt hand minions.


Within minutes all of them were next to me, the Fire General being last. I'll make a small punishment later, I thought and sternly said,"I would like you to sweep the area, anything interesting is to be reported to me." Then I beamed at them,"You may make as much disturuction as you want after I get there." Pausing, I continued,"But please for only five minutes, I have other plans that will fall if to much happens." Signaling them to go, they rushed to the door and fled.


Sighing, I leaned back in my throne. "Bring me some peaches." I stated loud enough to make an echo that should travel to the kitchen. "And bring me some parchment," And with those words a parchment was placed into my hands and I began writing.

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Lilith cast her eye over the minions when they arrived at her tower.

"Excellent, seems everything is in order. You 10 browns," Lilith pointed at the meanest and strongest looking, "will be my personal guard. This tower is in an awful state, 30 browns will be responsible for its repair." 30 Browns scuttled off to retrieve materials and tools for the towers repair, the 10 Browns that she selected as guard took up flanking positions around her throne.


"Half of the remaining Browns will team up with the Greens to form patrol groups, 2 Browns and 2 Greens in each patrol. Make sure nothing enters the city grounds without your knowledge." As they scurried off, Lilith considered the Reds and Blues that she had left. "I want 3 Reds and 1 Blue at these locations at all times." Lilith named a couple of landmarks within the city. "Your task is to prevent any hostiles that get past the patrols from getting any further. The Blues are there for healing, but if more troops are needed they will also be the messangers, between the groups and this tower." 15 Reds and 5 Blues scurried off to the guard posts. "The 5 remaining Reds will be on kitchen duty as cooks, the 10 Browns left will assist in food gathering efforts. You, " Lilith glanced at the group of 5 Blues left, "Will work on ways of magically protecting this tower."


((If anyone needs a summary of her minion deployment feel free to ask.))

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Luithark- Completing my letter addressed to Litith, I began to wonder about if I should move some minions to the kitchen to cook. By then I remembered the more kills done, the more minions; correct? A Red opened the door. "Generals have scout area." It stated and I ignored the improper grammar since I had other matters to attend to.


"You five," I pointed to two blues and three browns,"Lift me up," With that they carried me outside and we visited the Red General first.


It looked happy, it explained about the land over here and requested if it could do some damage. I nodded and watched it until five minutes were over. Commanded it to return to my tower, and then I left.


I repeated the process with the other Generals, luckily not too much damage was done. If to much was done, it would ruin some of my plan. A death count was taken as well, exactly fourteen humans, twenty seven sheep, ten cows, and two hawks. Also we took captured eight crocodiles to be placed inside the dungeon and some other places. "Take me back." I hissed to the minions carrying me.


When I arrived back, two crocodiles were standing next to my throne and other than that nothing had changed inside the throne room. "Here," I stated and handed a Brown nearby my parchment which was my letter.


"Take this to Lilith," Then I paused to wait for the Brown to leave, which it did so within seconds,"AND STOP CARRYING ME!" I barked at the minions carrying me.

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Apocalypse looked at his minions that were running about doing whatever they wanted but trying to appear as if they were working. He chuckled, at least they would fight when they were needed. Until then they were unneeded. He sighed and stood, he headed up the spiral staircase until he was at the top of the tower. He walked to the edge and smiled as he looked down upon the cavern. He saw massive naturally made pillars and sighed, they were keeping this place up, but they would be near impossible to break since each was a quarter mile thick. Yes, the cavern was that massive. He felt the warmth from the Hell Gates. He'd easily give every minion he had to have his pet back, but alas, it was busy. By now it was probably observing one of his competitors...

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((Not sure how far away our towers are from each other - so next post can be the delivery post....up to you whether my patrols spot messanger or not))


Lilith observed her minions at work from her throne. The Browns were making progress on the repairs. So far nothing had been reported from her patrols and guard posts, so she figured that the other competitors were far enough away not to be an immediate worry.


In the corner of her throne room the 5 Blues were chattering away, discussing potential defences and often argueing about their effectiveness. These Lilith ignored to the most part, only intervening to stop outright brawls between them.


Turning to her guards Lilith asked, "What do we know about this area?"

The Browns looked confused for a moment before one volunteered...."Its a ruined city?"

"I can see that you fool! I meant about the land outside the city limits." Lilith then muttered, "Just as well you were picked for brawn not brains..."

"Not much, Your Darkness." Another Brown spoke up, while the first trembled slightly. "This area used to be part of a Human Kingdom, but was left in the state you see after one of their large conflicts wiped out most of them."

"Well then we should make sure that no-one gets the idea of reclaiming this area then.." She gestured to 5 of her guards, "Determine the distance to the nearest settlement, what its defences are and what value, if any, it has. Scouting only.... no killing unless absolutly nessassary, I'd prefer it if my presence here was at least unknown until my defences have been repaired."


The 5 Browns scuttled off in a hurry.

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Apocalypse stood and walked to the stair case that led up to the top of the tower. Once up there he looked at the gates and smiled lightly. He walked to the edge and looked out at the cavern. He eyed the massive naturally made pillars. They were the thing holding the cavern up with their quarter mile thick columns. He looked around, the fields were being planted, the animals herded to where there was light. He wanted his pet back, but it was off somewhere, his Shadow was off learning about the enemies so that it could report its information to him. By now his Shadow had reached one of the other competitors...


Shadow was in some sort of ruined city. The scorched walls and the many shadows made this hunt to easy. He moved from shadow to shadow, his pure black skin making him impossible to spot in darkness. His tail moved behind him, constantly ready to kill something. His senses were unfair to the patrols moving through the city since he could spot them a ways off and get away. He moved along the walls and cielings easily so they never knew he was there. He moved to the half ruined tower in the middle of the city, judging that that was the perfect spot for his query to live in. He'd need to see how it was doing first, then it could start harrasing the patrols...

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Luithark-"I want to be pleasant!" I squealed out between gasps. I had just asked the Blue General, who I took to calling Quorallor, to assemble into one of those dress fitting teams. So far, they had good fashion sense but were killing me, not liturally.


"Fine fine," He replied gruffly and put another pin in his mouth.


If it wasn't for one of my plans I wouldn't be doing this. But of course if I was to proceed with this one it would increase my chance of success by being in this kind of dress, and even if I don't proceed with this; the dress might be handy in the future.


"Could I have some water?!" I screeched.


"Yes, yes," Quallor said.


"Yes, yes," I miniked harshly using one of my spells to match Quallor's voice. Within a couple of seconds one of his 'fashion' team members brought some water.


"Any news of a returning letter?"I almost managed to maintain a normal voice.


"No, I'm quiet surprised you didn't send more with that Brown," Quallor frowned and continued,"Especially since none of us has even been over there. What was that letter about anyway?"


"Tut tut," I replied,"One is less noticeable, and please can all if you -except Quallor- leave?" With that they all left besides Quallor. "Is anyone else here?" I whispered, and he shook his head after a few glances around,"I decided to try to-" Then a Red opened the door.






The Brown holding the letter was just crossing into Lilith's lands. It saw some patrollers, and decided to just pass them hoping that they wouldn't see him. Yes, this wasn't a Brown like behavior but what would Lithark do if he didn't meet her expectations? Indeed, he located Lilith's tower and began to study it. Eh, I think Lithark's is better, He thought, Should I make my presence noticed by knocking on the door or by slipping into the throne room? Making his decision and slipped quietly throw a window and crept down the hallways and into Lilith's throne room.

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Eventually, boredom and stress took the better of him, and Alexander pulled himself from his throne. An obsidian throne was a terrible idea anyway... he thought. He saw a Brown loafing around and addressed him sternly. "You, soldier, stand at attention." the Brown jolted up in a salute; he was sweating bullets. "I wish to see the progress on the troop Barracks, Armory, and Training grounds." the nervous minion lead his master throughout the tower; presenting everything to the last detail about the work his brethren had completed. Even providing his... limited commentary. "Stone work good" he would say. "This good place for spears and clubs" soon, the creature had lead Alexander to the Training Grounds. Here, many Browns and other minions were training on dummys; smacking them with weapons, shooting them with magic or fire, and generally being their good old savage selves. "Enough!" he shouted to the minions. "Form even patrols and search out the areas. If not, make yourselves useful and ransack a village." at his command, the minions scattered to do their duties. And Alexander was left alone with the dummies. He drew out his sword and began to slash away. He savagely brutalized the targets, dummies, and poles; chopping down his 'foes' with surprising efficiency and rage. He would leave the Browns to rebuild it later. Right now, he just wanted to let out his hate.

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The Brown had to dodge some of the repair crew on the way to Lilith's throne room - but that wasn't hard.


Upon entering Lilith's throne room, the messenger Brown would see 5 Blues discussing some sort of magical process - considering Browns in general didn't use magic he didn't quite understand all of it - in one corner. In the center of the room was Lilith, sitting on a bloodstoone throne, 5 Browns were near her throne, personal guards would be a reasonable guess. On either side of the throne were statues made of the same material. The Brown considered from his current hidden position his next move.


((If you prefer the message to be private PM's are always welcome. Note passing always makes the other players nervous *bigevilgrin*))


As Shadow approached the tower, he would notice more activity than the patrols. It looked like there was reconstruction work being done on the tower. Getting inside would be harder than avoiding the patrols were, but he was confident that he could get in without being seen - should he choose to do so.


((Not sure what his actual orders were so....))

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Apocalypse stepped through one of the gates and was near a tunnel. He smiled and walked through it. After a long walk he found himself up in a city sewer. He frowned and saw a man hole. He used his power over gravity to lift it and himself. He stepped onto the land and made gravity normal and chuckled as the manhole closed itself. He walked through the city, he knew there were people about, and they were not minion. He looked at one of the buildings and saw faces through the windows. He walked to the town center and stood in the middle, he closed his eyes and flames erupted from every crevis in his armor flooding the ground and sky in bright red flames. "Come or lose this town" He hollered. He knew he didn't have minions, but really, what could they do? He saw one man run at him, a small scythe in his hands. Apocalypse chuckled and grabbed the scythe and broke the wood under his hold. He kneed the man right in the chest and watched him fly back a few yards before he fell on the ground and started coughing up blood as he chocked on it. Apocalypse looked at the others. "I come with a proposition..." He stated at the assembled crowd. "You come with me and tend my farms, and my live stock and you all live and do what you want... Granted you don't leave without permission and don't mess with my own forces" He said and looked at the faces around him. "Refuse and you die" He added with a growl. "In an hour this town is being burned" He stated and moved to a wall of bricks, as he moved toward it his arm went over his head, drawing his large blade. Three sweeps and there was a rectangle cut out of the wall. He sat on the hole and grumbled as it threatened to fall under his bulk.


Shadow watched some odd creature sneak by the others. He smiled and followed it. When it entered the tower so did Shadow, but unlike it he stuck to the ceiling and out of sight. He watched the minions arguing and smiled, he fed his mind into theirs without their knowing and soon he knew their thoughts, at least the basics. His tail moved in apprehension, he could hear them but he couldn't really understand it that well. He slid out of their minds quickly, sure he'd leave them slightly confused. He moved toward the mistress and watched the exchange. If the letter would be handed out he'd be sure to see any form of exchange. He was too far to use his senses to 'see' the words due to the pheromones the ink left and in what form. If he could get closer he'd know what it said...


((That's the mystery isn't it? and it would make me annoyed, hence Shadow's spying xd.png))

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((If he gets too close though he probably would be spotted. Even though can't blame the attempt.))


The Blues stopped argueing briefly as an odd sensation crept over them. Of course they didn't know this was due to Shadow's withdrawal from their minds, this event was odd enough though to attract attention from the Browns and Lilith. From Lilith's limited experience of magic, even if they had reached an agreement between them, there would still be chanting and rituals to set.


The Blues resumed their task, after a little bit of prompting from Lilith, but the oddness of the occurrance was enough to put the group on edge.

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Shadow tilted his head. They knew something was off. He smiled, he guessed he could strike now. He leaped down from the ceiling and jumped between the mistress and the brown with the message. To the mistress and the brown he sent an image, he sent the image of Apocalypse cutting them in half with his massive blade. As he sent those he also scanned the letter with his pheramone sensing and after a hiss he leaped back to the ceiling. He raced through the halls and out the window. He loved this, he loved a flawless escape as he raced up the sure. He doubted anyone would expect him to go up the spire instead of away from it.

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(Haha, wink.gif )



I handed it over, (I'll PM it to Takhesis) hoping to be quietly escorted out. But which way was that? I thought confusely.


Lithark- Having finished my conversation with Quallor I decided to put my own kind of hard hat on and start more construction work. "I must be so behind," I mumbled to myself and drew a thin line on some papers.


"Any word on that Brown?" I heard someone yell and another reply,"I only heard that a Red saw him but I don't believe it!"


With a grin I remembered about the kill and get a minion deal... But how were you supposed to summon them? And did those animals we killed count to? I patted the crocodile on my left side. Calming myself I barked,"I think it's high time for some food!" And knowing that there wasn't enough food I continued,"And that half of the room," I pointed to the least crowded half of the throne room,"May hunt! Bring back as many dead animals and have an exact count of them! And I would like to see someone bring back some live snakes and crocodiles!" I glared at them enough to make them leave in a half of a second.


Sitting back to relax, I thought, I better get this rolling soon...



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Your brown ignored my Shadow xd.png and I'll need it too since shadow 'saw' it ))

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Shadow stayed on the outer wall,mshe air tearing at him, but he himself hardly moved when he didn't want to. He was far from the windows and the top. His lips were raised and his tongue lazily slid out as a yawn. The jaws on the tongue opened and shut quickly. He was bored, he wondered what the message was meaning.

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Lithark- Slowly dipping my fingers into and out of all the new pools around the throne. Finally, my minions had completed this assignment. Now pools of water leaking inti each other filled the throne half of the throne room. Dipping myself in I felt a nice relax sensation filling me.




Watching Lilith read the letter was well, anxiously boring. Her eyes going over from her left to her right.... Ugh. He swore she probaly read it twice. Couldn't blame her though, it was intriguing to look at what it might hold...

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"Interesting" Lilith mused as she read the letter "and who let that in?!" She pointed at the fleeing Shadow. She sent her Guards after it then returned her attention to the messenger. "Shall we walk?"

She rose from her throne, and not really caring if the messenger followed her or not, walked to the kitchen area where she called over one of the Reds to join her.

Lilith, the Red and presumably the messenger left the tower for the nearest river.


Once at the river, Lilith scrumpled up the parchment into a ball, instructed her Red to turn it into ash and tossed its burning remains into the river.

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I just watched the ashes rather dumbly. What now? I wondered and continued to follow Lilith.



I had been eating breakfast, it was early morning with hardly any sun in it. Which those times of the morning are always my favorite. Today was the day where I would travel to Lilith's area whether that Brown came back or not. Arising from my throne, silencing all the chatting at the tables, I commanded,"I'm ready to go, now."

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