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The Fatal Letter

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You look in your mailbox, see only one letter and you pull it out; it looks all fancy with a scarlet-colored seal and high-quality paper. It is adressed to you. You go inside your house and open it. It says: Please go to 1, 6th Ave. New York New York, USA. It will be on the left - take the elevator. Please arrive by 6:00 pm sharp three days from today. You shrug. Today is 1/1/2070, or January 1st, 2070. Factoring in postal time, it will be tomorrow that is the cut off date.

-At the building-

You make it on time but just barely. There is a lecture going on; 'You all need to blah blah blah cooperate with each other. Blah blah very important blah national security.' "Glad you could make it, [place name here], please take a seat," said a prim and proper middle-aged man, the lecturer. The dark room is cramped with people, some look bored, as if they'd heard it so many times before. His lecture is long and you don't pay attention because you had your mind on other matters: clothes, hair, people - maybe; you can't possibly remember; maybe you should've paid attention...you may never know.



You have been recruited by the U.S. Government to 'study the amount of equal treatment in foreign countries.' That is all that is said; everyone who knows keeps putting their explanations off, saying "Later" or "Not now." All you know about these missions is that you will be briefed; it is strictly need-to-know and, apparently you don't need to know. But really, there is an underlying mission. As soon as you complete a mission, a new one pops up on your tablet, which is a large touch-screen device that's much like a large iPod or smartphone that is about the size of a kindle fire. You must balance doing your cover missions (study equal treatment in foreign countries), your 'real missions' (the ones that pop up on your tablet) and climbing through the ranks in the agency and in your team, bribing and stealing/hacking into computers to find out why you're really here. It is a race against time, because as you will soon realize, you are very much disposable...


More Information

-You get briefed about all of your cover jobs with your team at the office (1, 6th St.) in New York

-You have teams to:

*provide people with a group skill set that flows and meshes together along with providing people with the opportunity to forms bonds with other people

*prevent people from sabotaging the mission or agency

*make assignments and un- /re- assignments easier

*promote respect within the unit or team

*obliterate secrets

-The purpose of real and cover missions is to:

*test new agents to see if they are trustworthy

*appear as if the agency is not secretive to other agencies as well as civilians

*keep snooping from other agencies to a minimum

-If you fail to do your missions (after you accept the job), you're basically black-listed, with no money or job history and the government assigns a special agent to tail you until they have compiled enough evidence to suggest that you are not a criminal or spy

-Most ranks are self-proclaimed or un-official and those are (U.S.) military based, since most people were in their country's military or had a relative who was

-There are un-official ranks and they are allowed because they promote respect of older and/or more experienced and give people a sense of knowing how skilled others are without having to experience their skills, this is the reason these unofficial ranks came about

-Ranks are usually not proclaimed by the person who is getting ranked, it is usually by the word of mouth of others; also, even though the ranks are technically un-official, the director and other formally ranked officials call people by their un-official ranks, so it is rare that a persons' skills are judged unfairly

-The few official ranks include: probationary agent, officer, special agent, and things of that sort

-In order to carry out any mission, you will need resources, the ones you are given are: a cell phone, uniform (for official meetings, not for everyday wear), tablet, and special items that are needed (these vary depending on the mission and will be specified)

-Teams will be assigned by the director-Ms. Rose; though suggestions may be made, it will make the processes longer and it will rarely be carried out (suggestions make the process longer because the director has to consider and weigh these suggestions and decide if they are valid)

-Your overall team will sometimes have a rank, but these are also unofficial and determined by the characters themselves

-I reserve the right to change/alter/add rules or information if something is unclear, though this will be rare



-Follow all the forum rules

-No perfect people

-No god-modding, spotlighting and stuff like that

-No protesting against me or the moderators (both moderators of the RP and of the forum) what we say is final

-Don't RP someone else's characters or kill them unless you are given special permission by them

-Please, only three characters per person, four if you get special permission from me

-Please try to be even with the gender; like, refrain from all girls or all boys, have a mix. I don't want only girls or only guys in the RP, that's not fun

-Don't be too graphic with violence or romance; PG and under, please


-Feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns

-If you notice someone breaking the rules, tell them to stop and PM an RP moderator; if the behavior continues, send another PM and be sure to always include a quote of their post and yours telling them to stop so I know that it's legitimate.

-Please, don't be invincible, your character has to get hurt eventually






Director's Assistant

Team Leader (Usually assigned to more experienced teams by the director)

Legal Consultant (Usually NPC's {Non-Player-Characters})

Technology and Engineering Consultant " " (If you ask for permission, I will allow PC's for this rank {Player-Characters})

Medical Consultant " " (Will be briefed separately; can be part of both types of missions)

Special Agent (An agent that has been in the agency for over two years)

Agent-In-Training (An agent that has been in the agency for fewer than two years)

Forensic Scientist (Can be a PC or a NPC {Player-Character or Non-player-Character})



Rookie (Has been in agency for fewer than 1 year/Is not very skilled)

Private (Has been in agency for at least a year/Has basic skills)

Specialist (Has been in agency for at least 1 1/2 years/Has a very clear specialty and basic skills)

Corporal (Has been in agency for at least 2 years/Is skilled in 3+ major or important (but not necessary) fields and has basic skills)

Sergeant (Has been in agency for at least 5 years/Is skilled in most fields and has basic skills)

Sergeant Major (Has been in agency for at least 7 years/Is very skilled in most fields and has basic skills)

Command Sergeant Major (Has been in agency for at least 10 years/Is very skilled in all relevant fields and/or is team leader)

General of the Agency (Is the director)


Unofficial Team Ranks/Titles

Techies (Self-Explanatory)

Gunnies " "

Wrestlers " "

Closers " " (If you don't know what a closer is: it's a person(s) who closes a case rather quickly/efficiently)

Legal People (Self-Explanatory)



Example Missions


'Cover Mission'

You and your team are called to the director's office by the small speaker that had been surgically implanted into your ear. The office is surprisingly bland, with only four white walls, a large window, a door, a desk, a chair for the director, and a line of chairs up against the wall. The room itself is not spacious, either. "Hello," the director says simply. She motions for you to sit against the wall with your team. "We have a new mission. Go to Rwanda (of course, it could be any country, but I chose Rwanda) and observe the daily lives of girls vs. boys in a town there. A family very generously was willing to let us stay at their house for four days while you study. You will be studying that family. Please take extensive notes during your time there and bon voyage!" she finishes, then starts reading a file, which you interpret as her way of telling everyone to leave. You are surprised by her vagueness, but, as it always does, some information pops up on your tablet. It includes the names and pictures of your home donors and a pictures of your temporary home and your plane ticket, which is for you to print out. You have a strikingly close flight date; but you are used to it by now, time is a valuable resource, at least, that is what you are always told. The next day, after you board your plane, you awake in Rwanda.

"They flew...so...fast," says a member of your team. You turn, looking at her, to see that she is pale-faced. Soon, you realize what had happened, disgusted at the thought. A male member of your team looks at you as if he is glad he has someone decent to talk to now, because your sick teammate doesn't look very happy.



You take several notes about how boys get more schooling than girls in your village because the girls must travel to go get water. Your trip was uneventful, as they usually are, but there were some perks, such as the great cooking of the old women who shared her home with you, although you don't eat very much of it, some of the food wouldn't be safe for you to eat, along with some of the water.


'Real Mission'

One seemingly uneventful afternoon, your tablet makes that bright, cheerful chirping noise that signifies a new message. After the message de-crypts itself, it reads:

Dear [Agents name here],

You and your team are heading to Russia (of course, it could be any country)! The snowy tundra of northern Russia may be concealing a former American spy giving out old, but still vital secrets to malicious terrorists. You must go to [coordinates here] via plane and car with your team to pose as a buyer and catch him in the act. Please come up with a cover I.D. and proper clothing. Your car will be waiting. After that, a list of some clothing is listed in case you don't know what kind of gear you'll be needing up in Russia, though you know the gist of it; warm winter clothing, sunglasses (to make sure they can't I.D. you later) etc. As an attachment, there is a link to your plane tickets, which, again, are meant for you to print out.



You find the small, one story building. It looks pretty abandoned, and there is no noise, as far as you can tell. But, then again, you can't hear much over the howling winds.



"Put your hands behind your back, you're under arrest for...well...I guess we'd be here 'til tomorrow if I listed it all," you pull out your handcuffs as you speak, but he runs. Luckily, a strong member of your team is waiting at the door. After they wrestle for a few minutes, the former spy runs off, but when you try for run after him, you feel a sharp pain in your side and you black out.



You wake up in a hospital bed. Everything is white and there is a strange, annoying beeping noise in the background. "Good, you're up. You will be fine," says a strange lady with a Russian accent. You remember what she must be- a nurse.

"Mhm, ok," you murmur, drowsy from the sleeping pills. Neither of you say anything else.


*PLEASE NOTE: Your missions do not have to go exactly the ways mine did and you do not have RP in the first person or in present tense, I just thought that, for this, it would be less complicated that way. You do not have type -Later- in you RP, you must simply notify your fellow RP'ers that time has gone by in the RP*


*Also NOTE: If you make up a species, please explain what it is.*


*The thread will be cleaned of critiques soon, thank you for waiting until then!*


Character Form

Post all forms should be posted here or sent to me via PM.


Forum Name:
Character Name:
Code Name (optional):
Species (put 'N/A' if they're human, you can make up species and have a cross-species person):
Age (Over 13 please, ask permission for younger characters (don't include their birthyear)):
Special Traits:
Weapons/Fighting Style (if applicable):
Description (non-copyrighted pictures are acceptable):
History (if applicable):
Rank in Team (See 'More Information' No leaders, That will be assigned):
How many days a week are you online?:
May I PM you about real missions?:


Member Index



Code Name (optional): Rogue

Species (put 'N/A' if they're human, you can make up species and have a cross-species person): Fae

Age and Birthday (Over 13 please, ask permission for younger characters (don't put their birth year)): 20, June 11th

Special Traits: N/A

Weapons/Fighting Style (if applicable): Two sai and a katana, plus a knife or two and a few odds and ends

Description (non-copyrighted pictures are acceptable): Sirin has pale skin and big, dark eyes. She has a rather smooth complexion, being past her acne days for the most part. She wears a black cloak with blue trim that reaches almost to floor, the cloak also has a hood. Said cloak is open. Underneath this cloak which she never takes off are a pair of jean 'short-shorts' and a T-shirt with varying color, depending on her mood that day, but that all have her name printed on them in big white letters (unless the shirt is white, then they're black) and a large dark angel decal. Over the decal is a short poem that Sirin herself wrote. On each is the same poem.

Without going into the flames

Without falling to your knees

Without begging for mercy

How are you to learn to accept

The bitter taste and smell of defeat?


She also wears black converse that go up to just below her knee or black leather boots that are about the same height. On special occasions she will wear short, black high heel boots (i.e. important meetings with strangers, meeting diplomats etc.)

Personality: Her words are sharp as a spear and blunt as a club at the same time. She is tough to those she hates and those she doesn't know, but when she gets close to people she is protective and stubborn, she doesn't want to lose them.

History (if applicable): Born a fae, Sirin had a life of blissful mischief, but, when her parents grew sick and old, she scavenged for food and begged for work. When her parents died within a day of each other, all of Sirin's hopes for life were dashed. On her own, she grew more and more angry at the world. Finally, she lashed out on the city by lighting houses of her bullies on fire laughing as they all choked on the smoke and begged for mercy, for she had locked the doors with magic. When the dust settled, she realized that she was a cold-blooded killer and fled, though she would have been banished anyway. She focused hard on containing herself, then, one night, a very old and frail fae dumped her on the boat to the school, where she found guidance, found herself. But, the old killer is still there, it will never go away...

Rank in Team (See 'More Information'. No leaders, That will be assigned, all start out as normals, then some move up in rank): Official: Special Agent Un-Official: Sergeant(soon to be Sergeant-Major)

How many days a week are you online?: Usually Everyday


Ms. Rose

Code Name (optional): N/A

Species (put 'N/A' if they're human, you can make up species and have a cross-species person): vampire

Age (Over 13 please, ask permission for younger characters (don't include their birthyear)): 28; January 20th

Special Traits: Has trained herself not to thirst for blood, but to be more human; is director; mysterious; is trained in karate and ninjutsu

Weapons/Fighting Style (if applicable): her words, her karate skills, ninjutsu style and some ninjutsu style weapons, gun (government issue)

Description (non-copyrighted pictures are acceptable): crew-cut red hair (natural red hair, more orange-red) and green eyes. She has pale skin, but not too pale. She is of average height and usually wears heels, but they're not very tall. She wears different outfits depending on the day, but usually you can find her in a woman's suit, casual dress, or even jeans with a blouse. She pairs these with low-heeled boots and sparse jewelry. She wears some make up, but only some red lip-stick and skin-tone powder and foundation and light eye shadow. At night parties, though, she wears much more extravagant outfits, such as black dresses, high-heels and heavier make up

Personality: kind, tuned-in to how her agents are feeling, but mysterious and snappy when angry; she does not share personal issues or health issues with anyone

History (if applicable): *cough* *cough* later *cough* *cough*

Rank in Team (See 'More Information' No leaders, That will be assigned, all start out as normals, then some move up in rank): Director



Code Name (optional):

Species (put 'N/A' if they're human, you can make up species and have a cross-species person): Human

Age (Over 13 please, ask permission for younger characters (don't include their birthyear)): 21; August 9

Special Traits: N/A

Weapons/Fighting Style (if applicable):

Description (non-copyrighted pictures are acceptable): Apollo has dirty blonde hair cut close to his skull and dark brown eyes. He doesn't appear to be very muscular, but he would not be described as lanky either. He has a few freckles littering his face. Apollo stands at around 6 feet and has an average weight for his size. One can usually see him in a pair of jeans and a loose-fitting T-shirt with a pair on converse on.

Personality: Apollo is pretty adaptable, able to shift how he acts depending on who his is with. generally, Apollo tries to be peaceful, but in his career has discovered the world's evils, which has made him a weary and paranoid.

History (if applicable): Apollo is very secretive about his past, but he has nothing to be secretive about.

Rank in Team (See 'More Information' No leaders, That will be assigned): Special Agent / Sergeant Major



Reina Henson

Code Name: Wolf

Species: Half-Archan

Age: 23

Special Traits: (Not sure what this is :3)

Weapons/Fighting Style: Reina dislikes combat and avoids it when possible. When she does fight, she concentrates on dodging and putting in blows when they are assured. She has help from her dog Scott.

Description: Reina is 5’4” and weighs 113 lbs. She is always seen wearing a red plaid beret and matching scarf when possible. Her favorite shirt is a green turtleneck. Her favorite pants are long dark brown trousers. She wears comfortable leather boots that are black and appropriate for almost every occasion. The one thing that does not leave her side is her little white terrier named Scott. http://i49.tinypic.com/2m7sncg.png

Personality: Reina tries to be as practical as possible and but strong opinions, which she often keeps to herself. She is extremely loyal, adaptable, and laid-back unless a strongly held value is threatened. She is a talented writer when it is on a subject she is interested in. Reina is mentally quick, and able to see possibilities. Interested in understanding and helping people.

History: Reina has a faint lineage of Archan in her blood. Archans are winged wolves that existed thousands of years ago. They had a human and a wolf form. It was rare, but the occasional Archan would fall in love with a human and bear children. The results of the mix varied. Some children were exact replicas of their Archan parents. Some were like normal human children. Many only took on Archan aspects during a full moon. A blessed few were born with wings and striking features. The unfortunate were feral outcasts with hairy faces and glowing yellow eyes. The rarest of them all were the two halves-separated; a wolf or dog born alongside a human child.

Reina is from a generation in her family to have this put upon her. The two entities rely on each other heavily. Where one goes, the other has the irresistible urge to follow. The two prefer first to have physical contact or to be close. Next, they want to be able to see each other. Lastly, they must be able to hear, smell, or sense one another. Anything other than listed is unbearable and both sides are driven to distraction if they are not together. Each will feel uneasy, irritated, drowsy, nauseous, or angry the longer they are apart.

Rank in Team: Agent-In-Training (Rookie)

How many days a week are you online?: Every day (perhaps not on weekends. At the end of the summer, I go to Colorado for about a month so posting is limited)

May I PM you about real missions?: Yes




Code Name (optional): None right now...

Species (put 'N/A' if they're human, you can make up species and have a cross-species person): Half human, half owl.

Age (Over 13 please, ask permission for younger characters (don't include their birthyear)): 11

Special Traits: Hmm, gonna have to think on this one a little bit...

Weapons/Fighting Style (if applicable): Bow and arrows,

Description (non-copyrighted pictures are acceptable): A young girl whom is skinny, brown long hair, blue eyes that are huge, etc.

Personality: Shy and studyful. She loves to study living or electronical things.

History (if applicable): None right now.

Rank in Team (See 'More Information' No leaders, that will be assigned): Agent in training, since she just arrived two weeks ago.

How many days a week are you online?: Almost everyday!

May I PM you about real missions?: Yes!

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Member Index Continued



Sarisha Marconseuse

Code Name: Shadow

Species: Human

Age: 14

Special Traits: Can speek 65 languages. Good with computers. Learns quickly. Likes doing accents;.

Weapons/Fighting Style: Ninjutsu, Tai-Kwan-Do, Ju-Jitsu, and Karate.

Description: 5' 3" 110lbs She is slender, short, appears weak, but is stronger than at first glance. She has long, black hair that goes to her hips. She usually keeps it in a braid, ponytail, or bun, and refuses to wear it down. Her eyes are noticeably green. Her fingernails are usually longer than norman peoples , and are sometimes uneven.

Personality: Strong willed, doesn't give up without a fight. Although, she is usually the first one to resolve to violence. She has an extremely loyal side and is the first to react when another of her team is in trouble. She is generally the most likely to experience extremes of emotion, and is usually depicted as being aggressive and rebellious. She can also, sometimes, be classifyed as rude or insensitive.

History: She doesn't like talking about herself and her file has hardly anything in it. It only has her birthday, gender, birthplace, and fingerprints and her recruiting date.

Rank in Team: Rookie. She is new to the team.

How many days a week are you online?: EVERY DAY!!! After school

May I PM you about real missions?: Most definately.


Ryu Arcoil

Code Name: R

Species: Human

Age: 15

Special Traits: He is very smart.

Weapons/Fighting Style: Wrestling, on a school team, boxing lessons, and Tai-Kwan-Do.

Description: 5' 10" Brown hair, blue eyes, muscular, but relatively skinny.

Personality: Strong willed, tough, kind, and sometimes forgiving.

History: He had a relitively normal childhood. He has three older brothers, a younger sister, and a younger brother. His younger siblings are twins.

Rank in Team: Rookie

How many days a week are you online?: Every day.

May I PM you about real missions?: Yes.



Marcus J. Flint

Code Name (optional): The Red Dot (ask why in RP if curious)

Age: April 17th, 28

Species: N/A

Gender: Male

Special Traits: Was in the Special Forces of the US Marines, he has numerous special operations skill sets such as interrogation, torture, stealth, recon, and elimination. He also has basic Military tactics and skills hard coded into him so they are almost second nature.

Weapons/Fighting Style: He is a trained sniper but is very proficient at Israeli Krav Maga, a martial arts designed specifically for military combat.

Description: He is a well built (military build not body builder) and muscular but not like a brute, he is about 6' 1" tall with light brown hair and deep sapphire blue eyes. He has a few scars on his arms and one on his face, about two inches long right below his left temple. Looks almost like a young Matt Damon, so he has been told. He has a light but noticeable five'o'clock shadow that mostly matches his hair color but is a little darker.

Personality: He can be a good friend, humorous at times, a good ally to have, very reliable, does have issues when it comes to remembering his service, has some minor to average PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

History: He doesn't talk of his known history, intense training made him suppress the rest to protect his identity

Rank in Team: Gunny

How many days a week are you online?: 6-7 days, depending on how I feel it'll most likely be 4-5 days that I'm on that I'll actually post...

May I PM you about real missions?: Yes






Nick Riley

Code Name: Ghost

Species: Human

Age: 21, August 8'th

Special Traits: Trained by the military, he has combat expertise, and is even a teacher of CQC. Also, he is a greath acker and is proficent at stealth.

Weapons/Fighting Style: Krav Maga, for more info: [X]

Description: Nick is of average height, around 5'11, and has a fairly muscular build. He has spiky, black hair and soft green eyes. He wears dark brown, fitting trousers along with a white t-shirt, saying 'Krav Maga' in bloody red writing (although it isn't real blood). Nick also prefers to wear either black and white sneakers, or dark green hiking shoes. Also, on missions, he usually is seen wearing a black cap along with a skull patterned balaclava (think of what Ghost from MW2 looks like without the glasses and with a black cap).

Personality: Nick's a good person, kind towards almost anybody, except people that have pissed him off or make him angry. In battle, he's quite serious and does not back out of a fight, rather enjoying to fight as much as he can. He's quite good out of a battle and you find he's actually quite friendly and protective of you, if you befriend him.

History: Nick grew up with better than average grades, but wasn't the top of his class all the time - just one of the good. One of his friends, a female instructor named Valerie, expert at CQC, trained him around the age of 17 to 18 and made Nick a professional himself, teaching him the art of Krav Maga. At 18 years, Nick joined the special agency of the US Goverment until his current rank as a Special Agent and as a private CQC tutor.

Rank in Team:

Official: Special Agent

Un-Official: Sergeant, just became one

How many days a week are you online?: I'm usually online each day, around 3 or 4 hours both in the morning and afternoon.

May I PM you about real missions?: Sure.



Team Index

Team Name Undecided







Team Name Undecided



-Marcus J. Flint


-Nick Riley


Code and Slang Terms


Notebook - note or slip; information or secrets


The Cage - interrogation room


Owl Hoot - a reliable witnesses evidence or claim


Squeak - an encriminating piece of evidence or statement from a reliable witness


Ticking Clock - a piece of evidence or statement from an unreliable witness


Guarded Nest - a person with a good lawyer


Abandoned Nest - a person with a bad lawyer


Invisible Theif - an agent who has been acting suspicious


Scarlet Agent - someone who has been acting suspicious for over a year


Spilled Milk - someone who always over-reacts




If you break the rules, I will warn you. If you break rules repeatedly I will ban you. The amount of ban-time depends on your offense. If I see you lurking for more than 10 minutes when you are banned, I will ask you to leave. If you don't comply, I will add more time to your ban.


Ban List


1. Example2 - 24 hours -Time: 1:00 pm FT


*NOTE: FT stands for Forum Time; I post the exact time that the banned person got banned to prevent disputes on return time; trust me, I don't want to have a huge list of bans, but if you break the rules, I am not afraid; if the ban duration is -*8*-, it means that the person with that time is banned permanently, that is a SERIOUS, SERIOUS offense; please make sure you know when to get back on the rp based on your ban duration; if you don't know why you got banned, PM me about it*




user posted image


Created by Mousia


user posted image


Created by Mousia


user posted image


Created by Mousia






How do I move up in rank?


If you post at least six sentences per post with nearly perfect spelling and grammar and at least three words per sentence, one character of your choice will get promoted after you post ten times. If you post fewer than six sentences per post and have somewhat flawed spelling and grammar, one character of yours will get a promotion after you have posted fifteen times. (All-OoC posts will not add to your promotion post count. You can only promote your characters, but you can choose the promotee)


Why am I not on the Member Index?


This could be for a number of reasons. These are some of them:

-the fact that I can't copy+paste well on my kindle fire, which is how I get online, mostly

-that you may need to edit your character sheet

-you may be banned

-you may have asked to be removed from the RP, or someone could have mistakenly used your account to say this

-I may be away from the computer

-my kindle fire could be lagging

-I may have no Internet access

-I may be grounded


And what about the OoC page?

If you've read this and looked at the OoC page post on the OoC so that I know...your characters will also all get some sort of prize if you post on there 5 times and will keep getting prizes with each additional 10 posts until the OoC reaches 1000000000000 pages or the RP gets shut down.

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(Yep, you're approved...but I am too tired to copy+paste tonight to put you on the front page.)


Sirin walked around the office, bored and waiting for an assignment. The still air left her thirsting for cool air, but it was humid outside and the sun was just beginning to rise. She sat, stood walked and ran, but nothing helped. She smiled gratefully when Ms. Rose walked in with a fan. Sirin's hair was flying behind her as she stood directly in front of the fan. She drank in the chill.

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Lydia- I walked into Sirin's office. "Hello Sirin, are you having a good afternoon?" Then I held out some lemonade with a swirly straw and one of those tiny umbrellas hanging to the glass. "I was told to give you some refreshments."

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Sirin pulled herself away from the fan and took the lemonade. Thank you, Lynda. Sirin did not notice that the other girls' name was Lydia, not Lynda. She realized her mistake and quickly corrected herself. I mean...Lydia...not Lynda. She smiled lightly. Sirin pulled her hair up into a ponytail and sighed at the breeze that could reach her neck now. She wiped beads of sweat off her forehead and put her face back in front pf the fan while drinking her lemonade. This fan is so nice... She said, her voice getting altered by the buffeting air.

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Lydia- I stared at her dumbfounded. Is she in crazy land? I thought as I just kept staring. Then I asked,"What are you doing?" I would have asked other questions like,'How long have you been here?' but I was afraid that might seem like I'm... Well, insulting her I guess. She didn't seem to hear so I inched towards her and said louder,"What are you doing?"

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Sirin sighed loudly and paused for a while. The fan is good food keeping cool, it's hot in here and I am more bored than you can imagine. Besides, listen to you voice when you talk into this thing! It's hilarious! Sirin closed her eyes and let the fan sooth her.


(She is in crazy land xd.png!)

(But...so am I, I guess! wink.gif jk ...xd.png)

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(Lol, we're all in crazy land! biggrin.gif )


Lydia- "Let me try!" I hovered next to Sirin and started to copy some of the things she was doing.

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Sirin moved over to make space for Lydia. She breathed in the cool air and relaxed. As she sucked the last bit of lemonade from her glass through her straw, the director arrived.


If you two are finished... Ms. Rose grinned behind them.


Sirin snapped around. Yes, director?


I just wanted to see if either of you wanted to grab some be - I mean...lunch. Ms. Rose managed to quickly correct herself, realizing that both Sirin and Lydia were not yet 21 years old.


Sirin smiled, amused by the director's mistake. She nodded. Sure, I'll go. She smirked.


The director pretended as if she didn't notice Sirin's amusement, but she did. She waited for Lydia to respond.

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Lydia: "Oh, Uh, of course." I replied, being the fact that she hasn't talked to the director that much she kinda felt lopsided, out of place. I started to walk towards the director with a weird but powerful sense that she should be saying 'sorry' even though it would be for no reason.


"Do-do you have anything for us to do?"

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Ms. Rose did not reply to Lydia's question. You must have patience. Ms. Rose said after a long time.


Sirin rolled her eyes, she remembered her first conversation with the director. As the three people walked, the sun fluttered through the windows, creating beautiful patterns on the carpet.


Ms. Rose opened the door an squinted at the sun.

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Lydia- I asked,"Why are you squinting? It's not to blinding.. Isn't it?" I leaned in to dee if I could get the same view as her in order to see if the sun was very blinding right now. And I think in the process I almost tripped on the director.

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Ms. Rose kept walking, she was purposefully looking at the sun. Something small, distant was there. It was flying right in front of the sun. Yes! There was the shadow, faint, but there! She looked away but was on her guard.


Sirin followed the directors gaze. She looked away from the sun because unlike some, she strongly valued her sense of sight. She saw the cafe that they were headed to, the only one in town. Luckily, it was not too crowded, they would be able to get a good spot in line before 13:00 (1:00 pm).

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(Reina Henson made by ArchiosLukos has been added!)

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Reina sat in front of her computer. Scott looked up at her from his vantage point on her lap. She rubbed his head absently. Click click. tap tap tap. Clickity, tap click click click tap tap click tap click. "Once upon a time, there was a Farm Boy. He lived with his parents and cared for them deeply. However, in the times he lived every boy had to leave home for one reason or another. He was of age to start working on the farm, but his family did not have the funds to support him along with themselves. Out of his love for them, he traveled to the city to find work. He happened to follow in the exact footsteps of his brother. The Stable Master who had previously taken his brother in now opened his arms to this boy." Scott barked his approval and jumped up on the desk. Reina moved her new tablet out of the way. She examined it in her hands and wiped off some of the dust collecting on it. She wondered how often she would be using it. Scott wagged his tail and leaned out to sniff the tablet. He sneezed and she followed in synchronization. "Ugh... Really Scott?"

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(I'm char-locked...oh well)



The cheery blring chirping sound rang through the air. A new message popped up on Reina's tablet. When she opens it, it will slowly decrypt, which takes about five minutes. The message is simply to report to the small cafe near the base. Since that cafe is the only one in walking distance, the message is pretty clear.

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Reina looked at her tablet, surprised. She quickly saved the file and slipped in to her shoes. She stuffed her tablet and phone in a messenger bag and grabbed a few miscellaneous as well. Scott and her hurried out the door. She locked the handle and dead bolted it before stuffing her keys away and grabbing her bike. She helped Scott in to the basket and they were off. She sped down the sidewalk, avoiding pedestrians. She thought something was going down but a café was something she did not expect. Still, it must be important. Once she reached the café, she locked up the bike securely to a signpost in front of it and grabbed Scott.

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As Reina reached the cafe, so did the three others.


Ms. Rose smiled at Reina, but something about it wasn't too sincere. She continued walking and pushed open the doors to the cafe, ignoring the shadow she had seen earlier. She took her spot at the end of the line and waited for it to move.


Sirin just waved at the person at the register who got her a black coffee. She nodded at him and took her drink, leaving a five and a one dollar bill, totalling out to six dollars. The person stared at her grimly. Six was never a good number. The whole place seemed to quiet down at this exchange. They weren't so much angry at her, but shocked at the way it had played out. She sat at a table with a bench on one end and a few seats on the other.


The cashier, a boy who was in his late teens to early twenties, told his fellow worker that he was going to run out and eat his own lunch. He crumbled a slip of paper and left it on the counter near the door on his way out. He sheered his apron and hat, carrying them under his arm. He headed for a small pizza parlor around the corner.


Sirin got up and grabbed the slip and a coffee stirrer and some sugar and cream. She stuffed the note in her pocket and made direct eye contact with Ms. Rose as she poured in her sugar and cream, stirring it with increasing speed. She eyed Reina carefully too, but the new agent probably hadn't learned the code yet.


(Should I make a code section to make it more clear or no?)

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Reina nodded politely to Ms.Rose as they entered. Jack shifted uncomfortably in her arms as the room tensed. Reina tensed as well because something was obviously wrong. She looked at the menu. The coffee that her co-worker had gotten was a little under the $6.00 amount and the extra made for a reasonable tip. She felt as if she should know something that she did not. Reina had barely signed on this week, so there could have been some sort of taboo going. Had something bad happened last time this occurred, was this a code, what was going on? She also noticed the paper Sirin took. Something was definitely going on. She sat in one of the seats across the bench and petted Scott intently, shifting her eyes between him and the others. This was something serious after all.

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Sirin looked at Reina with serious eyes. She had a grave expression. Under the table, she took out her tablet, which had previously been hidden in a substantially sized purse that looked much like a messanger bag but lacked a flap and button to close it and had a zipper instead. It also hung higher, the bottom touching her waist. She had carried it with the straps tucked into the crook of her elbow. She typed something, the noise the touch-screen keys made to imitate typing could be faintly heard. Sirin pressed the send button.


Sirin Brennan

Re: You are new here [New Message]


Obviously you are confused. You will receive your money from the purchase of the notebook tomorrow at 7:00 am via PayPal.



The message was not a reply. There was no notebook. There would be no payment. Sirin hoped that Reina would catch on and discover what the message meant.

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Sarisha watched Ms. Rose enter the café. She followed quietly, and entered the coffee shop a few minutes afterward. She quietly approached the table, of which her and a few agents were at, and stood there. Sarisha realized that only Ms. Rose knew who she was, so she decided to wait to be spoken to. She acknowleged the fact that she only appeared to be a lost teenager, but she didn't care. She stood there, straight, arms crossed and neutral faced, and waited.

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After a long time, Sirin noticed Sarisha. Can I help you? she asked. 'Great, another weirdly asking to look at my gun or my badge.' she thought. She put away her tablet in her purse.


After ordering a croissant and a latte, Ms. Rose saw Sarisha. She just watched the exchange. The woman picked up her order and sipped her latte. She took an unusually long time at the condiment counter, watching her three comrades all the time.

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"I am a... friend of Ms. Rose." She finally replied. "May I take a seat until she returnes?" Polite. Man, she hated haveiong to be polite. She let her hands fall to her sides, her left hand brushing her shoulder bag. She was dressed in black leggings, short black skirt, 2" black, block healed boots, a black long sleved shirt, and a black shoulder bag. Her bag went around the left side of her neck and rested comfortably upon her right hip.

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Oh. Sit. You don't have to be so formal. Wanna coffee or somethin'? Sirin smiled. She took a small sip of her coffee and watched as the man she had had a silent conversation with earlier came back. She looked away.


Ms. Rose took a seat next to Sirin. She stirred her latte her coffee stirrer and took a long drink. She nodded at Sarisha and exchanged a long look with Sirin. She nodded before looking away. It was a long time before she spoke. If you two don't want anything we should head back.

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